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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  October 13, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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a dangerous man.. on the streets of sarasota.. here he is with a g a dangerous man on at streets of sarasota. here he is with a gun. a little girl memory keeping others warm. we will tell you about kayla how you can help her family help other bay area children. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. good morningve thank you for joining i'm walter allen in for russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning thursday oshth 13th. we thank you thank you for waking up with u this morning. >> guys we have a very serious crash with sh pretty bad injuries and then two other traffic jams working. so a pretty busy day. we're going to start off in pasco county where we have what fhp is reporting a possible fatality usually mean injuries around very, very severe here it's at congress and ridge. we have some westbound lane
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along so we can see nature the blockage looks like a single lane pass thing. expect some delays here or avoid area if you can once again congress at ridge in pasco county involving a pedestrian from what we can tell. we have a live look here we want to get back time. -4 westbound which has been pretty slow through entire portion of eastern hillsborough county. a pair of crashes one we are look right alex and der street which is mostly con find to that sould they are poking partial blockage in right lane. so day alexander back to a county line. a second crash which is on shoulder as well. closer to mcintosh causing delays back towards alexander. so dealing with about 24 minutes to get from the buck man to 75 pretty jammed up in the area. >> looks like they are starting to clear the scene a little bit more. some good news and just releasing a trooper op that right happened side they are moving everything over to left where you have more room.
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truck overturned lots of debris in northbound lanes. big, big delays traffic being diverted at palm river additionally we also have some delays on the selman expressway westbound stemming from 50th we're wr drivers are unable to exit. dave. >> thanks, vanessa. a temperature range this morning 68 to 73 degrees. which really is kind of where we were yesterday as well. lower 70s along coast you get up into hernando county. still a nice comfy 68 degrees in brooksville. dew points, upper 60s t 70. the humidity is trying to creep back in. but those north, northeast winds, they hold it down a little bit. do expect scattered clouds, moderate humidity. and one or two of those isolated showers to move across the state from east to west. dave, thank you. >> 8:02 time. 17-year-old girl is dead this morning the car that hit her took off. >> >> and florida highway patrol looking for are driver in this deadly hit ask run we sent fox
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at hillsborough avenue where this crash happened. what do we know so far? >> sad start to the morning laura and walter. 17-year-old girl killed, hit and run. 8 o'clock last night happened right here on hillsborough avenue and blue springs drive. from what troopers are telling us, the 17-year-old ashley was trying to cross hillsborough avenue going south when she was struck by a vehicle heading eastbound. at that point there is no word make or model of the vehicle either. now i do have some new information. i just got off the phone with a hillsborough county school district. and they tell me she is a student here in hillsborough county. now out of respect for that school, the staff members and the families at that school, they are asking me not to release information. they are working very, very quickly to try to get grief counselors to that nearby high school.
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so they are trying to get as many grief counselors as possible to that school to help the faculty as well a help the students deal with this very difficult time. but again, a sad start, 17-year-old girl hit and killed by a hit and run driver. not whole lot of information on that driver. again no make, model, not exactly sure who it was obviously. and florida highway patrol asking if you have any information at all to please give them a call or just contact your agency as well. if you see a vehicle, that may have front end damage, and they may have been around this area, late last night at about 8 o'clock, they are just urging you to contact law enforcement officers. but again we can confirm she is student here at hillsborough county. and grief counselors are on the way over there now to you know to try to deal with the grieving process for lot of those students and lot of those faculties as well. we will continue to follow this story throughout good day tampa
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bit more coming up in next hour. back to you. what heart ache, all right, alcides, thank you. walter. thanks, laura 8:04 the time when you think of florida you usually think two things sunshine citrus. but the once booming citrus industry may be entering its sunset years state declining orange crop. and latest forecast proves it's only getting worse. first numbers for 2016-2017 glowing season estimate 14 percent drop, 14 percent in florida citrus production. that means grower wills fill about 70 million, 90 pound boxes which down from last season. even though a drop was an expected the state agriculture commissioner says it is still dis-hart enning top put engines perspectives production is of citrus crop is down 70 percent from 20 years ago and future depends on combatting greening that is that what is killing the
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tangerine is sleigh a sight uptick. >> it is 8:06. mass shooting and threats are not funny. just days after a florida law changed making school threats a felony who pasco teens were arrested taken to juvenile detention. these arrests fourth in just the last week. fox 13's shayla reeves is live near raymond b. stewart where latest one happened. these two may not be facing felony cha office really wants people to understand why students should not be making these types of threats, right? >> the information we had in this case is that students were facing felony charges in connection with the events unfolding here at stewart middle school. according to sheriff's office the students thought that what they were doing was a joke. but at the end, we're told what happened next was really much more serious than laughs. we're talking about felony
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and according to deputies, they arrested the two middle school students after finding the note seen there on your screen. this hand at middle school here in zephyrhills. authorities say 14-year-old teens wrote death threats towards teachers at least one letter made reference to a killer clown known as sprinkles. other students found and reported papers. this comes about a week after pasco county sheriff's deputies arrested and charged a felony charge as well. in that particular case the teen was aaccused of a posting a message on social media. threatening to kill students. again something coming just on the heels of the law taking effect at the beginning of october, one strength enned the penalties for making false reports. the law includes specifically firearms and threatening violence with firearms. so that means, authorities are
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penalties. and school shooting threats like what we've heard of in the past. and reported to you before. this is a situation that's now second degree felony. punishable by up to 15 years in prison. and a $10,000 fine. this is something that not only impacts adults, it's also something as we've seen in these couple of cases teens can be subject to that felony charge as well. we're going to keep following and keep you posted shall we learn any further back to you. all right shayla, thank you. university of florida has a warning for its students this morning. in memo, the university reminded et cetera students about the importance of being respectful when it comes to halloween costume a university a negative attention. specifically those who have a posted pictures showing them in black face. memo asks all students who plan to participate in halloween activities to think about their choices. because some costumes reinforce
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they can come off as disrespect college asks any students who feels offended to contact its bias education and response team. which offers counselling for this kind of thing. sarasota county sheriff's office looking for are a man who played his own dangerous version of supermarket sweep. just before 10 o'clock last night. a supermarket on 17th street near lock wood ridge. a man armed with a gun demanded cash from the clerk. you can see it in surveillance picture the robber weathering a gun around and get full of cash. you f. if out recognize him contact sheriff's office citrus county sheriff deputies need your help finding this man accused of a robbing a woman during a home invasion. this is a sketch of person deputies believe was behind the incident that happened around 9 o'clock last night. if this person looks familiar, please call the sheriff's office. in just an hour. southwest airlines is set to announce launch date for its first nonstop commercial flight from tampa international to cuba. >> back in august jet blue was
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commercial flights between u.s. and cuba in more than 50 years tampa already second biggest hub for flights just behind miami. >> and duke energy workers on their way to jacksonville right now to help restore power outage hurricane matthew. some people have been without power for nearly a week now. crews left just about two hours ago to aufsh the assistance. we caught up with them as they were leafing hundreds of thousands of people in northeast part the state were left powerless duke energy will not stop helping until everyone has their power restored. 8:10 a fox 13 news alert out of lakeland a car has driven into a home on fitzgerald road one person is dead. someone who lived in that house. we don't know the condition of the driver at this point. now this happened just a short time ago. we do have crew on the way to the scene. they are expecting an update from the polk county sheriff's office. we'll update you through morning. daves back in just few minutes now with skytower radar
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why some women are waiting to start their families. then at 8:30 keeping a little girl's memory alive in very unique way. why a little bit of willingness to listen goes a long way. and charley belcher. hello. go bolts. yes. go bolts. hockey season back tonight. that means the store is going to open with new merchandise. including lightning socks to for your if you want to risk your life on a skateboard you can get a lightning penny board. look at the beautiful jewelry talking about bracelet only. look at this just recently signed now it's official k u j shirt. i love it. stick around everybody we're getting you ready for hockey season tickets how you can get
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what if one of the biggest challenges we face down here... could be solved... simply by looking up there? what if unlimited, clean power was at your fingertips? what if it was good for consumers, good the economy and good for florida? it's not a "what if." it's "what's next." lar power for the sunshine state. vote yes on amendment 1. for the sun. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands.
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than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. ((laura 2shot)) is 50 the new 40 when it comes to having babi you're watching good day tampa bay. is 50 the new 40 when it xho to having a babies?
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official in video to her fans she is starting a family with her husband at the age of 50. she's not only one. others in hollywood are choosing to have more babies at that age because they along with others choosing careers first. according to aarp in 2013 an average of 13 babies were born every week to women who are in their 50s or older. >> those numbers do not include women who adopt or have a baby through a surrogate. aarp says it is important to know women. say making a dis baby at the age of 50 or later is one that takes a lot of thought and discussion. >> and energy. >> and energy. >> no go. >> i don't know. you want a baby that badly absolutely you make room for it. i'm just saying sounds exhausting to me. all right we'll move on. when a parent says to children could be this is especially true for girls. researcher stanford university say if a mom mentioned her
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on that. and another reason that girls around farleying behind in math is because of timed testing. they tend to favor boys because girls tend to be slower, deeper thinkers. >> and a researchers say we may not be able to change the ma joort of the issues when it comes to math what we can do support children and work with them on their homework and try and cheer them on or thinkers in general. oh that sounds women are thinkers. it takes time to actually answer the question. >> exactly speaking thinkers let's go to dave osterberg. was that kind of a like a half colorado compliment. i shouldn't you insulted me earlier my mom always told people make fun of you because they like you. that means i like you. upper 60s to the north of the tampa area. >> i know.
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these numbers just nice. nice comfy start to the day. looking at the tampa area we're in lower 70s why we were yesterday at this time. and in fact the warmest i've got for you here 8 o'clock hour, st. petersburg and sarasota both at around 73 degrees. notice how a lot of that shower activity just gets eaten up as it crosses the state with north to northeast wind. so once again, polk county, highlands county hawaiied county. maybe eastern hillsborough y showers to move through. in general it's clouds and sunshine. warmth again today. with temperatures mainly in the mid 80s. and that's in general what we are looking for. not only today, but really going straight through the weekend. what you see is what you get, right? don't ruin a good thing, dave. 86 for high temperature for today. tonight overnight low, go back to about 70, 71 degrees. upper 60s to the north. tomorrow, again, friday, we're banging it out at 86 degrees
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warmth. still a bit breezy in our coastal waters today small craft exercise caution northeast wind running 15 to 20 knots. seas two to three feet. with that moderate chop. i did notice water temperature bumped back up to closer to 80 degrees. where it was in the upper 70s. not a huge deal on it yesterday. isolated sprinkle, tiny shower but other than that, that's what you're looking at, warmth, moderate humidity. straight through the next 7 days. vanessa. >> and dave to that report that we had out of the lakeland area involving a vehicle that has hit a house. actually killed the person inside that home. we didn't don't have a condition on the driver, but this is happening at home off the fitzgerald road. but seeing sensor indicating a shut down of fitzgerald between florida and scott lake road. so we have a crew heading to the scene as we told you before. we have the chopper so skyfox maybe bringing some live
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but in the meantime avoid fitzgerald road. it looks like maybe 540 a might be your best work around for this. we want to get this now. and we hadded this tweeted out earlier. so if you want to follow along at fox 13 traffic we have all of our incidents that we mention on air and others. semi-involved crash at hillsborough a&e. this reported orient roadblocking a right lane in the eastbound direction you could see delays heading that way. heads up for drivers who are new to this hour of good day. water main break closing down intersection in tampa. cass street a morgan street that intersection will be blocked until friday close of business. some slow spots southbound 275 not unusual for time of more than sitting a 21 minutes to get from bearss to i-4. 75 northbound 7 between the selman and i-4. actually not too bad here along i-4 westbound between 75 and 275 with a 16 minute ride. keep in mind most the delays we're seeing in the worst ones along i-4 westbound as i showed
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west of 75 back towards count line. all right vanessa, thank you. does 8:20 now. new discovery in space. we'll explain what caused a large crater on the moon. halloween time to talk about what scares us spiders creepy clowns. nothing. she's talking. that's all i can think. at 9 top 5 issues that many of us fear. but first, grab your gear its time to get back on the ice. lightning hockey is back.
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exciting season you just like we wanted. and, we're on a good team. but now it's time to improve a little bit. and pay attention to details. fix small issues. and go from there. we kept core together players are exited to be back together. so many teams it doesn't happen that way a bunch new faces a core tampa bay lightning back together. good day tampa bay i'm charley belcher coming now from amalie arena tonight hockey season is back. that means we're back with eric blankenship. vice-president of marketing. >> so i'm told. that's what it says on your busy
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ever see eric's daughter we a talk to eric l.a. year we won game that fight you're official good luck isabella. so now i know nobody listening to us now they will look at your cute little face. that's okay. who is your favorite lightning player? >> stephen stamks. yeah. he's good. he's good. who's your other favorite player >> victor med man. he's mine too. give me a high 5. er 86 we're back for another season of hockey. when it comes there tickets available tonight can i still get in this building yes a limited number for tonight and next three games when i say limited if you're thinking about it go get tickets now. students rush. always been popular we decided to do it again. one of our most popular programs we will end up selling out every game this year. yeah, there's legitimate commitment to the students. either high school or college. and we want to make sure we leave tickets for them.
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some new special program. so we introduce a brand new program called bring the thunder. it's kind of in a few people heard me say this. but i'm a big believer that only to types of people in this market a lightning fan or someone who never been to game. bring thunder basically feeds off that notion that we need to get people to experience a lightning for the first time so if you know someone has never been a game not a hockey fan or lightning fan go to tampa bay and nominate them if we, basically tl they should come to first game. we're going to giver them awesome seats. some t-shirts maybe an experience they will meet lightning bug or lightning girls maybe get an autographed item. we want them to experience what all of our fans already know which is a lot of fun. >> i love that idea. was that your idea? it kind of was. i mean. and i love that idea. because you're, you're exactly right. if you get in this building, and
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the energy you're a fan. >> yeah i mean when i say it was my idea we all talk about the about game day experience a natural why don't we get someone to experience lightning for first time. what great idea. develop to tampa bay and a nominate people. nominate somebody who has never been to lightning game before. let's create new fans. bring the thunder. because we are the thunder. i love that. fantastic. i'm going to give you last word. can you give m go bolts. ready for hockey now. my goodness gracious. so cute. eric thank you very much. happy hockey day to you. high 5 my deer. go stammer go headman, go bolts. go everybody. >> so sweet. thank you, charley. ironing it's going to be good season. >> all right it's a big day for two local veterans brothers, jen is at their home showing us the help they are getting that could
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that need it unique way that one after an obscene amount was spent building this controversial courthouse, the state learned the contractor had overspent on framed photos that were never used. when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. abuse? now running for senate, buesing wants us to trust him with state spending.
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how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? it's measured by what we do for our children. it's why as president i'll invest in our schools. in college that leads to opportunities... not debt.
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ighting for kids and families. i want our success to be measured by theirs. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. ((walter 2shot)) from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. welcome back everybody. 8:30. the skyrocketing drug prices are a problem. hurting families now is taking a toll on hospitals as well. a new report released just this week annual inpatient drug spending increased by more than 23 percent between years 2013 and 2015. a researcher at the university of chicago says that hospitals cannot pass on the cost of those pricey drugs. because they've already agreed
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with insurance providers. and this is really impacting their budget causing some to layoff their staff. the problem is if the price. and a stabilize things another one goes up. researcher says there needs to be a regulate these drug companies. >> right now more than half of americans take a prescription drug and are concerned about the an increasing cost. majority of those take prescriptions say they would like government to take action in this kind of way to curb these price hikes. in other news hospitals kroot country are problem. an increase in mental health cases. not enough staff or resources or fund toriing help them. a representative who is trying to help these people says that in america, we have somehow replaced hospital bed with a jail cell. and the homeless shelter with a coffin. >> from 2009 to 2012, $5 billion was cutter from mental health services across the country. and that means 40 percent of people suffering from severe mental illnesses like
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disorder may not receive treatment. 60 percent of those with mental illness receive no treatment at all. if this does not affect you it does. recent report shows at cost here is $444 billion a year in medical care. in disability a lost productivity. some of which taxpayers are on the hook for. walter. thanks laura. drivers i should say driving for teenager could really be a privilege soon morrison than it was before young drivers could see restrictions placed old instead of age of 18. that's recommendation of a new government study. one the studies authors says young drivers are not getting the necessary training they need and it shows. number of accidents involving teen drivers increaseded from 2014 to 2015. a push to expand medical marijuana is getting a lot of support across the state. and newly released university of florida poll shows that 77 percent of voters saying they would back a proposed
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aisle. 6 percent of republicans, 87 of democrats. and minimum of 60 percent is needed to amend the state constitution. firefighters rescued an elderly woman of a kitchen fire grew out of control at spring hill. happened home carlisle drive last night. the officials say a pan caught fire after being left on the stove. a man tried to put it out with fire extinguisher but wasn't able to his grandmother who was bedridden had to be rescued by firefighters. treated for possible smoke inhalation. home home is completely destroyed for now they are staying with other family members. some give all or a lot of themselves fighting for are our country. home depot along with rebuilding together tampa bay are spending the day giving back. two local veteran brothers need a little help. and today they are getting it. we sent fox 13's jen epstein out to roll up her sleeves and offer a helping hands to these very
8:34 am
>> yeah hey laura walter a very great story up lifting story for this thursday morning. so four generations of this family has liveded in this house. six of those family members veterans including two brothers who current willy reside in this home in tampa. they are getting a very well deserved gift. the whole home is being completely renovated thanks to partnership between rebuilding together tampa bay and the home depot. and we have victor langston here with us this morning. good morning. thanks for talking with us. good morning. i a lot going on i appreciate you taking the time to explain a little bit about this project and whoou been doing. this the final day of ten days in this project. tell me where it started and where you are today. okay. we're in final day of ten-of rebuild. so complete 100 percent exterior we rolgdz. 100 percent remodel of whole home. we've pulled all projects about 70 percent of houses complete. today we will go through landscaping exterior painting in
8:35 am
going through and trying to. talk to me a little bit let's say disarray it was in ten days ago. >> well, you know, you it probably definitely was based on unlivable. so as you, kind of look at the pictures as they are rolling across screen there. you know ares just portion of the house was basically falling apart. whole back end had to be rebuilt. all the roofing all the flooring basically have to be rebuilt. stairways. pretty bad disarr electrical in old house as well definitely, you know a really fun, you know fun ten days. and hard working too, yeah i'm sure you put lot of muscle into this a project. what is project all about? i see celebration of service. what that is? so celebration of service is part of our you know month or service with the company. so from september 11th through veterans day, we'll do thousands of projects across the country, you know in the neighborhoods where we actually have stores
8:36 am
and work with our rebuild together tampa bay we chose to completely do a house top to bottom they have out house for ten days they have no idea what they are in store for. when will they see their final project our goal to be finish bid 4:00 p.m. big reveal at 4:00 p.m. i'm very excited. you've been home depot for 15 years uch veterans in your family that has got to hold special place in your heart as well very special. i do have 3 uncle that is wer i did have one that was a captain of ship as weapon well. this definitely grateful. it's ab blessing to definitely give back. feel good about it thank you for taking time to talk with us. i know you're begging wanting to see inside house i know you got a little sneak peek. we will take a walkthrough coming up 9 o'clock. wait until you see transformation these guys and girls have done in ten days. ten days completely gutted the house. it looks beautiful inside. so we'll show it off a little
8:37 am
place. take that off of them, that stress. thank you, jen. >> yeah. >> welcome. they all do it on their own time. >> ai know. all volunteering their time incredible. wildlife officials say about 800 sea turtle nests were destroyed by hurricane matthew on ma's east coast mostly green turtle nests in palm beach county. there is some good news, the good news is this was a record breaking year for nesting. while lot of them got wiped away more eggs were laid than eve there making a 92 percent success rate for the season. 450 more or still irng baiting. 92 percent. that's pretty good. yeah. it is. it is. >> especially with all the tumultuous weather we've had. you know. i'm not trying to bring us down at all reading a story here about millions of north carolina chickens that died. you know up in north carolina because of you know, the flooding. so i mean obviously we can move
8:38 am
these animals can't. so stuck? their cages. yeah not trying to bring it down. >> 71 degrees in tampa now. decent little start to the the day very similar most of back to where we were yesterday at this time. it's 70 in lakeland. our temperatures are running 73 in sarasota. upper 70s lower 80s along the east coast. there it is, that north wind again. north, northeast at times. so number one, you don't get you're not going to be in the oppressive state either. because we've got northerly component to our wind. also taps into moisture from atlantic. it tries to bring it across the state. but with dryer air aloft, the best you can expect or have to deal with would these little low topped showers. notice the future cast has a few of those. just a few sprinkles light shower here or there. but not everybody is going to get one. and the same thing will happen
8:39 am
major hurricane nicole. it looks like the eye of the storm is just going to miss going over the island of bermuda. however, notice the core of storm is going to impact that area being up around st. george area. 130 mile per hour winds i'm thinking a lot of should be in eastern side of storm. hopefully be okay in bermuda area. just very odd for a storm top come even that 86 degrees for high today. again rain chances are low. very isolated showers. northeast winds, a little breezy out in coast. but small craft exercise caution. and the weather will stay like this straight through the upcoming weekend. and if someone can help me out and channel their inner judy garland for me. we're going to give away an absolutely gorgeous mug to an absolutely gorgeous picture over the rainbow. by courtney krueger.
8:40 am
so maybe vanessa can sing us over the rainbow. beautiful picture, courtney and thank you for sending it in to us. i won't subject folks to that. it is very pretty picture. >> come on. i'd rather be there whatever that is. than here. some of our major roadways i want to get to the this. we have actually a big traffic alert out of manatee county. all the northbound lanes of 75 are shut down at state road 64. this is due to vehicle on fire. and we have delays reported in the area northbound. also southbound. and this will just go to show you how bad the back ups are. you can save one hour of full hour if you exit at state road 70 and take 301 around this. so that's how bad it's backed up once again 75 northbound shut down at state road 64. we have sewer work just a reminder this started yesterday. out of tampa bay area. sligh is closed between 22nd street and 30th street. and that will be until friday
8:41 am
to avoid northbound 50th at overturned dump truck incident where we have lots of debris spilled in the roadway. this is under selman expressway. and delays there northbound diversion at palm river. and additionally we're having concerns we're seeing drivers trying to exit the sell machine expressway at 50th due to this incident. stand by we do have some live pictures coming to you as soon as we can get them, looks like skyfox is still in route vehicle that's drove into a house unfortunately killing somebody inside that house. this is off the fitzgerald road. but it is blocking fitzgerald. that is shut down between florida and scott lake road. just checking chopper shot right now. they are still moving. so we'll bring you those live pictures as soon as we can. but in meantime that's an area to avoid, fitzgerald. bad morning on the road. >> yeah. >> the thought of losing a child is unimaginable. but one family is taking their
8:42 am
for those in need of a little warmth. that is this morning good day good deed. this is a photo here of kayla. she drowned at just one-year-old, in homosassa. and nonprofit called kayla's coast was founded in her name. its mission to collect coats for kids in si citrus county who cannot afford warmer clothes. charity also offered scholarships for swim lesson and drowning awareness and prevention. this year kayla's coats teamed up major coats and blank totes held out to elderly. you want to donate new or gently used coat we have post ad link to locations in our seen on tv section on do you like movies like sharknado or snakes on a plane.
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hi. hola. let's see... you're back! they're back! ? so glad you've come back. we love to see you so. ? welcome back! come back again and again for the epcot food & wine festival or even all four theme parks. become an annual passholder now and get 13 months for the price of 12.
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the state learned the contractor had overspent on framed photos that were never used. when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse? now running for senate, buesing wants us to trust him with state spending. you've got to be kidding. welcome back. we want to bring you back to
8:46 am
just to recap the actual crash itself happened on orange valley drive. which is off of fitzgerald. this is east of florida avenue. in lakeland area. as we mentioned one person is dead from what we're hearing from sheriff's office. and person who passed away is somebody who was inside that home. we don't know the condition of the driver involved. as you can see skyfox is here on scene we do have crew that will be mack tli was to get updates sounds like we might get a road closed between florida and cot lake road due to this deadly crash involving a vehicle into a home. >> we're out here in good day garden with our friend david widwam from widwam organics. we have got a great crop of okra.
8:47 am
you see okra flower? i didn't know okras flower. gorgeous. i told you already, that i don't don't think i've ever had a purple okra. this is it. maybe you're going to try it today. >> okay. so these plants were planted mid summer. okra can grow here in tampa spring, summer and fall. >> okay. >> but that doesn't mean that you grow it spring summer and into fall. so we pulled out our spring. and then mid summer, we planted our fall okra somewhere else. okay. so just because you can grow it for three back to back season you say don't keep the same plant in >> because? you can get soil diseases or pests rather. all right. >> it's looking hardee right now. doing really well. we put these in what, eight weeks a little more. and we've already been harvesting off of them. what i want to talk to the
8:48 am
and how size is not important. okay. okay. so here we have an okra that has gone a little bit too far. it's, it's stringy and tough. it's got, kind of woody i guess would be a best description of it. this is not going to very good to eat. i do know if it goes too far they do bake it. this is about kind of wru awant it go if you were try to seeds to point more. we use that one for size reference. you go, joe. i'll guide you along. joe vasques behind the camera. over here, we have one that's bigger. that's ready to harvest. you'll notice there's a different shape, there's a different sheen. and this one is nice and young and tender. okay. and this is, this is the one that you're going to want to try. i'm going to eat this?
8:49 am
raw okra fresh out of garden is the best. >> >> pretty good. s really good. you'll never get that from grocery store. really good. >> yeah. >> it's not that slimy is it? >> i love okra by way does it taste purple? >> there's a bit of a purple taste in the okra. >> all right. let's go over here and look at egg mranths. we've got problem with our egg plants, don't we? sort of i'm not that worried about them. typically, on our things like egg plants, i would come along here and pick these first ones off anyway. just to encourage the to plants more. this is a japanese long eggplant. a mizzou no which will resemble an italian eggplant when it gets bigger over here chi need bride
8:50 am
little ones off because we're noticing some misshapen leaves at the tops of the plants, and because each of these ?plantsis putting out a healthy runner off the bottom, i'm actually going to remove the unhealthy this entire plant part >> lieu leave runner leaving this behind. before we go just last example i will go ahead and cut this whole plant off. and here we have a nice new healthy one. >> very nice stuff this morning. thank you. and i learned >> raw okra ain't bad. ain't bad. thank you, david. go to see you too. >> waiting for are him to say what's up doc. okra ain't bad. all right. is there one movie you're afraid to admit that you love because you're afraid you're going to get judged. you shouldn't be. at last new study out that shows that people who prefer to watch these bad or so-called trashy movers in the words of researchers ten to be smarter. people involved in study germany
8:51 am
cheaply or poorly made films. most popular on list was sharknado. and bottom line in study says people who find cheap and worthless film as enjoyable as art cinema are smart because they can find pleasure in both. >> i knew there was benefit to watching those movies. >> all right. it's bolt time. it is bolt time not trashy charley belcher this morning and trashy live shots for all intellects out there watching. that's what i'm doing. walter and laura, the goal of any hockey player ever is to lift that stanley cup high over their head. and when we come back, we're talking to a man who did just that while wearing a tampa bay lightning jersey. the one and only dave andreychuk catching talking about our tampa bay lightning because bolts are back on the ice tonight. thunder bug in the building.
8:52 am
stick around everybody. we're getting you ready for
8:53 am
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8:55 am
hopefully this a year to push through that and make it all the way. hopefully this is our year. yeah i like that sentiment. good day tampa bay i'm charley belcher coming to you from amalie arena. tonight tampa bay lightning back on the ice. dave andreychuk back here to talk to us about this great team. steve yzerman did great job in off season keeping core together. beyond words how to stack praise and yzerman on what he did. unbelievable. really unbelievable. when you look at signings we all know about the stamkos, and headman we just saw a great signing. but you know, it's a three year deal, you know, seven year deal. i mean these putting this team together and going to be here for a little while. great off season. short off season. never clan about that. world cup we had most players go to world cup. so we should get off to the good start.
8:56 am
nervous. it did. it all came back healthy which is good. so away know, some the names you mentioned >> braden point. that's name you might want to pay attention to. 20-year-old kid on the third line tonight, what do you think of braden point? a great camp. hd a great camp last year to be honest with you. went back to junior. he was captain of world juniors for canada. you know, obviously it was top in the league in scoring. just a really, really good player. he's had a great camp. he deserves to be here. so i t scoring punch to that third line you know, he's going to play in off tonight. that, line can be dangerous. yeah as a player how excited from a get back on ice? i think you know the anticipation from last year, what happened last year think waiting for to get another crack at it. you know it's here already. so nothing like opening night. no matter how many open nights you go through you're always going to be nervous and have
8:57 am
first shift you go from there. first shift you go from there. can't wait go as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren. as state attorney, i'll make our county safer for our families. tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you!
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it's thursday morning. and good morning. it is thursday morning and it is a busy morning here on good day tampa bay. i'm laura moody. certainly is walter allen in nor russell rhodes who oolgs under weather. we will get to weather in just a minute. we want to vanessa rufus. very dangerous and especial morning. yeah guys quite a few nts are happening oh roadways we want to start oh update out pasco county through morning we've reporting fhp has calling a possible fatality at congress and ridge road. we can tell you actually not confirmed as fatality at this point. last check just serious injuries. but we're hearing pedestrian that was hit in the westbound lanes here is actually a student. that information coming from fhp. so once again westbound, this is


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