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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  October 13, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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it's thursday morning. and good morning. it is thursday morning and it is a busy morning here on good day tampa bay. i'm laura moody. certainly is walter allen in nor russell rhodes who oolgs under weather. we will get to weather in just a minute. we want to vanessa rufus. very dangerous and especial morning. yeah guys quite a few nts are happening oh roadways we want to start oh update out pasco county through morning we've reporting fhp has calling a possible fatality at congress and ridge road. we can tell you actually not confirmed as fatality at this point. last check just serious injuries. but we're hearing pedestrian that was hit in the westbound lanes here is actually a student. that information coming from fhp. so once again westbound, this is
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who is apparently in the road or trying to cross the road. so more information on this to come. but in the meantime we want to get our next big incident involve overturned dump truck out tampa area 50 street under selman expressway we have that overturned. we have debris in roadways you can see that blocking northbound lanes in also hindering folks from exiting the selman expressway at 50th. second of all we have we want to get, my apolo traffic jam on north bunked 75 in manatee at state road 64. where we have a vehicle that's on fire. so please avoid that area. >> now we want to get to this, a vehicle into a home out lakeland area. we have a live look from the ground here. and this is happening off the fitzgerald road. what we're hearing from the sheriff's office is that this is actually happening at orange valley. but that's off of fitzgerald. so shutting down fitzgerald east
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from ken suarez in just a few minutes in update from sheriff in polk county. just a little bit after that. but we are hearing person inside that home one person is dead unknown injury. unknown condition on the driver. so more on that to come as well. all right, vanessa, thank you. to the other developing story we're working right now. there was a fatal hit and run along hillsborough avenue last night now teenager is dead and police need your help finding the car that hit her. for us along hillsborough avenue. right 94 george road where all of this happened. we don't know a lot at this point, alcides. get us up to speed. >> yeah, very little information for the florida highway patrol. no vehicle description, we're not sure who that driver is. i mean very, very little information. all we do know is that it happened late last night at about 8 o'clock. a 17-year-old girl by name ashley was trying to cross hillsborough avenue from blue
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hillsborough avenue. you see car's left to right on your screen. she was coming from blue springs drive. she was trying to cross hillsborough avenue going southbound when accorded to florida highway patrol, she was hit by a driver that driver kept ongoing. and of course the investigation is ongoing. trying to locate who that person was. make, model the whole nine. again very little information in that regard. now i did speak ago. they tell me she is a student at hillsborough count thee attends a nearby high school. they are not asking us not to release name of that high school not only for faculty there but students as well because a lot of students have no idea this actually happened. and we're reporting it right now because those students are obviously at school right now. with that said, just asking us not to release all of the information until later on today.
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popular student. she was well known in the high school. and she was known by faculty as well. so a very difficult time for the faculty and her friends as well. obviously laura and walter, for her family. who again, tragically lost her life last night along hillsborough avenue at 8 o'clock. details led up to still unknown, make models all of that information unknown. florida highway patrol asking if you see anything last night that end damage that typically drives in this general area here town 'n country between george road and swinger road to please give them a call. back to you. >> our prayers are with that family too this morning thank you, alcides. yes. all right. we will get over to walter and dave. hey. that's right. 9:04. dave, football is going happen later tonight that means hockey start later tonight too. it's fall. it's fall. it's fall. one degree warmer than
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where that moderate humidity is still hang hanging around tampa 74. 69 new port richey. 72 in brooksville. 72 crystal river. winds due out north and occasionally northeast. but we will bring few little sprinkle tiny light showers across state like we did yesterday. in general rain chances are low and high temperatures should back in the mid 80s. >> and that, you may remember is one of the scariest movies according to our newsroom. the exorcist. ((laura)) while that is just a that may may remember one scary's moments according to our newsroom the exorcist that is just movie there are some real life things that scare real peep. and university in california is out out with their annual survey of what scares americans most.
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surprising obamacare. affordable care act. followed by people i love becoming seriously ill. identity theft scares 37 percent of people and another economical financial collapse is next. followed by people i love dying at number 6. coming in at number pif restriction on amendment two right to bear arms. 38 and a half percent of people say they fear the government taking away that right. almost 40 percent of people are afraid of being a victim of a terror attack. >> and all because of pulse night club shooting and san bernardino this jumped into top ten with more attacks in america. this they believe will continue to be a top concern. not having enough money for the future, whether that means the immediate future or for retirement, we're not sure. but lack of money is big on people's minds. number 2 terror attacks. now again we couldn't find the exact wording of it. but 41 percent of people surveyed are scared of them. but number one thing people are
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and it's by a big margin too. more than 60 percent of people fear corruption of government or government officials. this is the second year in row that this is a top concern. and researchered says tend to fear what they cannot control. survey was done of more than 1500 people from all across the country. >> it was good afternoon for republican candidate donald trump. he was in lakeland for a vert registration rally thousands of supporters with they are cheering him on. he told them this election is a simple choice between him, should not be allowed to even run calling hillary clinton corrupt. and mrs. chin clinton dealing with her own campaign issues more n e emails from we can leaks. he's clinton campaign chairman. in the latest jennifer she's clinton communication director and john hall pin a seen i don't fellow center for american progress a democratic think tank with close ties to clinton
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and the people that. practice. he wrote, they must atracked to the systematic thought and severely back yards gender relation and must be totally unaware of christian democracy. that certainly brought out strong reaction from every conservative saying this is a typical democratic attack against any person who has faith. meanwhile donald trump is dealing with his own allegations this morning. a number of women are coming forward saying unwanted physical sexual advances. including 74-year-old yes, sir was lee who told "new york times" she met trump on plane more than 30 years ago she was invited to sit next to trump in first class cabin of flight to new york. they never met before she claims he groped her. another woman tells the times trump started kissing her during business meeting in developed 5. if statement that trump campaign
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article is fiction. now people have until next tuesday to register to vote. this after a hearing yesterday in tallahassee. judge extend the deadline until october 18th. a lawsuit was brought against governor rick scott when he refused to extend registration because of hurricane matthew. but district judge mark walker agreed with law and gave floridians six more days. >> it is 9:09. deputies need your help. they are asking for anyone them a call. according to law enforcement, this woman went into the select physical therapy on fletcher avenue last month. stole a woman's wallet. this woman went on to two different banks and with drew more than $3,000. if you know her you're asked to cal hillsborough county sheriff's office or crime stoppers there's a reward for that. it's expected to be another bad year for florida citrus industry. forecast is out. and they are predicting another 14 percent decline. that's on top of 16 percent
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and think about this, from just 20 years ago, citrus production is down 70. yes, 70 percent. the issue is citrus greening the disease that destroys trees and the fruit. >> well farmer are crying over spilled milk. seriously crying over spilled milk. or maybe that there's not enough of it. there's an abundance of milk apparently. in fact there are 443 million gallons of extra milk. that keeps prices down. dairy industry says fewer people are seen as bad for people watch saturated fats, fewer people are drinking low fat versions. so what are we drinking? the alternatives things like almond and soy milk. coming up another blow to the olympics. latest city to drop out of contention for 2024 games. plus take time and effort to help a veteran. we have that coming up next. and let's go lightning. go bolts.
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hey charley. and i am coming to you from lightning beverage up know what that means laura and walter. we're talking to a player when we come out. how about we catch up with alex and see what he's thinking today opening night of the hockey season in tampa bay. oh you know what, i can smell the pdq. oh, that's what you know hockey season is about to start when you can smell the pdq in the arena.
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((walter)) more problems
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has dropped out of the running for the 20-24 ((walter/ another city dropped out running for a 2024 summer games. rome says thanks but know thanks. with drew trying to cross bid yesterday. they decided city budgets concerns a reason to pull out. they are one of many who have said no. most other cities put it to public vote and residents were ones that voted it down. know only budapest paris and los angeles continuing there efforts to get the games clifrmic committee >> take look at this, this is from what you're looking at is the moon. our moon. there's new crater formed by an asteroid hitting it. they're being made by space rocks hitting the moon.. and that will jeopardize any future missions to the
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chance of being hit by one of these falling rocks. ((russell//dave)) adlib to our weather more absolutely. a lot of that stuff. but it makes you, makes you thinks how many, how much the moon is really protecting us too. it makes you think about all of the different dangers. mars if 2030s so they have to contend with radiation and contend with asteroid. i think radiation will be their big edge challenge to overcome and how do we keep astronauts safe. we have this beautiful ozone layer and beautiful atmosphere to protect us they won't have that up there. >> right. we're safe. we're in mid 70s. it's not too bad outside right now not too bad, it's fantastic. we don't need air conditioner out here any more. >> that's how we gauge whether they bring air conditioner out. 74 north, northeast winds at nine miles per hour with tampa net cam. how about beach shot. that absolutely gorgeous at this hour.
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their temperature are mid 60s brook dale bay shore camera in mid 70s with northeast winds at 9. really a very nice start to the day. visible satellite just coming into view now. and we're going to get a day very similar to yesterday. and with those north to northeast winds, we're going to have a few of those tiny little showers. low top sprinkle whatever you want to call them work their way across the state. a few of us may have to contend with for later today. but general stay on the low side. while let me tell you something this is about as close as a hurricane can come to bermuda without eying going over the island. but core of hurricane nicole is now impact bermuda area where they are likely undergoing hurricane force winds. pretty hearty island it's used to hurricanes. not one this strong. major hurricane. it should quickly move out of
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and then eventually go out to north atlantic hurricane season is not over yet. this time bermuda having to deal with face of major hurricane. happening right now. 86 degrees for a high temperature today. one or two of those very isolated showers. a few clouds tonight. mild with low temperature of 71 degrees. and scattered clouds and warmth tomorrow with your high of 86. just enough wind off shore that the caution flags back up again. northeast wind 15 to 20 knots at times seas running two to three feet. with high tide 12:38 early this afternoon. not much a change right through middle of next week highs run 85 to 87. low temperatures around 70 or 71. vanessa. all right dave. we have an update to vehicle on fire that we reported top hour manatee county. looks like lanes are now clear here on 75 still dealing with linger delay approaching state road 64. seeing delay be maybe ten minutes or so probably at this point a little bit less. it should be just a couple more
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used to seeing themminor delays expected northbound on 75 passing through the braden to ton area. couple more details we're getting out of lakeland. our polk county photographer lucas boggs is able to find out woman who was killed when this car hit a house. actually a pick up truck we're learning. crash happened just before 5 o'clock this morning. at least one other person was in home at the time. husband of the woman unfortunately is killed. so this is closing once again fitzgerald between florida we are still awaiting a live update from ken suarez as well as an update from polk county sheriff grady judd that. expected in next half hour. all right vanessa, thank you. there are some amazing people here in the bay area. it's never more apparent than when they all gather together and take on a huge project to help a stranger. a veteran in this case. two in fact. fox 13 jen epstein is in tampa right now where there's a little work going on. good morning, jen.
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day early, laura 80 plus volunteers $85,000 all going into a project to rebuild this home that we're standing in right now the home of two bay area veterans brothers who have not seen their home in ten days and will be by later this afternoon to see the final product. and it's pretty amazing just to take a look around and see all of work that has been done in just the past ten days. jeremy is here with you're with rebuilding together tampa bay. yoki project as well several other location elementary talk to me about this one in particular. absolutely. in a partnership with home depot rebuilding tampa bay. we came together to help cruz family four generation of veterans lived here including like you said two brothers. couldn't have been a more worthy of needing work done. they served our country so we're doing what we can to serve them. let's talk about some details. we're in the house right now. i promised our viewer they will able to take look inside. what's being done right now finishing touches. today is finishing touches of
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done in house. doesn't seem like it could have ben done some such short of time if you name it it's probably been done here. floors have been redone. dry wall has redone. new roof, new electrical throughout kitchen i think we're oing to to go in there completely remolded as well bathroom. new windows doors throughout whole house. and so, like >> over here. >> they made a pallet wall as a good accent piece they will put memorabilia from their service a veterans on the wall. so nice be aing accept piece for living room here. that is just incredible. we showed pictures in the 8 o'clock hour of what has home looked like i'll post pictures on facebook as well. just so people get a real idea of how much work you guys have put into this house. we're in the kitchen right now talk about this. it's beautiful. >> absolutely. and here especially the floors were rotted out down to ground. completely new joy, new sub
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cabinets and the whole works. appliances are coming later this afternoon. so really a complete rehab. especially on this part of the house. you doing okay over there guys? so far so good. they are not stopping even when we're live on tv keep working through day you have a very important timetable coming up by the end of day, right? >> absolutely brothers are coming. we're, we're. running gunning to get everything done. they haven't been here since day they have no idea. absolutely. what do you hope their expression may be what they might see? i'm going for speechless. i'm pretty sure all volunteers out here today, thapg you guys so much for all hard work you do. i may even come back later today. because i want to see this, this speechless reaction or whatever their reaction maybe. because it is really incredible work thattal of a these volunteers have done in last ten days to make this home. i'm sure a dream come true for
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they got this. yeah. they got this. they do. they do. they are hard workers. thank you, jen. charley getting ready to drop the puck. it is lightning home opener to
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in passing down traditions through generations. in lakewood ranch we believe in a community where we put down our roots. this is our town. this is our common ground. experience it yourself during the tour of homes. our annual model home spectacular beginning october 21st, featuring more than 50 stunning model homes
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((walter)) thank you charley just hanging out light lightning bench. prept much how i start every day hanging out with a bolts. back on ice to want. dude, how excited are you to have this very short off season we're never going to explain short season that means you did great. i think we're really excite. fans are pretty excited.
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season it always seems pretty long just waiting to get back on the ice. and tonight we have a first game. and we were preparing a lot for it. so everyone is really excited to get back at it. steve yzerman has done such an amazing job in this off season. signing you and whole court back again and keeping this group together. do you pay attention is it exciting for atto see your pals. we putting band back together. no it's exciting because you how close we've been past couple of years. and to know we have that same group going forward is really exciting. and in cap system to keep these guys is kind of unheard of. so you know, mr. yzerman has done a great job doing that. so but we realize what with this group we have, you know we only have limited amount of time to do something special. but it special time. i don't know, just i love the feeling that i get from watching you guys. it's got to feel good in locker
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exactly. we've doing it for couple years now. that's what we get paid to do. but, like i said we're excited, we have same group definitely some chemistry with this group. let's talk about hockey in tampa, florida for goodness sakes. who would have thought this could become a hockey town. bt is it really has. you guys feel the energy we are the thunder. you feel that thunder when you guys are out here. >> for sure fans have been unbelievable i know since i've been here it seems like it's awesome to see support even when you're not at the rink to see how the fans support you. it's just great. >> yeah. i'm proud of our town i think we're really becoming a hockey town. you a little, play-offs, you get play off going already. that is wishful think i just shaved yesterday you didn't shave yesterday. yeah. what are you fred flinstone, look at you. couple weeks.
9:27 am
cvs. all right man i think it's a good sign. man, stay healthy. have a great season go bolts. we're routing for you let's get that cup this year. thank you. ladies and gentlemen alex, look at that. walter, if you're in the ready for hockey now, come on. you just not breathing. this is true. let's go bolts. did you get my tweet. you got to ask him about what i did not what is teaming love about wedding crasher i love this article just this morning. all right. okay. all right. sounds good. alex everybody. all right going to good season. got a good feeling. yes indeed. go bolts. 9:27 time adding a little beer
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as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
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((laura//wipe vo)) earlier this morning a truck earlier this morning a truck rammed into a home killing one person inside. happened on orange valley drive in investigating this. we want to get straight to ken suarez following this story. good morning to you, ken. hey good morning guys i can only imagine myself being in my home before sunrise and a pick up truck crashes through the front of that home. you're looking a home right now. it is on orange valley drive. other part being on fitzgerald road in south lakeland. unfortunately this happened a little before sunrise this morning a husband and wife inside.
9:31 am
vehicle. she's dead at this point. husband obviously grieving and taking a look it is very active scene. polk county sheriff's here a little further to right you have sheriff's office command center. you also have an above the i'm not sure sheriff office chopper oh not certainly wondering what's going on. we're not going to know that until sheriff speaks presumably about 9:30 or so. lots of questions. what's background of this driver. was he drunk? what happened there? we just don't know answer to any of those questions. presumably grady judd will answer all of that for us. meantime just a really tough situation here in south lakeland this morning. back to you. the roads altogether. thank you, ken. we will get over to dave osterberg right now with look at the forecast. hey dave. morning, yeah. it's nice and warm outside. but it's not too bad. hello. there we are 74 degrees.
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sebring is 76. yes, we're beginning warm things up. there 75 degrees in sarasota. winds 9 to 12 miles per hour. a little bit brisk when you deal with few gusts over 12 to 13. not really very similar to yesterday. we have that northeast to east wind. and that will likely likely pull in. a tiniest of showers, it shouldn't be a big this afternoon. we just look for inter mitt incident clouds and sunshine today. plenty oomph getting temperatures back up at least into the mid 80s. really is more of the same. future cast doesn't change much as long winds stay knot, northeast like we're seeing here forecast won't change. take a look at this. this is hurricane nicole. that little dot is island of bermuda could you get hurricane
9:33 am
island without eye going over it? that is case. they are definitely undergoing hurricane force winds right now in bermuda. the eye of the storm missing just miles to the south as it moves off toward the northeast. this us very quick mover and should out thereof soon enough. we will see what happens what remains. what leaves behind when you're talking about major hurricane moving through anywhere, there's bound to be some damage. winds of so still, category 3 storm as it's quickly going to move out of bermuda. and then toward the north. and eventually out into the north atlantic. so high temperatures for us today, at least 86. nobody i know we skweed out an 87. point is couple degrees above normal one or two very isolated showers as well. few clouds and mild tonight with low of 71. scattered clouds warmth tomorrow
9:34 am
boaters today seas run two to three feet with moderate chop and seven-day forecast outlook that doesn't have a lot rain. a nice warmth 85 to 87 degrees for high temperatures in low 70s, 71. >> couple first birthday once thursday to pass along to you. she's going to be a fashionista. she loves playing dress up with her mom's clothes and jewelry. we hope you have a fantastic first she loves to eat and drink everything. spending time with sibling and her cousins. her family says she's always happy and smiling as you can see in that picture. happy first birthday to both of you. sme cutis today. hope you're enjoying your birthdays right now we want to switch gears get to roadways i want to give you work arounds here for the vehicle that went into the home that closed down
9:35 am
south once again affecting that stretch between florida and scott lake. meantime out of tampa, still seeing some delays here. northbound 50th street under selman expressway where that donald trump truck is overturned spilling lots of debris in roadways. so continue to avoid the detour once again. they are pushing folks off palm river. off 50th. that northbound direction. all right. welcome back 9:35. let's talk about b it's our past time. even more special when played by people absolutely not making any money whatsoever they are doing it for the love of the game. that's buddy baseball. that's what makes buddy baseball so, so cool. we've got ross. he's executive director with buddy baseball and eddy joining suncoast credit union. let's talk about buddy baseball. you guys have big event big fundraiser and big saturday coming up. correct buddy base baseball
9:36 am
special needs these kids gets to play real baseball on real baseball team with help of a buddy. and this is coming up we're into our fifrpt season right now 8th year. and coming up on october 22nd it's our 100 saturday is buddy baseball and big event planned that day how does that make you feel that you made it that far? it's amazing. we never thought wield we'd good this far. and what's a surprising enough 100 saturdays of baseball hundreds of kids in bay area play buddy baseball hundreds >> now, i know for myself, what does it do these kids able to go out and compete what what does it do for their confident some self esteem goes through the roof. you know it gives them a chance to feel like a normal kid. i hear this a lot from parents. because my kids said i feel like normal kid i can play on baseball team like my brother
9:37 am
play and now they can too. about making friends and being accepted in community. when you're a part of that team, just relying on somebody else they are relying on you that's something special. it is something special for players but also for the buddies. they are given a chance to give back and seeing these kids just want to have fun like everybody else. and they just get as much out of it as the players do. now speaking team you great team here. right. right. we've got our buddy run 5k fundraiser coming first sunday partner suncoast to be our title sponsor. take it from there >> we've been able to participate as sponsor for several years now. but last year rush mentioned that they were going to be looking for new title sponsor. and with that i said give me a call. and we were happy to jump to the forefront. suncoast credit union foundation is very involved with the education, health and emotional well being of children. and this just steps right into
9:38 am
fruits of your labor that you're helping out these kids are getting an extra step here how does it make you feel on personal level? it's awesome i participated in buddy run as well buddy baseball. and seeing those children smile, you know that just, that it lights up the face it lights up the crowd. everybody just so happy to see such a monumental moment to see them hit that ball. and to run to first base. just really a great thing to see. 100th saturday a cook owl we've got jake from tampa bay rays. dave will as radio broadcaster usf softball and baseball teams. and a fire department out there kids activities. cook out, popcorn, kettle corn. ice cream. whole works. october 22nd. fantastic for more information if people want to get involved for buddy baseball or come out
9:39 am
buddy on there we have a tab for buddy run to register from there. perfect, russ, thanks guys for coming on and okay, you know i was your governor. my hair used to be way better. i played quarterback. my dad was a doctor here for 55 years. i swim every morning. and yes, i'm a fan of fans! and in congress i'll get things done for pinellas county. i'll protect social security and medicare, defend women's healthcare and planned parenthood, and take care of our veterans. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message. because i'll put the people first. always have, and always will.
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amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. with sleep number, you choose the exact firmness and comfort you want and so does your partner for the best sleep ever. it's the final days of the columbus day sale, with the queen c4 mattress set now only $1399.98. plus 24-month financing.
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with our friend ann gilbert. shapes total fitness. we are back with our friend an gilbert from shapes total fitness. hey debby. you guys are going to talk some manage i love. we're talking about this because it's breast cancer month. it is. >> yes. and you know a lot of women have to go through painful experience of mastectomy. it's not enough to endure that. but then when you try to get back into gym you try to get yourself together, the range of motion is tough. but you say therere exercises that women can do that work. there are base exercise that is our encouraged by doctors and physical therapists to include in a daily routine. as soon as two weeks after surgery. and some of the facilities a lot of facilities are now launching special programs for this special population. and it's interesting to me because exercises that are asked to be included in the programming are exercises that
9:43 am
with shoulder mobility. for an athlete with shoulder immobility or being able to use their shoulder or someone who just had a hard time reaching up a coffee cup out of cupboard. exercises are universal. we're talking specifically about breast cancer post surgically. and, and a first thing that actually asked is that you can raise your arm up. and right because it keeps the shoulder neutral. being able to bend arms in and out. >> a basic movement for shoulder mobility. if deb were lying on floor flat imagine that i don't know if you can see her down there. can you go down there? if she as wand in her hand she would actually be asked to move that imaginary wand back and forward in repetition to try to work on increasing the mobility
9:44 am
she could always put her hands right at her ears and do basic wing and out. not open up just the upper body. and a mobilize the shoulder. weaken. loosen it up a little bit. again you can see how it wan cork for mi population. if debra is seated at desk all day long. she could actually take a piece of paper off terrace desk and push it forward. and then with force pull it imaginary counter. at home you can do this with a kitchen el towel increasing mobility and strength training at the shoulder joint. that's one of my base exercises one of my favorite exercises you probably feel it in your core. that would be a good one for all of us. if deb were to stand next to wall. not at wall but next to the wall, she could literally do like the spider move up the
9:45 am
fingers up and down, increasing mobility shoulder joint and engaging what called lats responsible for pulling down. those are some of exercises that we sometimes don't think about. start healing i'm thinking of women who have breg augmentation surgery. you know, biggest thing that we would, that we need to talk about is the deep breathing. it's the deep breathing that starts the healing process. so if deb were to really pr diaphragm,.pulling oxygen in and what happens is it disperses the oxygen and the blood to the cell faster making the body heal faster recovery is sped up. once the recovery is starting to go, then she can incorporate more xhor movement patterns increasing mobility at the shoulder joint. but also works for. but also works for someone that sits at desk for eight hours a day or has a phone.
9:46 am
enhanced and increased by all basic exercises this push out one is my favorite. so easy to do. thing you always give us little tricks. even myself after over exercising. not stretching enough i will stand next to the wall and all walk all the way up the wall and down in the morning. facing the wall. facing the side of the wall. you be wall i'm going to go up the wall and come down kind of like spider mobley can enhanced very easily with some simple exercises. not having mobility after surgery, not having mobility because of a life-style dysfunction inhibits the quality of life. >> yeah. mental health too. yeah. important for your mental health i'm so glad to have you women
9:47 am
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live picture of the board on ((walter /2sh/dbx) the dow do you know trip triple digits to start the day. >> no what the we want to see laurp simonetti joining us was driving down market this morning? >> two things china, they put out a terrible number on their exports. world number 2 economy. so if they are not selling much stuff to the rest of the world we are concerned. also, right here at home, we've got a great number. good news, not a lot of
9:50 am
unemployment benefits last week. 43 year low in fact. nonetheless that good news sends message to fed that okay, might be time to hike interest rates. >> so we can handle it. they have two chances to hike a couple of days before the election, doubtful they do that. and then december 14th. a couple days before christmas. >> we'll see. all right. maybe we can call them the new starbuck's i like that. combining coffee and >> brew baristas i think of a car bomb from college. shot suppress so, it kind of looks radar looks like jamison. you tut in not guiness but an ipa and they are put citrus and vanilla foam in the beer. apparentliths delicious. and if you want one you got to go to the starbuck's that sell the evenings menu that try to get customers in at night. and that's where they are
9:51 am
it's called the suppress so cloud ipa. >> i feel like it sounds like a black and tan. like a different version of black and tan. >> yeah. guiness. yeah. >> all right. probably a lot sweeter. yeah. so apparently when we're flying an option potentially for a kid free zone? >> i'm calling it at no cry zone. yeah. might a well put a playground on the plane. there's an indian carrier they are for eight different rows of seats no kids allowed you have to be at least 12 years old to sit here. the fear that is other carriers who fly frequently toll united states or based here will do the same thing. it would so hard to police this kids babies they are annoying on planes. they kick your seat they cry. you always get stink eye when you're flying with kid. you know it. however, noise travels. so even if you take the kid to a certain area, i think you'll
9:52 am
right? >> i don't know. i think it's genius if you surround children with other children the chances of them being quiet are much greater then they have someone to play with. exactly. >> a playground on the plane. that's what i'm saying they will louder more kids tart playing. that's up to parents you can't leave them out of the equation. >> this, carrier are also doing something else, they are not seats with extra leg room. yeah. or by emergency exits. so you're flying with baby first time walter did i hear that >> okay. sounds good. >> can't wait. all right. thank you, lauren.
9:53 am
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welcome back. our high temperatures 96 a give or take a degree normal is 85. we'll close really over next 7 days i don't see huge difference nor do we see any real significant rain chances. we will get a little pesky quick isolated showers here or there running across the state. but that's about it highs 85 to 87 degrees. lows running 70 to 71.
9:56 am
weather for us. looks good. yeah it does. we'll take it to be sure. >> you know people have very different way of watching the news everyone does. some people sit for entire hour or morning other like one of our viewers amy michelle had a little fun with russell. take a look. >> she sent us this picture on her facebook page with caption i don't always watch the news but when i do, amy michelle thank you so much for making us laugh today. i don't see any difference in he looks exactly same. we're not getting the voice. you know this filter. it changes the voice. so knew just twied everybody to do that with us. yeah. >> well some people who work among us on snapchat do it sometimes you get snap them you are tv with a filter on your face. silly. all kinds of things with that. we can talk about jen behind her
9:57 am
>> he laughed. >> we miss him today. a little under the weather today. we miss him. all right. we got to go. today thursday, october 13th. live with kelly next fold by wendy williams followed bill fox 13 news at noon. have a great thursday. thanks for watching. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company." after an obscene amount was spent building this controversial courthouse, the state learned the contractor had overspent on framed photos that were never used. when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse?
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