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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  October 13, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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from tampa-based number one news station this is fox 13 at noon. a man drove his pickup truck right to home in lakeland hitting and killing a woman inside. good afternoon everyone. linda hurtado.hanks much for joining us. a tragic morning for lakeland family went really out of nowhere a truck slams into their home. through their home. killing a woman inside. first of all can we know what happened? >> were having technical difficulties will get back to his live shot just a few minutes. until then we'll move on.>
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highway patrol searching for the driver hit and killed a 17-year-old high school student. ashley perdomo was walking on hillsborough avenue when she was hit last night near blue springs drive.he driver did not stop. ashley was a senior hillsborough high school who grief counselors at the hig school today to help teachers and students anyone with information about the hit-and-run should call crime stoppers. in student was hit by car this morning. and critically injured. this happened around 6:30 p.m. at congress ridge road in port richie sheriff's office is 13-year-old gabriel rodriguez ran across the street right into the path of an oncoming car.e is hospitalized in critical condition. the driver was not charged. deputies arrested one man looking for another in connection with a violent home invasion. deputy say richard can another man knocked in a woman's
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when she answered the pointed a gun at her and demanded her car keys. deputies later spotted them in the stolen lexus gave chase. they say the crash and retreat was arrested. the other man is still on the run. sarasota county deputie and for man holds up a grocery store at gunpoint. just before 10 last night at the supermarket on 17th street near lockwood ridge. a man armed with a gun demanded cash from a clerk. you can see in the surveillance the robbers waving the gun around. pointing it. gets away with a bag of cash. if you recognize that person maybe by the tattoo you see on the arm. contact the sheriff's office. in citrus county sheriff deputies there need help finding this man accused of robbing a woman in a home invasion a sketch of the person deputy split the was behind incident that happened around nine monday night.
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office. days after florida law made school threats a felony. to pascoe county teens arrested for doing just that. these arrests are the fourth and just the last week. fox 13 reports from raymond stewart middle school where the teens went to school. >> reporter: were told the students called the letters a joke but what came out of this situation is something much more serious than labs. were talking about felony charges. deputies arrested two middle school students after finding pthe this happened at rb stewart middle school here in zephyrhills. authorities tell us the 14-year-old teens wrote death threats towards teachers. at least one letter made reference to a killer clown known as sprinkles. other students reported the papers this comes about a week after the pascoe county sheriff's office arrested a 12-year-old boy who was accused of reportedly posting a message on social media threatening to kill students.
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charges all of this coming less than two weeks after the new law took effect right here in florida making it a felony for anyone who makes a false report regarding violence with a firearm. authorities are taking a much more serious approach to dealing with school shooting threats. that felony charge it could land you up to 15 years in prison. and a $10,000 fine. this is something that not only impacts adults but teens could get in trouble for making in a couple of cases we just told you about. we're going to continue to follow these stories and keep you posted as we learn any new information. >> anchor: pascoe county school superintendent said a video message to all parents to remind her kids and the parents about the serious consequences of making threats. hillsborough deputies are searching for the men behind a business burglary. debbie said the men were wearing cowboy hats walked into
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wiring. the wiring is with about $4000. if you recognize him call the hillsborough county sheriff's office. >> deputies looking for three men who stole bikes at the boardwalk apartments on lambright street. they were caught on camera and the surveillance photos. this happened early in the morning on september 30 for all the hillsborough sheriff's office with information on that crime. hillsborough deputies asking if anyone recognize they say she went into the select physical therapy on fletcher avenue last month stole a woman's wallet the woman went to two different banks and withdrew more than $3000. if you know who she is call hillsborough county deputies or you can call crime stoppers. there is a reward. donald trump is declaring war on the mainstream media. he's threatening to sue the new york times for printing allegations from several women who say they were victims of
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some of his cases go back to some 30 years. this is the clinton campaign battles back to get new leaked emails are paying her in a bad light. >> new center assaults against presence of nami donald trump in our trump is demanding a retraction from the new york times. the paper that published the accounts. one of the women 74-year-old jessica leads claims trump grabbed her on an airplane in the 1980s. >> there's an atmosphere that been created by the new york times and others that says out and say something will give you fame we will give you whatever you need. >> another woman also coming forward a writer for people magazine. claiming trump groped her while she was on assignment as resort merrill largo. that incident allegedly took place in 2000 five the same year trump was caught on hot mike making sexually suggestive remarks to entertainment reporter billy bush.
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excuse that it's just locker room talk. >> hillary clinton campaign hitting trump hard on his treatment of women even while new leaked emails to and from one of clinton's closes advises john podesta reveals some eyebrow raising excerpts from her closed-door wall street speeches as well is a perceived lot of attack and himself on twitter today writing quote the phony story and the failing new york times is a total fabrication. >> anchor: fbi says russian-made try to hack into the florida voting system. they think a contractor for the state as a target of cyber attacks. election officials in every county were told about the breach during an emergency call with the fbi.
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officials around the us aiming to help them spot suspicious activity on their computer networks. a big donation to the moffitt cancer center. wesley chapel toyota wesley chapel honda and tampa honda presented a check for $60,000 to moffitt. throughout the year the dealership set aside money from the sale of every new and used car for the cancer center. the $60,000 donation is the largest yet the secure partnership between the dealerships and moffitt. that a woman after her home was invaded. by heart.heck out these pictures. happened in center and the hawk flew into this woman's house. fortunately deputy dan red jones helped her out. he armed himself with some gloves and a blanket and then carefully caught the bird. the hawk was then set free. nice job. to veterans also brothers got a helping hand today.hey had a home makeover. it's all for free will going to short to but first go to jim
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>> meteorologist: beautiful outside we are continue to see some really nice fall weather seen over the past several days humidity slowly creeping back a little bit but outside right now you look along bayshore boulevard you see some scattered clouds we continue with that north easterly wind again for today. macy a sprinkle or two during the afternoon that's just about it. this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did.
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whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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a tragic morning for lakeland family went out of nowhere the truck center into the house killing a person inside. >> reporter: into what happened as well as what's happening right now. as you said before a truck is going down the road veers off the road and hits the hse see behind me. not only going to the first for the second but one third room. you can see webb's towing here waiting for them all morning they've got to go in and pull the truck all the way back out which i understand is a very long haul. sheriff's office crime scene investigator taking pictures and making notes about what's going on. essentially involves an elderly couple here is a retired minister locally. she a shining light according to people that have spoken to.
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out of nowhere this horrible horrible thing happens. start a little before sunrise a pickup truck driven by 24-year-old ryan talent a plant city careens off the the road and smashes into their home. 76-year-old janice folds just happens to be in the guest room. she is killed. the truck keeps going into the dining room and end up in the kitchen. her genesis husband reverend wyatt. just happens to be getting ready to leave for bible study. imagine his shock. >> the mean of his truck and tries to take off. by now neighbors have heard this massive boom from the crash. and they are gathering outside. neighbors tell talent as he tried to leave you're not going anyplace. they stop him and they hold him until investigators arrive. >> brian talent with his recklessness change the life of this beautiful family forever. after the criminal justice system, we plan to change ryan
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system. >> talent was arrested this morning and charged with dui manslaughter. this is not the first time that he's been in cups. he's also already had a dui in his record along with other number traffic offenses. other offenses like grand theft and domestic battery. despite the fact that his truck as i said before plow through three rooms and killed an innocent woman talent walked away believe it or not and ironically with just minor injuri lives to redeemer presbyterian church in lakeland talking to secretary their little while ago she says that janice had a few stroke a few years ago. yet she had this light that she spread to everyone her goal was to unbelievably to make one person smile eery single day. incredible situation. how many times these kind of things happen you see them on the news where a truck or car
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hurt. in this particular situation the worst unfortunately happen. and it happened to a couple very well known in the community. just very very sweet people. back to you. >> anchor: i'm so glad the neighbors were able to stop him. is going to have to face those charges.hank you. sad day for them. wildlife officials say about 800 sea turtle nests destroyed by hurricane matthew on florida's east coast. mostly green turtle nests in palm beach county. the good record-breaking year for nesting so while many were wiped away more extra laid than ever. nearly 15,000 nests were already hatched there making it a 92 percent success rate for the season. pretty good. 450 more are still being and committing. some give all or a lot of themselves fighting for our country. home depot along with rebuilding together tampa bay are spending the day giving back. two local vet others need a little help today and they're getting it box 13 has a story.
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the cruz family six of them veterans including the two brothers who live in his home right now and tampa. they're getting a very well-deserved gift.he whole home completely being renovated thanks to the partnership between home depot and rebuilding together tampa bay and jeremy is here to tell must about the partnership and this amazing renovation that you guys are done. good morning. >> project that you are doing. >> it's in partnership with the home depot. our organization nonprofit that works throughout tampa bay. we can do what we do through the partnerships that we have like with the home depot. >> tell me about what you guys have done in his home i mean this is a completely nuts and rental. >> absolutely. if you think of it we probably done it here. we did the floors new drywall throughout. brand-new windows throughout as
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new roof new electrical. like i said, we probably done as you can think of it here. >> you mentioned may you've got over dozen homes for veterans that you working on are getting ready to work on for what makes it working with veterans is so special. >> this special population. hey served our country we can do what we can to serve them as this is one way we can do that. we want to them to live in safety and comfort in their home. this is a small part that we can play >> how we people volunteer money did it take to make this happen? >> for this project we have had over 80 volunteers plus that have worked through her 10 days probably about a thousand man hours in total. with a total market value about $85,000. that's incorporating 22 different partners including rebuilding together tampa bay including the home depot several brought in other volunteers. the brought in donated supplies a lot of different people came
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you can see it now. thank you so much jeremy. >> the crazy thing about it like we mentioned 10 days they start to finish this project gutting it renovating all it took was 10 days. a lot of volunteers and manpower and the cruz family hasn't seen the renovations just yet the group stopping by later this afternoon. take a look at their brand-new home. >> anchor: can't wait to see the finished product. experts caught the largest ever gator at a texas wildlife refuge. it inches long. it took four trappers to catch the 900 pound gator. and had use a truck to pull it out of the water. he's now living at a 20 acre facility with other gators now working on his name ideas include big tex and darth gator. [laughter] >> nicole jim no joke. i feel for those people in bermuda. >> meteorologist: it has started to weaken unfortunately distant start that weakening process quickly enough so basically it's right over bermuda with wins of 120 miles
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to be some pretty significant damage on bermuda. you can see it continues to work its way onto the north east right now about 60 miles an hour as you look at the satellite view it looks like the eye has passes maybe just to the south and east of the island probably a bit of a little bit and optical illusion. this is a higher latitude so pyou kinda looking up on the earth so when you look at the radar you can actually see the eye did go over bermuda that's bermuda right in the middle. the radar site is in his work its way right over the top of them the strongest portion of this for time was over parts of the island on the north and northeast inside. on the northern side they did get some of that as the eye worked his way on shore and that southern and southwestern side looks like the eye is somewhat opened up remember from matthew we start to see the opening in the eye that means it is starting to weaken or at least is not going to
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the time we got over them about 120 so still it will be pretty significant storm that works its way over them exit as we go through the afternoon hours but certainly it will be some pretty big damage across bermuda with this. >> latest coordinates 32.3 north 64.6 w. right now those wins 120 miles an hour it's moving to the northeast at 16 miles an hour. it continues on that northeasterly track over open days. by the time we get into the weekend it's moving over cooler waters in the north atlantic and basically loses that tropical characteristics becoming a post-tropical system even though you're still seeing those wins 85 to 70 miles an hour. as we get into the first part of next week. back closer to home again for today we've got those northeasterly winds picking up a little bit of moisture off the atlantic so we get some of the clouds that worked their
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sprinkle or two. that's just about it for this afternoon will see a couple of sprinkles we keep that rain chance less than 20 percent for today doesn't last all that long. one of those sprinkle a little bit drizzled down in sarasota wins of the northeast at 16 miles an hour. 10 in st. petersburg here in tampa nine miles an hour some places we are seeing those breezy conditions. 84 degrees outside dew point slowly climbing back up about 65 right now temperatures generallru mid-80s places like wesley chapel 83 over in st. petersburg 80 down in bradenton and sarasota both at 85 degrees. couple of days ago had the dewpoints down into the 50s coming back up into the mid and approaching the upper 60s in some locations. that high pressure still for northeast will continue with that northeasterly flow over us as his front starts to work its way down across the southeast kind of run out of gas. not going to see any big
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partly cloudy just that isolated shower for this afternoon. daytime high of 86 degrees. for a few clouds mild night overnight low of 71. tomorrow none the nice-looking day on the warm side that daytime high of 86 degrees winds of the northeast at 15 20 knots ease to three feet moderate top on the bay. high tide comes up a little bit at 12:38 pm seven day forecast daytime the okay, you know i was your governor. but there' s some things you may not know. my hair used to be way better. i played quarterback. my dad was a doctor here for 55 years. i swim every morning. and yes, i'm a fan of fans! and in congress i'll get things done for pinellas county.
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hood, and take care of our veterans. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message. because i'll put the people first.
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a salon quality manicure i >> anchor: sources the ad what about instructions. fox consumer reporter steve
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dead test. >> spray perfect gives you all over gorgeous color in seconds. >> latest was not. now this finger nails just got a lot more fun and apparently whole lot faster to find. spray perfect is designed to make your manicure marvelous. ou probably had your fair share of manicure mishaps. >> we took here with the mm pick. >> is supposed to be easy to spray on washing hands be done. >> nail polish no pulse at all. >> while reading the directions. >> amanda already spots a real nailbiter. not only do have to apply a basecoat the product to stick two, but you also have to add a topcoat to lock in.ach coat in the spray coat as a dry for
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basecoat and topcoat polisher called a special three gift and never a part of the demonstration. the folk tradition for the products they want extra steps aren't in the ad they are in an additional how it works video on the company website. and since the system works with any top and basecoat they consider including there's a bonus. >> so far not so smooth. in the spray >> weather timer done in a topcoat dry we move on to the final step that seems to while the women who give it a whirl. >> but take a look at this. not only do we require water and soap as per the instructions and again not mentioned in the ad, but a
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the salon quality results the commercial claims. >> i would say between the details and left out of the commercial and on my nails that it's a dog. >> company does have a no questions asked satisfaction guarantee report to less than one percent return rate. >> anchor: boston police
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developing from boston to
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critical condition after gunmen shot them during domestic disturbance call. we learn the shooter was a former corrections officer. >> reporter: two boston police officers are shot while on duty. the suspect is now dead. >> was two males roommates type disturbance. again, domestic calls as you know are probably the most volatile. you never really know what you're walking into projects incident boston late wednesday night as officers were responding to a call about a person with a gun at home.hen they arrived on the scene, the suspect shot at them. >> those living nearby were ordered to shelter in place for about an hour. before the suspect was finally killed after midnight inside the home. >> were not proud when we have to use deadly force but obviously we had to officers
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>> the situation this job is a tough job.ften times people don't look at the other side of what happens with police officers. were hoping that they make a full recovery. >> the shooting wednesday night comes less than two weeks after two police officers were fired at another boston neighborhood. neither officer was hit in that case. >> anchor: world news terror suspect found dead in his german prison cell.fficial said the syrian man hung himself. the shirt last night for returning to police on monday after today manhunt. german intelligence says he bought explosives search the internet for bomb making explosives and was planning an attack he was granted asylum after coming to germany last year. australian teenagers arrested for plotting a terror attack. please have the six-year-old plan to use bayonet style knives.
12:32 pm
official said the teams were likely radicalized this is the 11th attack australian police say they have stopped since 2014.>> people of thailand mourn the death of their king. he was world longest-serving monarch on the throne for 70 years. royal palace warned on sunday that was held with unstable and they confirmed his death today. he was 88 years old. his death comes as thailand remains under military rule after coup in 2014 new it's been a bloody week in syria. acti people have been killed shelling and air strikes and rebel held parts of aleppo. up to confiding comes as us and russian diplomats plan a meeting to discuss the civil war. >> reporter: no end in sight to the suffering and aleppo. activist groups say rebel held areas of the divided city are being hit again today. three days of air strikes killing dozens there. >> we live in a daily holocaust
12:33 pm
more than 350 civilians are said to have been killed at least a part of aleppo and the less than a month. the spike in deadly violence caused the collapse of the cease-fire brokered by washington and moscow. there is hope for new truth however the secretary of state john kerry said russian counterpart on saturday. i can't tell you that is going to go to be able to come out of this cessation of apostolate can be had. i can promise you the secretaries going into this meeting with that as an objective. it's first time will meet since washington could've discussions with moscow early this month. renew talks tensions between the us and russia over syria remain. >> i believe deeply that the responsibility for the situation in the region in general and in syria in particular lies first of all with our western partners and above all the united states.
12:34 pm
the regime. >> much of the focus has been aleppo. there was other deadly fighting and other areas of syria including the rebel held suburbs of damascus. >> anchor: amazon gears up for the holidays and samsung up his offer for trading in your galaxy note 7. >> reporter: one or 20,000 workers over the holiday rush. it's all in an effort to meet expected spike in demand over the holidays. the seasonal positions will be created and fulfillment centers and customer service sites in 27 states last year 14,000 of the holiday helpers became staff. speaking of jobs applications for unemployment aid remain at a 43 year low. as businesses hold onto their workers weekly jobless claims coming at 246,000. get this nearly half of
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pay for stealth including cell phones groceries rent and close. fidelity finds young adults have taken freebies despite seeking financial independence. because of saving their own money six and 10 millennial have emergency funds with an average balance of $9100. samsung upping its return offer to hundred dollars in credit if you trading your galaxy note 7 four different samsung device. those who ask for a full refund or switch to another manufacturers phone >> michael jackson is still the king. the icon passed away in 2009 was named the highest earning dead celebrity of 2016 by forbes. earning $825 million. earlier this year jackson's half of the the tb publishing catalogs over seven or $50 million pushing him to the top of the list other celebs who made the cut are peter's cartoonist charles schultz. at number two with $48 million.
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claims number three spot with >> anchor: legendary singer-songwriter bob dylan is one of the 2016 nobel prize in literature. >> 75-year-old rock legend is the first person considered to be primarily a musician to receive the procedures award. the swedish academy making dylan was honored for quote having created new product expressions within the great american song tradition. he's best known for songs like rolling in the wind mr. tambourine man and the times they are a changing. had explained to young child that a parent is ill with cancer. won't be able to do the things
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game.
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a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away. with us. foster farms for monster appetites. >> anchor: fox 13 making strides against breast cancer. sponsored american cancer society is walks on month more about that in just a minute. also bring in guest this new not invited local author christine white to join me she's written a book about how to talk to young kids about mommy having breast cancer. the tool that can take on mommy. and christina's joy my daughter-in-law and two of her grandkids. introduce everybody to us. >> this my daughter-in-law ruth the inspiration for our story. and my two little granddaughters. who are also the inspiration for the story.
12:40 pm
the couch what is the inspiration was your daughter-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer because she was diagnosed with breast cancer and at the time luna was to and field was five. and so they did not understand they were just so frightened by what was happening to mommy. so i went to find a book because he loved books. but there wasn't one. and then i thought, well, i'm an these years perhaps i'll think of something and that's where the idea came from. >> what kind of questions for the asking. what is mommy not want to get out of bed? >> why does she have to go to the hospital? >> yes. why she so sick. ruth is such a loving kind hands-on mom with her kids to all of a sudden be pushing them away because she was so desperately ill. they didn't understand that. but that's what she had to do
12:41 pm
taking care of her survival. >> my kids were little old when i was diagnosed but when she told you the idea that she was going to write a book about the expense you all shared would you think about. >> i was blown away. i was so excited. i was touched by it. they used to play a game on her couch at home because she so often helped him took care of the girls during treatment and they would be cows on the couch. >> that's where the title came from. >> a lot of people want to write a it's hard for even a children's book. what your background helped you? >> to be honest with you. nothing. [laughter] >> you are a teacher though right? >> i was a teacher for 22 years in english teacher however i didn't know how to write or publish a book find an illustrator i didn't know all i knew is that i had this energy like the kids do. but i didn't know what to do with.
12:42 pm
of the time when ruth was ill i could let my own feelings show. my fears show. so i thought. okay were going to find them a book were going to go through this together. we couldn't find a book. >> so before we go let's talk about the illustrator because it features a wonderful we can find the book. >> is available on and the illustrator a look around the world and found someone in st. pete beach. she's a local and cancer survivor. >> julie congratulations. and congratulations to you on being a survivor. >> you would like to join the fight against cancer we will be making strides to express cancer almost we love it if you would join us. one of the walks taking place the first walk is october 15 that's a saturday in pinellas county. it's that benoit park. i'll be emceeing the opening ceremony. start about 9 o'clock.
12:43 pm
downtown tampa time to sign up or you can join us that day if you like. after all the information up on my facebook page. i'll also put up a link to cows in the couch to do is like the page.
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come charlie coming to you from the emily arena hockey is back. both are back on ice tonight. the season is about to be underway when the puck drops. eric clinging to peer vice president of marketing. he spent all off-season which is short for the tip of a lightning fan. the new guys your marketing geniuses always think of a way to keep the crowd and the community excited about our
12:46 pm
season eric. >> definitely bring in student russian popular programs we continue to do it is definitely a commitment by the organization to make sure were leading tickets available for students for high school or college. >> people who don't understand how that works of just now paying attention as lightning hockey if your high school or college student with a 90 you get here win and do what? >> come here right before the game generally you register by text the information when you get here. and then approximate 15 tournaments before the game start calling people up and were waiting in line for you will get a ticket for just $20. >> that's a great program. students love it. >> sting of tickets can i get a ticket available still tonight? >> yes very very limited number of tickets have been released. hat i would recommend is if your thing about coming to the game get the tickets now.
12:47 pm
any of the first three games after get those tickets because within a week will go to play board games so the going to go quick. >> starting a new program this year which i think is a brilliant idea called bring the the fun of bring the thunder. >> bring the thunder brain taught over above us how much emphasis we put on the game day experience. i believe that there's only two types of people in this market. on the marketing guy saying it so someone with a to a game. if we can find a way to get someone to the first ever lightning game i believe we have a great chance of making them a lightning fan. bring the thunder as a program that's designed to do that going tampa bay you nominate someone that you know who is in a lightning fan or has never been to a game tell us why they should come to lightning game for the first time ever. every single game give them
12:48 pm
light in girls give them soe t-shirts may be assigned item or two. at the end of the day we want them to have their very first experience to be special and is a way you can nominate someone to have that expense. >> i like that. gaining fans one fan at a time. >> i like it that's how you build a dynasty. i love her bring the thunder. happy hockey day to you. >> to bay nominate somebody who's never been to a hockey game before maybe we'll get lucky to get building. you get in here for game and it is electric.un intended. go bolts. >> anchor: thunder and lightning inside emily arena tonight the boys are beautiful outside. before we had some nice weather humidity may be crapping up a little bit feels pretty nice we will continue decent weather over the next several days partly cloudy skies from our camera pretty cool 1400 feet apart transmission tower you get the great views great time lapses as well from this camera.
12:49 pm
easterly wind again today just as we seen over the past several days as we go through the afternoon may see a sprinkle or two in there but at this point not seeing any rain on sky tower radar but you see were picking up some of that moisture off the atlantic. we keep that humidity still fairly in check. doesn't feel too bad outside. outside here in tampa 84 degrees over plant city new tampa 82 west chase and brandon all 82 degrees downtown st. petersburg 80 and pinellas park 84le degrees. parts of northern counties temperatures getting into the mid-80s place like dade city and brookfield at 84 degrees and down to our south sarasota has 85 bradenton reports 86 degrees lakewood ranch 85 in myakka city for 84 degrees. most locations sitting in the low to mid-80s lakeland currently at 82 degrees. view over the state you see just a couple of the small
12:50 pm
least a couple of these working their way across the state. we still have the high-pressure sitting to our north and that's what is really anchored in that northeasterly flow over us over the past several days it's going to stay there. for the next couple of days the cold front which will be working its way slowly down to the south and as it does so, it runs out of gas. even though it will move through here, you're not going to really notice much with this front of this, were still going to have that moderate humidity in the daytime highs still saying in the mid-80s. look at this. this is hurricane nicole. the eye looks like it actually went over bermuda from the satellite perspective a little bit of an optical illusion with this for looks like it passed to the south but by radar we can see that i actually went right over bermuda looking at the radar little bit ago since half an hour ago we have now
12:51 pm
likely because of power outages up in that direction. hurricane nicole 32.3 degrees north 64.6 w. top wins right now are 120 miles an hour moving to the northeast at 16. it will continue that track now making its way out over open waters as it gets into the blue waters it loses that tropical characteristic as we get into the weekend in the first part of next week. were going to walk to the front slowly work its way down into the southeast we continue with that few of these random sprinkles. partly cloudy iceland shower for today daytime high 86 degrees and then for tonight few clouds around overnight low of 71. looks good for tomorrow partly cloudy skies daytime high back up to about 86 degrees. seven day forecast keeps daytime highs in the mid-80s
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as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
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as we honor the break. plantation chips become a staple on store shelves across our country.he business originated in a temperate kitchen. coloring tells us the founders became inspired during the time living in cuba. >> bag after bag of plantation chips making the way down an assembly line.
12:55 pm
stores all across the country. founder peggy remembers when it was just her her ecuadoran born husband and a pressure cooker in their kitchen back in 1963. >> we started just the two of us doing all the buying the cooking >> they got the idea for the business while the living in cuba. the couple often enjoyed snacking on fried plantation chips. >> they would buy them from street vendors in havana. >> once they settled in tampa, they struggled and sacrificed to make their business work.
12:56 pm
>> following the death of her husband, peggy carries on the family business. with her daughter stephanie who couldn't be prouder of what her (linda vo) here's a real treat to see... hundreds of thousands of migrating >> hundreds of thousands of migraines darlings great amazing site skies over denmark. madison flock of birds make formations that block the view to the sky for phenomena called black son you're about 800,000 of the birds after eating and resting they all rise at once and had south before returning in the spring.
12:57 pm
to touch feels pretty nice outside. >> gorgeous view. the saint pete beach looking to the west not seeing a cloud in the sky are making one we will see a few scattered clouds maybe a sprinkle or two but seven-day forecast continues pretty nice with daytime highs in the mid-80s. >> that's a nice weekend. >> the news doesn't end here keep posting the latest all day
12:58 pm
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on "the real." nosy neighbors. >> i'm the chick looking in the window. >> and trick were tweet. >> getting in the halloween spirit. >> and michel'le is here with rhyon nicole brown. >> how >> and time for mom 411, "the real."


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