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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  October 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning. right now we have a developing situation at i-4 and 275. the junction downtown tampa. deadly crash has lanes blocked since early this morning. we want to go out to alcides segui. since the crash is causing major delays tell us what you are seeing out there alcides. >> expect delays as investigators are processing the scene. motorcycle in the back of the tow truck. you can see, it is a sports motorcycle, from what we beed. florida highway patrol saying motorcyclist was speeding from i-4 going westbound, going on to either 275, south, or getting off on downtown exit.
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slammed into the guardrail. his body went flying and came to rest good 20 or 30 yards away. he was speeding at such a high velocity that motorcycle kept traveling onto the onramp. toward 275. at least another two, 300 yards. again, it looks like, from what i can tell right now, they are almost done providing the scene. typically when they remove the vehicle it is because they are for medical examiner to remove that body. you know, praying for him and his family as well. in terms of the traffic. you said it right. it is a traffic nightmare. especially when you're coming i-4, westbound. it is backed up for several miles. from what we understand. past selmon expressway. so if you typically take i-4 to downtown area.
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or westshore or tampa international. remember southbound 275 is closed off. so is the downtown exit east and west. they will remain closed for another half hour. possibly more than, that that's why we are seeing backups for miles. so again avoid this area. but you said it well, short time ago, when you said if you can, if you work downtown. same selmon expressway because it is backed up a commute continues. back to you. >> alcides we are still looking at delays back to selmon connector. and you said it as well. i mean if this continue, i would say until 6:30, we will see some exponential growth in delays, that's when the cars hit the roadways. all right. thank you alcides. live look westbound i-4, coming into interchange. detours are in place and it is clogged up toward that area.
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usually takes nine to get from 75 to 275. so that illustrates just the delays we are seeing right now westbound i-4. so to reiterate. selmon expressway best work around for drivers. more updates to come. >> when i walked in the door this morning, it was 77 degrees outside. i thought man. now steadily dropped back. 6:00 hour. by the way 7:30 sunrise. cooling to go. 73 at the airport. 72 along highway 27 and few sprinkles north. i like that. crystal river. scattered clouds today. as we have had all week long. one or two sprinkles or isolated showers moving across the state from east to west. i think with enough sunshine we are back up to 87 degrees. laura, walter. >> thank you dave. this morning we are learning more about a tragic crash in polk county. >> five-year-old boy hit by a
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down the street from where he lived. and we have the latest. >> reporter: well, i can not begin to understand what this family must be feeling. parents, and an eight-year-old little girl that lost her little brother. right now this is video. captured here off saddlewood boulevard in north lakeland. around 5:00 thursday evening. according to the polk county sheriff's office pickup truck struck austin crawford as he of the neighbor's home. he turned, traveled into the road. passing driver struck him. we learned neighbors and family tried to save austin by performing cpr. medics transported him to the hospital where he ultimately died from injuries. the driver involved is cooperating with deputies. and at last check that driver had not been charged with any crime. it is unclear if speed played a factor in this case.
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investigating. we hope to learn more information as it is released in coming hours. reporting in north lakeland. shayla reaves fox 13. >> it is 6:zero five. insurance go at tip led to an arrest in a deadly hit-and-run. troopers say nicholas constantino ran over ashley perdom month, she died at the scene. and later he tried to file a insurance crime in his car. arrested after troopers got a tip them off. constandno would not be at fault had he stayed at the scene and tried to help. >> anchor: after driving more than 800 miles to memphis, tennessee. west wild hogs return to polk county head in handcuffs. accused of kidnapping four-year-old rebecca louis a week ago. hogs will make first appearance later today. investigators have not said if they know why he kidnapped her.
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she was reunited with family tuesday. >> lake of land set to reopen after a bomb threat evacuation. threat reported before noon yesterday. gets were safely evacuated in less than an hour. officers searched the park and hotel and found no explosives. park giving guests new tickets or refunds and we have more on that on our website >> politics. 6:06. less than a week away from and both nominees have to face allegations of sexual assault. >> donald trump is facing charges of groping women and women from bill clinton's past step into the spotlight. >> begin with trump forced to defend himself days after a video surfaced in which he was bragging about kissing and groping women without their permission. >> these vicious claims about me, of inappropriate conduct
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absolutely false. they are pure fiction and they are out right lies. >> multiple reports of sexual assault surfaceed this week. new york times, palm beach post and "people" magazine. trump and campaign denied the claims. never met most of those women. and in new hampshire michelle obama could not hold back calling comments about women from trump anything but politics as usual. >> this was not banter. this was a powerful individual, speaking freely and openly about sexually predator behavior. and bragging. >> as first lady made an impassion plea for supporters to vote for hillary clinton. we sit down with two supporters on news and slam media for not reporting the stories of sexual assault as a crime.
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is calling bill clinton crimes infidelity. rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment are not infidelity. they are crimes, and they are misdemeanors. and his wife is covering for him. and no champion of women attacks the victim of sexual assault and rape. >> this is not first time the women have broken silence about the clintons. they plan to join trump on >> anchor: flood of clinton e-mails flowing from wikileaks. >> latest batch is more evidence the clinton camp tried to rig the primary process against bernie sanders. 2014 e-mail from clinton future campaign manager mook, said officials should use connections in the president's home state to push back 14th primary. mook said sweeten it by giving more delegates in exchange for
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and in the end illinois primary stayed in march and clinton won carrying the state by 25,000 votes. >> anchor: and just 25 days until presidential election. clinton is up seven points nationally. now according to latest fox news poll she leads 45-38 percent. with johnson and stein trailing in single digits n head-to-head poll clinton had eight poll lead with margin of error. >> anchor: spos did not disappoint. >> did not start like we wanted it. to but it is not how you start but finish. it took awhile to get things going. down to red wings 2-0. and from the right cycle. top shelf. first bolt goal of the year this season. and red wings still up 2-1 at this point. and really strong third. boil, he had a great shot. and that tied it at three.
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took the lead w johnson redirect p stamer shot. so lightning were three of six on power play. and they take game 16-4 is your final. we still have 81 more to go. >> i know. but they did look sharp. >> they looked rusty early on. i think the reason for that, they have not played together. a lot of them have been out in the world. so think about when they are geling and playing i know. >> all good things. >> still ahead on good day. health officials discover a new zika zone in florida. >> what scientists are puzzled by. and a new trend women want to get pregnant. >> anchor: first look at the damage from mathew nothing compared to haiti. there are a couple of good reasons for that. we will explain. >> 6:11. 73 degrees at tampa international. lots of 70s. couple of 60s north. similar start to the day.
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temperature change it. really was minimal. notice how breeze back toward the coastline. 17 miles an hour winds over in st. petersburg. so northeast winds continue today. and as do low top showers coming across the state. one or two of those, other than that, partly cloudy and h ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. america runs on dunkin'. how tall are you? america runs on dunkin'. how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country
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>> i cannot believe it has been a week since mathew made landfall in south carolina and nortern neighbor still dealing with flood emergency. death toll in u.s. has risen to 38. more than half in north carolina. and evacuations are still continuing state. major rivers are not expected to crest until some time today. meantime, bermuda in clean up mode after hurricane nicole pummeled the state. >> thanks to last minute wobble storm did not make landfall. damage minor compared tow humanitarian disaster they have in haiti right now. >> reporter: pack in115 miles an hour winds. hurricane nicole blasting the island nation of bermuda
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27,000 people. category 3 storm when it hit. system ripping some roofs off homes and buildings and also damaged boats and snapped uprooted trees and caused flooding but overall bermuda known for string building clouds was prepared for storm. with clean up underway it is different than in haiti that is reeling from hurricane mathew at this point international relief effort advancing there. second military ship now on scene. and united nations convoy communities. >> we have loaded on to the helicopters everything from rice to dried peas to medical kits. >> reporter: some haitians say they have received no help yet. and thursday united nations officials called it outrageous and unacceptable international community failed to prevent hundreds of -- >> unacceptable we can have a
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haiti are watching on tv. even days before this storm hit. and that it was impossible to reach people with early warning. >> reporter: reuters estimates it has killed over 1000 in haiti and left tens of thousands homeless. that the point some 1.4 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in haiti. fox news. >> i think it is one another. >> anchor: seriously. >> and what is going on out there right now? i mean, how does it look is it. >> weather: you mean -- >> out in the tropics? more on the way? >> weather: technically you have until november 30. hurricane season does not end. i can tell you with cold gone and moving away from bermuda, we have, at least, a week of quiet. computer models are keeping it quiet next several days. that's good.
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are actually like within a degree of yesterday's temperatures. so no big changes there. we have 70 in palm harbor. westchase, new tampa. all the spots lower 70s. i have crystal river, and i love this. i love when you start to get into late october and you can almost sense it. right? you know the cooler stuff is coming. when you go up to citrus county every morning and it looks like this. 66 degrees in brooksville. lower 70s from southward through sarasota. venice. and inglewood. and 69 degrees along highway 17. down to desoto county. so decent start to the day. duties are nice as well. look at the difference. dewpoints yesterday were closer to 70 degrees. now mid 60s going on. i like that. even some lower 60s dewpoints up to citrus county. so no, we are not getting to the real, real dry stuff. even though it is sitting to the
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moderate humidity, today, straight through the weekend. we are also going to continue to bring across a occasional tiny light showers. now, we are not getting big heavy thunderstorms. because we have so much dryer air sitting on top of us. these clouds are only getting so high. so we are getting few isolated showers. a lot of them eat up crossing the florida turnpike moving west. few of sprinkles in hillsboro. do not be surprised to see that happen later today. and not only today. but for tomorrow. and going into sunday. watch future cast. by 6:00. four green dots. what that really means is a couple of isolated showers moving from east to west. same weather pattern tomorrow with high pressure in control. yields pretty much the same thing. few isolated showers moving east to west across the state.
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so overall, our wethpattern is not going to change much through the weekend. but it is nice weather pattern to have. 87 degrees for a high temperature for today. with scattered clouds. and warmth and tiny shower chance as well. and tonight overnight lows will be around 71 degrees. for saturday. clouds, sunshine. very isolated shower again with high of 87 degrees. boater still with that moderate chop today. seas running northeast wind 15 knots this afternoon. tide, low tide at 7:16. so less than an hour from. now high tide 1:34. and next seven days. not bad for late october. what do you think? mid 80s for high temperatures. really from sunday all the way through until next thursday. time to check the roadways, 6:19. vanessa? >> reporter: we are still seeing big delays at the downtown interchange. alcides segui reports some improvements as far as the clearing process.
6:20 am
blockage. westbound i-4 remains slammed at this point. and i will show you some of the speeds that we are seeing in the area. 2 miles an hour as you get toward the interchange where southbound lanes are still blocked. drivers are forced to take that detour northbound. selmon expressway westbound is clear. so that still will be best work and. kind of adding to the whole delay situation that we are seeing due to detours. we have a new crash report along, what would be, one of the work around routes if you police enforced detour. crash at mlk boulevard. blocking a right lane. use caution. and update out of polk county. possible fatal crash we reported on earlier. county line and gateway road shut down and now the lanes are clear. >> all right. vanessa thank you. news alert out of saint petersberg. man's body found in parking lot of the apartment complex there.
6:21 am
the man is in his 30s. not identified yet. detectives got the call after 4:00 a.m. at this point no suspects. alcides segui is on way to the scene and he will bring you updates when he gets there. >> time is 6:21. there are bags on planes for when you are sick. now some airlines are offering bags for when your cell phone explodes. >> at 6:30. how modern technology is causing a problem for usf student and dog going viral. documenting a journey from puppy
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it's time to see what's it's time to see what's >> 6:24. what is on the web. >> jen is here with a look at the hot clicks. >> reporter: happy friday. >> happy friday. >> reporter: so it is pretty much of a guarantee when i do hot clicks you will see a lot of dogs. this morning we have a celebrity pup. and it is not cody. harlo golden retriever.
6:25 am
tricks, as you will see right here. >> wow! >> reporter: so she can also put laundry away. she can close the dishwasher. and she can clean up after herself. look at this. she is a service dog to owner jackie blake. 20-year-old has a disorder that affects nervous disorder and nark leptick. so harlow has a important job. social media has fallen in love with this duo. harley has 78,000 likes on instagram in a short time. and not only florida. she is currently nen rolled at usf. yes i reached out to her, waiting for a responsibilities. hopefully she will come on you good day. >> cute dog. >> how about this cute dog. we have update on a hot click favorite. this is doug the pug. starred in a series of viral videos. recently visited london. as you probably guessed by. now as part of the book tour. yes, he has a book.
6:26 am
you can see him enjoying fish and chips. look at that. telephone box. checking out the double-decker bus. drinks up as part of the queen's guard and stopping by platform 9.34. as "harry potter." you can follow doug's adventures on instagram. okay. we can all relate to this. here is a problem we will never deal with. michigan mother wanted to teach kids a valuable lesson about conserving h money. so to emphasize gas is not free she posted a note on her thermostat. it said unless you answer yes to all the questions do not turn on the heat. i guess we cannot relate to it. are you wearing a hoody? pants? socks? is it november? do you pay the gas bill? more than 27,000 people have commented on the post with 80,000 likes. meantime we have our ac running. >> right.
6:27 am
and crank it down to 60 and next thing you know power bill $500. >> reporter: one viewer said she considered a lock box when she had a roommate. good idea. >> constant arm struggle of the thermostat. >> anchor: buck stops with the parents. thank you jen. >> reporter: who is paying the bills. >> anchor: that's right. >> still ahead. on "good day tampa bay." how an injured dog led deputies to a much more disturbing discovery at a house >> fight against zika.
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how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up.
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first there is shaving. blades. sharp and precise. then gillette shielding. comfy lubrication before and after. and also cooling. oooh. i got goosebumps. gillette proshield chill with lubrication before and after the blades. shields and cools while you shave. proshield chill from gillette. the best a man can get. thout chill. >> welcome back. bring you updates to 275 i-4 deadly motorcycle involved crash this continues to snarl traffic for
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westbound. we want to bring you updates. looks like we have a lane blockage. this is going to be westbound i-4 that is most affected. drivers will not able to head to southbound 275. they are forced to take a detour on to 275 northbound. so the delays at this point we are seeing back to 50th. so sooner you get over to selmon expressway, if you are i-4 driver, better for you. we have skyfox checking out the area. as i mentioned before. the main concern westbound i-4 drivers. it looks like you are traveling southbound on 275. coming from north of the interchange. you should able to continue south but check it out. we are looking at all of the back up on westbound i-4. those are drivers that are going to be forced to head north on 275. and we will keep you updated. but for now, the work around is the same. selmon expressway. and live look here from the ground.
6:32 am
overhead shot. crash to get to here. hillsboro at walton way. lane blockage reported there. plan few extra minutes. heads up for you folks in south tampa. northbound manhattan avenue closed for sewer repairs south of bay to bay boulevard and will be until monday. so avoid that area. dave? >> thank you. 6:32. 69 in brooksville. lower 70s, tampa. lakeland. frostproof. sea bring, similar to the way yesterday was set up as well. we are looking at clouds, sunshine and just the occasional pesky tiny shower we have seen really over the last few afternoons. see couple more today. no significant change in overall forecast. heading back up to 87 degrees. for a high temperature later today. walter? >> thank you. 6:32. go to that news alert out of st. petersburg that we are
6:33 am
there 5500 street north. man in his 30s. not identified. detectives got the call after 4:00 this morning. at this point no suspects. alcides segui is heading to the scene. we will check in with him as soon as we can. >> and a report of an injured dog led deputies to an apparent training facility for dog fighting. and deputies found a badly injured puppy in a cage under a house in lennard street there. it is. no food or water. used as bait during dog fights. and when deputies search the home next door they found the real horror. they found 22 adult pitbulls and six puppies, facilities to breed and train fighting dogs. and they arrested 61-year-old james harris and 53-year-old darrell smith. they are both charged with animal cruelty. >> anchor: wow! we are expecting update on red tide later today. toxic algae responsible for massive fish kills along the
6:34 am
collier. tests found highest concentrations near manatee and sarasota counties. bring you results from latest red tide report once it is in. >> anchor: first responders are getting a special thank you for evacuating a hospital during hurricane here main. on august 31 lightning strike sparked a electrical fire at the medical center. 40 agencies helped to evacuate 225 patients. and later this morning the hospital will present pasco county fire check for their training center. >> 6:34. time health officials are have announced zika zone in miami. >> setback comes less than a month after declaring another neighborhood virus free. five people were infected with zika in one square mile area north of little haiti. the third miami neighborhood identified where mosquito transmitted the virus to people of the doctors traced more than 100 cases of local transmission back to these three areas.
6:35 am
of winwood where they confirm first cases of locally transmitted zika in the united states. and that area declared free of disaster after 45 days without any new infections. and miami beach is a zika hot spot. this week governor scott directed another $7 million in state funding for mosquito control efforts in miami-dade. >> developing this morning. iran has deployed war ships at the coast of yemen. escalating tensions after u.s. destroying three radar sites controlled by rebels in yemen. iranian government said ships are protecting trade vessels from piracy. they have linked iran to fund i can the rebels. >> anchor: a week after winning nobel peace prize president santos has a cease fire with rebels. bid to give more time to efforts to save a peace deal rejected by voters. cease fire until two months.
6:36 am
in 1964. >> anchor: mourning the death of their king. world longest reigning monarch. his brother was murdered in 1946. and he took the throne at just 18 years old. and day seen as unifying figure there. he passed away at the age of 88. >> and more women in u.s. are planning to have kids than a decade ago. centers for disease control and prevention surveyed 6000 women and researchers found half between the ages of 15 expected to have children. up from 46 percent in 2002. and most women that want kids only want two. down slightly from last time they were surveyed. results could indicate higher birth rate at some point in the future. >> medicare open enrollment begins tomorrow through december sevenment during that time there are a lot of things to consider when choosing or changing a plan. officials at aarp said look at each option to save the most on
6:37 am
>> prescription drug costs are a serious concern and they really drive home the importance of evaluating plan options every year. there is a lot of variations in terms of how prescription drugs are covered and how much they will cost when you pay for them. and you really want to make sure that the plan you are using is the one that has the lowest cost for prescription drugs you need and you want to make sure the prescription drugs are covered in a way that makes sense to you. >> there is a lot of information available for medicare beneficiaries. one option is calling 1-800-medicare where you can actually speak to a person directly. you can find a great deal of information on or aarp's website. final health care sign up of president obama tenure starts next month. obama administration sending 10 million mailings to woo uninsured. the white house is launching adds on social media platforms like facebook and instagram. enrollment period is november 1 to january 31.
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currently get coverage through and state run markets. >> stay with us. dave will be here with a look at the weekend forecast. and best time to attend some fall festivals. >> keep your seat backs and tray tables in upright locked positions and do not forget your fireproof phone bag. new addition to the inflight ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99.
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>> skytower radar forecast. with meteorologist dave osterberg. >> weather: 6:41. loving the temperatures. watch this. ocala at 61 degrees and orlando at 72. so you do have some cooler dryer air that is trying to spread south. but it really did not make it much further. all parts of citrus county maybe lower 60s. so decent nice start to the day there. and tampa at 73. and st. petersburg 75. north to northeast winds, again today. six to 17 miles an hour. yes breezy right along the
6:42 am
morning. overnight, at least when i came in, we had a couple of tiny little sprinkles working the way across the state. i mean, this is one of those deals where you may put the wiper on two seconds and it is done. that kind of thing. see that this afternoon as we have seen over the last previous 3 or 4 afternoons. dewpoints upper 60s. puts us in moderate humidity category. unless you are north. dryer north. ocala back to tallahassee. where dewpoints are in 50s. like air. well, you have a front up here. and that's where the real cool dryer air s we sit here with that moisture driving in and across the atlantic. so around the cape, south. melburn, they have showers this morning. few of those will make the way past the turnpike. they will try to hold together. and we get a few sprinkles or light showers similar to what we have had the last several days, here is island of bermuda.
6:43 am
falling apart. this is nicole. boy, western edge of the eyewall did touch the island yesterday. of course a lost damage expected when you deal with a major hurricane. quickly, though, moving off to the north and east. rift of the tropics, at least next several days, are going to be quiet. obviously,, as we get into late october and. no you do not get as many storms of the bus never write off the hurricane season at all. we do not close t november 30. we will watch it. scattered clouds. warm today. high of 87. sun up 7:30. mild tonight with a low of 71 degrees. and variable clouds, maybe, tiny shower tomorrow. and high of 87. i say that because rain chances are not great. and moderate chop if you are boating today. tomorrow, and sunday. northeast winds at 15 knots.
6:44 am
rain chances which really does not amount to much. decent next seven days with highs running 85 to 87. low 69 to 71. and vanessa? >> all right. dave, of course, we want to go back to 475. big traffic concern. of the morning. and right now we have skyfox checking out lane blockage. which is still the same. from our last report. so once again, this is mainly a concern, really only a concern for i-4 westbound drivers, 275. and deadly motorcycle involved crash shut down southbound lanes there. i-4 westbound, you can see forcing folks to take 275 northbound. we are seeing with skyfox shot. that if you are coming south on 275. coming from north of the interchange. you are able to head south. able to continue south. so really a concern. but it is a big one for westbound i-4 drivers. look at the backup.
6:45 am
it is crawling probably miles an hour, seeing in the area about . live look on the ground. f-dot cameras near 50th. delays past 50th at this point. selmon expressway is clear. green road sensors. so good work around for you. westbound i-4 travel times. 43 minutes. usually nine. as i mentioned before. 75 heading to 275. pretty clear. southbound 275 heading to interchange. i-4 15 minutes. clear southbound 75, nine from fowler to selmon. >> thank you. 6:45. working to get more information on a developing story in st. petersburg. police say a man shot and body left in a parking lot of the dis dantplace apartments. 55th street north. victim is not identified. detectives are only saying he is in his 30s. at this point officers have not said whether they have any
6:46 am
the scene. and we will check in with him for an update in a bit. and irs filed a $191,000 tax lean against brandt grimes and his wife. owing money for 2014. he played for dolphins at the& time before signing 13 and a half million dollars two years deal with buccaneer. agent has not commented on tax lien. grimes has started all five games this year. for the buccaneer weekend in st. petersburg. it left marine art center in july. needed more space and new location is across the street on central avenue. taken months to generally unpack the glass sculptures. private ceremony tonight and grand opening tomorrow. admission starts at $15. laura? >> thank you walter. we will soon notice new bags on some of your flights.
6:47 am
careful cleaning out your pockets. all of that loose chain adds up s and americans are throwing
6:50 am
>> welcome back. 6:49. there has been a spike in leasing cars lately but is it the best move for you? or is buying better? consumer reporter looks at the pros and cons and cost. >> reporter: to lease or buy? deciding on a car can be an overwhelming process. it can be confusing. >> reporter: meet the car hagler, up for hire to negotiate for you. >> there has been some incredible lease prices. >> ride we get his take on which is the best move. >> people asking me i am not sure if i want to lease or buy. you have to go through the questions. >> reporter: things to ask yourself. >> how many miles do you drive. >> how long will i be in this car. >> reporter: the car experts at crunched numbers for mid size family sedan. that sells for an average of $25,000. >> depending upon the way that you are looking at. >> reporter: they found month
6:51 am
as cheapest option. $294. and buying useed is right behind at 300 a month and 400 to buy new. but when they added up costs for average time someone keeps a car. six years. buying used wins. saving you more than $3000 over losing. and whooping 7700 compared to new. but dealers telling us if you are not in a new car long enough you will not see the pay off. >> if you keep buying the car yo vehicle. pay full tax on the vehicle and then you are trading out of it early. you do not get into a position of positive equity until you are well past four or five years into that car. >> reporter: remember whether you lease or buy negotiate. >> a lot of people say go at the end of the month. maybe the dealership has not hit a quota. they need the car. that could be true. >> reporter: deals do not always last. >> maybe a certain car this
6:52 am
but following month manufacturer takes the lease cash away or bonus money away. >> reporter: but it is not always a dollar figure that drives this decision. you also need to ask yourself about yourself. edmunds experts say if you are the type that want the most bang for your buck buying is the way to go. .>> sorebanne said credit. if you have poor credit it is than to lease. so consider that. >> all right. stick with consumer headlines. samsung dominated headlines this week from company ending production of note 7 smart phone to sending customers fireproof boxes to send them back. >> now, we are learning the price tag on this entire debacle. from business network studios. talk about it. it is a number we were waiting
6:53 am
$5.3 billion and going up. you have to factor in loss of the company's reputation. any impact on other samsung devices because of this. so 5.3 billion and then some. the airlines are so worried about the lithium icon boot trees that could catch fire on airline. three carriers, delta one of them. installing fireproof bags on flights for a device with a lithium battery. it is serious. and when you empty out your you may throw away change. might be no big to you. guess how much it adds up to? $62 million. >> people throw away change? throw it away. >> reporter: sometimess in the a tissue. or if you are not paying attention. or between the sofar, on the couch and car. i find change everywhere. you ignore it. >> true. now that i think about it, random stacks of coins.
6:54 am
two. >> do you get it or leave it? >> leave it. not anymore thanks to you. >> reporter: you will be saving for a long time. $62 million. >> anchor: that's true. all right, thank you. good to see you. have a good weekend. >> reporter: you too. >> all right. 6:54. a real big wipe over and there is charley belcher. hi charley. >> reporter: good day walter and laura. how are you doing? >> fine, thank you. >> anchor: fantastic. it is friday. >> reporter: bts night. are you kidding me? if that's a premonition of the season i don't know if my heart can take it. great game. i am back with my friends from "hot 100" 15. djegan and miss jones. and we have a pep rally beneath us. time for voting for next week. and get ready for the road trip. here are the schools voting. bartow high school. versus fort meade senior high
6:55 am
evening. and next wednesday the winner will be announced. and next friday, alcides segui will be getting in the car and taking a bit of a road trip. i will be on vacation next week. sorry fort meade and bartow. it just worked out like that. i will notk here. but able hands of alcides segui will be rallying the pep next friday at the bartow or fort meade. so get to voting. and have a good week voting. this morning, however, we are swimming with the look at that. we are at an clote high school in holiday. they are grateful they are not holiday high school. they like the fact that they are anne clote high school. home of the sharks. >> i am pumped already. school does not start here for another 35 or 40 minutes and
6:56 am
pep going early. i like that. thank you very much. i will tell you a fun part of this school, walter, laura. most kickers on football teams they do not want associated with a miss. you do not want to miss if you are a kicker. but this kicker happens to be a miss. yeah, it is a female kicker on varsity football team for your anne clote sharks. meet indiana jones music. kick it up. there we go. it is friday. are you dancing on the desk? are you dancing at all. >> state of indiana jones. >> reporter: you have to love it. stick around. it is a pep rally friday and "good day tampa bay". >> anchor: thank you charley. >> anchor: you probably know. this how challenging it is to get high schoolers up and at it in the morning. that's charley affect. he does that best. >> anchor: motivation.
6:57 am
still ahead 7:00 hour of good day. food, wine, fun. cooking up a taste disney world's most delicious festival. >> talk about a saving grace. a little girl making a big difference for florida foster care program. we will meet her in this week's hometown hero. >> anchor: 7:30. our sun rise this morning. getting a glimpse of what it is like. another pretty start to the day. glad we had a couple of sprinkles in polk county. no big deal. kids head off to the bus stop. temperatures 60s to the north. mid 70s back toward the coastline. mild again. it will turn to another warm afternoon. with highs back to the upper 80s. we believe in families. in knowing your neighbors. in passing down traditions through generations. in lakewood ranch we believe in a community
6:58 am
town. this is our common ground. experience it yourself during the tour of homes. our annual model home spectacular beginning october 21st, featuring more than 50 stunning model homes to explore throughout our award winning community. come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes
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new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 meals for under four dollars. new at steak 'n shake! as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime its domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
7:00 am
if. >> from tampa bay's number one news station. this is "good day tampa bay." >> straight ahead 7:00 hour of good day. big delays for morning drive. crash that shut down the interstate has for hours. >> because this was not just a lewd conversation. this was not just locker room banter. this was a powerful individual. >> first lady fired her emotional plea after hearing about his latest allegations. >> and big win for lightning last night and big moment for one little boy. how he got the fist bump with the bolts. i love that. good morning. welcome to "good day tampa bay." 7:00. i am walter allen in for russell. >> i am laura moody. friday october 14. start with vanessa. traffic back up to talk about.


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