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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  October 14, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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and: are millennials milking it? why so many are choosing parental handouts over financial are million len will milking it with eye so many around choosing parental handouts over financial independence. good morning we thank you for starting i don't day with good day tampa bay. i'm laura moody a heck of a way to you like that? good morning everybody. walter allen outside with dave osterberg. absolutely lovely friday morning. what is that sniks, 78? >> 76. probably 76. you know it's lovely. it's clear. where wee standing its clear. and a little bit of a nice northeast breeze. i mean you can't complain about that. 76 degrees. northeast winds at about nine miles per hour. ever once in at that while higher gust there tampa net cam looks beautiful. now for today, when you get back
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one or two very isolated showers moving across the state. nothing worse than what we've dealing with over the past several days or so. i think the rest of the weekend is going to follow suit as well. we'll talk about that in 7 day in just a little bit. all right. dave, thank you. >> and just to recap, what a busy morning it has been earlier footage from i-4 westbound at 275. where we actually had all of those lanes closed heading on to 275 south for a few hours crash. this motorcyclist apparently hit a guardrail and was ejected. you could see the back up that is ensued afterwards. the good news is we're completely normal at this point as far as the traffic and congestion that we're seeing. we have a live look for you here westbound i-4 in area of nebraska heading all into lanes of 275 where everything seems to be trucking along quite smoothly. and our travel times look quite nice. ideal really.
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275. >> all right. vanessa, thank you. a horrifying discovery early this morning at an apartment complex in st. petersburg. a man is found shot to death inside his car. and fox 13's alcides segui is at the apartments this morning to talk about what happened. and the investigation surrounding all of this good morning, alcides. >> good morning to you, laura. not lot of information to be quite honest with you at this point all we know is 36-year-old man was shot and killed inside his car. as you mention it had happened right apartments. and you can see jim the assistant chief, st. pete police department is here as well. top brass here trying to piece together what happened out here very early this morning the call came in at about 4:00 a.m. and i got to tell you, when we first arrived it was tense moments. a lot of family and friends out here very emotional. obviously for them because
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killed. and you did to be honest with you there's not a lot of information on this. all we know again is that he's 36 years old. they go not believe they do not believe this was random act. but at this point there is no suspect and no suspect description. so again, speaking with the public information officer earlier this morning with st. pete police he tells me this is actually a really quiet neighborhood. and that this apartment complex for the most part he knows never had any issues with destin place apartments. this comes a quite shock to them and quite a shock to everyone who was out here right now. even still, they've out here since 4 o'clock this morning still a group of folks out here, out of respect to them, their family and friends we're deciding not to show them. of course, st. pete police asking if you have any information at all about this
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place paments give them call you saw anything fishes please help them out as of right now not lot of information alcides segui live for news st. petersburg this morning. it is 9:03. also in news this morning nicklaus has bonded out of jail he was arrested for striking and killing 17-year-old ashley as she tried to cross hillsborough avenue wednesday night. >> he didn't stop. what he did do was try to file an insurance claim for his car. the agent called police. >> he is set to go before a judge at later date. the other big update from yesterday this horrible story of a car crashing into a home in quiet lakeland neighborhood. a woman jan folds was in the guest be best room when she was hit and killed 24-year-old ryan talent was behind wheel at the time. he was going so fast he went through three bedrooms in home before killing folds. now he faces a judge today in charge of. dui manslaughter among others.
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no funeral arrangements have been set yet. >> 9:04 time we will keep it in polk county kids doing what kids do. a 5-year-old was hit and killed while riding his bike with a sister by a pick up truck. let's get out to shayla reeves live polk county sheriff's office have they give an indication do they believe this was an accident or charges coming down the pike here? >> yeah, good mrning to you. i had a chance to check in with a spokesperson for the polk county sheriff's office. she tells are no additional developments in this case. at last check deputies were saying this appeared to be a tagic accident. so at this point, no information on any possible charges in connection with at case. but certainly, a situation that's difficult to understand likely for the family of 5-year-old austin crawford. you're seeing some video from the scene unfolding there at saddle wood boulevard. around 5 o'clock thursday evening, the polk county
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up truck struck the 5-year-old boy as he and his sister rode bikes in front of their next door neighbor's home. this happene in north lakeland. deputies say boy turned and traveled into the roadway the passing driver hit him neighbors and family tried to save him by performing cpr medic transported austin crawford where he ultimately he died from injuries. the driver involved in this accident is cooperating with investigators. there are still some questions though unclear and speed factored into this crash. again still unknown if any charges will come down the line. so at this point we're going to continue to follow the story and keep you posted as any new information becomes available. reporting here at the polk county sheriff's office, shayla reeves, fox 13 news. >> we'll look for updates, thank you. a crackdown on service and support animals on planes will not happen. at least for now anyway. airlines and advocates for
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about the proposed rules this week. they could have made it harder for people to get documentation for service or support pet to fly for free. but the two sides could not come up with an agreement. so they have decided to hold off on making any new rules. later today, we're expecting n an update oh red tide toxics algae is responsible for a massive fish kills along gulf coast from pinellas down to collier county. the most recent tests found highest concentrations near manatee and sarasota we'll have the results from the latest report once it comes in. another neighborhood in miami is now in the center of the fight against zika. 5 people have been infected in square mile area just north of little haiti. this is the third miami neighborhood identified where mosquitos have transmitted the virus to people. the new zika zone is three miles north of wynwood where health officials confirmed first cases of locally transmitted virus in
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personal thank you to first responder who helped evacuate an entire hospital. do you remember this story? regional medical center bayonet point in hudson had an electrical fire back on august 31st. they had to rush more than 200 patients to other facilities. more than 40 local agencies rushed to help with the relocation process. including pasco county fire rescue. later this morning hospital will present the fire department with a $50,000 check for the training center. >> als racing to a finish line. macdill air force base firefighter challenge and probably look a little bit like this footage from last year combat challenge in alabama today firefighters will have similar challenge includes hose pull and victim carry. all starts on base of 11 o'clock this morning as part the national fire prevention week. >> all right. the 20 somethings. millenials we talk about them all the time, don't we?
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over last few years they are lazy they are entitled live at home with mom and dad. not only sleeping under mom and dad's roof almost half say their parents still help them financially. they say things like cell phone bills or electric bill grocery all paid for by mom and dad. and it's on a regular basis too. even though they the millenials have full time jobs. according to fidelity investments the reason the young adults are saving their own money. in fact 60 percent say they have close to $10,000 cash set aside for an emergency fund. >> so why don't they move out become totally independent? because according to u.s. news and world report, their version of american dream is not what most gen xers think is the american dream. conventional think thing american dream a steady joe job and two and a half kids. >> now millenials say the american dream is someone who overcomes great obstacles. and most millenials don't have to do that.
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white pickett fence they don't want to right away they will wait a while after college they want a stable job it's got to be fulfilling and on their own terms. most millennial magazine spoke with said they want to use their degree because it cost a lot to get emotionally, physically, and financially. we both made exact same gesture. right now. all right. 9:10 the time. teams are set the world series, it's been a while since we've seen four teams this far in play-offs yes it has and meet amazing grace. jen epstein introduces us us to this little girl that very special kids have comfy pajamas. >> and charley belcher is getting all revved up for friday night lights. the fox pep rally. good morning charley. oh my goodness. we've had a ball here at anclote high school this morning these
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good luck teachers. we want to say thank you as always to hot 101.5 for providing the sound track this morning. they may be small but they are big in sound. lucas fire up that marching band one more time. stick around everybody.
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you're watching good day tampa bay. los angeles dodgers are headed to chicago. >> wow. that was a filthy curve ball from clayton. first career save by the way. first career save. with that strike out dodgers are in the national league championship series taking on chicago cubs first game is tomorrow, satda let's take look at both championship series, alcohol we last four remain national dodger taking on heavily favored chicago cubs in that series. and in american league the toronto blue jays taking oh cleveland indians. this is refreshing four teams we typically don't talk about this late into post season. so it's been a while. blue jays, they are the most recent. they got there this far last year lost to kansas at the who
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1993. they won it that year after winning the year before as well. >> the other american league cleveland indians it's nearly 20 years since they've made it to the world series. that year, 1997. but you have to go back to 1948 since they won the world series. >> then of course there's the dodgers you just saw last time they made it world series, 1988. in which they won it. now longest streak franchise has had without inwinning national league pe about the cubs. they haven't won the world series in 108 years. they haven't won pennant and made it to world series since 1945. so i think pretty easy who a lot of people, if you don't have a horse in the race, i think it's pretty easy who you're going tore chicago cubs >> absolutely. but for us here that horse in the race is and ben zobrist as
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but let me tell something if he wins with the cubs everybody going to be want to get him on the team. >> that already happened i think too. he got some good paycheck. i will say i wouldn't mind if cleveland indians would win it too even though they just cavalier win nba championship they've had terrible sports in that city for long time they can they can par lay that into browns winning super bowl >> ten years from now. >> i'm i'm sorry. >> okay you cleveland fans you will first to say it's not new news what we're saying here. no i know. they will get it back on track i'm sure one day. 76 degrees. you know our current temperature outside. it's nice. ooern when i'm getting out sunshine here obviously a little bit warmer. and get that little northeast breeze. which kind settles in as well brandon up to 77 degrees. westchase, new tampa. wesley chapel dade city all at
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brooksville at 72. we've got temperatures running mid to upper 70s bradenton sarasota, venice. so again, i mean just a real nice start to the day. and 72 to 74 degrees for our inland counties. dew points again we call it the moderate. it's just to the north. you get up around i-10. dry, gorgeous you go further south into south florida and oh privy is and muggy. we're just kind of sitting in middle right now with forecast wi few days i don't see that changing. so it's like you step outside this afternoon. that's what woour going going to experience tomorrow and on sunday and so on and so forth. overall you get that moisture even though we have a lot of what we call drier air aloft still hanging around. still enough oomph to get these low topped tiny showers that will move across state really from east to west we will get one or two of those to move across state today. before that happens, i think for
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upper 80s for high temperatures. so scattered clouds warm 87 degrees today. tonight, upper 60s inland and north. maybe even the mid 60s to the north. low to mid 70s back along coastline. really all over again. back up to 87 degrees. variable clouds. very isolated shower. not out of the question as well. rain chances running 20 to 30 percent. which means the sunshine, clouds, a little north east breezes and look at those high temperatures you really just can't complain about 87. low temperatures running 69 to 71. right through next thursday. >> definitely looks pretty fantastic. all right thanks, dave. 9:18. no big complaints on roadway updates on road projects. so for drivers heading out of the door in south tampa area. looks like sewer repair that is started yesterday still closing northbound manhattan, south to bay to bay boulevard expected to reopen monday close of business speaking of close of business
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have those sewer work repair that is are under way here, expected to wrap sligh avenue has been closed for couple days now between 22nd and 30th. look for that that to clear maybe around 5 o'clock this afternoon. 2900 how many children in fos system in pinellas and pasco county right now. but all it takes is one person to make difference. this week's home town hero shows us you don't have to be a grown up to help a kid in need. >> loves to help others. and she's got the badges to prove it. >> but she doesn't do it for another wards. grace just loves to make people happy. i like to help my friends at school when they are having like a hard time. and i like to help the people around my community. her latest project helping foster kids in pinellas county. grace learned about a special place called eckerd raising hope children in foster system can go
9:20 am
so she thought pajamas would be perfect gift. it makes me feel very happy and i feel like i'm helping people. grace sold some of her own books and toys online. she even cleaned her brother's bedroom to make a few extra bucks. >> do you ever help him clean his room? >> no. so that was a big deal, right? you must have really, really wanted to raise that money. >> grace made $150 in all. used every last penny to buy 18 pairs of pj there. she donated some of her own stuff too including one of her favorite dolls. >> my aunt made it for me. and this other kid with love to play with it. maybe braid their hair kelly was there when grace dropped off the gifts and says grace's kindness is proof that even if you can't foster or adopted a child there's something they can we
9:21 am
thought enough of another child to do that. it's just one of the many things that makes little grace so amazing. i'm sure you already guessed her nickname is amazing grace and that's what her family calls her nine-year-old grace says she plans on volunteering for eckerd kids as soon as she's old enough. coming up a little later a celebration of nine decades. it's the her birthday tomorrow. there's big birthday bash with a secutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
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good day tampa bay. we've been having a good day anclote high school in holiday for our good day pep rally. kids are back in class but not avid students because we're
9:24 am
to show off this, i. i have one question for you why so serious? >> thank you very much. that's a great shark face you got there. theresa avid teacher what is avid? >> so avid is college readiness program. it means that advancement via individual determination. so these are kids that have decided for themselves they are willing to put work in to do what it takes to get to college. and to be successful not only here in rigorous courses in high school, but in colge better life for themselves. that's xiethly. exciting that you guys are doing what you need to do. give yourselves a round of applause. i like that idea. tell me why you like it what you're getting out avid program. i'm getting out organization better grades, better overall test scores and really helping me on my testing and act telling my sophomore in high school daughter if you can be organize you got to get study habits down
9:25 am
what are you ageting out of avid program? really taught me how to be more organized and how to keep all of my stuff in one area. taught me correct way to take notes away just a lot easier and keeps everything together so i can go back and review it. isn't that interesting. you know exactly because you're teaching this note taking organization, study skills, learning how to budget your time. these are all skills that sometimes we trac for granted at least high school students we throw them off in college they are lost. absolutely. absolutely. it's more than that. it's about going back you can really own it and pull it out when you need it. when you're sitting for standardized testing not something you cram for or get ready for overnight something you have to prepare for over years. sdme put that work in every day. to make that happen you guys wearing jersey we're always rooting for you now i'm rooting for all of you guys in life and college. good for you keep it up. stay original niedz. stay out of the shallow end. all right. this band is they may be small
9:26 am
them one more chance to play. so enjoy i'm on vacation next week. taking a little fall vacation see some fall colors. so i'll miss you all next week. but i'll back in eventually. don't worry. i haven't be fired, i don't think. any wra. enjoy lucas and the anclote high
9:27 am
see now that's a vacation send off. coming up 9:30 more on that bomb threat that closed legoland for this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up
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thirty... the push for independent voters..((walter)) hillary clinton and donald trump know they are key to a win.. new a 9:30 push of for independent voters a hillary clinton and donald trump know they are key in they want to win
9:30 am
from washington. doug, good morning. >> good morning. and when we look at this most recent poll that came out, from fox news it shows that hillary clinton has built a pretty sizable lead over past few days about a week ago we were talk about this two point race now opened up now for to 7 point lead for hillary clinton. that is well beyond the margin of error. these claims are all fabricated. they are right lies. a push back from a donald trump calling stories of him forcing himself on women untrue. >> despite a number of allegations from women including a people magazine reporter. a woman who says she sat next to him on a flight more than 30 years ago. many of his supporters are unswayed. >> we don't believe any of it. it's unimportant anyway trump bigger concern independent voters. he and clinton or tied among that group that's not good enough for trump.
9:31 am
candidate to lead by a sizable margin among independents there are simply more democrats than republicans in country. you have to win your own party plus win a little bit in the middle in order to take over. and the disturbing stories just keep coming. clinton trying to capitalize on's trouble poll also shows her familiar challenges. her penchant foresee crest led to more than 60 percent of likely voters saying they don't trust her. and new hacked email disclosure her campaign won't help either. >> clinton aid bgs self righteous whiners. hispanic democratic leaders like former new mexico governor bill richard needy latino likely voters don't seem to be impressed by either clinton or trump. more than 60 percent of them say serious scandal is either somewhat or very likely in either a trump or clinton administration. and when you break this down issue by issue, among likely voters from foreign policy health carry terrorism you name
9:32 am
every one of those topics right now. interesting to note when it xs to economy for instance, trump used to have a pretty big advantage there. now that has more or lessee vab error there.within margin of - back to you guys. definitely something to think about appreciate it. all right. legoland will reopen this morning following a bomb threat and an evacuation. that threat was reported just before noon yesterday. all guests were safely evacuated in less than officers searched park and resort hotel. in end they found no evidence of explosives. the park is offering guests new tickets or refunds we've got that information on our website at this weekend a chihuly collection is set to rehope. the ?collection lef arts is thee florida back in july. it needed more space. new location is near the old location. it's on central avenue. it's taken months top generally
9:33 am
public grand opening tomorrow. admission is $15. >> how jealous were you you were not outside? so gorgeous outside. so nice. you know, what and especially when you get a little breeze. a little northeast breeze. it looks nice, sparkling. it is, no, no it's not the driest atmosphere. we still have that moderate humidity. but you know compared to a couple of weeks ago, when it was just oppressive outside. all you want to do do hibernate this is lot nicer. 76 degrees current temperature outside. actually a couple of degrees, well now we're pretty close to where we were yesterday. maybe a couple degrees warmer. brandon at 77. i got mid 70s at winter haven frostproof. arcadia venice already at 77 degrees. now notice the difference state wide. miami it's just a steamy morning down there. they are sitting at 83 degrees. and mid 60s across i 10. so quite a difference around the
9:34 am
start to bring in some of that dryer air, and while it's lovely in gainesville right now look how muggy it is in miami. i know a big difference between those two. distance wise you see how dryer air is trying, trying, trying it's going hold back. at least for the next several days. i'm looking a extended forecast. still looks like with this northeasterly wind by way at times gets about 17, 18 miles per hour. we're going to have at humidity. we will have temperatures warm to above normal levels. normal high is around 85 degrees. i think we get up to about 87. with that extra moisture, at least at the surface you get a couple little tiny isolated showers moving across the state from east to west. the thing is that we still have lot of dryer air aloft. so that holds back the rain chances a bit. but we get this little low top showers come streaming across the state every afternoon. we're going to have them all weekend as well.
9:35 am
you may run into one or two of those. but in general not going to be big deal. they are cleaning up in bermuda as nicole is long gong that came racing through i atlanta nation yesterday of course with major hurricane force winds. 115, 120 miles per hour now moving up towards north and east. that's out of here. next several days counting our days down to noeft 30 and end hurricane season. scattered clouds. high 87 degrees tonight. mild again. now 60s inland in north. low to mid 70s along the immediate coastline. then for your saturday, visual clouds, quick low shower. 87 degrees for high temperature. running around 20 percent for rain chance in general.
9:36 am
if you're going to be back out there boating seas run two to three moderate chop north northeast wind around 15 knots. just to be on safe side make sure seas don't go any higher. 30 percent rain chance on sunday goes back to 20 percent on monday. then it looks like high temperatures return to normal 85, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> let's look a few few birthdays today. we will start with lillian. lillian grace, tlovs run loves to play peek a boo and read books. smiling jasper turning one as well. he loves to go swimming and making people with his agreed grandma and grand daddy. by the way. by the way we're told his air is all wild like that because he just woke up from a nap. do me a favor jasper, take a nap for me i'm not going to get one. look at adorableness. finley turning one today. look at beautiful blue eyes. i she turned one yesterday. bath time swinging in park and playing with her big brother. we we hope you had a fantastic
9:37 am
gorgeous kids. happy birthday to everybody. and hits keep coming for samsung they brace for even more bad news lauren simonetti has more on this. but first a celebration of long life. the tampa theater is turning 90 years old tomorrow we're talking about their long and storied history and special guest they brought in. especially for this bash. and taking a live look at the big board on wall street yesterday about this time we 143. we'll take it.
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? you and me. ? ? hey guys, i'm going to tell you what it's like to be a fireman. ? helping you connect to what matters most.
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((laura/wipe cg3)) this is the famous tampa theatre organ. its prized possession. and full of a rich history. >> this is fame out tampa theater organ. a prize possession full of rich history stories that could tell just like rest of theater a long ask storied history they are celebrating 90 years. and official birthday is tomorrow. there's big celebration for that. so today we've got joe with tampa theater here.
9:41 am
here with us. good morning to you steven. thanks for being here with us happy to be here. big deal to have you here. you came all way from atlantic city. that's right i play world largest pipe organ there. >> and you've heard of wur literatureser here. >> world famous one of those beautiful theater here at the tampa theater. it's so true. i was just talking with you jill why he came all way he very humbly played it down you say >> a lot of old films showing tomorrow tomorrow less buster keaton camera man from 1928 the film still exists but scores have been long lost. there's only one person in country who can write a score to some of these old movies and come play it. he's right here. you've doing these throw back, this is plan to do throw back movies to put these on. and to show them and so you've written scores? >> oh yeah they are assembled way they would have been in 20s what makes unique situation over
9:42 am
now very few theater have organ only about 40 in original home. you can sort of think like surround system for day. with what we're doing sebl is running original surround sound equipment and original motion picture thee they are. you have an authentic experience you can't have anywhere else. really cool you walk into tampa theater and you feel like you're walking back in time. that i was just talking to our producer anne marie you felt like i was meant to be born in this age i feel like big victorian gown. and it does take you back. well so much of what still in tampa theater is original. and you can see some of historic pictures that are running on screen right now. the building still looks exactly like it did in 1926 when we opened. and again, in 1926 it was silent movie. so away opened a silent movie house. look at that. yeah. that's a picture from 1926. and it's still looks exactly the same today. that's the original organ. that's original one back in
9:43 am
movies tomorrow. one of them silent one steven is playing at 7:00. but all of the movies tomorrow are movies that celebrate movies. so we're showing hugo, and artist, and camera man. and then cinema all love letters to the cinema. and as a special treat we're rolling back to our original 1926 pricing which is $0.25. so you can come out and see a day's worth of movies for dollar. any one of them for a quarter. of course it's a birthday party. so w blow out candles. going to be a party. cash only, right? >> please. do not try to run a card for $0.25. you excited to be here just very much. one of my favorite places in the world to see and experience film and play such a beautiful original stlument it's original home you sat down on bench oh yes he's been here several times you know this area well? >> yes. what is reception what do young
9:44 am
response to that? greatest compliment, this u give me we completely forgot you were there after a minute or two. most artist want to be spotlight right there what you're really trying to do draw them into the film so everything that's going on musically has to be singh nice precisely with film. it takes about 40 hours to put film score together. to really assemble it the way they did it in the 20s. so i think most young people are fascinated they can't conceive a time when like that silent film was never really silent. that's first thing that's of course music and surf amplified experience for them because they just never seen or heard anything like it. so great. i'm so excited. it's going going to be great i know you're proud of it. what you put together for this 90th birthday party. this is just the preview give us ten years when we celebrate 100 it's going to be even that much better. >> all right. all information you need is at
9:45 am
theater thank you both for being here.
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after an obscene amount was spent building this controversial courthouse, the state learned the contractor had overspent on framed photos that were never used. when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse? now running for senate, buesing wants us to trust him with state spending.
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((walter//live pix)) here's another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. ((laura /2sh/dbx) our own lauren simonetti is back with us. the market are up 157 points. business news with us hey lauren. and positive pore for the week. turn around and we'll take it. a lot of reasons basically big one is banks wells fargo they are dealing with major account scandal. jp morgan chase and at the group all coming out with earning that were better than expected. dpt mean they were higher than last year better low bar wall street set for them everything
9:49 am
speak. lots of green right now. nice with bar good and low. exactly pl. let's talk about galaxy note 7. problems with the phones, problems with the replacement phones now they have to send out fire proof boxes. are we going to put a price tag on that? >> yep 5.3 billion i think it will be a little bit more than that. biggest risk for samsung as they get through note 7 disaster is it will affect sales of other devices that perfectly safe. our galaxy s series when it comes out this bring? is samsung going to have to cut price as incentive to buy it 5.3 billion is latest number due expect that to get en ert bigger. let's talk a little butt about rating for the nfl. talked a lot about them. uh-huh kick off for season i recall was right around time you know presidential debates. the election is supposedly to be
9:50 am
percent. where does the business headline come in hererating are down big question is why is stacked two sunday night games or one was sunday one was another day, anyway up against the nfl. right. so of course tens of medical i don't understand of people watched debate of instead of football. but then you have some major stories going on. deflategate, and as a result some key players not playing. everything collin kaepernick is doing not viewers. that is detracting viewers. it can all of these sp some people are questioning idea thursday night football. >> makes less excitement yeah it can all of these wrapped into one we do know this is important because people pay for cable to watch football. and if ratings are down what happens? >> well i mean sure you think about the super bowl i mean all things nfl.
9:51 am
point was huge. >> so we'll see no more debates going up against football we we see if they can get mojo back. if i'm going put out my own opinion. yeah, please it has to do lot more with an election tony romo tom brady was gone for four weeks adrian peterson minnesota vikings. i mean these marquis players, players jersey that is fly fly off shelves if they are not playing >> nobody's watching. the nfl will say team and uniform. not the particular jersey. but yeah. you might be right it could particular players they draw the crowds. all right roger goodell if you need job opening you want to put me in, front office. the nfl. put me in. all right, lauren, thank you. have a great weekend. we like you right where you are. have good day see you monday. see you.
9:52 am
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((laura/2sh)) if felt like a long week around here... but it's finally come to an end.((walter)) it's been a long week. aren't they all. but finally coming to an end it's friday after all seriousness we had a little fun. we have proof of that. it's in this week's good day goodies. line ? ? ? ?
9:55 am
>> this is just representative after a problem. >> not fact that i'm an old guy wearing this on television. in stupid rain gear apt letters. i almost feel like mix between jerry lewis and happy painter. happy little tree. but he good remember telling tebow he cheers for oh, you like that. you like that. but you know. not much to cheer for this he son. oh geez. oh. that had to hurt all the way to the the traffic center. i've got my own pompoms. >> all right. i will be a lightning girl.
9:56 am
forecast. highs dabbing back where are all the numbers where's all my numbers? where's all my numbers? >> i'm a bit of cattleman. you know i'm pretty good with the bull. [crickets chirping ] >> that's for sure. thank you. >> good job. yes. you kidding me? that's how i kp i got that skill down. see you soon. like 45 seconds left to go for it. which you know a lifetime that's lifetime in news 45 seconds.
9:57 am
the georgia comment sound nastier than it did up here. it's all in good fun. all in good fun. we're rebuilding by the way. >> nice weekend coming at you upper 80s next couple of days 20, 30 percent rain chances. >> all right. bye everybody. have a good weekend. happy friday. no dancing. no dancing. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company." we believe in families. in knowing your neighbors. in passing down traditions through generations. in lakewood ranch we believe in a community where we put down our roots. this is our town. this is our common ground. experience it yourself during the tour of homes. our annual model home spectacular beginning october 21st, featuring more than 50 stunning model homes
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