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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  October 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: a road rage incident in brandon turns deadly. we are learning more of the man that was killed. tampa is going to the dogs the friendliest for fido in the country. >> alcides: good morning, i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: and i am anjuli davis. those stories in just a minute. but first lindsay milbourne is here with a look at our morning forecast. how is it shaping up. >> lindsay: not as warm as it was in the week. showers too. 71 in arcadia. 75 in tampa. we should be at 69. 6 degrees above average.
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we have seen a couple of sprinkles daily. today we will introduce at times steady but mainly light showers and that is the case right now through portions of polk county and highlands. elsewhere we have more spotty sprinkles that have developed just north of tampa pushing north and west. we have one exiting palm ha harbor. one more near new port richey and nothing left cancelling our plans. we will be monitoring the showers. probably rain with themselves out as they push west. frost lake placid and a couple of those locations the rain is steadier than what we saw for the past week. the pattern has not changed. the east wind brings in a little more moisture today. you will notice more clouds than sun at times as well. as we spell out our saturday, rain chances are not widespread but higher than 30%. hit 87. above average. any cooler weather on the horizon. the seven-day forecast coming up, guys.
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this happening near gulf to bay near highland avenue. that victim was shot multiple times, was rushed to the hospital but thankfully his injuries were not life-threatening. we will continue to keep you update on this story as we learn more. a case of road rage turns deadly in brandon at the intersection of west bloomingdale and south kings avenue. two cars were stopped in traffic when 25-year-old kenneth cuevos got out his vehicle and walked back to the the two exchanged words and shots were fired. cuevos was hit once and taken to the hospital where he later died. witnesses say that scene was chaotic. >> we are sitting here waiting for a table and hear pop, pop, pop. everyone is startled. everyone is freaking out because a shooting right in front of us. a great neighborhood. >> alcides: the shooter pulled off the road and waited for deputies. we are told he is cooperating.
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before this incident. deputies have still not released the name of that shooter. friday night football takes on a somber tone in tampa. students at hillsborough high school remember ashley padomo. the senior killed in a hit-and-run crash. the senior night game was a chance for the student body to come together and grieve. there was a balloon release and a moment of silence. friends say they are still coming to grips with the loss. i love you sis. i meant a lot to her. we were basically like sisters. >> for me it is really hard so i always break down. i try not to break down now, but it is really hard. >> anjuli: friends describe her as a happy person who was always smiling and didn't deserve to go like she did. >> the driver in that case is out of jail after posting $15,000 bond. nicholas constitu talked to
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jail. he said he is sorry he didn't see perdomo is the road and didn't know he hit a person even though significant damage to his car. he tells us he feels awful about what happened. >> i can only imagine. i can only imagine. like my sister, you know what i mean. >> reporter: anything you want to say to them. >> what can i say. there are no words to express how one feels at this point especially for the young lady >> florida highway patrol says constitu tried to file an insurance claim on his damaged car. that's when those insurance agents were suspicious and called 911. federal trapping officials have banned all samsung galaxy note 7 zones from going on airplanes. passengers can bring phones on board that include care on and checked bags. so the phones can't be shifted
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plane can seek charges and fines. it comes after self-galaxy note 7s overheated causing them to burst into flames and explode. samsung has replaced some of the phones. they suspended the manufacturer and safe -- and sale of these phones. uber and lyft say county officials are favorin taxi companies and now it appears to have proof. recently released public service commission invited cabs and limo to participate in a series of stings targeting uber and lyft drivers. the ride-sharing services are banned in the county. fake customers would order an uber or lyft and when the driver showed up slapped with a $00 fine. those fake customers were cab and limo employees recruited by the ptc to lure their
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fair competition if the executive director is actually in bed with the cab companies trying to take out another competitor. >> anjuli: we reached out to the ptc executive director and chief inspector involved in setting up the stings. they denied our request for an on-camera interview. in a statement, they said retrospect involving cab companies in the sting were not, quote, a good idea. the ptc have no intention to waiver uber or lyft driver during those stings. in two months, southwest airline also begin flights from tampa to cuba. they made the announcement last week. travelers can bring back the cuban rum and cigars that they want. friday the obama administration announced it is eliminating the $100 limit on rum and cigars. subject to the same duties as alcohol products from other
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normalizing relations with cuba; however, the overall trade embargo with cuba remain in place. an act of congress is required to appeal it but some lawmakers are resistant. >> in the highs of barack obama and hillary clinton, his former secretary of state, the cuban people are suffering because not enough american tourists visit that country. when in truth, the cuban people are suffering because they live under a tyrannical dic dictatorship. >> alcides: more than 16,000 er last year. one of approved positions like professional research or religious activity must apply travel to that country. switching gears, tampa is going to the dogs. the hot spot among riverwalk earned top spot by readers of u.s.a. the pavilion is named the best dog bar and restaurant. enlisted the help bring fido in
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the sail pavilion water bowl for pups, cleanup station, complimentary dog treats and special menu for four-legged friends. poone and sophie has been. >> alcides: have they. >> anjuli: it is fun and a pretty spot. >> alcides: it is a pretty spot. we had our share of bad weather and folks in the pacific northwest getting hit. >> anjuli: the their big win on thursday. what coach cooper has to say about the team's come come-from-behind win. good morning, lindsay. >> lindsay: :8 a little more fall-like and this morning not quite as fall-like like. a little warmer and more humid. 75 in tampa and some pesky little showers to start out the day. they are actually steady in southeastern polk county and time out a better rain chance this weekend.
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my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural. now that i work there, i value the food even more. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors,
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you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: the pacific northwest riding out some bad weather. winds expected to reach up to 70 miles per hour in parts of washington state. according to the national weather service, the storm could be the strongest the area has seen in a decade. this video is from the coast guard. it shows, of course, strong winds in lapush, washington. unfortunately more bad weather is expected there today. all this rain and wind causing damage in oregon. many homes and businesses were damaged by falling tree approximates appear tornado may have touched down that area. a series of tornado warnings were sent out 10 :30 friday morning. they have declared a state of emergency to deal with that cleanup. hurricane matthew may be long gone but people in north carolina are still dealing are severe flooding. the marion county area hit hard by rain from the storm, they have more than 15 inches of rain just in the city of mullins.
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for people there. >> alcides: hurricane matthew did damage across the autoest coast and officials in florida are warning residents that all hoe hurricane matthew is long gone, the beaches are still dangerous. the volusia county beaches have been closed since that storm and not because of all the choppy water. they are warning people that storm debris is washing ashore and they hope to have the beaches open some time in weekend and a big issue because you have all the debris washing up. nails andoo other things. >> anjuli: what a mess. i didn't think of the aftermath. >> lindsay: if you think about it, how nice it felt here, the breeze and helped it feel comfortable. that is the same breeze off of the east coast and makes sense that it washes offshore and choppy on the east coast as well. while our humidity has been nice -- you discussed how good it felt. >> alcides: isn't it beautiful. >> lindsay: wish it could stay this weekend.
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we got. i am not making the weather today. 75 degrees. a warmer start. dew points out of the mid-60s. moderate range and creeping into the upper 60s. the east, northeast wind pulling in moisture from the atlantic rather at 7 miles per hour. so while we have seen a couple of sprinkles, it haven't been a big deal. today and tomorrow, more measurable rain at times, but still the rain mainly light in nature. if you were waking up to some showers this morning, county, highlands, eastern hillsborough. these are moving along with the swift east winds. check out the spotty light rain and sprinkles. one shower north of citrus park. another little bit of patchy sprinkle activity to new port richey, temple terrace saw a quick downpour. lutz one are two. these are moving quickly from south to west and the trend. steady showers across portions of southern polk county this morning from frostproof to mulberry. bartow has a light shower.
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and these have extended into rural portions of hillsborough county as well. even though we have showers a little warmer out the door. 73 in new tampa. 75 in st. petersburg. 70 in inverness. i don't have any mid60s. 71 englewood. 72 in sebring and 72 in haines city. we are back kind inform that darker green shade meaning our dew points have climbed since earlier in the week and that flirting with the sticky range. not justed to or tomorrow for rest of the week before potentially stronger cold front moves through next weekend. that is something that we will monitor and hopefully get together if you like cooler weather. a stalled front to the north means the colder air does not make it and drier air. the east wind a little more staffibility to deal with. i will keep the rain chance at 30% area wide and is showers possible at any time and this
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daytime heating and filtered sun. by lunchtime spotty east even west and a few around. if you have outdoor plans for ax extended period of time. an umbrella is something you will want to grab. sunday, a better rain chance. 30% for now. i may have to trays to 40% near the coast that wouldn't be until late in the day tomorrow. talk about what is happening in the pacific. a one-two punch. stronger low pressure will be racing toward the area today winds near the coast. tremendous rain and possible wind damage. they are not used to storms of this magnitude. mountain snow too. how about over a foot of rain in some locations by early in the week. in the tropics in the atlantic, we still have nicole. pesky nicole will likely become a hurricane later today and out in the middle of nowhere in the north central atlantic. 70-mile-per-hour winds racing east-northeast. that hurricane status as this races northward.
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near iceland perhaps midweek. anything else we are watching. computer models indicating maybe a weak lw pressure developing the caribbean by the end of next week. hope it stays weak, if it does slip to the east and pull in drier air for next weekend. today not as dry. a few showers hit 87 for the high. tonight, 72. isolated rain chance for this evening with showers returning tomorrow. clouds filling in a bit too so 85 instead of today's 87 winds boating offshore. exercise cautions in effect. the seven-day forecast, crisp and fall-like. if i can show you saturday and sunday of next week, that is when fall hopefully can return, guys. head coach john cooper said thursday's game had that playoff feel to it. amalie arena was packed and the fans were in post-season mode
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they don't play like it. the team did not panic when they were down against the red wings. it happened when the bolts found themselves down two goals when the bench was calm and collected. markette pulse the lightning within a goal. this wrister for the tying g goal. the lightning would score four straight goals before putting the game out of reach for the wings. cooper believes this even-keel approach even when they are down in the game is key to the team's >> one of the staples of our team that is really -- will be growing since i have been here is, you know, just the calm on bench. you have seen this before. this happens in games. but they are a resilient group. we feel we are playing good. we are doing well and if we kept going keep pushing, keep pushing and we did and special teams take over after that. the usf bulls are well on
6:19 am
of their preseason goals to beat every team in the aac e east. knocked off cincinnati and north carolina. next up is uconn, huskies are a team that always given the b bulls fits. bulls have come out on top, another thing that the bulls can win is bowl eligibility. seems like only a dream when willie taggert took over but now quickly becoming the norm around taggert is ready for a new n norm. >> want to be -- you don't want that to be a norm around here but much more than that. so we can't get -- to get us what we ultimately want. so we got to take care of it.
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now usf is one of many schools to ever this guy davis. he broke hillsborough county's all-time rushing record against robinson and touchdown record. he need 196 yards to break the record and finished with 214 yards and five touchdowns last night. davis accomplished the -- celebrated the accomplishment on the field with his parents and teammates. jesuit beat robinson jesuit beat sonson 56-3. lightning hosts the devil tonight at 7:00. that will do it for sport. have a good day, tampa bay. looking for something fun to do this weekend. >> alcides: a bunch of hot happenings and including your chance too walk long dinosaurs. how you can go back in time to the jurassic era. having a birthday, you are in good company. a look at some of the famous people born on this date.
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looking to get out of the looking to get out of the house this weekend? well we have house this weekend? well all right, looking to get out of the house this weekend, we have just the thing for you. >> anjuli: that's right. a bunch of hot happenings aross the bay area. >> alcides: you and your friends can walk among dinosaurs. take fairground. more than 50 life-size animatronic dinosaurs. kids will have a chance to ride dinos, dig for bones and jump in a dino bounce. starts at 9:00. tickets starts at $15 for kids and adults are $20. >> anjuli: how fun. >> who are you. >> hugo. >> where do you live. >> it's a secret. >> yes. >> oh, good, i love secrets. >> so you are alone.
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family can check out "hugo" at the tampa theatr all part of their 90th birthday celeb celebration. they are celebrating by rolling ticket prices back to what they were in 1926. that is just $.25 each. hugo airs at :45. ? ? artist" 201 best picture winner crosses the world of silent films and talkies. screening starts at 3:15. comedienne heather mcdonald is performing at the comedy theatre. best known for her appearances on "chelsea lately." but her book is a "new york times" best seller. two shows at 7:30 and 1:00.
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celtic thunder brings their brand-new show legacy to sarasota. they are performing at the van wezel performing arts and celebrates the influence of irish and celtic music all around the world. show starts at 8:00. tickets starts at $35. and it is going to be a big party in downtown st. plete -- that's try that again. downtown st. pete. a block cutting for the celebratory new home for the chihuly coll collection. the museum featuring the collection of glass sculpture by world renowned artist. the block party is free to attend and admission to this museum is $15. >> anjuli: i think a i am really excited about this one. >> alcides: the chihuly?
6:27 am
9 first solo female comic to sell out madison square garden in new york city and bringing the same tour here to the bay area now. a handful of tickets for the show left. it all starts at 7:30. >> alcides: she is a hoot. so funny. >> anjuli: she is. so raunchy and so funny. >> alcides: if would have seen me read that one, she would have made fun of me more. >> lindsay: she will redeem herself tomorrow night. and i wish i could humidity is up. couple of clouds at 75 deg degrees. we have fast-moving light showers are you maybe not just a sprinkle variety but steadier rain from frostproof to bartow. we will time out a better weekend rain chance ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99.
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> lindsay: welcome to the weekend. it is 6:30 and some of us are seeing some showers to start out the day. not widespread but steadier showers. not just the sprinkles that we have seen really every day this week. little more hit this morning if you will. steady showers moving through northwestern hillsborough county, north of lando lakes. we have a sprinkle or two and the steady rain is southern polk county and highlands and some of this rapidly pushing west to i-75 and hillsborough as well. bartow, you have seen light showers. more of the steady variety from frostproof to even lake placid this morning and after this first round kind of pushes west
6:31 am
today we will introduce a 30% rain chance. as as a result of more moisture, more warmth. 72 in sebring. 72 in lakeland. 75 in tampa and st. petersburg, not to mention the dew points are up several degrees so out the door, don't expect it to feel quite as crisp. not summerlike but flirting with those readings. a cold front was there to our north, but it is stalled, washing out. we did not get the cooler air this time. we it not get the drier this time with more moisture both keep the rain chance at 30%. 8%. cold front may sneak in. we will talk about that possibility coming up. >> alcides: all right, the time is 6:31. a check of today's top stories. a motorcyclist is dead after a crash in pinellas park around 9:00 on u.s. 19 north near gateway center drive. police say a car collided with a motorcycle. the drive of the car was not hurt but his passenger that
6:32 am
treated for minor injuries. a parachuter from dunnellon is dead after falling from a small passenger plane 1200 fooem feet in the air. marion deputies say the men were part of a group of jumpers experiencing military training. the chute deployed by accident and pulled him out of the a aircraft. he then hit the plane and fell to the ground. take a look at that map. the red zones wildlife officials say high concentration of red tide is manatee counties are being affected. red tide blooms are known to cause fish kill and we have seen that in our beaches. red tide by the way can cause respiratory issues. another neighborhood in miami is now in the center of the fight against zika. five people have been infected in a one square mile area of little haiti in the miami air
6:33 am
mosquitos have transmitted that virus to people. the new zika zone three miles north of wynwood where they confirm the first local cases in the u.s. doctors have traced more than 100 cases of local transmission back to those three areas. all right, take a look at this. very interesting. a south florida organization taking on isis with some hash words. the billboard is sponsored by the coalition of south florida museum -- excuse me muslims it reads, hey, isis, you suck. from actually muslims. part of a campaign to remind the public that muslims condemn terrorism too. the billboard quotes a verse from the quoran that says "life is sacred." a good samaritan stopped his car in the busy of a south florida road to help an elderly pedestrian. take a look at this unbelievable video out of miami-dade county. you can see that man fell right in the middle of the street as
6:34 am
surprisingly cars just swerve around the man after he collapsed on the pavement. barry shaw saw this and his dash cam caught the whole th thing. he couldn't believe people kept driving. >> my first reaction is why is nobody stopping? not just to help him. why aren't people just stopping because there is an old man lying in the road. >> anjuli: how horrible. you can see shaw get out to help that man. he flagged down other drivers to him thankfully to the -- to the side of the road. thankfully he was not seriously work. a south florida afterschool program is teaching kids something along the way part of a program called guitars over guns. their goal is to keep kids out of trouble by giving them something more to focus on. the volunteer mentors check the report cards and even offer tutoring. >> it helps us stay out of
6:35 am
can get you even jail or in the grave. >> that is what the program is about. being good in school and being good in life >> the program started back in 2008. since then, it has expanded to six schools in miami and chicago and hopefully gets b bigger. an 87-year-old woman was without power for about three day, but claire olson was not worried about it. she weathered several hurricanes on palm coast. from her, he got worried. he called police but they have overwhelmed with the storm. he called papa john's and had the delivery driver call him on cell phone when he got to the phone. >> she heard her grandson's voice and her eyes lit up. >> thankful and happy that they could do something that good. >> and i felt really good. >> anjuli: how sweet that. olson also received a pepperoni
6:36 am
her power came back on shortly afterwards and she called all of her family members to let them know she was just fine. even though floridians are recovering from hurricane matthew. volunteers are reaching out to haiti. they were especially busy in south florida, miami yesterday. the group is collecting donations from the community, things like food, water, medical and hygiene supplies. among the volunteers are football players and cheerleaders who want to donate their time and whatever we can do to help the people of haiti. when matthew came it destroyed the country and certain parts that we know of and we know that they need -- they are very much in need so we are here to help. >> reporter: right now the group has most of the supplies they need but they also need a way to move them so they are looking for someone to lend them a forklift so they can move all the supplies a lot quicker. hurricane matthew left a trail trail of devastation in haiti killing 500 people.
6:37 am
we will meet phyllis anderson. the 105-year-old was born in britain and lives in an assisted living facility in santa barbara. she is getting to cast her vote in this year's election. she has loved politics from a very young age. though the candidate she wants is not in the running she will be voting nonetheless. listen to this in santa barbara county 12 people over the age of 100 registered to vote. the oldest being 1 how about that. >> alcides: 116 years old. >> anjuli: i think a incredible when so many of us can't make it to the polls. 116 and still doing it. >> alcides: i bet she says this is the most unique election process since she has been alive. >> anjuli: an understatement. another perk for amazon prime members. >> anjuli: how the online giant is delving into the food delivery business. plus, if you only eat gluten free, going to breakfast
6:38 am
in earthwatch, lindsay introduces us to a cafe making life easier for the gluten-free eaters. >> no winner either of the j jackpot. mega millions $11 million. lucky money 9.9 million. here is the rest of the numbers in case you won a smaller
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up,
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welcome back at 6:40. if you have a gluten intolerance you may have to skip on yummy breakfast sandwiches and pastries. not the case at craft cafe in st. petersburg. eerything is made it fresh inhuse and all gluten free. i visited a coffee shop with an eco-friendly twist in this w week's earth watch. >> once you are in you a k >> reporter: craft cafe is not your average coffee house. >> i want the customers to come in and feel like they are in my dining room and kitchen at the same time. my whole premise was to re-create the bakery experience i grew up with and the whole other generation as well and not have to worry about what you are eating. >> reporter: out front, customers notice the upcycled wood wall art. the count irs and tables are made of reclaimed food too. in the back of the popular shop
6:42 am
the kitchen. >> this is a orange pinwheel. gluten free. >> reporter: everything served at craft cafe is gluten free. >> this means not having anything with wheat or gluten which is a composition, you know, part of wheat. >> there is definitely a canines to gluten-free. i figured it out and i basically took what i know from the regular pastry world and brought it h math. >> reporter: cookies, cupcakes and pizza are made fresh. >> it maintains vitamins and minerality. we freeze all our grains. >> you don't feel guess stated or bloat or the food is slowing you down. >> reporter: some customers are shocked that it is gluten free >> the bread is gluten free.
6:43 am
probably the most exciting part. >> reporter: some like the g gluten-free options, others like the coffee. japanese slow drip coffee called kyoto drip. >> takes 80% of acid out of coffee. >> reporter: to go containers made of recycled. even the water is purified through reverse osmosis. >> the more we take, the more empathy we have. >> reporter: produce comes from local farms. >> owe beganic romaine lettuce and we buy from local farms like glory >> reporter: the staff is super friendly. the food is really good. >> reporter: customers come back for more. >> st. pete has a good authority it. people gravitate when somebody is doing something well linkedin lunlz all the food is delicious. 6653 central avenue in st. pete and they are expanding this fall. everything at their new downtown location is also going to be gluten free.
6:44 am
weather-wise if you were boating this morning. still a little breezy and a area-wide warmer. we are at 75 degrees out the door in st. pete and how about these pesky showers. fairly widespread in polk county through highlands. more developing both weekend days. time out a better rain chance
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
looking for a polk county deputies are looking for a woman that helped steal a school bus. there she is right there with what looks like a shirt over her head. ken laws a seen on surveillance video stealing a bus late thursday night. the driver noticed it when she went to start her route. the two men in that video but they are still looking for her. the university of florida launches a 24-hour hotline for students who halloween costumes. as we have reported creepy clown incidents across the country including some here in the bay area. uf officials say they want them to give them a call if they see disturbing or extensive costumes. amazon prime is offering food delivery service right here in tampa. prime members can have food from pop you a lar tampa restaurants delivered right to their door in less than an hour.
6:48 am
prime membership fee that will cost $100. right now only available for people who in tampa and only when uber eats -- i believe it was somebody else who opened up the market in the tampa bay area. >> anjuli: it is exciting. i haven't used it have you. >> alcides: no, i haven't. i saw jen epstein. >> anjuli: she had doughnuts -- i am starve this morning after all the food t card. we should dry it out. >> alcides: do it this mor morning. >> lindsay: put it to the test. let's time it and see who is quicker. you know what we are seeing this morning, guys. some rain. light showers and what we have seen, a sign of that moisture building from the east. out the door some rain bui building. not as comfortable this mor morning. sowers are just a little more measurable too. they are light in nature and steady but will start west and build east.
6:49 am
extend from u.s. 19 from hudson and new port richey. also sprinkles near the s suncoast parkway. they have pushed to the west. new showers have developed into southeastern portion and st started in polk and moving west. even in south tampa, these race across i-75. pinecrest dealing with showers. south of i-4 the most measurable rain to start off the day. haines city portions of highlands county, not only is the rain light but more of the moderate variety. east of avon park and east of lake placid. heavier showers. these will be weakening as they move west but bottom line saturday and sunday feature about a 30% rain chance. could be worse could be 81 inform west palm beach. in the low 70s. a warmer start. all above average and most of us anywhere from no change to 2 degrees milder out the door
6:50 am
to low 70s. so on the scale through wednesday. earlier in the week we were about here. we made a significant jump up, so close to the muggy range over the next couple of days. satellite and radar combined showing swift light showers after this moving through. likely see more pretty much at any time. our front to the north washes out and we whip across the west coast. check out toward the north and east. a one-two punch with portions of the pacific northwest. this traced back believe it or not to remnants of a typhoon, unusual for the track to be in this vicinity but as it moves northeast. winds picking up with a whole lot of rain for them today. mild air across the plains too. not quite as cool. 64 in atlanta. 68 in kansas city. still nice. new york city at 5.
6:51 am
degrees. game day. seminole taking on wake forest 3:30 in tallahassee. slim rain chance. 86 degrees. the gatoring taking on mizzou. rain showers at 4:30. use rain gear for tailgating. nothing we can't handle. mid-80s from frostproof to sebring. 86 in venice and in the tro tropics, the only area we are watch something nicole. stubborn hurricane but look where it is going racing off the atlantic moving north and east. no development the next five days. may see something pop in the caribbean late next week. 87 a few showers today with scattered clouds, filted sun at times and clouds hang on tonight. a full moon this evening. may sneak out good pictures. 72 for the low. 85 on sunday with a rain chance of 30 percent to 40%. building west late to the day.
6:52 am
if we are boating en keeping it near shore. low tide at st. pete pier. check out your forecast. rain chance but nothing extreme. may sneak in a cold front, but the models timing is all over the place and if it pans out nice cold front and it is seven days away. >> anjuli: thank you, lindsay. ahead is new in theatres. >> more in common with einstein us. i would like to work with your son, help him develop the skills he needs to develop a full life. >> that is not going to happen. the world is not friendly place and that's where he needs to learn where to live. >> math genius cooks the books for a new client as the treasury department closes in on his activity and the body
6:53 am
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looking to hit the movies looking to hit the movies this weekend? looking to watch a movie this weekend, there is a lot to choose from. fox's michelle polino shows us what's night. >> reporter: last week's box office champ "the girl on the train" has city of competition this week starting with kevin hart "what now." the funny man's fifth live project. >> throw the football stadium out tonight. >> reporter: performs for an audience of 53,000 in philadelphia and before he hits the stage, the comic teams with hollywood heavyweight don cheadle and halle berry for a short vignette.
6:56 am
has. >> reporter: "the accountant" ben affleck is a math sa savant/hired assassin being hunted by the treasury department. the little publicized sci-fi adventure "max steel" follow a teen and his he will yen companion to evolve into into a super-charged super h hero. the. a group of mexican migrant workers being chased across the lawless vigilante as they try to cross the border into the u.s. >> for once i wanted to do the right thing. >> reporter: "priceless" is the inspirational drama on the true story of a widower that agrees to drive a truck cross country but must face a difficult choice when he discovers he is working for a human trafficking ring. >> a larger hand at play. >> reporter: in hollywood, michelle polino, fox news. much more ahead in the next hour of "good day tampa bay."
6:57 am
play, st. pete hoping to regain the community's trust. kellie cowan joins us with a tour of their eweage plant at 7:30. your worst nightmare come true. how a diver comes face to face with a great white shark and lived to tell the tale. less than 5 feet tall and packs a serious punch. how this pint-sized girl surprises teammates and competition with the ferocious
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choose your favorite seafood then choose the internationally inspired flavors to pair it with. pack a bag for adventure tonight at publix. where shopping is a pleasure. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
7:00 am
another case of . another case of road rage right here in the bay area. this one turning deadly. what investigators are telling us about this case. plus, look at the latest sexual assault allegations leaked hillary clinton e-mails. one diver bit off more than coswallow. oh, my gosh. look at that video. we will check out the whole heart-stopping or deal. stay with us. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: good morning and welcome to good day tampa bay. it is 7 a.m. on that saturday, i am anjuli davis. >> alcides: i am alcides se segui. by the way, can you imagine


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