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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  October 15, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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another case of . another case of road rage right here in the bay area. this one turning deadly. what investigators are telling us about this case. plus, look at the latest sexual assault allegations leaked hillary clinton e-mails. one diver bit off more than coswallow. oh, my gosh. look at that video. we will check out the whole heart-stopping or deal. stay with us. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: good morning and welcome to good day tampa bay. it is 7 a.m. on that saturday, i am anjuli davis. >> alcides: i am alcides se segui. by the way, can you imagine
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being stuck with that great white. >> lindsay: i don't think i would be in the water ever again. .> alc cede lindsay to talk more about the forecast. >> we have rain this morning too. showers are light, guys. hence the reflection you see over downtown tampa. a passing light shower. 75. that a big jump from yesterday in spots and with more moisture, spotty, mainly light rain, a little heavier in a few spots. and watch how quickly the showers are pushing through. and if we have that walk with showers from macdill air force base here at fox 13 studios. temple terrace has showers, even plant city. the sprinkles in hudson and 5 a junction. your rain is the least measurable and check out the showers southeastern bulk. heaviest is over lareda and portions of highland county and this will be westward over the next 15 minutes. temperatures out the doors, no
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72 in sebring. 75 in st. petersburg. 74 in sarasota. on this date, we should be at about 69 degrees. so above average. now the rain chances today higher than they have been. they are at about 20% between now and lunchtime. 30% this afternoon as showers push west. we will hit 87 today and a few more showers likely tomorrow too. >> alcides: lindsay, thank y you. hillsborough county deputies are questioning a man after a case of a busy brandon shopping mall turned deadly. two cars stopped at a traffic stop last night heart in king's row shopping center near bloomingdale avenue when 25-year-old kenneth cuevas walked to the shooter's vehicle. heated words were exchanged and gunfire shots. cuevas was shot once and taken to the hospital where he later died. >> we are waiting for a table and heard pop, pop, pop. everybody is startled. everybody is freaking out, you
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in front of us. this is a great, you know, neighborhood. >> alcides: the shooter is being cooperative. witnesses say the two had -- the two, he and cuevas, had the alter occasion before this incident. a motorcyclist was killed along u.s. 19 along gateway center drive. the driver of a four-door nissan collided with that motorcycle. the driver was not hurt. his passenger was taken to the hospital for minor released. new this morning, clearwater police continue to investigate a shooting near the intersection of gulf-to-bay boulevard and highland avenue. not many details but police are telling us that the victim was shot multiple times. he was taken to the hospital, but his injuries are not life-threatening. we will keep you up to date with this news story as soon as we get more information. also new this morning, a pensacola man facing up to five years in prison after investigators say he sent
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the u.s. attorney's office says regis walker sent a letter to escambia county sheriff derek morgan back in june. that letter claimed several isis members will simultaneously attack military bases, beaches and schools and would not be stopped. they matched fingerprints on letter to walker who is a registered sex offender. a death sentence now needs a the supreme court struck down a newly elected law allowing someone to be sentenced to death as long as 10 out of the 12 jurors recommended it. the new decision has put all of florida's death sentences in limbo. all death penalty cases and executions are now on hold until a new law goes into place. >> i was not surprised that that court found it unconstitutional. and i was pleased because, you know, i have not been supportive of the death pen penalty. and this is just one more nail
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one more signal that it's on its way out. >> as of this morning there are 385 -- 385 inmates on florida's death row. open enrollment for flo florida's prepaid college tuition payments are up today 37 prices are up by 2%. a traditional four-year anniversary plan will cost $487 per month up $4 from last year and an investment that the >> student loan debt is second to mortgages and when you think of what that does to a person. if you were graduated from college and i have all this loan debt, it keeps me from buying a car. it keeps me from buying a house. it may keep me from starting a family. >> there are several payment options available to families including 2 and 4-year plans for state colleges and universities. any child in florida from birth through 11th grade is eligible
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instead of celebrating friday night football in hillsborough high school, friends, family and fellow students gather to remember ashley per domo. classmates also said their final goodbyes. >> you were always like a sister to me. god has received a beautiful new angel. i love you. >> alcides: perdomo was hit and killed wednesday night. nicholas constantito hit her and didn't stop. they are col ashley's funeral cost and an online funeral effort to collect money. the suspect in the deadly hit-and-run is out on bail after posting a $15,000 bond. at first nicholas cons tatino said they no comment and then he said he was sorry. he didn't see ashley perdomo in the road and didn't know he hit a person even though there was significant damage to his car. >> i can only imagine. i can only imagine.
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know what i mean. >> anything you want to sty them. >> i mean, what what can i say. there are no words to express how everyone feels at this point, especially for -- for the young lady. >> alcides: florida highway patrol says constantino tried to file a claim on his daaged car. the insurance agent was suspicious and called 911. uber and lyft have long argued that the transportation officials were showing favor toychl taxi they appear to have proof. recently released e-mails show the public transportation commission invited cab and limo to participate in a series of stings. the ride sharing services are banned in the county and last bring, fake customers would order an uber lyf and when the driver showed up slapped with $700 tickets. e-mails show those fake customers were cab and limo employees recruited by the ptc
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the trap. mayor bob buckhorn said it is proof that the commission is in cahoots with the cab industry. >> they are taking sides in this issue and stifling competition. the consumers have chosen who they are going with, uber and l yft. let's nut out to bed. >> reporter: rereached out to ptc officials and they declined an absentee view. they said involving cab quote, not a good idea but never no intention of waiving uber or lift fines. in the race for the white house, donald trump is facing even more allegations this morning of inappropriate sexual contact. there are two new women who came forward yesterday with accusations against trump. the women right there on your left is kristen anderson. she spoke exclusively to "the washington post" and the woman to the right is a former apprentice contestant.
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groped her back in 2007 at a hotel. zerbos said the republican nominee put his hand up her skirt while at a night club back in the 1990s. trump have denied both of those allegations. weighing in without saying his name, president obama tweeted a link on friday to a web site aimed at stopping sexual assault. and in the tweet, president obama says clearly we still have more to do to prevent sexual assault, and the thinking that leads to it. another batch of wikileak e-mails show clinton aids asked former president bill clinton to cancel a speech at the wall street investment over concern that they may appear to be too kozy with wall street. it was exchanged when she was going to announce. clinton didn't want her thousand cancel but was eventual legal convinced that cancelling was the right step. secretary of state johner can sle calling for a new
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monumental step forward against climate change. a delicate surgery that some are calling a miracle. twin boys conjoined at the head are now recovering in new york. >> lindsay: pretty incredible. 7:10. showers out the door. not everyone are seeing it are you buzz who are, this is a change, sprinkles the last few days. light showers from southeast tampa to polk county, the heaviest in highlands. moderate rain north of downtown. we will time out better ra
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how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams
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college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. time now is 7:xx.. a
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one man dead and an officer hurt. >> investigators say that officer was checking out a different crime and stumbled on a shooting in progress. when he tried to intervene that gunman ran and gunman fired back and hit the suspect. the sister station in dallas is reporting that the officer was shot in the foot and rushed to the hospital. police say he is expected to be okay. this is the first officer involved shooting since the dallas ambush back in july. a connecticut judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought against the maker. rifle used at the sandy hook elementary school. the lawsuit sought damages from the remington arms company. a gunman killed 20 first first-graders and six teachers and staff with a weapon made by that company. the judge said federal law shields gun makers from most lawsuits brought because of criminal use of their products. the families can ask a judge to reconsider her ruling or try to file an amendment lawsuit.
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extradite prison drug lord el chapo guzman as early as next year. that extradition can bring him to chicago. it faces federal charges in illinois and five other states. mexican leaders say he could be extradited as early as january. el chapo was captured early this year after a prison escaped. he was moved to another prison near the border near texas. an incredible story here tampa it took 40 medical experts and more than 16 hours, but doctors say they succesul successfully separated a pair of 13-month-old conjoined t twins. mom posted a couple of pictures on her facebook page before and after the surgery. jaden was first of the boys to be finished. more than five hours after surgeons finished the operation on his little brother. nicole and kristen mcdonald made the decision to go through the surgery with the possibility that one or both of them have brain damage. doctors say they still have a
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a week of severe and deadly weather across the country have proven to be relentless. people in the pacific northwest are bracing for storms. strong wind and heavy rains have walloped the area leaving thousands of people without power. utility crews are now preparing for what is expected to be an even rougher storm today. this all comes as the southeast continues to clean up after hurricane matthew. the death toll from which now stands at 41. here in florida, debris is washing up on east coast beaches making conditions. >> some of this debris can be as large as trees and other construction materials and if you were surfing or swimming in the ocean and you get hit by one these pieces of debris that is very large, it can cause severe injury. in north carolina, devastating flooding will remain and residents who refuse to leave to homes. the state's governor called matthew one of the most
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state has of seen. and i believe it. think of the scope from haiti to north carolina seeing devastating results from the storm. >> alcides: billions of dollars. >> anjuli: so many lives lost. >> lindsay: the rivers we are watching. have you noticed that the death toll continues to go up. a lot from the river flooding in north carolina sadly. matthew long gone. nicole well out in the atl atlantic. and take to you the pacific northwest because they are not used to a storm of this magnitude. kind of round one was thursday night and friday. round two not even here yet. you see the showers. i have the wind date on here. notice the brighter oranges and red near in this low-pressure system. that is enhanced by a piece of the polar jet stream. north and west we are talking wind near hurricane force. not to mention a whole lot of rain and even rough waves. so similar to a tropical set-up because these remnants with be traced back to a typhoon,
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crazy stuff. and adding these amounts up near the coast. couple areas near portland and seattle could pick up over a foot of rain. speaking of rain, this is a change, showers in tampa. lots of clouds, passing showers that have been moving from east to west and while most of them have been light, steady light rain is what we have been dealing with this morning. so let's zoom in the heart of our viewing area, and the bridges rather a little slick. take your you have the lights on. nothing severe. mainly light rain. temple terrace, downtown tampa, macdill air force base. town and country showers moving due west. rain has exited coastal pasco county and move over to portions of eastern hillsborough and even i-4. showers have made it. polk city, plant city. bartow and. and riverview showers over downtown tampa. further south, highlands county
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from sebring to extreme highlands and even wauchula dealing with showers. much warmer and not as comfortable. 75 in st. petersburg, 73 in new tampa. inverness. dade city 72. all above average. 72 englewood. bradenton, good morning at 73. 73 in arcadia. and those dew points are back to near 70. near summerlike value all because we brought in some moisture from th that is due to the east wind which is breezy by the bay today. so what is causing all this shower activity? well, the atlantic moisture. we have a little bit of up upper-level energy near this weak front. all this xwinld gives us a 30% rain chance. clouding up at times. we will climb to 87 this afternoon with hit or miss showers pushing west. and futurecast. look at the spotty variety near
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can't rule out a shower maybe not without the rain gear. we wake up to a shower. better chance of afternoon and evening showers and these also push west by tomorrow. may have to increase the rain chance to 40%. for now keep it at 30%. we are kind of near that second peak, full, of atlantic hurricane season. right on cue track tropical storm nicole moving northeast over the open atlantic but could regain hurricane strength later on today. 87 a couple of showers this afternoon. and tonight 72 with partly cloudy skies. isolated rain tonight. but scattered showers redevelop tomorrow afternoon. we will hit 85 on sunday. boating features that breezy northeast wind. the wave heights offshore at 3 to 4 feet. seven-day forecast not as f fall-like. morning lows are up. afternoons are seasonably warm. next weekend, a cold front may
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sneak in and may -- is the keyword. and 200 nations including the united states have reached a deal to limit the use of greenhouse gases. at issue are hfcs. it is used in refrigerators as well as reair conditioners. and the deal was brokered by secretary of state john kerry see richer countries like the u.s. and europe limit the use of hfcs by 2019. from there pool and developing countries will russia's un ambassador call tensions with the united states the worse since 1973. a string of events that brought relations to their current low. he pointed the blame to the current collapse of the cease-fire in cease wire and more bomb information ale pp and accusations that russia is medalling. russia would like to normalize relations with the u.s.
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restrictions on cuban goods, cigar as well rum. the obama administration is eliminating the $100 limit. most people are able to bring back dozens of cigars and several bottles of high-end r rum. >> this directive outlines the future we would like to see. a future of greater engagement, greater cooperation, and greater opportunity for americans and cubans. >> more than 160,000 americans that number is expected to double. hundred hvs thousands of cuban-americans visit family every single year. the new rules go into effect on monday but they won't be time buy cuban rum or cigars online. when we come back, a 4 foot 8 -- one football player is an inspiration and leader as well. >> anjuli: yes, she is. why a girl says she wouldn't want to be anywhere else but a
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we believe in families. in knowing your neighbors. in passing down traditions through generations. in lakewood ranch we believe in a community where we put down our roots.
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our annual model home spectacular beginning october 21st, featuring more than 50 stunning model homes to explore throughout our award winning community. you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> thanks for staying with us. time is 7:23. a high school senior in pennsylvania is proving to girls are tough too. >> anjuli: felicia perez
7:24 am
playing football for her high school last season, but some would argue the broken fingers prove otherwise. we have more on her fearless attitude. >> reporter: the drills during football practice that br brandywine high school have to be the toughest two hours to get through. even the toughest, does not bother 4 foot 8 middle l linebacker felicia perez. >> contact, any other sport you hi opinion you will get in tro trouble. this sport that's all do you is hit. >> you go the to be fast, felicia. >> reporter: coach mays remembers the first time they met. >> i extend and she gave me a firm handshake. almost broke my hand. a powerful hand shake. only that big. i wasn't expecting it. >> her small size makes it e easier to wrap up the biggest players leg. >> first practice you get pads. start hitting. you know i am real.
7:25 am
players to start at middle linebacker in the state. >> you know we got a girl that is tougher than some guys. she has been hurt in games. taped her fingers backed up and ran back out to the field. >> reporter: during games her ferocious tackling keeps the opponent from scoring. >> good job! [cheering] >> reporter: her mother andrea can be heard at every game. >> my mom freaked out on me at first. the boys are too big. >> you are going backwards. >> reporter: her mom said at first she was a little nervous. [screaming] [cheering] >> reporter: but now it doesn't bother her at all. >> i know she puts her heart and soul into it. i am proud of her. she is a tiny person out there on the field compared to some of the big boys out there. >> reporter: having a female middle linebacker on a football
7:26 am
>> throwing other all over the place. >> reporter: her spirit and determination to win is just like anyone else. >> anjuli: get them, girl. that is awesome. i loved her mom too. felicia graduates next year to and has big plans. they don't necessarily include football. she wants to join the military. she is leaning toward the air force. the only problem is she is scared of heights but i have no doubt she will overcome that. tough cookie. still to come on a mother facing severe consequences after letting her 7-year-old son behind the wheel of a car. and a lot of people still upset over sewage spills in pinellas county may have answers today. kellie cowan has more on tours being offered today. >> reporter: they can get answers and a nose full down here at the sewage treatment facility. there are actually two open today from 9 until 12 as officials try to create a
7:27 am
southeast sewage crisis in st. pete. i will tell you about it coming up. maybe you woke up early to showers on the rooftop. spotty showers pushing west. a cheney change of pace this a cheney change of pace this morning 75 here in tampa. the rain chance right now about 30%. showers moving right along most westward. we have them from tampa to bartow to even our area bri bridges.
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. >> alcides: thank you for joining us this saturday, i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: and i am anjuli davis. a check of the forecast with lindsay in a minute, but first
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after a case of road rage near a busy brandon shopping mall turned deadly. two cars were stopped in traffic near the king's row shopping center along bloomingdale avenue when 25-year-old kenneth cuevas got out of his car, walked back to the shooter's vehicle. heated words were then exchanged and shots were later fired. cuevas was shot once where he was taken to the hospital and later died. donald trump is facing even more allegations inappropriate sexual contact. two women, including a former contestant on "the apprentice" accused him of sexual assault. hillary clinton's campaign is on defense after her aides asked former president bill clinton to cancel a speech to the wall street out of fear the clintons may appear to be cozy with wall street. if you were thinking of heading to the beach this weekend, watch out for dead
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have high concentrations of red tide. red tide blooms are known to cause fish kills which is something we have seen at area beaches over the last few weeks. and breezy, too, at the beach today. our east winds have brought showers too. umbrellas is something you will need out the door and not everywhere but many spots including here in tampa. 72 degrees. moisture values are up hence the are fairly quick moving, but they are locally steady in many locations. so we will start into portions of polk county this morning where we have the heaviest of rain near bartow, plant city, and hop over to hillsborough county where we also have rain clearly as we just showed you and includes a damp go of it at the airplane, temple terrace. odessa seeing showers and now
7:32 am
county this morning including pinellas park, also shore acres dealing with light showers. still near sebring and showers south and near wauchula this morning. that rain chance overall at 3 30%. low to mid-70s. it feels somewhat muggy even if it is not raining. the rain chance this week 30% and hit or miss into the afternoon hour, so if a long outdoor event, i really wouldn't cancel your plans. just have a plan b. monday's rain chance down to 20% and still scattered clouds and we are above average in the heat department with highs in the mid-80s. after dumping millions of gallons of partially treated sewage into the bay during recent storms, the city of st. pete is taking an usual step. >> alcides: opening the doors at the sewage plant for a public tour. kellie cowan is live with more
7:33 am
kellie, this may be a good idea, isn't it? >> reporter: yeah, a good idea to show transparency, but as soon as we rolled up here, rolled down our windows, got our first whiff of it, i was wondering what i did to make you guys send me here this morning, and to add to it, now it's raining. but we will get through this. we will get through you this this morning. they are opening the doors at 9 a.m. to the public today at the northeast and northwest water treatment facilities in st. pete government transparency and officials on hand to answer any questions to the public as tours are given sods. mayor krisman said the city faced criticism after dumping gallons of sewage into waters after the storms this year. >> we are talking about millions and millions of dollars and a lot of money and
7:34 am
repairing these systems people ought to know what these systems are. >> reporter: to get a better idea what the water taxed systems are and what led to that crisis we experienced this summer and into this fall. just a wore of the wise for anybody who thinks about coming out today, the city is thinking of telling any potential visitors to wear closed-toed shoes, leave your heels at home appropriate for touring a sewage treatment facility. back to you guys. >> alcides: thank you so much. the chihuly collection is set to open in st. petersburg. it left the center in july when there wasn't enough space. the new location across the street on central avenue. taken months to gently unpack the glass sculptures. a private reception for the new people tonight followed by the public grant opening tomorrow.
7:35 am
90 years old today. the tampa theater will celebrate long and storied history by offering up several film screenings. "hugo" kicking things off at 11:45 followed by "the artist," "the cameraman." and the theatre organ will be put to good use. if you want to attend, bring your pennies, the theater is charging just $.5 a ticket just like they did when they first opened >> alcides: looks like a lot of fun. one of the best spots to grab a drink and take in the views of downtown tampa is getting national attention. the sail pavilion has been named the best dog-friendly bar or restaurant in the country by readers of"usa today." the sail is located along the riverwalk and offers water bowls for pups, cleanup stations, complimentary dog streets and a special menu for those four-legged friend. a woman in the keys is now
7:36 am
drugs to her. the monroe county sheriff's office says deputy at the jail near key west found an envelope and the it had a chemical smell to it. inside was a synthetic opioid. the send are was 55-year-old nadine carroll. she is in the same jail as her 127-year-old daughter shannon arrested for possession of cocaine. an alarming video that s shows a 7-year-old boy behind the wheel of the car has landed the boy's mom behind bars. he is only 7 years old. >> alcides: that's not smart. i am just saying, that is not smart. yeah. >> anjuli: my goodness. >> alcides: video posted by wanika glen. her son is behind the wheel that you just saw barely able to eover the steering column. someone reported the video to a school resource area and identified the child. according to the arrest report,
7:37 am
hour. she was charged with child neglect. checking social media sites to see if there are any other videos like this one posted online. he is not even wearing a seat belt, as if that helps. >> anjuli: one hand on the wheel. casual. my goodness. coming up president nixon's presidential library is open to the public again. >> anjuli: a sneak peek in the what if one of the biggest challenges we face down here... could be solved... simply by looking up there? what if unlimited, clean power was at your fingertips? what if it was good for consumers, good the economy and good for florida? it's not a "what if."
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the newly-renovated the newly-renovated richard nixon presidential the newly renovated richard nixon presidential labor is back open this weekend. >> anjuli: as william largeneusse, the meu makeover to educate citizens of the 37th president. >> therefore, i shall resign the presidency effective noon tomorrow. >> this is the watergate exhibit and we take it head on and look at the facts and the totality of the record you get a much better idea of what president nixon was about. >> what is the goal of the renovation? >> absolutely. i think the most important thing is for people to get a new look at richard nixon. a lot of people don't know that
7:41 am
southern schools or assistance to minority businesses. things we want to highlight so people get a deeper understanding of his legacy. the importance of the oval office and move into the most important thing that was confronting my grandfather when he was elected. one thing i want -- that i am proud of bring a live his and interactive exhibits and see history coming alive. everybody knows about the nixon tapes. this gives you a chance to pick up and listen to president nixon talking about, for instance in this case the lunar landing. all the lunar landings occurred under richard nixon's presidency. this handshake is extremely important because this showed that we were going to end decades of lack of communication and the hand shake was very symbolic of our new relationship with china. this gives you the view of my grandparents leaving from the chopper.
7:42 am
that is the story of my life. >> in addition to making the library more contemporary and more interactive. the renovation treats watergate more honestly and recognizing that one moment or mistake define richard nixon's 50-year career in politics. fox news. after the break, it looks like a familiar face here on fox 13 will be taking over for billy bush. >> a i can't wait to see that. and you can call it the ultimate cage match. a great white shark slams his way through the bars with a man inside. no thank you. no thank you. how he turned out coming up >> anjuli: crazy stuff. 7:42. seeing some showers for some of us. some of you may not be expecting that but a promise and we will see dry times and breaks in the clouds. cloudy in riverview, 73 degrees
7:43 am
out to sky tower and look at these showers. light and steady with a shield of showers north of tampa pushing north and west through pinellas county.
7:44 am
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care
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instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message because i'll never stop working for you. welcome back. the time is 7:46. nasa says a rocket engine burn designed to put the juno sp spacecraft closer to planet jupiter has been delayed. the space agency says next wednesday's maneuver enter juno's or bit after a five-year journey. back in august the solar power spacecraft made its closest pass bringing back stunning pictures of storms on the north pole. nbc "today show" is setting the stage for life without billy buffer. harry conic jr. will be hosting the third hour on monday and tuesday that role was held for bush who is off the air because
7:47 am
conversation with donald trump. he hosts his own talk show "harry" on fox 13. this is everyone's worst nightmare. a diver inside a shark cage suffers a terrifying moment after a -- after a great white ended up inside that cage with him. this happened off the coast of mexico's good loop island. the shark was lunging at bait when he broke throughout metal rail and got into the cage. you can see the fighting its way out. the diver obviously made his way out too. thankfully he managed to drop out of the bottom of the cage before the shark made it inside. he wasn't hurt. that reminds me of "jaws." which still freaks me out. i am just saying. >> anjuli: i would never do that, number one. but number two, can you imagine being convinced by your spouse. i can do it and then something like that happens?
7:48 am
dead in the cage. he is so luck pwhaep a close call. >> anjuli: even getting hit by the fin of those. >> lindsay: you saw him whipping through the cage. >> alcides: i am thinking he was an experienced diver. >> lindsay: looked like he knew what he was doing and made the right decision too. the weather is maybe going in the wrong direction, guys. started off this week, fall, crisp, comfortable. it's warmer and mo we have rain through the area. not raining currently in tampa and residual moisture on our tampa cam after a past -- not a quick moving shower but a shower that briefly passed by. it is 73 degrees. variable winds mainly out of the east and what that east wind has done is brought in moisture from the atlantic. if you look closely here, notice this steady stream of moisture between cape canaveral and melbourne. if this continues we may see good scattered showers through
7:49 am
everyone is seeing the rain and dry times as well. currently dry in downtown ta tampa. the steady rain especially north of interstate 4. temple terrace, we also have some showers moving north and west through hillsborough county. had some rain at the airport. these showers have pushed into portions of pinellas county and near i-4 it is a little slick. remember the windshield wipers will need their time do their thing. palm harbor, dunedin. hop over to portions of polk county where we have and you mainly see the light yellow shade. in a few spots. moderate rain. winter haven, your rain has been steady. i wouldn't be surprised if was half an inch because of the showers you have seen. pushing westward from bartow to lake mead. dry now. drying out at highlands because of steady rain and extends into portions of wauchula dealing with showers. where we are at tempe temperature-wise. low to mid-70s.
7:50 am
and dew points are back in the 60s and 70s, and not comfortable this morning and through the week, at least moderate humidity between that muggy range and not tropical range but well out of the dry range for hour. next weekend may see a cold front. 340 else are split on the timing and strength of it. satellite show washed out front to the north. the cooler, drier air never made it. what we are watching the northwest is a low-pressure system racing north and east. the video we will show you tomorrow will almost look like a hurricane is moving through the region and that low traces back to remnants of a typhoon. 50 to 60s from birmingham to nashville. a cold pocket from raleigh to burlington vermont in the 30s. game day, so let's have your forecast. all the games you are watching include the chance for showers. slim rain chance in talla tallahassee. my seminoles taking on wake forest at 3:30. 86.
7:51 am
mizzou. like we are seeing now, passing shower chance. the bulls at home taking on uconn. features a brief shower, but by tonight, most of that rain will be pushing west. a couple of showers. definitely a good deal of cloud cover. 86 for the afternoon high. tonight, partly cloudy. a couple of showers lingering with you not as many. 72 overnight. and for sunday, showers build west. i may have to increase the rain chance to 40%. right now keep right now in northeast winds are breezy. sea are in the moderate chop range. next seven days. rain chances this week and dry periods as well. show you next weekend -- but next weekend could be feeling a little more fall-like for us. 150 people came to tampa to become u.s. citizens.
7:52 am
as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
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that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs. there are 150 brand new there are 150 brand new you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: 150 brand-new citizens here in tampa bay. imgrants went through a naturalization ceremony friday in tampa. a lot of these folks lived in the u.s. for years even dec decades. as aaron mesmer decided with
7:55 am
wanted to be able to vote. >> chile. [applause] >> reporter: maria is a native of chile, but the u.s. is her home, it has been for 33 years, and that's why this oath to become an american citizen means so much more to her than some words. >> so help me god. >> put your hands down, congratulations new citizens. >> reporter: it puts a smile to her face and brings her to t tears. >> i was cryin whole ceremony. significance didn't expect to touch me so much but i felt american. >> reporter: why after three decades did she decide to get her u.s. citizenship. >> with the election coming up. >> this is to register to vote. >> reporter: she wants to vote in november and with immigration taking center stage at time during the campaign season, so do a lot of immigrants. >> it's scary to hear what's going on, but i would just like
7:56 am
>> reporter: she moved from the uk to the u.s. almost 22 years ago. she says she, too, want her vote to count. >> i want to participate and give -- give my opinion as i plan to be here. in this is where i belong. >> reporter: election soup sizers say they have seen an influx of newly registered voters following registration ceremonies. >> they are finally getting the right to exercise a vote and we are seeing a lot of activities at these events. probably 98% of them at least will that time. >> reporter: whichever candidate she shoos. the pointe is she is making a difference. >> one vote and my vote would count and it would be awesome. >> reporter: in tampa, aaron mesmer. now over to alcides with a look what is coming up at 8:00. still ahold on "good day tampa bay." kellie cowan is live in st. petersburg are the city is giving tours of the wastewater treatment plants. and friends and if family gather to remember a teen
7:57 am
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: a road rage incident in brandon turns deadly. this morning, learning more about the man killed. and it looks like tampa is going to the dogs. the tampa friendliest for fido in the entire country. good saturday morning, thank you for joining us i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: and i am anjuli davis. those stories in a minute but first lindy is here with the forecast. a little warmer. >> lindsay: a little warmer and wet. showers through the atlantic. they made their way through tampa bay and raining for a good chunk of the area. the rain around has mainly been light. we are currently between a batch of showers in downtown


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