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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  October 15, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: a road rage incident in brandon turns deadly. this morning, learning more about the man killed. and it looks like tampa is going to the dogs. the tampa friendliest for fido in the entire country. good saturday morning, thank you for joining us i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: and i am anjuli davis. those stories in a minute but first lindy is here with the forecast. a little warmer. >> lindsay: a little warmer and wet. showers through the atlantic. they made their way through tampa bay and raining for a good chunk of the area. the rain around has mainly been light. we are currently between a batch of showers in downtown
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from macdill to u.s. 41. steadier showers north of i-4, temple terrace as well as plant city dealing with showers this morning and these are pushing north and west and making their way to portions of pinellas. some of the first rain drops the day, citrus park, odessa, palm harbor and dunedin that are quickly moving no north-northwest. mostly sunny. dade city. the steadier pocket west of bulk city. hop over to polk county where we have that bravely been heavy and on the move, winter haven, lakeland, you are next raining for you now. eastern hillsborough dealing with showers and hardee, desoto highland pushing west-northwest and extreme eastern portions of sarasota county. starting off the day cloudy, lingering moisture. 72 degrees with that east wind. we will hop over to clearwater this morning where it is 73 degrees, cloudy. i wouldn't cancel your beach
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keep an eye on the radar. have a flies go inside. 73, brandon, 73, tampa. 74 in sarasota. should in the 60s this time of year and mid-80s this afternoon. there is that 30% rain chance, returning to 30% this afternoon and so wetter than what we have seen by far from a washout today. what about sunday? we will look at those rain chances too and the week ahead coming up. >> anjuli: thank you, lindsay. clearwater police are happening near gulf to bay boulevard and highland avenue. the victim was shot multiple times. he was rushed to the hospital but his injuries are not life-threatening. we will continue to keep you updated as we learn more. a case of road rage turns deadly in brandon. it happened at the intersection of west blooming dale and south kings avenue. two carvings were stopped in traffic when 25-year-old kenneth cueva got out his vehicle and walked back to the
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shots were fired. cuevas was hit once and he was taken to the hospital where he later died. a witness said the scene was chaotic. >> we are sitting out here waiting for a table and we are hear pop, pop roar pop. everybody is startled and a shooting right in front of us. this is a great neighborhood. >> alcides: the shooter pulled off the road and waited for deputies. the two had an altercation before the incident. deputies friday night football takes on a more somber tone in tampa. students at hillsborough high school remember 17-year-old ashley perdomo. a senior killed in a hit-and-run crash on wednesday night. the senior night game was a chance for the student body to come together and grieve. before the kickoff a balloon release and a moment of sil silence. they are still coming to grips with the loss. >> her last words to me was i
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we were basically like sisters. >> for me it is really hard. i break down. i try not to break down but it is. >> anjuli: friends call her a happy person who was always smiling. the driver in that case is out of jail after posting $15,000 bond. nicholas constio said he was rr is the road and didn't know he hit a person even though significant damage to his car. he will tells us he feels awful about what happened. >> i can only imagine. it would be like my sister. you know what i mean. >> reporter: anything you want to say to them? i mean, what can i say. there are no words to express how one feels at this point. especially for -- for the young later. >> florida highway at that payroll says he tried to file
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the insurance agent was suspicious and called 911. st. pete saw some harsh backlash after hurricanes h hermine and matthew overran the city's water system. officials were forced to dump millions of partially treated sewage into tampa bay outraging people who live in that area in hopes of winning back community's trust. offering back a tour of one of their facility treatment facilities. >> reporter: kellie cowan is live thisor >> reporter: hey, good morning to you guys. we have stepped inside the central nervous system at the northeast water treatment facility in st. pete. one of two that will be open today from 9 until noon for tours as the city tries to create more transparency with the image of its sewage treatment problems. i am joined by interim director john palanchar. tell us build about where we are and the tour that will be
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water reclamation facility in st. petersburg, and we are in the control room right now. as you said it is the central nervous system of our water reclamation facility. our wastewater facility. what we have here is our control panel, and this is where essentially the whole plant can be run right from this very room. the operator can go out and do field variation. and everything is controlled via computer and can be run right through this control panel. >> this is comfortable place to be because it smells significantly better than it does outside. this is not the only place you will be taking people. you will be taking people out on-site. >> what we will be doing is bring people in here for our open house to give people ownership. have them have a sense of what it is that their waste of water bills are paying for and a more educated discussion about the issues regarding wastewater treatment and the city of st. petersburg's infrastructure and really to highlight it and
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>> i am surety big question that you will get today is, how do we prevent the crisis that we saw this summer and this fall, and what are you doing to make sure that doesn't happen again? >> well, what we want to start with is changing the culture within our organization and also our communications with the public. we want to, first, create a churl of trust and a culture of communication so that we can work on issues and get input from everybody within our organization, and then we want to be better with the public regarding what we are doing at -- at our facilities to try to improve. coupled with the underground infrastructure that we -- that we need to improve and the wastewater that we need to critically improve. so we are operating with that process in mind to bring those issues to the forefront. >> reporter: some of the potentials increasing capacity an repairing the aging
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>> yes. so it is a two-fold issue. you have capacity issues the ability to treat the waste watcher and the aging infrastructure where it is actually leaking into the pi pipes. , and so we need to repair those pipes and refuse the leaks. and treat capacity of the wastewater that is getting in. >> thank you so much, john. i am going to send it back to you guys in the studio but obviously a problem that won't be solved even in the coming months. it will take a while and also take tomorrow input from city we will need to, of course, vote on some very expensive programs and policies that they simply put off for far too l long. send it back to you guys in the studio. >> alcides: transparency is critical an starts this mor morning. >> anjuli: thank you, kelie. transportation officials are banned all galaxy note 7 phones from going on airplanes. starting today the passengers can bring the phones on board that include carry-on and
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cargo. anyone who sneaks a phone on the plane could face penalties and fines. it comes after several phone exploded. some of the replacements from exploded as well. samsung suspended the manufacture and sale of these phones. for long now, uber and lyf, it said the county officials have favor now they have prove. recently release maim h mail showing they invited cab and limo companies in a series of targeting. the ride-sharing services are banned in the county and last spring, fake customers would order an uber or lyft and when the drivers showed up they would be slapped with adds 700 ticket. the fake customers were actually cab and limo employees
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trap. >> how are you going to hav fair competition if the executive director is actually in bed with the cab companies trying to take out another competitor? >> anjuli: now we reached out to the chief inspector setting up the stings, they denied our request for an on-camera interview but a statement said that in retrospect involving cab and limo companies and the stings were not a good idea. the waiving the fines that were issued to uber and lyft drivers during that sting. in just about two months, southwest airline also begin flights from tampa to havana cuba. made the announcement this week. and travelers back from cuba can bring home all the cuban rum and cigars they want. the pwa obama administration is eliminating the. they are subject to the same
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fact products from other countries as well. the first step in normalizing relations with cuba; however, the overall trade embargo with cuba remains that place. an act of congress is set to appeal it and some lawmakers are resisting. in the eyes of barack obama and hillary clinton, former secretary of state, the cuban people are suffering because not enough american tourists vit it that country, when in truth, the cuban people are suffering because they live under a, i ran cal under a, i ran cal dictatorship. >> alcides: more than 160,000 visited that island yas year for. certain restriction must be applied to going to those countries. the hot spot along tampa's river walk around top honors from the readers of"usa today." the sail pavilion the best d dog-friendly restaurant in the u.s.
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directory and readers voted on them. water bowls for dogs, cleanup stations, complimentary doggy treats, and even a special menu for four-legged fans. boone is a big fan. boone approved., check, check. >> alcides: a lot of dogs. our fair share of weather in the bay area and folks in the pacific northwest are being hit. >> the damage being done there when we look back. >> the lightning look back what coach cooper has to say about the team's come come-from-behind win. after a taste of fall this week, a little more summerlike this morning and showers this morning but none in st. petersburg. i will take you looking east at quite a bit of cloud cover this morning and a swift east wind, 74 degrees. look how this rain. not to stay won't be a rainout by any means.
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tampa bay." >> anjuli: the pacific northwest riding out bad weather. winds expected to reach 70 miles per hour in some parts of washington state, and according to the national weather ser service, the storm could be the strongest that area could seen in a decade. this video is from the coast guard, it shows strong winds in la push, washington, and unfortunately more bad weather is expected there today. >> alcides: all this rain and wind causing some damage in
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damaged by falling trees. a tornado may have touched down. a series of tornado warning around 10:30. the city declared a state of emergency to deal with the cleanup effort. hurricane matthew may be long gone but people in parts of north carolina are still dealing with major flooding. the marion county area hit hard by rain from the storm. they got more than 15 inches of rain in mullins. high, rushing water is still a big issue for many people there. florida are warning residents even though hurricane matthew is long gone, the beaches are still a dangerous place to be. in volusia county, beaches have been closed since that storm not because of the choppy wa water, but they are warning people that the storm debris is sill washing ashore. they hope to have those beaches open hopefully some time this weekend but depends on the storm debris washing a shore. >> anjuli: how long it takes. >> lindsay: that east wind brought in that dry,
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and that onshore wind. honestly this weekend the same weather pattern continues and a wait-and-see situation for their beaches. >> anjuli: beautiful stretch of weather. hillary clinton hin we have been spoiled rotten. florida clouds and higher humidity this morning. not as crisp this weekend. not as dry this weekend brookdale bayhis or her. an east wind at 10. and steadier raindrops on our net cam. if you have beach plans today, you will want to keep your eyes to the eastern sky. it will be a gusty day. east winds at 21 in sirata beach. 71 with more clouds than sun. and showers while her hit or miss, a lot of us are seeing them this morning and they are coming in from the east where
8:18 am
atlantic moisture our direction. we will start a fairly intense sky tower radar tour at least from what we have seen all week. sprinkles is what we did see, and now we have steady mainly light rain from temple terrace up toward west of the airport. spotty light showers from palm harbor to new port richey, odessa, land o lakes. zephyrhills. near i-4 especially as we head further east into pushing due west. haines city is fairly wet and winter haven is fairly wet. bartow, you just have a lighter somehow are. these extend toward brandon as well. portions of manatee county have been dry until now. light showers near duette and myacca, wauchula and arcadia dealing with showers as well. temperatures out the door low to mid-70s. that is a warmer change. 74 in st. petersburg.
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dade city, 72. crystal river, 72. lots of 70s. north port at 71. 74 in bradenton. 72 in arcadia and haines city at 72. our dew points are back in that medium green shade. back to near 70 hence the rain. the east wind will stay breezy at times near the coast and will help the showers move from east to west. not just today but tomorrow through the week ahead. we will keep the rain chance in daily. a few coverage 30%. down monday and tuesday to 20% and then build the rain with chance ahead of a cold front that may move through late next weekend. so that fall-like air will be delayed for a bit. a stalled front to the north that is enhancing a little lift in the atmosphere today. more clouds than sun. climb to 86 for a high 1 degrees above average. look at all the clouds on futurecast. check out the wind arrows from east to west.
8:20 am
and miss again at some point you will probably see some rain even into dinner tonight. turn off the faucet somewhat tonight. for the usf game. maybe keep an eye on the radar and not expecting thunderstorms. just showers that return on sunday and push westward throughout the day. so today, we will hang on to scattered clouds. at least a few showers out there now. 86 for the high. tonight, 72. partly cloudy. a couple of showers but not as many. but they are pushing west on sunday 85 for the high. more clouds than sun at time. filtered sun. a moderate chop if you were boating use caution. low tide if you were continue to 8:01 on st. pete pier. seven-day forecast, not quite as county administrator cool in the morning and seasonably warm. a few hours daily. if we can show you next weekend, i would promise that some of it is less humid and
8:21 am
head coach john cooper says thursday's game had that playoff feel to it. amalie arena was packed, and the fans were already in post season mode for such a young core of players, they don't play like it. case in point, the team did not panic when they were down thursday against the red wings. it happened when the bolts found themselves down two goals while the bench was calm an collected. marquette found an opening and pulls the lightning within a goal. brian boyle with this wicked approximately wrister. the lightning would score four straight goals before putting the game out of reach for the wings. cooper believes this e even-keeled approach even when they are down in the game is key to the team's success. >> one of the staples of our team that is really -- well, we have grown since i have been here is, you know, just the calm in the bench. you have seen this before.
8:22 am
we felt like we were playing good and playing well. if we just kept going and keep pushing and keep pushing and special teams took over after that. >> the usf bulls are well on their ways to accomplishing one their preseason goals and that is beat every team in the acc est. they knocked off cincinnati and east carolina. next up is uconn. the huskies is a team that always given the bulls fits. though the bulls have come out on top. another thing earn with a win today is bowl eligibility. something that seemed like only a stram when willie tag erpt took over but the norm around u.s. taggert is ready for a new n norm. >> want to be -- always want to be a norm. you want that to be a norm around here, but you want much more than that. our guys want much more than
8:23 am
it because it didn't give us what we ultimately wanted. so we got to take care of business and stay on track like we have been doing. usf is one of many schools to of mezik davis a schol scholarship. he broke hillsborough county's all-time rushing record and touchdown record. he needed 196 yards and finished with 214 yards five touchdowns last night. davis celebrated the accomplishment on the field with his parents and teammates. congrats to him. by the way jesuit beat robinson 56-3. the lightning will host the devils tonight at 7:00. that will do it for sports. from a good day, tampa bay. looking for funnel to do next weekend.
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looking to get out of the looking to get out of the house this w are you looking to get out of the house this weekend? we have just the thing for bunch of hot happenings going on around the bay area. >> alcides: we will start with this cool interaction with dinosaurs today. jurassic quest takes over at the florida state fairgrounds. walk among 50 life-size animatronics dinosaurs. ride dinos, dig for bones and jump in the bounce house. it all starts at 9:00. tickets start at $15 for kids
8:27 am
who are you? >> hugo. >> where do you live? >> is it a secret? >> yes. >> oh, good, i love secrets. >> so you are alone. >> not completely. >> anjuli: you and the family can check out "hugo" at the tampa theatre today. all part of their 90th birthday celebration and celebrating by rolling ticket prices what they were in 1926, that is just $.25 apiece. "hugo " airs at 11:45. ? ? ?. >> anjuli: or check out "the artists" the 2011 best picture crosses the world of silent films and talkies. "the artist" screening is 3:15. >> alcides: comedian heather mcdonald. best known for her appearance
8:28 am
but her book is a "new york times" best seller. two shows 7:30 and 10:00. one tomorrow at 7:00. tickets start at $20. musical and theatrical ensemble celtic thunder bring their brand-new show legacy to south florida. they are performing at the van wezel performing arts hall. the show celebrates the influence of irish and celtic music all around the world. show starts at 8. tickets start at $35. the 7th annual flavor of west tampa is 11 to 3 p.m. this year easy vent will be bigger than ever before and will be held at that park so different activities and, of course, food and a whole lot of fun from local eateries. the event raised to -- aimed to raise awareen for the judeo health clinic. they provide medical help. so i will be out there and come by and say hi. >> anjuli: catch comedienne
8:29 am
the writer and star of "inside amy schumer" was the first female comic. there is a handful of tickets left in the show all starts at 7:30. >> lindsay: that's exciting of you hosting the west tampa -- >> alcides: going to be fantastic. starts at 11:00 at al lopez. every year bigger and bigger and expecting the biggest crowd and a great non-for opinion profit come by and say hi. >> lindsay: alcides, bring your umbrella if you were out and about. >> alcides: don't say that. >> lindsay: at the beach you are saying what rain. cloudy but no rain. 73 in clearwater beach. and showers while they are moving right along. some are locally heavy and picking up in intensity right along i-4. if that is your route from plant city to disney. keep it slow. take your time. heavier. we will time out afternoon rain
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from number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> lindsay: a warmer, cloudy start to the day and for many of us a rainy start. in between showers brookdale, bayshore. kind of what we expect. showers and breaks and a few more. it is 72 brookdale bayshore. that east wind has made it feel a little muggier this morning. look at all those clouds in river view. plenty of cloud cover and 73 degrees and plenty of showers near i-4 this morning and look at the direction where we are
8:33 am
and this will help you plan your day. look to the eastern sky for showers to build. most of us will be light today and we will see a couple of heavier pockets and that is the case literally for a good chunk of i-4 from plant city to north of kissimmee this morning. take it slow. no lightning but definitely more than just a sprinkle which is kind of what we saw this week. we are upping it a bit for today. showers north of tampa. we have light rain from brandon to lutz to plant city and even tarpon springs. you have the sprinkle.morning. speaking of sprinkles there are some. i don't want to forget about southeastern hillsborough. but these aren't amounting to much. steady rain from duette to wauchula. a lot going on in the rain department. in the temperature department, no 60s. we are in the low to mid-70s above average out the door. could be warmer. miami saying, hey, it is october and we are at 82 degrees this morning. as we take you through the next couple of days, rain chances at
8:34 am
tomorrow. the time right is almost 8:34. a check of today's top stories. a motorcyclist is dead after a crash in peninsula back that happened around -- in pinellas park. a car collided with a motorcycle. the driver of the car was not hurt, but his passenger which happened to be a young girl was taken to the hospital and tr treated for minor injuries. a parachuter from dunnellon is deadft small passenger plane. it was 1200 feet in the air. marion county deputies say the man was part of a group of jumpers practicing mil military-style parachuting. witness s in that plane say the man's reserve chute deployed by accident, pulled him out of the aircraft, he hit the site of plane and fell to the ground. look at the red areas on your map. they have high concentration of red tide. beaches in pinellas, manatee
8:35 am
red tide blooms are known to kill fish. unfortunately, we have seen hot spots across bay area beaches the last couple of weeks. red tide can cause respiratory issues. another neighborhood in miami are now in the center for the fight against zika. five people have been infected in a one square mile north of little haiti. the third miami neighborhood identified where mosquitos have transmitted the virus to people. the new zika zone is three they confirmed the first cases transmission in the u.s. doctors have traced more than 100 cases of local transmissions back to those three neighborhoods. take a look at this. a south florida organization. taking on isis with harsh wo words. the billboard is sponsored by the coalition of south florida muslim organizations. it reads, hey, isis, you suck. from actual muslims. it is part of a campaign to
8:36 am
condemn terrorism as well. the billboard also quotes a verse from the quoran that says life is sacred. a good samaritan stops his car in the middle of a busy road in south florida to help an elderly pedestrian. incredible video. the man fell in the middle of the street while the light was green. surprisingly cars swerved around him as he collapsed on the pavement. the dash cam caught the whole thing. he couldn't believe tha kept driving. >> my first reaction is why isn't anyone stopping, you k know. not just to help him -- why aren't people stopping because there is an old man lying in the road. >> you can see shaw get out to help the man. he flagged down some other cars to help lift him up and bring him safely to the other side of the road, and thankfully that man was not seriously hurt. a florida afterschool program is working to keep kids out of trouble and teach them something along the way. it is all a part of a program
8:37 am
guns. their idea is to keep kids out of trouble by giving them something more to focus on. the volunteer mentors check on report cards and even offer actualityering. >> it helps us stay out of violence and other things that can get you even jail or in the grave. that's what the program is about. being good in school. being good in your life. >> the program started back in 2008. since then, it has expanded to six schools in miami and chicago. still recovering from matthew, volunteers are reaching out to haiti. they are especially busy in miami yesterday. this group is collecting donations from the community, things like food, water, medical and hygiene supplies. among the volunteers were football players and cheerleaders who wanted to donate their time. >> and whatever we can do to help the people of haiti. when matthew came, it destroyed the country and certain parts that we know of, and we know that they need -- they are very
8:38 am
help. >> right now the group has most of the supplies they need and they need a way to move them. looking for someone to lend them a forklift to work faster. hurricane matthew left a trail of devastation in haiti killing at least 500 people. an 87-year-old woman was without power for about three days but claire olson. she wasn't worried. she said she has weathered plenty of hurricanes before especially living in the palm coast. when her grandson didn't hear from her, he got worried and called p grandmother. but then -- but they were actually overwhelmed with the storm. so instead he called papa john's. he had the delivery driver call him on his cell phone when he got to the door. listen in. >> and she heard her grandson's voice and her eyes lit up. >> very thankful and happy could do something that good. >> i felt really good. >> alcides: very neat and a great idea. wilson received a pepperoni
8:39 am
thereafter and she called all of her family and friends to show she was okay. pepperoni pizza from papa john's after a storm. >> anjuli: good grandson. >> a perk for amazon prime members. >> anjuli: diving into the food delivery business. >> alcides: if you only eat gluten free, going to breakfast is a bit of a pain. eating anything is a bit of a
8:40 am
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it is 8:41. if you have a commute inen intolerance, sometimes you have to skip on yummy breakfast sandwiches and pastries. and you don't have to script it at craft cafe. everything is made in-house and it is gluten free. i visited a coffee chop with a echo friendly twist. >> once you are in you are hooked. >> reporter: not your average coffee house. >> i wanted customs in and feel like they were in my dining room and kitchen at the same time. my whole premise was to re-create the bakery experience i grew up with and a whole other generation as well. and not have to worry about what you are eating. >> reporter: out front, customers notice the up-cycled wood wall art made by a local artist. the counters and tables are made of reclaimed wood too. in the back of the popular shop where the magic happens, in the kitchen. >> this is a pinwheel.
8:43 am
>> reporter: everything served at craft cafe is gluten free. >> this means not having anything -- with wheat or g gluten a composition of wheat. >> there is a science to gl gluten-free. i figured it out and i basically what i know from the regular patry and took it over and learned the math. cookies, cupcakes and even pizza is made a low tap mill process so maintains vitamins and min minerality and we freeze all our grains. >> you don't feel bloated and that the food is slowing you down throughout the day. >> reporter: some customers are shocked to learn they are eating gluten free. >> the bread is gluten free. the sandwich i am eating every day. part of the satisfying process. >> reporter: people love the gluten-free options or the
8:44 am
slow drip called kyot o drip. >> reporter: to go containers made of recyclable materials and water is purifies through reverse osmosis. >> the environment. the more we take the more empathy we have. >> reporter: produce comes from local farms. >> organic romaine lettuce and buy from local farms like glory road gardens. >> the staff is super friendly. the food is really good. >> reporter: coming back for more. >> st. pete has such a good heartbeat to it. people gravitate within people are doing something well. >> reporter: craft cafe hats only been open for a year and a half and always seemed continue to busy. 6653 central avenue in st. petersburg, and they are expanding to a new location this fall. everything at in you a in the spot will be gluten free too. it tastes delicious. congrats on their success.
8:45 am
the day. some rain, some breaks in the clouds, a breezy east wind. 74 in st. pete in morning. while most of the rain is fairly light, not the case for i-4.
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as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office itize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren. as state attorney, i'll make our county safer for our families. polk county deputies are
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looking for the woman on the screen that helped steal a school bus according to detectives. 36-year-old kim lobb was caught on surveillance video stealing the bus late wednesday night or thursday morning the driver noticed it was gone when she started her route. deputy started start found the bus but they are still looking for her. a 24-hour hotline of people who may needing halloween costumes. creepy clown incidents all around the country and even here in the bay area. uf officials say they want students to give them a call if they see disturbing or offensive costumes. amazon prime is now offering food delivery service right here in tampa. prime members can have food from popular tampa restaurants delivered right to their door in less than an hour. no make-up or service fees for those users, but do you have to
8:49 am
by the way will cost you $100 bucks. right now it is available for anyone who lives in tampa. this comes for uber eats opening. there is no need to ever leave your house apparently. >> lindsay: no grocery as soon shopping. >> anjuli: the ship app where they grocery shop for you get food delivered to the door. >> anjuli: i like the options these days. kick up the feet, order in, good to go. >> lindsay: even breakfast for a rainy m >> anjuli: what did you say lindsay. >> lindsay: breakfast on a rainy morning like today. you want your coffee and ba bagels. try that out. a couple of showers this morning, guys -- dry in tampa. 72 degrees. an east wind. we have it all week and eventually with this wind, you know, the moisture makes a c comeback. it has this morning and so has the cloud cover. 72 as i mentioned in brookdale bay. shored. hop over to sirata beach. 74 degrees. look at that wind near the
8:50 am
boating plans use caution and keep it near shore as exercise caution is in play offshore. 74 this morning. a couple of breaks in the clouds and area wide, more clouds than sun because of this showers on move from east to west. as you look over to cape canaveral and melbourne, instead of that moisture near the coast, it is kind of pulling away. what that tells me is over the next couple of hours, fewer showers and we will get back to that forecast of 30% rain an mainly been light. mainly and not all of it. polk city. that rain is coming down pretty good. racing westward. the rain a little lighter near i-4. lakeland your drive and north and west and we have heavier showers north of plant city this morning and those are also pushing north and west. hop over to northern hillsborough county and portions of pasco. hudson some sprinkles. new port richey some sprinkles. you get the idea.
8:51 am
light rain in brandon and light rain south and east of ruskin. wauchula have some showers. arcadia have some showers. myacca city has showers. temperatures haven't changed because of clouds and the rain and warmer in the low 70s. our dew points are higher as well and instead of that yellow hu e earlier in the week in the dark green which means muggier start. game day and stray shower for my seminoles taking on wake not much rain in tallahassee. probably a better chance at the swamp. the gators taking on missouri. showers at 4:00. nothing worth cancelling outdoor tailgates. you may want to be under one of those tents. brief shower at usf taking on uconn. 83 degrees and rain should be dwindling for us. highs in the low to mid-80s. 87 in brandon. 86 and 87 in tampa. and in the tropics, tropical
8:52 am
but get this, could be a hurricane for the third time in its lifetime later today. look how quick it is moving at 17 miles per hour, but it is lifting north out to sea. in the next five days no development expected but our models have been a little wishy-washy on caribbean watching late next week. 86 a few showers today. scattered clouds will be ruling the skies. fewer clouds with lower rain chance tonight and as we head into sunday as that 30% chance builds west in the afternoon, a high of 85 deg degrees. my seven-day forecast not quite as crisp or comfortable. next weekend or early next week, both of the reliable models bring in a pleasant cold front that will bring that humidity down again. we will have to wait a week for that. we have some special first birthday wishes this morning. start with jail head-on is turning 1 today. he loves playing outside with his brother eating cookies, yum, and watching "sesame
8:53 am
first birthday wish out to laura. she loves giving kisses -- look at that hair. she is cute. loves giving kisses. jumping around with her big brother and very much a daddy's you know me, i grew up here. and while politics and the political parties may have... changed, i haven't. i've always stood up to the special interests and for... to protect social security and medicare. for women's healthcare, and our veterans. in congress i won't let them privatize the va, cut social security and medicare, take away a women's right to choose, or defund planned parenthood. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message, because i'll put you, the people first.
8:54 am
sfx - [birds] to sample the world's most delicious fresh seafood dishes... you can take a boat sfx -- [boat bell]
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a train sfx -- [train horn blowing] or you can just let us pack you a bag publix seafood cook-in-bag dinners choose your favorite seafood then choose the internationally inspired flavors to pair it with. pack a bag for adventure tonight
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the movies this weekend? the movies this weekend? you have m all right, are you looking to hit the movies a lot to choose from. fox's shows what you is new. >> reporter: last week's box office champ "the girl on the train" has city of competition starting with kevin heart "what now." the funny man's fifth live stand-up project. >> sold a football stadium out tonight. hoping to get a lot of lahs but before he hits the stage the comic teams with don cheadle and halle berry for a short vignette. also hitting theatres "accountant." ben affleck is a math sa savant/hired assassin being tracked by the treasury department. the sci-fi adventure "max steel" follows a teen and his
8:57 am
the gritty "desert.o" being chased across the desert by a lawless vigilante. >> for once wanted to do the right thing. >> reporter: "priceless" inspirational on a widower who agrees to drive a truck cross country but must face a difficult choice when he discovers he is working for a >> a larger hand at play here.
8:58 am
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we believe in families. in knowing your neighbors. in passing down traditions through generations. in lakewood ranch we believe in a community where we put down our roots. this is our town. this is our common ground. experience it yourself during the tour of homes. our annual model home spectacular beginning october 21st, featuring more than 50 stunning model homes
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another case of road rage another case of road rage in the bay area.. another case of road rage in the bay area. this one turning deadly. what investigators are telling us about this case. plus, a look the latest sexual assault allegations against donald trump and what clinton e-mails. >> where is it? did it go under? >> alcides: a daring rescue on camera as good samaritans spring into action to save a 68-year-old woman from a sinking car. >> anjuli: my goodness. >> announcer: from the number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: good morning and welcome to "good day tampa


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