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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  October 15, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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another case of road rage another case of road rage in the bay area.. another case of road rage in the bay area. this one turning deadly. what investigators are telling us about this case. plus, a look the latest sexual assault allegations against donald trump and what clinton e-mails. >> where is it? did it go under? >> alcides: a daring rescue on camera as good samaritans spring into action to save a 68-year-old woman from a sinking car. >> anjuli: my goodness. >> announcer: from the number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: good morning and welcome to "good day tampa
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>> alcides: i am alcides se segui. thank you so much for joining us. lindsay is here to talk about the forecast. the temps are here for so long. >> lindsay: for some of us it has been rainy. clouds toward the west, toward the beach. we are drier in pinellas. we are at 74 degrees here in tampa this morning and quite a bit of cloud cover where we did see the showers, which in many spots is still raining but i think we will turn off the faucet and and introduce spotty afternoon showers that will push west throughout the day. while most of it has been light, tracking moderate pockets west of i-4 now. west of polk city. north of plant city. maybe briefly clipping the south end of zephyrhills. dry in downtown tampa. north steady light rain with. a couple of sprinkles in coastal pinellas but not many north of new port richey we have showers.
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showers. north of myacca city. arcadia dealing with rain as well and that will be binding down shortly. a couple of have you jumped this hour if it is not raining sarasota at 76 opinion 74 in tampa. 75 in winter haven. as we spell out our saturday, clouds and a few showers and clouds again. hit or miss rain. the coverage is 30% and a warm afternoon despite the clouds. we will climb to 86 today. >> alcides: all right, lindsay, thank you. police man after a case of road rage near a busy brandon shopping mall turned deadly. two cars were stopped in traffic near the kings row shopping center along bloomingdale avenue. kenneth cuevas got out and walked back to the shooter's vehicle. words were exchanged and shots fired. he was shot once and taken to the month where he later died. a motorcyclist was killed along u.s. 19 near gateway
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four-door nissan collided with that motorcycle. the driver of the nissan was not hurt but his passenger was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. so far no names have been released. and clearwater beach continue to investigate a shooting near the intersection of gulf to bay boulevard and highland avenue. not many details on this story but police are telling us that the victim was shot multiple times. he was taken to the hospital and his injuries at this point appear to not be life-threatening. of course we will bring you latest information as soon as it becomes available. after dumping millions of dollars of partially treated sewage into the bay area -- bay area waters. the city of st. pete is taking an unusual step this morning. >> they are opening up the doors to the sewage plants for a public tour, and station's kellie cowan is live in pinellas county for us. what does the city hope to gain by doing this? >> reporter: well, they are hoping to create transparency here and also what we are going
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i will turn it over here and i have the chief of this plant here with me to kind of explain what is going on here. we are looking a a microscope and microbes. this looks like 9th grade biology for me. explain what is going on here because happens in a daily basis. >> part of the process to check the health of the biological process in the aeration tank to make sure that the biological process is actually healthy and we do this on a couple of days or every other what the process is doing. we enjoy doing that. >> reporter: these little guys actually -- they show up in the water and they are an integral part of treating the water h here. >> yes. and this is naturally found in the environment, and what we love doing is use is this as an indicator to basically see how we are treating our process. so these microorganisms are actually treating and actually -- they have been here longer than we have.
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make sure everything is working correctly because one indicator would february they are all dead, there is an oxygen problem. >> one of the things that we do is we check for oxygen in the tanks and if they have an abundant amount of oxygen at the beginning of the process you have a toxic kit. that is another indication that we actually check our treatment on a -- every minute of the day while we are checking the health of this biological process. >> reporter: so a bit of a us. look at what one of workers is doing over here. >> this is after they go through the aeration tank and this shows when the solids actually settle to the. bottom of the clarifier and what we do is we actually take -- and the biological process is investigate down, selling down and we actually skim the
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clarifiers. and this is -- this gives us an indication how they are c compacting. they are fluffy and compacting and this is exactly what we want to see. >> reporter: at the end this clear water that is coming out of here. >> that is the effluent of the treatment, and that is one of the sample points that we actually use to actually see how the treatment of the water is actually being treated. >> reporter: so there you have it. science going on here, guys. previewing he got a lot of laughs from community members that he talked to -- a lot of questions, why would i want to go to a sewage treatment plant. there is science going on. a lover of science or you have questions of sewage spills, why that took place. staff on hand all morning. if you want to check out microbes, they have those down here too. 9 to noon, the northeast and
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personal tour. >> anjuli: a lot of people justifiably concerned about it. thank you so much, kellie. another top story this morning. a pensacola man is facing five years in prison after investigators say he sent terrorist threats to a local sheriff. the u.s. attorney general's office said regis walker sent a letter to escambia sheriff david morgan back in june. that letter claimed that several isis member would simultaneously bases, beaches and schools and could not be stopped. they matched fingerprints to walker who is a registered sex offender. florida's highest court now says a death sentence needs a unanimous jury. the supreme court struck down a newly enacted law that allowed someone to be sentenced to death as long as 10 out of the 12 jurors recommended it. this morning all death penalty cases and executions are on
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as of this morning, there are 385 inmates on florida's death row. open enrollment for flo florida's prepaid college tuition begins today. prices are up by 2%. a traditional four-year anniversary plan will cost 187 per month up $4 from the previous year. any is eligible to take part in that program. uber and that hillsborough county transportation officials are showing favoritism to taxi companies. recently released e-mails see this ptc used cab and limo drivers to order rides with uber and lyft. when the driver showed up they were slapped with $700 tickets. mayor bob buckhorn said it is proof that the commission is in cahoots with the cab and livery companies. >> the ptc has clearly taken sides in issue.
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they are going with, uber and lyft. let's nut to bed. >> ptc officials denied a request for an on-camera interview. they said in retrospect pro involving cab and limo company and the stings was, quote, not a good idea. and the ptc has no intentions of waiving those fines. >> the race for the white ho house, donald trump is facing even more allegations this morning of inappropriate sexual contact. these are the two w came forward yesterday with accusations against trump. the woman on the left side of your screen is kristen and anderson. she spoke exclusively to "the washington post." the woman on the right is former apprentice contestant upper zerbos. said trump kissed her. and that he put her hand up her skirt at a night club in the 1990s. trump have denied both
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another batch of wikileak e-mails show that her aides asked president clinton to cancel his speech over the appearance that the clintons are a little too kozy with wall street. the e-mails were released when she was supposed to announce her campaign for president. she didn't want her husband to cancel but eventually was convinced that cancelling was the right step for that campaign. plenty of cruises >> sometimes we want to stay on board and forget about our real life responsibilities, right. one that may leave you with an opposite problem. an almost year-long cruise coming up next. maybe you are cruising down to the beach. a lot of clouds and a sprinkle at best. nothing worth cancelling your plans. get out and enjoy. not as hot because of clouds. low to mid-80s with a few showers coming from the east today.
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i think we are kind of winding down steady morning rain. still heaviest north of i-4. full radar tour and a talk of the sunday forecast foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs,
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kes a big appetite go away. foster farms corn dogs.
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there's been a spike i there has been a spike in leasing cars lightly, but is it the best move for you or is buying even better? >> anjuli: fox consumer reporter sorbani banergee. >> reporter: to lease or buy. it can be an overwhelming process.
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hagler, up for hire to negotiate for you. as we take a test ride, we get his take what is the best move. >> people all the time will ask me. i am not sure if i want to lease or buy. >> reporter: things to ask yourself. >> how many miles do you drive. >> how long do i plan to be in this car. >> reporter: the car experts at crunched the numbers for the good ol' m mid-sized family sedan that sells for $25,000. >> the way that you are looking at >> reporter: they found month by month, leasing takes the lead as your cheapest option, $294. buying used is right behind at $300 a month. and $400 to buy new. but when they added up all the cost of the average time someone keeps a car, buying used wins saving you more than $3,000 over leasing and a whopping $7700 compared to new. but tealers tell us if you were not staying in a new car long enough, you won't see that
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what happens is you pay full value on the vehicle, you pay full tax on the vehicle, and trading out of it early. you don't get in a position of positive equity until you well past four or five years. >> reporter: remember, whether you lease or buy, negotiate. >> a lot of people say go with the end of the month. you know maybe the doyle haven't hit their quota and they need that car and that actually can be true in some aspects. >> reporter: deals don't always last. >> there nay that this month it is a fantastic lease and the following month, the manufacturer takes that lease cash away that bonus money a away. >> reporter: not always a dollar figure that drives this decision. you have to ask yourself about yourself. edmonds experts say if you are the type who wants the most bang for your buck, buying is the way to go i am sorbani
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if you have poor credit it is much easier to get finance to buy than lease. >> anjuli: time is 9:15. the federal department of transportation has officially banned samsung galaxy s note from all planes. this comes after some of them busting into flames and exploding. samsung has recalled the phones but even some of the replacements had similar problems. before this several airlines banned the phones themselves but now the phones aren't allowed on any planes, carry-on, checked luggage, you can't mail airmail them air travel. anyone found with the phones may be prosecuted. john kasich has slapped a series of sanctions against wells fargo. the former presidential candidate call the bank a culture compromise by greed. wells fargo was recently sanctioned by both california and illinois as well.
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the state of ohio's business and will fight to tern back. the banknoteed they contributed million to nonprofits and schools last year alone. all right, how does this sound? seven continent, seven cruise ships and 357 days off from work. >> anjuli: like a dream. if you somehow found yourself with just too much money laying around, a year's worth of vacation days, don't worry, something you can spend it on. luxury cruis cruising announced a new 357 day itinerary set sail from miami january 10. largest cruise ship journey will start by heading to south america. during the first leg, climb ma chew picchu. christ the redeemer. cruise along the amazon river. the remaining 263 days are broken up with couldn't inepts
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the trip costs 155,000 per person. >> lindsay: what a steal. [ laughter ] >> anjuli: who doesn't have that. >> alcides: a trip of a lifetime quite clearly, but $ $155,000. you have to be well off. >> lindsay: i don't think i can sleep in a cruise hip room that long or take showers in those little showers. but i guess they probably -- this is a luxury line. >> lindsay: i am sure the food see a lot of cool places. we have gotten so spoiled by this weather this past week, and we are like, okay, we are going to have in all weekend and rain this weekend this morning. a lot of clouds. ciao we will see plenty of dry times this weekend. if you were out and about. keep the umbrella handy. keep the sky tower radar appear handy. the showers that we have seen have been really shallow in nature.
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73 at brookdale, bayshore and a couple new sprinkles. and usf marine science cam showing the clouds and cameras wobbling. 75 in st. petersburg. the big picture shows not as much rain as what some of you poke up to this morning. if it is raining in spots, it is a little more than the light department. call it moderate showers that are lifting north and west of i-4 the moderate downpours. west of polk city you are seeing these as well. and these extend well north of tampa. light showers near lutz. land o lakes and pushing north and west. will take you further west to u.s. 19 and sprinkles near hudson and also holiday dealing with rain as well. head further south and patchy light sprinkles, coastal pinlz and new raindrops pushing west
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cade. coverage is 30% today and tomorrow. temperatures are in the low to mid-70s this morning. the warm spot sarasota at 76. 71 in wauchula around the state. i know we are saying fall come back but miami, marathon and key west never got fall. they are in the low 80s this morning. a muggier start of the day with dew points flirting at 70 degrees, and those east winds are pulling in the atlantic moisture. i would expect a breezy day by the day, and boating plans are a cold front never made it what is left of it is right here. we have extra moisture to work with both weekend days. spell out the day today. clouds will be thickening, a couple of showers and pushing west throughout the day. a lot of clouds. here is the clock. spotty splash and dash. tonight the bulls are at home. can't rule out a couple of showers especially at tailgates and not as much this evening
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dryer and with that east wind the 30% rain chance pushes into the afternoon and evening hours where we will receive a lot of rain and wind is the pacific northwest you a big win event to coastal portions of washington and oregon. hurricane-force wind gusts later today and that storm will be evolving throughout the day and into the evening. for us, couple of showers. 86 for the afternoon high partly cloudy. don't forget to check out the full harvest moon if we can break up the clouds. 72 for the low. tomorrow's high is 85 degrees. the rain chance steady at 30%. not as dry or cool in the morning but the temperature is off. cooler air could be making a come back, guys. hang in. the latest as folks in north carolina deal with the
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a delicate surgery that some are calling a miracle. twin boys at the head are now
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time now is 9:xx.. a time now is 9:xx.. a shootoout in welcome back. the time is 9:24. the shootout in dallas left one man dead and an officer hurt. >> anjuli: the officer was checking out a different crime and stumbled on a shooting in progress. the officer fired back and hit the suspect. our sister station in dallas is reporting that the officer was shot in the foot and was rushed to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. this is the first officer
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it took 40 medical experts more than 16 hours, but doctors say they successfully separated a pair of 13- 13-month-old conjoined twins. really an amazing story. mom posted these pictures before and after this surgery. jaden was the first. boys to be finished. five hours after the fact finished the operation on his little brother. nicole and christian mcdonald made decision to gohr the possibility that one or both of the twins may have brain damage. doctors say they still have a long road to recovery and good luck to them. a week of severe and deadly weather has proven to be relentless. people in the pacific northwest are bracing for even more storms. strong winds and heavy rains have walloped the area leaving thousands of people without power. utility crews are now preparing for what is expected to be an even rougher bought of weather
9:26 am
hurricane matthew. the death toll from which now stands at 41. here in florida, debris has been washing up on the east coast beaches making for dangerous conditions. >> some of the debris can be as large as trees and other construction materials, and if you were surfing and swimming in the ocean and you get hit by one of these pieces of debris that is very large, it can cause severe injury. >> in north carolina, devastating flooding still remains. leaders are working residents who refuse to leave their homes to move to safety before it is too late. the state's governor called matthew one of the most prolonged disaster and recovery than the state has ever seen. unbelievable. still to come on "good day" a mother facing severe consequences after letting her 7-year-old son behind the wheel of a car. a daring rescue caught on camera.
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: good morning and thank you for joining us this saturday for "go i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: and i am anjuli davis. the forecast with lindsay in just a minute but a first check on the headlines. deputies are questioning a man after a case of road rage that went deadly. two cars were stopped in traffic last night near the king's row shopping center near bloomingdale avenue when 25-year-old ken suarez cuevas got out of car and walked back to the shooter's vehicle. heated words exchanged and
9:30 am
cuevas was taken to the hospital after being shot once where he later died. donald trump is facing even more allegations of inappropriate sexual contact. two women including a former contestant on "the apprentice" have accused him of sexual assault. the republican is denying this. hillary clinton is on the defense after leaked e-mails show her aidesed is bill clinton to cancel a speech to a wall street investment firm out appear to be cozy with wall street. if you were thinking of heading to the beach this weekend, watch out for dead fish heading ashore. they have pretty high concentrations of red tide. beaches are still being affected. known to cause fish kills which is something we are seeing at area beaches over the past few weeks. >> lindsay: something we have
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showers. breaks in the clouds too and the rain here in tampa. it is 73 with mainly an east wind at 7. a little bit of blue in that sky sira ta beach. 75. you have seen a sprinkle at best. mainly dry for you this morning. and we have seen showers this morning and they are rolling right along. they will be fading away the next hour or two, but in some locations, this rain, a little more than a sprinkle. in fact it is pretty steady in and around zephyrhills as east temple terrace near the pasco, hillsborough border we have rain that extends to oldsmar, land o lakes you have seen rain, in and out in hudson, a new sprinkle headed to you soon and patchy sprinkles over parts of tampa bay including one over macdill. a few more headed to downtown st. pete, but, again, they will last a few minutes. ruskin dealing with the sprinkles. the last step into portions of
9:32 am
temperatures in the 70s. a warmer start to the day. 76 in leesburg. 76 in winter haven. wrapping up the day in the mid-80s this afternoon normal where it should be. the humidity that is up. with it a 30% rain chance today and tomorrow down to 20% monday and tuesday. the chihuly collection is set to reopen in st. petersburg. the collection left an arts center back in july when there wasn't enough space. the new location is avenue. it has taken months to gently unpack all the glass cultures, admission is $15. a tampa landmark turning 90 years old today. the tampa theatre will celebrate its long and storied history by offering up several film screenings. "hugo" at 11:45, followed by "the artist" "the cameraman."
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if you want to attend, save your pennies, $.25 a person just like they did when they opened in 1926. one of the best spots to grab a drink and take in the views of downtown tampa is getting national recognition. the sail pavilion has been named the best dog-friendly bar or restaurant. the sail is located along the river walk and offers water bowls for pups, clean-up stations, complimentary dog treats our four-legged friends. a woman in the keys is now in the same prison as her daughter after trying to mail drugs to her. the monroe county sheriff's office say a deputy at the jail near key west found an envelope and noticed it had a chemical smell to it. inside a synthetic opioid. nadine carroll is in the same jail as her 27-year-old daughter shannon who was arrested for possession of cocaine.
9:34 am
wheel of a car has landed the boy's mom behind bars. >> when your son is driving you and he is only 7 years old. >> alcides: not a good idea. sorry, this video posted by kio n glenn on youtube. her son is behind the wheel of a car barely arable to see over the steering column. the sheriff's office says someone reported the vehicle to a school resource officers who was able to identify that ch child. according to the mother's arrest report, the child was dreevbing average speed of 28 miles per hour. she is charged with child neglect. they are checking social media sites to see if there are other videos like this one posted online. looking for a group of thieves. the men were caught stealing from a person's boat shed. they stole four fishing poles and a floor fan. officials believe the men may live nearby because they
9:35 am
schiff-style boat. and police are searching for credit card crooks. these two men opened up a fake sam's club account in tampa using someone else's stolen information. about a month ago they were spotted using the fraudulent card at a different sam's at the 34th street north in st. pete. they bought more than $900 in merchandise. if you know anything about it, call police. a pasco county k-9 officer helped bring a burglary to a quick close after two teens broke in hudson. it happened at a vapor friday morning. the k-9 team tracked the 17-year-old a quarter mile in an abandoned restaurant. k-9 ace alerted deputies to the teens on the roof and both ran down and into the deputy. they found $1,000 worth of items on that roof. both teens were arrested for business burglary. hurricane matthew storm
9:36 am
of florida but also uncovered some history. this old car frame was found in the inlet in st. john's county along old a 1 a. may have been buried under the dunes for decades since hurricane dora swept through in 1964. right now people are trying to guess what kind of car it was, but there is really no way to know without running the serial number. cleanup continues along the east coast, animal officials continue to rescue pets from the flood waters. rescuers found four an the submerged school bus with just minutes to spare in south carolina. there were three cats and a dog inside, and the water was inches from reaching the roof there. their own her to leave them behind during an emergency rescue. since then, the pets have been reunited with their owner. that is a neat story. good sending. happy ending. shortly after rescuing a runaway pig, a pinellas county deputy decided that he wanted one of his own.
9:37 am
shelter heard about it, the staff made deputy savit's dream come true. oh my goodness. a pig named priscilla. of course her name is priscilla , wandered away from home. the deputy found her, brought her to the spca. office in largo. he had several calls of stray pigs over of the past few weeks and he said he always wanted a pig for a pet, so he took it as a sign asking the shelter about adopt little maple was born to a family. after introducing maple to her daddy. she was offu you off to her new home. oh, my gosh, that is so cute. priscilla has been reunited with her owner. look at that. apparently they are very smart and they use a litter box. i had a friend -- a co-worker who had a pet pig. >> alcides: how did that work out for them. >> anjuli: she loved it. >> alcides: really? all right. [ laughter ] coming up, richard nixon's
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the public again. >> anjuli: a sneak peek inside the facility after undergoing a year of renovation. tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting family caregivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" ow "aarp."
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the newly-renovated the newly-renovated richard nixon presidential library is richard nixon presidential newly renovated richard nixon library is open this weekend. largeneusse, the museum got a $15 million renovation to educate the nation about the 37th president. >> therefore i shall resign presidency effective at noon tomorrow. >> this is the watergate exhibit. we take it head on and you look at the facts and the totality of the record you get a better idea what president nixon is about. >> reporter: what is the goal. renovation? >> absolutely. i think the most important thing is for people to get a
9:41 am
started title 9 or the epa and he desegregated southern schools and assistance to minority businesses things we want to highlight for a deeper understanding of his legacy. >> we thought it was important to come from the oval office, the leader of the free wormed and to the most important thing confronting my grandfather when he was elected. one thing that i am proud of bring live history and see the interactive everybody knows about the nixon tapes. this gives you a chance to pick up the phone, click on a topic and listen to president nixon talking about, for instance, the lunar landing. all the lunar landings occurred under richard nixon's presidency. this handshake is very important because this showed we were going to end decades of lack of communication and the handshake was very symbolic of our new relationship with ch china. this gives you the view of my
9:42 am
chopper. >> and i shall rise again. that is the story of my life. >> in addition to making the library more contemporary and more interactive, the renovation treats watergate with more honesty and prom prominently while recognizing one moment or one mistake does not define richard nixon's 50-year career in politics. in yorba linda, california. fox news. like a familiar face here on fox 13 will be taking over for billy bush. >> alcides: plus you can call it the ultimate cage match. a great white shark slams his way right through the bars with a man inside. how it all turned out, lindsay. >> lindsay: at 9:42. this kind of sums up the day. passing smrls, clouds, a few breaks in the clouds and a breeze. 75 on john hopkin's all children's hospital cam. i wouldn't cancel any outdoor plans today.
9:43 am
right now the steadiest showers continue to move west now into southern pasco county. we will talk about afternoon
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how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no.
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i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. time now is 9:xx.. time now is 9:xx.. n-b-c's "today" time is 9:45. n bc "today show" setting the
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bush. harry connick jr. will be co-hosting the third hour on monday and tuesday. the role was held by bush and he is off air because of his conversation with donald trump. he hosts his own daytime talk show "harry" that airs on fox 13. a elderly woman is happying to alive after she drove into a arlington, massachusetts pond. she was trying to back into a parking spot. she lost control of her car. a daring witness jumped into the water and started swimming toward her. you can see him approach from the left-hand side of the screen. he managed to open a rear door before the entire vehicle went under. with the help of two other rescuers, the woman made it back to shore, and fortunately she was okay in all of this. and this is just about everyone's worst nightmare. a diver inside a shark cage suffers a terrifying moment after a great white ended up
9:47 am
mexico's good loop island. the shark was lunging at bait when it broke at the metal rail of that cage got outside. the diver thankfully he made his way out as well. he managed to drop out of a bottom of a cage. the shark got his way out from the very fast. thankfully the guy wasn't hurt. can you imagine that. >> >> anjuli: a englewood i hope they had a stiff cocktail the moment he got out of the cage. >> lindsay: something like >> anjuli: i need a sedative immediately. not going to do stuff like that. how is the weather shaping up. >> seen some rain this morning but the showers are dwindling. still a lot of clouds. if you have plans to do boat agent times, a sprinkle. at times a late shower.
9:48 am
it because gusty offshore and breezy both weekend days near the coast. there will be breaks in some of the clouds and a clear to cloudy day all way to the be beach. showing residual, sprinkle marks. 70 degrees at 10 miles per hour and a multifamily quieter sky tower radar compared to two hours ago and still raining in spots the day. bring in a shower and then catch a break and we will see a few more showers. coverage about 30%. both today and tomorrow. now the steady rain we were seeing zephyrhills, land o lakes and to u.s. 19. these showers are headed your direction, but the one has in are there now are a little lighter. the case for holiday and hudson this morning. where we haven't seen much rain is southern pinellas and we
9:49 am
a couple of rain drops south st. pete and sunshine skyway. these are moving west. lighter showers from ruskin to maybe sun city. they are moving right along. myacca city still raining lightly and showers near cortez and north of bradenton and polk county. light showers north of i-4 and a sprinkle near frost proof. plenty of clouds. visible satellite. not all of us highlands are morning showers. the northeast winds hang on and after literally a week of this, it makes sense we have more moisture to work with today. temperatures are climbing where it is more sunny or sunny. 77 in sebring and 74 in st. petersburg. 76 in sarasota. dew points are up. man, it feels definitely not like fall. we are in that muggy range this morning and will be there all day this week until likely next weekend's cold front. a couple of showers here locally. a couple of showers in your
9:50 am
slim taking on wake forest. 86. 86 in the swamp. >> anjuli:'s gators taking on mizzou. a passing shower a kurp you'll of times throughout the game and a brief shower for the bulls game taking on uconn, 83 degrees with that kickoff tonight. 86 degrees for us today. a few showers with plenty of clouds filtering in that sun. partly cloudy with a slim rain chance tonight. down to 72. for sunday, down to 85. it i will keep the rain chance probably not as rainy tomorrow morning too. seven-day forecast. no problem this seven-day, but next weekend can feature lower humidity values. keep the umbrella handled the week as we will see a couple of showers each day. and we are following a news alert out of lakeland. police are searching for a g gunman after a night club fight turns into a deadly shooting. police were called out to ru rumors on east memorial boulevard around 2:00. officers were asked to clear
9:51 am
10 minutes later called out to a shooting on chevron station on west memorial boulevard. two women were shot and one of them died. the initial fights had spilled over to the gas station. someone fired a gun while driving by. the person responsible has not yet been identified. and when we come back, 150 people came to tampa to become u.s. citizens.
9:52 am
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you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: there are 150 brand-new u.s. citizens in tampa bay. immigrants went through a naturalization ceremony on friday in tampa. but a lot of these folks lived in the u.s. for years and even decades. >> alcides: as aaron mesmer reports, they wanted to be able to vote. >> chile. >> reporter: she is a native of chile but the u.s. is her home and has been for 33 years. and that's why ... this oath to
9:55 am
just some words. >> so help me god. >> put your hands down. congratulations, new citizens. >> reporter: it puts a smile on her face and brings her to t tears. >> i was crying through the whole ceremony. something that i didn't expect to touch me so much because i always felt american. >> really. congratulations. >> reporter: why after three decades did she just decide to get her u.s. citizenship. >> now with the election coming up >> this is to register to vote. >> she wants to vote in november and with immigration taking center stage at times during this campaign season, to do a lot of immigrants. >> it's scary to hear what is going on, but i would just like to keep it to that. >> medina moved from the uk to the u.s. almost 22 years ago. she says she, too, want her vote to count. >> i want to participate and give -- give my opinion as i plan to be here.
9:56 am
>> election supervisors say they have seen a new influx of registered voters following ceremonies. >> they are getting a right to exercise a vote and we are seeing a lot of activities at these events probably 98% of them will sign up and register at the time. >> reporter: whichever candidate she chooses, the point is she is making a difference. >> one vote and my vote will count and it will be awesome. >> reporter: in tampa, aaron mesmer, fox 13 news. >>nj stretch of weather and unfortunately it looks like it is coming to hopefully a brief end. >> lindsay: a brief end. nex weekend fall. and not as comfortleable. we have seen some rain and will see some more. i think a lot of the afternoon will be dry today and tomorrow. showers embedded though too. 30% rain chances this weekend and the overnight is not as cool. next weekend as it holds together we may bring fall b back. >> fingers crossed. >> the weather was too good to
9:57 am
corner. >> anjuli: always the opt optimist. keep up to date on all the news all the time by logging on to our web site. >> follow ounce facebook and twitter. >> lindsay: have yourself self a great saturday. a great saturday. see you tomorrow. you know me, i grew up here. ged, i haven't. i've always stood up to the special interests and for... the people. to protect social security and medicare. for women's healthcare, and our veterans. in congress i won't let them privatize the va, cut social security and medicare, take away a women's right to choose, or defund planned parenthood. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message, because i'll put you, the people first.
9:58 am
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