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tv   Fox13 Offtime News SA  FOX  October 15, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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the season, their record of the opponents they are playing .500. much easier than the first half. the first road win of the season. they have to like their chances moving forward but they need help from utah. >> joe: arizona trying to have a goal line stand here. davis again. stopped by brandon. 3rd and goal. >> bruce: dominick davis an l.a. kid. committed early to washington state. mike leach's staff loved this kid. if only usc doesn't offer. usc came in late. almost nobody has beaten usc for an l.a. kid. here he is. he looks like he is a factor for this offense now. >> brady: in that conversation about the early signing period. should they have it or not? a big topic of discussion. >> joe: credit this arizona
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flannigan-fowles makes it 4th and goal. >> brady: if i am max browne i am saying one-on-one coverage on the outside. throw me a bone, coach. let me throw a touchdown pass. >> joe: very capable. very decorated high school recruit. things did not work out for him. speculation of whether or not he will transfer after this year. al one more time davis. one more time shot down by the arizona defense. connolly with flannigan-fowles. the goal line stand for the wildcats defense. >> brady: the arizona defense. look at all of the boy around the line of scrimmage. flooding any gap. stopping davis before he could get started.
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man. give me an opportunity to take a shot. i have a one-on-one chance. >> joe: or pull it and run it in myself. tomorrow start your sunday with fox nfl kickoff. america's number 1 pre-game show. then ezekiel elliott and the cowboys trying to win against aaron rodgers and the packers. lyon his first carry. goes >> brady: one of the top rushing offenses in the dallas cowboys against the green bay packers. that's been built a long time up there in green bay. don't get a lot of attention that green bay defense when you have aaron rodgers as the quarterback. >> joe: lyon enough for a 1st down. 2nd down. leon.
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how difficult to begin. relatively easy over the next couple of weeks. >> brady: the toughest one will be this match up versus washington up in seattle. they are playing football well in all 3 phases. we will see where both teams are at. >> joe: there are questions about mitchell and juju >> brady: justin davis. when will he come back at running back? not that they don't have depth there. you would like to have your best players healthy and one hundred% to make your way through this pac-12 south schedule. >> joe: they can survive without justin davis. i can't see them making a run at the division without juju smith-schuster. >> brady: that would be tough. >> [whistle blowing].
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freshman. he is the guy they look for to be the next juju smith-schuster. he is not there yet. you are right. that's a huge loss if he is not able to come back and has the impact everyone is looking for him to have the rest of the season. >> joe: morin found his fellow tight end kern. leon again with a short gain. arizona will head into the first bye and lick their wounds after a 2 and 4 first half. >> brady: both teams going into their bye. very unique. >> joe: morin throws behind the intended receiver. picked off by harris. first career interception for harris. he runs it back 35 yards.
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for the arizona offense. >> brady: matt morin wanted to take a shot downfield. working on harris. a poorly thrown football. you have to throw that more upfield. harris was in an aggressive position. he was able to see the football. see the wide receiver and the quarterback at the same time. that's what allowed him to have enough vision to make a play and get the >> [whistle blowing] >> joe: brown takes a knee. the trojans have won 3 in a row after that 1 and 2 start. or that 1 and 3 start. >> brady: what a say for sam darnold. 5 touchdown passes.
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this is a redshirt freshman. think about his team 3 years from now. >> joe: 13-2 touchdown to interception ratio now. not only has he led them to wins and racked up touchdown numbers. one of the nation's most efficient through his first down 4 starts. bruce feldman has him standing by. >> bruce: sam, 5 touchdowns. you were rolling. what is the biggest area you have grown? >> player: i think we have grown a huge emphasis this week in practice. we did a good job in that area. when we don't turn it over we are tough to beat. >> bruce: pac-12 race is wild in the south. are you just out there playing for each other? >> player: it's a huge motivating factor. the south is tough and always a challenge. when you can come out and get a great pac-12 south win.
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>> bruce: do you think things have stabilized? there was a lot of chatter. >> player: we can look at this as a turning point and last week as well. we want to keep getting wins. they are always important in pac-12 play. you can never undermine the great things a pac-12 win does for a team. >> bruce: thanks. >> joe: usc fans enjoy watching the kind of leader and kid they have at quarterback position. we will be back to wrap it up in tucson after this. yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby.
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tonight the nlcs begins. dodgers and cubs game 17:30 on fs1. we are getting off the air to flip that on. >> brady: i am curious to see how the pac-12 south plays on. the way this college football season has gone. anything can happen. nothing out of the realm of possibility. a lot of football to be played. >> joe: all finished. usc m over arizona. worry bruce feldman and brady quinn and our fox sports crew,
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opening their doors.. for an inside look.. right now.. how the city of saint petersburg is trying to win >> opening their doors for an inside look. how the city of spartanburg is trying to win back your trust. >> somebody started shooting in the crowd. these two were searching for this man tonight. what left a lakeland woman dead and another in the hospital. >> i used to turn on the television every morning with a stick. you know, i just never know what's going to be, there right? >> haley: donald trump's running mate makes the rounds in florida and side steps the scandal. what he's doing in tampa tonight with senator marco rubio. >> from tampa bay's number-one news station, this is fox 13
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>> aaron: good evening. >> haley: thanks for being with us tonight. after dumping millions of gallons of partially treated sewage into the by during recent storm, the city of st. pete took an unusual approach to government transparency today. they invited the public the tour the city's sewage plant. kellie cowan was at the facility today. >> aaron: she shows us how st. pete officials are trying to win back the community's trust. >> what do you think, my friend? pretty cool, huh? place you'd think the take the kids. >> you want the walk on the bridge with me? >> reporter: the smell might have something to do with that, but for eight and nine-year-old arden and fin... >> as you can see, as we keep getting further into the process, the smell is going away. >> reporter: getting a behind-the-scenes look at the st. pete northeast water treatment facility is a pretty cool way to spend a saturday. the mayor, who faced harsh criticism after hundreds of millions of gallons of sewage
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invite the public to the city's wastewater facility. >> here's a chance for people to see it and touch it. you don't necessarily want to touch it and feel it, but you get to see it and learn about what goes from one part in your house to eventually getting treated. >> this is what it's all about. you're letting the public know what we do on a day-to-day basis. >> haley:>> reporter: the chieft operator made headlines after he blew the whistle on the city's policies he said summer's sewage dump. since then two top officials have been suspended and an interim water resources director has taken over. officials say they're focused on providing transparency as they try to fix the city's water problems. >> transparency is how we operate, but also what our infrastructure needs. the public can demand that these things get addressed. >> what we're going to show you now is the microscope.
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pretty cool science and civics lesson. in st. pete, kellie cowan, fox 13 news. >> haley: st. pete's mayor says he hopes to make the sewage treatment tour an annual event. the public is always welcome, just call ahead to schedule your tours. >> aaron: a fight that may have start at a lakeland nightclub turns deadly outside a nearby gas station. now police are searching for the person connected to this drive-by shooting. lakeland officers were originally called to rumors nightclub to help parking lot where several fights had broken out. 15 minutes after police arrived at the club, there was a shooting at a nearby chevron gas station. witnesses told detectives that 25-year-old derrick deon robinson began firing into the crowd. two women were hanging out there when they were hut. dixon died at the hospital, braggens is recovering. robinson is wanted for several charges including first-degree murder. >> haley: donald trump's running mate is making the case for the presidential nominee at
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g.o.p. victory dinner just getting under way. florida senator marco rubio is also attending. in his appearances so far this week, indiana governor mike pence has appeared optimistic and upbeat despite the recent chaos surrounding the campaign. he focused his attacks on hillary clinton rather than addressing the new sexual assault allegations against trump. we'll have much more on the vice presidential nominee's visit tonight at 10:00. >> aaron: the lakeland police department is showing off its newest toy today. th vehicle right there usually costs about $750,000, but l.p.d. got it for free. today the community got an up-close look at the new vehicle during the department's annual open house. officers say it's another way to keep people safe. >> this is something we'd rather have and not need than need and not have it. we don't bring it out for any situation. it's something that will make
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included a scavenger hunt, a tour of the police station and bicycle helmet fitting. >> haley: we have new details tonight about a deadly motorcycle crash that happened friday into pinellas park. police tell us the driver of the motorcycle, 28-year-old lewis reid, was seen by several witnesses before the crash driving recklessly, pulling wheelies and speeding. reid crashed into a nissan altima that was making a um turn on u.s. 19. he was thrown from his motorcycle and died at the scene. we're tol nissan is not facing charges but did have a suspended new york license so he may be cited. >> aaron: it is slow going at a busy intersection in tarpen springs. police shut down the east side of tarpen avenue at u.s. 19 due the a brecken power pole. we're told the pole carried high voltage lines and transformers were blowing. officers were detouring traffic around the area, so you'll want to avoid it if you can. duke energy is making repairs. no word yet how long before the road reopens.
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samsung galaxy note 7 owners should know those phones have got to go. >> aaron: starting today, a federal aviation ban on those phones is in effect. what airports are doing to enforce the law. hey, mike. >> mike: hey, aaron. more downpours working through this evening. all that moves off shore. i have details on what is
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and yes, i'm a fan of fans! and in congress i'll get things done for pinellas county. i'll protect social security and medicare, defend women's healthcare and planned parenthood, and take care of our veterans. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message. because i'll put the people first. pasco deputies are trying always have, and always will. to catch a man they believe >> aaron: deputies are trying to catch man they believe tried holiday on friday night man. tried to talk to a 15-year-old girl and get her in his van between 5:00 and 6:00 friday evening and bartells road. the driver was bald white man and was driving an older model blue van. the girl was able to get away. police are asking anybody with security cameras to check their video and anyone with information is asked to call the pasco sheriff's office. >> haley: now to a consumer
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note 7, don't even think about bringing it on your next flight. the devices are now banned from all u.s. planes. that federal ban took effect at noon today. >> christa: this is the latest in the week of bad news. tom johnson has more from orlando. >> reporter: it is tough to miss the message at orlando international airport: if you have a samsung galaxy note 7 smartphone, you cannot bring it on your flight, not in your pocket, carry on or checked baggage, that includes flight to,, from or within the united states. this is one of the latest videos showing the problem with one of the device, a couple from caught video of her note 7 smoking. >> i could hear the hissing on the phone. and just seeing something was shooting out of the phone. this can't be happening. and she was holding a... i didn't even think about her getting burned. i thought, why?
7:23 pm
crazy galaxy note 7 return kit. >> reporter: this is part of samsung's solution, the company sending customers these pre-paid, fire-resistant shipping boxes to return the phones. the kit has a static shield bag, thermally insulated box, gloves and instructions for ground shipping only. because again, you can keep your galaxy note 7 if you want, but you cannot bring it on a u.s. airplane. tom johnson, fox 13 n news for those rebuilding homes and businesses after hurricane hermine. >> haley: we'll tell you about the new center that's opened to help those victims get federal
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the world-famous chihuly glass collection in saint now open to the >> aaron: the world-famous glass collection in st. pete is open to the public. it features blown glass art. it was closed to move to its new location on central avenue across from the arts center. the mayor came out for admission to the collection is $19.95 and it includes a glass-blowing demo at the glass studio and hot shop. >> haley: today pasco county officially opened a disaster recovery center to help those recovering from hurricane hermine. the center serves as a one-stop shop for storm survivors seeking one-on-one help. representatives from fema will be there to answer questions and help people determine what help they may be eligible to receive. the center is open every day
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6:00. >> aaron: starting to dry out there, mike. it was warmer than we thought. it's nice to be dry, though, right. >> mike: for the most part dry. we're seeing heavier downpours working through pinellas county and unfortunately parts of tampa, as well, including right over thunder alley. so if you're late for the game, you may encounter a couple showers out there, a bay shore camera showing cloudy, ari a few early showers roll through. and then we saw some sun as we head into the afternoon. overall we did not end up being that bad an afternoon. you may want to keep those umbrellas handy as we head into sunday. i think we'll see more scattered showers around across the area. here's a will be at the sky tower radar view. most of that shower activity making its way toward the coast or off shore some the good news is any showers now should be wrapping up pretty soon. heavier downpours working
7:28 pm
largo out toward clearwater. the clearwater jazz holiday festival certainly getting some downpours right now. maybe another hour or so of showers. that should work through, though, as we head through the next 45 minutes to an hour, maybe an hour and a half. a couple showers back toward pampa, as well. you see that downpour working over downtown pampa. town & country getting some showers, back toward citrus park. then to the south, similar story, more showers working through toward sarasota north port down to englewood, as well. the east side of it, though, the eastern extent not too far off from pushing off shore. so i think we're dealing with these showers, overall probably for next hour, hour and a half, and then we dry out as we head for the rest of the overnight period. almanac today was warm with that afternoon sun. we spot the sun. 88 degrees for the high. 85 the average. should be in the morning, seeing those temperatures in the upper
7:29 pm
relative humidity 61%. winds are currently calm. 77 in crystal river. 78 in brooksville. 80 in arcadea. 80 in sebring. the big difference today versus the last few days i think besides the shower activity has been the dew points. you look at the dew points in the low 70s. so that is humidity unfortunately today. it stays somewhat up as we head into sunday, as well. here's your satellite and radar view. you see those showers streaming back across the state. similar-looking story on sunday. overall we continue that northeast wind. showers across the ?state during the late morning and early afternoon hours. this is the big weather story across the country. you have this powerful weather system working into the pacific northwest, talk about wind gusts over 100mph. some areas picking up 15 or more inches of rain. good news for us is this stays off the west. that does not affect our weather. so as we head through the
7:30 pm
sunday, expect maybe a couple of showers out there in the morning, but i think overall we start off dry. then we'll see a couple more showers work across the state as we head through the afternoon into the evening on sunday. overall rain chances about 30% for sunday. so for tonight, 72, partly cloudy. those evening showers working off shore. seven-day forecast, rain chances 30% sunday, 20% monday. then we head toward 30% thursday, friday and early on into saturday. at this point looks like a cold fr and we may have some fall-like weather by the second half of next weekend. maybe really feeling like football weather. >> perfect, mike. a 70 on the board. really a full day of football. for the college teams around the state of florida, we have highlights coming up for all the game, plus a future college star smashes two major high school records. we'll hear from the king ??
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good morning, indeed. v8.
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you know me, i grew up here. and while politics and the political parties may have... changed, i haven't. i've always stood up to the special interests and for... the people. to protect social security and medicare. for women's healthcare, and our veterans. in congress i won't let them privatize the va, cut social security and medicare, take away a women's right to choose, i'm charlie crist and i approve this message, because i'll put you, the people first. i always have, and always will. ?? lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8.
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usf just kicked off their game with uconn in raymond >> reporter: usf just kicked off their game. bulls a three-touchdown favorite in this one. they score on their opening drive. leading now 7-3 early in the first quarter. huge game for willie taggered's bunch because a win makes the bulls bowl eligible for a second straight year. this team really has greater goals this season than just winning six games. seminoles offense struggling against wake forest, but the demon deacons set f.s.u. up with this box punt in the second wake right here with three first-half turnovers. it takes f.s.u. just five plays to punch it in. francois with the bootleg. two-yard run. 10-3 f.s.u. at halftime. not a real impressive performance, but this is a win. francois with the touchdown pass to odin at the present time, and the 'noles beat weak 17-6. points are a premium for florida teams this afternoon. 'canes manage a field goal
7:34 pm
connects to brian switzer for the 20-3 halftime lead. joe yushy finally cracks the goal line for the hurricanes. 20-10 u.n.c. in front. miami cuts the tar heels' lead to seven. they had a chance the rally in this game but fumbled on their final drive. they come up short 10-13. unc wins it. the gators need a jump-start by their defense against missouri after just a pair of field goals. he's going the other way. florida's first q.b. of the game. not done here. watch lock. looking for some more. and you know what, he's picked off a second time, this one by quincy williston, and he's got a ways to go on this one, 78 yards for the score. gators lead on the defense and special teams. florida wins it 43-14. number three clemson gets a scare as nc state takes them to
7:35 pm
deshawn watson hits scott for the touchdown. clemson with a lead right here in overtime. pack tries answer. ryan findlay picked off by marcus edmunds. clemson survives 24-17. lightning just dropped the puck on their second game of the season, hosting new jersey tonight. jon cooper going with vazy in net. vazy and ben bishop will split time in goal. devils score twice, though, in the first five minutes of this game. a rough start for vazy. the cleveland indians are showing the blue jays they're not a fluke in the playoffs here. the tribe jump on the jays. carlos santana, a solo shot in the second. indians looking to take first two games in the series. right after the jays tie it at one, francisco lindor gets the run right back with a single to center. tribe back on top 2-1. they take that lead to the ninth inning.
7:36 pm
the series. they move to toronto. and my shout out goes to ca leak david. he's the king of hillsborough county right now. the senior running back ran down two of the county's top records last night, the very first carry he went 65 yards for the score, needed 196 yards to break the county's all-time rushing quarter. davis broke ray ray mcleod's record and now has 5,744 yards, on his way to becoming the first player in the bay area to crack the 6,000 yard mark. only 19 players in the state's history have done that. he also scored five touchdowns on the night. he broke the record for most all-time t.d.s in hillsboro county. they stopped the game to celebrate this crowning moment. >> we worked hard all week. i know the offense needs to come
7:37 pm
hard all season. there's so much talk. >> there's so much talk, what does it mean to you now?% >> it means a lot. it means not just me but my team. the organization and all the alumni. >> he's so humble. i think we talk about it more than he does. it was an exciting feeling to know this is my child breaking records. >> did you ever envision a day like this? >> oh, no, you knew he was good. who knew how good he would be. en he's such a good player and he's become a great, dedicated student. he's a wonderful young man. i'm just so proud of him. >> how about that, picked up 200 yards in basically the first 12 minutes of this game. good news for you. malik got his list narrowed down. he's talking to north carolina, miami and usf. >> i went to north carolina, so that could be hopefully two
7:38 pm
wonder if that's the tiebreaker. >> haley: wherever he go, he's got a great future. >> aaron: when we come back, another twist in the race for the white house. donald trump is unleashing a new line of attack on hillary clinton.
7:39 pm
how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. g for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own.
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working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. following days of >> haley: following days of accusations of donald trump's behavior with women, donald trump attack against hillary clinton today in new hampshire. at the rally he said both candidates should take a drug test before the third and final presidential debate. >> aaron: fox news jennifer griffin has the latest details from las vegas. >> reporter: donald trump began a renewed push over the weekend, suggesting the presidential election is rigged against him. the republican presidential candidate tweeting, "this election is being rigged by the media, pushing false and unsubstantiated charges and outright lies in order to elect
7:41 pm
allegations from women accusing him of sexual assault, claiming the allegations are part of a conspiracy by the clinton campaign and media outlets, saying, "100% fabricated and made-up charges pushed strongly by the media and the clinton campaign may poisen the minds of the american voter. fixed." speaking in new hampshire saturday, trump made a new attack on hillary, inferring she was on drugs during the last debate. >> she's getting pitched up for wednesday night. i with her. but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning. and at the end it was like, oh, take me down. i think we should take a drug test. >> reporter: hillary clinton is taking thedy off from the campaign trail but speaking in seattle friday, clinton reiterated her distaste for the republican candidate.
7:42 pm
because it hurts me and it hurts our country. >> reporter: the election is less than a month away with the next debate taking place at the university of nevada in las vegas on october 19th. in las vegas, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> haley: a woman in florida has come forward, joining those now speaking out and accusing donald trump of inappropriate sexual behavior. 36-year-old of palm springs florida says she decided to speak out after the republican presidential nominee denied he ever groped women during last sunday's presidential debate. she says trump touched her after she attended a ray charles concert at trump's mar-a-lago resort in 2003. she says she did not report the encounter at the time but she did tell the story to close friends and family. she claims she was invited backstage and says trump came up behind her and touched her
7:43 pm
>> i was startled. i stood up really tall, and i looked back at him, and he didn't make eye contact with me, so to me it didn't seem like an accident. it didn't. >> haley: friends who accompanied her that day told the impeach post he remembered the woman telling him trump had groped her. trump has denied all the accusations of sexual misconduct made against him recently. >> aaron: hurricane matthew earlier this month have a listening road to recovery. many people were displaced after flooding damaged their home. meanwhile, the pacific northwest is facing the threat of more storms. we have more on the severe weather across the nation today. >> reporter: not one but two tornadoes striking oregon's coast west of portland on friday morning as the state braces for what's forecast to be brutal and dangerous weather this weekend along the pacific northwest, more heavy rain and strong winds. look at this.
7:44 pm
with winds at least 125mph coming ashore yesterday morning, striking oregon along the northern coast. the twister toppling power lines at one point leaving 15,000 residents without power. the tornado uprooting tree, damaging businesses and homes, witnesses describe hearing a freight train-like noise. luckily there were no deaths or injuries, a second twister hit about an hour south at oceanside but cause nod damage. god, look out the window. we looked out the window and there was a funnel cloud. we sat there and heard the roar, just like we see in all the footage around texas all 2 time, and oh, my gosh, a tornado, and we saw it come right across. saturday the pacific northwest will experience strong winds that could gust to 50mph as heavy rain threatens to bring flooding and mudslides along the
7:45 pm
this as the southeast is still recovering from hurricane matthew. a week after the storm, particularly north carolina. the death toll in the tar heel state rising to 26 after two more people were found submerged in their vehicles in cumberland and wayne county. most victims in north carolina were kill while driving or walking through floodwaters. floodwaters as high as ten feet are receding, and the long road to recovery begins. >> there are still many, carolina and many of our citizens who are being impacted by this incredible hurricane that has been with us now for over ten days. >> friday judges in georgia and north carolina ordered the states to extend voter registration deadlines in affected counties. hurricane matthew killed at least 4 people in -- 43 people n the u.s. >> haley: in one of the most controversial presidential races
7:46 pm
supporting your candidate could be risky. >> aaron: up next, why one man says hearing going to great lengths now to make sure nobody stops him from showing his stops him from showing his support. come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes at half- price... ...during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five... steak 'n shake. sfx - [birds] to sample the world's most delicious fresh seafood dishes... you can take a boat sfx -- [boat bell] or a plane sfx -- [jet taking off] or a train sfx -- [train horn blowing] or you can just let us pack you a bag publix seafood cook-in-bag dinners choose your favorite seafood then choose the internationally inspired flavors to pair it with. pack a bag for adventure tonight
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tomorrow on good day.. a church service from the convienence of your car.. and doc on call discusses supplements you should be giving your kids.. it all starts -- at 6 a-m.. the 20-16 political race >> aaron: the 2016 political race is arguably one. the most contentious in history. a quick glance of headlines will tell you that. you won't believe the lengths a colorado man i his support. >> haley: how one man is trying to stop people from stealing his campaign signs. >> i'm a a trump supporter, but i'm also [bleeped] off. >> reporter: chuck corey has a few signs on his property, but none have caused quite a stir as this one. >> have you ever gone to these measures before? >> oh, no, nothing like this. i've never had these kind of problems. >> it started three weeks ago when he put up his first trump
7:48 pm
>> this i think is the fifth sign i've had to put up. >> reporter: corey started putting up signs 15 years ago, but this is first time he's had to put up extra support to show his support. >> they ran it over again a couple times. so that's when i put the nail board down. >> reporter: you heard right, a modified spike strip. it doesn't stop there. there's a fence post, plumbers tape, glue, dog leash and cable, anchor and... >> we on it. >> reporter: skunk spray, a deterrent? >> yeah. >> reporter: and in case someone tries to paint over it, a little wd-40. even the opposing party isn't condoning the behavior. that's what signs are about. we're diverse. we have a lot of different opinions. as long as we respect each other and listen and respect their right to have signs, we're all okay. >> reporter: corey says he has invested about $60 and six man
7:49 pm
it's been up for a solid week, but he'll be ready if there's another attempt to take it down. >> i'm a stubborn old bugger, and marine. you want the play games? okay. i'm dplood at playing games. >> reporter: that's a determined man. >> haley: do what you have to do. do. stay with come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes at half- price... ...during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five...
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>> paul couldn't be here tonight, but i'm here giving you the forecast for the area. let's check it out. johns hopkins altered its camera. time lapse view from today, shower early on. then we saw some sun this afternoon. now we see more showers kind of pop up this evening and start to work their way across the coast. here's how it looks on our sky tower radar view. you can see those showers basically from new port richey down the coast out toward sarasota and even down toward fort myers area.
7:51 pm
palm harbor down through clearwater, the beaches getting the rain right now. you'll see a little break, maybe a five-minute break, and another round of showers behind that. the good news is, though, this is pretty much the eastern extent of that rain. so it's not going to last a whole lot longer. maybe another half hour to 45 minutes for clearwater. that's about it. and you can see the rain clear up over tampa pretty quickly. showers out from sarasota, venice, down toward englewood seeing downpours, as well. that rain should wrap up as we head to the next minutes, as well. so once we get through, that i think we're pretty much done. maybe a drizzle through the overnight period, but pretty much done with any significant rain. 87 the high today in tampa. 88 officially. 88 in brandon. 84 in st. pete. 89 in bradenton. 87 in arcadia. 86. current temperature now 85. dew point of 70. relative humidity at 61%. other temperatures across the area, rain cool there. so feels pretty nice. 78 in pinellas park.
7:52 pm
9 -- 79 in apollo beach. 79 in wesley chapel. 78 in bradenton. inland 78 at foster and 80 for unc. here's the satellite and radar view. we continue that northeast breeze, that northeast wind pushing the showers up against the west coast, and what do you know, future cast more of the same into the day on sunday. any showers will be drifting to the west. so overall the forecast for those showers wrapping up. then pretty much dry, 72 degrees for the day tomorrow. 86 sun and clouds and a few passing showers. we'll call it 30% rain chance for tomorrow. seven-day forecast. you drop those rain chances through the middle of the week. then a cold front late next week, early next weekend, and guys maybe a taste of fall second half of next weekend. >> thanks, mike. well, the force is with drivers in indiana, the police force that is with a green light saber
7:53 pm
guides traffic. now, don't plan on making the run in under 12 seconds either. you'll want to stop this light show while drivers wait for a green light or pedestrians wait to cross the street. the officer says he's no jedi lighted, but he loves the reaction he gets from people who cross by. >> it really has a great, positive policing with everybody that just loves coming throu the kids smile. it makes traffic flow. >> aaron: the officer is back out there today putting on a show while directing traffic for the notre dame-stanford football game. in south bend, he's probably an irish fan. if not he's definitely supporting the rebellion against the empire. at one point when i wrote that script, i have a star wars reference in every sentence, but it got a little bit much. >> haley: i'm impressed that. was good. >> aaron: thanks. all right. the american dream came true at
7:54 pm
tampa to become u.s. citizens. coming up, hear what inspire come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes
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weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 meals for under four dollars. new at steak 'n shake! there are 150 brand new >> there are 150 brand-new u.s. citizens this weekend in tampa bay. immigrants went threw a naturalization ceremony friday in tampa, but a lot of these folks have lived in the u.s. for years, even decades. >> aaron: i talk with some of them. they tell me they decided with the election coming up, they
7:56 pm
maria is a native of chile, but the u.s. is her home. it has been for 33 years. that's why this oath to become an american citizen means so much more to her than just some words. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. you're a citizen. >> yay. >> aaron: it puts a smile on her face and even brings her the tears. >> i was crying through the whole ceremony. it's something that i didn't expect to touch because we're american. >> congratulations. >> aaron: but why, after three decades, did she just now decide to get her u.s. citizenship? >> now work the election coming up, it was important. >> this is to register to vote. >> aaron: she wants a vote in november. with immigrationtation center stage, so do a lot of immigrants. >> it's scary to hear what is going on, but i would just like the keep it to that.
7:57 pm
22 years ago. she says she too wants her vote to count. >> i just want to participate and give my opinion as i plan to be here, this is where i belong. >> aaron: election supervisors say they've seen an influx of newly registered voters following naturalization ceremonies. >> they're getting the right to exercise their vote, and we're seeing a lot of activity at these events, probably 98% of them at least will sign up and register at that time. >> a candidate she choose, the point is she's making a difference. >> i'm one vote, but my vote will count. and it will be awesome. >> aaron: in tampa, aaron mesmer, fox 13 news. that deadline to register to vote was extended to october 13th because of hurricane matthew. >> haley: for more news, follow us on twitter.
7:58 pm
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