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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  October 16, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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damage control mode is in high gear this morning for >> alcides: damage chrome mode is in high gear this morning for mosaic after yet another spill of potentially contaminated water, this time in hillsborough county. >> anjuli: plus, the woman convicted of boyfriend kill three law enforcement officers will be freed today. find out what's next for bernic bowen. >> alcides: riding the waves of impact. why surfing teaches kids with special needs to come out of their shell. >> anjuli: good morning, and welcome to "good day tampa bay." it's 8:00 a.m. on this sun. i'm anjuli davis. >> alcides: i'm alcides segui. we have lindsay to talk about the sunday morning forecast. what do we got? >> lindsay: it's looking nice and it's warm and somewhat humid and dry.
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this afternoon and evening. so starting out the day much brighter. remember the pesky showers yesterday? don't they we see them. i know 73 on brookdale bayshore. as we look towards the gulf, that's where the cloud cover is this morning. there's because there's rain literally 75 miles offshore. 75 is the current temperature in clearwater beach. crystal river ouft of the 60s now at 8:00 a.m. and it's 73 in winter hav brandon is 73 this morning. the radar is active but not here locally. we'll take you to the east coast where thunderstorms are not letting up from melbourne to cape canaveral. this is where if we see a morning shower, it may generate from one of the storms in eastern pot county. overall mix of suns and clouds this morning. that east wind gives us a 30% rain chance this afternoon. really hit-or-miss stuff late in
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close to the coast you live, i'll keep that rain chance for you about 40%. >> alcides: developing this morning, mosaic is dealing with another spill of potentially contaminated water. >> anjuli: this time it's at their plant city phosphate facility and that's where we find kellie cowan. what do we know so far? >> reporter: we know it spilled yesterday morning and because of new regulations implemented by governor scott after the alarms, just a month ago we learned mosaic at the new wales plant facility in mulberry spilled 215 million gallons of contaminated radioactive water into the florida aquifer after a sinkhole opened up on its site. now, after that occurred, new regulations were put into place that required companies that deal with contamination, deal
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so that's how we're finding out about this spill here in plant city. yesterday morning 50,000 gallons of water, contaminated with foss for rick acid was spilled into the ground after a pump malfunction on site. of course, the plant in new wales, all the surrounds properties were t so far those tests have come back negative. no highlighted or higher levels of radiation off-site. they say in both scenarios the spills are contained to their sites, so there shouldn't be a threat of these spills leaving the site at this point, and they, of course, notified the florida department of environmental protection as well. so we continue to follow this situation as it happens.
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least is the spill in plant city has been contained to its site. for now we're live in plant city, kellie cowan, fox 13 news. >> thank you, kellie. >> alcides: in pasco county deputies are still looking for a man they say tried to abduct a teenage girl in holiday. a man tried to talk to a 15-year-old girl and get her into his van. the teenager refused and made it hope safely. this happened on bartlett at 5:00 friday night. deputies say it's ale bald, white man driving an older model blue van. investigators are asking residents in the area if you have security cameras, please check that footage. anyone with information is urged to contact the pasco county sheriff's office. >> anjuli: new video shows 25-year-old derrick dion robinson turning himself last night into the polk county jail. he's wanted in connection with to a deadly shooting near a lakeland nightclub.
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murder. lakeland p.d. was called to rumors around midnight to clear out a parking lot where several fights broke out. 15 minutes later there was a shooting a a nearby shove ron station. he fired into the ground. two women were hanging out when they were hit. dixon died at the hospital and rag goes gess still recovering. no word on his a notorious prisoner will be released from prison today. bernice bowen will become a free woman after serving 19 years. she was convicted of helping her boyfriend hank earl carr in the 1998 murders of three law enforcement officers right here in the bay area. after a long standoff, carr killed himself. according to the department of corrections, bowen plans to live in ohio after her release. the race for the white house, donald trump continues to fall in the polls, but he's
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down with him. the latest fox news poll numbers have trump down by nearly 7 points nationwide. that's after the sexual assault allegations leaked tapes and second presidential debate. he hopes to take clinton down with him at a rally yesterday. trump denied he assaulted women and touched them without consent. he also suggested that hillary clinton may have been under the influence at the last debate and wants her to take a drug test before wednesday night's final debate. test prior to the debate. i do. i think we should -- why don't we do that? we should take a drug test prior, because i don't know what's going on with her. >> anjuli: yesterday trump also continued to claim that the election is and will be rigged. paul ryan joined the chorus of politicians saying that is not true. ryan says he's confident the election will be carried out with integrity.
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being rigged because he knows he's going to lose. as for hillary clinton she's being dogged this morning after a fresh release from wikileaks. transcripts released yesterday show hillary clinton generally avoided direct criticism of wall street as she examined the causes in response to the financial meltdown. these transcripts come from a series of paid speeches to goldman sachs. the disclosures contain no new bombshells but will likely bernie sanders supporters that clinton is too close to wall street. both political scandals are bound to be front and center at the third and tienl debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. wednesday's debate will be moderated by "fox news sunday's" chris wallace, and of course you can catch it right here on fox 13 beginning at 9:00. let's switch gears here. time for college football where the usf bulls are now bowl eligible after another big win last night over the uconn
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quarterback flowers passed for two touchdowns and ran for three. couldn't stop him. there it goes right there. they win 42-27. the gulf coast offense scored 35 points for the 11th consecutive game. usf heads to philadelphia next week to take on the temple owls. >> anjuli: want florida gators control their fate in the s.e.c. east following a 40-14 win they take another week off before playing georgia in jacks jacksonville. a big game. as for florida state, not an impressive performance, but the seminoles got another win and beat wake forest 17-6. they're also off next week, but have a big acc match-up with clemson on october 29th. and here's a whole other day of football coming at you today. fox 13 will start the coverage with scott submit's "tailgate sunday" at 10-30. at 1:00 we have the panthers at the saints followed by the
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coming up, three men have been arrested in kansas for allegedly plotting an attack on somali refugees. >> alcides: why police say the alleged plot focused around the presidential election. a car is sliced in half after an overnight crash. look hat that thing. incredible. the details on the very scary situation coming up. >> lindsay: at 8:09, it's a dry start to our sunday morning. we have some scattered clouds mixing through sunshine in let's look west towards the beach in morning. if you head that way, more clouds for you, but i do expect a dry morning. 75 degrees with a northeast wind. we have some storms on the east coast. those make it our way late in the day, so the rain chance late this afternoon, highest west of i-75 at 40%. we time it out on futurecast and time out a big cold front later
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time now is 6:xx.. an eight month undercover operation has foiled a terror plot in kansas.. >> anjuli: an eight-month investigation foiled a terror plot in an ant muslim group called the crusaders. for months they've been planning an attack on more than 100 somali refugees living in a kansas apartment complex. one apartment is used as a mosque. the men told an undercover fbi agent it planned to fill four cars with explosives and bomb the complex the day after the election. >> anjuli: after nearly two years, the international space station is about to get another delivery from the state of
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own cargo ship later tonight. the company's rocket is expected to do the honors. back in 2014 that same type of rocket exploded just after take-off. orbital atk spent the past two years redesigning the unmanned rocket and rebuilding their launchpad. >> alcides: new york police say it's a miracle that nobody is dead this morning after a car crash split a driver's car in half. youav it's incredible. 27-year-old dustin brandon was driving his mercedes while drunk whether he slided with a mazda miata. it caused the mercedes to overturn and the mazda was cut in half. how does that happen i wonder? brandon and his passenger were pulled pr the wreckage and suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the driver of the mazda suffered international internal injuries. they were all transported to the hospital. >> anjuli: at least four are
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critically hurt after a car plunged off a bridge in san diego. the 25-year-old hit a guardrail and dropped 60 feet. his car landed on top of a vendor booth at a festival. he was in the navy and was taken to the hospital for serious injuries. police plan on charging him on suspicious of drivering under the influence. >> alcides: in the pacific northwest remnants of a typhoon are bringing heavy winds to the seattle area this morning. the wind storm left behind a trail of downed treesnd of oregon and washington state. the national weather service predict that winds hit 50 miles per hour, possibly even more than that especially whether you see all the damage you see right there, lindsay. you know, you get winds 50 miles per hour. i don't think it causes. that it's more that. >> we had strong gusts and the potential was there for winds to really be 80 to 100 miles per hour, and fortunately, that never happened.
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they had three different storm systems, guys, bring them wind and rain and round three is today. that's that low you see spinning west of seattle this morning. this one is not as strong, but it's still bringing a lot of rain to the area. it's piling up along the coastline. seattle and portland dealing with showers and in the higher terrain a little bit of winter weather. see that hint of blue there. as this pushes east, it will be a wet day for them and an improvement into the early part of the week. improvements morning, it's cloudy in spots. we have stratocumulus that's dry. we're at 75 in st. petersburg from johns hopkins all children's hospital cam. as we look towards tampa there's a breezy wind at 16 miles per hour. it's been breezy for a week near the coast. riverview is looking good. some scattered clouds and 73 degrees. to our east, big storms and west has big storms as well. i've been watching them all morning. they're not coming our way but
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out. that's the case on the east coast towards cape canaveral or melbourne. we have two pockets of storms. most of this won't make into the area. we're left with the 70s this morning and higher dew points as well. 75 in st. pete, 72 in west chase, and we're at 72 in dade city. inverness, your first time this morning shy of 70, which is where we should all be this time of year. shy of 70 degrees. mid-70s in at 73 and frostproof at 73. we're back in the dark green with dew points and they're near 70. that's close to a summer-like value and that's why with the east winds we up the rain chance to 40% west of tampa this afternoon. there's that breeze especially in pinellas, 13 to 16 miles per hour. we have high pressure to the north that fwlieds in over the next few days. today is the highest of the week
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3:00 p.m. beyond that, showers do push westward, and as they pile up on the west coast, some may locally be a bit heavier today and possibly a thunderstorm in the mix. we didn't see that yesterday. today here comes the clouds filling in. spotty showers and here's 4:00, 5:00 and you notice a couple of heavier downpours, but watch into the evening by 8:00 we're basically done. here comes the drier air. so monday and tuesday we'll dealing with more sunshine and possibly a sprinkle. that's even lower rain chances on tuesday. that's when our cold front moves on in. sometime next weekend a whole lot different than the 86 for today. a passing shower or storm this afternoon. after about 8:00 most of our spotty showers are done, mild overnight and 70 for the low and 87. so more heat with fewer showers, just a sprinkle or two for monday. if you boat, keep in mind it's a bit breezy.
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huge changes next weekend, so the cold front slips in sometime early saturday and we're out of the 80s for highs. i wouldn't be surprised if we saw 50s for lows sunday morning, guys, next sunday. >> alcides: thank you. in world news this mort reports of more on gregs against american soldiers in the middle east. >> iran nan-backed rebels in yemen shot missiles at u.s. navy ships for the third time this week. there's confusion what happened. officially a u.s. defense official says multiple missiles were fired at three ships patrolling international waters. the pentagon said the vessels detected possible inbound missile threats. officials say the american warships are safe and an investigation is now under way. >> alcides: two americans held captive by yemen rebels are free following a brokered deal. they were flown to neighboring oman after the release. it's not known why they were held.
8:19 am
a very complicated diplomatic arrangement. >> anjuli: fresh talks underway in lon ton this morning to find a new way to end the violence in syria. at a meeting john kerry said ideas were thrown about but no agreement was reached on a concrete action. syria's ceasefire brokered by the u.s. and russia collapsed last month. u.s. government agencies are reporting a failed missile launch out of north korea. the u.s. strategic command said near the city in the northern part of that country. the latest attempt is the most recent in a series of missile launches carried out by north korea. the u.s. government says the missile did not pose a threat to north america. still to come, we all want to be happy and healthy, too. >> anjuli: that's right. part of that is getting the proper vitamins and minerals your body needs. we talk to a local doctor about
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in our last hour.. we discussed the 30 >> alcides: in the last hour we discussed a $30 billion vitamin and supplement industry. we have vitamins for all sorts of necessary and who regulates them? it turns out, actually nobody. here is our doctor from johns hopkins children's hospital. my kids take vitamins all the time, especially the flintstone gummies we talked about. they really don't need that? >> right. most children can get all the minerals and vitamins they neat from a indict yet and he'ding those. one of the problems awe lewded
8:23 am
don't test them like the prescription drugs you take. they will take complained for but they don't require them to be tests and some don't contain all the ingredients they say they do when tested. >> alcides: i'm sorry. do we need to take them? do our kids need to take them, then? >> they're not good dat to support taking multivitamins on a daily basis, and many do. between 2007 and 2012, there were 6,000 for serious medical complications associated with supplement use and vitamin use. if you're going to give your children multivitamins, be careful where they come from and what brands you use. >> talk about this new study out of johns hopkins in week. >> our colleagues are doing a story on heart health. of the 2700 participants they looked at the individuals taking the most calcium supple supplementation.
8:24 am
calcium diet, green leafy vegetables, and taking calcium from dairy and yogurt and cheese was good and heart-protected. those that took calcium implementation had an increased risk of atherosclerosis or plaque in the heart. although it doesn't say to stop taking it, talk to your doctor about that. it does point for the idea we should eat vitamins and minerals rather than taking them as pills. >> try not itself and complement it in your diet? >> exactly. so that's always the best way. if you can eat foods high in calcium, it can be heart-protective. if you take pills for any of these reasons and using that to ai had voluntary eating a good diet, that's probably not a good thing. >> that goes for our children as well? >> absolutely. children should eat a variety of foods. we fight kids to eat vinyling tables. looking for those opportunities thinking it's okay, i give them
8:25 am
in vitamins and minerals. >> alcides: my kid hates drinking molg, so we give him cheese sticks and stuff like that. that's what you're talking about? >> if your child won't drink milk, look for calcium in some way. yogurt and milk with cereal. >> alcides: whaef you have to do. i love the idea, you and save the money on vitamins and supplements at the same time. >> absolutely. pthis weekend. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> anjuli: still to come on "good day," our couponing expert is standing by with a great deal of the week for you and we talk to fox's brett bear on the latest on the campaign trail. why one man is told he can't fly the stars and stripes. we have that and much more when we come back. >> lindsay: at 8:25 waking up to mid and high clouds but no rain this morning. that changes this afternoon,
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>> lindsay: i hope your sunday off to a good start at 8:29. there's a brighter start and drier start compared to yesterday. let's go outside and show you the warmth. we're at 73, but it's beautiful with plenty of clouds streaming in from the west that are mid and high in nature.
8:30 am
bay, but how about a little sun mixing through the clouds. 75 with the east-northeast wind at 16 miles per hour. we're all above average, and humidity values just as high as yesterday at this time. it's 73 in lakeland, 70 in brooksville, 75 in tampa, st. pete, and sarasota. check out the east coast. west palm beach is 81 degrees. they're ready for a break in the humidity. by the way, we see one next weekend, and today a couple of changes. satellite and radar show extra clouds from some storms actually 74 miles to our west that aren't heading in our direction. i'm monitoring a few thunderstorms on the east coast that may give way to an isolated shower in eastern polk county over the next hour or two. i think really it's bin lunchtime bringing in heating and late day upping the rain chance west of tampa to 40%.
8:31 am
today, but how about drier air monday and tuesday. that means more upper 80s because of fewer showers. >> anjuli: car lovers in lakeland have one last chance to take a drive down memory lane. >> alcides: today is the last day of the lake mirror classic auto festival. nearly 500 cars lined up the streets on saturday waxed and shined and looking as good as the day it rolled off the lot. you can spot just about any the future" era delorean. the car's owner says this classic wheels is special to him because as a child he admired one exactly like it. >> it's a really good visit down memory lane, and just a time when you were young for people that are my age or our age. just lots and lots of fun to see the cars and be around them and talk to the people that have
8:32 am
festival's final event. it just kicked off a minute and 53 seconds ago. >> the world fame chihuly glass collection is open to the public. it features magnificent, intricate pieces of blown glass art incredible to see. it was closed so they could move to a new location on central avenue in st. pete. admission to the chihuly collection is 19.95 that includes a glassblowing de million ons of gallons of pollution into the bear, they took an unusual approach to transparent sigh. they invited the public to take a tour and they looked saturday at the nest and northeast water treatment plant. while there they had an opportunity to ask top officials any questions they may have had. questions that officials were happy to answer as they try to fix the city's water treatment plants.
8:33 am
operate, but also what our infrastructure needs are so that the public can demand that these things get addressed. >> alcides: believe it or not, plenty of people showed up on the event. st. pete's mayor hopes to make the tours an annual event. a man is livid this morning after the apartment complex he lives in told him the american flag hanging on his in violation of the rental agreement. back in july he tied on the flag on his girlfriend's balcony in west palm beach and now management is warning her to remove the flag or face fines or eviction. >> my grandfather fought for the right to hang that flag up and so did my dad. my dad was in the military, too. for them to tell me that i can't hang a flag up that represents the country that we're living in is the craziest thing i could possibly think of. >> alcides: a 2005 statute
8:34 am
denying the tenant the right to display a u.s. flag. when a local reporter mentioned that law to management at the apartment complex, he was asked to leave. >> alcides: investigators in ft. myers interviewed hundreds of witnesses and reviewed a large number of photos and videos from last year's zombie con, but the crime remains unsolved. police believe someone fired into the crowd of about 20,000 people who are enjoying the festival in their own zombie costumes. several victims are still recovering. the ft. myers city council voted down the festival from their town after the incident. it was replaced by a zombie pub crawl that happened last night. >> anjuli: on the campaign trail now, political scandals continue to plague both presidential candidates, and with less than 30 days until election day, it speems the ball shells are not slowing down. here to talk all about it live from las vegas is fox's bret baier. good morpg to you.
8:35 am
>> let's start with donald trump. what do you make of his recent drug-testing comments? >> reporter: that was yesterday on the trail. he often says some pretty eye b brow-raising things. he thinks that his opponent, hillary clinton should take a drug test because she was in his words all hopped up at the beginning and fell off w that, as you can imagine, was taken not too well by others on the other side of the aisle. more importantly, donald trump is dealing with, obviously, these accusations of sexual assault, and another today that he is firmly denying. that all of this environment we'll talk about with governor mike pence from indiana, his vice presidential nominee. >> anjuli: now the gop
8:36 am
how do you think this will play into his numbers? >> reporter: well, it's interesting. there's a new poll out this morning, anjuli, that "washington post"/abc poll that has the rate at four points nationally. that's within the margin of error. that's exactly the same place that poll was before the conventions. so it's possible that this has kind of moved and then come back, if this poll is accurate. you have some republican leaders train, if you will. so i think a lot is going to be depending on this debate on wednesday and our very own chris wallace will be the moderator. >> anjuli: the democratic seed, hillary clinton this new wikileaks e-mail scandal shows her avoiding criticism of wall street. do you think this is more fuel for trump, and how will this play with bernie supporters? >> reporter: not well. bernie supporter, i think her
8:37 am
throughout the primary campaign. it's finally come out in the wikileaks e-mails and other things came out as well as well as a blockbuster story broken by steve hayes of the weekly standard about an fbi/state department quid pro quo to try to hold back some e-mails and change the classification. these are stories that are explosive. i'll talk with senator kaine about them this morning on "fox news sunday." >> sounds like a very busy show. thank you >> thanks. >> anjuli: you can see "fox news sunday" on fox 13 starting at 9:00 a.m. >> alcides: going to church is as easy as jumping in your car for one south tampa
8:39 am
this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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you may remember the days of the drive-in south tampa >> anjuli: you may remember the days of the drive-in movies. one south tampa church offers up a piece of nostalgia each and every sunday through the drive-in sermons. pull your car into the grass lot park and tune in the radio new beginning christian church's short wave signal and kick back. the church, which is located right on south manhattan avenue, is offering up their drive-in service since the early 1970s when a nearby drive-in movie theater shut down back then, they bought up the equipment and used it for drive-in sermons. each sunday packs in 80 to 90 vehicles congregating to take in the church service from the
8:41 am
>> at the drive-in there's a unique tradition. amens, they flashlights and for clapping they honk their horns. so, for example, if a person does a special music, you'll hear honks. that's them clapping their hands. >> anjuli: love that. new beginnings church offers that service every sunday at 8:30 a.m. so it's going strong right now. the pastor and choir are on boat-shaped outdoor pulpit. they administer communion and collect offering from the parking lot. >> alcides: brilliant. >> anjuli: isn't it great? i thought for sure it would be a new thing for the church. they've been doing it for 40 years now and counting. they said rain or shine, they're out there. people show up. >> alcides: i believe it. whatever is convenient. >> lindsay: let's look at the weather with lindsay. >> lindsay: we're at 75 degrees
8:42 am
coming later this afternoon. we look towards the west and the beach. if you have beach plans, the earlier you get out the better, and it's 75 right now. a cold front is on the way, but not until the upcoming weekend. you won't believe how cool it will get next weekend. i'll have it on the seven-day
8:43 am
as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren. as state attorney, i'll make our county safer for our families.
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>> alcides: i wish you folks were here to spell smell this. it smells amazing here.'s kati kiefer is talking about the great deal of the week. yankee candles. >> yankee candles. here's this concept. right now you can get them super, super cheap. so you save them up, and you use them for christmas presents, right? >> alcides: yes. >> >> alcides: we have to put this all in a box. >> you might as well. you could use it towards other things. there's a $10 off yankee candle coupon, okay? last year we showed this same deal and it was a $10 off no minimum. this year there's a $10 minimum. if you buy go for $10, the 12 count tea lights with a one vote active candle, that coming to 11.99 so you spend 1.99 to get
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you can't just get to 9.99. you have to add something little in. you could get six votives and two of the spheres. this is the best deal. it's getting two room sprays along with a car jar, and that ends up being 98 cents total. >> alcides: you can get it for a grand total of? >> like 5 >> alcides: i love it. >> here's the thing. it's one per person. bring your family if you want to use one for each thing. i know. >> alcides: bring the family. >> you have to be careful. you don't want to go overboard, you know? these are all the 5.49, the car jars. >> those are my favorite. >> aren't they fun? i mean, who doesn't want this stuff for super, super cheap, right? i almost forgot the most important part. alcides, today only.
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>> the mall is open until 9:00. don't miss it. >> alcides: it's not happening for me. i tell you that right now. other people will do it i'm shier. for more information on this great deal of the week, go to our website,, and click on the "seen on tv" link. thanks for coming in. >> you're welcome. >> lindsay: better off waiting on going to the mall later this afternoo bcause this morning looks great. i don't know if i'd call it comfortable, but it's rein fry. 73 at brookdale bayshore with a persistent east wind back, meaning it's breezy at the beach and by the bay. overlooking pier 60 in clearwater beach. notice scattered clouds ov overhead. that's nearby showers i watched ae morning understand headed our way. you may see them in the
8:48 am
progresses. what's not progresses is the thunderstorms not moving. they're raining themselves out, and that's good nouz for polk county because most of the rain won't make it your week. just bringing in heating and then that 30% rain chance develops through the afternoon. on the east coast it's 82 in stewart. we hop to highlands county and and 75 in sebring. lots of mid-70s this morning. dew points are up. look at them. in the low 70s. that's a reading we saw pretty much not what we saw last week where we had that cold front. we've got another one on the way, and this one means even more business as we head into the upcoming weekend. today we're in the sticky range, though, dew points near 70s. watch how far down on the scale we go next weekend. next sunday we could wake up in the 50s north of tampa bay. we still have six days to watch it, but at this point invigorating feel to the air is on the way over the weekend. we have all week with higher dew points. high pressure to the north
8:49 am
today we have upper level energy, so we look to the east for spotty inland rain by noon. as these build towards the west coast, some may be heavier so i keep the rain chance west of i-75 at 40%. highs today 85 in arcadia and 86 in tampa and 85 in brooksville and 85 in st. pete. the tropics watch a couple area ofs interest. hurricane nicole yet again has been a named storm for 13 days. it's moving east, and it's on its way to transitioning to what system. still tropical and still a category 1 as of 5:00 a.m. it moves east at 6 miles per hour. 85-mile-per-hour winds for now. there's that remnant low on tuesday and wednesday as it slips northward. we know hurricane season isn't done yet, and we have one more area the hurricane center is pinpointing for development. it's a weak area of low pressure. we watch this flare-up of showers and storms near the bahamas. a 20% chance it will develop and
8:50 am
else develops in this region right here, it would move away from the state into the days ahead as our upper level pattern does favor that with a cold front on the way, and that will cool us down over the upcoming weekend. time it out on futurecast. today if you have outdoor plans, don't cancel them but watch skytower. here's 2:00 p.m. and spotty showers. between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m., possibly an isolated storm especially tampa west, and we're done. that high pressure nudges not much rain monday and tuesday. ajts warmer as a result of fewer showers. mix of sun and clouds today and 86 for a high and a passing shower or storm. overnight 70 and more manageable closer to the average low of 68. we are above average with more sun and 87, a slim sprinkle chance tomorrow. boating may actually be better tomorrow because the winds not as gusty. today they're at 5 to 15 knots with a moderate chop on the bay and inlet waters.
8:51 am
it's a windy weekend, too, so we watch the overnights tumbling saturday night into sunday. >> anjuli: i cannot wait. didn't you say 50s earlier? >> alcides: turn the fireplace on. >> anjuli: hot cocoa and the boots are out. when we come back, an awe-inspiring story of courage. >> alcides: how surfing in the gulf of mexico is helping a group of kids with special needs take chances like they've never se after an obscene amount was spent building this controversial courthouse, the state learned the contractor had overspent on framed photos that were never used. when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees.
8:52 am
you've got to be kidding. we believe in families. in knowing your neighbors. in passing down traditions through generations. in lakewood ranch we believe in a community where we put down our roots. this is our town. this is our common ground. experience it yourself during the tour of homes. our annual model home spectacular beginning october 21st, featuring more than 50 stunning model homes to explore throughout our award winning community. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. featuring more than 50 stunning model homes i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart.
8:53 am
when it really mattered.
8:54 am
finally this hour.. finally this hour, children l living with special needs took to the water this weekend. >> alcides: we show you how an organization called waves of impact is improving -- is proving they can overcome challenges and do more than than they ever >> reporter: on a galveston beach amid superior surf, magic occurs. >> when you see the kids' faces on the surfboard and standing up and they caught a wave, i mean, there's nothing better than that. >> reporter: kids, the special kind, shedding their challenges atop boards most thought they could never, ever manage. >> it's about kids. it's about making kids happy and
8:55 am
children really can do. >> reporter: gifted with guidance, both gentle and skilled, children find in this natural force a freedom they've never felt. a connection that's come to be known as waves of impact. >> a lot of kids didn't think theblgd they could surf and now that they do this, what else can i do? >> they get a sense of accomplishment. to stand up and balance waves crashing around you. again, i think that just speaks to the volunteers. they just have such a good, calm energy. >> this feels fantastic, i tell you what. >> reporter: anyone with lingering doubt need only watch and hear young christian be bennett. >> he i surfed like crazy. i like the water, but it's like
8:56 am
given way to a fearless pursuit of fun. >> i'm not tired. i am pumped up. >> reporter: for these children fated to struggle so very hard in a world that confounds and confuses, these few moment aloft on the sea can feel like home. in galveston, greg grugan, fox news. >> alcides: a sweet story. >> lindsay: sweet forecast today a couple showers but we're dry this morning. next weekend, we're so excited, below average temperatures and windy and probably moving through saturday morning. so all week we'll be watching it. it could be the coolest of the season in about six days. >> alcides: it could be the coolest of the season. >> lindsay: got you listening. >> anjuli: so exciting. >> alcides: all right. today is sunday, october 16th. keep up-to-date with all the news all the tie logging onto our website,
8:57 am
us on facebook and twitter. >> lindsay: enjoy the rest of your weekend. your weekend. we'll see you next saturday. closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company what if one of the biggest
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could be solved... simply by looking up there? what if unlimited, clean power was at your fingertips? what if it was good for consumers, good the economy and good for florida? it's not a "what if." it's "what's next." solar power for the sunshine state. vote yes on amendment 1. for the sun. you know me, i grew up here. and while politics and the political parties may have... i've always stood up to the special interests and for... the people. to protect social security and medicare. for women's healthcare, and our veterans. in congress i won't let them privatize the va, cut social security and medicare, take away a women's right to choose, or defund planned parenthood. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message, because i'll put you, the people first.
9:00 am
i'm brett perh in for chris wallace. as both campaigns face new fire storms, we're live in las vegas, counting down to the final debate with both campaigns' vice president vice presidential defense over explosive new allegations about donald trump's treatment of women. >> the disturbing stories just keep coming. >> it's a rigged election because they're taking these unsubstantiated witnesses, putting them on the front pages of newspapers. >> we'll discuss whether trump can recover, live with his running mate, indiana governor mike pence. and newly uncovered clinton e-mails reveal troubling insights about her campaign.


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