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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  October 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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they're calling it "su >>laura: here calling it suicide by cop. deputies respond to a pregnant woman in danger and find a man with a weapon. >>russell: deputies need a girl in a van. new pictures could lead to his arrest. >>laura: and a republican party office fire bombed. scary sight in north carolina. >>dave: a lot of lower 70s on the map this monday morning and yes, it's a few degrees cooler than yesterday but i like the 70 in lakeland and bartow, 71 degrees in tampa. warmest spot we have as you may expect will be st. petersburg at 74. coolest, 68 degrees.
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it's going to be another nice day. we'll have a couple of very low top showers move across the state from east to west so inland locations, if you get a quick passing shower, don't be surprised but it's not going to be the norm. high temperatures will be back to the upper 80s for temperatures today. good morning. >>vanessa: good morning, dave. we want to get back to probably what was the bigger crash of the morning. it's clearing. in case you're just joining us, driver ran away, st. pete area. 28th street south, we had all the southbound lanes blocked at one point but that's clearing. at the very most, just one lane blocked and likely heading out a couple of minutes from now, it will be completely clear but like i said, you should be good to go if you pass on by through the area. >>russell: a domestic dispute turns deadly. deputies responded to reports of
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his pregnant girlfriend when they were forced to pull the trigger. this happened on blue jay drive in holiday. >>laura: and ken is there in pasco county where the sheriff is saying this would not have ended this way without provocation, right? >>reporter: apparently things got out of control in this situation. we know this man is dead and deputies say the reason why he's dead is because they shot him because he gave them no other choice. around 7:00 last night, a and his pregnant girlfriend had an argument totally out of control. he ended up soughting her. she got out of the house. when the swat team arrived, they hoped they culd talk him down. he had been drinking heavily and using prescription drugs. after hours of negotiating, they sent in a robot to see where he was holing up. by that time, he was in the bathroom. when deputies tased him, he charged at them with a knife. that's when they say they shot him. we're still waiting to hear
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person, what's his criminal background, what is her background and exactly what happened here. we do know this kind of situation, as the sheriff said a while ago, happens all too often. we have a term for it, death by cop, you know it's really unfortunate and we also know this type of thing is going up more and more this kind of situation. is it drugs? is it something else? we don't know. but we'll hear more about what happened here later in the morning. in the >>laura: ken, live for us in pasco county. also the pasco county sheriff's office is warning parents to watch out for a man who tried to lure a man into his van. it happened friday. deputies say the teen was walking on bartlett road when she was approached by a man driving an older model, blue van. we have some images from a neighbor's surveillance camera here. the man asked the girl if she wanted to get into the van with him. she refused and she was able to get home safely. if you recognize this van,
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through a republican party headquarters in north carolina saturday night. sat's governor on sunday called it an attack on democracy. party posted these images showing the damage, blackened walls, charred couches and burned campaign signs. a window was broken and a swastika had the words, nazi republicans leave town or else. >>laura: donald trump was quick to point the finger, blaming, quote, animals representing hillary clinton and democrats. updating his followers on twitter, trump wrote all safe in orange county and he's proud of the north carolina g.o.p. party responding, too, quoting we will not be silenced. we will pray for those who seek to harm us. hillary clinton commenting on the attack calling it horrific and unacceptable. state officials responded with their thanks. >>russell: nobody was injured in saturday's attack but officials are learning g.o.p. ochlss across the country.
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saying they are taking steps to elect volunteers. >> i do believe there is an intent to intimidate and florida is probably very high on that list also, the hit list, so to speak. i want you to take extra precautions. >>laura: that was the chair of the hillsborough county republican party. she called each g.o.p. office and she's reminding volunteers not to walk to their at night. so far, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. >>russell: and the attack comes just days before the third and final presidential debate. it is this wednesday, 9:00. the moderator is chris wallace and this will be the first time a fox news anchor has moderated a general election presidential debate. you can watch it right here on fox 13.
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has the debate tonight. 47-45% in the latest poll. that's down from last month where rubio led his challenger by five points. they'll stand face to face tonight for a one-hour debate at the university of central florida. there are two more debates planned before election day. >>russell: early voting is already underway in many states and it's prompting candidates to increase campaign efforts in the early battle grounds. 36 states and the district of columbia allow for early voting. by the time the polls open, 45 million people will have already voted. 477,000 and counting in florida. of the more than 2 1/2 million absentee ballots requested, it's pretty evenly split between the parties.
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to evaluate how students, faculty and staff will vote in the upcoming election. they'll include races for president, senate and three constitutional amendments. students collected more than 1600 ballots that accurately predicted that president obama would win re-election. polling stations open from 10:00 to 2:00. >>laura: it is 6:07 now. one month after reporting a radioactive water leak in polk county, the company has another mess to clean up. mosaic facility in plant city. a pump that circulates process the water malfunctioned. officials say the spill is contained to the property. back in august, a sink hole opened up in mosaic's mulberry plant and spilled 200 million gallons of contaminated water. testing has come back negative. >>russell: and pinellas county leaders are looking for ways to
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a task force will meet for the first time this morning. heavy rain during recent storms overloaded the county's sewage system. the county has budgeted $70 million the next 10 years to pay for improvements. the task force will look for long-time solutions. >>laura: two years after a expensive failure, today could mark a return to flight for one of nasa's key mission and imagine, carrying 75 pounds of gear every day, training 20 hours, no sleep and walking more than 200 miles. coming up, we'll introduce you to a woman who conquered that challenge that most men fail.p>e this morning. nice, comfy, although you go to the east coast, a little different story. 80 in palm beach. today very similar with the clouds, the sunshine. yeah, it's going to be warm. we're going to go back to the
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some pre-launch jitters as commercial space- >>russell: some prelaunch jitters as commercial space flight company prepares for the first mission in nearly two years. orbital's last launch ended in disaster, erupting in a massive fire ball along the virginia coast causing $15 million in damage. after a series of delays an upgraded version is scheduled it last off tonight. if successful, it will carry more than 5,000 pounds of supplies to the sper national space supply ship will have to hang out in orbit for several days because wednesday's crew launch takes priority. three astronauts are set to join the three already living at the orbital launch. >>laura: china's space program is celebrating a successful launch. they'll dock with an experimental space lab and spend 30 days there and this is scene as a precursor to missions to
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the country was ex ccluded from the space station. not to be outdone, european space agency's mars lander has left its mother ship. it will take three days for the saucer shaped craft to reach the planet's surface. this is the agency's second attempt to land on mars. first failed back in 2003. pimary goal of the mission is to find out whether life has ever existed on mars. >>russell: a wow. >>laura: yeah. >>dave: question for you. you know, i know that everybody is trying to get into space and do the mars thing and stuff and i know that politics, why don't we all do it together? why doesn't everybody just get together? i think we could get it done together, more effective. >>laura: compare notes. >>dave: i guess that's everything in life, right? >>russell: kinda, sorta. >>dave: okay.
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and there's a hint of mugginess outside. 73 degrees in still water and st. petersburg. 74, i got the upper 60s and you know, it's been in the 60s every single morning to the north for the past week, week and a half. it's pretty nice stuff from crystal river, dade city at 68 degrees. 69 in wesley chapel, lower 70s from bradenton all the way down through englewood and inland, i have upper 60s and lower 70s, and down through the sebring area. winds really no different, kind of left you on friday. it was east-northeast. that's what we have for today. but we have also that drier air in the mid levels of the atmosphere so any showers that try to work their way across the state, a lot of them are getting to get eaten up. a few make their way to i-75. there will be one or two isolated showers today. otherwise, we'll go right back
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temperatures. here is one area. nicole long gone. it did some damage in bermuda. good for the folks. just a very hardy island. now you're looking at this disturbance which runs a moderate chance, a 40% chance for development over the course of the next five days. well to the east. in fact, it's down over the turks and caicos and even if it does develop, i want you to see what the computer models here is the european moldel. you can see the disturbed weather down here as it starts to develop and then starts to move toward the north. at the same time, later this week, we're going to be getting a cold front. here is your cold front by friday, moving into the southeast and as it moves into the southeast, if this does develop into anything at all, you can see it's going to start to push it more toward the north
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we're not overly concerned because you have this front that's going to slide and push that eventually out to sea. then this is just a big area of high pressure come sunday night, dominating our weather. we're looking at a decent cold front here and it's going to be in the friday, saturday time frame. when you talk about a front that's five days away, we have to fine tune the timing of that as we get closer to the weekend. we have some clouds and showers on saturday. can we push it all to friday? that can tell you we are looking at much drier air for the second half of the upcoming weekend. look forward to that. 87 for a high temperature today. the pesky, isolated, inland shower or two. clear and mild tonight with a low temperature of 70 degrees. and then partly cloudy and warm tomorrow with your high around 87. still have a moderate chop. it's the east to northeast wind, can't get rid of it. maybe five knots picking up to
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our next high tide near the st. pete pier is at 4:17 this afternoon. it's not until later this afternoon. here's your next seven. you do see the cooler air coming in on the weekend. as we get closer, we'll fine tune the rain chances so maybe we squeegee a shower out saturday morning and that will be it. we'll wait. notice sunday, low near 62. that's nice, vanessa. >>vanessa: i cannot wait for that. all right. thanks, dave. it's 6:17 and visibly it is picking up a little bit as more cars heading wherever they're going this morning, maybe to work. 275 at roosevelt is where this live look is right here. travel times look good right there. hillsborough county, looks like northbound 275 also looking good. i-4 to 75 taking only 15 minutes. five minutes the drive westbound i-4 driveers heading from mlk to the interchange. eight minutes heading north.
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with flooding yet to recede in some communities, hurricane matthew has already caused $1.5 billion damage in north carolina. as rivers return to normal, the damage estimates could fluctuate. >>russell: there's routage in the suburbs of new jersey after a well known bear has reportedly been killed. remember pedals? this video of pedals. the black bear became an internet thanks to the uncanny ability to walk on the hind legs. animal rights group claimed he was shot and killed last week. new jersey wildlife officials say they may never make a positive identification on the bear because he was never tagged. petition to stop the new jersey bear hunt has more than 25,000 signatures. >>laura: the army's ranger school is one of the most gruelling military programs in the world.
6:19 am
major lisa jaster is one of three women who can say she graduated from army ranger school. she was one of 19 women who signed up for the experimental program last year. after the first week of training, only eight women were left. at 37 years old, she was among the oldest and highest ranking soldier of either gender to complete the program. west point graduate and two-time war veteran says her accomplishment is bigger than just bak >> i wasn't ever thinking i was going to quit but i can honestly say there were many moments where i thought, dear god, i wouldn't be mad if you broke my ankle right now and i had to go to the hospital. sticking with it and being able to come back and tell people, hey, you can push through, you can climb over obstacles, failure makes you better in the end, that was more of my success than just graduating.
6:20 am
through? for inspiration, she carried a photo of her 3-year-old daughter victoria and 7-year-old son in her pocket. >>russell: amazing. good for her. all right. coming up later in this hour, big decision by apple. why the iphones will no longer be tethered to store shelves. >>laura: this is one way to slow down traffic. how a police officer is using
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it's time to see what's clicking on the web. >>laura: time to see what's clicking on the web. >>vanessa: i got the morning's hot clicks and we're going to start off with he's been nominated for three oscars, won dozens of awards but there's no debate, he's one of the greatest movie stars of our time. as it turns out, he's also good at something else, too. running. look at this. so apparently in another life, he was a track and field star. comedy duo burger fiction has edited together every clip of
6:24 am
movie. he has a need for speed. everything from 1985 legend to the new "mission impossible." >>laura: a legend. i haven't thought about that in awhile. >>vanessa: entire clip is more than 18 minutes long. 18 minutes of running would be interesting to see how our movie stars stack up. >>russell: you know, he's no kid. when he does run, in like the mission impossible movies, he's good. >>va i'm sorry. >>vanessa: no. no. i'm right there with you. now this one. i'm like mesmerized. this is officer paul. he works for the south bend school force and he works the crosswalk armed with light sabres. he says folks have started to take notice. as folks slow down to watch, he said it makes for a nice traffic flow. on top of directing traffic, he also performs light shows for
6:25 am
>>russell: that doesn't look real, does it? >>vanessa: it's mesmerizing. whatever you can do. oh. can't go wrong with an animal one, right? who doesn't like a good belly rub. wolverine lives at an animal sanctuary. volunteers noticed his love for belly rubs this month. look at that face. >>laura: i'm a big star of that baby right there. >>vanessa: clip has been shared thousands of times. >>russell: even hold the hand there to make certain you keep doing it. >>vanessa: you know when you're petting the dog? i didn't say you could stop. i know we're trying to wake everybody up but this -- >>russell: that's a perfect
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let's go back to bed. >>vanessa: i want to go back to bed. >>laura: thank you, vanessa. all right. >>russell: the latest involved on a deputy involved video in pasco. a pregnant woman feared for her safety. and saving a man's life after his car plunges over the side of the road. the rescue caught on ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. he season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99.
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?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. ((russell 2shot) good morning, i;m russell rhodes ((laura)) and i'm laura >>russell: welcome. i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. god morning. we'll check in with dave for a look at the forecast. >>dave: good morning. upper 60s, lower 70s, picking up from yesterday. most areas just a couple of degrees cooler.
6:30 am
i don't think that's going to change much the next few days. mixture of clouds and sunshine. you get the warm afternoons, highs in the upper 80's with a few passing inland showers. they'll be moving again east to west. there will be some big changes late week and early into the weekend and that we will discuss in just a little bit. but let's check the traffic early on this monday. >>vanessa: looking busier out there, dave. we'll start out with a live look at the downtown interchange. 275 and i-4. yeah. lots of cars out there but the travel times budging out of the green zone as folks make their way toward the interchange. pinellas county, your drive will be good. heading out of the interchange, i-4, 275 to mlk, junior boulevard. four minutes is the drive and the drive south coming from pasco county along 75, state road 54 to bruce b downs boulevard and hillsborough. >>laura: the first call to
6:31 am
a man and his pregnant girlfriend fighting at a home on blue jay drive in holiday and ended many hours later when deputies shot and killed a man. >>russell: and ken is there for us this morning. sheriff spoke at 3:00 this morning and said they had no choice in doing what they had to do, right? >>reporter: yeah. he said that he was really playing with a potentially deadly situation to begin with. we're talking about drugs and alcohol, throw in a little vien he ended up losing his life as a result of that. the man had an argument with his girlfriend who was pregnant early sunday night. it got out of control and the sheriff's office was called in. when the swoot team arrived, they sent in a robot to the house and canines. they negotiated with this guy for hours but apparently to no avail. they couldn't make any progress so they went in and found him holed up in the bathroom. they say they tased him. that didn't stop him from
6:32 am
him. that's when they shot him. >> when somebody says they're going to have a suicide by cop, let me tell you, those numbers are rising. we're seeing it more and more. those criminals and realize, when we come, we come to make peace. but if you cause us to have to, we will take the actions necessary because we will make sure that our people go home alive and we'll make sure every one of our citizen county is safe. >>reporter: we're getting more information like the names of the people involved, the man who unfortunately is dead at this point, the pregnant girlfriend, that kind of thing. usually in a situation like this, the cop or the cops or deputies in this case are usually put on administrative leave after shooting someone. that presumably is what will happen back here. terrible situation, unfortunate.
6:33 am
an intense rescue on florida's east coast. a car drove over an bankment and burst into flames. they found people hand in hand trying to lift the drive to her safety. the driver was in shock or panic and had to be physically restrained while being pulled from the car which added a whole other element to the rescue but the officers and good samaritans were able to get him out. he's just got minor injuries. >>la mosul after two years of isis control. >>russell: the push will be the biggest military action in iraq since american troops left in 2011. here is more. >> the operation to liberate mosul has begun. iraq's prime minister announcing his forces are now engaged fighting isis to reclaim iraq's second largest city. it's the last major city still under isis control.
6:34 am
from mosul. >> the jihadist group is forced from a stronghold where it had promised to fight a final apocalyptic battle with the west. now there's an operation to free mosul with coalition forces led by the u.s. providing air support. >> that would be the beginning of the end of isil in mosul this chapter of isis and history in iraq militarily. >>reporter: officials say there are some concerns regarding the political arrangements for the days after liberation. >> the humanitarian situation is a big concern for us. kurdish region is proud to have welcomed 1.8 million displaced persons from the rest of iraq and refugees from syria until now. >>reporter: while the kurdish
6:35 am
civilians fleeing the city, it will require help from the international community. >> we cannot afford anything beyond opening our doors and providing safety and security so for any of their requirements, for water, for food, for accommodation, tent, we need help of the international committee. >>russell: according to the u.n. up to one million people could be displaced from mosul during the operation. there are more than 7,500 iraq. over half from the u.s. is it too early to start talking about the weekend? >>laura: never. >>russell: dave tells us about the big weather change that's on the way. >>laura: and then jennifer epstein is live for us at big cat rescue where seven wildcats are being rescued this morning. don't have a cow, man. w'll tell you about the honor
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>>dave: 6:39 and 71 degrees outside. you know, these dew points have been sitting in the upper 60s for a week and a half now, so again, not too humid, not too dry. we're just kind of in the middle. that's why we call humidity. north-northeast winds at seven miles an hour and there's a 66 in ocala. but you go to the east coast and oh, boy. it's 81 in stewart and 80 in west palm with that onshore wind flow continuing. now, yes, saturday morning, a little surprise, right? you had little showers. thankfully it did clear out enough and it came back late in the day yesterday. we'll see a few of the tiny move across the state showers. north to northeast winds
6:40 am
sitting on top of us. these are very low top showers so they're not a big deal. they're just a quick shower and then they're gone. notice the drier air sitting on top of us now. this is what was responsible for some weekend rain we had. just a little bit of extra lift in the atmosphere. but look at all this moisture sitting out here. there's actually an area of disturbed weather, right? we just got rid of matthew and nicole and this has a for development over the next several days. and as i say that, though, i don't think -- at least at this point -- it's going to be a huge concern to the lower 48 because watch. i'll show you why with the future cast. next couple of days, just a couple of tiny showers streaming across the state. you can start to see some potential development down here in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. at the same time, we're also going to get a cold front
6:41 am
that does, it's going to pick up this moisture, carry it to the north and then eventually to the northeast. so while there is that potential for development, it should stay a decent distance away from our state and that front comes in over the weekend, and that front will finally, finally dry us out. now, when i show you the seven-day forecast in a minute or so, i can tell you that we're going to have to tweak it a little bit as we get closer to the weekend but the way it sets saturday afternoon, drier air settles in and then sunday looks to be a nice day. partly cloudy, very warm again today, isolated inland shower like we've seen the past several afternoons. sunrise later and later. 7:32. we're almost there. we're almost turning the clocks back. just a few weeks away, right? highs 87. tonight clear, mild, low 70 degrees and tomorrow back to 87 degrees and partly cloudy skies.
6:42 am
northeast winds at five to 15 knots, still settling in with the moderate chop and a couple of hours way from a low tide which is at 9:36. so the way it sets up, showers and then rain saturday morning. possible. but again, we'll tweak this as we get closer and the front becomes more apparent how it's going to work through. sunday, notice that's tampa. 62. that means east and north, you're going to settle back into the upper 50s come sunday morning. there it is, something to look forward changing things up. >>vanessa: did you say we're a couple of weeks away from setting the clocks back? >>dave: we're a few. >>vanessa: that's like a holiday for us. we get the extra hour, right? >>russell: did you hear this? >>vanessa: that's good times for the morning show. all right. thank you. 6:42 right now and looks like we do have some trouble brewing on the roadways. pasco county drivers, consider maybe taking collier parkway
6:43 am
boulevard southbound. we do have some eastbound delays along 54 so make sure planning extra time there, but as i mentioned, it's really jammed up heading south on land o lakes boulevard. like i said before, collier parkway could be better for you. we'll keep you posted on the delays we see out there. meantime, use caution here. traffic light medical function. apparently the lights are not out but they are out of the normal sequence so that traffic pattern might lk make sure you're paying attention. >>laura: thank you. we're going to get over to walter allen right now. >>russell: he's doing the charley belcher shift this week. good morning. for a few days, anyway. i should say a few days. >>walter: how was the weekend? >>laura: good. what about you? >>walter: it was good. i do want to share this. i know charley sometimes takes his mondays out to share some
6:44 am
weekend. i want to share a really great event that i was a part of, lucky to be a part of on sunday. harley davidson. you don't typically find me at the tampa harley davidson dealership. it was called all for kids and it really was. we had them on friday, bikers against child abuse and the guardian ad litem and they partnered together for all for kids. it was all these different organizations that really help out in the foster care system here in hillsbo and i want to say there were about 27,000, 30,000 kids in the foster care program. one of the highest numbers in the state of florida so pouring a lot of resources into helping out with that problem. so 3500 kids are in the foster program. there are about 25 different organizations that came that really showed off, you know, the different things that they offer, whether it be, you know, getting people licensed to be foster parents or making sure
6:45 am
and so it really was a very fantastic event. i don't know if we're showing the picture, but even natalie, she's several months pregnant and she's out there and we were aving a good time. it is weird becaus you have the big bad biker guys, right? and they have the harley davidson and the leather and they're bad to the bone and then squirt gun fights with the kids and they're running around and i don't know who was having more fun. i don't know if the biker guys were having more fun or if the >>laura: you showed the picture on friday of the hard looking guys getting their nails painted pink by the girls in the program. it was cute. >>russell: that's neat. >>walter: their hearts are so big and so it really was an honor to be part of that event this weekend. so right now this morning, i'm at low cal market. we're going to go to eats that you can enjoy throughout the day.
6:46 am
pro when you're in the kitchen, we have an idea for you. and then if you just want to eat thanksgiving here, you don't want to do any work at all, you can do that as well. so keep it right here. we'll have a "good day" at low cal market. >>russell: i like option two. i like option two. >>walter: i know. that's the option i'm going to go with. no work at all, just eat and enjoy. >>russell: bring a pie from bring dessert from there. see you later. big night for country music. find out who just joined the hall of fame. >>laura: and apple is putting trust over security. why a new policy designed to let people play with your phones is ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season,
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how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs.
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right now - seven wild cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. cats are bein brought to "big >>russell: right now seven wildcats are being rescued and brought to the big cat rescue in tampa. >>laura: we have no idea what kind of shape these animals are in. we hope the news is good. jennifer epstein is live there to find out. have they arrived yet, jen? >>jennifer: we're standing in front of the truck. i'm whispering because i think they're sleeping inside there but the truck just arrived two, three minutes ago at big cat rescue. these are seven big cats all
6:50 am
conditions in south dakota. the truck just arrived carrying the seven animals. susan is here to give us the run-through of the situation here. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for being here. >>jennifer: thank you so much. so tell me about the whole situation why these animals were rescued from the sanctuary in south dakota. >> from what i understand in late september, usda, department of agriculture, actually had a routine inspection of the facility in south dakota. it's called spirit of the situations where the animals that needed immediate relief and they ended up talking to owner and he has agreed to relinquish all the exotic cats and sanctuary out of california called lions, tigers and bears, has been wonderful. they used their own transport truck to actually bring seven cats. we're going to be their forever home. >>jennifer: they've been driving
6:51 am
arrived. you're proud of her work as well. >> absolutely. the sanctuaries are very small community and we do work well together and are just thrilled she was able to bring us these cats today. >>jennifer: and we don't know what kind of condition they're in, right? >> we don't. not exactly. from what i understand, they appear to be okay. we do know that the one leopard has been declawed and it was a botched job so that cat will need some immediate care but them. our vets will evaluate them. >>jennifer: what kind of home will the animals have? >> we've been scrambling knowing that they're coming very quickly to us. we didn't get a lot of notice. so getting enclosures ready and building dens and we're pretty much all set up. there are four bob cats. we have generally a lot of areas for them to go. we had soth some areas for the
6:52 am
>>jennifer: next step is get them out of there. they'll walk into their new home. >> we'll be offloading them as soon as it gets a little lighter and they'll each go into their enclosure and they'll be on quarantine the first 30 days and then you'll see how they go. we're excited. >>jennifer: this is what animal rescue does. >> this is our mission taking care of the cats and it's thanks to the on m -- amazing that we can see yes. they step us and help us take care of the cats. >>jennifer: thank you so much. you know how excited i am and i'm sure you all are, too, to see who we have behind the doors of this large van. they've been driving two days from south dakota here to florida to their new home so i can't wait to meet them. i won't get too close, though. >>laura: no. >>russell: i just know they're not in good shape but i hope better shape than worse shape.
6:53 am
heart to see these situations. let's hope for the best here. all right. see you later, sweetie. >>laura: no better place for them to be. >>russell: true. >>laura: we're talking about cutting cables. >>russell: from a company's decision to untether its showrooms to netflix. the company that can't get users to cut the cable fast enough. let's get to lauren simonetti to talk -- good morning. let's start with -- >> i have to get the scissors. >>russell: big day for netflix, do you remember back when netflix said we have a goal of being in 60 to 90 million u.s. homes? 90 million. they're in 47 million now. they have a long way to go. they might never get there because they raised prices, customers are cutting that netflix cord. they're losing their subscriptions. plus you have all the competition out there. amazon and everybody else has streaming video. while they have hit shows, very
6:54 am
their latest quarterly earnings and we are expecting them to be down double digits on earnings per share basis from last year. stock is also down. i say that because last year it doubled. it was the best performing stock in the broader market and this year down 11%. >>laura: all right. we've been talking about this, this morning. apple -- i guess like most of their electronic stores, their devices are typically tethered to a table but not anymore. what's the significanc why? >> they're going to start to change this. they have overseas and they might in the u.s., too. it's annoying. the size is very important. you can't put it in your pocket where it's tethered to the table. now, i know you're saying, we can just walk out with the phone? no, you can't. there's alarms and if they don't work, they'll turn the phone into a brick. but it's such a small change for
6:55 am
phones, and you want to feel it. >>russell: it's like the grocery carts that won't go beyond the line in the parking lot, right? just everything shuts down. >> that's so annoying. when you don't know it and it gets you for the first time, you're like trying to fix the cart and then you realize it doesn't move. >>russell: it's pretty brilliant. >> it will shock you. >>russell: if you want to check that phone, does it fit in your pocket? you look like you're shoplifting. put it in your purse. good test. all right. >>laura: thank you, lauren. >> thank you. see you later. >>laura: last night randy travis was inducted in the world of fame. he surprised the crowd with the first verse of "amazing grace."
6:56 am
daniels and fred fos ter were also inducted in the hall of fame. >>russell: and congrats to the simpsons. they marked their 600th episode last night. it's the second most for any scripted series. what's the first? anybody know? don't look at the prompter. anybody know? >>dave: no. >>russell: gun smoke. that's right. sounded like a horse on the simpsons continued to make history. sunday's episode tree house of horror 27 will be the first to feature virtual reality. pay raise is coming for thousands of workers in florida. >>laura: and at 7:00, who can expect a bump in their salaries? then keep your phones at home. we've got the 411 on new trouble for owners of the fire prone galaxy 7.
6:57 am
getting a glimpse of that in the tampa cam. you see that reddish color looking down kennedy east. it's a beautiful skyline so a nice start to the day. north-northeast winds we have for you at around seven miles an hour. pretty similar forecast for the next few days as to what we had over yesterday afternoon because high temperatures would normally be around 84 degrees, we're going to bring them up a little bit. 87 for today. 87 for tomorrow. 86 on around and also keep those isolated showers inland, especially inland. they're moving from east to west that we saw last week. changes, though, are on the way and i say that but it's going to take several more days but a cold front will come through late friday and early into saturday drying us out by the end of the weekend. i can't wait to talk more about that which we'll do in the 7:00 hour of "good day" and that starts in two minutes and nine
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lars! just like in 1934! four dollars was a lot in those days. that can't be right. no, i was there! back then, you not only got to choose from 24 meals under four dollars, you also got a shave, a shoeshine and a new suit. used to be called "steak 'n shake 'n shave 'n shoeshine 'n suit." they even put it on the sign! 'til it broke. is that a steak 'n shake suit? walter, does this look like a steak 'n shake suit? get 24 meals for under four dollars.
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(( russell / a frightening turn in the race for >>russell: a frightening turn in the race for the president and violent act that has both campaigns on edge and local volunteers now concerned. >>laura: and new from a man is dead and a pregnant woman was caught in the middle. >>russell: taking the field and facing the music. nfl quarterback at the center of the national anthem protest starts for the first time since igniting the controversy over his national meal. welcome to "good day tampa bay." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. it is monday, october 17. we thank you for waking up with us. we begin with a quick check of the forecast the way we always do with meteorologist dave


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