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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  October 17, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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(( russell / a frightening turn in the race for >>russell: a frightening turn in the race for the president and violent act that has both campaigns on edge and local volunteers now concerned. >>laura: and new from a man is dead and a pregnant woman was caught in the middle. >>russell: taking the field and facing the music. nfl quarterback at the center of the national anthem protest starts for the first time since igniting the controversy over his national meal. welcome to "good day tampa bay." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. it is monday, october 17. we thank you for waking up with us. we begin with a quick check of the forecast the way we always do with meteorologist dave
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both numbers a bit above where we would be but they're not awful. moderate humidity, mild and we have a couple of tiny showers trying to streak across the state, although they're having a hard time making it to the ground. so if you're east of i-75, maybe the tiniest of showers. otherwise, clouds, sunshine and a high temperature back up to around 87 degrees. vanessa? >>vanessa: for folks just waking up brewing on the roadways out of pasco county as far as blockage and delays. we have sky fox that just arrived on scene here of u.s. 41 and state road 54. we have lane blockage right there in the middle of the intersection and most of our concern here, i think, is going to be southbound and eastbound and that's where i'm seeing the biggest delays. you can see some traffic is able to get around and some is mostly hindered and they're allowing folks to pass basically in the left lane once it's their turn and the traffic light turns green.
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southbound land o lakes boulevard and eastbound state road 54. drivers, i would consider collier parkway instead of land o lakes boulevard. we'll let you know if we see any improvements here but in the meantime, you saw there in the intersection, it doesn't look like it's budged in the past couple of minutes or so. we have a crew checking out a reported crash at west shore boulevard and mc coy street. really not seeing any major maybe in the southbound direction, just minor delays but we'll watch this and let you know once we learn more about this one, guys. >>russell: attack on a north carolina republican party headquarters is adding more fuel to this already explosive presidential election. >>laura: the attack is called a hate crime. a fire bomb tore through a republican party head quarter saturday night.
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an tack on democracy. party posted these images showing the damage. there were blackened walls, and burned campaign signs, all of this as donald trump and hillary clinton prepare for wednesday's third and final presidential debate. doug has more. >> both candidates are getting ready for what could be an explosive debate come wednesday night and donald trump is again alleging that the media is rigging the election. nazi republicans else. that's what was scrolled on the g.o.p. headquarters in north carolina. the building and contents set on fire. there's no indication who carried out the attack, but the head of north carolina's republican party says the message is clear. >> it is meant to scare and intimidate people from volunteering, from working at this office. >> and emotions running high in advance of this week's debate with more polls showing hillary clinton is widening her lead
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controversies. but even one former democratic pollster admits, some are all over the map. >> part of this is we cannot ignore it now is how the media is piling on in a way that's unprecedented, including, i believe in some of the polling, in which they use it to drive narrative. >> what about all the woman accusing you of sexual assault? >> they need to shut the hell up. >> trump tweeted, watch time to retire the boring and unfunny show. media rigging election. hillary clinton, meantime, being subtle in her campaign van for what we believe is debate prep. emails are embarrassing for the campaign. one details the internal debate with one adviser writing, her
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interview and communicate genuine feelings of remorse and regret is becoming a character problem more so than honesty. and it really is tough to peg down the polls, he is personally nationally. you look at this poll out from nbc news and the "wall street journal" showing there's an 11 point spread between hillary clinton and donald trump but compare that to "the washington post" and abc news, just four points separate the two of them. that's within the margin of error. >>laura: usf is holding a straw poll to evaluate how students, faculty and staff will vote in the upcoming election. it will include races for senate, president and three constitutional amendments. in the last presidential election, students collected more than 1600 ballots and accurately predicted that president barack obama would win re-election and by how much. polling locations will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
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it comes as the latest poll of the senate race shows murphy closing in on the incumbent. rubio leads right now 47-42%. that's down from last night when rubio led by five points. they'll stand face to face tonight for a one hour debate at the university of central florida. there are two more debates planned before election day. and as election day nears, count on fox 13 for the most complete political coverage. you'll find the politics section of our website at >>russell: developing from overnight, deputies forced to open fire on a frantic man. >>laura: a pregnant woman was caught in the middle of the frightening scene and ken is live for us in holiday and neighbors are being credited now with stepping in and helping, right? >> well, it's got to be a brutal situation. certainly a hard way to start
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involved. deputies shot this guy essentially because they had no other choice. it was a terrible situation to walk into. deputies knew the guy had assaulted his pregnant girlfriend and that he had a gun. the violence started early yesterday evening and unfortunately, escalated as the night progressed. detectives say they negotiated with the man for hours. it didn't work. when we weren't able to make progress, they entered the house to tase him. he and they shot him. we know he has a criminal history. we don't b what that entails. not a lot of information at this point. don't know his name yet or her name but the big question is, how does it get to this point? you put two and two together, he's got a criminal history. we understand that he was drinking heavily yesterday and taking prescription drugs. and you throw in an argument and obviously went downhill very quickly from there.
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county, the search continues for the man involved in the attempted abduction of 15-year-old girl. pasco sheriff's office says a man approached the teen along bartlett road in holiday and invited her into his van. security footage in the area picked up this image. detectives believe it may be the suspicious van they're looking for. she reported him to deputies. teen told detectives the man is bald, between the ages of 30 and 50. sheriff's office is asking people to warn their children strangers. >> we talk to our kids about being polite but when it comes to a stranger, if you're approached by somebody as a child and you feel uncomfortable, you don't have to be polite. you have every right to say stop talking to me, run and get help if you feel the need to. >>russell: detectives are still investigating and they ask anyone with information about the man or the older blue model van in the holiday area to give them a call. >>laura: one month after
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water leak in polk county, the company has another mess to clean up. mosaic has confirmed a leak at the facility in plant city. a pump malfunctioned, releasing 50,000 gallons of water. officials say the spill is contained to the property. back in august, you'll remember a sink hole of mosaic's mulberry plant that spilled 200 million gallons of contaminated water into the florida testing has come back negative. >>russell: pinellas county leaders are looking for ways to fix the massive sewage problem. the task force will meet for the first time this morning. heavy rain during recent storms overloaded the county sewer systems causing millions of gallons of sewage to flow into the streets and waterways. county has budgeted $70 million the next 10 years to pay for improvements. that's just the start. storm water task force will look for long-term solutions. group's first meeting is at 9:00
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also today, some good news for the florida work force. department of economic opportunity expected to announce an increase to the state's minimum wage. but it won't be a significant hike. just a five cent raise. that will bring florida's minimum wage up. some don't think that's enough. they'll speak out this morning on the steps of st. pete city hall. legoland building on success with a new one-of-a-kind attraction. >>laura: it puts your kids this morning, your first look at the new ride. >>russell: and travelling with samsung's fire prone phone. getting even more difficult. you may just want to leave the smart phone at the house. >>russell: get ready for a trip to the bus stop this morning. it's quite mild. i'll call it moderate humidity. a little muggy out there. we're at 72 degrees as the sun will be up. isolated inland shower possible
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really the same for tomorrow as well but the changes into the
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as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars,
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as state attorney, i'll make our county safer for our families. >>dave: 7:13 on this monday morning. that's a pretty start, huh? brookdale, bayshore camera,
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around six miles an hour. i'm sure there's a lot of people getting that morning walk/jog on bayshore this morning. another beautiful camera shot at the john hopkins camera. 7:32 the sun comes up. 74 degrees there with a wind at 13 and a shot from kennedy looking east. you can see the downtown where it's gorgeous, 72 with that north-northeast wind at six miles an hour. while it is mild mild and muggy, we're running two to four degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. and i think we did, we hit 90 degrees yesterday. we are just still on that slightly above normal cusp. we should be sitting at 84 for a high temperature. we've been talking all morning about we do have a cold front on the way. we do. but we have to wait the rest of this week before it gets here,
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front getting here? it's going to be this weekend. winds six to 13 miles an how were. we will bring across some moisture and one or two tiny little popup, renegade showers across the state. we had them yesterday. we'll see a little less for today because we have more of that drier air aloft. but there will be one or two. inland locations, just keep an eye out for that. there's an area of disturbed weather here. there's no organizatio big time wind shear now southeast of the bahamas. however, it's an area that we really need to watch and the hurricane center has given this a 40% chance for development in the long term. say, four, five days from now as it starts to drift back toward the north. so obviously we have to keep an eye on this, but with the timing of this front coming through and you can see, i'm going to put this into motion for you, anything that does develop out
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north is going to stay to the east of us and probably to the east of the country because watch this front come sliding down and it's going to push everything off toward the east. so the way it's setting up right now, it looks like the transition is going to be saturday afternoon for us which means we'll probably get a few showers friday into saturday, saturday afternoon northwest winds are going to take over. we're going to and then sunday looks to be a magnificent day with the sunshine and the drier air settling in place. it's not going to be all weekend. we'll have saturday be our transition day and then getting into some real nice stuff come sunday. we're talking about a cold front five days away. things can be tweaked a few hours here or there. keep paying attention as the week moves along. isolated inland shower today. 70 tonight.
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cloudy and warm again with your high around 87 degrees. now, once this front comes through the area, hopefully everything goes according to the way it's supposed to. we'll wake up sunday morning at 62 in tampa, areas inland and north in the 50s. >>vanessa: thank you. and we want to get back out to pasco county. the biggest slowdown on the roadway as far as a crash related incident is going to be u.s. 41 here, state road 54 which i mentioned the hour, sky fox is showing us southbound and eastbound impacts with our worst delays in those directions, of course. looks like this is in the middle of the intersection. i'm not seeing tow trucks on scene quite yet. that doesn't bode well as far as our rush hour commute. they're not really in the clearing stages, i would say, at this point. so once again, u.s. 41, avoid southbound and then state road 54, avoid that eastbound direction with the work arounds
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concerns. we have a second crash now reported closer to the trinity boulevard area. this is reported at the intersection with success drive, eastbound lane blockage and definitely seeing delays you'll want to avoid the area so this is just west of where 54 joins us with trinity and trinity is going to be the best work around for this one. we have a few more detail for this crash which i mentioned in the last report. we're sending a crew to check this out. west shore boulevard at mc coy street, they have not gotten on scene to verify yet but the initial report does involve a bicyclist and we're seeing moderate delays northbound and southbound in the area which could indicate some lane blockage. we'll let you know once the photographer arrives on scene and gives us more details. we have normal conditions for you folks hitting the interstates right now. >>laura: thank you. this morning we're getting a glimpse inside legoland's newest attraction and it's already
7:19 am
area is based on toys and the tv series that follows young ninjas in training. the world represents an old japanese training ground. kids can train just like ninjas and meet their favorite characters. this also includes a 40 dark ride that will have guests ride in the cars and fight the forces of evil. this opens up in mid january. >>russell: brilliant what they've done over there. a couple of times. >>russell: i have and i'm amazed at what that -- the old cypress gardens has turned into. brilliant. >>laura: big news for the bolts. >>russell: lightning about to make history. huge accomplishment and the role fans are playing in the team's success. >>laura: and a big flack over the american flag. its owner is being forced to take it down or face the consequences. we'll talk about that plus walter allen, we'll see what he's up to today. >>walter: good morning.
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lightning? i'm interested. you had me at lightning with that story. great tease. i'm walteral nen for charley belcher this morning. we're at locale market where everything is good for you, good to seat and bringing back good memories right here. if you're a seinfeld fan, the chocolate bobka. more from locale market later this morning.
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so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. making olympic athlete, shot dead. >>russell: the daughter of an olympic athlete is shot dead. >>laura: early sunday morning, trinity was outside the restaurant on the university of kentucky campus when gun fire erupted with two vehicles. they do not believe that trinity was in either of the cars. trinity is the daughter of tyson gay who competed in the last
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>>russell: kyle kaepernick says he didn't let the boos get to him. he made his season debut sunday. he's been the focus of national attention since the preseason when he decided to kneel during the national anthem to protest police brutality. up until yesterday, he was mostly on the sidelines. whether he admits the attention got to him or not, the 49ers did not do well last night. they lost flight ban involving samsung galaxy 7 is going worldwide. checked bags and carry-on luggage it includes. the department of transportation enacted similar bans on u.s. flights. phones have come under intense scrutiny following reports of phones catching fire. >>laura: overnight, china sent two astronauts into space on an
7:25 am
they'll arrive sometime wednesday and spend 30 days conducting experiments in medicine and technologies. china is ultimately working toward the development of a much larger space station set for full operation in 2022. >>russell: this morning we're getting a better understanding of hurricane matthew's impact on north carolina. the storm is responsible for $1.5 billion in damage. with some areas still flooded, the numbers could grow. next week state's governor is expected to release a detailed rebuild, including how to pay for it. >>dave: skytower radar is active across the east part of our state. it's the northeast to east wind. they're getting some rain. a couple of showers may squeegee across the state. in general, we're not going to see as much as yesterday and the reason is, we do have the drier air back on top. you know, kind of settling into
7:26 am
atmosphere. not as much in the way of showers. we have 72 degrees right now with high temperatures upper 80s for the next couple of afternoons. >>vanessa: pasco county, two big crashes with big delays southbound, land o lakes boulevard, we have the crash in the intersection so still causing some problems. state road 54, also eastbound here at success drive. that's going to be just west of trinity. eastbound lane blocks and delays. we have a normal congestion as i roadways. so a look at the travel times, buckle up, sfx - [birds] to sample the world's most delicious fresh seafood dishes... you can take a boat sfx -- [boat bell] or a plane sfx -- [jet taking off]
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(russell) welcome back... >>russell: welcome. seven exotic cats from south
7:30 am
morning in tampa bay. >>laura: and they are in good hands. big cat rescue took the animals in earlier this morning. jennifer epstein is at the rescue right now. jen, we're talking about a couple of cougars, a leopard, bob cat, they all made the long trek here and this was a two-day trip, right? >>jennifer: it was. it was a long trip for them. they cannot wait to get out of the cages and it's happening right now. we just travelled into the big cat rescue. i'm excited because i've never been here before. it's a pretty r they are opening the doors for the new bob cats to come inside the bob cat enclosure. they're taking their time going as -- taking it as slowly and gently as they possibly can. one just got out of its cage and you saw it scamper around, take a look at the new home so it's a pretty incredible thing to see. we have justin here with us this morning. you are -- you've got a very important job. you'll take a look at the animals. we're not sure what kinds of conditions they are in. let's start off with the history
7:31 am
being taken here. >> the history of these animals is they were rescued from another sanctuary and unfortunately, sometimes sanctuaries aren't successful and animals have to be rescued. all of these cats look like they're in pretty good condition as of right now. we'll quarantine them and continue care and sedate any that are necessary and treat any medical conditions we see. right now. >> it's nice to get healthy cats. >>jennifer: there are four bob cats that we're seeing in here right now. two of them are staying together because they were together at the other place in south dakota and then can you tell me about the other animals? i know you haven't taken a look at them yet. >> i haven't but i know we have two other bob cats that are -- i believe they're also a pair and
7:32 am
and so they're -- i don't know about the cougars because i haven't seen them yet. >>jennifer: you've been with big cat rescue for 10 years. you wer an intern and now a vet tech. tell me about the job. >> it's amazing. i spend, unfortunately, a lot of time here. a lot of cats are getting older so they require more care. but it's always been reregarding to work here and now it's a family affair so it's -- >>jennifer: and tell me about the what's the next step after that? >> after about a 30-day quarantine, they'll be taken off quarantine unless there's any concerns. they'll get basic care of vaccines, fecals, make sure they don't have any parasites as of right now and if we see medical conditions, they'll be sedated and a full workup done, blood work, ultra sound, whatever. >>jennifer: thank you so much for all that you do. not only is he a volunteer here,
7:33 am
he cleaned pebbles teeth for me. thank you for that, too. you were concerned. we didn't know what kind of condition these animals would be in. so far, so good. they haven't taken too close of a look at them but visibly they seem to be pretty healthy and i think they're already pretty happy here at their home at the big cat rescue. >>laura: the voice is low and slow and the lights on the camera are off. >>jennifer: yes. precautions necessary as well. i didn't know i had an inside voice. this is it. >>laura: yeah. that's true. thank you, jen. >> my god. they got him out! >>russell: an unbelievable rescue in palm bay. a car rolled down an embankment and a a good samaritan made it
7:34 am
the rescue. >>reporter: this shows a stranger being saved from a burning cat. tom was there. he's in the white t-shirt. he saw the driver crash into the back of a car in front of him and plunged down the embankment. >> i thought it was a van and i thought children, a child car seat. that was probably my first instinct. and then i started and it was actually my wife says, stop. you've got to help them. >>reporter: he slid down the hill and broke through the back window to find only the driver inside who put up a fight. >> shock or whatever. i don't know what was wrong with him. he kept saying, leave me alone. i said, pal, we have to get out of here. this thing is going to fire and i don't feel like burning today. >>reporter: he said a palm bay police officer reached the car
7:35 am
er to keep them from fighting. >> the windshield wasn't busted but the fire was right there. it was getting hot fast inside the car. >>reporter: shannon was the one who filmed the whole scene. they watched men form a human chain. >> everyone was really getting scared. you know, ladies were screaming for their husbands to come back up because they were scared the car was going to blow up. you'll see video, the flames had taken over at least half of the vehicle. it was right out of a movie. >>reporter: she was the rescue was incredible. >> they wanted to save a life. that's exactly what they did. >>reporter: they reserve their highest praise for palm beach police >> they are heros. >> i have to go back to the police, and all those people in the human chain.
7:36 am
people, all of them we will never known that all jumped in and helped save that man. >>laura: 7:35 now and a man in west palm beach is livid this morning after an apartment complex told him to remove his american flag or face a fine. ryan's father and grandfather both served in the u.s. military and back in july, he tied an american flag onto his girlfriend's balcony and now girlfriend to remove the flag or face fines and possible eviction. listen. >> for them to tell me that i can't hang a flag up that represents the country that we're living in is the kaeziest thing i could possibly think of. i'm proud to be -- to live in this country where we are free and that flag represents all of it. >>laura: florida statute prohibits a landlord from
7:37 am
the flag. >>russell: you're looking now at the site where this week's third and final debate will be happening. it's at the university of nevada in vegas. final preparations are underway ahead of yesterday's big event. today both candidates are working on their own final debate preps and joining us to talk about the debate, shannon. good morning. >> how are you? >>russell: i'm good. here we wallace there, moderating. it's going to be a big night, isn't it? >> yeah. and i think that he is known as a very thorough, very fair, very tough interviewer so i think it's going to be an interesting night. he's been preparing for weeks for this. it takes a ton of preparation. we're excited he's going to be representing the world of fox for the first time, having a moderator in the mix. it's that final debate and this
7:38 am
decisions are going to be made. he has tough topics for both sides. they're deep in their prep. 9:00 fox news on wednesday night, we'll see it all roll out. >>russell: we've talked about how these two prepare for a debate before and it's -- you know, we know that hillary tends to go to the bunker and not be seen for a few days but donald says he's going to take it as it comes. any change expected from either one of them? >> i don't think so. i think he off being out with the crowds campaigning, being out there and that feeds him. i think that gives him what he needs for -- he thinks to be prepared for the debate. she, of course, is much more of a policy walk. she's someone who has been around the process for a long time. her husband being governor and president and she being a senator, they know what debates are like. she hunkers down and gets ready. both of them have had so much
7:39 am
in the news, all kinds of headlines for her, this drip of wikileaks and growing allegations by women who say they've been sexually assaulted by him so they both have a lot to prepare for that has nothing to do with policy. what we may hear is that they want to hear more about policy and i think chris wallace will do his best to keep him to som >>russell: i guess the question i was going to get here with you but you may have answered that, what does each one of them need to do in this last debate? have we thought about what hillary needs to do, what donald needs to do and i guess what chris is going to try to do on wednesday night? >> i really do think he's going to keep them to policy. everybody knows the headlines and the scandals and as we've seen in the past, if they go too
7:40 am
attacks which most people say and the polls show, they don't like that kind of thing. they really want to know more about how the people would govern and this is one of those election cycles where we seem light on the details and heavy on the personal attacks. i think they both need to show how they would be presidential, how they would lead this country, what they would do. some topics that chris has prepared are debt and entitlements. that's a real thing for every person that is born in the country. there is a we're all going to figure out how to deal with. immigration, the supreme court, i think they're both meaty topics. it would be wise to stick to those but we'll see. it's been a circus. >>russell: we will. good to see you. we'll talk again soon. >> have a good one. >>russell: you, too. >>dave: the tampa bay lightning and owner jeff vinik are close to reaching one of the biggest goals, profitability.
7:41 am
even. that's a big deal when vinik bought the team six years ago, it was nearly bankrupt. since then, he's poured tens of millions of dollars into the franchise and it's worked. the community has rallied around the team in a big way. season ticket sales have increased 106% since vinik purchased the team. and also they're getting a new season off on the right skate. get it? skate. tomorrow's big game against the panthers. pan they weres are also 2-0. game time is 7:30 here at amalie arena. to baseball, game two of the national league championship series. cubs continue their quest for history but first, they've got to get by the dodgers. by the way, if you love pitchers' duels, i'm sure you loved last night's game. there was only one run scored in the entire game and it came in the second inning.
7:42 am
gets his first homer in the post season and that's all the dodgers would need. clayton kershaw punishes seven scoreless innings for l.a. dodgers win 1-0, even the series at one game apiece. game three tomorrow night in los angeles. and to the nfl, we had a tight game between the texans and the colts. colts led 13-3 at half-time and still led 20-9 in theou then the texans woke up. forced overtime with a game tied at 23. colts got the ball first. they had to punt but then houston's strong makes an amazing catch along the sideline for a 33-yard game. game that sets this up, a chance to win it with a 33-yard field goal and straight through the middle, final score, 26-23.
7:43 am
andrew luck 2-4 with the colts. college football, only minor changes to the top five. alabama still leads all teams. ohio state number two, michigan jumps to number three after nearly losing to nc state. clemson drops one spot to number four. we've got washington. hanging around just outside the top 25, bolts. 6-1, the bulls are now bowl eligible. it's the second fastest team that has been bolt eligible in program history. next up for usf, a friday game at temple. 7:43 and a couple of sprinkles along the east coast this morning. they'll be travelling west but in general, look how beautiful it is outside. we've got your seven-day forecast with cooler air in the
7:44 am
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)))))))) >>dave: 7:47. you know, it's pretty outside. it is. it's mild, it's still muggy. river view net camera, that's a great, great start to our monday. how about the brookdale, bayshore camera as well. everybody in the 70s from this vantage point, you know, but we do have a couple of spots that have slid back into the upper
7:48 am
seen a huge change in weather. ever since matthew came by toward the east, it's been relatively the same. we've had a northeast to east wind come across the state. you get mild along the coast, cooler north and east where you've got some upper 60s there. lower 70s, new tampa, bradenton, sarasota, venice and even inland has been kind of a mix of upper 60s to lower 70s and then we warm it up into the mid 80s and we get a couple of these tiny little showers to work their way well, the first few days of this week, i don't think it's going to really be any different. we still have -- we actually got back some drier air, what we call aloft. over the weekend, this little disturbance passing by to the north of us helped to trigger a few showers during saturday morning and then yesterday afternoon. it's gone. so now we get the drier air settling back in and what we
7:49 am
we'll get a quick shower over the state. overall, rain chances will be less than 20%. another thing i want to point out on the map here, these are the bahamas, turks and caicos. there is an area of disturbed weather trying to develop right now, but even if it does develop and it's a 50-50 shot. hurricane center says that moisture is going to develop i wouldn't be too concerned about it because here is why. it's developing over the course of wednesday, going into thursday. you can see it right here. but here comes a cold front and a decent cold front at that. this front comes sliding through here over the weekend. number one, that pushes all of that out to sea which is fantastic but number two, it finally drys it out. now, i want to show you the seven-day here in a couple of
7:50 am
tweak it as it comes closer. right now we're looking at 87 degrees for a high temperature today. we're looking at 87 tomorrow. by the weekend, we'll go 20% to 30% rain chance with moisture streaming through. then northwest winds dry us out and by sunday, you'll notice the real difference. i would love to get the front through on friday, though. then have the whole weekend be nice. let's go 50-50 right we'll tweak it later this week. >>vanessa: let's tweak the magic. get it done. >>dave: i'm doing my best. >>vanessa: get on it. thanks, dave. it's 7:50 right now. still waiting for some relief here out of pasco. not getting any, still dealing with the two crashes here. southbound land o lakes boulevard and state road 54, crash there in the intersection. continue there to avoid. state road 54 eastbound at success drive, that's right before you get the merge with
7:51 am
stacking up. upat a time here, west shore a bikist was involved. our crew checked it out. it appears to be a fairly minor scene and so are the delays at this point so i don't think it's an issue for folks heading through the area. maybe lingering delays northbound and southbound on west shore boulevard. some minor delays here, veterans expressway, southbound near the airport, no blockage. remember your >>russell: shall we get to walter? >>laura: i think so. good morning. >>walter: good morning there, guys. we're at locale market. if you weren't hungry before, i solved that problem. look at this. this is a breakfast sandwich, sausage, breakfast burgers. look at these. these are for breakfast, folks. we're going to put the diet on hold just for today as we enjoy
7:52 am
delicious treats on the other
7:53 am
we believe in families. in knowing your neighbors. in passing down traditions through generations. in lakewood ranch we believe in a community
7:54 am
town. this is our common ground. experience it yourself during the tour of homes. our annual model home spectacular beginning october 21st, featuring more than 50 stunning model homes to explore throughout our award winning community. >>walter: good morning. walter allen in for charley belcher this morning. we're in the kitchen. we're officially in the grill kitchen of locale market. chef david, we just got a little preview of how you make what you
7:55 am
those look fantastic. >> we have breakfast sausages, pretzels and everything spins off the wonderful things that we're producing here. we're really excited about some of the new things we've got, like this brisket that just came out of the smoker. we'll make you a taste of something with that in a minute. we have fun, exciting new things. this grill station is featured we have an incredible breakfast sandwich program that we saw before. we're actually cooking our signature st. petersburger right now. it's your classic american burger with bacon and melted cheese and carmelized onions and toasted brioche. i can't wait for you to try that. this station does a lot of heavy lifting for us. we have an incredible ice cream selection. we do our coffee and pastries
7:56 am
petersburger. that's what we're excited about. >>walter: whoever comes in here and you want, you know, a good, old fashioned hamburger but you guys ramp it up a night. you put a hawaiian sweet bun or pretzel bun on it. >> everybody is doing a burger. we do it fresh. we have a burger w g patty in-house, cooked to early on the grill when you place your order. you're not getting a burger off the assembly line. it's made by hand, by people that really care what you're eating. >>walter: when you cook all of this, what's the wait time? these are people in between their lunch hour -- >> so i put this guy on right when we started. it will come off in about 30 seconds and you'll have it in the window in another 30 and right now, we're so committed to getting people in and out on a
7:57 am
that we're guaranteeing you'll be out the door in 15 minutes from the time you order your burger at lunch, between 11:30 or 2:30 or it's on us. that's how serious we are making sure you get go in and out on a lunch break, have an awesome lunch. >>walter: on my lunch hour for an hour, then i can eat for five minutes and then i have the rest of the time to hang out. that's typically how people eat. covered. if you're wondering what to do or cooking, we have a solution for you. >>laura: very nice. >>russell: see you then. thank you. pumpkin spice splurge. companies are making a fortune off our love for everything pumpkin. >>laura: and coming up at 8:00, the flavor fad that is not going away and how much we are spending on this super spice. and then a rude of wakening in pasco county. a family wakes up to a possible sink hole creeping closer to the home.
7:58 am
from him coming up in a moment. after an obscene amount was spent building this controversial courthouse, the state learned the contractor had overspent on framed photos that were never used. g taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse? now running for senate, buesing wants us to trust him with state spending. you've got to be kidding. it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises.
7:59 am
8:00 am
((russell a pasco county problem.. a big hole forms on a family's drive.. this morning - fixing it - before it gets pasco county problem a big hole forms an on family's driver. this morning fixing it before >> and at cost of at cold. why our electricity bills may be even more expensive this coming winter. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody its eighted o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. we thank you for watching us on monday october 17th. we will get straight to day of for look at the forecast >> beautiful start to day on monday gorgeous sunshine as we're overlooking tampa bay


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