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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  October 17, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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((russell a pasco county problem.. a big hole forms on a family's drive.. this morning - fixing it - before it gets pasco county problem a big hole forms an on family's driver. this morning fixing it before >> and at cost of at cold. why our electricity bills may be even more expensive this coming winter. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody its eighted o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. we thank you for watching us on monday october 17th. we will get straight to day of for look at the forecast >> beautiful start to day on monday gorgeous sunshine as we're overlooking tampa bay
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children's hospital camera. 74 degrees. east northeast wind a 11 miles per hour. to be honest with you it's going to be very similar to yesterday. minus a little bit of a the rain. we'll have a couple of showers, a couple inland showers moving from east to west later today. but i still think in general we've got that warmth, moderate humidity and highs today around 87 degrees. vanessa. all right dave, checking back in here on state road 54, looks like we're still dealing with trouble spots from hour. and pretty notable. particularly in eastbound direction of state road 54. so two crashes to tell you about, this one here we're looking land o'lakes boulevard at state road 54. crash reported in the intersection. in most of our delays in lane block annuals are going to be southbound as well eastbound. so those are directions to avoid with your work arounds being collier parkway and eastbound westbound direction lake fern road. next state road 54 crash success drive.
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boulevard. state road 54. eastbound direction looking slow as well. trinity will be your best alternate for that crash. freezing up just a little bit. here we go. polk county drivers. not too bad here a little bit west of u.s. 27. along i-4 eastbound as we get closer towards 27 and then even further east, towards that champions gate exit we have a crash that's reported with a left lane blocked. you can see it causing notable blas make sure you're giving yourself extra t 27 and champions gate area. >> going to cost lot more to keep our homes warm this winter. it may not get that cold here, but for some it's cold enough to turn on their heaters. and it's cold. hit them harder than years past. u.s. department of energy household bills are likely to be higher for natural gas. electricity, heating oil and propane. so basically anything used to keep people warm it isn't just a small jump either.
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i expected to go up 22 percent. that would be about $116 extra. electricity is estimated to be up about 5 percent. close to $50 extra on your bill. and the price hike on propane will depend on where you live so here in florida it might not be so bad. but it if this winter turns out to be colder than expected those numbers could increase to almost six-year high. important to keep in mind these numbers are based on national average and if you're trying to budget, you may want to look at the expected increase in percentage and apply that to your bill. that way you can get a feel for how much you might pay in the end. >> there's big hole is opened up mobile home park in holiday. right on driveway very close to a home. now, so far it's not been declared a sinkhole. just though a big intimidating hole. kenny suarez is there right now to check tut out for us and tell us what he's seeing. hey ken >> hey, if there's whole hi size and its next to your house a
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probably saying what, this again. they battled depressions before they battled sink holes before. and now this. we sent skyfoxal a little while ago heir in shots this what it looks like from air we're just guesstimating a that point but maybe eight foot by 12 feet about three feet deep the big issue is how big will it get. people are saying hopeful not much bigger than this hey brought in gravel and probable stin finish that job by but you know they've had kind of a real bad history of sinkholes. you may recall this park had really, really big problems back in november 2014. a sinkhole opened up under someones driveway. people had to be evacuated nearby the sinkhole ended up eating a car. remember that one? a few months later a depression opened up in a very same neighborhood, now is this all bad luck or what's going on here? this was by the on wetlands.
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driveway and everything else is not real stable. we saw that dramatic maktcally happen inspect 2014. they've had some other little problems here and there hopefully one smaller problems not big one i can tell you they are jump know on it hopefully when gravel goes and it's about end by last end that's last we've he these people have enough with little holes big holes. end of story. can't blame them. can't blame them at all all right kenny, thanks, man. pasco county sheriff's office is warning all parents to be on look out for this van. they believe the man behind the wheel tried to lure a 15-year-old girl into it on friday while she was walking down bartlett road. these are image a surveillance camera showing older model blue van. deputies say the man asked the girl to get in the van but she refused. and was able to get home safely. if you recognize anything in this photo please call the pasco county sheriff's office.
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a man killed. pasco county chris nocco said it started with man's spit and threat and hit his pregnant girlfriend. deputies say they shot and killed man after he charged at deputy with knife while barricaded in bathroom. sheriff nocco says man wanted to die by suicide by cop. and his deputies tried other types of force including a taser. nocco says the situation is sad for man's family for his pregnant girlfriend and for the deputies woman was arrested accused of allowing 7-year-old child to drive a car while she filmed the entire thing. >> deputies say that gl posted video online in it you can hear her saying, when you're son is driving and he's only 7 years old. >> it was actually a school deputy resource officer that recognized the child in video and called the sheriff's office. glen was arrested and charged with child neglect. 8:0 six right now if you're
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leave the phone behind f.a.a. and u.s. department of transportation issued an emergency order banning those phones from taking on planes. or even being shipped oh person via air cargo ban went into effect on saturday. department of transportation realize it is an inconvenience but sis safety is priority sam sun greening safety hads to remain top priority is telling any of its customers that has not participated in exchange program to do it now. >> grab your sweeter and a boots a cold front is moving in. daves back in few minutes with skytower radar forecast. easy. easy. >> down. just kidding. just kidding meteorologist. just just kidding. just in time for this cooler weather we're all talking about all things pumpkin spice. our consumer reporter has low down on the cash crop of the
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frustrating how you can handle the situation, how you handle the situation can make all the difference. we'll explain. filling in for charley. good morning. >> hey good morning, guys if you don't want to be insulted by a picky eater don't cook. especially for thanksgiving. let somebody else do cooking we're a locale market. you can get at entire thanksgiving meal done or pick and choose which different sides. and if you're a procrastinator
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after an obscene amount was spent building this controversial courthouse, the state learned the contractor had overspent on framed photos that were never used. when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse?
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the shelves are lined with apple and other limited time the shelves are lined with pumpkin spice cinnamon apple and other limited if i am flavors that means it fall if you think you're seeing more pumpkin spice pick popping up this time this year you're right no longer latte and muffin at least 43 additional foods and drinks this year with signature fall flavor. list ranges from rum to salsa even tortilla chips. >> companies are banking on the
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fox 13 consumer reporter sorboni barn injury is here with look flavor fad that just won't go away. >> yes. here to stay. just some things that caught my eye this weekend when i went through grocery store. you know it kind of all started with this the starbuck's pumpkin latte >> yes, it did. it really did. it is called psl that's what cool kids call it. but i'm not a cool kid. i'm here to help. psl really is staple in obsession more and more pumpkin products are being offered. $200 million. >> so it works. >> yeah they've got their pumpkin muffin obviously. that's starbuck's pumpkin muffin. pumpkin spice latte do you follow it on twitter? >> you can. i didn't know that happened. really you can the really psl is back. look at that. sailing into fall. and guess what more than 100,000 followers i can't even compete
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a friends with pumpkin spice latte than mei get the fact i've known about i'll not a big fan of it but i understand it. i know it's been around for years it seems to come back earlier it seems to happen earlier every year. >> it did. but now we've got pumpkin spice everything. >> right look at some pumpkin spice cheerios so bounce into this trend as well. you can do your frp radar pumpkin spice k cups a could things how about this, do you it will make your air smell like pumpkins. >> coffee creamers. russell was trying to eat these no, this just makes the world smell like fall. >> what do you think? >> too much? >> too much? some numbers, some numbers. that, 37 percent of u.s. consumers did say they purchase ad pumpkin flavored product as case may be last year. so not quite lafl of us. and its sort of a love hate
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go jurts soaps even potato chips. i've done dog treats. and did the puppies like the pufrp kin? >> they'll eat anything so i really can't say they liked it more than anything else. >> well overall pumpkin spiced products made 361 million in sales. that's up almost 80 percent over last five years. >> really? so your pooch oos side it seems like general public loving pumpkin aamount of products steadily year. traders joe's for example they have a whole section of a. they have 70 different products. yeah. so if you want to try tryout different things with pumpkin you talk about big business. it's all about the limited time offer. people thrng oh my gosh i can only get this right now. i have to get thing right now one not doing a well pumpkin beer that was all the rage now people are getting a little bit
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pumpkin spice is? >> yeah i mean no, what it is? what is the spice? >> it's not pumpkin. that's what funny to me. >> what is it? what you flavor pumpkin with, some of these things that this >> nutmeg. nutmeg cinnamon clove, ginger sometimes actually pumpkin. you're telling me now i'm trying to think what actual pumpkin taste like without anything with it. like a square. i don't know. i mean little bit. i have a question for you. >> yeah what one product that has not seen a boost from pumpkin spice craze? >> tick-tock. silence. what do you think? >> i know what it is i saw your prop. >> a pumpkin. >> they are not selling. they are normal nothing happens. has nothing to do with pumpkin spice trend. people get them to decorate and
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village they were all over the places buying those. this is where i got it. all right. but you know what i do wonder, because i have seen i wonder if we're getting to our saturation point >> maybe. but i think the bacon flavored craze would tell us otherwise. there are certain things where they are just ever popular. but pumpkin salsa. is pretty good. >> all right. are you going to make us some. no i will get you some. one of the 70 products. nice to seeou >> hey dave. we will have vanessa make it for us. >> okay. you want this muffin? we're i will bring it back to you. >> listen saturday morning true story, woke up, i had a pumpkin spice k cup. pumpkin spice cream. with creamer. just perfect. so i'm i'm in on it too. i love it. >> he's with the 36 percent that love the pumpkin products.
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>> i think it does. i think it makes you feel like fall it's has to taste like fall. when you're in from new england. you know what i'm talking about sorboni. it makes you feel a little bit more home, you know, anyway. >> thank you. >> we've got 71 degrees out of tampa international at this hour. 74 in st. petersburg. and still here in the 8 o'clock hour a couple of spots in the upper 60s. actually a few spots in the upper 60s still as you get up towards brooksville area. 68 degrees wauchula is 69 it's a real nice start to the day. much better than saturday mrning started. i was getting nervous on saturday morning please don't rain all day. then all of sudden it became beautiful. so that's good. so dew points in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. so we still kind of hanging on to that moderate humidity. i really don't see that changing. until late in the week early
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air aloft you get a couple of these low topped shallow showers working there way across the state. meantime we're watching the potential for tropical did development again. yeah this time south and east of the bahamas, and even if this does develop. if it as the oomph over next few days. now hurricane florida kind of giving a 50, 50 shot. watch what happens all this develop, move toward the north. but, here comes a cold front. this is at one we've talking about all morning long. this will provide us with? cooler drier air. while we're going to have to tweak the weekend forecast in general we're looking a maybe some moisture, humidity a couple of showers saturday morning. and then saturday afternoon start the drying out process. and then sunday looks really
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by few hours that would obviously change part of the weekend. we'll go 87 degrees for next couple of days. and we'll fine tune that weekend as we do get closer it does look like you can see it there high 70s lows back in lower 60s will feel, so, so much nicer vanessa. yeah cannot wait for that thanks, dave. 8:19 a couple new crashes we are following starting off in hillsborough county. not really seeing any delays here. there were some at one point inspect northbound re down as far as the delays we're seeing. but just watch out, you might still see something on this shoulder at the very least. big bend road u.s. 30 one. and then we'll get here to manatee county. u.s. 41 at 57th avenue west. we have reports of two lanes blocked in southbound direction. seeing some minor delays heading that way. >> look at our majors right now. we're in red here acrossing over the howard frankland bridge heading up into tampa forth
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get from 75 to 275. along i-4 westbound good news for 75 southbound drivers coming from that essentially pasco hillsborough county line down towards i-4 in sgreen only taking 14 minutes. >> just a nurse. just a nurse? there's no such thing. coming up at the letter that one nurse wrote after someone said that to her. and why you'll never look at nurses the same way again. i know i won't. butir with a grocery list. but clearly he's picked up so much more. oh, that's pretty. he's at the locale market at st.
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good morning everybody walter allen in nor charley belcher a locale market in the down opportunity to st. pete located in sun dial. if you haven't be here before day, unfortunately honest i have, i'm blown away that is all that offered here. one of them is thanksgiving is completely taken care of because of you guys. thank you. if you want us to cook whole
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>> where is the pack i'll try to turn it on. there we go. sou guys take care of the thanksgiving. and you can buy the entire meal or piecemeal. do we have our microphone as i'll trying to fill time. continue on. thank you so much. so you can two one side, all sides. we're one stop shop. you can get you t we can somewhat roast it so you can look like a champion and you work hard all day or you can just come here to the front table kitchen, and have the big meal over here where we will do the dishes. you will start anywhere from the cheese and char cute remeat player. we have stuffing yamaguchis sauces, that are going to come with it we've homemade pies that
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bake not coming out african. it's really pumpkin. it's real apple ifs you're going to visit somebody we will make the basket for you. just show up. look at this you can go around the market you can pick all different items you want to put in the a basket >> we wrap it for you for free. come on in, walk around the market, pick up items you want to put in the basket. go have a class of wine by time you finish we will ready f have beautiful bow on it ready to go. we also really great tasting for thanksgiving. so you know what you're going to get. saturday oth 29th between 11 and 2. >> okay. on saturday november the 12th between 11 and 2. and saturday november the 19th between 11 and 2. so you can come in taste the food so you know what you're getting your turkey your sides. we have other options to add like shrimp cocktail we have gift side dishes thank you awant
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bredz. we will have it all for you you can taste them by that really great wine that goes with it. we will pair the wines with your food and then you make your own list and we will have it ready for you to go on thanksgiving. thank you so much for joining us. so you folks at home if you're like me in area october 29th, noefl 12th or november 19th you haven't eaten yet stop in and try it out that is why i go to costco on weekends. you get free samples your meal is completely excellent tap dancing by the way walter. excellent tap dancing. >> your work here is done. see you later. see you later. all right. finally free to rome. 7 exotic cats rescued from from ununsafe situation made long trek to their new much safer home. plus another big win for florida
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((russell ots)) for welcome everybody. 88:30 for second time in week federal judge florida voters and said florida must now provide voters a chance to fix any signature problems that can come up with their mail-in ballots. u.s. district court announced ruling late yesterday. and this stemmed from lawsuit that was filed on october 3rd. the democratic party argued that while the state does allow voters who forget to sign their ballots a chance to fix that, it does not allow the same privilege for voters who signature does not match the one on file.
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standard. and ununconstitutionalordered secretary terry of state allow to voters fix to any mismatched. they have to contact you tell you that signature does not match. all right. >> just two days to go until final presidential debate. and the candidates are knee deep in controversy. a donald trump remains on the attack. after against women accusing him of sexual assault. we can leaks is still releasing emails from hillary clinton campaign on aai here's fox news correspondent kelly wright with the latest. hillary clinton maintains a lead over donald trump in the polls. but, she continues to face more questions. as wikileaks release tran scrips from a paid wall street speeches. not only are emails an effort by wikileaks and russia to destabilize our election but second you can't assume that they are all accurate. >> but republicans are blasting hillaries campaign for blaming
8:32 am
these speeches are a problem for her campaign. >> you look at we can leaks you look all things she has said when you look at the deals in russia that bill clinton made and clinton foundation made, and all of this nonsense about russia, it's clinton bill clinton who got half nil i don't know dollar inteech donald trump is struggling as sexual assault allegations contine to weigh down his campaign. about a dozen women have come forward with trump firing back at them. strategists believe trump is comments. >> stop these women stop talking about it you're not winning anybody over you're not convincing anyone. every time you're talking about you're on defense and then losing. with the final debate a couple days away, democratic strategists leave clinton should lay low to stay on top. i think she's got to go out tlt and do what she's doing which is to just keep talking about the issues. and let donald trump go into this debate and make a decision
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in las vegas. fox news sunday anchor chris wallace will be the moderator. in new york, kelly wright, fox news. starting in just under two hours, usf is holding a straw poll to evaluate how students faculty and staff will vote in the upcoming election. mock ballot will include race race for president and senate and three sxrugsal amendments. last presidential election, it accurately predicted that president obama would win reelection. polling locations will be open from hour and a half until 2. turning now to this morning top stories, one month after reported a massive radioactive water leak in polk county, mosaic announcing another spill. and another mess to clean up. company says there was leak at its falt in plant city. but also says it is contained to the property. they say a pump that circulates processed water malfunctioned releasing about 50,000 gallons of water. containing fors for rick acid.
8:34 am
mulberry plant spilled 200 million gallons of contaminated water into florida aquifer. so far testing of nearby wells from that spill have come back ngative. >> in just about half an hour, storm water task force created to address the sewage issue in pinellas county will meet for first time. heavy rain during recent storms overloaded county's sewer stim. causing millions of gallons of sewage to flow into the streets and water ways. county has budged $70 million over next ten carries to pay improvements to the system. >> 8:34 right now. all right, four bob cats two cougar and one leopard are in tampa after being rescued from a not so safe sanctuary in south today can to. jen is with the animals at their new home, big cat rescue. you showed us what is it bob cats earlier? bob cats. yeah four bob cats. now i'm looking for here kitty
8:35 am
in her new enclosure. she pretty spacious area we had a great shot of her, peak her head around. yeah so, just saw the four bob cats that went into their new home. jozy the cougar 95 thingsing owled and checking oh out her new enclosure as well. here, yeah the trucks they are bringing in the second of the two other cats as well. lot going on here as rescue. let me give you a little background of what's going on here. today, they brought about 7 big cats from a south dakota sanctuary that had lot of troubles usda actually took permit a license away from them. for some poor conditions. as well a one the people who work there got injured when one animals that got loose. they had a lot of problems they are dealing with right now. big cat rescue another flaun profit group called lions tigers and bears helping out.
8:36 am
picked some big ketchup and then drove all the way to tampa bay. and they are dropping them off today. so long journey. but you're here to talk to me about it today. good morning, thanks for being with us. good morning, thank you. we're lions tigers and bears. tell me a little bit about your organization. >> we're lions tigers and bears in alpine, california we rescue provide a lifetime home and education center. we work all over the country to help sanctuaries to help animals. so sometimes we're transporting like in this case we're actually on animals and helping the zanny weary to get things back on track. >> you i'm so sorry i'm so excited about jozy. why, why do you do this? i mean you said you travel 10,000 miles already just with this rescue alone? >> right. we have got lot more miles to do there almost 300 animals at the sang weary we're trying to help for nothing more than love of animals and to help stop exotic animal tread these animals to
8:37 am
facility that animals were taken from you do want to let people know they are okay. they are well fed. there wasn't any malnourishment. no these answer malls typical sanctuary that took in too many animals they are in over their head and we're electric to help them. we're going to get it down to minimum numbers so we can get sanctuary back where they can handle it and help them to do that if that takes one day or five years. wonderful work you there she is. josie is right behind me guys. four bob cats they were the two cougar and you are keeping one, the seventh one, correct? we're actually taking a few animals home. we're going to take a leopard home so dr. jennifer conrad who livers in l.a. wan work on leopard. she just had bad declaw. relief some a pain we're going to a jungle cat home. >> thank you so much for all work you do. and you know, guys just
8:38 am
pad. what do you think? >> yeah. i mean it's, you know, you, you hate what they have come from, although it doesn't sound like things were too bad. that's good. that's really good to hear. a relief. really good to hear. you know that has to be an adjustment they've number truck. they've driving them. and then you open the gate they walk out. hey where am i. i'm in florida? what. how did that happen you should see the neighborsho already here like tiger he wassing up who is this girl coming into my house. >> so yeah my house. that's right. it will be an adjustment for everyone everyone. i think they will happy here. they will take good care of them there. we know that. all right. see you later. >> all right, thanks, guys. we will get over to dave osterberg. we talked about boots and sweaters earlier i think that might be a little wishful thinking but we'll take what we
8:39 am
8 o'clock producer said that she gets cold when it's 70 degrees outside. >> okay. so for her, okay. we can get the boots ready. >> #welivehere. and that is it. that is it. because, we are anticipating cooler drier weather. not going to get here until the weekend. what i want you to look at this seven-day forecast in minute i want you to understand this going to be have to be tweaked a few hours here and few hours there. as we get closer to weekend. don't say doesn't come in early in weekend late in weekend we'll have just to wait and see. this is beautiful. hilton clearwater beach camera we're a 73 degrees. quiet, quiet out there in gulf right now. we've got 71 north, northeast winds appear and 72 in riverview. so area wide mostly lower 70s kind of squeezing back in we were hot yesterday upper 80s some spots near 90ed degrees so this morning it's warm.
8:40 am
moderate humidity. if you will. those winds out northeast i'm telling you didn't even leave for weekend. because i come back it's exactly the same. we're looking for few of those little very few showers work their way across the state today. but in general, going to be clouds, sunshine, temperatures for next two days. running just ahair above normal. we'll go 87 degrees today, tonight, back to 70. tomorrow again we will be partly clou high temperature of around 87 degrees. now, as the front comes in, some showers, going to get breezy. ral breezy this weekend. then hopeful the way it sets up right now, is that we're going to start to transition on saturday afternoon. then sunday looks to be real nice day lows in lower 60s. 50s inland and north. and high in upper 70s. but again we'll tweak that as we move along during the week.
8:41 am
screams florida? you ready for this? don't be scared. look at that. that is an actual photo sent into us by yvette at the homosassa wildlife park. and i thought about it for while. you know what, #welivehere. because we're one few states that has to deal with this. whether it be at homosassa or neighborhood pond. crossing the roads sometimes. crossing the road sometimes. either way a fox 13 good day mug for. i hope that's like a tell photo lens zooming in from afar. not really that close. >> hope not. >> all right. thanks for sending that picture in. 8:41. and we want to get back to state road 54. i have good news and bad news. bad news state road 54 at success drive. that crash is still working looks pretty serious here t bone incident eastbound lanes keep in mind west of trinity. and it looks like there might
8:42 am
concerned about that scenario where we're zooming in right now with skyfox. continue to avoid that area. we have traffic we're learning diverted on to trinity of course going to be your best work around. yes that does look like that's an suv of some sort in the ditch right there. >> and i imagine there's some injuries reported. so we'll keep you posted. buff you're going to want to avoid that eastbound direction in the meantime. here's good news state road 54 land o'lakes boulevard that crash is clear and while we have some lingering delays we travel times within a few minutes or so. so we'll take that for sure. >> a look at majors here. starting to take down travel times getting towards lighter side of red here between bearss and i-4 along 275 south no big complaints we see red travel times here pretty much normal what we're used to as we head in towards the interchange from mlk. all right vanessa, thank you. eight i don't know 42 right now robin williams we know gone. but his children want to make
8:43 am
zelda and cody are putting up 87 of his bikes for auction. and will donate money to two charities that were very important. those are challenged athletes foundation. which gives grants to support athletes with disabilities and christopher dana reeves foundation. which funds research and support for people with spinal cord injuries. robin williams was very active in both charities. it can paddle auction ends october 25th. anyone can bid >> this is something that we don't seem to have enough of especially first thing in the morning. but there is something we need to make time for.
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rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena?. "see what's possible." ((laura on cam)) it's something we've been told for a while welcome back. 15 minutes away top of the hour something we hear all the time.
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the day. for some of us it's hard to get the kids out the door to say nothing of getting them a healthy breakfast. but we have our doc on call dr. jo here to talk about a little bit some tips for us and why we need to make it priority. so a lot of people, a lot of kids, and really adults too. they skip breakfast. just a time factor. why is it breakfast the most important meal of the day? >> it is. you've told that your whole life. mom has told you thanks mom for that. it has been shown that b eating habits, it also has better memory, better concentration, decreased irrelevant tanlt and more focus. i mean you could definitely use that on monday morning we know that's off to good start. and the people who eat breakfast eat more calorie but they tend to eat more that he will healthy because they started well with breakfast good way to kick off day and fuel your body. typically when people have dinner, it's 6, 17 or so.
8:48 am
it has been 12 hours or so before you have another meal. >> absolutely. you're waking up your body's empty time to eat and good yourself going. you mention time. kids and adults we feel like there's not enough time in morning getting ready for school kids are up late at night doing after school activities homework they sleep in and now time to get up and shower and run for school bus. there's no time for breakfast. most common things i see kids around passing out bows their body ran out fuel make it to lunch and a they had nothing to go on. it's common things these kids end up in er passing out usually because lack of breakfast you're an emergency room doctor you saw this kind of blood sugar drops the not good thing rest of day for emma not it's a 11:30, 12, and so that's a long time if you don't have, if you f. you don't have breakfast. some kids have later lunches than that. they need to get some protein in their body before they head off to school.
8:49 am
that wind up in er what advice to parents? usually a combo lecture to the parents and so the child. because it's a team effort to get them to eat breakfast. give them some tips. there's quick tips you can do to give a breakfast as they run outdoor. premade meals you can make up eggs and hash brown. left over work greatdoesn't matter what you eat as long as you're focused on protein vegetable ps cut up fruit. g you want something that's going to get you 32 that fix or six hour stretch they can eat these things on bus some schools have a breakfast programs but again they have to get their earlier. that starts before school. exactly. you say so avoid, so you talked about what you need, avoid the cash hey drats drats. definitely no sugars. that's hardest part all breakfast items kids will eat
8:50 am
you have all sugar based cereals. you have to be cashes one you grab breakfast bar. doesn't necessarily mean, or gra ncaa no la you need to work and see what's in there for you. and then caffeine. we don't want our kids loading up off caffeine it will stunt your appetite a little bit you're not as hungry. fu if you're loading up two crispy creams and a could have 52. we're looking for a little bit better. delicious we need to do a little better. dr. per no always great to have you. thank you so much. or doc on call we will get over to water allen who in for charley belcher. locale market. >> good morning to you we were talking about burger and turkey dinner and diet busters. here, the juice bar.
8:51 am
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too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message because i'll never stop working for you. good morning walter allen in. earlier we are diet buster line. we were getting burgers and
8:54 am
chef dana barley we're talking about fruits and all the juice and all the different things. what do you offer here? a really fun station. this is probably my favorite station. market just because we get to play with some really amazing fun fruits. we've got our veek unraw food here which is not something i would typically found myself eating a lot of until i decided i wanted to work an ateam to put this together. this has been learning experience for >> sun meaning sunrise some amazing things early in morning fruit cups fresh pressed juices. all sorts of amazing breakfast items here as well. we have at moon salutation side of station vegan raw food. actually a raw lasagna with zucchini me to, and we make a basically like a ricotta style
8:55 am
feedback on is incredible. >> but really it's my sort of tribute to fruit stand. we've got things like beautiful dragon fruits, star fruit, all kinds of melons. guava. >> you really off wall now sorboni and russell were talking about earlier everything pumpkin spice right now. but you have pumpkin spice chia pudding?. yes also soft serve ice cream. there's no cream it's obviously vegan. but a raw station with a lot of wonderful nutritious vegetables fruits. this is a wonderful positive mellow. it from citrus country four generation growers something you might not see often when around you should totally check it out. these guys have flavor very
8:56 am
sweelter really juicy bright vibrant and dense it nutrients especially vitamin and minerals that could december densest from what i've talled florida citrus country. we love this product. we've got local vendors creating amazing things. this is one i'm most excited about right now. how did you get to the kind of off the wall, but still really healthy, like, chia i always thought of the pet, i know this is a food. i stillhi puddings are something i never experienced until i got here. again, we're talking about foods that are very dense in nutrients, foods that have a lot of positive color rick value. we're not talking about sugar. not a lot of fat but a lot of really great calories from you know we've got all sorts of you know, amazing fiber and really great, great nutrients in this stuff. so it's an amazing product. chef thank you so much.
8:57 am
we will stick to locale market all morning long one more hit. more good day tampa bay on the
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want your personal information safe sue want to keep your personal information safe? i mean, really safe? our consumer reporter talks us to about a two-step system emails. >> and just a nurse? no such thing. one woman's facebook post is going viral after someone said that to her. hey everybody welcome to good day tampa bay. at 9 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning everybody we thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning we need to start morning by checking in with dave. beautiful outside. it really is. we're warming up, right? we're about 75, 76 degrees in


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