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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  October 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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she asked for a supporter to join her. i was right in front. >> tell me why trump has your vote. >> because i cannot trust clinton. >> she trusts him with national security, i could feel the tension in the air. >> can you sit down. >> she had been laying into the candidate before calling him on stage. >> that's what ashley >> i said this is not going well i need to record this. something else happened as she was rolling. >> could you see people walking out. >> can you believe what you want. >> so point to the people. hundreds of people walked out. schumer told several others to leave. she could have done it
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if they don't want to go. >> we're doing this. >> it may not have surprised everyone. she is a vocal hillary clinton supporter and posted this instagram video after registering voters before a show. she tweeted, all love, tampa. some of her fans are not fans of her commentary they have no hard feelings. >> i like amy schumer, she is funny i just think that she is going to lose trying to be political. >> this is the second time she has ruffled feathers. she called the city horrendous and joked people that lived here don't read. some who attended want a refund f they get one it will not hurt her. she is the highest growing female exceedon of 2016. >> and got more publicity today. >> thank you very much, aaron
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criticizing him. he called republican leaders naive and large scale voter fraud on election day. republicans are under pressure to rebuke his claims as worries grow that he could erode trust in the election. >> mike pence and other officials wayed in. >> voter fraud cannot be tolerated by anyone in the nation because disenfranchises democrats, conservatives, liberals, people in america. >> he is confident in the -- the president is confident in the election officials in both parties in states all across the country to ensure that the election is conducted freely and fairly. >> the third and final debate two days away. hillary clinton behind closed doors preparing and trump has a
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this is eagles nest in hernando county. a third diver called for help when the other two did not surface. they were not found until this morning. the divers were from fort lauderdale and experienced divers. thattheir bodies were found in 260 feet. they were in a dangerous and complex area of the cave. we're seeing something new lowered down to the bottom of that gapping hole. and lloyd sowers is here. it tells how deep the hole is. >> a visible part it is 220 feet deep and it is the widest about 150 feet in diameter. they need to know that so they can sell up the drilling to put
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they put it down there in a cage that was suspended from a cable that was stretched across the sinkhole, using the technology in the sinkhole is a first. >> many times it is suspended from a aircraft and flown over the surface and give you the dimensions on the earth and contours, things like that. lowering it down into a space >> know mosaic and the dep said the water from the sinkhole has been contained on their property. more than 700 wells at nearby homes are being monitored. of them but officials say it's not from the sinkhole and naturally occurring in the area. mosaic said by middecember it will pump concrete to plug the
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hole. >> i cannot imagine how much concrete. >> a hole here opened up near the driveway of a mobile home in pasco. this is the holiday travel park in holiday. this they are had limit estimating three feet deep. remember this in 2014. a sinkhole that swallowed the car the same mobile home park and later a depression formed in the park, too. a driver truck goes over the cook key bridge in sarasota. it veered off the road, over the guardrail. a structural engineer had to look at the bridge and give the okay for cranes to be brought in to lift the train truck out of the water. he is been cited for careless driving. a teen is shot in an apparent drive by but he is not cooperating. it has here in south and 20th
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there were reports of gunfire and nobody was there a boy turned up at the hospital. the injuries are not severe but as police say he is not cooperating with them. pasco deputies are calling a shooting that left a man dead, suicide by cop. they say last night eric saint fer main was drinking and taking prescription drugs. he had a fight with his girlfriend. he was armed with a gun. they tried to calm him for hours. when that did not work, they went into the home with a knife. the sheriff shot him when he charged them. he is on paid leave. the 24 towns and cities of pinellas are tackling a shared problem, fixing and up grading the sewer infrastructure. we look at a solution that's anything but cheap. >> reporter: when it comes to the sewage crisis, cindy perry
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concerned. >> it is bad having a cess pool. >> she sent letter after letter to the officials of the beach and written to the dep after raw and partially treated sewage was dumped when the cities could not handle the storm water from hermine. >> we share the bay, the boundaries are art artificial, she is happy to see the leaders are taking this serious. >> hermine exposed >> a meeting was meant to get them to work together during crisis events circumstances there a way that they can help with capacity there through trucks or treatment plants or is there a way to connect the systems. >> st. pete has budgeted millions to up grade the system that discharged most into the bay linking the systems together as an idea that was discussed. and that was down played. >> there are challenges to
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only because the infrastructure is not in place for that. we have to put that in place and i don't know what the cost would be. >> as they figure it out, the meet something a step in the right direction. >> if they're not planning something, it is probably going to happen again. that's not acceptable, the fact they're all meeting together is what needs to happen,. >> in pinellas county. >> the commission has a team of infrastructure and discuss the findings at the next meeting. troopers are looking for a driver who hit a man on the bike and took off. it was when an 18-year-old was on the way to work. he had the signal to cross at 41 but when he did a car turned and hit him. the driver left and troopers say that is avoidable. >> the driver was looking to the left for traffic when he saw
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looked to his immediate right. when he turned in to make the turn he struck the cyclist. this is something we can learn from are you looking to the left, remember that the pedestrians have the right of way. >> troopers are looking for the car, red and one part of summer is not hopping off. a number of pets after encounters with toads. they are poisonous and can be deadly. and anjuli davis has more on what to look out for. >> a quick turn and the backyard almost proves fatal for a 1-year-old dog. >> i called her name.
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she started staggering and when she didn't, there was foaming at her mouth. >> she had a run in with a bufo toad. >> she scooped her up and jumped in the car for the hospital. >> and i said don't die, that's all i could think of. >> we're going to go for help. >> and unfortunately the incident happens year round here in florida. with the rains and left over standing water, the out in force. they come in different sizes, small to like a dinner plate, they spray a liquid from their glands when they are threatened. depending on the size of the today and the dog it can be fatal. >> they are gooey and wobbly and walking fun funny and they can seizure, the risks of cardiac and gi depress apply to small children who come in contact
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and keep a close eye on your 2 and four legged little ones. >> i'm so happy. i'm happy she is okay. >> in tampa. >> anjuli davis. and in the case the pet owner did the right thing by watching out the dog's mouth and eyes and heading for the pet hospital. time is of the essence when it comes to exposure to the >> especially if you feed them outside. an amazing rescue. people forming a human chain to cave a driver when the suv overturned and caught fire. what he remembers about the crash. way told the officers who rescued him at a reunion today. i get to go into my creative galaxy and let it flow, turning shoes into art. catching the eye of athletes and turning a hobby into a full-time
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an airbrush and a pair of an air-brush and pair of white sneakers that's the canvas a man works on every day. he is turning shoes into artwork. they are being worn by big names. he is anthony bennett he started two years ago. kimberly kuizon shows us how it has taken off. >> reporter: when he starts an
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of one, he turns the sneakers into a piece of art. they can be on the field of big stadiums. for players from the bucs, lions and eagles sporting his views, and bobby rainy, bradley mc doogle. >> he started it two years ago, he was on vacation when he saw thed in. i wanted to know how to do it. when i googled youtube shoes. >> what started as a hobby is a full-time job n a shed he works painting these for vincent jackson. >> the situation the whole deal how it happened it was surreal. that is like a i feel like a kid meeting the favorite player. >> he designs whatever shoes from players to fans.
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heart bounding. i wash it to see them running around in the cleats that i did. it gives me an excitement. >> whether for a superstar or the kid next door he takes pride and smiles to see others wearing his work. >> i want to know they are ept aring me and they're representing themselves. >> we're impressed. >> i'm very impressed. >> t they run 150 to 200-dollar as pair, they are art. >> he's to be player if they wear them during a game there are guidelines he has to follow and if not a player could be fined. >> i'm thinking you know, wouldn't that be cool if he dade pair for you, sky tower, lightning bolts. >> lightning bolts i would run faster i think. >> with hurricanes. >> yes, i like the idea a lot.
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and flames. hot today, 90s in some spots. here is a look outside summertime. check out the unofficial highs. the official highs come in in a half hour. it hit 90 in tampa and maybe 91 brandon 90. and venice. ridiculous. call it summer heat in october f you want the cooler weather. it is on these are the average dates where our night time low drops below 60 and today is, october 17th t is. this is the average date our low falls below 60s it will not happen tonight. but it should or could happen this weekend as some cool weather comes in behind the front but another day. we have seen this going back from a week from sunday.
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warm wind because it blows over land. it is producing showers. we have all kinds of storms. it is mid-october we get showers in new port richey. hudson. and palm harbor. a hint of a sea breeze in pinellas. that could help instigate a few more showers. the rain is mov northeast to solomon islands. >> we head south. >> the temperatures.
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and in five days, i want to stress this it will not be moving towards us. >> tomorrow upper 80s to 90 and the low that should bring
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days ahead. partly cloudy and mild tonight. 71 for a low. and a warm afternoon. at least 87. and more of the same up on wednesday. they are running 10 knots. and light chop on the bay and a low tide. 917. the 7 day forecast. look at the weekend. this is not 58 for a low. day time highs. we love that. and paul. and the medical marijuana amount almost passed. they are being asked to vote again. tonight at 6:00. we'll look at what the amendment promises and what why some people are against it. this guy takes bear hugs to a
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how he develops a close bond with the animals. we'll tell you about it tonight at 6:00. i can't wait to see that one. halloween around the corner. and explaining the best time to buy costumes and candy so you sfx - [birds] to sample the world's
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can take a boat sfx -- [boat bell] or a plane sfx -- [jet taking off] or a train sfx -- [train horn blowing] or you can just let us pack you a bag publix seafood cook-in-bag dinners choose your favorite seafood then choose the internationally inspired flavors to pair it with. pack a bag for adventure tonight
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as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
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halloween spending at an all time high if you are joining in on the shopping being strategic can save you money. and sorboni banerjee joins us. >> we're here to help you save on trick or treating stuff the retail federation sales hit and will beat that number this year. the annual survey predicts 1kwr-8 4 billion will be spent on the products. and just over 94% of category. >> that's a lot of candy. when should we make the purchases. >> procrastinating could help you. and waiting a week before hallowen to buy candy and decorations that's when you should see sales 20 to 70% off. the last minute could pays off. last rear on october 29th. amazon had one day shipping and
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people like me who wait well that's a good thing. >> that's great, i love the sound of that getting them wait, that's a challenge. >> right. >> changing gear as florida tape sideline betting a rap for too much sugar. >> a 12-ounce glass has the same carbs as a bag of m and ms, that's why they are turning away from the juice. the business insider called oj con. and it really is not much better than a class of soda or beverage. and a business insider reports. americans consumption of juice has been plunging as awareness grows over the low knew trishal value. when you google good for you it is posts title idea it is killing you and the number one reason to avoid orange juice.
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13% over the past four years according to data from neilsen. >> i believe putting that out te and letting them make a decision, everything in moderation, i like orange juice. >> thank you for that tip. and man convicted of shooting at george zimmerman learned his fate today. the sentence and what zimmerman is saying about the punishment. rescued from a burning suv. the driver saved and peopl said thanks. >> the average american looks for lost or misplaced items, we toss it and then it is last where it lands. then you try to hook it. bring it down. >> with everything else. >> right. >> want that year back i'm sorboni banerjee, we get the experts to share their secrets.
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how to faster the faster closets after an obscene amount was spent building this controversial courthouse, the state learned the contractor had overspent on framed photos that were never used. when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse? now running for senate, buesing wants us to trust him with state spending.
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing
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we have details about a remarkable rescue in palm bay. look at this, strangers forming
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burning suv. he was so out of it and they had to days him. >> praise god. >> tim model was unconscious before his jeep hit another car and rolled down a 30 food embankment. >> and waking up in the hospital. >> in between the 06-year-old driver nearly burned to death. de as people went in to get the driver out, when he dropped out he grabbed the belt around his arm and screaming. >> we knew we had to get him out n a hurry, the officer attempted tried to put out the fire. and they decided to use a taser on the victim. >> i had to do a touch days because he clamped on to the
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that was i mean nothing else was working. >> are you serious. >> were you on medication or substances. >> nothing? >> nothing. >> that's what. nothing. >> the officers and good samaritans inched him up the hill. but it was too steep. he southed to a group above. i up there. i said, luckily one knew what i meant when i yelled out make a chain. make a chain. >> more than a dozen people. >> strangers locked hands and with the officers. >> pull, pull. >> the group pulled everyone out of the fiery pit. >> if not for people coming down and with us helping us up the hill i don't know if we would
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>> today he is reunited with the officers whom he says driverred the most credit. >> you saved our lives. >> he saved our lives. his quick thinking. >> the victim was grateful. >> thank them very, very much i mean the police the ambulance the people. everybody. >> thank you. amazing story, that's amazing. prison time for the man who shot at george missed. he shot a hole in zimmerman's truck window. he will have time to think about it behind bars. he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. >> matthew aperson was sentenced to 20 years. he was convicted of trying to shoot george zimmerman as he was driving, i wanted to thank god above all for sparing my life that day. >> he asked the judge to keep
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>> i'm more thrilled about the jury's verdict showing they can put public opinion aside and whether they like me or not. >> aperson's wife and mother spoke out. >> lies have prevailed that have discouraged my faith in our justice system. >> matthew is not guilty of attempted murder. >> zimmerman was surprised that death was a big part of this case, he is making it up. >> i said, are you kidding, are you serious, i was flabber fasted. >> but the system proved to work again. >> do you think this will prevent other death threats. >> on me? , i don't know. i have no idea. i would like it to, that would be great. >> and they ordered him to be in
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a group of faith leaders are calling for a suspension of the death penalty in hillsborough and pinellas counties. they gather outside of the courthouse to deliver a petition to the state's attorney and made mention of a report which identified 16 u.s. counties where the death penalty is over used. that is hillsborough and pinellas. and the prosecutors, interrifictive defense hours. bias and wrongful penalty in florida is done and a way that cannot be justified morally or economically we believe. we think the political moment has come. it cannot be sustained any more. >> this is on the heels of a decision in which the death penalty was ruled unconstitutional but now there has to be a unanimous jury t is
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spaghetti warehouse t the restaurant is closed and the items are being auctioned off. these everything from the signs to lamp shades. turn tire and equipment. did we mention the stained glass lamp shades. they are a lot of them. all items start at 1 dollar. we have a link at on the seen on tv tab. >> people will grab that. >> after an obscene amount was spent building this controversial courthouse,
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when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse? now running for senate, buesing wants us to trust him with state spending.
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up,
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i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message patients with the because i'll never stop working for you. deadliest form of breast patients feel neglected by awareness efforts and research until now thanks to a unconventional crowd funding effort.@ >> my box showed up. >> la tonya wilson is trying to fight it with a saliva sample. she has cancer that spread and cannot be cured but she hopes
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source study driven by people like her, everyone hollers about we need a cure. we need a cure f you want it you want better treatment then participate in this. >> promoted on social media and by groups, the project now has more than 2600 participants. they fill up questionnaires and submit kits and give researchers access to tumor records and they can tour the lab where they are looking for clues that could le intervention. this is different from how studies are run. this is a way for patients to take participation and research into their own hands. since the project started. groups of parents have been identified that responded well to the standard treatment or to new drugs. they hope dna analysis will explain why. the early findings are encouraging to women like jessica leap who was diagnosed
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the disease, they have you dead in five years. i hope there is a cure. we need a cure. >> experts say the data will be shared. for now just participating is a small source of comfort. >> i help by providing information and getting other people to participate in this. >> the doctors and the scientists they can do so participate. >> boosting the odds of finding other treatments. >> if you would like information the project go to mvc the big announcement came down. is the university of south florida in or out of the big 12 expansion. plus, the bucs, this rewhack back after a break.
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heal up. heal up. the latest how tall are you? heal up. the latest how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way
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nother. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs.
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japan is embarking on a new frontier for dating. a japanese dating company makes participants wear masks.
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by first impressions or looks and forces people to focus on personality. they are a growing franchise in japan. >> it has to do with not passing germs back and forth. >> that's what i think. >> that's my theory. >> we'll ask dr. jo. and you know most couples you have flowers. >> and the that's katherine and brad zimmer they use pupfies for their photos. >> and and to the rescue. >> are you bonding, how do you give them back.
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and our 5:00 producer whose name i will not mention, said what happens if they dribble. >> that's part of the festivities. >> that's part of the reception. >> and. >> take them after the ceremony. >> that is. 90 today. >> where is that cold front. >> that's coming. when you talk about cool weather 7 days out and if it will happen. feels like this. i have issues. i have fish issues anyway. many spots in the 90s. we hit 90 today.
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71 was the low. 48 degrees in 1943. the reason for the heat, no, the continuation of a wind coming off the atlantic. you think a northeast wind would be a cold wind but it's not for us. and over time the atmosphere modifies we get warm temperatures on the coast. and not a i did see the showers moving through northern pinellas. it was raining and. and. and rain near pinellas park. and a couple of showers off the
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and how about that. 86. if it is not going it is not going this way but this way. we talked last week how it could get going. and it should cooler and drier air the 80s. >> and check out the outlooks.
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by the weekend. sunday morning at 8 a.m., they are good. we stay in the low 70s. partly cloudy >> warmer than 87 more sun and heat. think about the fire pit. 50s and 60s. >> can i come over for the fire pit, sounds great. >> the hopes of a move were dashed.
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hours in the airport and the result out of the schools none were voted in. didn't have the packing who would have to pay the money for the school. the first five games. ju >> and assessing the team. this is what he likes. >> i'm proud of the way they stepped in there. >> i think you just look around the league other than two or three teams that stepped out to fast starts. it has come back together. and we were able to get that win
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they can see the light we play good football and we don't turn it over. we get take aways. we can be there. >> the bucs have question marks heading into the game there is in better shape. >> there were five players missg but they're not being ruled out for the game against san francisco. they believe the break has been a benefit in getting the team back to health. >> can you reset and refocus and go for the season. another week to get back. they were allowed another week to get caught up, they a much needed break from football and
5:51 pm
football. >> i will not lie. no football, nothing football related. they miss the losses. they gained ground, i didn't know that. >> i'm not going to lie. i didn't know that. >> i mean it is what it is. it is the nfl, they hit a pivotal part of the schedule and back to back home games. three games in stretch that could go to deciding if the team is a playoff contender. look at 'team they are cohesive, look at the spurs and how they won. and back in the day they won it. it was gelling on the field. the gelling on the court that let them win. not knowing their assignment a 1 buc place, kevin o'donnell. >> they are one and a half behind the fallen coulds.
5:52 pm
loss against the saints on sunday following the game. and a very curt cam newton. >> a lack of communication and excaution. we have to be -- lack of execution. we have to be better. >> no, sir. >> find ways to win the game. >> find ways to win the games. >> next , he is. >> it is like he is going to a movie a period piece. >> a 1930s gangster movie. >> dick tracy, they need to find
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tom cruise returns to the big screen this weekend in his new movie, jack reacher'. access hollywood caught up with him on the red carpet. (linda) here's kit hoover. i have never been on a more lit carpet. youyou have people screaming for you, people have been here waiting for you. that's nice. i nerve expect it. when they are here it is
5:56 pm
>> tom returns in his sequel costarring tough kolbi smolders. she showed her her legs in a mini. tell me you work with the strong smoldering, i was not original in saying that. i'm trying, i'm trying. >> i said to stay away, you ordered me. works, right. >> i love him. there is a spoiler alert there is no kiss, could do you like that? >> i'm think that in the end i mean it was unexpected to see them that way and not like it
5:57 pm
scene, we did and i guess they when they saw it they cut it out. >> tom has not done a romantic comedy since jerry mcguire. he is looking for that perfect script. >> back to you, that's a good one. >> that is years ago. >> wow. fox 13 6:00 news is uber and lyft may have a reason to be upset with the transportation commission. and new e-mails that show the head of the ptc may be too cozy with the cab companies. voters could legalize marijuana. what you need to know and more
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right now at six.. right now at 6:00 questions for the public transportation commission as newly released e-mails reveal he may be too cozy with the company he is supposed to regulate. the bodies of two minute who drowned cave diving, thaw bodies are recovered, she will lose a fan base. amy against her. what she said that ruffled feathers in the tampa bay area. good evening, i'm kelly ring. i'm mark wilson. amy schumer. she is ruffling feathers she blasted donald trump during her


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