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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  October 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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fox news alert at 10:00. a pedestrian badly injured what
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it's a very dangerous area, very complex cave-type area. >> a dive turning deadly when two underwater cave. we tell you what went wrong. pinellas county has been a bellwether county. >> it's the battle for the ballots tonight. pinellas county could tip the scale. a critical look at what party is leading when it comes to rounding up voters. a long the riverwalk people are running up and taking pictures and dancing along with the music. they can hear it. >> now a new draw to the waterfront is the first of its kind in florida. see the new attraction docking
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the 10:00 news starting now. good evening, everybody, and welcome. i'm kelly ring. >> mark: and i'm mark wilson. st. pete, a pedestrian was critically hurt when two cars crashed causing one to hit a covered bus stop on forest street south north of 21st avenue around 7:30 tonight. we are getting info in, and this video fresh from the scene. the male pedestrian transported to the drivers weren't seriously hurt. we have another fox news alert across the bay in tampa. firefighters working to put on you a huge fire at a shopping center on hillsborough avenue. it's the big and deals supercenter, 40th street and hillsborough avenue. we got this video. we don't have much more information, because firefighters are busy working it. we will get an update as soon as we know more. >> kelly: developing tonight, rescue drivers recovered the
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depths of the eagle nest dive area in week wau chi. >> deep you find the eagle's nest dive area. it's a perfectesque scene above ground. below the surface it's a deep underwater cave system. >> for me it's about seeing what's around the corner. >> matt is an experienced cave diver with more than 50 trips to eagle's nest. >> world to dive in this play. >> it brought a trio of friends from out of town over the weekend. they both had extensive cave diving experience. the third guy is justin blakely. having much less he stayed close to the surface sunday afternoon while the other two made their way down. >> they were supposed to come back in an hour and meet at a predetermined location underwater. >> when that didn't happen,
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help. they couldn't find them until early monday morning. they recovered. bodies 260 feet below the surface. it's a map of the underground cave, and we believe the divers were found about here in this area known as the pit. >> that's the first real deep spot in the system. it's not a trivial dive by any means. it's definitely an advanced cave dive. >> what went wrong is still a question. van zandt say number of things. >> may have lost their line or visibility, and they may have restrictive and may have gear issues. really don't know at this point. typically or more than likely it was a series of issues. >> issues that have claimed at least half a dozen people here, and now two more. in hernando county, josh cascio, fox 13 news. >> kelly: new at 10:00 tonight, a step forward in the punta
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a woman was accidentally killed by a punta gorda police officer during a training exercise. they completed the investigation into mary nolton's death tonight and the state's attorney is revying the report and will decide whether to file charges. she was a volunteer taking part in a roll playing scenario. live round. sarasota police cited a truck driver with careless driving because of this. his semi was on its side in the water at the coon key bridge. police believe the driver lost control and skidded through the guardrail. he did get a ticket for it. transportation crews removed the truck from the water this evening. it took a very large crane. >> kelly: as goes pinellas county, so goes the state. that's what's happened in the last four presidential
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terms of which party is registered the most voters. evan axelbank is in the newsroom tonight to explain how the battle for pinellas could determine the whole ball game. okay. what did you find out? >> it's the democrats now who have taken a late lead in terms of who has registered the most voters, but that lead is smaller than it has been in years past. the number of unaffiliated or third-party voters is only growing. michelle knows that every door she knocks on or person calls could be the difference. >> it's an energy. it's a passion. >> reporter: the clinton volunteer who has been canvassing seven days a week is keenly aware that her party now has a lead of 1300 registered pvoters in pinellas county. a county that has voted with the last four presidential winners. >> it's the feeling that i'm part of something that's going to be good. >> back in 2,000 pinellas republicans had an edge of 28,000 registered voters.
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about 16,000 votes, and thus, the decisive state by 537. in 2008, it was democrats who led by 12,000 registered voters, allowing barack obama to win the county by 38,000, making up nearly a fifth of his statewid margin. >> which way pinellas goes florida goes. >> michael is a former chair of the pinellas gop and down-plays the new and narrow democratic percentage of unaffiliated voters in pinellas has grown from 20.6% in 2 # -- 2000 to 28.4% today. >> next two or three weeks until the election are crucial. this is where campaigns are made or broken. they have to energize their votes and get them out to vote. >> reporter: in that department, democrats have a 2.5 lead many mail ballots that have been returned so far. the question, though, may well
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their ballots. so far they account for 20% of those returned in pinellas county. >> i'm also optimistic. that's how to look at things. >> reporter: statewide the number of democrats to mail-in ballots so far barely eclipses the number of republicans that have done so, each with 211,000. that is a bit of a change from years past, one that may bode well for democrats who have typically done better on election day itself. we're in the axelbank, fox 13 news. kelly. >> kelly: thank you so much. tonight republican incumbent senator rubio faced off with the man looking to replace him, democrat patrick murphy. this went head-to-head in their first debate in orlando. jonathan carl was the moderator with reporters from wftv and mrit cmrit politico asks questions on everything from immigration and the pulse
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presidential candidates. things got heated when it came to actual time spent here in florida. >> talk about flip-flop. congressman murphy in december of 2011 you changed your name and party and you moved from south beach to west palm beach to run for congress. that's not a flip-flop. that's a met more physicians. >> let's be clear. you left florida and spent all your time in iowa and new hampshire. you haven't even met the mayor of tampa. the mayor of tallahassee i was with not long ago. you haven't met don't lecture me on florida and flip-flops. you're the king of flip-flops. >> in the latest real clear politics average rubio was ahead of murphy by nearly 5%. still ahead tonight, ready to ride? >> it's a new addition to tampa bay's waterfront. the latest way to bar crawl along the riverwalk. what makes these cycle boats unique. >> keys to declutter. tonight at 10:30 how getting
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money. plus, one expert's three secrets to perfect your closet and your bathroom. okay. we'll tell you all about it. hey, paul. >> paul: indian summer across the country today. the temperatures are incredible. tampa hit 90 and lubbock hit 94 and chicago 82 and new york city 83. believe it or not, with all that heat, there's a cold front coming our way. we'll talk about the arrive time of the front coming up if about five minutes. see you then. ?? with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99.
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?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. you may have noticed something new stirring in the water around downtown tampa. big cycle boats -- not powered by motors -- but by >> mark: there's those big cycle boats not powered by motors but by you riding it. groups of righters in a new line of bissets up shop along the riverwalk. hey lee hines will show you how it's impacting businesses down there. what did you find out, hail lee? >> you have seenl them rolling
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cities. they're like those plus water and unlike anything in the area or the entire state for that matter. it's a boat, it's a bar, it's a workout. bright green and blue, they're the newest vessels docking in downtown tampa, the first in the state. the owners were inspired on a trip to nashville when they rode a pedal tavern tour on land. >> we're surrounded we have to find a way to do it on the water. we found one company made the boats and we gave them a call. a couple of months later it's in the water. >> reporter: riders sit at ten pedal stations powering the boat though there's an engine if your sea legs get weary. >> it's easy to pedal. if they experience it on the street, we don't have hills on the water. >> the center bar is a cooler filled with ice, and people bring their own drinks on board. >> it's the latest company
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waterfront. their business has a ripple effect. >> businesses grow along the docks, so we have multiple small businesses out here all very successful and most importantly getting people on the water. >> it's a waterfront evolution. this past june the final segment of the riverwalk was completed giving businesses like columbia cafe reason to expand for a growing customer base. with the addition of pirate water taxi and cracken boats along the water, long-time businesses like river reel in the benefits chls. >> the place went from steady, maybe half occupancy to full within a matter of ten minutes. just from some of these other new businesses on the river. >> it's been nice to be part of the community and see this dream come together. i never thought that we'd be here today. >> reporter: since officially less than two weeks ago, they have already added a second boat here at its downtown tampa location.
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gator's cafe in john's pass in november. >> thanks very much. it's great to see us using this waterfront. we have such a gem here. you see other cities like seattle and boston, they use their waterfronts. nice to see we're using them more. >> it's exciting. the more people use it, the more they want to use it. it's great. >> especially this time of year. it felt like july today, paul. >> paul: it did. a bunch of 90s on the map, and there are changes on the way and a lot a we have a cold front and we'll talk about that in a second. the sun is setting now at 6:58. you've noticed we're losing daylight rapidly every day as we head towards the first day of winter. sunset hudson beach, steve milligan. that's nice. a beautiful shot from seega bay. very nicely done. this beautiful scene on sarasota
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rexmichael. we're talking about fall foliage. he's the postcard of the night from maine from pam williams. that's incredible. one more beautiful spot in new hampshire, brett woods at a ski resort. beautiful fall foliage and nice day today up and down the entire east coast. many spots in the 80s. as i said, we had 90s on the map today including tampa and brandon and bradenton and sarasota and venice. they all hit similar temperatures on tap until a cold front arrives late friday or saturday, and then we see a significant weather change and a good one for the weekend. on average the first time we drop below 60 at night it's october 7 in brooksville, and on average it happens today or tonight in tampa. it's not going to happen tonight, because we have a low of 70, 61. give it a couple more nights,
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sunday and/or monday mornings. the winds continue to come in from the northeast, and that's a warm wind direction for us. earlier we had some fast-moving showers, what left of them is moving west over the gulf. that's it. so we stay partly cloudy tonight and still a pretty decent moon overhead. it's a waning gibbus moon. 74 in new tampa, 75 in brooksville and wesley chapel. our southern mid to upper 70s and inland counties right now hold in the low 70s under mostly clear skies. tracking an area of low pressure east of our state. it does have some potential of development in the next five days. the good news is i just don't see any way this is going to go west. it will most likely go north and northeast and eventually it will do its thing and bring some cooler weather our way on the backside. we stay quiet tonight with a lot
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tomorrow, but most of the day is dry. another hot day, upper 8 0es to near 90. here's the confront back here. it won't happen on wednesday or thursday, but eventually it will swing down the state ushering in a cooler and drier air mass. it was 100 today in dodge city, and last time it's been 100 for them in october was way back in 1874. so lots of heat across the nation's heartland, but the thing for us trough. you know, now we show the jet stream. we don't do it in the summertime, because in the summer the jets way up in canada. this time of year we see dips in the jet, and those dips will bring cold fronts our way and occasionally bring some storms up and down the east coast. the dew point today right around 70 or so. by the weekend it should drop to about 50, and we classify that as invigorating or just plain nice. that's coming in this weekend.
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point is 66 and winds are east at 8. the rest of tonight partly cloudy to clear and a moonlit night and 71 degrees way above average. tomorrow is a day like today. mixture of clouds and sun and at least 87. same trend on wednesday. it's more heat, and we're back in the upper 80s. check out the seven-day and concentrate, if you will, on the weekend. you always do. look at this. we have 64 on saturday morning and 58 on sunday morning with 77 back to you. >> we'll take it. >> yes. >> we're ready. coming up next, a controversial fertility method. >> doctors use three parents to make one baby, and right now it's illegal in the u.s. after the break, why one doctor
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st. petersburg's teen crime rate...why his idea starts under the golden arches... tonight at eleven.?????
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procedure citing perceived risk to the mother and child. >> as david lee miller reports at 10:30, the per tilt doctor is on the defensive tonight. >> reporter: a new york fertility specialist is defending a controversial new three-parent in-vitro fertilization technique. >> this is i think a revolutionary approach in the human reproduction. >> reporter: dr. john zhang says he successfully carried out a spindle nuclear transfer using dna a baby four months ago. >> it's the first time in human history a healthy live birth that was created by two eggs, we combined them together with one sperm. >> reporter: in this kay zhang worked with a jordanian couple and pea male donor in mexico. he's going to present his findings this week. it aims to help families with
10:25 pm
it creates an egg by pairing a nucleus from one mother's egg with deez-free dna from the female donor's egg and fertilized with the father's sperm. >> anytime who had a long-term suffering of disabled children or child, and finally to see a very healthy baby and i think this brings a gift. >> reporter: some scientists say they're waiting for more detail and baby could face risks. >> we don't know this kid isn't affected. we have to wait several years before we can tell if this child is healthy. >> reporter: this new technique is proved in britain, but congress blocked the fda from allowing it here in the u.s. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. some stem cell scientists are voicing concern over the procedure being done in mexico saying that the country currently lacks the regulatory
10:26 pm
still ahead, it's the mad darn to wednesday's final presidential debate. newly leaked e-mails from the clinton campaign. >> melania trump's reaction to the alleged sexual misconduct. she speaks out for the first time. where huge crowds turn out for early voting.
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the stage is set for the third and the stage is set for the third and final presidential debate less than 48 hours from now. hillary clinton and donald trump go head-to-head at the university of nevada in las vegas. tonight the campaigns are in a damage control mode. there are newly released documents again tonight that reveal one of hillary clinton's aides try to influence the fbi, and how the fbi was handling her e-mail scandal. >> kelly: donald trump's wife melania came to his defense
10:30 pm
>> to the complete surprise of no one watching, melania trump really echoed her husband in an interview with anderson cooper tonight. she said that the allegations about her husband's sexual misconduct are absolutely false, and that his accusers are working for the clinton camp and so is the media. as for the 11-year videotape that preceded the accusations, melania was surprised by her husband's language because that's not the man she knows. she called it boy talk on. bush, by the way, was fired today by nbc news for his part in that video. in the meantime donald trump today continued his narrative of voter fraud tweeting it's happening on a large scale and republican leaders deny it. his running mate picked up on that theme at a campaign rally in ohio. >> voter fraud cannot be tolerated by anyone in this nation because it
10:31 pm
conservatives, and liberals in america. >> trump and pence are slipping in the polls. a new george washington university poll has clinton ahead by 11 points and in monmouth she's up by 12. a new development could damage the numbers. fbi documents released today show last year a senior state department official named patrick kennedy asked the fbi to change the classification of an e-mail from clinton's private e-mail server. that was about the 2012 att according to the fbi agent, kennedy offered a quid pro quo in exchange for downclassifying the e-mail, the bureau would get coveted slots for agents overseas. the fbi ultimately rejected the request. the republican chairman of the house intelligence and oversight committee says kennedy broke the law. >> i think it's corruption. i think it's manipulation. i think it's against the law and goes to the intent.
10:32 pm
>> changing that e-mail's classification woo allowed them to archive the message so the public could not see it. kennedy was a close aide to clinton during her tenure of secretary of state. at a rally tonight, trump accused kennedy of felony corruption and called for his resignation. had you been a livly debate on wednesday night. it's the final presidential debate that starts at 8:00 p.m. and scheduled to last 90 minutes. they're breaking six segments covering a variety of topics. chris wallace is moderating, and you can watch it right here on fox 13 at 9:00. >> thanks very much. the early voting is off to a big start in georgia. lines across the state are very long. a lot of people are standing outside near atlanta first thing this morning. more than 100 people waited in line when the office opened at 8:00. 30 minutes later officials say more than 400 people were in line. early voting begins across florida next week, and for most
10:33 pm
october 29th until november 5th. in some places like in hillsborough county, it starts on the ?24h!$! t!$!th. according to reports the average american spends one year of their life looking for loss or misplaced items. okay. want that year back? >> yeah, please. if you want to be clutter-free, we have the experts to share their secrets on how to tackle the trouble spots in your home tonight. how to master the master closets and sav [ music ] >> reporter: it's an epidemic of clutter. >> we have toothpaste and an epipen and hand soap. we have the stuff from when my daughter got her ears pieced. >> the average american wastes up to an hour a da looking for things they own. >> if you're looking for my type of medicine, it's digging through all of this. >> but can't find.
10:34 pm
clothes and hats. >> when it comes to closets, stats somehow people wear the same 20% of their clothing 80% of the time. >> we toss it, and it kind of lands as it does. then to get it down, i take a hanger of some sort and try and hook it. bring it down. >> avalanche along with whatever else coming with it? >> right. >> accidentally buy repeats of products. getting organized means saving money. >> when you have little kids running around, you don't have a lot of time there and say, i'll come back there and do it. then you don't. >> to help this busy mom with her master bedroom and bas room closets, we bring in kristen fisher of imagine home organization. she shares her secrets to keeping any closet organized in these simple steps. >> the first thing is sorts. take everything out and sort all of your like items together. >> i did not know i had this
10:35 pm
>> after you sort all your s stuff, prioritize and decide what you really need. >> a little fan? >> baking soda. why do you keep shower caps? >> people come over a lot and say -- >> then containerize. >> what people do often is buy the container and then f really figure out what are the size of the things and what's needed. >> look at the items and go by the container. don't take a trip to the store and say, i will get organized! >> don't get excited by organizing at the store. >> you need to have a quick and easy place to return belonging. >> i sort by the type of clothing and color code. people think that's ocd and how to maintain that. it's easy to maintain. it gives you a specific home.
10:36 pm
t-shirts so you know where to put things. >> this is where we started with the bathroom closet, and now look. how about the bedroom closet? this was before, and here we are after. in both you can see the results of sorting, prioritizing, containerizing, and that is your action plan if you want to be clutter free. >> is this something you think you can keep up? >> i think so, definitely. >> this is fox 13 news. >> mark: what we didn't get is how many hours that took. a little bit of time involved, but looks worth it. >> kelly: donate. that's important to do more of that. >> mark: how about this? month more clowning around. a major retailer pulls clown masks off their store shelves. >> kelly: the large toads. why these big toads can be harmful to your pets, and the two things you can do to keep
10:37 pm
st. petersburg's teen crime rate...why his idea starts under the golden arches... tonight at eleven.?????
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z256yz zy6z y256yy yy6y coming up tonight at 11... firefighters are battling a three-alarm business fire in tampa. at 11:00, firefighters on the scene of a three alarm business fire in tampa. we told you about it at the top of newscast.
10:40 pm
alarm. we'll look at the progress they're making and have an update. also, the future of the big 12 will not include the university of south florida. rumors of expansion have been settled, but the conference ultimately decided to do that does not include usf coming up at the fox 13 11 news. see you then. target stores pull some clown masks off the store shelves in response to the creepy clown pranks. the retail giant said yesterday it's pulling the mask off the website. the company managers say they made that decision out of sensitivity for the creepy clown incidents spreading across the country. target officials say not all clown costumes are gone. if kids are looking for a happier form of a clown, they will still be able to find those. fall may be in full swing, but a creepy crawly critter of the summer seems to stick around. vets all across the bay area are seeing a number of pets rushed
10:41 pm
they vary in size but generally larger than you see. they all spray a poisonous venom from their glands when they feel threatened and it can be deadly depending on the size of the toad and dog. pets go into seizures sxr cardiac and gi issues. in most cases they lick the frog, but it can happen. they say time is of the essence dealing with a pet exposed to the toad. >> put the dog's head down and gently wipe out their mt or their eyes, and then get in the car and bring the dog to the vet right away. >> to best protect your pet, remove toad attract ants from your yard. that would be pet food and dog droppings, believe it or not. how are you doing, scott? >> those toads look like jab ba the hut. is it just me? why dirk koetter has high hopes
10:42 pm
is a week off just what the doctor ordered? the bucs return from the bye bye-week healthier. up next, the good stuff and unexpected hero behind these high-tech prosthetic h as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras
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(kelly/ stuff. >> we like this. a special honor for a hard-working firefighter. justin baxter named the firefighter of the year. there he is. the department hosted a special awards banquet this weekend to present captain baxter for his honor. at one instances organized a kitchen remodel for a local family of six. they'd been in the home two days when fire destroyed the kitchen. he got donations for the
10:46 pm
complete the remodel. that right there is going above and beyond for sure. he's been with the department for 12 years, so congratulations, captain baxter. that's awesome. >> above and beyond. that's fantastic. students at an arizona high school are making a difference, too. here's what they're doing. they're creating high-tech prosthetic hands for children in need. one student is leading this charge raising money for the parts. raul jay started the hand challenge initiative this past summer teang that prints 3d hand parts. he want to assemble 30 prosthetic hands to donate to children who need them. >> 30 hands. i thought that would be a good amount where i could make a difference, but like it doesn't require too much money and it's money that i can fund-raise. >> the kits the school is using for the project cost $25 apiece. so far he's raced $900 on his own. he's working to raise more.
10:47 pm
works. >> 3d printer. right there. >> think of the lives he could change. >> that's amazing. over to scott to find out what's going on tonight. >> let's start with nfl news and the bucs became on the game field this week with a visit to san francisco on sunday to face the 1-5 49ers. despite a shaky first game, colin kaepernick will get the start this week against the bucs. several guys held out, but luke mauer fee were back to practice today. murphy is starting his 21-day practice list to come off the list. dirk koetter happy to enter the bye-week on the win. they're in the thick of things now he says. >> just look around at the league other than two or three teams that jumped out to fast starts, i think the league has shrunk up and come back together. fortunately, we got that win last monday night, and i think our guys can see the light.
10:48 pm
play complementary football, we don't turn it over and get take-aways on the other side we can be right there. >> now, the bucs still have major question marks. consistency is certainly needs. as kevin o'donnell tells us, the idle week did a lot to prepare them. >> the bucs return refreshed but not healthy. there were five players missing from practice, most notably, jerrold mccoy and doug martin. they're not ruled out for the they believe the break is a benefit to get the team back to health. >> it alloys you to reset and refocus. it's a long haul. we have 11 more. >> allowed us another week to get guys back. i don't know who is back or whatever, but yeah, it allowed them an extra week to get caught up. >> the time off gave the bucs a much-needed break away from football and most took it. >> i did withdraw from football. >> you withdrew?
10:49 pm
>> i'm not going to lie, nothing football-related. >> what the bucs missed were losses by the falcons and p pan panthers, so without playing they gained ground in the nfc south. >> i didn't know that. i'm not going to lie. i didn't know that. hey, it is what it is, i guess. it's the nfl. >> the bucs hit a pivotal part of the schedule starting in san francisco and back-to-back home games. three games in a 12-day stretch, which could go a lot way to deciding if this team is a playoff conten >> if you look at any successful team in any sport, it's a cohesiveness they play with. look at the spurs and how they won so many championships and lakers back in the day they won so many. it was gelling on the field and the gelling on the court that allowed them to win. not just knowing their assignment. >> the lightning back on the ice this morning after another come from behind win on saturday against the new jersey delvils. the bolts have two zero holes in
10:50 pm
the able to climb out of the deficits shows him a lot. >> you know, it shows a lot of character. you know, we always come back and we believe in our ourselves. that's a strong way to do it. ep hflly he can turn it up in the start of the games in the future. >> so back home tomorrow night. in fact, the first four games of the season starting at home so that's nice and comfortabl this four-game stretch here against very beatable teams, i think that you could see the division turn around. i think meanwhile atlanta has a handful of really tough games coming up. they're only back a game and a half. by the end of this little stretch by week ten, we may see the bucs on top of the division. >> think about mccoy and martin, what an impact they could have right there alone. >> they're going to be back? >> you get playmakers back this week. we don't know and find out later
10:51 pm
with your kid may not be one you expect. find out why next in the fox business report. sfx - [birds] to sample the world's most delicious fresh seafood dishes... you can take a boat sfx -- [boat bell] or a plane sfx -- [jet taking off] or a train sfx -- [train horn blowing] or you can just let us pack you a bag publix seafood cook-in-bag dinners choose your favorite seafood
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tonight fox's 13 umbrella winner went to my home page on facebook and liked it and uploaded the photo on the app that says weather pics contest. very nicely done. we've had fantastic sunsets the past couple of days. that one from clearwater harbor looking to the west. highs today tough to believe. many spots up around 90. in fact, sarasota was # 91. the record high is i don't see any reason why tomorrow won't be about the same give or take a degree or two. the weather map won't change. we'll stay with a northeast wind that could -- i don't have it on the forecast. it's going to be -- the chance is very small, but don't be shocked if you see a quick, passing shower at some point in the afternoon. the east-northeast winds will continue, and that means more heat along the west coast. upper 80s and low 90s and the weather change arrives on the
10:55 pm
temperatures will stay in the mid to upper 80s. looking to start a family? well, you might want to ask your boss. a new survey says that 7 in 10 people list their employer in the top consideration when looking to bring a baby into the world. it turns out they're afraid a new family could hold them back at work. when that kid grows up, it might be time for the talk about finances. that's because a higher percentage of parents believe about savings and spending and budgeting than it is to talk about the birds and bees, which is great news for the future. according to a separate report, more than one-third of adults wish they were saving more for retirement. just over half of millenials currently contribute to their retirement fund. pepsico is making a new promise. by the year 2025 they announced at least two-thirds of its beverages will have less than
10:56 pm
per serving. currently only 4 in 10 products meet that mark. that's a sweet deal. that's business. all right, david. still ahead tonight, a monster of a lobster. >> check it out for yourself coming up right after the break. this creature's stunning size and where it was caught. ?? lloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99.
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure
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a giant lobster is making a big splash online.. a giant lobster is making a huge splash online. >> it was caught off the coast of bermuda last week i guess before the hurricane. look at this giant lobster weighing in at 14 pounds. a crew with sanctuary marine, bermuda took to facebook after making the catch saying hurricane nicole blew in some sea monsters. i guess that's what happened right after. after snapping a few pics they released it back in the water. it's unclear how old the lobster is, but they can live to be 70 yeareds old. this guy is probably close to it. >> there's deep water on the other side of bermuda. nice and chilling for a long time. >> 14 pounds. time for the fox 13 11:00 news. we're foming the breaking news out of tampa where firefighters are still trying to put out a business fire. >> now it's three alarms and getting bigger and burning at the big and deals supercenter on hillsborough.
11:00 pm
just ahead. so many kids are going to prison. so many youth are losing their life. >> leaders say keeping kids out of trouble starting with keeping them employed. a new initiative for st. pete teens. i'm a free american, and i have absolutely every right to be out and about in my hometown. >> he's at the center of two major court cases now many just three years. what george zimmerman has to say about keeping a you're watching fox 13 and the 11:00 news starts now. let's get straight to it now. that news alert out of tampa. we've been following this for more than an hour. firefighters battle a fire that has gone to three alarms at a business there. this is at a strip mall at 40th and hillsborough avenue. 40th street and hillsborough avenue. haley hines has been on the scene for some time now. what can you tell us, haley, about how this firefight is


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