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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  October 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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target is pulling clown masks from shelves ahead of halloween.. retailer to react to the scary threats sweeping the nation. senator marco rubio returns to the debate stage for the first time since he was running for president. coming up, the highlights as he takes on congressman patrick murphy. and ... the sick and wounded are getting a chance to escape the battleground in war-torn syria .. new this morning, the latest push for humanitarian aid, involving
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((dave )) toss to vanessa ruffes ((vanessa -ckey)) vanessa ruffes ? t ? @fox13traffic >>vanessa: we have a crash along u.s. 92. this is going to be in the mango area, west of mango blockage. make sure you're being alert and using caution in the area. be alert here. debris on the roadway southbound 75 getting off onto the westbound selmon expressway. on the ramp itself, fhp reporting a right lane will be blocked by the debris so be careful. >>russell: tampa shopping center in flames. three alarm fire started around 9:00 last night at the big and
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hillsborough avenue. took crews three hours to bring it all under control. four people working inside when it started. they all got out okay. there were some concerns that the roof could collapse so tampa fire rescue called for backup. the fire marshalls office will be there to investigate into how it might have started. >>laura: today a hearing could determine when john jonchuck, junior can face first degree murder charges in the death of his daughter phoebe. he is accused o off the dick misener bridge in 2013. jonchuck was scheduled for mother competency hearing in april. he had not been taking all of his medications. >>russell: if there is a creepy clown lurking in your neighborhood, don't blame target anymore. >>laura: it's announced it's pulling the clown merchandise from store shelves right before
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on gandy boulevard and it's sad it's come to this, right? >>reporter: this is something we've been telling you about for some time. those reports of clown threats impacting multiple communities, even right here in the tampa bay area. after seeing those reports of threats around the country, target officials have decided they wanted to take action. a spokesperson issued a statement on the issue saying in part, quote, gen environment we've made the decision to remove a variety of clown masks from our assortment. it's unclear if the decision impacts all nearly 1,800 stores, target stores around the country, but this is certainly something that a lot of people are paying attention to. we can tell you in recent weeks throughout the tampa bay area, investigators have looked into multiple reports of creepy clowns on social media, schools and the community. some reported threats ended in
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middle school students. in a statement released for social media, we know the world clown association president denounced threats of violence and stated the organization stands with safety officers. the president called for ending the trauma to individuals and communities, adding this is not the act of a professional clown. if a clown costume is what you are determined to get fo area, goodwill industries suncoast issued a statement last week stating they would no longer be offering clown costumes. they would be a clown-free zone this holiday season. we were told that decision was made in part based on law enforcement actually asking people to avoid dressing in those clown costumes for halloween this year. the company went ahead and made the decision saying it was a
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interest of the communities served. this impacts 18 retail stores owned by goodwill industries suncoast. we're going to continue to follow and keep you posted if we learn anything further. back to you. >>russell: we'll talk later. thank you. we have this for you this morning. mosaic released new video showing the inside of that massive sink hole at its plant in polk county. the company used a detection system to scan deep inside. revealed that the 220 feet deep and 150 feet wide. mosaic will use the scans to dtermine how much concrete is used to fill the hole. the process could cost up to $50 million. the company tests nearby wells for contamination. more than 75% of results have been returned and officials say the majority meet drinking water standards. >>laura: today is the last day to register to vote in the general election. floridians have until 5:00 p.m. to return their registration
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you can send them by mail but they must be postmarked by today. last week a federal judge extended the deadline because of hurricane matthew and voters will have until the end of the day before election to fix any by their vote by mail and registration votes. >>russell: more than 1,000 ballots were cast by students, teachers and staff. 53% support hillary with patrick murphy beating marco rubio. the two met for the first debate last night. >>laura: it kicked off with a question about the support for the presidential nominees. >> secretary clinton already apologized for what she did. she made it clear she regrets that decision. and in hindsight wouldn't do it again. that's more than you can say about donald trump. >> i think it's pretty clear donald trump is not my first
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be the nominee of the republican party. 14 million voters chose differently. but one of the reasons why i changed my mind and ran for re-election is because i know that no matter who wins this election, you are going to need people in the united states senate willing to stand up to the next president of the united states when they are wrong on policy, when they are wrong on behavior. >>laura: and over the course of an hour, murphy attacked rubio for his absenteeism and rubio hit back accusing embellishing his resume. they will meet for at least one more debate coming up october 26 at broward county and they've also agreed to a univision debate. >>russell: the stage is set for the next presidential debate. hillary clinton and donald trump go head to head tomorrow night, appropriately vegas. chris wallace will serve as the moderator. begins at 9:00, lasts 90 minutes or so. you can watch it right here on
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with fox and friends and opened up about the women that are coming forward to accuse her husband of groping them. >> i was not surprised in one way because as i said before, everything was organized and it is three weeks before the elections. all these women the allegations, they are not true. why now? why three weeks before the election? and what they're accusing my husband that is not the person that i know. >> what is your message to these women? what would you like to say to them? >> that all the allegations
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law and without evidence to accuse somebody is a man or a woman, it's damaging and it's unfair. >>laura: if you missed the entire interview, this morning on fox and friends you can watch it after it airs on fox >>russell: it's over. nbc news fired billy bush after he was caught on tape having that so-called locker room conversation with donald trump in 2005. he was ogi the tape. bush was heard laughing as trump talked about his fame and trying to have sex with women. bush is now a free agent. a lot richer, too. >>laura: newly released f.b.i. documents say hillary clinton pressured. in exchange for downgrading a message about the 2012 attack in
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f.b.i. agents to be posted in iraq. the report labelled it, quote, prepro quo, something the state department denies. >> any really assertion this was somehow tit for tat exchange in that manner is frankly insulting. >>laura: while the classification was never changed, even the discussion of a back room deal violates federal law. chairman of the house oversight committee is calling for >>russell: near ail month after congress approved $1.1 billion to fight the fight against zika, health officials are talking about how that money should be spend. one could use drones to drop off zika fighting mosquitos. another is a blood test to detect zika on the spot.
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>>laura: lakeland's famous and beautiful swanns with due for their yearly health exam. >>russell: ken will show us what it takes to round them all up to see the vet. and it's one of the most expensive grocery trips ever devised. an update on a rocket launch years in the making. >>dave: i love crystal river's 63 degrees this morning and a nice, mild 74 in st. petersburg. a few more days of warmth and moderate cold front is coming through this weekend. ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. america runs on dunkin'. amendment 1 guarantees your right - to generate your own solar energy. share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. and placing that right in florida's constitution -
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america runs on dunkin'. runs: 5, 4, 3,2, 1 thrusters ignition >> five, four, three, two, one. as you can see, signus lifting off. >>russell: always something to see. key suppliers is celebrating the first launch since an explosion
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night sky from the wallops island facility in virginia. capsule was loaded with more than 5,000 pounds of food and equipment. it will have to hang around in orbit until sunday because three astronauts are awaiting launch from kazakhstan tomorrow which would get them to the international space station on friday. we will remember that spectacular launch pad explosion a couple of years ago. remember? it was unbelievable. they got it right now. >>dave: that looks like a little light bulb. it did. >>russell: it did. >>laura: it did, dave. >>dave: sorry. 6:15. let's get you out the door. we have 63 degrees in crystal river. 66 in brooksville. 68 degrees in new port richey and really, low to mid 70s from tampa to clearwater, down through st. petersburg and
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just in general, very, very similar day to yesterday. i got some low to mid 60s across i-10 and temperatures, finally west palm has gotten below 80 degrees. 79 but yes, at least they're below 80. from tallahassee to gainville, it's like one little spot got four to seven degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. but for everybody else, it's pretty similar in general. to 60. we've been sitting here for a couple of weeks with this moderate humidity, temps in the upper 80s. yet to the north it's just been absolutely spectacular so we're real close to turning things around in terms of bringing in the fall-like air. still believe it's going to be friday night. friday night is going to be our transition. a lot of times when you get a fall or winter front, you'll get
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it. not this time. very little rain, very little fanfare with the front. winds pick up on saturday and that will begin to usher in that drier air. really for today with that northeast to east wind, we're going back to the upper 80s. you have the rain chances on the low, low, low side. we're watching this for the potential for development. in fact, these percentages yesterday were like 10% and 40%. now they're 40 and 70 so there's a pretty good shot whatever is developing here in the da bahamas will become tropical or sub tropical in nature. just in time this cold front is going to come in and it's going to start to sweep this low out toward the east so there you go. by friday morning, here's your low. there's your front. the front wins this battle 100% of the time and the front will begin to push that low and with
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coast, off the east coast all the way up and through the weekend and notice how the drier air just settles in. we're talking about dew points that are going to be in the lower 50s, upper 40s in some spots. it's just going to feel so, so much different outside than it does right now. not that it's awful outside. eye not saying that. but it's still on the muggy side and we're looking to change that on friday night so partly cloudy and hot today with an isolated shower, meaning less than around 88 degrees. tonight clear, mild, still a bit muggy with a low temperature of 71 and then scattered clouds and seasonably warm tomorrow with your high temperature around 87 degrees. boaters, we're back to light chop. the water temperature still running close to 80 degrees and a low tide at 10:30 this morning. over the next seven, you've got not much in the way of rain chances and this front is not going to bring a lot of rain
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afternoon and high temperatures 76 degrees and for many of us, we'll be in the upper 50s come sunday morning so a nice little comfy start. i can see it now, sitting on the back porch, drinking some coffee. vanessa, what do you think? sounds good. >>vanessa: sounds like a good weekend to me. thanks, dave. it's 6:19. we'll check the roadways right now. manatee county drivers, you do have some lane blockage due to crash here. so make sure you're using caution, particularly in that direction but doesn't hurt to use caution southbound as well. late in the morning yesterday, we had some construction start in the area of morgan street. this is all part of the construction projects going on downtown so you do have some lane blockage reported northbound and also impacts for the folks trying to exit the selmon expressway westbound off onto morgan street. so you can check out my twitter
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more details. ultimate suggested by the city of tampa is westbound kennedy boulevard off the selmon expressway to access the area north of brorein, that roadway. >>laura: the secret to love may be under your nose. >>russell: what your facial hair says about your love life. and careful what you copy and paste on the facebook. an old hoax is finding new life on social media.
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d iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
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it's time to see what's is here with >>russell: time to see what's clicking on the web. >>laura: we'll look at hot clicks. >>jennifer: good morning. first hot click is actually something you should not click on. facebook privacy hoax is going viral and it will probably be clogging up your news feed. it says if you don't copy and paste this message, then facebook will sell your information, videos and some versions specifically mention
6:24 am
this is not the first time we've ever seen this hoax. facebook addressed it on several occasions. it is false. anyone who uses facebook owns and controls the content and information they post. last year similar hoax claimed mark zuckerberg would give away millions to facebook users and sadly, that was not true, either. don't click. now the lighter stuff. police officer in virginia is going viral for his choreographed rendition of beyonce's "rendition." take a look. ?
6:25 am
diggs with the stafford county sheriff's office. he couldn't join because his mom got really sick but she urged him to keep dancing. >>russell: is that him in the middle there? got it. >>jennifer: he learned this entire routine watching videos on youtube. he said he hopes to use his fame as a platform to build relationships between communities and police. nice. good moves. tiny drums but big talent. this video was taken by turkey drummers community and already has had millions of views. this is ricky sires and tiny drums with his specialty. they're fully functional as you can larry, complete with cymbals, a foot pedal. makes a good sound out of that. >>russell: that's cool.
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>>russell: easy to travel with. >>jennifer: she good point. >>russell: even as more and more businesses announce they're closing this thanksgiving, one company is planning to open earlier than ever before. >>laura: when macy's is opening its doors. and then fox 13 ken is live for us in lakeland where he's our unofficial swann wrangler. good morning, ken. >>reporter: good morning. i may be the unofficial swan wrangler but this guy over here is the official one. we're g how he does this, what kind of
6:27 am
i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death.
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((laura 2shot) good morning, i'm laura moody. ((russell )) >>laura: good morning. i'm laura moody. >>laura: and i'm russell rhodes.
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>>dave: getting ready to walk out the door, a fine start to the day. we have an hour and two minutes before the sun comes up, but when it does, it's going to be fantastic to start. you know, i put an average of about 70 degrees because some spots along the coast are mid 70s and then mid to upper 60s for areas inland but it's going to be almost exactly like yesterday, back to the upper 80s, very isolated shower. 87 tomorrow. the cooler air just a few days away, still on target to get here for talk more about that coming up in just a little bit. >>vanessa: thanks, dave. 6:30, we have sky fox arriving on scene of the earlier reported crash along u.s. 92 in the seffner area. once again, this is going to be west of williams -- or i'm sorry, west of mango and more specifically at the intersection with mobile drive. it's right there in the intersection so you do have a full blockage. eye been watching some crews clean up here. one of the vehicles involved is
6:31 am
that's kind of askew there to be moved out of the way. drivers should take mlk or i-4 instead. this is a full shutdown of u.s. 92 just west of mango road. and firefighters are putting out hot spots at the big and deals supercenter on hillsborough avenue. fire went to three alarms as the fire poured out of the roof. the roof was the place is destroyed. she'll be searching for the cause of the fire later on today. >>laura: two more divers have died in one of the most notoriously dangerous caves in the country. the bodies were recovered from the eagle's nest dive area in week ji watchy. they were found in a complex cave system. both were experienced divers and both had dived at eagle's nest several times in the past.
6:32 am
zimmerman during a road rage incident was sentenced to 20 years in prison. he claimed he acted in self defense after he flashed a gun. zimmerman said that aperson showed no respect for life. >>laura: local vets say the number of pets being rushed into clinics because of toad is on the rise. the best way to keep them away is remove things like pet food and dog droppings from your yard. >>russell: swans, beautiful, grateful and majestic. >>laura: until you try to catch one. that's what's going on today in lakeland. ken is live for us in lakeland with the annual swan roundup about to get underway.
6:33 am
watch this process happen because they're beautiful on the water. >>russell: they are. maybe you tried to catch a swan. i have not. i've held swans. i don't know a lot about wrangling swans. he's the chief how do you pull off getting on the water and getting these guy snz >> we keep safety in mind and we do the least amount of stress to the birds as we can, but it's definitely a trick to it. they seem to know that as soon as that boat hits the water, that it's time to get out of here and they all want to run from us. >>russell: or swim, i guess. you talk about when the boat hits the water. you've hit the water a number of times trying to catch them.
6:34 am
in 19 years. i think we're doing good. we made a sharp turn to catch one of the birds and rolled out. >>reporter: is this fun? >> we think it's the best day of the year for us. >>reporter: what happens? >> we'll start at daylight and one by one, catch the swans and the doctor, each one of them will get their annual checkup. >>reporter: we're talking about how of lakeland gives the city two swans. how many do we have now? >> roughly about 68 of them out there. >>reporter: last year or the year before, obesity was a problem, eating too much bread. how are they doing now? >> seems since we put the gum ball machines out with the swan food in it, a lot of people are starting to use the machines and get away from the bread. >>reporter: we're on the south
6:35 am
out, you can do that. don't get in the way of the swan wrangler or his folks, but it's kind of fun to watch and we'll also have a report tonight talking about this thing and showing the video and the video is the best part of the whole deal. these things just scoot across the water. out here on land, they swaddle around. out there they fly. they cannot fly off the water but sometimes they zip faster than steve. it's his job today. what a back to you guys. >>russell: kenny, how do you grab a swan? obviously you grab it by the neck. >>reporter: i don't know but i've held a swann and i'm really excited about that. last year i said to kevin cook, the spokesperson for the city, can i hold a swan? i did. i asked, can i hold a swan? he said, yeah.
6:36 am
you let me hold a swan and take my picture and i'm a happy camper. i want to give them a shot. i would do that, too. >>russell: don't do that. let the pros do that. >>reporter: i do it to the horses. i'm semi pro. i'm a wanna-be. >>laura: 6:36 now and iraqi army is pressing ahead with the next stage of the operation to retake mosul. iraq's second in 2014 and over the last year, iraqi forces have steadily pushed isis out of the region. u.s. is providing air and logistical support right now. this battle is expected to take weeks or even months. new this morning, russian and syrian warplanes are halting air strikes on the besieged syrian city of aleppo. opposition groups say their air
6:37 am
militants safe passage out of the city. u.s. state department says this is too little too late. and the images of children trapped in the war zone are heartbreaking. a video of a 4-year-old boy sitting in an ambulance after an air strike, how could you forget that? sitting in the ambulance after an air strike went viral in august and now another picture is trending as kids in the war torn city call on earth's mightiest heros to help save them. take a look. it shows a group of children that are gathere murals of comic book heros like ironman and captain america and the hulk. this is part of a new campaign called avengers in aleppo. children have had to resort to fantasy to survivor in this devastated city. more than eight million children have been affected by the conflict. >>russell: breaks your heart. all right. it's 6:37 right now. ecuador has cut the internet connection of wiki leaks
6:38 am
wiki leaks says it's a direct response of emails related to hillary clinton. he's lived in ecuador after being granted asylum and wikileaks has been posted emails hacked from the personal accounts of the former white house adviser who now runs clinton's presidential campaign. and despite being cut off from the internet. wiki leaks posts batches of emails the house where adolph hitler was born will be torn down. the austrian parliament still has to vote on legislation to tear it down but there's little opposition. >>laura: they survived a falling house, guided dorothy along the yellow brick road and delivered
6:39 am
those iconic ruby slippers. they were only designed to last through filming and now nearly 80 years later, they're showing their age. sequins have started to break, the bright red color is starting to fade. smithsonian hopes to raise $300,000 to restore the iconic shoes. it's 10% of the way there. process has worked in the past. thousands of backers donated more than $700,000 to preserve neal >>russell: here we go. men with beards may be considered more attractive to women. past research has shown that women prefer men with more masculine facial features for short-term relationships. women prefer men with less masculine facial features for long-term relationships, perceiving them to be more
6:40 am
researchers manipulated photos of men with various stages of facial hair to make them appear either more masculine or feminine. overall, women found men with facial hair more attractive. light stubble considered most attractive for the short-term relationship while full beards were considered more attractive in the long term. >>laura: if you're going to wake up saturday morning to go to the pumpkin patch, you're going to have some honest to goodness wait until you see them. dave's forecast is up next. >>russell: and banks are giving away credit cards like they're candy but it may not be good for you. why a credit sweet tooth could
6:41 am
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>>dave: we always give away a "good day" mug in the 8:00 hour and people have always constantly stopped me and asked me, how do i get a picture to you? well, it is quite simple but you have to go to fox 13 dave osterberg facebook page and then you'll see this, the hashtag, we live here. you have to click on that and that's how you submit your photo. can't just send it to me by email or anything like that. that's how it has to be bm the winner gets a beautiful mug. that's how you get those pictures to me, please. 69 degrees in palm harbor at the present time. i have clearwater at 73. west chase, new tampa, plant city, brandon, all at 68 degrees this morning. to the north we go. we have crystal river, inverness at 63. mid 60s from brooksville to bushnell. upper 60s from bradenton and lakewood ranch.
6:45 am
but come sunday morning, most of these temperatures are going to be in the 50s. yeah. i know. i do like kind of like the fall air, like that feel of it here and there, okay? 66 right now in lakeland. 68 degrees in haines city. today very similar. we're going to go back up to the upper 80s today and i looked at the radar yesterday. and it was like, a shower here, a shower there. there will be one or two but it's not going to ruin your day deal. right now we're watching an area of low pressure trying to develop. i know your eyes are looking over here but there's so much wind shear going on right now that every time this weak little circulation tries to again rate -- generate storms, things start to transition. there's a good 70% chance that
6:46 am
drift more toward the north and the west. so it's something that obviously the east coast is going to have to keep an eye on, although it's not projected to be a big problem for the east coast because of the front. we talked about being in the 50s come sunday morning. as the cold front, and you can see, watch this future cast, get into the thursday and friday time frame, you'll see here's a low developing and then you've got this is your cold front and that front is going to actually push or at least keep this well to not only our east but the carolinas east and then further north and so that is what's going to happen with this particular system if it develops into anything at all. then the front is going to come through here and that will be friday night. we're steady as she goes. we don't change things until late in the day on friday. front comes through, weekend
6:47 am
looks better than yesterday because we're going to bring the front through late, say friday night which gives us a nice saturday and a nice sunday rather than bringing the front through during the day on saturday. partly cloudy and hot today. i'm using a term hot because it's hit 90 degrees for the past couple of days. that's hot. 88, i'm trying to be conservative here, 88 degrees. one or two isolated showers from east to west but there will be few of those in general. clear, mild, still a bit muggy tomorrow, scattered clouds, seasonably warm. high temperature is going to be back to 87 degrees or so. northeast winds for boaters at 10 knots. your low tide at 10:30. high tide at 5:17 this afternoon. next seven days, the rain chances not there. even as the front comes through, rain is not going to be a big issue. quick 20% rain chance and that's it. then breezy northwest to north winds this weekend and highs mid
6:48 am
>>vanessa: very nice. all right, dave. thanks. and on the roadways, you know, yesterday we saw some big problems along state road 54 in pasco county and unfortunately, yet again, we have another crash reported and this is along 54 itself near trinity boulevard. lanes will be blocked according to f.h.p. and we're seeing heavy eastbound delays. enough that you'll want to take trinity boulevard instead in the eastbound direction. more updates on that to come. in the meantime, we have some delays here, gulf boulevard westbound direction reported at mcmullen booth road so affecting the folks. delays under five minutes or so, so make sure you're giving yourself that extra time or if it absolutely makes no difference to you what bridge you're taking, you might want to save the headache of dealing with the blockages and delays and take the howard frankland bridge instead. we have some good news here out of seffner. the crash i showed you earlier at last report, u.s. 92 at mobile drive so west of mango,
6:49 am
clear and you're seeing some minor delays in the area because there are some remnants of this scene on both shoulders of the roadway so make sure you're using caution there. 6:49. walter is continuing his journey through charley's world this week. what are you working on today? >>walter: what a world it is. how are you? >>vanessa: good. how are you doing? >>walter: are you an enthusiast? >>vanessa: i think jane takes the cake. i'm nothing does. >>walter: this is true. she's been going on, i think later this week we'll see her adventures through the haunted houses and i'm really looking forward to that. i typically don't do the haunted houses. not because i'm scared. i don't know. i would rather do something else to be honest with you. i don't know. you can pay money, you're paying money for someone to give you -- >>vanessa: we deal with enough stress on a daily basis. that's my opinion. >>walter: exactly. yeah. i mean, so many things scare me
6:50 am
driving to work, people texting and driving. that's enough for me. >>vanessa: that is frightening. >>walter: i'm at the lowry park zoo. this is something that i can get behind because it's not too spooky and i think the whole family can get behind it as well. so even the little kids all the way to the big kids, just depends on where in the park that you go. that's what is fantastic. it's called creatures of the night. in years past, the zoo did zoo boo and that was geared toward the youngsters and that was great, but i think they wanted to get the whole family involved, the teens, the teenagers that want a bigger scare, a bigger thrill. first year, creatures of the night is running through october 29 and we're going to go all around the lowry park zoo. i'm very excited. i'll see the different creepy
6:51 am
if you stay with us at 7:20, i promise some big, cute, somewhat furry animals. it depends on where on the body there's fur. i promise you're going to love it. you're going to love it. that's coming up at 7:20 and we'll talk about the food and the entertainment and the drinks and stuff. so creatures of the night. we'll be previewing that all morning long and i'll try to make but we're in halloween mode. let's get in halloween mode. we're there. >>vanessa: that's just the right level for me. nothing scarier than that. i think i'm on board with this. >>walter: all right. >>vanessa: thanks, walter. see you in a bit. >>russell: banks are giving out credit cards at the rate they were in 2008. we'll talk about what this means for finances and debt. >>laura: and put another lane in the black friday coffin.
6:52 am
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>>russell: over the past few years, black friday has slowly crept backwards into thanksgiving day. >>laura: stores have been
6:55 am
that. we've talked about how some companies are staying closed this year, but one is actually opening earlier, right? good morning. >> i call it the christmas creep. good morning. thanksgiving day, macy's will open as they have done since 2013, not at 6:00 p.m. but even earlier at 5:00 p.m. so those workers and shoppers instead of eating turkey dinner are going to go shopping. macy's have had sales they're going to close at 2:00 in the morning and four hours later, they're going to reopen at 6:00 a.m. on the traditional kickoff of the shopping season, which is black friday. we're seeing stores move in both direction. we're going to find stores trying to get publicity by saying, look. holidays off. we're closed on thanksgiving day. another saying we don't want macy's to get the sales. we'll open up on thanksgiving. we'll see. we'll hear from some big rtailers.
6:56 am
to be shopping at harold square on thanksgiving day, right? with the parade going on in front of the place. >> i didn't think of that. >>russell: yeah. can you imagine? all right. we have to talk about credit cards. the banks have seemed to have forgotten what happened years back. they're giving you offers and credit cards like crazy. >> in a way, yes. we heard from recently citigroup, bank of america and j.p. morgan chase. th'r form of a credit card to sub prime borrowers, essentially those with low credit scores. this was the problem eight years ago during the financial crisis. so this is the difference. while those borrowers are getting credit cards, some for the first time, they're also getting lower credit limits which should help maintain the situation. however, yeah. did we learn anything eight years ago? that's the big question. >>russell: all right.
6:57 am
thank you. >> see ya. >>laura: at 7:00 we're talking with dr. jo about soft heart attacks. you may have had one and not even know it. she's going to have the warning signs. >>russell: and remember the stick shift? do you remember how to use one? how to drive with one? dave is shaking yes. do you remember how to use it? >>dave: yep. >>russell: all right. he's the one that remembers. >>laura: and schumer response. entertainment weekly asks her how she feels about the the people show when they got political. >>dave: my mom wouldn't let me drive a car until i learned how to drive a stick shift. that's how i learned. close to 7:00 and our temperatures for the next few days are going right back to the upper 80s. in fact, 88 degrees for a high today. 87 tomorrow. 86 on thursday. but the real cooling trend will be friday night as we bring a front through the area and looks
6:58 am
6:59 am
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((russell- no more clowning around. another >>russell: no more clowning around. another retailer pulls clown costumes off its shelves. plus -- >> hillary clinton and donald trump debate in las vegas. i'm in washington. we'll have more on that coming up. >>laura: and off the chain. popular restaurants are going out of business. the age group that is starting to change the way we all eat out. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. a lot ahead but first, the forecast from dave. good morning. >>dave: good morning. it is beautiful, gorgeous outside this morning. while it's still a half hour way


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