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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  October 18, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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guns don't kill people toddlers kill people. >> well the ad is satirical but message is real. don't lock up your guns, lock up your toddlers. >> and priced out of play time. being active is good. but what about families who activities? >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey efshths it's 8 o'clock i'm laura moody. thank you for waking up with us on this tuesday morning it's october 18th. we need to get straight to dave for look at the forecast. hey, 8 o'clock you've got couple little sprinkle in highlands county. mainly south and southeast of the lake placid area along highway 27. i think about a rains for about
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we've got lot of drier air aloft. showers just don't get a chance to really get going. here are current 8 o'clock temperatures 72 in tampa. 74 in st. petersburg. 70 in venice as well bartow, frostproof. so another beautiful day. i this want to say uncomfortably warm seasonably warm this afternoon high temperatures sneak back to the upper 80s. >> vanessa. all right dave thank you. pasco county roads unfortunately this morning a big old mess. here's look at our current trouble spots starting off 75 near state road 56. you can see lots of southbound delays. a single left lane that's going to be blocked in this area. make sure you're giving yourself extra time. to this crash we mention it had in last report. last hour state road 52 at u.s. 41. south intersection lane blocks and delays along 41 northbound southbound eastbound delays along state road 52. then this one unfortunately still working we had a big crash on 54 near trinity boulevard blocking some eastbound lanes
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and so it was pretty jammed up. back up to duck sloou boulevard please continue to use trinity eastbound instead. all right. listen, guns don't kill people, toddlers do. that's the message one group is using to certainly grab your attention. new statistics show during first six months of this year minors died from act accidental shooting every other day. many times it was at the hands of themselves or other children. so enough. and fox 13's jen epstein shows us why one grassroots campaign is taking a very differnt approach to try to warns all about a dangers of gns as relates to little ones. exactly right gun control is havily debated in congress. some politicians want to shut down online gun sales while others want to strengthen background checks. but one group is taking a different approach. the brady campaign to prevent gun violence released a new 1 minute-long public service announcement saying it time to a
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the video says we need to lock them up not the guns, that's just un-american. round them up, deport them, and get them out country and keep them away from our guns. >> while president of campaign says that part is satirical the message behind it is not. adding that whether the trigger is pulled by toddler a convict fell lone, domestic abuser or terrorist there is a health crisis in this country and that is its way too easy for fall in wrong hands. now a report in usa today shows a child gets their hands on gun and shoots themselves or somebody else at an average of about once a week. the new psa is just one more way people are trying to grab congress's attention. and i think i speak for all of us and say it sure does. it does that. >> yeah, it is, especially when you look at t. at the statistics and 3-year-old boys most likely to pull the trigger. that is scary. thank you, jen. >> 11 hours later, and firefighters are still making
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a tampa shop center that went up in flames. three alarm fire started 9 o'clock last night big and geel super center. 4 people were working inside when it started. they all got out safely. as soon as building safe to interest fire marshal's office will start investigating the cause of the fire. 8:04 right now. clown hysteria is now taking a bite out of business. target has announced it is pulling clown masks off store shelves good will stores did the same thing. shayla is live outside of a target and shayla, there are still some clown costumes available? what's the difference here? >> yeah, good morning to you. right now we're hearing the target changes mainly involve certainly masks. masks that no longer going to be available in stores and online. that is the information coming down through the weekend. a spokesperson for target did
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environment we have made the decision to remove a variety of clown masks from our assortment. now it's unclear if this decision impacts all of the companies nearly 1800 stores in the country. but in recent weeks we can tell you authorities throughout tampa bay have investigated reports of creepy clowns on social media and schools in the community. some reported threats ended in arrest and charges. arrest have actually included middle now in a statement released through social media world clown association president deannounce recent threats of violence and stated organization stands with safety safety officers. president called for ending the trauma to individuals and communities. adding this is, not the act of a professional clown. now if clown costume is is itting you're determined to find for a hole wean, and target's not on your list and now at least for anything further than
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again good will made some changes just last week. good will industries suncoast announced they would no longer be offering the clown costumes this holiday season for halloween. they cited concerns after law enforcement said they wee advising people not to wear halloween costumes to avoid wear halloween costume that is ainvolved clowns this year according to the company costumes this year and we'll continue to keep you posted. that change actually impacts 18 good will industry suncoast retail stores. guys, back to you. all right shayla, thank you. and we have this, a kid in chick or los angeles wants to cowboy or cowgirl this halloween this too. >> because municipal law in that
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toy guns for years. if they don't have that large orange stripe on the barrel which makes it obvious that it's a toy. pop guns are also included in the ban. while toys are off limits, one thing that can be shipped to same places accessories for real guns. we are now just weeks away from a presidential election. and some state officials are already preparing for what could be a violent day. this is already been a very contentious election. now officials across country say they are worried tha supporters will be standing watch as they have been asked to do. and that could cause a lot of issues outside of polling locations and could actually lead to violence or some people leaving without casting a vote. >> and because of this, there is a chance, especially here in battle ground state of florida, that there will be lawyers volunteering at polling locations. florida secretary of state released a statement to washington post saying security during elections and encouraging 100 percent voter participation is a top priority.
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elections fraud very seriously and they have safeguards in place. >> there is new push to make sure everyone does vote. this one is by the veterans advocacy organization. they are asking every american who says they want to thank veteran to do so by voting the reason, many people in the military served so that we as americans had the freedom to go out and vote. nice. >> all right. dave's back in couple minutes. he's got radar forecast and priced out of play time dr. jo is here why some kids are not able to participate in? activities and now it impacts their health in the end. and then 8:30 round up today. but it's not your usual suspects. these ones are a little more graceful. ken suarez live like land with more. good morning, ken. >> oh and walter allen in for charley belcher this morning. laura moody, good morning to you.
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school activities provide social, physical, and intellectual benefits for kids. welcome back. 8:12 now a school activities provide a social intellectual benefits a new national survey say too many children are being priced out of opportunity to a participate. fox's medical team joins us now to talk about it. good morning, dr. jo. good morning. what does d. this survey reveal here? as you said, you know school activities they do our kids. unmask or reveal their tall events they a keep them involved in school community. they said about 27 percent of families that had incomes less than $60,000 said that those the fees were the cost for them to participate actually was a barrier. they also said about 24 percent of the kids didn't participate at all. and a sub group of those again, it was because of cost. and when you boil it had all down they said on average to participate in the sport even
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$40 initially to get into that sport by time you pay for equipment and other things on average about $300 a year but they also talked about art for art over $200 a year. that was really impeding these kids' ability to participate and get involved in their school. did anything surprise you here? i i think that makes sense to us when you put it twha. was anything surprising? somewhat surprising i thought cost was really estimated as being too low. ooi had kids and usually a cost is lot more when you add up all other things the activities that they go, or maybe events they have to go to as well. but i think the most surprising things was when they looked kids lower income and qualified for other things like free lunches only 10 percent of those got waiver when came to sports. so definitely a disconnect there as far as their wasn't like reflex of okay, you're getting free lunches now let's see what we can put you into and you won't have to pay for that
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does school responsibility become too much. you know, with staffing and did they make recommendations here or did they just look at the numbers? they looked at the numbers but they did make recommendations. they talked about trying to expand again. trying to see if they can get more kids involved. they said there are free activities, things like the arts. you know maybe it's the drama club. but again i know my kids were in that too. there's always a cost somewhere. there's a costume or something you have to get. but anyway, oth help other parents out certainly. and i think that bottom line is that you know when you have kids that can't afford things you may not come right out and say it. a lot of us can contribute more perhaps. maybe i really think this is super important. because remember not just that if we kids our kids actively engaged and involved it's going to develop parts of their brains. you know when we think of music, we think of arts all things that are super important. and then down the line it's great investigationment.
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trouble. there are so many tentacles to this particular issue that i think it's really important that they brought this out and again, even parent even people who make over$60,000, a small percentage may be 10, 12 percent. so that it also impacted them as well. yeah i think more people maybe impacted than you think. especially when you have more than one child. cost become out right exorbitant. we hope some accommodations will be maybe maybe rosier view than the reality. but you hope that these kids get the opportunity they deserve in every way. >> absolutely. and i think that as long as we're aware of it. i think that schools can, like i know here the public schools they can't create foundations. maybe a couple that have grandfathered in. so it's difficult to contribute to school to entity. those that do have foundations really do, like plant high school for example they really do contribute to those and help
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allowed in other public schools i'm sure there's a good reason. maybe there's another way to do this versus just, you know the typical bake sales and awful those things too. obviously. but definitely an obesity ep dem nick kids. getting them out there, getting them this them to participate feeling the confidence. more well rounded children. exactly all right dr. jo thank you. always good to see you. you too. >> nice day nice day to make the kids all >> just a little warm but we have lot to look forward to. i know this weekend forecast you got dave looks good. >> well this front better come come through we're really. you better deliver on this bud. we better deliver this. i can tell you this as we look at the weather headlines the moderate humidity we've dealing with for the past week and a half, that's going to continue through friday. that's not going to change. we've got to bring the front
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now, there's also this tropical sub tropical system trying to form to the east of our state. that is not going to be a bother. i'll tell you why. because that front is going to shove it off toward the east. once the front comes through, i expect breezy, cooler and much, much drier conditions just to settle in for this upcoming weekend. so real nice stuff coming at us. again few more days away. 66 in brooksville here 8 o'clock. 72 in tampa 74 in st. petersburg. satellite and radar northeast winds coming across the state. we did have we actually do have a couple of tiny sprinkles in highlands county. there's one, two, i mean really about it. but we're not going to get much. in the way of rainfall again today. we're kind of stuck with that drier air aloft. so it's really all about how long is it going to get. with northeast wind. you're holding back any type of sea breeze. for past couple of days.
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90 degrees. we will get very close to that around. and. and by the big shower chances, no. they are less than 20 percent. tonight, about 71 degrees. which where we were early this morning. 60s inland and north then back to front even with a front comes through is not going to be a lot of moisture with it. so you're looking a rain chances of 20 percent, maybe friday night and then breezy but for sunday. >> good morning, vanessa. >> good morning, dave. we want to get back to pinellas in a previous report i had say in last hour we had some crashes reported with lane blockage. i want to clear one and let you know unfortunately another one is still working. 66th street north at 54th avenue north we had some northbound lane blocks. good news that is clear. however here on 49th street north at 58th avenue north. fhp still reporting northbound lanes are shut down. and we have some delays reported in that area.
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county state road 54 at trinity builded, we have clear lanes finally. but we have some delays lingering eastbound on 54. eastbound on trinity boulevard approaching intersections with each other make sure you're planning extra time still as you head through that area. you won't encounter any physical blockage there in the roadway. we'll update our travel times right now. northbound, 20 minutes along 275 coming from st. pete side of the howard frankland heading to interchange. a coming into well an 18 minute ride. i-4 westbound plan for about ten spent twel sal man and fowler taking 75. all right. vanessa, thank you. we've heard of stealing bases in baseball. but stealing a sign? there's a world series controversy brewing here. and i'm going to apologize in advance appear 9 o'clock we will make you feel old. you not believe who's on new cover aarp magazine. it's not that bad.
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good morning everybody walter allen in for charley belcher. at lou park zoo. creatures of the night.
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of night before we had at rat now a possum. jess, you are the ambassador. you speak language of the possum and then you relay it to crowds that come in at night. i try. i try to do this, yeah. miss maggie uncreatures of night you are liking to see if you are come to our entrepreneur at the zoo. possums are nocturnal they truly are animals that most active at night time. again when you come see her she's going to wanting to see you. so just >> now i have to be honest i'm trying to void hitting them on roadway driving on work 3 o'clock in morning they are cute animals. they are pretty cute. they don't always have the best reputation. i think people kind of think they are gross because their diet they eat pretty much anything. they have been known to scavenge some of their eating habits puts people off. but that's important because we need animals like this to clean things up. and zos that really their role in the environment.
8:24 am
even though their eating habits are a little yucky at times. >> and what like when you big crowd arthur really interested in whatever animal you have. you have multiple ones. it's really fun. this event has been a really good time. a lot of you know we draw a big crowd here because people want to see animals close up. nasty what's great about kiosk. that allows people to really come up and see the animals close up and get a nice good look. and yeah. a lot of >> yeah. thank you so much. now i want to work my way over to ashley. this is pugsly. i know he's closerly related torah coon family they are known a night walker down in south america. now are these, what are attitude towards them night walkers? that sounds kind of scary. they are nocturnal. that's why they are called night walkers. mostly out during the night
8:25 am
educational. and lot of families have a good time. it's great because our main message here is conserve one main message we have here a tampa lowry park zoo. always makes more of an impact when we actually can say look here's animal we're trying to save. then just he decides not to cooperate. >> of course. yeah. of course. and then, we make more of an impact p see animals up close like this then they just see them on their tv. what are some other animals you're fond of? i like all the animals honestly. we actually have lot creepy crawlies come out for event as well all animals out during night time event as well elephants and be able to see primates. and doing special enrichments for a guests to see. now notice you called them enrichments not food. sometimes it not food. sometimes it's toys. sometimes you wouldn't necessarily think fun pugsly loves to hide in boxes. there you go. who doesn't like to hide in
8:26 am
he's cheating. he's cheating. ashley thank you so much. we're see u sea you creatures a night we'll toss it back into inn to russel and laura how can you say no to these faces right? only a mother can love. all right. see you later. >> see you later. okay. bait of the century. age old debate. who works harder men or women? >> the answer lies with squirrels. that's right dave o. the science pro will explain this nutty
8:27 am
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death.
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it's 8:xx now.. and in this morning's top stories..
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this morning top stories a hearing that could determine whether john jonchuck, jr. can face first degree murder charges in drowning death of his daughter is about to start. jonchuck is accused of a dropping his daughter phoebe off the dick meisner bridge back in 2015. she was just five years old. he was sent to state mental institution after he was found incompetent to stand trial. in april jonchuck was originally scheduled to have another competency hearing that was po medications it not clear whether jonchuck will actually be present at today's hearing. over the last month nearly 400 pounds of marijuana has been found along florida's coastline. >> u.s. coast guard and customs agents say they collected the drugs during 15 separate drug seizure events. all the maurp was found floating in the water. washed up on shore at various locations. mainly in the keys and along the east coast. street value is estimated at
8:31 am
need a yearly physical. animals need one too. and over the next two days the famous flock of swans on lake morton and lakeland are being captured to make sure they are in good health. we sent fox 13 ken suarez to help with round up. is it smooth ailing out there? yes. real smooth i'm not really helping very much i might be behind hinderering things they had about 72 round up they rounded 50 in first hour or sopwill be a very dangerous job. we met swan rounder upper a little bit earlier he told us in 19 years he fell into water once. look at this. i can ring this boy out right now. what happened? well thanks to my driver, you're blaming the driver? absolutely. >> you fell in >> i fell in. i have one in the net and he kept on fighting and pulled me right in. >> so bottom line russell said what does it take i had no idea we will do that right now.
8:32 am
well we're going to open up the crate. open the door. wait a minute very wet inside of there i'm assuming that's water. weep hope just water. my knees in it. okay. >> let me see. that's it. >> no, that's not it. that's not it. elevation. show your mama at home. there you got it. i want to put it in one back there, he said no i can't do that. in meantime between are going to actually let me get in the boat, get in the front. maybe fall in because you've got lot more experience. god knows what's going to happen. i got to go. you're on your own. you do that television thing right now. because, i have things to do. is that swan all right, ken? >> i think that's natural. they just sort of like. that's the way. you pick them up their neck goes
8:33 am
brave. there's cacophony of sound in newsroom here. i got nervous. >> live television and animals. anything can happen. 72 degrees north, northeast winds at six miles per hour. i know it's really a huge difference from where we were yesterday at this time. we've got moderate humidity around. you've got the forecast going right back to the upper 80s. very isolated showers. in fact one or two in highlands county right now which are really n all. tomorrow also seasonably warm. our normal high temperature for this time of year is around 84 degrees. we're up in the neighborhood of around 87. morning low staying above normal as well. that's all going to change in just a few days. look at this, 40 percent, 70 percent. those are your chances in next two or five days that this develops into something. and really the computer models are developing this.
8:34 am
level center the convection is just being pushed toward eastern side. lot of wind sheer going on right now. and i know we're in solid fall mode in our minds. and when's cold front coming through? it's still hurricane season. so this area obviously has to be watched. the computer model dos develop this. they move it up toward the north. but see how it never comes real close to our state. because of this cold front. the cold front's couple of things in our favor. one it keeps this tropical, sub tropical whatever it becomes system well off toward our east. but then number 2 as it moves through, and it will be friday night, it is going to knock down the humidity. we're going to have that very brisk northwest to north wind. over the weekend. and it's really going to be nice. not today. 88 to 90. again that sea breeze really not
8:35 am
that northeast wind that wee had one or two very isolated showers we've had we've them around force last week. still busy muggy mid 60s to the north. we will upper 60s to around 70 inland. and then low to mid 70s along the coast. then scattered clouds with seasonably warm weather again tomorrow. your high of 87 degrees. boaters light chop, water temperatures running close to 80 degrees. our next tide in couple hours will be low tide. so that's close to abo or so. the next 7 days, there we go. ahhh, look at the breezy air, cooler next monday we get back to about 80 degrees. but just gwen the fact that humidity will be lower, its going to feel so much nicer outside. time to give away another good day mug. have you ever i've always wanted to do this go underneath the sunshine skyway bridge. well that's what what patty did. patty whereas on cruise ship.
8:36 am
the sunshine skyway. i looked, yeah, you know what, one million reasons #welivehere. a fox 13 good day mug for you. if we ever go boating you just go underneath back and forth. you can't park there under that main channel. yeah nearby. good fishing to be had there. why don't you take me boating? would you like to come? absolutely. its a date. >> not like thanks, dave. we'll get to pinellas county. few new crashes to report. with lane blockage 49th street north at ulmerton road. watch out southbound direction a left lane blocked. and then, keeping it here withal her ton at starkey road. single westbound lane blocked here. good news is i'm not seeing any big delays. just a safety concern east bay drive missouri largo area watch out westbound direction here single lane blocked as well. please be careful. thank you, vanessa.
8:37 am
you know krohns disease colitis are major categories what they call inflammatory bowel diseases ibd as it's called affects an estimated 1.6 million of us an event happening this weekend aimed spreading awareness increasing education and most of all raising money to find a cure for these terrible diseases. it's called take steps. happening park across street from amalie arena. an event put on krohns and colitis foundation of america. joining us to talk about this we've kimberly teter along with suzanne and her daughter hanna. thanks for coming in. appreciate it very much. i want to talk about the walk in a minute. i want to get some details on that. let's talk about your story. how did you find out? what had happened? anna was diagnosed with crohn's age at age 17 severe abdominal pain. after seeing the gi doctor a few times, and two hospitalizations we figured out what was going
8:38 am
to complain of a stomach ache at some point. but this was, this was way more than that, right? >> this was serious. yes. when she was did iing oefd they t diagnosed it seed severe disease. she has to go to hospital every six weeks for infusions for her being a kid one hardest things missing out on activities that >> yeah. i know it's a routine and there are things you have to do. but you just learn to live with it, right? >> yeah. okay. the walk on saturday. tell us about it. walk on saturday we're really excited about it like you said it's at park right behind amalie arena. it's about a mile long walk on river walk. obviously you can walk longer if you want. festival opens 2:30 for vendors and kids activities. then walk itself starts at 4. and then this year we actually have an after party from fourth:30 a ferg's live.
8:39 am
those diseases being group of diseases here a lot of people are not aware of yet. growing in awareness, right? it really is growing in awareness. they really do call it silent disease most people don't want to talk about it. that's what we're working n raising awareness getting people out there and part of that is there's no fund raising requirement. no minimum needed to raise. we're just trying to raise money for a cure. and raise awareness for cause. as a mom, dealing with this i'm sure that finding an organization to help you all cope with things like that helps. but also i'm sure frustrating that you does d. a lot of education on your own. i did, yes. >> yes. you look like the type who would take it all on. you're absolutely right the krohns a colitis,a community support to an education. they've helped a lot along the
8:40 am
to take away? what i would love for people to know children are the population that are being diagnosed the most often with this disease. and because of the research with krohns and colitis and where they've invested foundations funds i believe we're getting closer to a cure. that's our goal is to get a cure so that everyone suffering with these diseases can well and liver a normal life. how old are you? >> 11. no reason, i'll tell you my good friend walter allen is a part of this organization. he cares so much about it. and walter is out in field today he would love to have done this interview. he wrote t up for me some reason in my head you were he told me you were'in 9. would you u. wow you're a tall nine-year-old now you're just a tall 11-year-old too. all right. good to meet you. thank you. good luck with everything. okay. you're welcome. hey. all right so tell us one more
8:41 am
amalie arena. it will be a good time. all right. cool. got it. fox 13. dr. jo is running her series crohn's impact after support groups available to you that's starting wednesday on the fox 13 news at 5. news at 5. great job z2576z zy6z
8:43 am
8:44 am
sorry men.. turns out we are lazier than females.. and now there is science to prove it! guys. it's true. we are a lazier than feel males. we have a science to prove it. here with research that can give the women chance to tell any man in their lives i told you so. men, we have nobody to blame on this except for arctic gray squirrel. because it's all there fault.
8:45 am
spends much of its time hibernating. but, when it's not hibernating they did a study on it, they studied males. they studied females. and they realize that when they are above ground the males are sitting there doing nothing. and the females are taking care of the young and foraging for food for take care hibernation for next season they are multi tasking while men nothing. they are lot more active, females are. foraging for food. just to mention caring about their offspring and the men are hanging there. now to defense of male squirrels and men in general. male squirrels do not contribute to parenting in anyway. >> that helps your argument. >> no wait. that's just the species. just the species themselves. they don't do that. but they one the scientists said
8:46 am
looking around for predators to make sure that the female squirrel. so they are sending the women in to do all the work. they say they are stepping back to look for predators. >> yes. you don't believe that, do you? is there anything. sounds like a guy to me. is there anything else redeeming in this at all? i don't think so. for the male? when they are hibernating they are just underground. while they are napping. and a lot longer than females. we've got that one down. i look at this story i read it like 5 times. i'm trying to find an argument for us men. and i can't, not really one there. ireally can't. we don't contribute to parenting. that's bad. >> sorry. but, okay. you guys, have puppies, dogs? love them. you know we do. have you ever wondered about
8:47 am
>> you know their nose. i know they are pretty good sniffers we humans have six million olfactory receptors. dogs have 300 million. are you serious? human sniff once every second and a half. dogs 5 to 10 times every second. they are better at doing it. >> and here's the thing, they are also better at exhaling. they do that through the slits of nostrils all of they need sniffers for a because dogs and many other animals love to do things like lick stinky toes, roll around in things that are repulsive. but why do they do that? because they want to entrechl trench themselves in particular scent they feel hike they know what it is that's their way of entrenching themselves in. we don't do that. we don't have a receptors to want that >> okay. that we want to the do something like this. dogs will also, listen to this, you ever wonder why two dogs get
8:48 am
their tails around each other. i was wondering how you were going to put that. beautifully put. >> because. dogs dispense personal odors from their rump. so when they wag their tail their personal odor comes out so other dog can smell it that's why dogs sniff the other dog in rump. it's all about their sniffers. because of that, haas how they tell the whole world they have a second sense through their tongue, that they can als too. it's amazing what they do. hunting capability. you know, that's what it is. and here's the thing, they tell us as owners, i know i'm guilty of this, you're guilty of this, the dogs go out we walk them just so they will go to bathroom and bring them back in. we should let them go out and use their sniffers more. just follow them and let them use their scent for a while.
8:49 am
then some of the trained service dog counterparts. >> just a punch of tiny little facts about dog that we never really. i never understood why they sniffed each other's rear end. that's the reason. they send off an odor of who they are. through their rump. now imagine if humans sent out that same odor. could you imagine? in way we do. okay. we'll could you? wouldn't that be funny. see you later. >> hey russell. >> see you later. >> that's moments like this. shall we go to walter? let's go to walter. hey walter. hey good morning, there guys. how are you? >> good. >> good. good. altogether. good. we're at lowry park zoo this morning. we're talking about creatures of the night. all things spooky. all things scary. i don't know food wise if there is anything scarier than this
8:50 am
8:51 am
it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
8:52 am
when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , now, buesing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go?
8:53 am
walter allen in for charley belcher. we're lowry park zoo this morning. creatures of the night is the halloween spook tack collar here at the zoo. it's good for all ages. we will talk about food and bench. you are, you are in charge of all of this stuff. my favorite is we're going to start from the desserts work our way down. but, we want to talk about the dining pass. >> yes. >> here as a member you get a discount. but we've dining passes available for 26.95 for and 29.95 the dining passes you can get in 5 punch increments. and then the ten punch increments are for 40.95 and 45.95. with punches you get all fantastic stuff. so the whole point that is we do treats for adults as well as children. we have our fried twinge keys fried oreo ps get out >> fry everything. fried pickles. monster ruben is fantastic
8:54 am
as sauerkraut and traditional,000 island dressing. actually the chicken waffles my personal favorite. mine too. you can fantastic you can find it at the lodge. we also have drinks included in dining pass. so you can get beer flight if you like to try your favorite cider or bumpkin beer as well cool drinks and creature cups with children but all of that stuff is included on dining pass. so you can get a full chicken waffle and fried twin key ruben. now i don't know if part the pass but you guys have kind of a fun drink as well. yes. i'm dancing with jason over here. i'm sorry. the creature drink, also a light up cup that lights up for adults as well children. you can get that as well. you just get next thing which is our famous beast burger. so actually three and a half pounds of stuff. deliciousness.
8:55 am
slices pep are jack cheese six strips of bacon. three mozzarella sticks. onion straws fried egg we top it off with queso. how do you eat something like that? i don't know. donny knows. what happens if you eat it? you get your face they will take picture of you. i beat beas and feature in front of park garden grill. this is not something if you're on diet. no once unless thing you have for two weeks. when people come in look animals and having such a good time. family not just one demographic, but family gets around. they are eating food together. they are talking about the cool things that they saw. for you, no bigger high. no absolute value for me. obviously, the best part about this is this is fun food. i mean obviously we have salads too. grab and go items if you're a little bit healthier. this is food when you go out at a family, this is delicious
8:56 am
you just got to make sure you do everything in moderation. exactly thank you so much. i appreciate it. now we're official hungry, russell. >> gosh. as i tap dance again with jason bird. >> it's bigger than you. i know. how do you eat it? >> remember burger king commercials when we were kids. it's too big to eat. exactly what that reminds me of. see you schumer strikes back. hundreds of people walked out of amy schumers tampa show after she started talking politics. what amy is saying now. 13 days away from halloween. do you have ayour costume yet in?
8:57 am
amendment 1 guarantees your right - to generate your own solar energy. and placing that right in florida's constitution - keeps the politicians from messing with it. amendment 1 also allows for common sense consumer protections - because that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment, good for florida.
8:58 am
8:59 am
you know me, i grew up here. and while politics and the political parties may have... changed, i haven't. i've always stood up to the special interests and for... the people. to protect social security and medicare. for women's healthcare, and our veterans. in congress i won't let them privatize the va, cut social security and medicare, take away a women's right to choose, or defund planned parenthood. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message,
9:00 am
20 days out and the race for the wh 20 days out. 20 days. and the race for white house is a contentious as every. we're talking with dr. jo about this heated race and it's impact on our health. and we're less than two weeks away from a halloween. but do you have your costume yet? >> jen epstein will talk about how you can get costume idea with simple push of a button. and make it easy. you can make so many comparisons here. welcome to 9 o'clock hour of i was thinking same thing we will leave it alone. i'm laura moody thanks for joining us on good day we check in with dave osterberg. i just realize my tie matches your outfit. that's right. >> you little ray of sunshine. that's true it does. 74 degrees. our 9 o'clock temperature in mid 70s where we were yesterday at this time northeast wind. sitting around six miles per hour. look at at the sprinkles near our our our kayed ya.


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