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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  October 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 news at noon. good afternoon everyone i'm linda hurtado. thanks so much for joining us. we're following a news alert right now. a mother and her seven-year-old daughter both in critical condition after being hit by a car this morning. it happened around 7:00 a.m. in dundee. that's in polk county. investigators say a woman and four children were walking to the bus stop along weiberg road when they were hit. roadway was dark at the time.
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clearing condensation from his windshield and did not see the woman and children. >> the two other children weren't hurt. it is exactly three weeks until the presidential election. and for the first time melania trump breaks her silence on allegations that her husband sexually assaulted a number of women. fox's garrett tenney reports oh how latest scandals and controversy are affecting voters. >> hillary clinton might be up in the polls but her email controversy seem in addition to we can leaks releasing new batch of hacked emails from campaign chair john. the f.b.i. has also released a documents which include claims that in 2015 a senior state department official proposed a quid pro quo to the f.b.i. in an attempt to change classification of at least one of hillary clinton's emails. >> both agencies say deal never took place. >> we looked into this. there was no quid pro quo. even suggested there wasn't even an inkling of that but that
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presidential nominee donald trump from calling this latest allegation worse than watergate. >> this is a criminal act. it a. conspiracy that included hillary deleting and bleaching of 33,000 emails. addressing trump's most recent controversy his wife melania is speaking out first time since tape of her husband lewdly talking about women surfaced. and was then followed by allegations from nine women claim trump sexually assaulted them. >> that's should be handled in a court of law. while clinton is taking a break to campaign trail to prep for final debate her daughter chelsea clinton and senator bernie sanders in arizona hoping to within over the traditional red leaning state. both candidates about l. square off for final debate tomorrow night will mod rated by out sri own chris wallace you can catch it right here on fox. in washington garrett tenney,
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to vote in general election. floridian have until 5:00 p.m. to return the registration forms to a supervisor of elections office. you can send them by mail, but they must it be post marked by today. >> last week you may remember federal judge extended deadline due to impact of hurricane matthew. the results are in and hillary clinton is the clear winner in usf straw poll. more than 1,000 ballots were cast by students, teachers and staff members. 53 percent say they support hillary clinton and that is supporting donald trump. the u.s. senate race was much closer with democrat patrick murphy beating republican senator marco rubio 43 to 40 percent. the two candidates for the florida senate met for first debate last night. it kicked off with a question about the candidates support for their respective presidential nominees. secretary clinton has already apologized for what she did. and she made it clear she regrets that decision in
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can say about donald trump. i think it's pretty clear donald trump was not my first choice or even the tenth choice to be nominee of republican party. 14 million chose differently. but one the reasons i changed my man and ran for reelection i know matter who wins this election you're going to need people in united states senate willing to stand up to the next president of the united states when they are wrong on policy, or they are wrong on their behavior. >> over the course of an hour absenteeism during his first term a florida junior senator rubio hit back accusing murphy of embellishing his resume. murphy and rubio will meet for at least one more debate october 26th the at broward college. they've also agreed to univision debate but in date has been set for that. >> nbc news is fired today show host billy bush after he was caught on tape having that so-called locker room conversation. w. donald trump in 2005.
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on the tape bushy was heard laughing as trump talked about his fame and trying to have sex with women. >> new at noon a st. petersburg police officer is charged with dui. chief anthony hallway says a pinellas deputy found officer anthony green asleep behind the wheel. it was a little before 11 last night. officer green's car was stopped in gulf boulevard at madeira way. he was charged with driving under influence and booked into jail. this actually his second dui arrest. last was in green has been with the st. pete police department since 2005. developing this afternoon investigators are trying to figure out what caused a strip mall fire. broken glass, blackened walls, this is what's left of a tampa shopping center. the three alarm fire started around 9 o'clock last night at the big super center 40 street and hillsborough avenue. it took three hours to bring flames under control. four people were working inside
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to get out safely there was some concerns that roof could collapse tampa rescue called for back up from other agencies. a man who shot a jz is going to jail. matthew was sentenced to 20 years of prison for trying to kill zimmerman during an altercation on road in central florida three years ago. the judge said he showed no regard for human life. and even seemed joyful afterwards. zimmerman acquitted of killing trayvon martin in 2012. after all sighting around our nation several retailers are not selling clown costumes this halloween. as fox 13 shayla reeves reports target is latest retailer to make that decision. >> well we learned target stores making some changes. here's what you need to know. according to a recent reports, the company is removing creepy clown masks online and in stores after reports of clown threats around the country. now a company spokesperson said in the statement given the current environment we have made the decision to remove a variety
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assortment. it's unclear if decision impacts all or just some of the company's nearly 1800 stores in the united states. in recent weeks authorities throughout tampa bay have investigated reports of creepy clowns on social media and schools and throughout the community. some reported threats ended in an arrest and charges. arrest have been included middle school students. in a statement released through social media, the world clown association president deannounced recent threats of violencend organization stands with safety officers. the president called for ended trauma to individuals and communities adding this is not the act of a professional clown. now if a clown costume is what you're determined to find target is not only store making changes. just last week good will industries suncoast announced they would no longer been offering clown costumes in their stores. so this halloween, expect that
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zone. the retail director cited law enforcement concerns and encouragement for people to avoid wearing those clown costumes for halloween this year. and the retail director added that this was a decision based on the best interest of the community's served by the good will industries suncoast. the decision impacts some 18 retail stores. reporting off gandy boulevard, shayla reeves, thank you, shayla. lakeland iconic swans are so beautiful. but they don't like being caught. not at all. but they need their annual check ups. how ken suarez takes on that challenge. that story's next. plus keys to declutter. how getting organized can save you time and money. one expert's three secrets to perfect your clause and bathroom make you clutter free. and jim's here to tell us we
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we're tracking that cold front working its way across the country. it looks like its set to get here over the weekend. that's going to bring some nice refreshing cooler and drier air. we'll latest on that and also watching tropics still. can you believe that?
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elise: we couldn't believe it. that poor girl was raped by two football players and their friends. we were sure they would go to jail. so, when i heard state attorney mark ober decided to go easy on them, i was scared -- scared for my daughter. none of those young men served a day behind bars. ober said losing a baseball scholarship was punishment enough. it's time for a new state attorney. according to reports, the average american spends one year.. according to a reports the average american spends one year of their life looking for lost
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yes, please. >> fox 13 consumer reporter sorboni banerjee gets the experts to share their secrets on how to tackle trouble spots in your home. she shows us how to master master closets to save you time and some money. >> ? ? ? ? it's an epidemic of clutter. we have toothpaste, we've got an epipen we have hand soap. we have at stuff when arch american can waste up to an hour a day looking for things they own. if you're looking for you know, any type of medicine it's digging through all of this. but can't find. more shoes and things. and clothes and hats. when it comes to closets, stats show people wear same 20 percent of their clothing 80 percent of time. we just kind of toss it kind of lands as it does. and then to get it down, you know usually i'll just take a
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avalanche. bring it down along with whatever else comes with it right? >> accidently buy repeats of products. so getting original niedzed means saving money. >> when you have little kids running around you don't is a lot of time. so usually just kind of grab something. put it in there i'm come back and do it. then you don't. to help busy mom lorraine with her master bedroom, and bathroom closets, we bring in kristin fisher of imagine home organization. how bad? >> very, very typical >> she shares keeping any closet organized these simple sets. first thing sort. like i said take everything out, sort all of your like items together. i did not know i had this much stuff. this is a lot of stuff. after you sort all of your stuff, prioritize. decide what you really need.
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caps? >> people come over and say can i have a shower cap? >> then containers. what people try to do buy container and then figure out what's going to go in it really you have to figure what's the size of the thing, what are the home what's needed and then go by container don't take trip to store. don't get excited by going to the store. >> key is to have quick and easy place to return i always sort by the type of clothing. eye color code people think that's you know kind of ocd and how am i going to maintain surprising easy to maintain givers you very specific calm. so scene of the accident of your home being t-shirts, your home is black t-shirts. so you know exactly where to put things. remember this where we started with bathroom closet. and now look. how about bedroom closet. this was before. and here we are after. in both you can see the results
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container rising. that is your action plan if you want to be clutter free. >> and something you think you can keep up? >> i think so definitely. >> i'm sorboni banerjee for fox 13 news. i can so relate to that story. >> lakeland is known for its swans. graceful creatures can found on picturesque lake morton anything but picturesque this morning as to chase and then net the birds. now the swans weren't hurt. city actually does this every year. thp being the 36 the annual swan round up. the big birds are getting their annual check ups. they need them. our ken suarez got to help. check it out. >> so swan round of 2016 i was lucky enough to be part of it. i've a. very small part but a part of it nevertheless here's deal get out boat on lake morton you take this big old net and
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off. kind of wet, huh? but i did. i think that has to do with a couple of things. number one the driver. steve williams you didn't dump me a one cops with lakeland, go go, we call him he said he would pay for breaks fast for everyone if they dumped me in the lake. that didn't happen. so yeah what do you do when you drive? you've go to 0 in on those swans how do do that? you pick one out and you talk to your catcher and say okay we're going out to this birdie. and then we line up circle him until he tires outer or until he gets a net on him. once the net is put on the bird, my job is to put it in neutral jump up and help him get bird into the boat. because the bird is heavy. it pulling back on him. to pull him out of boat as we seen this morning. 65 this morning. i mean to me seemed lot quicker than what i expected. was that an average? it was about two hours or so? >> oh, yeah that's about normal.
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boat is we had a rookie driver on there. but, they caught on real quick. and like i said me and steve has doing it long enough. we anticipate each other. and it comes with time. so tomorrow, dr. mad seven one local vets here donates their time going to come set up the tent do assembly line bring swans in to do blood typing to see weight check general condition that, kind of thing. >> this is a once a year thing that happens >> yes, s dr. says she do donates all of her time. her and her staff come in. they check their feet for any new stuff. they take notes. they keep documentation on all the birds. you know, along with being a medical event, really is social event. because lots of kids were down here families were down her checking things out day 1, day two tomorrow really important stuff. to keep swans which are iconic
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>> nice job, ken. >> let's talk more about this cold front. are we going to see rain leading up to? or how is this going to work? atmosphere is really drying out so much. if you maybe a sprinkle or two. that's j about it. because you know, this time of the year, we start to run out moisture in atmosphere. we're not going to see as many fronts coming through here and giving us big downpours. outside, what an amazing change we're going to have here. yesterday, we actually topped out at 90 still 90 degrees and by the end of the week, look where it goes. 76 affidavit morning low of 64. that is a nice, nice change. that will stick around through the weekend and then we'll slowly start to warm things back up as we get into next week. a little preview of what we've got to look forward to visible satellite loop just like we've seen over past several days. easterly flow. a little bit moisture off atlantic.
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little sprinkles. that's just about it. because as you look at the water vapor loop the water vapor imagery looks mid and upper levels of the atmosphere. doesn't look all the way down to ground. we still have humidity. we still have moisture around. once you go up into the atmosphere it is very dry atmosphere. that's why any showers that we do see, they are going to be very, very small. and a little hard to come by as we go through the next several days. of dry air in just a couple of small showers on skytower radar. over towards daytona along i-4 between daytona and orlando. also down to our south. down into sarasota county you look real closely there's couple little showers. working there way overs prey into eastern sarasota county. that's probably going our better chance of seeing rain today. which is still very low down across our southern counties. outside right now, we're at 84 degrees. dew point is 67. humidity is 56 percent.
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of that northeasterly at six miles an hour. we're warming things up. 88 over in brandon. that 84 here in tampa. 78 in new port richey. brooksville has an 83. over in downtown st. petersburg, 81 degrees. and you head down into sarasota into mid 80s as well. so high pressure still sitting to our north giving east elementary flow a few scattered showers. a little bit more down across the southern part of the state. but we're still watching this cold front. that's the front that's going working its way towards us as we get into the weekend. and it will bring that nice refreshing change and it also it be lep helping us with this situation here. this is invest 99. very disorganized area right now. but it has persistent over the past couple of days. so we will continue to watch that. good news is regardless of what happens with this system, if it develops this, cold front, that's going to keep that away from us. you look at the different computer models they have been
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or tropical. may try and develop. but you se general motion will be to the north and staying away from the u.s. as we head towards the weekend. now watch it all play out on future cast. there's the front. working its way into south. we watch invest 99. see if anything develops with that. still could see sprinkle or two over next couple of days. then that front works is way down the state. that nice refreshing air is heading our way for the weekend. so forecast goes like this. for today, scattered clouds. maybe an isolated shower to our for tonight pleasant night overnight low of 71. another nice looking day for tomorrow. but still on the warm side. daytime high of 87. on the water, winds are out northeast at 10 knots. seas two feet. light chop on bay. high tide comes up 5:17. here's your seven-day forecast, you can see highs they stay in 80s until cold front heads our way bit breezy over weekend. look at that morning low by sunday. 58 degrees.
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north. by sunday morning, linda. love it. >> i'm sure i'm not alone. some breast cancer patients are
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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patients with the deadliest form of breast cancer often feel neglected by awareness efforts and medical research - until now - than breast cancer a ven 0 often feel >> our dr. jo has that story. so my box showed up. cancer patient la tanya wilson is trying to fight disease in novel way a saliva sample. wilson has stage 4 med static breast cancer. meaning its spread and cannot be
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public study driven by people like her. >> you know everybody hollers about we need a cure we need cure. if you want cure you want better treatment, then participating in this promoted on social media by patient advocacy groups the med static breast cancer project now has more than 2600 participants. they fill out questionnaire, submit saliva kits and give researchers access to their tumor samples and medical records. they can even tour the lab where scientist are looking for genetic clues that could l earlier and targeting intervention. >> so this is different than how most studies are run. this is a way for patients to take participation and research into their own hands. since the project began a year ago researcher have identified small groups of patients who responded well to standard chemotherapy. or to new imknew therapy drugs. they hope dna analysis will explain why. the early finding are encouraging to women like jessica who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2013.
12:26 pm
you google this disease, you know, they have have you dead in five years. >> i hope, i hope there's a cure. we need a cure. experts overseeing efforts say data will be shared with other doctors for now la tanya wilson says participating a small source of comfort. >> i help i provided my medical information i help by trying to get other people to participate in this. the doctors and scientists they can do so mu people to participate. boosting odds of finding better treatments. >> for fox medical team i'm dr. joette giovinco . for more information on med static breast cancer project to mbc when we come back an update from front lines in battle to
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. appetites. even a small one can and they only get bigger throas time goes on.ame. serve foster farms, a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away.
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you're watching the fox 13 news at noon. iraqi army advances in mosul against isis. new video shows iraqi army vehicles and soldiers positioned near that city. plumes of black smoke can seen billowing from tops of buildings. it is day two of what's expected to be a long and hard battle to push isis out of its last major strong hold in iraq. iraqi forces are taking the conner powell reports they are getting an assist from the u.s. military. iraqi forces slowing their advance on mosul to consolidate efforts to reclaim the city. >> kurdish fighters were able to wrestle away 80 square miles from isis on monday taking control of several nearby villages, and pushing line of fighting east of mosul. to some 20 miles away from the city. this is a decisive moment in
12:30 pm
mosul announce isis in control of mosul since the summer of 2014. >> more than 25,000 troops are taking part in the long awaited efforts to retake the area. iraqis around leading the operation. but their forces are being helped by u.s. military air strikes and advisors on ground. certainly not going to be an easy struggle but we're confident that brave iraqi forces with the support of international coalition will effort. mosul iraq second largest city. and last major isis strong hold in the country. more than a million people are believed to still live there. the red cross asking all of those fighting to put civilians first. means not targeting civilian extra structure not attacking medical facilities and medical personnel. it means avoiding the use of heavy explosive weapons and densely populated areas. mosul is definitely one of
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about 5,000 u.s. troops in iraq. americans are on the outskirts of mosul but behind the front lines. in jerusalem, conner powell, fox 13 news. russian syrian war planes are halting air strikes on besiege syrian city aleppo. announcement comes after opposition groups say air strikes killed 36 people including several children. russia and syria agreed to how man container pause to allow u.s. that too little too late. a large wildfire in southern colorado forces people to evacuate. the fire started early ned morning and so far it burned over 13,000 acre and forced families in one 29 homes. wow, that's a lot forced them to leave shelters have been set up for those affected by high winds could make that fire even worse. we are just anticipating that we may have further evacuations as the winds
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and into tomorrow. >> about 80 personnel responded to the scene firefighters say there hasn't ab fire in the area in 1 photo years. and there's no word yet on what caused the fire. >> ecuador has cut internet connection julian assange. it claims a direct response to a publication emails related to democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton. assange has lived in ecuador's london embassy since 2012 after being granted asylum. over the past two from personal accounts of john the former white house advisor who now chairs clintons presidential campaign. despite being cut off from internet we can leaks continues to post batches of emails from his accounts. the house with gnats dictator adolph hitler was born will be demolished austrian government says will erect new building to race any link to dictator birth bay nina sea tourist known to occasionally
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vote on legislation to tear it down but there's little opposition. two people are still missing after explosion a chemical plant in germany. basf the world biggest chemical company shut down production facilities of a fire broke out. company says there was an explosion and a fire while work was being done on pipelines the blast did kill two flows and not clear yet what caused the explosion. >> there's no backlash from netflix price and the latest airline snafu is making life messy for passengers. fox lauren simonetti has your midday market report. >> united health largest health insure first to report earning hitting out of park united said profits rose 23 percent in third quarter to $29.97 billion boosted full year outlook company making news for recent decision to bail out of the obamacare exchanges after saying
12:34 pm
losses on those policies this year. >> net 96 shares surging three and a half million people world wide became subscribers last quarter site and despite price increase in u.s. netflix now spending six billy i don't know dollars next year on 1,000 hours of original content. >> another computer problem for the airlines. jet blue virgin and southwest airlines suffering technical glitches tuesday morning preventing customers from booking or reservations on domestic flights. the issue is caused by problems with a tech service provider saber which has since resolved the problem. >> and domino's pizza dishing out a big rise in quarterly profits and sales. sending its shares to a record high on wall street. world biggest pizza delivery leading riles when it comes to digital order that's business
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at 24. what this young woman can tell us about detecting cancer
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don't welcome back everyone. when you think breast cancer you probably don't think of someone who is 24. young women are being diagnosed all time during breast cancer awareness month we are here a fox 13 are taking time to deliver helpful information tour viewers. why i invited rachel moody to join me here onset. let's talk about first of all rachel you were so young. how did you find the cancer? how did you know? i was actually nelly wed only married to my husband for nine
12:38 pm
your treatments. what due a decide the course along with your doctors. >> so because of my age and because of my particular type of cancer, i had 17 weeks of chemotherapy followed by a double mastectomy. like 12 or 15 surgeries related to that. wow. >> yeah i got to think that some people were, you lost your hair as you can see in this picture. that had to be hard for someone your age. then all of sudden people know you have cancer. >> you know what you hit nail on head. because unt hair, it's only you know. and anyone you decide to share it with then all of sudden apparent to everyone it was at that point it was hardest day of my life even finding out i had cancer. you know, i think we probably share this some days i feel like talking about it some days you don't. when you lose your hair you kind have to people went crazy and shaved their heads. some people thought maybe that was the case as well. sop what advice would you give
12:39 pm
lot 24 yearsed are doing breast self exams. that's very true. kind of twofold. honestlily, main advice i give people is let people help you. people are going to ask what they can do to help if they can help all of those things. and you know now not time to prove you can do all on your own now time to will you people to help you people would come prepare meals for us clean our house put away dishes little things that are >> you're too tired to do and 's when you see them undone it's reminder what you can't do. and so when someone can come and take those off your plate it's really helpful people that love you feel good because they are helping. statistics show largest group of women getting breast cancer still if 50 to 70 age group over 12,000 young people diagnosed annually. these statistics. that's just kind of shocking to me. so that's why we're addressing it today. because there are people your age being diagnosed. what did american cancer society do to help you in your journey?
12:40 pm
so american cancer society has so many different resources they can provide transfusions to and from appointments. they have a 24-seven hotline you can call in get questions answered. for me, it was my participation in look good feel better program. that's program where you sit down with someone they teach you how to wear your wig, how to wear the scarves. how to apply your make up it does not look like you lost your eyebrow and eyelashes. at that time i really figured out that the correltion between hue look on outside and how appeal o made such a differnce in my walk. so you are now continuing your participation with american cancer society by i think you actually chaired one walks up in pasco >> yeah i was a vice chair. tell me about why so many people that come out a fun event why should people come out if they are breast cancer survivors. absolutely amazing to see i'm not only what american cancer society is doing but just the community pulling together. and celebrating life. and it's just, it's such an
12:41 pm
ceremony in pasco. great i know you have a nonprofit of your own spark the way we're running out time i will tell people if you go to my facebook page at the end i'll give you will all details on sparks away. spark the way. spark way we have a gala coming up i will tell everybody about on my facebook page. thank you so much for joining us. my pleasure if you'd like to join us hillsborough or pasco walk, hillsborough walk walk this saturday october 22nd. registration 7:30 walk 9:00 a.m. amalie grass shops of wire grass. you can also register by going to my facebook page i put all information there lock for fox 13's linda hurtado and like the page. all right. let's take a live look outside
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good afternoon everybody walter allen in for charley belcher.
12:44 pm
gallagher with >> this is part of creatures of the night, their halloween extravaganza. you guys used to do zoo boo. all new halloween themed event going from now until october 29th. park open until 10 you get to see a different shade of park different light animals like his friends that come out at night and do things a little bit differently. this was fantastic. lot knock turn creatures which is great. you have very interactive experience. not just with the this guy but all of the exhibits. yeah all exhibits are interactive of course. we try to do best we can and get guests that natural connection which great. we also have lovely folks or ghouls that also help us with inter actions. >> so this is really geared towards the family experience. little kids all way up to teenagers. whole nothing going oh really scare you about spook and a startle older kids younger kids.
12:45 pm
you get. >> exactly. you come with family you need to eat and drink. we have perfect solutions for that 5 and 10 kind of punch dining pass. couples and families. so you can get drinks, food, whole menu seasonal and only available at this particular time of year. really just a great selection for dinner. >> so we have about two weeks until end of creatures of night this week something different and then changes as well. so we kind of always try to make interacting and doing great things. this particular weekend we have new edges expand boardwalk new bar mingle down to sting ray tank open at night. we talk about at night how late are you hope? we're hope until 10:00 p.m. after 4 you can come in for 19.95 ticket of a 4 ticket get right when it comes out when sun is coming down weather starts real nice also free with membership and pay for day ticket. sometimes animals gets a littleth a little a little bit more rambunctious.
12:46 pm
don gallagher, thank you very much. that's creatures of night. walter allen, fox 13 news. there's a new buzz in downtown tampa. big cycle boats powered by riders complete with a bar. kind of like a paddling pub. i'm sure they are fun. where else can you combine friends and fitness happy hour and spectacular view. but fox 13 haley heinz tells us these cycle boats could also stir up something else. big bucks >> it's a bolt, a bar. it's a work out. bright green and blue 32 crack and cycle boats newest vessel docking in downtown tampa. first of their kind in the state. owners tony and jeff were inspired oh trip to nashville when they rode pedestrian will tavern tour on land. we've got to find way to do it on the water. and we found out there was one company making the boats. and we gave them a call.
12:47 pm
sitting in the water. riders sit ten pedal station powering boat there is ten horse power engine if you're sea legs get weary. incredibly easy to pedal. if they've experience it had on the street we don't have hills on the water. center bar is cooler we have it all filled with ice and people bring their own drinks on board. latest company dropping anchor in downtown water front. simple they are doing business is having a ripple effect. >> businesses are starting to grow along the docks. so we have multiple different all very successful and most importantly getting on the water. water front evolution. this past june the final segment of 2.3 mile river walk was completed. giving businesses like columbia cafe reason to expand for a growing customer base. now with at addition of piert water taxi and crack and cycle boats making stops along the water, long time businesses like rigs on river are reeling in benefits. i've seen place go from just
12:48 pm
minutes. >> just from some of these other businesses on the river. it's been really nice to be part of community and see dream come together. but i never houth that we'd be here today haley heinz, fox 13 news. and this is just the beginning. crack and cycle boats will bring second boat to tampa next web. then they will move was bay adding a cycle boat at gators kaf cafe in johns pass that should happen next month. so hey, i think we should have a those look fun. weather is actually pretty nice right now. it's really getting that time of year you want to get out there and do is thoo outdoor activities. we will continue to see over the next few days just kind of that moderate humidity. we're setting our eyes towards the week when that cold front gets here. really brings the very slight delightful weather you look over downtown pa right now. enough moisture to give us a scattered clouds. rain a little hard to come by over next couple of days you
12:49 pm
over past several days. visible satellite loop looks very similar to what we've seen really for the past, 4, five days now. with thattest early wind. we start out plenty of sun, then we get into partly cloudy skies as we get into the afternoon hours. but as you look at the water vapor imagery. water water vapor imagery not looking down to surface. looking in mid and upper levels of atmosphere. mid and upper levels we've got tons of dry air in place. all moisture really trapp so that's why any rain we have it just doesn't amount to much. because there's really you can't get that big development of the clouds. so skytower looking, you look real close. you can see to our north and east, over towards i-4 between orlando, and daytona beach. seeing just a couple little small showers and sprinkles into polk county. down to our south, there's just a couple working there way over towards venice and osprey. notice with the wind, it just pushes any of showers that do
12:50 pm
of mexico. so brandon you're currently at 86 degrees here in tampa. 84. st. petersburg has an 81. clearwater 83 degrees. generally low to mid 80s throughout interior and sarasota, you're currently sitting at 86 degrees. so that high pressure that basically locked into our north over the several days still right there. going to continue with that easterly wind. we're watching the cold front, back to our northwest. that's the one that's going to come racing down across the southeast. and that will nice welcome change across the state. also going to help to protect us. because right here, this is invest 99. now still question on if anything will develop with this. if it's a tropical system, or a sub tropical system or maybe even stays a nontropical system. but regardless of what happens with it, that front working its way into the southeast will keep that away from us. so just nudge it on to north and the east as we go through the
12:51 pm
computer models have been at least indicating somethings going to try and develop. but notice, basically keeps it out over water. moving to the east of the u.s. and eventually out over the north atlantic it looks like. so watch all play out on future cast. here's that front working its way into the southeast. we still have that easterly flow. still enough moisture a couple small sprinkles isolated showers. but there's a front. it will continue to work its way into the southeast. as it does so, it just nudges that system away from the u.s. so the forecast goes like this, just scattered clouds, isolated shower or two for this afternoon. daytime high 88 degrees. then for tonight a mild night. overnight low of 71. stays on warm side again for tomorrow. with mainly sunny skies. daytime high of 87 degrees on water winds out northeast 10 knots. seas two feet light chop on bay high tide 5:17 this afternoon. here's your seven-day forecast, still got to deal with heat over
12:52 pm
weekend, nice change. a little on breezy side by sunday morning a morning low of 58 degrees. we're back with more after the
12:53 pm
i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks.
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mario cooke spent most of his life in foster care. when he turned 18, the dream of having a forever family seemed to be fading. but a hillsborough county couple took him into their home....and hearts. as
12:55 pm
along with 18-year-old adopted son mario. >> i i've known i was adopted for long time. road to getting to picture of family bliss was rough one for mario. i never had a role model. or family that actually cared. but that changed. the cooks has a strong desire to add to their family through adoption. >> i've wand to adopt since i was a little girl. i was i guess just waiting for the timing family. they came across the website for the children's heart gallery of tampa bay. which helps find families for. they fell in love when she saw mario. his personality just shines right through that slid video there such need for particularly in hillsborough. so many teens looking for that for are ever family. with mario the cooks are now complete.
12:56 pm
more family memories. so looking forward to being able to help him as he moves forward and on through life for his forever family. he always has a place here. >> great story. then of course our kelly ring. with rock and roll hall of fame announce this year's nominees. all on the wrist. rock group pearl jam british bands yes also made the artist must have released first recording at least 25 years ago to be considered. finalist of winners will be announced in december. >> you and i both have tickle in our throat that time time of year too? when astart >> fighting off the colds. uh-oh. everybody in hour house has cold right now. thank you. >> yeah. i'll just stay over this way. you know, weather looks pretty good. maybe a little bit on humid side that will change. you look seven-day forecast,
12:57 pm
a little breezy. but nice cool breeze and by sunday morning 58 degrees and staying in the 70s potty saturday and sunday. that is nice. that weekend looks delightful. great time to get out. the news doesn't end here we will keep postulate edge all day on or fox 13 news app right on your phone. plus look for more news, weathe and sports beginning at 5 o'clock. hope to see right back with us at 5. until then have a great afternoon everyone. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company." when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping
12:58 pm
illing local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars. now, buesing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go?
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
today on "the real." >> on girl chat we react to michelle obama's powerful speech. >> and sit back, relax, showing you how to get cash from your couch. >> plus alessia cara is here and for the first time bachelor"'s ben and lauren talk about "happily ever after". >> "the real."


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