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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  October 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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6:00 news. good evening. i'm in tonight for kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. there's an arrest tonight in a deadly hit-and-run accident in pol county. janice joy had alzheimer's and likely didn't where she was going when she was hit and killed. tonight sheriff grady judd says the man that hit her tried to cover up the crime. let's go to josh cascio. what have you learned? >> reporter: tonight sheriff grady judd is basically kendrick, staged an accident on i-4 to try and cover up his involvement in this hit-and-run. let's show you some video. he was in court earlier today here in polk county. he's alleged to have hit janice joy on october 6th and kept on going. the sheriff said had he stopped to help and called 911, there would have been no charges at all.
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involvement by purposely hitting a sign in the plant city area three days after the hit-and-run. he filed a police report with fhp and was going through the insurance company to get the damage repaired. he figured if he could get everything fixed including the broken mirror from the hit-and-run, then no one would suspect his truck was involved. ultimately, though, anon muss tip was called in to lead investigators to start looking at him. they got to the truck before the repair started, and his story >> i hope for the rest of his life that he thinks about the fact that he left that lady to die on the side of the road. why he fled to try to create a scheme to get away with it. well, he didn't. >> reporter: and we're told kendrick didn't say anything to investigators. he lawyered up. we know he had a pretty prestigious title. he's a senior vp at mid-florida
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bond. we're live in polk county, josh cascio, fox 13 news. also from polk county tonight, a mother and daughter fighting for their lives after being hit by a car on their way to a bus stop. she was walking with her 7-year-old daughter ez measure reld da and two other kids along wineburg road in dundee. at the same time 30-year-old steven racer and his wife were heading home. racer told investigators he was cleaning the condensation off his w accidentally hit the mom and daughter. deputies say they were walking in the roadway. the neighbors say there's no safe place to walk to the bus stop. >> mama always holding the little girl's hand and walking her to school. she's go down in the evening time and pick her up and walk her back from school. >> they immediately pulled over and dialed 911. speed and impairment don't appear to be involved, but the investigation is ongoing. a st. petersburg police officer is arrested after a
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drunk behind the wheel of a car. fox 13's dan matics is live to explain this is not the officer's first dui. dan. >> reporter: that's right. the big question right now is how was an enforcer of the law able to keep his job after breaking it? we'll explain that in a second. here's how the arrest played out. pinellas sheriff's deputies arrested officer anthony green after they found him passed out drunk behind the wheel of his personal car last night on gulf boulevard. holloway says green was arrested for dui in 2009 and was put on a strict recovery program, which is where green was randomly drug-tested, drug and alcohol-tested for about five years. the chief says if convicted, there won't be any more chances. >> everybody makes mistakes. he made a mistake. i look at the first one to make a mistake, he or she needs help. the second time there's
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on unpaid leave pending the outcome of this case and this investigation. once again, he was not on duty. we're told he was in his personal car. live at police headquarters, dan matics, fox 13 news. the mother of a little girl found stuffed in a freezer won't go to trial until next year. it was a year ago today the body of 11 thomas was found stuffed in a padlocked freezer. no one knows how long her body was hidden there because her mother never repor prosecutors charged her with first-degree murder. a judge recently delayed the trial until august of next year. according to court documents, her siblings say she was often locked up in a bathroom, tied up and beaten. tonight we know what started that large fire at a tampa shopping center last night. the flames break out after 9:00. investigators tell us it was some sort of an electrical malfunction to blame. the fire marshal says it started with some wires in an area between the drop ceiling and the
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to the building and part of the roof collapsed. four employees inside the building were able to get out okay. donald trump says this year's election could be rigged, but today president obama fired back accusing trump of whining. >> you start whining before the game is even over? if whenever things are going badly for you and you lose, you start to blame somebody else? then you don't hav w >> here in the bay area and across florida early voting begins next week. lloyd sowers says talk of a rigged election is getting lots of push back. >> it's the last day to register to vote in hillsborough county. >> right now i'm supporting hillary. >> why? >> i believe she has the power to do the job. >> she's voting for the first time in an election like no other.
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"rigged" means. >> the hillsborough election supervisor pushing back on donald trump who suggests it could be rigged. >> throughout the rest of the country, we know from other reporting, that there have been some hanky-panky ongoing. >> reporter: even this republican election observer concedes rigging an election here would be next to impossible. florida voting machining aren't connect the to the internet so they can't be accessed. paper ballots and voting rolls are updated and i.d.s are checked. >> we don't have convicted felons coming in to vote. we have good voter rolls and elections. >> reporter: florida's republican governor who endorsed donald trump was asked about the vote. >> it's a sacred right to vote in the country. i don't want that right deleted by any fraud. >> with all the talk of rigging, the voting process this time could be the most watched ever. the goal here is to ensure it's
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this presidential race, at least it's fair. the testing gets the green light. >> so we're ready. all the equipment has been tested, and we're ready to go. >> ready for an election that a run-up like no other. lloyd sowers, fox 13 news. >> they're now under 24-hour camera surveillance until they're set out for voting. starting january 1st the state's minimum wage will go up a nickel. it's the since florida established the minimum wage 11 years ago. they calculate is based on changes in the federal consumer price index. looking at food, clothing, shelter and gas and medical expenses is how they rate it. low wage workers in florida say it's trivial and needs to go up more. >> it's not easy at all, because i still have to pay bill, light bill, rent, car insurance and
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even school events, sporting events and everything. it's not easy at all. it's really, really stressful. >> op flipside, some experts say a higher minimum wage could lead to layoffs. there's more at sfak in the election. we look at amendment 1 and the solar future. upper 80s to near 90. we're 85 degrees now. it's a beautiful evening, and a little breeze
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this november's ballot is promising to be one of the most hotly debated tickets... this november is going to be one of the most hotly debated elections in history. there is more at stake. >> anjuli davis explains one controversial amendment is shining light on the use of solar energy in the sunshine state. >> reporter: supporters claim it's the obvious future for powering up florida. a new amendment tapping into solar power in florida is leaving many seeing red. >> the way the initiative sounds like it would advance solar. it's not true at all. >> reporter: susan glickman says amendment 1, which promises to protect consumers and businesses in the state's initiative towards solar power, is flawed. >> current law already allows to you tone or lease solar panel, so we have that right. >> reporter: critics say the ballot measure is backed by the state he's big utility companies as a way to make solar energy
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regulated. supporters of the amendment disagree. >> all we're doing is codifying in the constitution the current situation. >> reporter: voters in favor of amendment 1 say it encouraging use and helps to protect consumers from fraud and makes the playing field fair for all consumers ifrments. >> if you create haves and have notes, this industry isn't regulated. you get to a have to raise rates on people that can support it. that's not a good business model and doesn't make sense for consumers and doesn't make sense for utilities. >> still critics say it means turning the lights out on solar in florida. >> it intends to make it harder for people, families and businesses to get solar on your roof. >> that was anjuli davis reporting. since it's calling for a change to the constitution, amendment 1 needs 60% of the vote in florida in order to pass.
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carefully. >> the wording is always difficult to understand sometimes. >> make your decision and read it carefully. paul, we're excited about some maybe changes coming, huh? >> cold front. >> we're going definitely. we went from maybe to definitely. if that doesn't happen, we're going to unemployed. that could be the whole transition. look outside. 87 degrees now. another hot day. 89 was the high today, and we just missed the record by one. pretty toasty. the good new early now that the duration of the heat is not bad. i mean, think about it. sunset's now at 6:57. back in the june at 8:31. highs today had 88 -- actually, officially 89 in tampa, 91 was the high in brandon, and 90 in bradenton and 91 in sarasota. temperatures typically take a good tumble right around halloween. by the end of november, the
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now, you remember last year it was a struggle to get numbers like this. i don't think we'll end this year the same way we ended last year. i think we're going to be okay as far as cooler weather is concerned. next couple of days before the cold front arrives, we'll be about 85 to 90 again. northeast winds continue. we're watching for showers today. i didn't see many. i finally found a few little sprinkles up in citrus county. this is kind of a rainbow ri they're diving to the southwest into hernando county. really not adding up to all that much. right now we have temperatures near 80 on the east coast, and then mid to upper 80s on the west coast. also making held lines, what's happening out in the bahamas, we saw this coming last week. didn't know where it would happen. it looked like the caribbean sea, could be the gulf of mexico. now it looks like the bahamas. this area of low pressure most
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storm or subtropical storm otto. it's not coming our way. upper level winds and the positioning of highs and lows means the storm should go up the east coast, maybe impact new england. it's got a 50% chance of development in two days. 80% chance of development in five days, and the gfs model shows low pressure spinning here, eventually getting going, going right up the coast. could be a significant rainmaker knk the trees in the northeast. a combination of a big storm here and high pressure back here here in red means the air rushes in from northwest. in the wintertime these big nor'easters bring us our coldest weather. you get a big snowstorm here, and we have cold weather for us. in mid-october it brings in slightly cooler and less humid weather, and the good news is it will last a couple of days.
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low 80s for highs. more northeast wind tonight. not going to change much. more of the same tomorrow. a day just like today, a mix of clouds and sun and maybe a sprinkle. upper 80s to near 90. there's the low getting cranked up east of our state. then by friday here comes the cold front. not here yet at noon, but it will go by friday night. i did add a 20% chance of rain for friday. this cold front is not going to be a big rainmaker for us. cold, wet and wild pacific northwest. lots of mountain snow, too. then watch how things transpire in the next couple of days. tomorrow and then into friday we're back around 80 to 85. the real cool air arrives on saturday morning. it will be in the low to mid-60s and by sunday morning 50s to low 60s and by sunday afternoon or evening we top off in the mid-70s. very, very nice, and a very nice, agreeable change. today the high is 89, and the low is 71.
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evolve into fall this weekend. again, saturday 79 for a high, and 62 for a low. the coolest morning will probably be on sunday with many spots in the upper 50s by day break. 87 now and the dew point is 65 and northeast winds at 8:00. high pressure dominates in the southeast. again, we're watching this swirl out here that will eventually become otto we think. heat. these are 6:00 temps. it 8 it's 86 in nashville and burlington is 79 and new york 76 and raleigh is 80 and baton rouge 88 and dallas at 90. very mild evening tonight. again, the front will slowly move our way. lows overnight tonight in the 60s and low 7 ones. tomorrow's highs top off in the mid to upper 80s. it's going to be a great day to be outside, and the key is look
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weekend days. maybe not some foliage, but it wll feel pretty good both weekend days. very low humidity and lots of sunshine. mostly clear lows near 70 tonight. sunshine tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds and a high up to about 87 degrees. it's not going to change much on thursday. we still have more heat, but a beautiful day, really. it's tough to complain about this. the dew points are fairly low, and the seven-day forecast is small chance of showers on friday, and a great weekend coming up. 70s and 80s for highs and 50s and 60s for lows. that's your five-minute weather cast. back to you. what does today's big injury news on vincent jackson mean for the bucs and the career of number 83? we discuss coming up of. plus, usf is ready for friday night lights at temple. the bulls try to move to a program first 7-1 start all
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if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp." get to know us at amendment 1 guarantees your right - to generate your own solar energy. and placing that right in florida's constitution - keeps the politicians from messing with it. amendment 1 also allows for common sense consumer protections - because that's the right way to do solar. , good for florida. vote yes on amendment 1 - for the sun. have we seen the final game of have we seen the final game of vincent jackson's career? it's a fair question to ask at this point. during this the final year of
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the team says their captain suffered an acl injury during the monday night win over carolina. however, the exact moment of the injury is not known to jackson himself. he simply complained about knee comfort after the game. what does it all mean? the bucks could activate him in eight weeks if the knee is healthy enough to go, but they only get one ir call-up a year, and charles sims is also on the injured reserve. jackson will receive the full value of the remaining $9.77 million left if healthy cecil shortz will replace him in the role. while i may not be on the field for the foreseeable future, i will focus on beginning rehab as soon as possible and finding ways to support my teammates in whatever way i can. dirk koetter said i know being placed on injured reserve is difficult for him, but he'll be a strong presence in the locker
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prepare and development because that's the time of team first leader he is. moving on to usf football. the bulls are working on a short week this week. they travel to philly for a friday night game against temple. the bulls offense steam rolled the owls last season racking up over 500 yards of offense. despite the win over the 22nd ranks owls, temple went to the champ championship over usf. the bulls haven't forgotten that. last year. it wasn't by fluke they earned it. good football team. so we got to earn what we want going up there to win a football game. that's how you earn it. that's what we told our guys we wanted, we have to earn it and go on the road and it's a tough environment. that's how it is when you try to get to a conference championship game. >> the lightning say they need to do a better job managing the puck early to avoid digging a hole tonight against the florida panthers. that's been the case in the
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wings and the devils. tonight's game starts at amalie arena at 7:30 this evening. before the puck drops they honor vinnie lecavalier. he owns records in power-play goals and games played. he's best known on his contributions on the he's ice ling them to the 2004 stanley cup championship. he was a mentor to younger players like steven stamkos. >> it's the stuff he did away from the rink and in the community and how much he's entrenched himself and his family into this city, which is very special. so that's something i've always looked up to vinnie for. it's a great role model. to the ice tonight, and this is a match-up that features the top two teams, the atlantic division and the top two teams early on this season. both the lightning and panthers
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one win separates one from the other. the game will also feature a former bolt up against his old team. he faces the lightning as the panthers leading scorer through the first two games. >> he has a huge personality. he's really, really well-liked in our room. i know when he signed with florida, we were a little dejected at that. not only that he left us, but the fact he went to florida. he could have gone we'll be cheering for him tonight, but i cheer for him for the other 76 games whether we don't play him. >> back to the vincent jackson news. this is a big deal. we don't know whether or not we'll see him again. his presence is needed in the locker room. he's a team leader and will be here in tampa bay no matter what. this is his home. we know that moving forward. the severity of the knee injury we don't really know.
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injury. you mess with the knees, that's trouble. >> it's tough. >> we wish him well on his rehab, and perhaps we see him back again. it's tough when you're in your 12th year informant league. you don't know. >> he's had a huge impact off the field, too. >> huge. >> we hope that continues. >> no doubt. >> thank you, scott. we've got exactly now three weeks to go before the election. are some republican-leaning states turning blue? >> we look at that. more fallout from hillary clinton's
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when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars. how far will bob buesing go?
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. president obama slams donald trump over his claims the election is rigged. president obama slams donald trumps over his claim that the election is rigged. >> this comes clinton campaign answers more questions about the e-mails. >> reporter: a seemingly confident hillary clinton heads to las vegas ahead of the final presidential debate. according to a new poll clinton is ahead of donald trump by 7 points in the host state of nevada. >> i think this debate is pivotal. i think this debate could decide this election. >> democrats see fertile ground in some once solid republican strongholds like arizona where
6:30 pm
and dispatching high profile surrogates. the clinton camp is grappling from the fallout of fresh wikileaks releases and accusations of quid pro quo. a state official tried to pressure the fbi to change the classification on one of the e-mails. donald trump seized on both controversies and unveiled this new proposal today in colorado. >> if i'm elected president, i will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of ng >> reporter: from the rose garden today, president obama weighed in on the gop nominee's unfounded claims that the election is rigged. >> there's no evidence that that has happened in the past or that there are instances in which that will happen this time. so i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining and go try and make his case to get votes. >> reporter: in a possible sign trump will bring up the 2012 attacks in benghazi at the final
6:31 pm
smith, the mother of sean smith, to be a guest tomorrow night. in washington, kristen fisher, fox news. >> let's bring in craig patrick. hi there, craig. a lot of talk from donald trump about the election being rigged. that seems to be the keyword this week, as eve heard before. the president strongly denies that, of course. why is he saying this, and what does he hope to accomplish? >> when donald trump is speaking about voter fraud, he's not talking about the potential for systems getting hacked and numbers changed. he's of people illegally posing as somebody they're not and then voting -- for example, voting in the name of someone already dead or someone that votes in one state and votes in another state. by the way, only is there evidence of this that appears to have been produced by aconservative activist james o'keefe in newly released videos and in our investigations we have found evidence of voter fraud in florida. dozens of cases of people that voted in this state in 2012 and
6:32 pm
carolina again. we followed one case all the way through to prosecution in our follow-up reports. so there's no question that there's evidence of voter fraud. the question is is it widespread as donald trump maintains, and how do you define widespread? that remains to be seen because trump has not produced specific evidence to note that it is by common definition widespread but that because he's focusing on this this will continue to be a big issue in the campaign. he's noncitizens voting as well, and there's studies showing there is a small percentage of that swm. >> we are hearing this for the first time from donald trump's wife melania. she spoke about the allegations of sexual misconduct by her husband. she called thep lies. ho did she come across do you think, and why was it important to hear from her? >> it's important to that's true from a spouse when those allegations are thrown against a candidate because that spouse speaking up for the character in this case of her husband, i
6:33 pm
campaign. in this case she is saying what donald trump said on that tape was inappropriate to her, but she maintains that he was egged on in effect and that she had never heard him speak that way in her experience and based on her experience with him that he respects women. and again, it's important to hear from a spouse, because that is somebody who knows that individual best and were she not to stand up to and defend certainly bigger flags. so this is an important moment for the trump campaign. >> no doubt about that. anxious for tomorrow night. craig, thanks. >> thanks. if you missed the global recall of all samsung galaxy note 7 phones, you have another option to ditch the device before you board a plane. here's how that works. samsung set up exchange booths at major airports around the world includes in the u.s., south korea and australia. note 7 users can swap their
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phone before they board the flight. they're on hand to help customers transfer data onto the new phone. samsung stopped all production on the note 7 because batteries caused the phones to explode. it's now a federal crime to bring a note 7 ontoe a flight in the united states. protesters in el cajon, california demand justice for ail fred olongo. she called police when she saw her brother acting erratically saying he care. the shooting is under investigation. the naacp is suing the county and sheriff and city of el cajon and police chief in federal court. the law claims they invited the free speech rights of protesters and illegally threatened them. students were on alert at the university of cincinnati after they spent hours looking for a gunman on campus. shot were fired last night. the director of public safety
6:35 pm
and fired at least one shot. >> followed up on various reports of places this suspect may have fled to. we were not successful in locating the suspect. we do have the identity of the intended victim, and we will be interviewing that individual to determine exactly what the motivation was or what conversation or transaction was occurring. >> after take a few hours the search was called off and no one was found. the united nations is a human tarnl pause announced by russia and syria. we report tonight they're halting air strikes on the besieged city of aleppo. >> russian and syrian air strikes on aleppo on hold on tuesday, this ahead of a temporary truce later in the week. it's unclear if it will have any impact on the humanitarian situation. some aid is getting through, but the u.n. says there's still being held back by safety concerns following attacks on
6:36 pm
area. >> we remain ready to proceed with medical evacuations and to provide life saving assistance into the town by any and all means at our disposal, which we can do safely. >> the russians say they'll stand down forces in the area later this week. a temporary ceasefire aimed at separating u.s. backed moderate syrian rebels from the militant al nusra group, something moscow says the u.s. military has failed >> translator: we had doubts, which we publicly exposed, that the position of our western colleagues was to take the heat over al nusra and use it to take the heat off assad's regime. >> relationship continues to deteriorating with anning la merkel to suggest sanctions gengs moscow to continue the air assault in syria. president obama says they remain committed to ending the suffering in aleppo and all
6:37 pm
international norms and international rules in ways that we have to call them out on. >> merkel says she'll discuss the crisis during a meeting in berlin tomorrow with french president hollande and russian president putin. in london, fox news. more evacuations are underway in southern colorado after a large wildfire. the fire started early yesterday morning and so far it's covered 24 square miles. families in at least 175 >> we're just anticipating that we may have further evacuations as the winds continue through the night and into tomorrow. >> for the most part in the area, we haven't had a fire in 140 years, so vegetation is extremely thick, and it's extremely dry at this point and prone to fire. >> the fire was believed to be started by an excavator operator working in a ditch and possibly causing a spark.
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try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks. papa john's. amendment 1 guarantees your right - to generate your own solar energy. and placing that right in florida's constitution - keeps the politicians from messing with it. amendment 1 also allows for common sense consumer protections - because that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy.
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vote yes on amendment 1 - for the sun. new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 meals for under four dollars. the fight against isis new at steak 'n shake! was a topic of concern the fight against isis is a obama as he welcomed the italian prime minister to the white house today. he admits the fight is hard but expecting iraqis to prevail in the end. fox is in jerusalem with more. >> spoke is seen rising over the outskirts of mosul despite a slowdown in fighting. iraqi troops gaining ground on isis advancing to the east and south of the city. they're heading to larger villages and reaching civilians. >> translator: the operation is
6:41 pm
we have been very successful. the enemy is pulling back but leaving small mobile units behind. >> reporter: iraq launches the massive effort to push isis out of mosul on monday after two dwreerz of militant control. the pentagon says they're in charge of the long awaited operation, but local fighters are backed by american air strikes as well as advisers on the ground. >> mosul will be a difficult fight and there will be advances and set backs, but i am confident that just as isil across iraq, isil will be defeated in mosul as well, and that's another step towards the ultimate destruction. >> more than 1 million people are believed to still live in iraq's second largest city. the united nations says 2 hundred hu -- 200,000 could be displaced and hundreds of thousands more may need to flee as the fighting goes on. >> it appears that the offensive to retake mosul could produce a
6:42 pm
>> isis dealing with a threat from neighboring syria. the syrian army says militants will be met with force if they try to cross from iraq into syria. in jerusalem, connor powell, fox news. the rocky horror pick show is about to return to television right here on fox 13. coming up hear from the new cast and see what's in sfor for the
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when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , now, buesing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go?
6:45 pm
(linda for many women with suspicious l for many women with suspicious lumps in their breast, figuring out whether it's cancer or not involves a breast biopsy. tonight at 10:00 we show you how research out of the university of south floridaad simpler biopsies tonight on the fox 13 10:00 news. stocks closed a little higher after several companies had surprised in they are earnings report. they're all in the green. all right. let's do the time warp again. fox's much anticipated remay of the rocky horror picture show is two days away now. jonathan hunt as the preview.
6:46 pm
and steps to the right as the horror picture show let's do the time warp again airs on fox. victoria justice says she feels the rocky horror community is part of why this story is so timeless. >> it's made anyone feel like if you feel like an outcast or you're a weirdo, i think a lot of people have been put in those cat doers and society looks down on them. i think when they found the rocky slee, they feel empowered like i's okay to be anything that you are and to love anyone you want to love and i think that has brought a lot of people together. >> audience interaction is a key part of the cult classic, and the new version makes sure to recognize that. >> hello. >> in terms of taking breaks from what you see within the screen, like pulls back and seeing the audience and the fan experience and paying homage to
6:47 pm
introduce it to a new generation of fans. >> i think people in the younger generation are going to be reluctant to watch something made in the '70s. it's not the high quality that they're used to or whatever. we're able to kind of show them what they're used to seeing but bring the story into a new generation of people. >> and they're all humbled to have the original d dr. frankenfurter jim curry joining them for the retelling. >> jump to the left. president of a nation support the new president. i think for laverne in particular, having him around he gave us great energy and i remember one thing was he said i want to be there to hang out. he's so sweet and obviously a monumental talent. >> having him as the godfather figure made us feel like we could advance kfltly. that was huge to have him. >> in hollywood, jonathan hunt,
6:48 pm
horror picture show on fox 13 thursday night at 8:00. takes you back, doesn't it? >> yeah, for us. there's a whole new generation that has never seen it. >> hopefully they experience the rice and toast in the movie theater sometime if only imagining it. >> hey, paul. >> good day. getting ready for three mores day to go with cool weather. >> i'm ready now. >> counting it down for sure. i think i want an umbrella today. look at the view from the sirata beach cam. a fantastic byes way, thanks everybody for posting fall foliage pictures from around the country. i had a good one come in from spokane, washington earlier today. a bunch of them from maine, new hampshire, vermont, some in north carolina. they're on my facebook page. check it out. still a few tonight. sirata beach looks good and great sunset at 6:57 tonight. 89 is the high, just missed the record by one. the morning low is 71. 77, which, of course, that was
6:49 pm
snowed in tampa. 47 and 71 again the morning low. we're not close to the number. highs across the board going back 18 days this month, and it's another warm month. check out this streak going back to the 13th, 89, 88, 90, 90, 89, we do a high 80s here. over the weekend a significant temperature drop as the cold front finally goes we're not cool with a northeast wind blowing over land. i saw a couple of showers or sprinkles up in citrus county, but there's not much left. that's that. temperatures around the state today, jacksonville is 79, vero is 81, miami is 83 and key west 83 and tallahassee 87 and the dew points are really not that bad. so even though we've had high temperatures well into the 80s, the dew points in most places are in the mid-60s.
6:50 pm
with a good wind it feels nice to be outside. the winds are active for the past literally eight days. we've had a gusty northeast win and general low pressure east of us and high pressure across the mid-atlantic states giving us a gusty wind. gusting to 22 and causing big-time flooding along the east coast. it's long-lasting swells initially from matthew and then nicole and now there's another system over the bahamas. this has been pounding our east coast and some flooding, too. here's the low over the bahamas that will probably become tropical storm otto. i want to reassure you that if this does develop, it's not going to take a big left-hand turn and go this way. usually tropical systems in mid-october do not move east to west. they usually move due north or northeast. as we move through oshth, the jet stream dives farther south and the upper level winds turn west to east.
6:51 pm
tropical system to go this way in mid-october, and the model hinted that. you see it developing and then moving north kind of paralleling our stay. one thing that low will eventually do is drag down lots of dry air. we'll show you that on the water vapor by all the brown. lots of dry air moves in, and dry air, you know, also cools nicely. so a dry air moving and our nighttime lows this weekend will drop into the 50s and 6 most spots. we stay with a northeast wind tomorrow, so tomorrow is a lot like today. clouds move from northeast to southwest and maybe a sprinkle. more of the same on the thursday, and even friday should be generally rain-free. behind this front is when things really start cooling off. that will be happening over the weekend. more near-record heat today from texas all the way across the mid-atlantic states.
6:52 pm
which will take a huge dip along the east coast that will drive the cold front through and keep us dry and cool for a couple of days, and eventually it usually happens. the trough kind of lifts up, winds turn for us to the east, and by tuesday and wednesday of next week, we start to warm right back up. tonight nice night, mostly clear and pleasant and sunset in a few minutes. we're down to 70. sunshine tomorrow and a warm afternoon. we're back up to 87. no change coming up on thursday, we're back in the mid to upper 80 about time. coolest weather since about may. we stay with temperatures in the 70s and nighttime lows in the 50s, it's probably a good time the next couple of days to maybe go out back and dust off the fire pit a little bit and take off that tarp and all the bugs scatter. >> like tis weekend? >> this weekend. that's what we've talking about since may. >> may. >> so it will feel pretty good.
6:53 pm
i'll bring a cheese plate and go from there. >> you have to bring more than that. >> s'mores. a local program is transforming the lives of women that faced trouble and pain. the story behind the house of hope when we come back. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world.
6:54 pm
and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting family caregivers like you
6:55 pm
live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp." get to know us at coming up coming up tonight at 11:00, a close encounter with rabies. how a polk county man took a rabid raccoon attacked his dog. plus. we need to lock them up. not the guns. that's just un-american. the toddlers. >> hard-hitting new campaign for gun control that has people talking. we look at the message in the new psa. it's all tonight on the fox 13
6:56 pm
mep when they leave jail. it's helping to transform their lives, and it's what's right with tampa bay. >> i remember when the first time i came in here. >> 42-year-old whitfield is in a place of refuge. >> it feels peaceful to me. >> a place of comfort to help remove the pain in her life. >> i had to grow up at a young age. at the age of 7 i was taking care of my sisters and brothers. >> her unresolved childhood that led to jail. >> i turned to using drugs, alcohol, anything to ease the pain. >> that was before she found hillsborough house of hope. it's a faith-based halfway house for women who want to stay off drugs and change their lives. >> it's a great place for women to come and begin to build ail whole newfound addition. this is the peace table. >> linda walker worked for usf
6:57 pm
supervisor. linda ended up on drugs and in jail when the pressure of being a single mom of two overwhelmed her. >> i began to spiral down into an avenue that i never had experienced. of course, i lost everything i had down to the clothes on my back and my girls. >> she is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict who is now running the program. >> i can relate to just about every situation that they're having and guaranteed them if they do what i did, they'll come through it. >> >> the women must get a job and do chores, and they can stay at the house for six months. >> on the days when i don't feel like i want to go out and just go get it, i always got somebody telling me, well, you need to. >> it's been tough for aretha, but she's glad she came. >> it's been a blessing. i just know it's god that i'm here. >> kelly ring, fox 13 news. >> the unique program has a 65%
6:58 pm
if you'd like more information about hillsborough house of hope, go to >> got to love that. great to see. all right. fox 13 news keeps on going on online and on the fox 13 news app on your phone. >> "access hollywood" is next. see you back here tonight at see you back here tonight at 10:00.
7:00 pm
even the story that came out in "people" magazine. she saw me on fifth avenue, and i said to her -- >> i a new twist as melania and the "people" magazine reporter battle over what trump did or did not do. what six witnesses are >> hi, tom. >> i'll never forget when she first came in. you could just see this -- >> it's a jerry maguire milestone. we deliver tom's touching message to renee. >> that wasn't embarrassing at all. >> do i say girlfriend or friend? >> he's engaged now, but why was ryan lochte's romance such a secret? i'm kit hoover. plus new shock waves hit hollywood. yet another huge celebrity split. >> i say a boy.


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