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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  October 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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((vanessa developing this morning.. a raging fire at a home on gunn highway.. why deputies were already there - when the fire started. ((jen it's the final showdown.. before millions head to the polls. this morning - what we can expect to be different - when hillary clinton and donald trump face off for the third, and final time. and... ?creepy doesn't begin to cover it.. a local man is driving down highway 19 when a six-foot snake crawls out of his car.. but get this - it might still be in there! good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm vanessa ruffes.. in for walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your forecast
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developing this morning.. tampa fire rescue are on scene of a mobile home fire.. along gunn highway.. we're told that in the early hours of the morning.. the hillsborough county sheriff's
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unstable person.. while they were outside in the neighborhood.. they saw the mans home go up in flames.. that man told officials three other people were inside.. gunn highway was closed down for a while.. but is all open at this hour.. new this morinng.. the pinellas county sheriff's office is investigating the death of an imnate at the pinellas county jail.. detectives say 70-year old "lenin perez" was found dead around 6-30 tuesday morning.. he was in the housing area of the jails medical building.. where he was being terated for mobility issues and back pain.. officials say when perez was found -- he couldn't move or speak.. aid was given to him -- but he later died..
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arrest on april 15th of last year.. at this time -- detectives say the death doesn't appear to be suspicious in nature.. also new this morning.. city officials in clearwater say another sewage leak has been discovered.. the leak was found around 8-15 tuesday morning at the "marshall street water reclamation facility".. nearly 19-thousand gallons of raw sewage flowed into stevenson creek via a storm-water system.. crews have made temporary fixes until a permanent repair can be made. officials say there is in pasco county.. deputies are searching for a man in hudson .. who is believed to have gotten in a fight with a woman.. before shooting her in the arm.. the incident happend around 1- 30 tuesday afternoon.. in the area of state road 52 and altoona avenue.. investigators say michael putnam is the man they're looking for.. he's very identifyable by the tattoo of a cross right under his eye. they say he's armed and
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a former winner of polk county's "emerging leader" award.. is behind bars this morning.. and later today.. sheriff grady judd wll have an update on his arrest.. 37-year old jarvis kendrick made his first appearance in court tuesday.. he's accused of leaving the scene of a deadly hit and run -- that killed 74-year old "janice joy".. the incident happend earlier this month.. while joy was walking along duff road near sheffield drive in lakeland.. sheriff judd says not only did kendrick hit joy... but he then staged an elaborate scheme to cover up the damage to his ca as to purposely crash into a sign on the highway to make it appear that's where the damage was from.. the hillsborough county fire marshall has ruled monday's three-alarm fire at a tampa grocery store.. accidental.. investigators say the fire at "big and deals" on east hillsborough avenue.. was caused by an electrical malfunction above the kitchen. the fire started aroun 9 p-m on monday.. and took hours to put out... all of the
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building with extensive smoke and fire damage. on tuesday -- workers boarded up the front of the store as the last of the fire crews left the scene. the owner of the building isn't sure if they'll reopen. three service members stationed at macdill... are facing possible federal prison time this morning -- after prosecutors say they were part of a massive scheme to rip off the military health insurance program. according to the indictment ---- 27-year-old cordera hill, 25- anthonio miller and 24-year- old rashad barr worked with pasco based "centurion marketing"... to recruit tricare patients to fill compound prescription creams in exchange for cash and other gifts... once they'd done that -- the trio then took their own cut of the federal reimbursements for the custom- made prescriptions. u-s attorney lee bentley's office has recovered more than 50 million dollars to settle ?civil allegations related to tricare fraud since last year. the three macdill servicemembers are among the first to be ?criminally
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any minute now.. we're expecting a russian space rocket to lift off and begin its journey towards the international space station.. this is a live look this morning from nasa t-v.. of the launch pad in kazakhstan.. on board the space-craft.. are two russian cosmonauts.. and an american astronaut "shane kimbrough".. the group will travel for two days in the soyuz capsule.. to test upgraded systems.. before docking with t mission was set to take off late last month.. but was postponed due to a technical issue.. hillsborough county deputies need your help this morning.. finding the person who stole 18 t-v's from a business in tampa.. deputies however -- say this was no regular smash-and-grab.. they say it was well thought out..
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freight on johns road captured this image.. around 4 a-m sunday..three robbers smashed a window and disabled the building alarm.. they loaded 18 large t-v's into this white van..along with two safes.. authorities are now asking people to be on the look out for people trying to sell the stolen goods.. a st. pete police officer is facing d-u-i charges this morning.. and is currently on unpaid leave.. after deputies say he was passed out drunk.. behind the wheel monday night along gulf boulevard.. st. petersburg police chief anthony holloway says green was arrested for d-u-i back in 2009 - and put on a recovery program. the chief says - if convicted, there won't be anymore chances and he'll be done with the department. alright.. tonight is the night.. donald trump and hillary clinton will meet for a final time in las vegas -- for the third presidential debate.. host of "fox news sunday".. "chris wallace" will
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obama's kenyan-born half-brother is expected to attend... in support of trump. clinton's team has invited "mark cuban" and hewlett packard c-e-o "meg whitman." instead of staying home to prepare.. trump took to the campaign trail last night.. at a rally in colorado -- he said he would propose a constitutional amendment for congressional term limits. i'm proposing a term limit of six years for members of the house, and twelve years for memebrs of the senate." currently, house members can serve an unlimited number of two-year terms... while senators can serve an unlimited number of six-year terms. in the meantime -- hillary clinton has been quietly preparing for the debate in vegas.. beyond actual issue questions --- she'll have to be ready to address new allegations surrounding her e-mail scandal as secretary of state -- and whether there was an attempt at a secret coverup
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again -- you can catch all of tonight's action from las vegas, right here on fox 13.. it all begins at 9 p-m.. still ahead.. about one in five american's receive social security checks.. and they may see an increase in the coming months.. but it's not a lot.. we'll explain why.. and.. rekindling a relationship. president obama hosts italy's prime minister in his final state
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seeing a small bump in their social security checks next year. benefits will see a point-three percent increase ... which averages out to be an extra three dollars and 92 cents a month. some blame the small jump on the drop in oil and gas prices.. but many on social security are just worried... because of rising health care costs, which are rising faster than inflation. this is the fifth year in a row that older americans will have to settle for historically low raises. new york city police say they've shot and killed a police say they've new york city new york city they've shot and killed a woman.. who tried attacking them with scissors and a baseball bat.. the incident happened inside an apartment in the bronx last night.. officers say they were responding to a call about an emotionally disturbed person..when they found the 66-year old.. they say a sergeant persuaded the woman to drop the scissors... but she then grabbed a baseball bat and tried to hit him.. that's when the sergeant fired off two shots.. the woman was taken to a hospital, where
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the days until the end of his presidency... he hosted his final state dinner at the white house last night. fox's jackie ibanez -- has more.. 0:34-0:47 matteo renzi / italian prime minister 0:57-1:04 john kerry / us secretary of state 1:32-1:39 jackie ibanez / fox news correspondent (on-cam "fox news" tag) president obama hosting his last state dinner as leader of the united states. the president and the first lady welcomed the italian prime minister and his wife as their final guests tuesday night. coming as the election to replace him heats up.obama says: "we look up at the us capitol and marvel at the touch of brumidi. then again some days our presidential campaigns can seem like dante's inferno." the meal was provided by celebrity chef mario batali and featured music by pop rocker gwen stefani. the italian leader emphasized the importance of the relationship between the two nations.renzi says: "not only wine, not only food, but sharing a friendship and common values. i think this is the real relation between the united states and italy." the visi chapter in obama's presidency... but also a rekindling of relations between the two countries. kerry says: "this is the first state visit by an italian prime minister in 20 years and his visit could not come at a more propitious time." during a joint press conference with the italian prime minister earlier... the president weighed in on the election... with choice words for republican presidential nominee donald trump.obama says: "i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining, and go try to make his case to get votes." the italian prime minister also invited mister obama to italy after his presidency is over.renzi says: "i think mr. president that we can organize after the finish of your service a dinner in florence." (on-cam tag) president obama has hosted thirteen state dinners over his eight year presidency. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. ibanez, fox news. in new york, jackie presidency.eight year presidency. in new york,
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prosecutors in pennsylvania are accusing bill cosby's team of "high priced lawyers".. of stretching the truth.. the two sides have filed opposing leagal briefs ahead of next month's
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could determine if the case moves forward.. and if more accuser testify.. cosby's lawyers say it's unfair to make him defend events from a 2004 sexual encounter. but prosecutors say cosby used his fame and fortune to conceal those crimes for years.. cosby himself is set to go on trial in june.. fire officials in colorado say raging wildfires have destroyed at least five homes.. as hundreds of people remain fire is burning in the southern part of the state.. where more than 25 square miles have been scorched.. authorities think high winds blew a metal outbuilding into a power line.. causing the fire.. in addition to the homes.. 13 other buildings
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when we come back.
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in sports this morning: the los angeles dodgers are one step closer to the world series.. they've now pulled ahead of the chicago cubs 2-1.. in the national league championship series.. overnight at dodger stadium.. the pitching was lights out.. l-a's "rich
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ball.. in the 8th inning - after dexter fowler doubled... dodgers manager "dave roberts" brang in kenley jansen for a four out save. top of the 9th -- jansen gets chris coghlan to line out to justin turner --- ending the game.. and giving the dodgers a 6-nothing win.. the dodgers are now two games away from the world series. to hockey now.. where the tampa bay lightning got a win last night to remain undefeated.. shoot-out with the florida panthers.. vinny lecavalier dropped the ceremonial puck for last night's game at amalie arena.. with things underway -- the bolts would go down early before alex killorn squeezed one through in the second to tie things up 1-1.. in the third -- the lightning found themselves behind again.. but in the final few seconds.. stamkos fires one in... game tied 3-3... with 5.5 on the clock.. in the shoot-
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point in his first ever n-h-l shootout.. he scores the winner.. bolts open the season 3-0 for the fifth straight year.. big news for the bucs.. unfortunatley not good news though.. wide reciever "vincent jackson".. is likely out for the rest of the season.. possibly ending his career with tampa bay.. jackson suffered a knee injury during week 5's monday night game against carolina and has been added to the injured reserve... ja when exactly the injury occured.. but m-r-i results revealed an injury to his a-c- l.. this is jacksons' final year under contract with the bucs.. but the 33 year old has gotten off to a slow start.. and with free agency upcoming.. his future prospects may be slim.. still to come on good day.. a check on your weather and traffic.. plus..
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there's a new device to help. after the break -- the big benefit for patients. my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf all thats left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago
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suspicious lumps in their breast, figuring out whether it's cancer or not - involves a breast biopsy. but that process just got a lot easier.. and as our doctor jo explains.. it's all thanks to research out of the university of south florida.. hailee carroll cherishes time with her daughter, now more than ever what color did you get today in school? green. green? that's because at the age of 25, hailee's already had four breast lumps surgically removed i've had three procedures in the last four years for the first two procedures, wires were placed into hailee's breast - pinpointing and guiding surgeons to the lumps. hailee says, that process didn't go smoothly the wire localization took a very long time. you couldn't move while you had the wire in place and it hurt to put the wire in. the lidocaine wore off and i had to have another dose. five months ago, with her last procedure, hailee's doctor tried something new. it's called savi scout. it's a game changer it could affect the lives of literally millions of women usf health's dr charles cox was not only the first to use this device in a patient, he helped develop it. instead of bulky wires that stick out of the breast, savi scout requires a tiny incision, and is basically injected into the breast through a large needle . ??how long does it take
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like a geiger counter, savi scout isn't radio-active. instead it uses radar technology. infr-red light in the handpiece penetrates the breast reaching the reflector buried inside. that's the advantage in the breast because it's compressable - so even if it's at the bottom you'd be able to press down within a millimeter of where it is unlike wires that must be inserted in the hosptial just before surgery, savi scout can be placed in the doctors office up to a month in advance. a benefit that dr cox says will likely offset it's ???cost many times with wire localizations you're delayed between a half an hour and two hours one half an hour of delayed time in the operating room is between two and five thousand dollars hailee's device was placed three days before her surgery with the savi scout it was quick easy, they used the lidocaine, made a quick incision - placed it - i went back to work. i had the savi scout place that whole weekend i have two small children i could still pick them up and while she hopes she won't need any more procedures... going forward if i have to do it again i will absolutely do
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savi scout is being used in more than 50 medical centers across the u.s. as for hailee, she works at u-s-f in a different department. her procedure was covered by insurance. still ahead in our next half hour: a snake comes crawling out of the hood of a man's car.. on his way home from work.. the video you have to see.. but first,
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13's shayla reaves is live
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you know me, i grew up here. and while politics and the political parties may have... changed, i haven't. i've always stood up to the special interests and for... to protect social security and medicare. for women's healthcare, and our veterans. in congress i won't let them privatize the va, cut social security and medicare, take away a women's right to choose, or defund planned parenthood. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message, because i'll put you, the people first.


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