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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  October 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the latest now... on the race for the white house. election day is now just a few weeks away. and last night, voters got one ?final chance to hear the candidates face off on the issues... in the third debate. and one of the topics trump was forced to address... the recent sexual abuse claims, from several women:
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when he called clinton a "nasty woman." and that inspired one clinton supporter... to use the slogan for a fundraiser. they made this tshirt with "nasty woman" written in a heart... and started selling it "google ghost." this is a screenshot from the website. the shirt sells for 25 dollars... with 50 percent of proceeds going to "planned parenthood." and here's some of the key dates... that florida vo early voting locations open in the bay area starting next monday, october 24th. early voting ?ends on sunday, november sixth. and the actual election day is a few days later... tuesday, november eighth. in local headlines: the search is on... for a trio of thieves in hillsborough county. detectives say they robbed a family's car... and their home... and then started ?charging their credit cards. and whats really scary... is how ?easy it was to pull off this crime. and that's
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homeowners. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now from the hillsbrough county
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at least one person is dead... and five others injured... after a construction scaffolding collapse in downtown miami. a section of the framework fell from the top of a 50-story high-rise. firefighters says the man who died was just a bystander... who wasn't even ?hit. he had a heart attack while trying to run away from the falling debris. some of that debris also landed on a car... sending the woman inside also rushed to the hospital. two others were treated at the scene. space-x could be getting some help from florida... to repair its launch pad at cape canaveral. the complex suffered damage after this rocket ?exploded during launch back in september. even before that accident, space-x had plans to expand the launch complex to make room for ?deep space missions. and the company has a lease on the
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"space florida" will hold a meeting with the florida department of transportation next week, asking for five million dollars in funds, to help pay for the improvements. space-x hopes to resume launches, sometime next month. a bald eagle is out of harm's way -- thanks to a state trooper in central florida. and it was all caught on camera. the video was captured on the troopers dashcam video on wednesday. the eagle was hit a in orlando. the trooper pulled over.....picked up the eagle.. and put it in the back of his cruiser. the florida highway patrol then tweeted out this picture with the caption: "from protecting our citizens, to saving our nation's bird." and... an update on the annual "swan roundup".. in lakeland. city workers had to catch all 65 swans this week... for their yearly
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they met with the veterinarians. they were weighed... vaccinated... and microchipped if necessary. over the last couple of years -- doctors noticed the birds have been a little overweight. it's something the city has been trying to fix. and they're hard work is showing. all the swans this year are showing perfect numbers. there's a new challenge for one bay area man... who lost ?both his legs and he's about to take part in his first triathlon. mike atherton was just fitted for a new set of prosthetic legs this week. they're designed especially for racing. he'll be part of a triathlon this weekend, for athletes who have disabilities. it features a 10 mile run... a 44 mile bike... and a one mile swim. atherton lost his limbs in 2009 when his family's boat
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never allowed his disabilities keep him from challenging himself: atherton's prosthetics were paid for by a grant and were fitted at the hanger clinic here in tampa. toss to weather...
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we are seeing yet ?another side effect from "hurricane matthew." after the break: why it has elections officials on the east coast, scrambling to mail out ballots. and later this half hour... lets do the time warp again! a creepy classic.. is making a comeback. where you can see it... tonight. but first... a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. still no g so that jackpot is now up to 151 million dollars. good luck... and good day is back,
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? harry's meeting clients from far away.? ? but they only see his wrinkles. ? ? he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal. ? ? better find a way to smooth things over. ? ? if only harry used some bounce, to dry.? ? yeah. ?
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look at this steak, just sitting there, taunting you. what's worse? it's not alone. it comes with this, this, or this too. are you gonna do something about it? if not? good luck sleeping tonight. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. only at longhorn steakhouse. "hurricane matthew" continues to cause damages on florida's east coast. and this time... it could affect election day. thousands of ballots were mailed out in volusia county... right as the storm was hitting the coast a few weeks ago. many of those ballots were damaged, after getting left in the rain and heavy wind. the volusia county supervisor of elections doesn't know how many ballots were affected by the weather.. but they've
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since many people were forced to evacuate their homes... many of those ballots were left out in their mailboxes... for ?days. volusia county residents can still get a replacement ballot mailed to them if the original
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients.
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ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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the time is now 4-49... and here's a look at the top trending stories today. first up: get ready to see a lot of ?purple on your social media feeds the next 24 hours. that's because today is national "spirit day." it was created six years ago by a teenager named "brittany mcmillan" . she wanted to show support for l- g-t-b-q youth... and take a
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celebrities are expected to take part. in recent years, even the m-t-v network and oprah winfrey joined the cause. the easiest way to show support... wear purple today... or post something online with the hashtag: "spiritday." and now... to the latest hollywood ?prequel in the works. lets just say it's a ?sweet surprise, for fans of one famous chocolatier: yup... 'willy wonka' is coming back to the big screen... again. warner brothers just aquired the rights to the "wonka" character and the books... and now, they are hoping to turn it into a ?franchise, just like "harry potter." the first new movie will take place ?before the original film... and focus on wonka's
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and speaking of remakes, you can see another one ?tonight. and it's a much different "sing a long" than "willy wonka." it's the "rocky horror picture show!" a remake of the 1975 musical movie.... that turned into a cult classic. the original starred tim curry as doctor "frank n furter." he makes a ?cameo this time, cox"... from "orange is the new black..." takes over the doctor role. the musical will not be ?live... but it has several scenes featuring a movie theater audience interacting with the show. you can start singing along... tonight at eight, right here
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the future of tropical field... is getting clearer. after the break: how you can help decide what happens to that bay area landmark, today. plus: i'll has another check on the thursday forecast. good
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about general mills big g cereals. today in st. pete: another meeting on the ?future of tropicana field. the city is hosting another community meeting to look at options for the stadium's future. it's taking place tonight at six, at the coliseum. the city needs to come up with a plan for the 85 acre site... just in case the rays decide to ?leave.
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new stadium for years... and they could possibly move across the bay. ?do your kids ever wish they could be superheroes? well they can get some ?super training today. the upp tampa bay regional public library is hosting a "superhero training academy." and the teachers... are ?real superheroes: icap test caption ...returning to upstream... hillsborough county fire rescue. they will teach kids about healthy food, exercise, and character building. the training starts at 10-30 this morning, and it's completely free. the "movies in the park" series continues. you can take the family to see the original "planet of the apes" starring charlton heston. the movie is free. it's going on at north straub park,
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and tonight in clearwater... an eighties flashback. the band "psychadelic furs" is performing at ruth eckerd hall. performing all their hits... including this one... from the molly ringwald comedy, "pretty in pink." tickets start at 35 dollars. ((vanessa)) toss to
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((vanessa tossback... coming up in the 5 o'clock hour: we go ?live to las vegas... to get more reaction from last night's ?final presidential debate. and fox 13's shayla reaves is live in hillsborough county... to explain the scary way some
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also ahead at five: you could be part of a law enforcement line-up... without even knowing it! the new software... that lets police search through
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((vanessa clinton versus trump: round three. both candidates came out swinging we're live in las vegas... breaking down the final face-off.. ((laura and one unlocked car... opened a whole lot of doors for a group of robbers. how these people were able make off with valuables and credit cards... all while the homeowners were asleep.


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