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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  October 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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for monster appetites. respect for this person. >> that's because he'd rather have a puppet as president. >>laura: with the country's future at stake. >>russell: thieves go on a shopping spree with someone else's credit cards. >>laura: and canine in training. we'll introduce to you a brave dog and show you what it takes
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look at that. we're down another notch with that northeast wind at three miles an hour. the front is not even here yet and it's getting cooler so pretty nice start to the day. we have mid to upper 60s inland. still, though, you have clearwater and st. petersburg hanging on to the lower 70s. again, by the time we get into very early saturday morning, all of this humidity is gone and the drier air settles in place. one day at a time, though, dave. let's go back to 87 for about this cold front on the way in a little bit. >>vanessa: very good. thanks. see you in a bit. as far as crashes, we've been a bit busier in some northern counties. latest crashes out of hernando, spring hill area to be specific. an outside northbound lane is going to be blocked. we're hearing a possibility of two lanes so make sure you're using caution here. still dealing with lane blocks out of pasco county, san antonio
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we have a crew checking it out. appears to be a fairly minor scene is what we're hearing but we don't know anything about injuries. state road 52 west of curly street, only one lane open. plan extra time or avoid if you can. >> donald trump and hillary clinton meeting for a last round as tens of millions of viewers watched from their living rooms. continuing a trend set in the last debate, democratic and republican nominees took a stage without shaking hands. round three focused on economy, gun rights, fighting terrorism and immigration. one of the night's biggest revelations. >> and trump would not admit to accepting the results if he loses, saying he would leave america in suspense. >> do you make the same commitment that you will absolutely, sir, that you will absolutely accept the result of this election? >> i will look at it at the
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he said the republican primary was rigged. there was even a time when he didn't get an emmy for his tv program three years in a row and he started tweeting that the emmys were rigged. >> i should have gotten it. >> this is a mindset. this is how donald thinks. >>laura: with less than three weeks until the election, the big question now is, what, if any, impact did this debate have on the race or have voters already made up their minds? wel craig patrick coming up at 7:30. >>russell: voter registration ended this week and because of an extension, nearly 54,000 additional voters signed up. here's some dates to remember. early voting begins october 29. it ends november 5. the big one, election day, that is november 8 c. >>laura: inmate escapes custody in one county only to find
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armed with a knife, investigators say this man, david ross, overpowered a corrections officer at a work camp in bartow. they say ross locked other inmates in a building and stole a truck while holding the officer hostage. the officer managed to escape unharmed and after a short chase, ross was arrested. the entire incident was just over in under two hours. thankfully no one was hurt. >>russell: ross was originally set to be released in february of 2019. he faces a long list of ad armed kidnapping of a correctional officer. >> these are individuals that are set to be released from prison in the near future, whenever that may be. they're not supposed to be a threat to society. that's the reason why they're out doing work in society. so it's not something that you expect. >>russell: ross is being held in the pinellas county jail. florida department of corrections issued a statement and says the department will review the incident to determine
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response. >>laura: four more women have stepped forward to accuse a lakeland mental health counselor of sexual misconduct and now a total of seven women said that conty made sexual advances. he said that touch therapy would help treat depression. detectives are asking any woman with similar experiences to come forward. >>russell: prison. stephanie taught special ed at davidson middle in tampa. in 2009 she was convicted of having sex multiple times with two of her students. one 14, the other 16. she now is a registered sex offender and will spend 15 years on probation. >>laura: a young girl and her mother are recovering after they were struck by a car on the way to school at a bus stop in dundee. a mother and daughtr were hit tuesday morning.
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bruising, esmerelda's godmother says they're making amazing recovery. they'll have a study in the area to see if streetlights might be in the area. >>russell: 6:06. we've said it before and we will again. lock your car doors. >>laura: we have reported ones dozens of people s time thieves get a pair of glasses or cell phone but they could get more. >>russell: we're learning about a scary and upsetting case involving a garage door opener, right? >>reporter: you're absolutely right, russell. if you can imagine in this case, thieves took advantage of an unlocked car door, unlocked garage door and this was an opportunity to get away with a
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sleeping inside of a home. if you just think about it, in this case, those thieves were able to grab a garage door opener from that unlocked car, use the garage door opener to gain access to the house. there was an unlocked door in the garage that they used to enter the home and get away with stolen credit cards and a wallet. authorities have some video they want you to see and they're hoping someone out there recognizes the screen, accused of using those credit cards at multiple tampa area stores. take a good look at your screen here. these are images captured at a wal-mart parking lot. the vehicle is believed to be a kia pulling into the lot. authorities want to find the two men and a woman seen leaving the s.u.v. and walking into the store. they're accused of going on a shopping spree, leaving the victims to pay the bills. we're told the trio charged credit cards in three stores,
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depot in plant city. deputies shared a description of the people seen in the video. two white males, one with a salt and pepper goatee and glasses and the other with short brown hair, scruffy beard, sunglasses and ball cap. the female is believed to be white with brown or black hair, fair complexion and a black ball cap in the video. authorities want to talk to three about the home burglary and hours later and the video you're seeing on the screen and again at two other locations. so authorities say that's not all the thieves involved in the home burglary got away with. in fact, the victim in this case is also missing a laptop as well as a fossil watch. so if you have any details or recognize any of the individuals we showed you in the video, you're urged to contact the hillsborough sheriff's office
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reaching out to crime stoppers. back to you. >>russell: thank you. government is recommending zika testing for all pregnant women who recently spent time anywhere in miami dade. >>laura: the county is the only area in the united states where mosquitos have been active. the dev had unprotected sex with someone who has recently been out of the county. >>russell: cdc introduced a new color coding system for miami dade. it's designed to help distinguish between the areas of active transmission. it separates spots that present a significant risk and areas where there is a possible risk of being infected. pregnant women should not travel to the areas in red that includes nearly all of miami
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>>laura: cuba is among a few countries that has presented the significant spread of the virus. country has been largely zika free since march. infective disease specialists from the u.s. are meeting with scientists from cuba. they hope to share the information on tropical diseases in the hopes of finding a way to keep them from spreading. >> i think we can make the zika vaccine and probably within the next several years, we're already testing the make them work, it's going to have a profound impact on people's lives. >>laura: the visit is part of president obama's push to build momentum about opening up exchanges with cuba. >>russell: and cases of sexually transmitted diseases are at all-time high. health departments also recorded
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and 24,000 cases of cyfillis. >>laura: here's a question. can the pope mobile fit in a fast food drive-through? something you've always wondered, i'm sure. >>russell: cardinals, there's a reason for that question. cardinals are not loving plans the world's holeiest sites. we have a problem. your second mars mission seemingly ends in disaster. what went wrong on the red planet? >>dave: temperatures are all over the place. 57 in brooksville. 73 in st. petersburg. we're headed for another
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>>dave: top 'o the morning to you. these temperatures are nice, too. it's a first hourly temperature we've had this week where it's down to 68 in tampa. let me tell you, by sunday morning, you can knock at least 10 off of that. this is a big change coming our way. i hope you're ready for it. i know it's going to be a lovely one for most. there are people out there, and i get your tweets, how much you love the heat and humidity. give us a few weeks for us drier air lovers. 61 in crystal river area. you're in the mid 7 0z, upper 70s down over parts of south florida. in terms of the satellite and radar, no huge difference from where we've been all week long.
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showers. i'm really surprised you're even getting this much shower activity along the east coast with the drier air we have aloft. this is probably going to dry those out west of lake okeechobee. no big deal. we'll start the day with just a beautiful sunshine as we've seen the past several days and there it is. your water vapor map. people ask, what's that big map? this is a look at several thousand feet up in the atmosphere and that red so as the clouds begin to develop today, they punch right into this drier air and it squashes them back down and shows us we're not going to get rain today just like we didn't yesterday and it will be another absolutely beautiful day indeed. first significant front, best way to title it because we did have a cold front that moved through that did nothing to us. so this one makes its way into the state tomorrow morning and
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afternoon, you're going to see it running through tallahassee area and then overnight friday into saturday morning is when it squeezes through and you'll really notice that difference when you wake up on saturday morning. again, give or take a degree. you're going to see a lot of spots in the low to mid 60s, including places like st. petersburg which will be at 69 and clearwater at 66 that have barely even gotten below 70 so this is one of those fronts that's going to benefit everybody. it's also g those water temperatures and stir things up offshore a little bit as well. no rain with this front, though. that's the one thing that we're pretty confident about. if you get more than a sprinkle or two, that's really about it. so mostly sunny. once again today, this is the last day, 87 degrees for a high temperature so we're going to run three, four degrees above normal like we have all week long today. then clear, lovely tonight with a low temperature of 69 degrees. let's go through the next seven
6:18 am
upper 70s. it will be breezy over the weekend but also the overnight lows are going to drop back to the 50s sunday morning and monday morning. let's continue that lovely weather through the middle of next week, okay? only because you asked for it. >>vanessa: yes, please. i'll take that. that looks wonderful. all right. thank you, dave. on the roadways as we had mentioned, we're pretty busy in the northern counties as far as the crashes and we have yet another crash to tell you about. latest one is coming to us from hernando. this is we're looking at the area north of blanton road. we do have minor to moderate delays to the area. plan some extra time. we'll watch and make sure it doesn't get too bad that you have to avoid the area. we'll have a look at some of our other conditions on our interstates. southbound 75 is not too bad. eight minutes between bruce b downs and i-4. i'm not seeing big complaints over the howard frankland bridge
6:19 am
interchange. >>russell: afghan soldier killed two americans in an attack near a coalition base near kabul. u.s. service member and civilian are among the casualties. the military has not released the names of those killed in the attack. the gunman was also killed but so far, no insurgent group has claimed responsibility. >>laura: iraqi forces are on the counter forces are advancing on a nearby town held by the islamic state group. special forces are expected to lead the final assault which is expected to take weeks, if not months. >>russell: bad day for probes. scientist in the u.s. and europe lose contact with the expensive spacecraft. european space agency is still waiting to learn the fate of its mars lander. europe's experimental mars probe
6:20 am
the red planet yesterday morning. things were going well until the signals stop at the very last moment. the probe's parachute went too early. space agency has not conceded that the lander crashed. europe's last mars probes, beagle two, crashed on mars in 2003. things aren't going well for nasa, either. juno spacecraft hit a snag as it orbits jupiter. it went into safe mode and shut off the cameras after detecting a problem. they can still commu engineers can diagnose what's gone wrong. juno is a $1.1 billion mission to explore the solar system's largest planet. >>laura: the vatican is known for its art and architecture, sistine chapel and soon, a pair of golden arches. mcdonalds is planning to build in an apartment complex where several cardinals live and some are not loving the idea at all.
6:21 am
pope himself, urging an intervention. it is unlikely, though. the project is expected to add an extra $33,000 a month to the vatican's wallet. >>russell: dignity in defeat. a letter between two presidents goes viral, giving us a unique look at the political process. >>laura: and oops. is this an expensive mistake? or brilliant marketing? what people are saying about
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it's time to see what's clicking on the web. >>russell: all right. time so see what's clicking on the web. >>laura: vanessa has this morning's hot clicks. >>vanessa: with some of the negativity in the presidential race, our first hot click comes at a good time. hopefully it will restore your faith in 1993 better from george h.w. bush to bill clinton. it's a rare look at a president leaving office. it reads, dear bill, when i walked into the office just now, i felt the same sense of wonder and respect i felt four years ago. i know you'll feel that, too. i wish you great happiness here. i never felt the loneliness some presidents have described. there will be very tough times, made even more difficult by criticism you might not think is
6:25 am
advice, but just don't let the critics discourage you or push you offcourse. you'll be our president when you read this note. i wish you well. i wish your family well. your success is now our country's success. i'm rooting for you. it's signed, good luck, george. classy, huh? >>russell: very. >>vanessa: now to this. is this real? hoax? or maybe just smart advertising? electronics store in the u.k. posting this video, apparently showing a customer examining a television display and he accidentally knocked it all over. he tips over the first and then backs into the others. $6,000 of equipment damaged here. video racking up more than three million viewers with many asking whether it's a marketing stunt. >>laura: why would --
6:26 am
talking. >>laura: you're right. >>vanessa: and finally a service dog. >>russell: i've seen this. it's incredible. >>laura: i haven't. >>vanessa: this is a service dog in training, getting a lot of love on social media. this picture shared more than 50,000 times on twitter. look at that. dog named yahoo sitting patiently as an artist you saw at first there at disneyland draws his caricature. her parents took the dog to the amusement park to see it's a good place to do t. >>russell: apparently in the picture where his character is being done, he just sat there and looked at the artist the whole time. isn't that amazing? >>vanessa: looks like a good dog, too. >>russell: thank you. >>vanessa: you're welcome. >>laura: we have a deputy canine in training in our studios this morning. >>russell: he's spectacular. beautiful dog. beautiful. hillsborough county sheriff's office here to explain the
6:27 am
not all of them will make the cut. and negotiations with an eagle. watch how this florida highway patrol trooper gets an injured
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rhodes> >>russell: welcome. i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. let's check on the forecast with dave osterberg. >>dave: is it nice and comfy outside. even at tampa international sitting -- our hourlies sitting around 70 degrees, 70 degrees all week long, now we have 68 so a great start to the day. sun will be up in an hour and about three minutes and for the most part, it's going to resemble yesterday. we'll mix a few clouds in but
6:31 am
this should be the last day where we have what we call the seasonably warm temperatures getting back to the upper 80s because late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow night, changes are moving through. i know you've been hearing a little about that or a lot about that all week long. we'll detail what the weekend looks like in a few minutes. >>vanessa: good morning. we switch gears and look at the roadways. we have an unfortunate update out of the hernando county crash. we're learning from f.h.p., now it's c fatality so at the very least, some serious injuries reported. this is north on 75. a little north of the blanton road exit. we're seeing on other data points and other road sensors look green on the map but other maps i'm seeing show some delays in the northbound direction already. drivers to avoid the area, please exit at blanton and you can take spring lake highway in the northbound direction on
6:32 am
the game? or has america already made up its mind? hillary clinton and donald trump met for the final presidential debate last night in las vegas and much of the debate focused on the issues but one moment overshadowed the policy talk. trump saying he would not commit to accepting the results if he loses in november, saying, quote, i'll keep you in suspense. we'll talk about that with political editor craig patrick. that's coming upstarting at 7:30. >>russell: huge chunks of scaffolding collapse. six people hurt, including a man in his 50s who tried to run from the area and had a heart attack. rushed to the hospital, he later died there. scaffolding crushed two cars parked below. the city building department checking to see if the structure is secure before opening the street. >>laura: and today the city of st. pete is hosting another meeting on the future of tropicana field. it's to look at options for the stadium's future in case the rays decide to leave. team recently got approval to
6:33 am
the meeting is tonight at 6:00 at the coliseum. >>russell: here's one. fhp trooper helped a bald eagle on the florida turnpike. you have to watch the video closely. the eagle flew into the path of a jeep striking the windshield. trooper found the stunned bird, put it in his patrol car and then called animal control. the eagle is now recovering at a rehab center. wow. >>laura: is hunt is on for carjackers who stole a car with a fox 13 is live for us in bradenton. frightening moments for the family v. have they caught the guy that did this? >>reporter: police are looking for a dog napper. do you know who was in the car? this cute little poodle chihuahua mix. her name is brandy. it happened yesterday on state road 64 here in bradenton. her owner went into a store, left brandy in the car,
6:34 am
somebody says the car. the dog is in the back seat. they took off down 64. they eventually find the car but it's abandoned. the police are telling us that someone tossed out that poor little puppy a couple of miles down the street. someone comes along, takes her home, bathes her and hands her over to animal control. they look on a local website that tries to advertise lost and missing dogs. they can put two and two together so we understand that little brandy is fine and dandy looking for the person who stole the car so if you know something, give the bradenton police a heads up. back to you. >>russell: well, up front we need to tell you that you're not going to probably hear a word of what we're saying this morning because you're going to be looking at that spectacular dog. man. i want to say he's cute.
6:35 am
this is deputy specter and he's the hillsborough county sheriff's office newest recruit and he's in training. he's a puppy. chad is here this morning to talk about it as is spector's new partner. good to see you all. thanks for coming in of the congratulations on the new partnership. let's talk -- good to see you, man. thanks for pulling this together. you had this great idea and i love it. >> absolutely. >>russell: we need to tell everybody, a dog like >> it doesn't. we talk all the time about how vital our community partnerships are. this is a perfect example. richard has donated several dogs to local agencies, law enforcement agencies because he has such a passion for helping the community, making the community safer as well as the dogs. and -- >>russell: especially german shepherds. >> that's his breed of choice. he's very, very fond of german shepherds and to answer your
6:36 am
now, let me put this in perspective. this puppy costs $8500. we couldn't as an agency afford this ourselves so through richard's generosity, we have another dog to keep this community safe. >>russell: where are you guys in your training right now? >> we're in the early stages. >>russell: what does that mean? we can see some pictures of you guys working but tell me. >> it's a 500 hour course that i have to go through and then we're in the first 80 so, just trying to get through it and i'm learning just as much as he is. i'm learning him every day. >>russell: it's your first time together and first time to be a canine. is that the proper term? handler? partner? i don't know what it is. >> he's new to the unit as well so -- very new. >>russell: what does it take to make it as one of the canine deputies? >> you have to be certified as a
6:37 am
tracking, apprehension, building searchs, area searchs, anything that you would consider finding bad guys or lost children, lost adults. his purpose, specialty will be explosives. on top of 480 hours, he'll probably have another 40 hours of explosives training to get certified by fdle and they have to be trained together or it will the other night that not every dog is going to make it. >> it doesn't and fortunately, it's extremely rare. these dogs love going to work. they love what they're doing. they love making the difference. if you see the excitement in these dogs when they think, hey, listen, we're getting ready to go to work, they love it. but there is that rare circumstance that there are some dogs that say, yeah. this isn't for me. i want to go lay down. this isn't for me. luckily, extremely rare.
6:38 am
when this is all said and done, testing, everything is done, you guys will be together doing what? >> we'll be doing patrol activities and doing the tracking of any sort we need to do with him. we can do e.o.d. with him, do the tracking of, you know, criminaling if they run from us. we can do tracking of missing persons if we need to. there's a lot of opportunities. >>russell: will he be with you at work every day? >> every day. >>russell: when you get up in th you. you were talking about the hours involved but i mean, they have to be tested and it's not just a one-time test, right? >> no, sir. no, sir. they get tested overseas by the importer, the kennel master. they then get flown into the states and then have a group they've already selected trying to get the cream of the crop and myself and the handler will go over there and do a series of testing again and then we make a
6:39 am
and the handler each time. >>russell: we talked about it before, having the canines at a law enforcement agency. >> crucial. these are some of the hard working dogs. we have 21 canines and their handlers. they're some of the most hard working members of the sheriff's office. think about what they're responsible for, russell. not just catching bad guys. that's very important but locating missing children. you know, getting all the drugs off the street and today's when you go to a stadium and you go wherever you're going and tere's an event, these dogs are here to make sure it's safe for us to attend. think about that. think about how hard working they are. crucial to today's law enforcement. >>russell: we have to go. can we follow this story? >> absolutely. i think that would be a great idea. we'll show some of the different phases of his training. >>russell: thank you, richard.
6:40 am
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>>dave: it is 6:42 and looking at these temperatures right now, this is nice. this is nice enough but we're going to make it even nicer for you, especially over the weekend. when you wake up for "good day" on saturday, and especially on sunday and you check in with lindsay and you'll see just 50s everywhere as we finly first significant front to move through, but hey, i'm not complaining about the 68 we have in tampa right now. statewide, you've got lower 60s to the north. upper 70s down over the keys and it's really about the dew points and the amount of surface moisture. the higher the number, the muggier it is. they're not bad right now but they're going to get even better over the course of the next couple of days. at least now in the, you know,
6:44 am
front coming through because on monday, it was like we're pretty sure a front is going to come through. we'll tweak it as we get closer. yeah. it's coming through and it will be friday night and into saturday morning, depending upon where you live. by tomorrow morning at 11:00 you'll notice the front is really moving through the tallahassee area. you can see these numbers dropping. the amount of moisture dropping, the color coding is going from green to yellow. even if you don't want to worry about the numbers, look at the colors, right? how about this? psaturday morni w area. it will feel so crisp, so nice. if you're from the north, right, and it's -- you know, you experience this early on in the fall, this is that nice fall day that you like when you're kind of outside and the breezes are blowing and the sun is out. that's what we're going to get for this upcoming weekend. and not only that, but it looks like it will linger through to the middle of next week as well. by saturday morning, brooksville
6:45 am
morning. sarasota, you'll be maybe in the mid 60s saturday morning but very close to the upper 50s come sunday morning so you can see how it just gets cooler and cooler. saturday morning will be fine. sunday morning really will be spectacular. the other thing we've been watching, of course, is this disturbance which really isn't doing much and we're not concerned about it. here is your front. you can see it setting up shop here in oklahoma and northeast texas. this is going to push whatever the north and out of the way. so that is not going to be a big deal. it may merge with the front up in new england, make it a rainy saturday out of the deal, but that's about it. nothing significant. mostly sunny, lots of warmth today. last day we go back to about 87 degrees for a high temperature. mostly clear, lovely, our low temperature near 69 degrees and then scattered clouds with the breezes for tomorrow afternoon and your high temperature about 85 degrees. i will say this. as the front comes through, you're likely going to chop
6:46 am
this weekend for the updated marine forecast just to make sure. we have a moderate chop, seas running two feet for today and the high tide was at 4:23 this morning so tide is on the way out. low at about 12:30. next seven days, no rain to speak of. just a bunch of drier air. even next wednesday you're still looking at that drier air sitting in place but what a -- i think that might be the nicest seven-day since early spring, late winter. i think it is overall. >>vanessa: what a treat to see the two 50s there. low temperatures. i like that. all right. thank you. right now we want to check some trouble spots on the roadways. don't forget out of hernando, northbound 75 an area to avoid that stretch just north of blanton road. we're learning the road blocks here. center and right lane, those are going to be blocked in the
6:47 am
exit at blanton and take lake iola, spring lake highway around that instead. right now we have a look here, 75 southbound at river road, sarasota county. we have a crash reported here with lane blocks on the actual exit ramp itself. use caution. there we go. sky fox here overhead, mlk near 275, hillsborough county, dealing with some eastbound lane blockage east of the interstate. you can see we do have a single lane passing but it will give yourself a couple of extra minutes but please be careful if you pass by. right now 6:47. playing musical charley belcher this week so now we have alcides segui in. good morning. >> good morning to you. i haven't been on the facebook page for awhile. when was the last time you were in a haunted house? >>vanessa: gosh. i can't even remember. years. years, years. >>reporter: it's been at least 10 plus years and i remember not
6:48 am
i couldn't stand it. obviously they freak you out. that's what they're supposed to do. i have to tell you, there's one here in the bay area that i'm a little bit nervous about. it is the one here at the ss american victory on channelside. chamber of terror. one of only a few nautical, what they call nautical nightmares in the entire state and excuse me, in the entire united states. courtney being with us. give us a little preview. what can i expect when we go inside? >> mayhem. >>reporter: it's too early for that. >> it's a good way to put it. this is good for morning tv. >>reporter: you've been open for awhile, right? >> this is the third weekend. busier each week. >>reporter: what makes this different?
6:49 am
of intensity, right? >> normally with the theme parks and things like that, you go in into a congo line fashion. here we're in individual groups. if you came with your wife, you would be going with your wife and another group. that's it. we pulse it every minute to minute and a half. you don't see the scares in front of you or behind you. you're in the attraction by yourselves. >>reporter: you usually cheat. you see everything ahead of so how many people do you typically have inside? >> we have about 50 actors and then about 10 staff roaming around, security, make sure everything is fine. >>reporter: all right. so i have to tell you, a while ago i walked inside and to see the detail and every one of your stages or every one of your rooms is incredible. how are you able to do things like that in such a short amount of time? you only did it in six weeks.
6:50 am
we were here until 2:00, 3:00 in the morning a lot of nights just getting the done. crew of about five of us to make sure everything is taken care of, set it up in stages. we would build one room, detail it, move to the next. >>reporter: that will be fun. i'm looking forward to it. thank you for being with us. coming up a little later, we're going to go live inside the ship. i've never been. never been inside the ship until this morning. it's really neat, especially like the lobby area, their entrance, main entrance area. really neat inside and that's er the chamber of terror. coming up a little later, we're going to go into -- i would say about a good quarter of what the nautical nightmare. in the 7:00, 8:00 hour, we'll go in different rooms and you're going to love this. on my facebook page live, we'll go through a 30 minute scenario. you'll see it on my facebook lye. that's about 9:00. it will be a lot of fun.
6:51 am
we'll be inside and talk to the folks from the ss american folks from the ss american victory and make it a folks from the ss american victory and make it a follow your own sense of style... because, you want to be confident. t.j.maxx really helped us express our creative side. that's the best part. you don't know what you're going to find. i always find great deals on shoes... purses... we're a team. yeah. maxx life at t.j.maxx. this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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twenty four meals under four dollars! just like in 1934! that can't be right. no, i was there! back then, you not only got to choose from 24 meals under four dollars, you also got a shave, a shoeshine and a new suit. used to be called "steak 'n shake 'n shave 'n shoeshine 'n suit." they even put it on the sign! 'til it broke. is that a steak 'n shake suit? walter, does this look like a steak 'n shake suit? get 24 meals for under four dollars.
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we've talked a lot about the presidential debate .. >>russell: we talked about the presidential debate this morning. >>laura: now we're waiting to see how wall street will react to this. from the fox business network studio, we have lauren simonetti to tell us about it. >> this is a tough one. with you weary up late? up early watching the final debate? look. for investors, it's difficult to truly understand what could potentially happen. there are so many question marks facing the market right now. everything from, yeah, the presidential campaign, right in if hillary clinton is elected, usually when they wins the debate or when our interpretation is she put in a stronger performance, you do see stocks go up and health care and drug stocks, for instance, go down because clinton, as president, would be hard other
6:55 am
she would preserve much of the status quo. when trump is perceived the winner, you see a change in currencies. after last night's debate, we saw everything and nothing at the same time. we're looking at a slightly higher open, looking at the futures right now. but it's the debates, election, it's the fed and interest rates, right? when are they going to hike? corporate earnings are coming in investors not sure what to do with all of this. we mief -- we might have to wait until the new year. >>russell: we'll run for now. see you later, okay? >> bye. >> you just need to find a woman who is pathetic, like you. >> thanks, buddy. >> do you need a hug? >> no. no. i do not.
6:56 am
>>russell: marvel releases the first teaser for guardians of the galaxy, volume two. misfits back together along with the feel good sound track. original guardians was a super hit, becoming the highest grossing superhero film of 2014. volume two hits the theaters next may. you know the words. it's just the jump to the left and then a step to the right. let's do the time warp again. that's all i'm goi hit rocky horror picture show debays tonight on fox. it's the longest running film in box office history. the new cast includes victoria justice, adam lambert. the original dr. tim curry gives is blessing as the narrator. it airs tonight at 8:00 right here on fox 13. provocative is out, pop culture
6:57 am
pokemons at your door next monday. >>russell: cubs and dodgers series turning out to be a great one and a former ray may be responsible for evening up the series. >>laura: attention, kids. do well and study hard for every single test. one day, we may be reporting on you the way we're reporting on this guy. what he did that's getting him so muc amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy.
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((russell- helping themselves. a group of >>russell: helping themselves. credit cards to go on a shopping spree. why this should be a lesson for all of us. plus -- >> the third debate is over in las vegas. where do the campaigns go next? i'll have a report on that coming up. >>laura: and holiday wish list. the gift ideas inside the new knee -- nieman marcus catalog.


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