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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  October 20, 2016 8:00am-8:59am EDT

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((russell a baby in the burn unit.. and, police say, his parents are to blame. a baby in a burn unit police say at parents are to blame. new this morning abuse after a scalding hot shower. and standing alone. the football player who refused to join his team's protest at the national anthem. and stood alone in silence. from tab's number one news bay. hey eshgdz it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm i'm laura moody. good morning everybody we thank you for waking up with with us on this thursday, october 20th. we will start with a look at the weather. and we sent dave outside just because it's such a beautiful day. just cause. just cause. it really is. it's even nicer than it was yesterday at this time. and we are sitting in the upper 60s here in the 8 o'clock hour. i've got to keep in mind the sun just came up like a half hour ago.
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into the 70s. it's beautiful. i mean, that is the view that i have too. north, northeast winds at 5 miles per hour. 68 degrees. gorgeous sunshine. while you do see a couple of showers say near fort piers not anticipating that to be a big deal with drier air aloft. squashing clouds back down again. lots of sunshine, more warmth. last time we make it to the upper 80s. that will be the this afternoon then. cooling trend starts especially come saturday morning. about that in a few minutes. all right. thanks, dave 8:0 one..- good news we've following for a few hours this crash along northbound 75 north of blanton road. is serious injury crash. but you can see lanes are looking a lot clear with the delays no longer persisting through the area. we have clear lanes, and that's according to fhp. and it looks like delays is haven't lingered much longer. i think you're okay to go through that area maybe just prepare for possibility of up to
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but i think that will quickly dwindles as we go on throughout the morning. a woman and her boyfriend around facing serious charges this morning after deputies say the man burned the child and the mother did little to help the situation. carla and dennis are in jail right now. manatee deputies say that he took a shower while the baby boy was at work. and then left him in very hot water alone for about five the baby was burned and blistered. he took the baby to the mother and went to walmart to get burn medicine. deputies say couple left baby alone in car for 20 minutes while they shopped. hours later blister got so bad they took baby to hospital. he has been there for the last three days getting treatment. the two are charged now with a child neglect with great bodily harm. okay.
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donald trump and hillary clinton are back on the campaign trail this morning. just hours after the third and final debate. it was another contentious debate too. the two once again refusing to shake hands. this third debate focused on issues that matter most to americans. the economy, gun rights, fighting terrorism women's rights and immigration. but that discussion happened between personal attacks and accusations. this third round ended with trump saying that he believes that the voting process is being rigged. and if he loses, accept the results. going to bring in our political editor craig patrick again to talk about the debate. and if donald trump's threats hold any water. hey craig. >> good morning. good morning. i want to go back to what we talked about at 7 and pursue that a little bit more donald trump has been claiming election process is rigged. so that if he doesn't win the election he's saying he may not, well he said i will let you know if i accept the results.
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now? >> well i think most voters already decided one way or the other. so in excess of 90 percent it doesn't change a single thing. it comes down to late deciders. late deciders tend to be focused on pocket book issues. when they hear something controversial like this, i don't know that it works in favor of donald trump at all. donald trump did not specifically qualify what he said when he said we're going to keep us in suspense a earl year great deal of suspense in the year 2000 with democrats and al gore questioning the way things were going. but the circumstances there were extremely unusual. and we were in a recount scenario. and had trump maybe qualified it on the stage in those terms as surrogates later did. i think you might be getting a good deal of different spin then you're getting because this was followed up by donald trump and trail saying he sees tremendous voter fraurd when some in his
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stayed up for the whole thing. and i, i sort, my take away was for the most part, it was much more issue oriented and i think you're giving chris wallace a lot of credit on that >> absolutely. he just compared to first two debates. the debates went off the rails. particularly in the second debate. and it was focused on issues that will not drive voting behavior at the booth. focused on penalty you got in this tit for that was the first couple of rounds when voters said they wanted focus on issues, chris wallace corralled candidates if a folk offed very specifically on impact they will have supreme court coming right out gate he piftd to abortion, immigration, one issue after the other. moving on to a complete and hot spots around world. if you go down the list, and i looked at the list, the pugh study of issues voters care about the most, he hit on every
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we got to see the contrast between the candidates on policy that was just missing in the first two rounds. >> one of the things however i think that did surprise me and you know, you watch the commentators going in and here's what this one is expected to do here's what this ones expected to do. and i think that lot of people were thinking that hillary clinton would just perform the same way she had in the first two debates. to me, she seemed more aggressive and going after donald trump i think that typically candidates who have a lead in the polls as she does will try to run out the clock she tried to do that around labor day, remember. it didn't go so well and donald trump came out of nowhere. i think that they remember that. and i think that hillary clinton also remembered the second debate just what ten days ago when trump was just throwing the kitchen sink at the clintons she was on her heels not pushing
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the way she was able to the in first debate. so think he looked first one and second one and said okay, we need to be far more aggressive in terms of how we respond and try to get under donald trump's skin. and trump made a remark near the end of the debate, such a nasty woman that also get a good deal of play the morning after. >> i will ask you earlier end of end of the debate i should say did it change anything? >> no. did not change the trajectory of the race. there that changes the way things are right now. a lot of people are already voting. if it is to be one final october surprise it's going to have to come not by way of this debate, but by some other leak or revelation or something else. all right. hey, good to talk to you my friend. see you when you get here. thanks, craig. long night for him. for first time in decades many roman catholics say they will not voting for a republican candidate. saying donald trump is a loose cannon.
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still favored by this religious group but recent scandals wrapped have knocked that number down significantly. the things antilooking good to hillary clinton either with this group either. emails leaked show very negative comments about catholics. this group is very important to the election. no candidate has won white house without the catholic vote since the 1970s. new poll by military times in institute for veterans syracuse university show that is trump is a clear favorite among military vote for him. but recent allegations of assault are hurting his image when it comes to military women. and officers. >> nearly 64,000 more floridians will be voting this year thanks to the voter registration deadline extension. some experts say this number has the potential to help swing election in democrats favor. florida democratic party knows what it was doing when it was when it sued for the extension. during the last presidential election, democrats out
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days of the period by thousands. but don't count republicans out just yet. they believe their years long push to get more voters will most likely even things out. men and women have been fighting for their freedom to vote for decades recently a string of national anthem protests players refusing to stand up for that song. but one college football player wanted to stand and show his respect. and he did it alone. this is a photo of standing on sidelines of game the entire football game decided to stay in locker room during anthem. but not conner. he wanted to honor america. team released a statement they will continue to stay in the locker room quietly reflecting and recognizing the sacrifice of so many while trying to renew this commitment to a famous words of pledge allegiance with liberty and justice for all. it's going to feel like a little like fall this weekend.
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he started it. he's going have to end it. dave's got all the temperatures next. i will say it does look nice, doesn't it? plus will kids eat their veggies if cinderella tells them too disney banging on idea. coming up on 8:30 every dog should get its day. how a company granted a family's very emotional wish. and alcides segui, let me just tell you all something. we have picked the wrong reporter to send house today. i know this one. i know he does not dig this sort of thing. you know me all too well. we've had this conversation before my friend. this is not my cup of tea. yeah. look. i'm doing one of these with my feet. i am not like. i'm seriously i'm not kidding. yeah, come on. let's go.
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a piece of american history into, yeah one of scariest halloween attractions not only in bay area but state of florida. it really is freaky, guys. coming up in what time in about ten minutes or so we're going to walk in, we're going to see go ahead just go. yeah. just get it out of the way. come on. come on. we're going to see these guys. we're going to walkthrough some
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amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. t choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment. good for florida.
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you're watching good day tampa bay. coming up on 8:15. it's a warning that some peopl always lock your car doors. and one local family learned that the hard way after thieves, hillsborough sheriff's office .. the message her shayla.. lock your doors! hillsborough county the message lock your doors.
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and over again. so instead of waking up a from a dream you're waking up to missing stuff. your credit cards, your laptop, your wallet. and your sense of security. all of it gone. well that's what happened in dover just last week. and hillsborough county sheriffs office need your help to track down people scene in this this video walmart location two men and woman accused of a using credit cards stolen in home burglary. authorities say trio charged card in three different stores leaving victim to pay the bill. hillsborough county sheriff's officist investigating the case and we're told their some things you can do to protect yourself from becoming a target. now authorities say make sure you check your car doors, make sure that those car doors are locked. do not leave valuable items
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vehicle with your vehicle unlocked. now in this particular case, we are told again, that the thieves were able to get in through that unlocked car. they grabbed the garage door opener. used the device to open the garage and enter the home through an unlocked entry door. they made off with all of items i described to you. now hillsborough county sheriff's office is asking anyone out there, if you recognize the people seen in that surveillance video to go ahead call. of course, you can always report information anonymously by reaching out to crime stoppers as well. russell, back to you. all right shayla, thanks a lot, talk later. thank you. >> i forget. i forget. i try not to, but every now and then i forget. locking your door. i do. i do. but i try really hard. >> can i say something? >> i hope i don't get in trouble for saying this >> go ahead >> you shouldn't have to worry about it though. >> well that's what i'm saying.
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doors to your house either. >> exactly. yeah. i mean you got to remember, in the younger generation, back when we, russell, were kids, laura you're part of that younger generation. when we were kids we if worry about that, right? i remember, let's not get off on something here. but i remember being a kid ongoing on my bike on summer staying gone all day didn't come back to supper. you can't do that any more. i know. i know. outside. it's honestly its even nicer. yesterday was nice. today is nicer. 71 in clearwater. 73 in st. petersburg. those are the only hourly observations. still in the 70s. we've got brooksville at 61. we've got brandon at 64. bartow at 66. upper 60s right along the coastline from sarasota
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state-wide it's not bad key west is 78. lower 60s to gainesville. and dew point numbers are also decent too. we've kind of come off that moderate humidity just a bit. whil you will feel that warmth today. i want you to watch this. this is forecast for humidity levels. watch as they drop. you don't even need to look at the numbers. don't even look at the numbers. just look at the color coding. green you get into moderate humidity. dew points in but just to the northwest of that look how beautiful it is tallahassee, pensacola. but watch by saturday morning, wow. that's a huge difference. look at that dryer air settling in. really, for most of the state. enjoy it first big cold front of season comes through late friday night. if you're hoping for rain that's not going to happen but it will dry us out and cool us off for several days. 87 degrees for a high
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degrees. and tomorrow 85. tomorrow's kind of our transition day. because it's not going to be too cool. not too warm. going to get breezy in afternoon. front will come through. most of us are sleeping on friday night. then the next 7 days show us not only are we going to get to upper 70s for highs for the weekend, but, vanessa, we're going to be in upper 50s in tampa. sunday and monday morning. meaning inland and north you may squeeze back to lower 50s come sunday i know. >> i like that though. that sounds really pleasant. >> all right thanks, dave. 8:19. right now we're check checking slower part of 275 in hillsborough no big surprise southbound direction. this is the area near fowler where we're slowing down just a bit. comparison to the rest of the interstate traveling through hillsborough and pinellas. not too bad on travel times in comparison to what we've seen. typically this time of morning. it 21 minutes in the red.
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eastern hillsborough county. so enjoy that. southbound 75 just moderate congestion sitting a 15 minutes. coming from that 275 junction near pasco hillsborough county line and i-4. a big regret for jameis winston. if he had to do it all over again why star quarterback says he would not have gone to florida state. it's okay. it's okay. also ahead in our 9 o'clock hour the 411 on a popular cell phone provider ordered to pay back millions to i but first, alcides the script says he's ain't afraid no ghosts. yeah he is. yeah he is. that why we sent him
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y2562y yy6y elise: we couldn't believe it. that poor girl was raped by two football players and their friends. we were sure they would go to jail. so, when i heard state attorney mark ober decided to go easy on them, i was scared -- scared for my daughter.
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if mark ober can't protect our families,
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welcome back to good day tampa bay. i got tell you i'm a little bit nervous i mean that because this is not your ordinary haunted house. this is the ss american victory. an old world war ii ship that turned into one happen halloween best halloween attractions not only bay area but state of florida we will go up and take thank you. thank you, thank you for that. so theme soldiers are through some experimental thing, have turned into like alien life forms or something. okay.
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yep. [banging ] courtney mcentire joined us this morning. a small glimpse. really only a small. maybe 15 seconds of a 30 minute walk-through. >> correct. first off how did you do this? because you did an incredible job of get everything ready. honestly it's all in my head we don't draw anything out. scared day lights out of me. we tried to use a lot of, a lot of stuff in ship actually. everything in room is from the ship. from the ship >> from the ship. correct all radios i mean we, we tweaked them we put sound in them we put little blinking lights to make them real everything you're looking right
8:25 am
ship. so, i wasn't even listening did you say how long it took you to transform this thing? >> two months. we're constantly, every night i'm changing things. every, every day we're, you know coming in here doing little tweaks here and there. but to get the whole base of it, two months. where are you guys at? >> you know, not like. so we're actually behind the florida aquarium. exact physical address is 705 channelside drive. just like you said just behind florida find it. >> you guys like do your own costumes right >> yeah, correct everything is purchased these are just regular jump suits or medical labs, scrubs we purchase from walmart, thrift store whatever the case may be. and then, do everything ourselves from head to toe. all the distressing, you know discoloration, the mask masks are all cannot buy these spirit or party city. they are silicon. basically when he talks or he moves. yeah.
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because i want to go we're going to go, coming up christina coming up in next, okay coming up in next i guess in 20 minutes we're going to go that way through here. and this is the other really freaky part of the halloween attraction deal. there's one guy who was an actor, really good. super impressive. you're going to hear from him and then coming up in 9 o'clock hour, we're going to go in kitchen where it's also this, this thing, what i love about this is that it's only like, this only like 30 seconds. like you said whole 30 minute tour. we will look getting information on our website at i'm shooting video too because we can't shoot all of it. too much, too much. really awesome. you f. you like this type of thing to be honest with me courtney i'm sorry this isn't my thing. i would not pay to be freaked out to be like you know on edge all the time.
8:27 am
they are expecting more. i'm going to stop talking. big business. >> you're rambling. i know. it's know. it's great. i know. because i'm nervous. all right. waiting for somebody to jump out. they will. see you later. okay. we've got to tell you about this this their cass car jacking that also included a dog jacking. ken suarez has a story of family that reunited with dog after car thieves tossed it out of the port richey and find a lot of drugs inside. but wait until you see what the outside of the this house looks
8:28 am
it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did.
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whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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a dog ditched on the side and welcome back. it's 8:30 now. a dog ditched on the side of the road and person accused of a doing took off now that sounds bad on its own. story guess worse person behind this accused of a carjacking it's owners and the dog was still inside that car. so kenny suarez is in bradenton where the dog was dumpedut yes? >> yeah, we've talking about brandy all morning long. she is back. you know if you have dog you probably love your dog, and linda and her, linda and her husband loved their little dog brandy. they take her wherever they can they decide to take her when they went out to eat. ufortunately, things turned very dark very quickly. they left brandy in the car with car returning and went into local italian place when they came out.
8:32 am
gone. a witness told couple that one guy got into the car and took off. another guy in a second car took off right behind him. well, as you might expect, they were absolutely sick over losing her. it was horrifying. greatest fear we were not going to get our dog back. we called sheriff or called the police. and they responded quickly. they had the car located within an hour through on star. >> the following day a woman from parish found brandy where she was apparently dumped on state road 64. you don't know area this is very busy highway where she could have been killed very easily. now brandy ended up at the manatee county animal services building where the sea gulls went and retrieved i can tell you at this point, car has been retrieved. and they have evidence in the car like fingerprints and that
8:33 am
they hope to track down either the guy or the guys who are involved in this. back to you. okay. just glad that dog is okay. kenny, see you later. thank you. >> now from the outside, this house on montana avenue looks like any other families house. decorated up for halloween. but inside a lot different than most houses. that's because new port richey's police say it was full of drugs. they serve ad search warrant there yesterday. police say they found more than $2,000 in cash, drugs and paraphernalia. william and angela have both be arrested. mural honor pulse night club victims will be unveiled outside that night club later today. the canvas honors 49 people killed as well as the survivors of june 12th shooting. public is invited to sign mural as sign of support. a street artist and fashion designer collaborated on the piece. it a rainbow colored hearts and i am, we are, let's be.
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day day to raise aware understand bullying lgbtq community. florida has seen its citrus industry take major hit of late. it can blamed on virus that killing the crops citrus greening disease. researchers usf say they are close to finding a cure for disease that eats away a citrus tree production and eventually kills trees. the research killed the virus, they use a gene editing tool to modify the plant's dna to the bacteria. they believe that it will eliminate genes that make citrus vulnerable to it in first place. last week federal officials predicted state would collect just 70 million box of oranges down from 81.zigs million the year before. watching someone you love get sick and struggle is one toughest things anyone will go through. >> but some employees on lowe's on florida's east coast went above and beyond to make
8:35 am
true. that's this morning didn't day. and human's cancer back for second time. one best days of his life. but maverick didn't have the strength to walk. so joey went to lowe's hoping to find a cart to get him around in. but they were out of him. that's when fate stepped in. he ran into john the storing manager and told him what they were looking for and why. manager called around different stores until john did and told joey to come back in an hour he did. that's when the car was ready to go. it gave them a chance on special day around town. even share hamburgers and ice cream. i'm not looking at the picture. okay. >> yeah. i couldn't look at that and read. now i'll look. >> and those angel wings. good for those people. sweet. >> good for those people.
8:36 am
for a look at the forecast. >> yeah. we're in upper 60s right now. gorgeous, gorgeous sunshine on this thursday morning. and you know humidity is down a little bit. temperatures are a little bit cooler than they were jed at this time. look at the riverview net camera. visibility just tremendous there. north winds at 3. 68 degrees. that current temperature. but out to the beach, sirata beach one warmer spots. you have to rem at the coast the water temperatures are still around 80 degrees. so you know, it's tough to knock these morning lows down yet. but once that front comes through that will be big difference even along immediate coastline. yeah keeping it warm for today. high pressure northeast wind. notice top left hand corner of your screen. there's your cold front. that is going to slide through. again still looking a friday nght for it to come through. now we're not going to get a lot
8:37 am
should be about it don't concerned about rain out and about friday. when you wake up on saturday morning, these did point numbers are going to be much lower. i mean take a look. this is your dew point trend. close to 70 for thursday? 60s for friday. but then by saturday it's down into the 50s. sunday, it's closer to at 40s. so yes. nice dryer air. unlike last front that came through weeks ago. this one the drier air is going to stick at least through the middle of next week. so lots of warmth, sunshine today. very similar look, feel, if you will to yesterday. your high of around 87 degrees. tonight, 69 the overnight low under mostly clear conditions. and tomorrow scattered clouds with afternoon breeze and high temperature around 85 degrees. boater today's a moderate chop for you. your next seven days, stellar weather. 78, 79.
8:38 am
to the lower 80s next week. but even low temperatures stay lovely at least through next wednesday. time to give away another fox 13 good day mug. you got to go to my fox 13 dave osterberg facebook page like it click on #welivehere to submit your mug. this is a first. this is a first, vanessa. because, this picture was taken from a drone of pass-a-grille beach. i thought, you know what, that's, that's creative. it's beautiful. and t #welivehere.pthank you, robert . good day mug for you. what do you think? >> lots of pink in the clouds. yes. no, the whole picture is beautiful. very pretty. very pretty. all right. thanks, robert for that picture. thank you, dave for that report. >> it's 8:38 right now. and we have this picture here from the north port police department. they actually you can see, reporting on a vehicle that is crashed into a local business.
8:39 am
police. this is at the biscayne plaza. according to the police department. it's the little saver market. and apparently the driver hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. and crashed right there as you can see into the building. glad to see that nobody is hurt. this is once again biscayne plaza. that will be off biscayne near tamiami. weet ghetto pinellas county right now looks like we have delays along seminole boulevard crash reported with lane blockage. 10 map of northbound delays. we're also seeing some southbound direction as well. make sure you're planning extra time pasco state road 54 a crash also with lane blocks. good news we're not seeing delays quite like we've been seeing past few days when we've had crashes in this area. eastbound appears to be the area of concern. so give yourself a little extra tavl time if you have to head
8:40 am
with our friend david widwam from widwam organics. we're talking about nitrogen cycle you say if you want to google this. it has to do with peanuts. peanuts is great summer crop you can grow in tampa well all over florida. it's a major agricultural crop for florida. they take about 5 months to grow. and i know lots of people who use them a summer cover it's a legume. i was going to ask you about that. it's a legume. but there's, an interesting thing because of the way they use nitrogen. >> so legumes all of them what we call nitrogen fixers. that's a little by the false because the plants themselves don't actually fix nitrogen. they house a bacteria in their root system that has the ability to take nitrogen out of the air and make it available to the
8:41 am
is mostly nitrogen. however, all of that nitrogen, these types of plants can't use. i'm pointing to another legume here. that's wrong. most garden plants can't use atmospheric nitrogen. they have to get it through the nitrogen cycle down in the soil. >> okay. and we've talked about that the importance of organic and bacteria. they are the ones who help other plants get the nitrogen. so peanuts are not going to use that valuable nitrogen that's in the soil. that's right. they are going to get it different type of beekt that can pull nitrogen out air. it's called nitrogen fixation and feed it to the legumes. they almost farm bacterias in their root system time to harvest peanuts now. this is kind of fun. and you say 5 months to grow. are they fairly easy to grow? super easy to grow. as you can see, i mean just, look at that. we've got peanut. we've got peanuts, they grow out of the very bottom where the plant was.
8:42 am
see these root things kind of sticking down if those made it in ground that's where other peanuts grow from. he's radar here's another one. we will pull it up kind of watch peanuts. look at that. pop up out of the ground. see that? there's a peanut. i know it's not roasted or salted yet. wash it off and eat it as raw peanut for sure. let me ask you question. i want to ask you about the left over plant. you said something about composting tho >> a lot of people who try and grow nitrogen fixers in between crop cycle as cover crop thinking that they are adding nitrogen into their bed. but b. but once plants are gone they'll they are no longer going to be fixing nitrogen into bed some people take plants themselves and turn them under. so as, so these leaves here actually contain what used to be atmospheric nitrogen. so now if we can get this leaf
8:43 am
composting or compost pile or turning it under, then we've added that nitrogen from that atmosphere into our bed. we had such a lesson today. this is like, this is like lesson in science. look at all of that yeah yeah yeah yeah. look at that, joe. got a peanut. i got a peanut. >> found a peanut it tastes just like a raw peanut. thank you, man. good to see you. garden. stay with us, do you hate driving? you hate running errands? sue won't have to leave house at all if you don't want to the
8:44 am
8:45 am
when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose
8:46 am
nded wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars. now, buesing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go? that's up to you. ((laura 2shot)) brick and morta you're watching good day tampa bay. brick mortar stores are closing a pretty steady pace. one reason e commerces taking over how people shop these days.
8:47 am
starting to put some clothing retailers out of business. >> amazon starting to team up with private labels like katie spayed to start selling good through site new data shows it is taking over the market in two particular areas. legging and jeans. >> so soon you won't have to go out your house at you will able to order food buy movie tickets and schedule appointments through social net yorking site. just few ex weeks be aing facebook launch marketplace which a sell items. this will be in in addition to that. >> apples or broccoli. do you think your chipper would more inclined to eat fruits and veggies. disney is teaming up with dole foods to market fresh produce to children across the country. two companies say they are doing it with hopes to create healthier happier families. branding expert says this is a smart move. because once you put a character on a package, kids will be more inclined to want it. it's true.
8:48 am
good compromise. children get their favorite characters. and parents get to buy healthier products for their kids. it's always a tough sell. >> i remember when i was kid they came out with pop eye spinach in a can it made me eat spinach. it worked. i can tell you that works. spooky photo as we approach halloween. have you seen it? a photo which appears to show the ghost of a little boy standing inside an arizona take a look. photo was taken by a nursing student who says after completing an assigned task she took the photo to show her supervisor that her finished picture student notice ad p - ghostly image of boy standing in hallway. mixed reaction this morning some team claiming they can make out figure. others say it's nothing more than a hoax.
8:49 am
creepy. that's a little creepy. >> yeah. >> all right. let's get back to alcides segui. he's still there. hey. >> you know, what's creepy? that's not creepy. this is really creepy. yeah, we're going to be american victory for one of the scariest halloween attractions in the bay area. what's your name? what happened to you? >> i've been on on this ship for far too long. they said they were coming. they said they were taking us off here but they never came. we're going to take walkthrough on the other. lord have mercy. we're going to take walkthrough
8:50 am
8:51 am
amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. da.
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((laura bw)) there's a it is 8:52. welcome back. new trend in halloween costumes this year. gorilla costume and pok?mon. those are in. dressing provokatively is out. in years past the maid costumes sexy nurses pirates all top the charts. this year all about pop culture. pok?mon is top seller right now as well the ken bone costume
8:53 am
popular second debate. dress u contest all about most creative and unique not about those who showed the most skin. in old ear dult category politics are ruling the day for millenials all about looking handsome or mid eve romantic younger generation are into polk monday to hammerhead sharks or anything else light and fun. >> pore ken bone. we will get over to alcides segui. are you all right? >> no i'm ventilating. i'm not kidding either i know people are probably thinking this right here i'm like out of my element. so serious. like my heart beating million miles an hour i told them to go be scary. i was just like go do your thing. so we're ss american victory in channelside. it's a world war ii shipping never been out here you got to check it out when not halloween. now they transformed a good portion of it into a halloween attraction. super scary. so we're on the maybe about, i
8:54 am
into it now. >> all right. here i come. all right be careful here. i know someone will pop out somewhere. i can just feel it. yep. help me please. help me mease. help me. oh, gosh. that's a new one. you're mine now. yep.
8:55 am
you've you seem to have caught me at bad time. courtney mcentire. here's the other one. [ laughter ] >> i don't want house i i can't get my train of thought right now. sorry. you did a good job with this. >> thank you very much. yeah. how long did it take you to put this whole thing together? where can people find? about a two-month process. what you see today is only a small portion of it. like like you were saying a half-hour walkthrough. this section is about 5 minute walkthrough you've going through today. everybody's every actor is just like what you see here.
8:56 am
american victory ship directly behind florida aquarium exact physical 705 channelside drive. >> so when you put something like this together, because this is world war ii ship >> correct. so you have to like play with that. you may a theme with that >> right. everything as you can see costume wise, we, we, the a little bit of history ship it was cargo vessel they took, they took cargo and supplies to the war. and then on their way back from the war dead and wounded soldiers. so we play off on that as, as the whole theme of the ship. all right. courtney, thanks for being with us. we're going to continue on good day tampa bay the next area the kitchen area, which is even more if possible scarier than this one. say bye to the folks at home.
8:57 am
hi. hola. let's see... you're back! they're back! ? so glad you've come back. we love to see you so. ? ? you've come for your favorite dish - enchiladas & tacos. ? welcome back!
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9:00 am
it was a debate that could make or break the election.. a debate that could make or break the election. so did the candidates do enough to capture the undecided. we're talking to craig patrick to get his take on last nights explosive face off. and a mother is earning high praise this morning for feeding her son and a little boy she never met. the beautiful story of compassion. >> yeah. everybody it's now 9:00 a.m. on october 20, 2016. i'm i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes. dave's outside. let's get to it. what's wrong? this is a snake. listen. n our old buddy >> wait he's on top of the bushes. he's right there. he's on top of the bushes. i don't want to get too close. see. see his little tongue


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