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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  October 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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it was a debate that could make or break the election.. a debate that could make or break the election. so did the candidates do enough to capture the undecided. we're talking to craig patrick to get his take on last nights explosive face off. and a mother is earning high praise this morning for feeding her son and a little boy she never met. the beautiful story of compassion. >> yeah. everybody it's now 9:00 a.m. on october 20, 2016. i'm i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes. dave's outside. let's get to it. what's wrong? this is a snake. listen. n our old buddy >> wait he's on top of the bushes. he's right there. he's on top of the bushes. i don't want to get too close. see. see his little tongue
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i do now see his little tongue. he's like i am less than 5 feet away >> is it our old buddy >> i think it is but he's on top of the bushes. do you get that? >> take a picture with your camera on your phone and tweet it because i want to see it better. >> okay. wait. okay. take a picture real quick. you guys talk >> show stopped. you guys talk for a second i will take quick picture. there he is. ok you be good. okay. let's jump into it outside. we're a 71 degrees outside. nice little warm start here. brandon's at 70. bartow at 70. wauchula at 70. lot of these spots got down in lower 60s this morning. boy just gets nicer and nicer. 24-hour temperature change. yeah we're running about two to four degrees cooler than we were yesterday at this time. or most part. we should easily get back to upper 80s with lots of warmth.
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afternoon breezes. by the way vanessa i sent you snapchat. oh, okay. >> a little video of the snake just so you know. >> i just started to get into snapchat send random snaps to everybody. what's so funny, dave is when send snapchat and send text if you ask if you got snapchat. just trying to cover you know aspects of media there, social media. and enthis, we see you next morning did you see the snapchat. >> well because it says you didn't open it you obviously now know how to see whether it's been seen or not. >> we'll discuss this later. >> looking at the snake. we will get to roadways. let's see. we're looking live here 275 at i-4. looks pretty clear here. we have some lingering congestion from our rush hour commute. and just in the yellow no big complaints here. 14 minutes, expect to spend between bearss and i-4 taking 275 south. so heading into the area where we were looking live.
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back to 14 here as you travel north on 75 coming from the selman. heading to fletcher. rather have a puppet as president. no puppet. no puppet. it's pretty clear >> you're puppet. it's pretty clear you won't admit >> no you're puppet donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger. he goes after their dignity their self worth, i don't think there's a w like. >> i didn't even apologize to my wife who is sitting right here because i didn't do anything. she's guilty of a very, very very serious crime. and in that respect, i say it's rigged. there was even a time when he didn't get an emmy for his tv program three years in a row he started tweeting that emmys were rigged. should have gotten it loser concedes to winner. and country comes together in
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prepared now to >> i will tell you at the time i'll keep you in suspense. >> whoever put that together, that was pretty much it. 90 minutes compressed with 18 days until election donald trump and hillary clinton took the debate stage one last time in vegas hoping to sway the undecideds. >> and in one the most heated debates so far, the two candidates started by focussing on the questions. but the issues started to bleed out of conversation as the two turned to mor 90 minute face off was contentious from the start. candidates took the debate stage without shaking hands. and a variety of topics were covered here. very early on. including a abortion, supreme court appointments. and trade were all discussed. several times, moderator chris wallace struggle to get candidates to stop talking at the same time. however wall lace is being widely credited with a very strong performance. and nbc andrea mitchell tough
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journalism. and at the end of the night all eyes were on whether two candidates would shake hands and that did not happen either. the way it did with the second debate. so less than thee weeks until election big question now is what kind of impact did the debate have, if any? here to help us answer that fox 13's political editor craig patrick joins us. good morning. how are you? doing fine. we know it was late night for you so thanks for being with us >> oh, sure. let's start with trump's if clinton does in fact win we heard that moment ago, what kind of light does this put on trump? >> well it puts more light of issue voter fraud for starters what donald trump has been hammering. he said there is in his words tremendous voter fraud across the country. and in particular, cities. what he said that he fears the election may be rigged that's what he talked about. not so much hacker getting in
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or alive people illegally voting in dead people's names this sort of thing. and so when he says he'll keep news suspense it harkens back to that context which i think will continue to put the issue in spot height. it will continue to put donald trump at odds with the election managers florida across the nation who say there now widespread and puts them at odds with members of his own party. like ohio governor john kasich who said such claims are silly like saying we didn't moon. it puts him at odds with his own campaign manager tellingcally anne conway who she herself does not see any widespread voter fraud. scombafkt that debate, this is the most memorable and talked about moment. i think it will drive the news cycle for at least the next couple of days. >> let me ask you this when we'll move on because there is so much to talk about here. chris wallace was very careful to couch it. not that you would lose, mr. trump is what he would say
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recognizes that he is a real risk of losing this election? >> well you can read things into it. he also said that he honestly believes he's going to win in another point in the debate. i think more than anything else, it's donald trump trying to show that he is unpredictable. thaes he's not going to show his hand. when it comes to dealing with other countries as it relates to trade foreign policy trump said the same thing. very first republican debate back in cleveland more than a year commit to supporting the republican nominee in part because he does not want to give up leverage. so more than anything else that may play into his thinking even his own daughter said he would accept results. but when he said way he said it following what he said on the campaign trail, that is going to stir up an awful lot of controversy and concern and concern from both sides of aisle. did he hit issues to get across
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i would start with immigration reform. issues of deportation. i think that donald trump hammered home points and themes that will help him in particular among his core supporters in some very important states for him. i can rattle off a few. but arizona comes to mind in particular. state that is still in place. florida comes to mind to a certain extent as well. and then another issue on trade, donald trump has done this time and time again. theme of renegotiating trade deals as a key to protecting people's jobs in this country. that will help him in pennsylvania, where he needs to win that state if he hopes to win white house and ohio as well. >> all right. let's talk about hillary clinton for a moment. what about her performance? she went into this debate with 6 point lead in most recent fox news poll you can interpret a lot of other news polls in different ways. is there anything in her performance last night that
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>> nothing that would have damage it had but i think it was a very interesting performance. maybe not what lot of people expected. look in modern history nobody has held a 6-point lead a this point and lost. so typically a candidate is going to run out the clock at this point. it's going to be a very risk averse. but hillary clinton didn't do that. she knew that trump and she was prepared to engage him to not play defense and stay on her heels but to try to go after him as well. and to that and, among other things, i think she's trying to broaden the battle ground now. try to put some other states in play. maybe texas, maybe georgia, other states, utah other states that were not in play just a few weeks ago i think that's her strategy. that was with most striking to me how fervent she was in pushing back for a candidate who has a 6-point lead in national polls. >> it will be interesting to see what polls say. post debate. and we know you'll cover that
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understand a little bit better. russell. coming up on 9:10 right now. a critical decision that last decades beyond any presidential term. the selection of the supreme court justice and within an opening a waiting next commander in chief. issue became front and center during the debate. and one first questions focused on the court. trump highlighted justice that would result in the possibility of overturning row v wade and moving abortion rights back to the states. hillary clinton spoke about her belief in equality for everyone. somebody that won't be in the running for justice is president obama. he was asked a question yesterday and gave resounding no. >> 9:10. back here a home a woman and her boyfriend are facing very serious charges after deputies say the man burned the child and the mother did little to help the situation. the two are in jail right now manatee deputies say that he took a shower with the a baby
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hot water for about 5 minutes. the baby was burned and blistered all over his body. he took the baby the mother and then went to walmart to get burn medicine. and deputies say the couple left the baby alone in the car for 20 minutes while they shopped. hours later the blisters got so bad they had to take the baby to the hospital. he has been there for the last three days getting treatment. the two are charged with child neglect now with great bodily harm. search hillsborough county. detectives say they robbed a family's car and their home in the middle of the night. and homeowners could have prevented this from happening shayla joins us now from the hillsborough county sheriff's office with the latest. a mistake any of could have made. but proved costly for these folks, right? >> hi, good morning to you. we can tell you the trio captured in that surveillance video is seen using the stolen credit cards from that home.
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actually involved or just using the cards. but certainly questions authorities want to answer. right now you're looking at some video captured there in walmart parking lot. this is provided to us by hillsborough county sheriff's office. we do know that deputies are trying to track down two men and a woman a woman accused of a using credit cards stolen in home burglary. now authorities say the trio charged the card in three different stores leaving victim to pay bill hillsborough county sheriff's office is and it's important because they tell us they see this sort of thing over and over and over again. in some cases, people leave items visible in their vehicles. and for criminals it's literally a crime of opportunity. so authorities are encouraging people make sure you lock your car doors, make sure you don't leave valuable items visible in your vehicles. and do not leave your garage door openers inside your
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and this particular case in dover, we're told that a family was literally sleeping in their beds and if you can just imagine, strangers coming into your home rum ageing through your belongings and you wake up in the morning and find you're belongings are gone. we're not only talking about a wallet, credit card laptop and this inn this case also your sense of security. so authorities are asking anyone out there if you recognize the people seen in that video you're urged to give the and you can also reach out none mousily to crime stoppers. back to you. all right shayla, thank you. it's 9:13 right now. this story i'm about to read, laura, of all the stories i've read on tv today, this one baffles me the most. you ready for? y'all ready? aturned back hands time it looks bucs quarterback jameis winston wouldn't have played
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sports in san francisco jameis told reporters that he took trip out to palo alto california to visit stanford. he was trying to make his final decision and blown away. we know in end today he chose seminoles pretty much everybody would agree worked out pretty well for him. winston ended up winning two national championships and heisman. winston says that it was me just really not knowing how prestigious stanford was. i look back all time and see how it way my life could have turned. and you make decision you go with them and you own them. well okay. despite a few road bumps off field winston was drafted number one by the bucs. i sense returned to tallahassees a fan if winston had time machine, he may have been going back to stanford instead. i think, you know we all kind of
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if we could go back. that's weird. it is weird. weird to me to hear that. i don't know. i don't know. i want him in here i want to talk to him about that. i tell you he does go back to florida state i think he's great inspiration to ideandre. he turned that game around in locker room. sure did. on a dime. cool. >> i'm still stunned. still ahead officials are searching for driver who took off with a car and a thankfully the dog is safe this morning. but the driver is still on the run. fox 13's ken suarez will have live report from bradenton when we come back. first up, he's still there. so we're going to check in one more time with alcides segui. it's dark. you're getting coffee. they have coffee. yes, well you have to have good good day tampa bay. why not have a cup o coffee
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elise: we couldn't believe it. that poor girl was raped by two football players and their friends. so, when i heard state attorney mark ober decided to go easy on them, i was scared -- scared for my daughter. none of those young men served a day behind bars. ober said losing a baseball scholarship was punishment enough. if mark ober can't protect our families,
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bradenton police continue their search this morning for a carjacker.. but inside the car -- was a very bradenton police continue their search this more than for carjacker. but inside the car was very special piece cargo. owner's dog was inside of stolen car. now the dog is safe. dog is okay. for more on this we're going to get to kenny suarez. and i guess, the question now is, who did it. and the way you're talking it person, right? >> that's what i'm told by one owners i talked to him on air short time ago. both he and his wife have been an awful lot a last couple of days. despite that they are happy campers this morning reason being, they were worried about losing their dog brandy. and now they have her back. the both bob and linda went out to other night tuesday night and took brandy with them. they went into local italian place and left brandy in car
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gone. with brandy. police found the car. but brandy wasn't in it. they dumped this little dog on state road 64. if you don't know 64 i'm standing by it right now. we're talking six lanes, lots of traffic and lots of danger. she apparent spent the night there. following day a woman found her, and they were able to get her back. so as i said before, they have the car, investigators are going over it with fine tooth comb. i fingerprints they lifted from that car. hopefully last piece of puzzle they track down whoever did this. now we heard that one witness here saw, and could one person, and two really up to an investigators to figure that whole thing out. important thing them is that brandy is back. i tell you, my impression was that is one cute puppy. so hopefully the rest will work out in the next couple of days. it is cute dog.
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to be home. cuddled up there sleeping perfect. just perfect. all right. good story today. man see you later. i was cuddling with it too. i know you were. we saw you. all right, kenny. thank you. >> look at the gorgeous weather. are you all right? any update? >> oh, russell did you get text i accept you? >> no. you and vanessa. i just sent you video. i sent you you a video. laura. law laura's like hands in air. i'm not going to play that on tv no, don't, this. no. when it starts to get cooler snakes can't regulate their body temperatures, right? >> so they've got to come out. and get warmth of the sunshine. i don't know, i don't want to
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hey there little squirrel. but no, just beautiful. just pretty little black snake. they are actually good for your yard. they really, really are. anyway, we're in lower 70s. temperatures outside this morning. earlier got down to like 60 degrees in sun city center. you have rebounded back to 66. 71 in tampa. 69 in westchase. you got 67 in brooksville. 70 in inverness. low to mid 70s as you go further today. we're headed straight back to probably the upper 80s in many spots. you got that 87-degree temperature. lots warmth. thing isths all going to change friday night into saturday. tonight overnight lows near 69 degrees. it will be clear. it will be lovely for tomorrow scattered clouds. with breezes in the afternoon. and your high around 85 degrees. and next seven days, no rain chances. no significant rain chances at all. high temperatures getting back
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sunday. and yeah, most of us are going to get to 50s. you don't get there saturday morning you will get there sunday morning vanessa. all right. dave, by the way, i opened your snapchat. so stop calling me out about it. i know you did. you even sent me one back. i wrote back to you. i'm trying to make new friends on social media is what i'm trying to do. me and my friend. we are your friends, dave. all right. right now 9:23. we want to get back to this. blockage crash we're still seeing lane blocks. not popping up very well here on this map. but we're seeing southbound delays on other maps to make sure you planning a few extra minutes there. doesn't appear to be a full blockage based on the delays we're seeing. definitely worth that extra time. all right. ahead 9:30 half hour new ranking of country's favorite
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rays, the bolts and the bucs. but first we're going to check back in with alcides segui. on board american victory ship which has been transformed into what some may call the uss nightmare.
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when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. verbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars. now, buesing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go?
9:26 am
welcome back to good day tampa bay. we're live se ss american victory. where one scariest halloween attractions located here in bay area i venture to say probably across the state of florida. oh god you're killing me. wow. good night.
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old world warship transformed to halloween attraction. yep. we're going to go through the kitchen area now. >> personal space. you want some ham? it's nice and juicy. we just chopped up matilda. come on. a little tonight. i governor freshly plucked chicken. >> that's like the exorcist. >> don't worry. she won't bite. but i will. okay. okay. i'm going to go that way. stay for dessert. >> nope.
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help me. help me. help me. please. please. courtney. courtney and tom joining us this morning. tom is with the uss american victory courtney put all of this together. we're going to kind of sing and dance a little bit. start off with you. partnership you got here. you talk about the partnership where and wrer money is going >> a great fit. courtney has doing this thing for while we like throwing events here for tampa community. so, part of the proceeds will go back to helping the ship keep her alive and sailing. we are going out on on a cruise december 3rdrd. so, keeping the ship alive and keeping the history going. >> half proceeds go to the ship
9:29 am
courtney put all this thing together. really neat how you're able to do this. thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> so you come out to the, you know ss american victory. 25 bucks. and you got open for couple more days, right? >> correct open for 7 more nights. starting tonight. tonight, friday, saturday, and then next weekend friday, saturday, sunday, monday. all the way through basically through halloween. you got information 8 to midnight. check us out on website. >> you did good. that was awesome. we're not done ye at noon. we will facebook live. watch me on facebook live fox 13 alcides segui. that's coming up in next five or
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from tampa bay's number one news
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bay. welcome back time right now is almost 9:32. donald trump and hillary clinton return to campaign trail today after a bruising night fight night in vegas two swaurd off third and final presidential debate about 12 hours ago doug luzaders there with highlights and exact it may have on race in end. good morning. >> good morning. this is where it all took place las night through course of a nasty woman, hillary clinton called donald trump a puppet for russia. meantime, they move on now and elementary away see what kind of an impact this debate will have on campaign trail. >> he has all anything. i ran is taking over. i ran is taking over iraq. >> at times this debate was nearly impossible to control. but one question and one answer getting a great deal of
9:33 am
to accept a loss on november 8th? >> are you saying you're not prepared now to >> what i'm saying i will tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> trump said media is rigging the election for hillary clinton. but also brought up the possibility of voter fraud. >> well, chris, let me respond to that. because that's horrifying. and clinton would also accuse trump serving interests russian president putin. >> from everything i see, has no respect for this well that's because he rather have a puppet as president. no puppet. no puppet. >> it's pretty clear. you're puppet. it's pretty clear you won't admit. russian have engage in cyber tax against united states of america. the two argued about at supreme court. trade deals and foreign policy. trump accused clinton and her campaign arranging for women to come toward misconduct. and referred to new undercover videos show democratic operative
9:34 am
rallies. she's the and obama that cause violence they hire people they paid them $1,500 and there are tapes saying be violent, cause fights, do bad things. >> and that may simply play into trump's argument that this election is rigged. now trump has gone further many of members of campaign in terms of making that argument. but it does raise the possibility that should trump lose we may not have a final dete back to you guys. all right. doug, thank you. >> we hope it doesn't come to that. hope, hope, hope. in other news wells fargo is now under criminal investigation for its fraudulent sales practices. california state department of justice released a copy of a search warrant for headquarters in san francisco. it orders seizure of names of employees who open bank accounts. their managers, affected customers and other information. as many two million fake accounts were created by
9:35 am
goal. >> wells nar go not only company m hot water t-mobile ordered to pay millions for not clearly telling customers that unlimited data plans actually do have limits. f fcc cellular company had a policy to slow down speeds of customers who use data the most. but didn't let them know how much data use would trigger the slower speed. t-mobile country's third biggest wireless carrier and they will pay $48 million fine. it is day two strike at 14 state run colleges and universities in pennsylvania. >> this video is from westchester university. just outside philadelphia. it is the largest school in the system. union members walked off the job when talks broke down over pay over benefits. and working conditions. students at westchester were sent an email they are expected to attend class because not all professors are on strike. strike could derail graduation plans for seniors.
9:36 am
this is new. tampa bay lightning is the best franchise in all of professional sports. yes. that's according to espn ultimate standing report for 2016. franchise ranked on everything from afford ability to venue and ownership. bolts beat out 121 other professional teams in four different leagues the bucs ranged 73rd. rays 90th. good for lightning. is that great? so true. congratulation you know who who knew we would be hockey town and best hockey town there is. makes you proud to be one. sure does. go bolts. that's right go bolts. you know those big billboards on dale mabrey. >> yeah. my my little boy saw lightning verse versus avalanche which is tonight. he said is avalanche better than us, no, not at all who is better than we are? i said you know i don't think anybody is right now. you're right.
9:37 am
and not trying to homer home town, if you think about it, if you had to pull any hockey expert the lightning would be in top two or three. absolutely. i mean really wouldi just, wow that's pretty cool. i know. 71 degrees. i thought it was kind of cool you can say who would have thought being a hockey town. and it's, going to be 87 degrees for high temperature today. we're going back to the upper 80s for high temperatures. now northeast winds will shift to the north later today. is. look at the top left hand corner of your television screen. you see that little tiny line of showers. that's out ahead of cold front cold fron front is on way not cases where you're going to stagger and hang out over northern part of our state. no, it's coming through the area. when does it come through in friday night, really most of us are sleeping. going into saturday morning. by that time, winds will then shift to the northwest. and that is a cooling whipped.
9:38 am
in wind. you can see as this front comes pushing through, and it will come quickly enough that the drier air is literally right behind the front. so by saturday morning early on, you're going to see that front come through the area. and then boy, it's going to be beautiful. granted it's going to be a little breezy for saturday and probably for part of sunday as well. but just in general. this is going to be a very nice comfy forecast for the next several days. high around 87 degrees. tonight, overnight lows will be near 69. and tomorrow back to the mid 80s or so. with a few clouds. now the thing with this front is that we're not anticipating any rainfall from this. with this front. maybe sprinkle at worst, but upper 70s for highs saturday and sunday. with low temperatures getting into the 50s and it wouldn't surprise me sunday morning north and east well inland we may see lower 50s on the map.
9:39 am
first birthday to youngest fox 13 viewers. folks we have one first birthday today. but not really. it's two for. we have got twins. tucker. we've got finley. look at that adorable picture with the ties on. they are both love to be outside. play in water. they love animals. what a gorgeous picture. tucker and finley happy first birthday to you little dave. everyone is smiling right now. i love everything about that picture. d don't you guys. love it. i hope you guys are having great birthday too. switch gears right now. it's 9:39 looks like hit and run crash out st. petary reported mlk jr. street and 70 avenue north. single lane blocked we're learning a hit and run crash and truck apparently hit a
9:40 am
so you might see a rather large scene in area as i mentioned no big deal with lane blocks. but just make sure you're using caution in the area. >> 40 years cult classic hit the theaters. that hit hard. rocky horror picture show is returning in a new form. 40 years. >> yeah. say again. 40 years. go ahead. the remake will be airing right here on fox 13. it will be a little different the same. we'll explain. and a live picture of the board on wall street right now.
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if you haven't learned the "time warp" yet -- ? ? ? ? ? ? warp yet you better start study one iconic cult musicals return and coming to fox. rocky horror picture show let's do time warp again is anal all new version of classic 1975 film. this time around laverne cox stars a mad scientist and backed by an all star cast singer actress christina. she's star in role magenta. something she's definitely
9:44 am
>> i was nervous for sure when i found out i was going to playing magenta. excited but nervous. but up for the challenge. and with the director kenny ortega, he really allowed us to have free sdom to kind of find ourselves. >> and rocky horror picture show, will air right here on fox 13 tonight at 8 o'clock. a new jack movie is opening tomorrow and once again tom cruise play title character takes action when army major arrested accused housley takes a look at this movie. when are you coming to dc? tom cruise return as former military officer jack reacher for action sequel never go back. this time reacher teams up with an army major portrayed by colby to uncover a government conspiracy. how's it going. >> it has great humor. and also has a level of unique
9:45 am
part of who he is. he's someone who has great investigative mind and he's very human, you know. so when he hits he gets hurt and he hurts. there's a mystery that needs to be solved. and this is about the military. sort of got like a, it's got kind of like corporate feel to it. but we get out of the conspiracy world and we're trying to figure out, we're trying to piece together the puzzle. film was mostly s turned into a tourist. i did like some kind tourist stuff i did a ghost tour. i was kind of like oh i had like some friends in town they really wanted to know okay fine i was like what, really? you know. and so it's just a lot, there's lot to do and lot to see. >> city is great city. and you know my films like to work within the city work with people and travel places.
9:46 am
from her film to role maria hill marvel movies smolder has penitentiary a lot of time fighting bad guys. i like to think that if something were to go down, that i would be able to subconsciously kind of pull something out. but when you're training for these films, it's so strategic you will working with people who will not hit you. they are paid to not hit you. not hit you really news. and still to come, a mom is asked by her son to pack two lunches for school. this is a great story. we will have emotional reason why. >> before we go to break having a birthday today? you're in good company here celebrities you're sharing your
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foster farms presents
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they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs, a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away. foster farms corn dogs. for monster appetites. she claims she didn't do it for the well she says she didn't do it for the praise. but one, and, reason for a making two school lunch is pretty intense. just durr rand lives in albuquerque new mexico her actions getting a lot of attention packing her son lunch since beginning school year because her son asked her to. he told her it's for a little
9:50 am
fruit cup. and little boy's mom just received a new job and wanted to pay her back. but she would not have it volleyball team she coaches raised $400 to cover the cost. she took that money to cafeteria so anybody that owed money could still eat. >> wow. >> yeah. she says she found out the little boy's mom lost her job and could not afford to pay for school lunches. something she says she knows all too well. she told local reporter this hits home to years ago me and my son were homeless. i was living in my car. i was watching him in bathrooms and wouldn't have any food. not only has she taught her sons school a valuable lesson compassion and kindness also created a new friendship. >> isn't that great? sure is. white house wants passengers to get baggage fees back in their
9:51 am
significantly delayed. but the big question is what constitutes a significant delay. lauren simonetti will last look lauren simonetti will last look a that dave fo this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message because i'll never stop working for you. embrace the good. the afternoons spent laughing by the pool. the comfort of being home.
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chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. theit should scare everyone.with i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message here's another another live picture of the board on wall street. doing better than it was when we
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we will bring lauren simonetti to talk business news with us we always talk about the debates. sometimes they >> you know. they affect markets sometimes they don't. what about it this morning? the debate and the fed and interest rates are the biggest overhangs for investors right now. we have market that barely moving trying to fifrg out how ago forward with these question marks in the near future. traveler and dow components also rotting earning both of those stocks are lower corporate probably for couple weeks. q 3 earning season winds down. i saw this story yesterday. its always, ever since we've started talking a lot or airlines have started charging for baggage. right, right. i've always wondered so what if they lose your bags and you pay to baggage fee what happens? >> well now it looks like that's being addressed. >> yes. and, the other question is, if you're bag is delayed, how do you get some money back?
9:55 am
charging us for everything. including the pricey upcharge on checked bags. white house proposing a way where you get your money back if your bag is significantly delayed. but, how do you constitute what a significant delay is? we're not sure just yet. if you ask a trade group that represents the airlines this what they say. this is regulation, not necessary. airlines are all working on that technology where they can scan your bag, every move it makes. and that's mishandled and lost luggage in general. so, the group says they are all working on this anyways no necessary. nonetheless this is white house. in obama's final days. trying to help passengers who might be annoyed by being nickelled and diamond all the time. >> okay. all right. let's talk about this quickly because we hate them. we all do. but robo calls are on the rise
9:56 am
i don't know about you robo calls automated message coming into my office phone my cell phone. it's a noticing twou.6 billion of them made last month. arise of 215 percent in the past year break it down per second, 1,000 appear,000 robo calls a second. are you getting them? yeah, yeah. yes. i do. >> okay. so annoying. you got wonder, does it work? i don't know. that's if they k on? okay. see you tomorrow. sorry to wrapping up got to go. bye. >> 71 degrees now. we're headed one more day to get back to the upper 80s for today. our normal high for this time of year tomorrow pretty seasonably day as breezes kick in late afternoon. overnight, friday into saturday, front comes through. to be honest, perfect timing. upper 70s for highs op saturday and sunday how about the low
9:57 am
50s for most of us maybe not immediate coastline but for most of us. enjoy. all right thank you, dave. all right that will do it for us today thursday october 20th. live with kelly is coming up next then wendy williams fox 13 knew a noon. made it. see you guys. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company." amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams,
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