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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  October 21, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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ahead this morning on good day: a local family... accused of one massive fraud. why a mother and daughter are now facing ?felony charges. and: a virtual reality ride... thats ?frightening instead of fun. how it's teaching local teens... one life-saving lesson. (( plus... the presidential candidates competing on the same stage again last night. but this time... to see who could land the ?best one- liners. ((walter)) good morning..
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vanessa ruffes... walter and jen have the morning off. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your
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breaking news overnight... overseas. a powerful earthquake has just hit the nation of japan. the magnitude six point six quake struck in tottori... about four hundred miles west of tokyo. and it was only about six miles deep. the quake knocked out power to more than 30 ?thousand homes... but so far, hasn't caused any serious damage. just knocked over shelves and roof tiles. one woman was rushed to the hospital after getting splashed by hot oil while tsunami alert was issued. more on this story as it develops. a sad update this morning on a hit and run crash in sarasota. the woman hit... has now passed away. and detectives are ?still looking for the driver responsible. lynn taylor was hit by a vehicle while trying to cross gulf gate drive at mobile gate drive on tuesday night, just before eight p-m. the 61-year-old suffered a broken neck, and was later put on
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eventually removed her from life support on wednesday. taylor leaves behind an adult son and young grandchild. right now... officials don't have a description of the car involved, and they might not have any witnesses. they're asking anyone with information to call the florida highway patrol. fox 13's shayla reaves is also covering this story for us. she'll try to bring us a live update, later this morning. a developing story in pinellas county: where three women are linked to a huge identity theft scam. of them are now behind bars... and one is still on the run. st. pete police say the women opened fake credit cards using the names of at least 18 different people. the cards were mostly used to open accounts for home utilities... so they didn't trigger red flags right away. fox 13's crystal clark explains how they ?finally got caught: a mother-daughter duo is accused of racking up nearly 100-thousand dollars in credit card debt..but ?their names were ?not on the accounts..sgt smith: "we found 18 different credit cards either used or attempted to be used since november of last year."sgt kevin smith uncovered the scheme..he says isabelle dallas worked for a magazine company in pinellas county..
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would take their credit card information over the phone...passing it along to her daughter, jessica dallas.. she turned on cable...lights...and water at her home...all on someone else's dime..she was even ?generous with her new-found funds.."she actually used one of the credit cards several times to put some money on a commissary account for her boyfriend who was in custody at the time in the pinellas county jail."the victims were out of state..until dallas' friend got involved..police say they aren't sure how chantelle jones -- seen shopping on surveillance -- was able to start bank acconts using at least four people's information..she bought groceries..and more than 4- thousand dollars worth of furniture..police say -- think of this scheme as a reminder for everyone.."once a year, you need to run that credit history on yourself. it's a free report. look for any inquiries that you're not familiar with, but more importantly, look for accounts that were open. an open account you didn't open obviously means fraud has
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police believe they have located all of the victims. jessica dallas and chantelle jones are facing charges of "scheming to defraud." anyone who knows the whereabouts of isabelle dallas is asked to call st pete police. a homicide investigation is underway in tampa... where a woman was found lying in the middle of the street. she's been identified as 30- year-old "latoya smith." they found her around 2 o'clock along west flora neighbors, asking if they saw someone in a car, drop her off. smith was taken to the hospital with serious head injuries... but later died. no arrests have been made. four teens are behind bars in polk county... accused of a burglary spree. in nearly every case--the victims left their homes or cars unlocked. 19-year old "donte scott" and three minors were arrested. deputies say the group hit nearly a dozen homes in the south lakeland and mulberry neighborhoods of
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surveillance cameras caught some of the burglaries in progress. five cars, two guns and other property were stolen. the sheriff was shocked to hear so many people left their cars and homes vulnerable... even after so many warnings from law enforcement over the years: deputies say they caught the teens in the act and were able to return all the cars. the guns, however.. are still out there. a man is behind bars in venice... accused of a string of crimes... including the beating of a woman. police say "ralph forte" admitted to fighting with the woman in the parking lot of a shell gas
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wednesday night. the woman is an employee at the massage parlor across the street. she had surgery and is now recovering. after the incident... police say forte tried to carjack at least two drivers. he's now facing charges for battery and attempted carjacking. the presidential candidates shared the same ?stage again last night. it was for the annual al smith dinner in new york, which raises money for catholic charities. but this time, they were actually trading
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it wasn't all laughs though. trump actually got ?boos when he joked that clinton was ?pretending to like catholics... just for that dinner. the early voting machines thursday in north carolina. that's when their in-person early voting period started. there will be at least one voting site open in all 100 counties. and they will ?stay open until november fifth. early voting here in florida... begins on monday. a federal judge has ?rejected the latest request from florida's democratic party, to update voting rules. the party wanted the state to allow people to take part in early voting... while their registrations were ?still begin verified.
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registrations. but the state said it is working to get everyone verifed by next saturday. the same judge previously extended florida's registration deadline... to help people on the east coast affected by hurricane matthew. and donald trump is making ?another stop in tampa next monday... on the first day of early voting. the timing is probably ?not a coincidence. and this could be trump's ?biggest venue yet. he's holding a rally at the midflorida credit union amphitheatre. the event starts at seven p-m, but the doors will open at four. you can sign up for two free tickets on trump's website. ((more)) and the clinton camp will also be in florida monday for the first day of early voting. former president bill clinton will bring his bus tour to jacksonville and orlando... where clinton will speak to the florida education assocation. some high schoolers in tampa are getting a lesson this morning.. in distracted driving. and they'll actually get to experience it ?first hand. "at&t" is bringing it's 3-d virtual reality driving
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how dangerous it is to drive... when you take your eyes off the road. even for a split second. this is video of that simulator. students will also hear from "steve augello" ,a man whose daughter was killed by a driver who was ?texting. it's part of the networks campaign called "it can wait"... which encourages teens ?and adults... to put their phones ?away while driving. the simulations start just before ?nine this mornng. downtown tampa's newest development gets its official groundbreaking on hand for the ceremony, as construction ?officially gets underway on "channel club." this is a rendering from the developer... "mercury advisors." the project includes a 21 story apartment tower... and a ?publix grocery store on the ground floor, with rooftop parking. this will be the ?first publix within downtown. but you'll have to wait a while to shop there. construction on the publix won't ?start, until the apartment tower is topped off. and that's expected to take about ten
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ahead this half hour in sports: we're celebrating the best sports franchise... in the country! and here's a hint: it's a lot ?closer... than you think. plus: some helping paws. a group that's been saving pets... from serious flooding up north. and how
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another group of unsung
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volunteers, from local animal rescue groups. they've spent the past few weeks... trying to save as many ?animals as they could... from flooding. the group managed to rescue 16 dogs , using heavy equipment supplied by the national guard. and hundreds of other pets were deemed ?safe, and didn't need rescue. so they just left behind food and water. every volunteer also got a tetanus shot... just in case ?some of the pets we're so happy to be rescued.
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time to talk some sports this morning. and we begin... with the number one sports franchise in america! and it's right here in tampa bay. fans of e-s-p-n magazine voted... giving the title... to the tampa bay lightning. that means they other franchises across all the major sports. the article took into account many different factors...from community fan support...and a dedication to winning. the bolts were ranked 3rd last year. the team is crediting all eight ?hundred people who work amalie arena during home games as for other local franchises...the bucs came in 73rd....the rays were in 90th. that's where the
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lightning. the avalanche handed the bolts their first loss of the season last night... colorado scored in every period... and the bolts had no answer. their one ?chance at a goal... a shot from andrej sustr... was called ?back because of offsides. colorado wins this one ?four to nothing. the bolts are now 3 and 1. they now head to ottawa tomorrow night. to baseball now... and game five of the national league the cubbies and dodgers come in, ?tied at two games a piece. anthony rizzo put the cubs ahead early with a single into the corner... 1-0 cubs. and then in the sixth, chicago's "addison russell" got a two run shot. the cubs really pulled away in the eighth...adding ?five runs. the dodgers ?tried to mount a comeback, scoring another
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enough. cubs wins.. 8 to four. the cubbies can clinch a spot in the world series if they win game six tomorrow night ?in chicago. in the nfl... a legendary rivalry comes to thursday night football... the bears versus the packers. this one taking place at lambeau field. a bad break for the chicago bears... in more ways than one. quarterback brian hoyer arm in the second quarter. "matt barkley" replaced him... but he couldn't get anything done. green bay's "aaron rodgers" had gone 12 straight games without a 300 yard passing performance. that changed last night. he had 326 yards and ?three passing touchdowns. packers win... 26 to 10. to ?college football, where the miami hurricanes were trying to end their two game losing streak last night... taking on virginia tech up in blacksburg, virginia. the canes had a tough time with that hokie
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in the endzone before halftime... only trailing 16 to 9. virginia tech getting tricky in the second half... a ?fullback tosses a touchdown pass. the hokies defense took control after that. they sacked miami quarterback "brad kaaya" ?eight times on the night. virginia tech wins... 37-16. when we come back, i'll
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making headlines this morning around the world: militants are now fighting ?back against the military in iraq. and this time, it's the city of kirkuk. this morning, armed militants attacked a police compound and several other government buildings in the city, including a iraqi media is calling them suicide bombers... and several explosions have been reported. this is a live picture from the city as this is all unfolding. the militants killed at least 11 people. at least ?four militants were killed as well. security forces have been holding them back, but the militants gained control of at least one hotel. the city is now under a curfew... with everyone being told to stay indoors. the islamic state is claiming responsibility for
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retaking the city of mosul... from isis control. another death is now blamed on takata airbags. traffic safety regulators have confirmed that's what killed a woman in california last month in her 2001 honda civic. more than 69 million cars have been impacted by the takata airbag recall in the u.s. the inflators can explode.. and send metal pieces flying. this is now the ?eleventh death in the u-s. check to see if you're car is impacted by the recall. just go to "safer car dot- gov." we've also posted that link on our website.. "fox 13 news dot- com". the u-s and cuba are now joining forces in the fight against cancer. the two nations signed a deal thursday to exchange information and work together in research of cancer. the document will allow both countries to work jointly on the detection and treatment of the disease. cancer is the number one killer in cuba... just like it
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one county in mississippi considers the "creepy clown" trend no laughting matter. kemper county has ?banned all clown costumes... until november first, the day ?after halloween. the ordinance makes it unlawful for anyone... of any ?age... to appear in public in a clown costume. that includes a mask or even makeup. violators could be fined up to 150 dollars. still ahead: a bay ar charged with a brutal attack. and the victim... was only a puppy. what detectives say sparked the attack. plus... fox 13's shayla
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