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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  October 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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foster farms corn dogs. for monster appetites. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 news at noon. good afternoon everyone i'm linda hurtado. thanks so much your joining almost weekend this will a wonderful one weather wise. it little like fall. meteorologist mike bennet is in for jim i know why jim is off he wanted to a head start ton this gorgeous weekend. i mean, finally getting that taste of fall and here we are, mid to late october. 80 degrees right now. so really no taste of fall just yet. this is all children's hospital camera looking out over bay from st. pete. satellite and radar view, we've got clear skies right now. here's the front, back towards panama city.
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those clouds, those maybe sprinkles kind of make their way through here later on this evening into the first part of the overnight hours. behind that front, that's when we get the clearing skies. and you can see those skies clearing out across portions of the southeast right now. that's what's to come. as we head to second overnight period on into the day on saturday. now current temperature, it's 84 degrees. dew point of 65. both of these will be plummeting as we head towards barometer setting 29.87 inches. winds north 15 miles per hour it. it will be breezy today breezy during the day tomorrow. it's going to a nice breeze as we head throughout your weekend. 84 again the current temperature in sta. 84 in brandon. 81 down in bradenton. 81 in wauchula. 81 in winter haven. here's your forecast for tonight. into the 50s for pretty much everyone. except right around the bay. we'll see 59 here in tampa.
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58 winter haven. 22 for you in brooksville. 53 in crystal river. slowly warming up through the low 60s. during day on saturday getting into mid 70s for highs. and then another chilly morning on sunday. we'll talk about. we'll talk about how long this fall stretch is going to last all that and your seven-day forecast coming up in just a bit. thanks, mike. >> no witnesses, no vehicle description. a lot of questions. search continues for hit and run driver in sarasota. the woman who was hit crossing road has died troopers want to find person who hit her, fox 13 shayla reeveses in sarasota with latest on this. right now an authorities tell us there are two factors causing this investigation to stall. one, no witnesses have come forward in the case. and they don't have any evidence, that is why authorities are asking anyone with any information to please come forward and share what you know. i want you to take a look at your screen. this is 61-yearold lynn taylor.
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posted to a gofundme page. you can see her smile. the blond hair pulled back from her face and glasses resting on her head. now the image depicts a happier time before life changed for taylor and her family tuesday. we're near intersection of gulf gate drive and mobile gate drive. troopers tell us a driver struck taylor around 7:40 tuesday evenings as she walked near that intersection. now authorities found her in the middle of her sister's home. they a transported taylor to hospital for treatment thee died from injuries a day later. friends described her a really good person who cared for others according to at gofundme page, the hit and run has left lynn's family devastated. she's the mother of a daughter, a dult son and grandchild according to the the page. anyone with any information in this case is asked to come forward and contact the florida highway patrol.
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businesses along this main roadway had any cameras or if any cameras captured any images that have been helpful to investigators working the case. so if there is information you have not reported, or maybe you considered reporting something and you weren't sure if investigators needed it, they tell us every little detail can help in a situation like this. you can report information anonymously to florida highway patrol by dialing star fhp on your phone. shayla reeves, fox 13 news. thank you, shayla. >> police have identified a woman found fatal injured in tampa neighborhood. 30-year-old lay to ya smith was discovered lying in middle west flora street with severe head injuries. she was taken to hospital where she decide from those injuries. police are calling this a murder. neighbors say please asked them if they saw someone has car drop her off. so far no arrest have been made. last night both presidential nominees attended al smith
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pallet cleanser after hard fought campaigns as fox's lauren blanchard reports some jokes highlighted just how nasty this election has been. >> hillary clinton and donald trump shared a stage once again last night at a charity roast. where typically the night is about civility. but some jokes drew ire rather than laughs. here she is tonight in public, pretending not to hate catholics. the candidates were able to a loosen up and poke a little fun at themselves. >> this is such a special event that i took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here. ultimately the night ended in a handshake between nominees something we didn't see in the final debate. fox news moderator chris wallace giving his take on trump's wait and see approach to the election results. >> that is unprecedented to make that kind of statement.
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saying that the election is rigged and in the danger of being stolen. the first couple weighing in. you do not keep american democracy in suspense. that is not a joking matter. that is dangerous. while gop nominee's daughter is defending him >> he's not politically correct. >> and i think we love that about him, right? 97 percent of the time. >> we're in the home stretch of finish trump rallying voters in north carolina and pennsylvania while clinton is in ohio. >> in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. new at noon, some exciting news downtown tampa is getting a publix. tampa mayor bob buckhorn helped break ground in channed channeled side which include as publix supermarket channel club going east twig and east madison streets.
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the publix store will go o'connorer meridian avenue and rooftop parking grocery store downtown is long overdue. >> one the signature projects that has told the world that we have arrived will be the completion of a grocery store and publix in particular in downtown tampa. >> crews have already started on project. official grouped breaking had to be rescheduled to today due to hurricane matthew. project should complete under two years. >> four teenager were arrested for going on burglary spree. teens stole multiple cars, guns and items from homes in south lakeland and mulberry. surveillance video shows one of them walking into a drive-way on or ton driveway rather and driving off with a car. that was just one of 5 stolen cars. two guns were taken as well. those guns are still missing. sheriff grady judd says owners did not lock those cars making them vulnerable to this type of crime. a man you have had okay of
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station parking lot is under arrest. police say ralph forte admitted beating a woman in parking lot of shell gas station in tamiami trail also accused of a car jack at least two drivers after that. he's now facing multiple charges. the woman he's accused of a beating up is recovering. she works a ma sarj pa are lore across the street from the crime. alabama man who deputies say took 4-year-old girl from her home in polk county and drove heifer to tennessee now faces a federal kidnapping charget west wild hogs was arrested a memphis hospital on october 10th. after two workers recognized him and rebecca lewis from an amber alert lewis was returned to her family and police say she was not physically hurt. >> three women are linked to a string of identity thefts in st. petersburg. police say at least 18 people had their credit card information stolen during the year-long scheme. they say isabel dallas worked for magazine company. when people subscribed over she
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her daughter jessica. a some point investigators say friend chantal jones got involved. both jones and jessica dallas were arrested but police are still looking for isabel dallas. new a noon local teens got potentially life changing lesson about distracted driving today plant high students got to try at&t virtual reality drying simulator app. it allows them to experience potentially deadly consequences of just glancing at the phone while driving just for a few seconds. as they found from the road even for one second can have deadly consequences. tampa's police chief even gave it a try. well i think getting the message across has an opportunity to save lives. had less individuals on road distracted makes it a little safer. >> the virtual reality experience is part at&t it can wait campaign. which urges drivers to not drive distracted. up next, meet real home town hero.
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his big heart and talent for
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where the heart is... the one place where we all should feel comfortable and they say home is where heart is one place where we all should feel comfortable and safe. but for those who don't have the resources to make that happen, home can be a sad and even lonely place. as jen epstein tells us this week home town hero can turn an empty space into a sanctuary. >> jay rosenberg has an eye for
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helping others. five years ago he started his own company staging and remodeling homes across tampa bay. once his business started taking off he started paying his good fortune forward by giving away his model home furniture to people in need. it fills me up inside. as local business owner, this is what it's all about. >> we were there as surprised patty, a single mom trying to put her life back together. following a messy divorce and the death of her of stuff in your place? >> yeah. it's very nice. >> well good. because everything in this house is yours. >> what? >> yeah. i'm going to go ahead and donate it to you. >> what? >> this all belongs to you now. >> can i get a hug? >> it's moments like this that make jay's decision to give away 70 percent of his furniture an
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fell on hard times. patty is a mother. she is a grandmother. and most importantly she's a member of our community in need. >> patty isn't first person he's helped. jay has furnished over 35 homes. what better way than few well appointed decorating items to really brighten someone's day and really change their whole meeting there. from look look on patty's face it seems like jay's plan is working. >> i'm excited too. very excited. my kids are going to be like what? >> they are won't believe it. but yeah. it's amazing. >> that was our jen epstein. the house we saw the furniture in is for sale. should closing in 30 days jay says once sale goes through he'll move all stuff into
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have furniture to donate go to his facebook page, designs by jay rosenberg. >> the international space station opened its doors to receive new residents. two russian cosmonauts and american astronaut floated into iss. they joined another crew of 3 already aboard. the new astronauts mission will last just over 4 months. they due home in february a powerful earthquake hits western japan. 6.6 magnitude quake occurred look at that. experts say the inland quake posed no risk of tsunami. there were no reports of injuries are oh deaths. that good news. damage appears to be scattered and relatively minor. some 39,000 homes did lose power. japan, sits on three fault lines, and strict building regulation mean modern building cass usually withstand most tremors. typhoons batter hong kong leaving behind a path of destruction. the storm made land fall this
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some strong winds. schools and offices were closed due to the to remember. storm also grounded more than 700 international flights. back here at home mike bennet it will be a glory us morning for a walk. i understand you're going to join me tomorrow morning downtown tampa at amalie arena. bright and early. >> do we need a coat jacket sweatshirt >> for me i will rock the shorts and t-shirt. >> but you're from up north. right. right. it will be low 60s. during time of walk maybe breeze probably wouldn't a bad idea to take coat along a sweater. you know what half way through walk you can always tie it around you. better to bring it than leave it at home and be cold the whole time. it's be a while since we've seen 60s. we were going back and looking since we saw temperatures below 60, which is possibility we hit tonight, if not tonight, tomorrow night almost certainly. and you got to go back to essentially the beginning of
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right? but we're getting into that time of year. it's like refreshing when you get out of that. 84, especially after summer like this. 84 at tampa net cam. you see some clouds bubbling in the distance. no concern for showers from those clouds. we may see i think an isolated stray shower rain chance less than even 10 percent. as we head towards evening once that cold front starts to push through. by the way, if you're looking for more of the cooler weather, yeah, this may not be 70s next week we're not too far off from averaging high temperatures in 70s. in fact, by mid november we're talking about amply high of 78. average low of skakt. by end of november, amply highs in mid 70s and average lows in the 50s. so we're trending toward those fall-like temperatures. we've certainly seen above average of late. dew of 65 relative humidity 53 percent. winds out northwest 15 miles per
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temperatures across the southeast, really see where that front is situated right now. 82 in miami. 77 in tallahassee. getting closer to there. 73 in charlotte. but 64 in birmingham. 60 in nashville. 59 little rock. wichita was in the 30s this morning. up to 57 right now. but the front basically bisecting the southeast continuing to push farther and farther south. and dew points behind that front 45 dew point at birmingham. 47 in atlanta. dew point of 65 here, 65 down in miami as well. we'll see yellows spread all the way through the state as we get into the day on saturday. here's your satellite and radar view. there's that cold front. again back towards panama city somewhere between panama city and say tallahassee. tough to judge exactly where it is at this point. not whole lot of cloud cover with it. would it be surprised if we see couple of these clouds kind of
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shower from that cold front as it pushes through. meanwhile to the north that cold front extends all the way up through portions of west virginia, up into the mid atlantic, northeast and interior portions of new york, back western new york, seeing some very heavy rain right now. could see several inches of rain through central new york and adirondacks a we head through day today and on into the start of your weekend. meanwhile temperatures get behind that front, 51 in chicago. 49 in columbus. out ahead of it though new york city a nice october day for them. 69. 74 in raleigh. and 81 in jacksonville. so here's your future cast. we see that cold front continuing to push et cetera way through. we will make it through later on tonight. by tomorrow, drying air, sunny skies. high pressure moves in. still breezy. you get that pressure gradient between the high and that cold front. but certainly, it will feel refreshing during the day saturday. refreshing again on sunday.
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temperatures running in the 50s both saturday and sunday morning. and still for some of us in the 50s, monday and tuesday. for today, 84. partly cloudy, breezy. still warm, somewhat humid. decrease in that humidity throughout day. 59 for tonight. clearing skies. a chilly night. for tomorrow, 76 degrees. gorgeous sunshine. breezy and cooler. marine forecast for today winds northwest 5 to 15 knots. seas three to 4 feet. building tomorrow, 5 to 7 feet. re in effect for saturday. heads up for rip tide, of course behind that front. 76 on saturday. 79 on sunday. 50s both mornings. 81 by monday. into the low 80s next week. maybe some isolated showers as we head towards the middle of next week, linda. they are poked and product during cancer treatment these bodies of courage are now beautiful art display.
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appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms, a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away.
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someone touched by cancer. fox 13 is proud to sponser the american cancer welcome back. all of us know someone touched by cancer. fox 13 is proud to sponsor american cancer society making strides against breast cancer walks all this month. wee bringing some important stories leading up to this weekend's events. this afternoon we have a look mesmerizing art project getting national >> we can just start with each brush of her fingers, ink think you just go with what your thinking. she gets one step closer to her goal. i went to school for business. but her goal is neither money nor material things. >> she finds it by painting pain away.
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her canvas. >> i'm have a pain. this is side i have surgery on right there. today leslie henry breast cancer survivor is lisa's live work of art. >> i need to cover my scars. and i think's the most important thing to me today. they've prodded and poked and you did, so this is a chance to be free of that and you're not prodded and poked you're just caressed a colorful. lisa and faces of courage founder started bodies of courage project six years ago. their little art project grew wings and took flight. today they've painted over fourth breast cancer survivors. each survivor has her own story dpiektd did depicted in her own unique pictures.
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fear. disfiguring surgeries harsh medical treatments, long recovery times. i saw the pictures and i said wow i want to do that. lisa spends six to ten hours painting and photographing the women. it's a day that transforms more than a cancer patient's scars. it makes over their minds each stroke strengthening the survivor's self image. you've got a smile on you it's fun. what is general reaction when they see? they want to run [ laughter ] >> because they feel that good, right? >> yeah. if you've gone through something traumatic and you want to celebrate life and yourself, i think it's a good thing to do. pictures of have been put in calendar each image anonymous. i like doing close up where you can't tell what you're looking
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reason behind each photo. empowering and making me feel more beautiful. but together, the images form a powerful message. i think they are a beautiful person is having empathy for others. understanding what they went through. and just helping them to embrace life, enjoy life. well sadly many of participants in b have lost their ballots with cancer. but the art work and their message will live on for generations. >> a woman battling cancer is spreading joy with her viral dance video. check it out. she posted this video of her and her chemo buddy dance in hospital in dallas who says cancer chemo have to get you down. dancing and laughter is the best
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she was diagnosed with uterine sarcoma. scans in july show cancer spread to spleen since then she's had more aggressive a recent scan shows her tumor has shrunk. love that. massive fire in chicago this morning. hundreds of firefighters ballots this one. started a really bad location.
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you're watching the fox 13 news at noon. more dead fighting in iraq isis launched an attack some 100 miles from mosul. with u.s. helping iraqi forces and their offensive against militants. fox john huddy has very latest on the fighting. i see pushing back against iraqi forces the militants launching attacks in and around.
12:30 pm
gun battles as i see fighter attack power plant and government compound. >> some 100 miles from mosul where iraq has launched an offensive to retake that city. isis has been losing ground to iraqi forces as they approach mosul and today's assault is seen as diversionary counter attack. >> ones mosul is job won't done. they will still be important pockets that will be a major major advance. u.s. is providing assistance in form on ground. still task to push isis from mosul is dangerous. the military says an american service member was killed by an i ooechlt d thursday. the city has to be stabilized. including dealing with mock land mines. left behind. but as well as bringing back electricity, water et cetera. security. and then they will governance issues as well to deal with. all that will take some time. iraqi effort to retake mosul is
12:31 pm
ago. mosul is isis's last major strong hold in the country. in injury jerusalem john huddy. turning to sir he head of un calling for afull humanitarian being access to aleppo. russia says it will extend the humanitarian pause to the bombing secretary germ says that's just bear minimum. united nations estimates some 500 people have be syrian government launched an offensive on rebel held part of that city last month. >> two firefighters are hurt after massive fire breaks out early morning in chicago. it started around 3:15 in morning in factory yard in city's southwest sidebegan in wooded pallet shop and spread to nearby businesses include muffler business. about 25 fire engine 5 ambulance more than 200 firefighters were called to the scene for 5 alarm
12:32 pm
the cause is now being investigated. in southern california at least one person was injured in massive house fire. flames can seen shooting from the roof the multi story home. at least 100 firefighters battled the blaze last night. and into late last night woman injured is 74 years old. last check she was in fair condition a local hospital. two people reportedly remain unaccounted for and the cause under investigation as well. investor are loving latest quarterly report card fm mcdonald's. fox lauren simonetti has your midday market report. a potentially huge take over in tobacco industry british american tobacco wans full control of u.s. tobacco reynolds american offering $47 billion to buy the piece of the company it does not already own. the deal would bring together newport, kent and pal mall cigarettes and create world biggest listed tobacco company.
12:33 pm
it same store sales world wide grew an impressive three and a half percent. thanking popular all day breakfast and new chicken nuggets without artificial preservatives. microsoft shares are rallying like it's 1999 after the company blew past earning estimates microsoft said cloud business doubled in quarter it shares touching an all time high. that's business. for more log on to in new york i'm lauren talk with folks why they support
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amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment. good for florida.
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welcome back. tomorrow is the big making strides against breast cancer walks in both downtown tampa and in pasco welcome back tomorrows big making strides against breast skaer walks if downtown tampa and pasco county. our fox 13 weather team promising me that the weather will be outstanding so wee hoping he'll come out and join us. american cancer society depends on fundraisers just like this to fund programs to help women with cancer. the seminole hard rock hotel and casino has involved for almost a decade now. and joining me to talk abo is training specialist cindy elliot. executive sous chef michael. let's start first of all why do you get involved and what does involved mean? what do you do? i think its really important to understand we all know not everyone might have somebody touched by it but it's not when it's not if it's when. for real big for team members we have about 1,000 team members that donated one percent of their pay in month of october to
12:37 pm
it you will see that 200 have them at the walk tomorrow. your group you're looking number one, number 2, number 3 in country how do you make it fun and get everybody involved i think one teams team really enjoyed it they are ones that really make it fun everybody says what do you do. i just listen to what they want. we do lots of events, pie in face last week to raise funds dunk tanks in past we allow them to wear their walk shutter on thursdays throughout we just find different ways to get them activated and involved and excited they show up and they walk for us andths really great. you're wearing pennying you decided to be part real men wear pink program this year. tell me about that. it's a fun program 25 of us in tampa. chief ward doing great. he's number one or two in real close race. number 2. i'm a little far behind. but cindy nominated me i did a great job. so much fun to meet all of these great men of tampa bay. >> yeah.
12:38 pm
coming up now i know you have different events that some of the public can actually come to. tell me about some of those. so for me i did an event on thursday. and me out there, we have a fun thing a dollar of invasion bear. and a whole bunch of stuff. and next thursday we will have a kind of wrap up party. it's after the walk. you can come on out. we're going to have slot tournament portion of proceeds will go to the prize and then portion will go to american cancer check presentation at the end of the american cancer society really fun night m hardrock cafe. why did you choose to get involved with this organization. i've involved with them perm for such a long time hearing stories like yours and hearing stories like some other survivors, they've really made a difference for them. and so i feel like it's one of those things you can really get behind. our team members can understand how easy it is to get access to american cancer society and all things american cancer society does for people locally. evening that's why its a big
12:39 pm
we know those dollars helping people here get rides to treatment. find have place to day during treatment. have somebody to call who will help them through those struggle that they may have whether they are a patient or a caregiver somebody supporting. i think's that's commendable i think they deserve to be spotted you guy guys i know you make it really fun too they have lots of little giveaways coming tonight a 5 i want to tell you quick will tampa police chief who atalked about we sat interviewed him about three reasons for joining t efforts. many of his officers now are wearing pink too. so we will talk to him about that tonight at 5. if you'd like to injoe the fun, make no mistake it is fun. you can join me saturday at amalie arena. i'll be there paul dellegatto is joining me. i think mike bennet is coming as well. few other anchor and reporter will be dropping by also walk walk in pasco county shops wire grass our dr. jo will be emceeing that event. we're all over place all of that information is on my facebook
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hurtado and like the page. here's a lie look outside right now meteorologist mike bennet will have another check
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when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions.
12:42 pm
sing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go? halloween brings out the that's up to you. spooky movies-- and there are a lot to choose from... including the halloween brings spooky movies lot to choose from include supernatural horror film oijee origin of evil tyler per's halloween. fox will carr has look what's new in the theaters. tom cruise is back in an action star for jack reacher high adrenaline never go back with reacher racing to uncover a government conspiracy and clear his name. what is this? comedic options zach and i la fisher were new neighbors are actually international spice in keeping up with the joneses.
12:43 pm
espionage john ham and gal. >> spirit, can you hear me? yes we can this hollywood in halloween mood taking inspiration from classic game there's oijee origin of evil. and a writer director. a grand ma'am has haunted punch line a me deya halloween. feel s select theer is faith based film i'm not ashamed. based on stoefr and journal entries rachel joy scott. first student killed in 1999 columbine high school shooting. ewan mcgregor makes his film with american pastoral. adapt willing pulitzer prize winning novel for screen. a stars along side jennifer connelly story of family in 60s ripped apart by their daughter's
12:44 pm
her disappearance at she's accused of a vial violent act. i'm going finish it too. also in select theer available on demand is time west spaghetti western style flick and valley of violence. starring ethan hawk, and john travolta. i could throw you in jail right now. in hollywood, will carr, fox news. so what are you going as for halloween? right around the corner. it seems adults are dressing up almost as much as kids. fox tom shows shows us coolest most sought after costumes this year. halloween spirit pop up superstar is where a full blown fantasy frenzy will be on for the weekend. >> manager kenny door knows what's hot for halloween. the movie that just came out, that's really popular adults, kids. a lot of people, yeah.
12:45 pm
even if you're a full grown adult according to consumer psychologist kit yarrow. it used to be this kind of fun holiday for kids its really about the adults. half of adults dress up for halloween now. half. because of that in past tech decade halloween costume pending rocketed from $5 billion a year to almost nine billion. as adults now we have more parties where we dress up and have fun. so definitely more than just a kid event. i in we just want to have fun as long as we can. this is an especially true get this, in presidential election years. believe it or not adult participation and inn halloween goes up 12 to 18 percent during election years. i think people just need a release. there has been so much about them in the news, and it's all kind of negative. so i think this good way to not just think about it and he thought we would put it directly
12:46 pm
well, as a policy matter i think all americans should get together and celebrate halloween and all the holidays. it's huge. absolutely huge, believe me. huge. we have lot of different things for the election. a lot of it is going out fast. and halloween is now an important marker for the end of the year. i've seen it like the kick off of like the fun part of the year. once halloween is over, yeah it the holidays. for right now, a little less serious is still happily apropos. all right mike are you one adults that dresses up for halloween i like oh every year i say i got costume set up say say i'm going oh use it fall 32s u ask i never wear it don't go a clown this year. no, no. i think that's off limits this year. but weather may cooperating i feel sorry for kids when they
12:47 pm
that was always the worst as a kid, right? i mean you're walking around house to house you have mask you got to take it off in between houses because >> to breathe. yeah you're just sweating beneath it. you can make that part the costume i suppose. but yeah. hopefully a little bit cooler as we head towards halloween. certainly an a little bit cooler as we head through next couple of days. speaking halloween. here's your halloween count down. ten days. just ten days until halloween. so if you don't have a costume and you want to probably want to get on that. daylight time ends 16 days away. turkey day, thanksgiving, 34 days away. christmas, 65 days away. and not on here, hanukkah is 64 days away. both of them actually overlap this year pretty cool. and new years's day 72 days away.
12:48 pm
i don't prepare until 63 days from now. that's when i start shopping sirata beach cam, blue skies out over the water. and you look into the water, see a couple people out there. water temperature right around that 80-degree mark right now. precipitation outlook this came out yesterday from a climate prediction center expect la nina as we head through winter months. what does it mean for means more likely than that we see drier than average conditions. how much drier can things get it can get dryer. that's typically what happens in a la nina winter. also typically is a little bit warmer. it does not mean that you will get cool spells from time to time. you average it out. and overall you tend to see warmer temperatures in december and january. and on into february. all right. let's check it out current temperatures across area. is 84 right now in tampa. 82 in new tampa.
12:49 pm
80 in st. pete. 82 in palm harbor temperatures you see here at noon today are going to be warmer than at any point during the weekend. 81 in crystal river. 83 in brooksville. 84 in land o'lakes. 83 in dade city. to the south yi in sarasota. 84 in myakka city. 82 in wauchula. 82 in frostproof up in lakeland. winds also, gusty at times. right w gusting to 21 in bartow. gusting to 18 down this lake placid we will see winds gust from time to tie throughout rest a. noon and again as we head during the day into the day on saturday. here's your satellite and radar view. you see wind for most part kind of coming out northwest. sweel it start to shift towards north behind this front. clearly you can see the front on the water vapor loop. right. we already have pretty dry air
12:50 pm
just even dryer behind that front. there's that narrow swath of clouds and moisture with that front. looks to push through. some time later on this evening. by the way, been talk about this invest 99 l. down to just a 40 percent chance of really the window closing as an opportunity for this to develop tropically or sub tropically in next couple of days. i remember way, it does stay out to sea. that will not affect us at all. future cast we head through rest of day today. you can s maybe a shower out of it. just a very isolated shower. probably less than 10 percent chance something pops up with this. then as we head through overnight hours see clearing skies cooler temperatures by saturday morning a light coat sweater type weather. breezy conditions, temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. by saturday afternoon mid 70s. but still somewhat breezy. if you're in shade on saturday, it may feel cool from time to time. certainly a change florida what
12:51 pm
wauchula. 64 in suspect. how about 53 up in crystal river cooler weather on way even cooler yet by sunday mourn morning. 84 for today partly cloudy breezy and warm. for tonight temperatures into the 50s as just showed you clearing skies. certainly coolest night we've seen probably the last six months or so. 76 for tomorrow. gorgeous, gorgeous out there. breezy and cooler. here's your mid 80s today. mid to upper 70s for saturday and sunday. back into the low 80s next week, just somewhat humid by middle of week. that will reintroduce 20 percent rain incidence wednesday and thursday still ahead program that proves you're never too
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through insurance. so its free or at a reduced cost to seniors. and it's not just improving physical health, the participants are also getting a mental work out. >> keep their mind sharp being part of certain activities like bridge, pickleball, they also, we also have art classes. alleges giving there social life a lift. >> i like the friendship. i just me. that was kelly ring. if you'd like more information on why. mca silver sneakers program we post ad link on our website, chicago as two cute new friends lincoln park zoo put two red panda cubs on display. cubs were born back in june and have spent last few months behind scenes in their nest box thanks to breeding program zoo second set of cubs to be born.
12:56 pm
and sheffield. after wrigley field cross streets. >> huh. cute. all right. the weekend is almost here i'm glad. it's a friday, isn't it? yeah i find myself hard to concentrate. especially when we have this great weekend upon us you step out today not like today is bad day. no today is still nice day. just if you're waiting for that cooler weather tomorrow and sunday are the times. theory the days i got to show you this, i mean, i think ooi shown this threeim at. wow. overnight lows tonight, in the 50s. so that means, wesley chapel 55 >> yeah. so you wake up saturday morning you step outside. it's a little bit breezy. temperatures in the 50s, and light coat swaeer weather you may need it through morning hours saturday afternoon we will see temperatures warming up back into mid 70s. 76 here in tampa. 79 on sunday. even cooler start sunday morning across the area.
12:57 pm
of showers wednesday, maybe a few more on thursday. bump those temperatures back into the low 80s. but that's a good looking seven-day forecast. that's about perfection. you're right. the news doesn't end here we will keep postulatest all day on and on fox 13 news app on your phone. plus look for more news, weather and sports beginning a 5 o'clock. i'll see you right back here at 5. have a great afternoon everyone. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company." robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure
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"the real." >> on girl chat, haunting your spouse after you die. >> would you kick it like in "ghost," the movie? >> you would? >> tyler perry is here. >> you can say hallelujah. >> plus, what's the real answer to our celebrity trivia? >> you can place your >> pray for you. then, we are spinning the color wheel of fashion, on "the real."


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