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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  October 22, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: crews are back out this morning searching for a missing boater who went missing off the court knee campbell causeway. the latest on the search coming up. a special meeting with mickey and not a dry eye in the entire house for it. the story behind this priceless moment at disney world. good saturday morning, everyone, thank you so much for joining us, i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: and i am anjuli davis. much more on those stories in a minute. lindsay is up and a perfect start to our saturday. >> lindsay: we have been waiting on fall, guys and here in a big way. the coolest of the season. the most refreshing of the season. we are down to 59 at the airport. our low in tampa was 58 deg degrees.
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north wind at 7. skies are clear. but our winds are up and they will stay elevated at the beach and on the bay. especially first half of today. sustained winds in st. pete beach out of the north-northeast at 21 miles per hour. it is 65 degrees. so not quite as cool with that water influence, but still cooler than yesterday. jackets -- i think you will need them from arcadia at 54. lakeland, 55. brooksville, 52. and 62 degrees in sarasota. 24-hour from a few degrees cooler at 5 in bradenton to 11 in haines city, leesburg, tampa and brandon. the best part is that refreshing punch of dew points in the 40s and 50s this morning and that's behind our cold front moved through yesterday as high pressure nudges in. cooler overnight tonight throughout day today though because of that cool start, and that dry air. we only rebound to 71 at noon. and 76 for the afternoon highs. hopefully you like fall.
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new morning troopers are on the scene of a deadly accident in tampa and alcohol was a factor. happened on the veterans expressway near the memorial highway exit in the northbound lanes just after 2:30 this morning. officers say anwar askar was speeding down the highway when he rammed his mercedes into the back of the pontiac. that car was pushed to a concrete barrier on the side of the road and burst into flames. both people inside askar was taken to tampa general hospital. s in new in morning, hillsborough county deputies arrest a man they say beat an elderly woman during a home invasion that happened thursday afternoon inside the bay west mobile home park in kings point road. deputies say two men waited for a 83-year-old woman to go for a walk, and that's when one of them dragged her back into the house by her hair. they say they punched, kicked her, beat her with metal object.
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taking off with safe that was in the bedroom according to investigators and he didn't get far at all. in fact he was tackled by a maintenance worker and eve eventually arrested. the driver of the car took off after the man was tackled. deputies later spotted that car in a circle k in town and country. those two men also arrested. all three of them facing multiple charges. here is the good part. the woman is expected to be okay. this morning, crews will be back in tampa bay looking for a missing boater boat to push it off a sand bar and slipped underneath that boat into the water. fox 13's kellie cowan is live at courtney campbell causeway this morning. and we understand that crews are out there right now? >> reporter: yeah, per pulling up as we speak. we have already seen the coast guard helicopter circling overhead. florida fish and wildlife stayed out overnight just to have one boat on the water, but the majority of the search had to be suspended overnight when
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now that the sun is back up, they are getting back on the water. the tampa police dive team just behind me, loading up their boat right now. as you mentioned u.s. coast guard and florida fish and w wildlife officials already on the water. we expect to see more crews as the morning goes by. but the focus of this search area is right here just off the courtney campbell causeway boat ramp where rescuers are looking for a man who went under yesterday just about around 3:00. the man was in a rental boat with hit a sand bar. he jumped overboard to try to push the boat off the sand bar but he went under water. the boat drifted as he attempted to remain afloat, resurfacing twice, but when he didn't come up the third time, his fiancee called 911. tampa fire and rescue say others nearby did try to help them, but they were unable to find the man after he went
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>> two gentlemen on the sh shoreline that saw the woman's cry for help. both of those gentlemen entered water in an attempt to recover the gentlemen and they were unsuccessful unfortunately. >> reporter: so as you can see, the tampa police dive team all geared up on their boat. it is still a very chilly morning so we are seeing them with a lot more equipment on then i guess they were wearing yesterday. a lot of heavy jackets and as well arizona i mentioned a chile morning and hopefully finding that missing boat we are a happy ending this morning, but they have crews on the scene. we expect more to be arriving throughout the morning as they continue to search for this missing boater. of course, we will be following this all morning long and will bring you updates as we get them. send it back to you guys. >> all right, kellie, thank you. surveys say more than half of americans are feeling the negative effects from this y year's election. with so much passion fueling
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may not surprise you. hernando county man was arrested for criminal mischief after a fight over politics and all started with a donald trump hat. deputies say robert chri christianson a trump supporter kicked another man's car during an argument of the republican candidate. happened at a dunkin' donuts in spring hill and part of the confrontation was all caught on radio. you can see christianson running after that man's car and what you don't see christianson kicking the car something he denies another man wearing a great america great again hat. >> then this guy behind my wife starts yelling, yeah, if you were racist. it is a great hat if you were racist. you support racism. >> reporter: christianson claims that the other man threatened his wife and tried hitting him. no one else has been charged. by the way donald trump will be in tampa monday night holding a rally at the mid florida credit union amphitheatre starts at 7:00.
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in downtown tampa for the american cancer society making strides against breast cancer. >> anjuli: what a perfect day for this annual fundraiser. fox 13 is sponsoring the event this year and our own linda hurtado, a breast cancer survivors herself will be kicking off the walk. she joins us live from amalie arena. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, y'all. look at the crowd behind hee. it is really starting to pick up. this is great. we have a band the making strides against breast cancer walk. this is really just a fun event. of course i come every year because of my personal connection with both my mother being helped by the american cancer society and then -- then helping me when i was diagnosed myself. but really because i just get inspired when i come out here. but meeting all these survivors that have been -- been survivors for 20 some years. it is amazing. like to introduce to you john fontana, the president of the
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the premiere sponsor for this walk. you guys do such a great job of fund raising every year. talk about first of all why the american cancer society? >> all the great work they do. it is just amazing and we have so many people on our team that have been touched by this or other forms of cancer. er that great, great partner for us and happy to be able to help them out. >> reporter: you are the top fundraiser in the country. what do you do to get people fired up to >> you are team gets behind it and we have over 800 members of our team donate a percentage of their salary for the whole month of october. we do fundraisers and pies in the face for executives and things like that all month long all summer long to raise funds. >> reporter: tell me about the real men wear pink. you are wearing pink and had some fundraisers. >> he had we had three of our
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thing. they tried to get me and i said nah -- let the good-looking g guys do that. >> reporter: tell me about the fun things that do you out h here. free air guitar. please take one. took me a second and i got it. what else can people do. >> glasses giveaway, and such other great sponsors out here have stuff to do. a lot of giveaways and a fun place to be having a good time. and so everyone should support it. >> reporter: thank you, john, for joining us. talk about the great sponsor i know laura moody is over here. laura, come join me. we have our fox 13 family coming out today to support the cause. and i appreciate it. her daughter is having a birthday this weekend and you guys stopped on your way to universal. i appreciate that. why are you out here this morning? >> for you and for all of the families, for all of the women, for all the people who have been touched by or directly affected by breast cancer. you brought such great awareness to us.
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thinking. every october we do this, but you have given it a face for us. so we had to come out, right. >> reporter: a beautiful day. >> the kids love it. they are having fun. got a banana. emma somehow rounded up clothing. >> reporter: dunkin' donuts. what is not to love. laura, means a lot that you came out and all the survivors as well. come out until 9:30, 10:00, paul dellegatto will be here. a number our fox i am driving you crazy walking around. the fun thing about the walks -- i keep running into people that i know. this is amy. how are you feeling this morning? >> great. chilly and i love it. it is fantastic. >> reporter: nice touch of fall, street in. >> very nice. my surgery is thursday, so coming out to walk before that. we had to scheduled it for after the walk so we can do this. we brought the army, so -- >>reporter: so her story is up on my facebook page at fox 13's linda her tad doe. i was with her when she found out the day she didn't have to
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pretty special. >> best day ever. amazing. they have taken the port out. i was allergic to it. got it right out and all is good. hopefully just the surgery and take the tamoxifen and all is well. >> reporter: you are blessed. thank you for being here. >> happy to be here. >> reporter: enjoy the day. we are having so much fun out here. literally so much to do. ilk kicking the walk off at 9:00 with an opening ceremony. gather the survivors together we will be back with you at 9:00. >> anjuli: looks like a lot of fun. thank you so much, linda. and how about this, a moment that will bring tears to your eyes. a tour guide at disney world in orlando took this video. he is 21 years old and lost his vision when he was 9 to devex syndrome. always a big fan of mickey and last week he and a group from brazil visited walt disney
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plenty of hugs for him and mom too. so sweet. coming up, flood warnings are in effect for multiple states this morning. the record amount of rain that left several cities under water. the buc head west for the second time this season and they are having to do it with a cup of their starters and you can sf scoring streak of 35 points or more comes to an end, but does that mean we actually lost that game? we will have that coming up in sports. lots of il this weekend in florida. feeling fall-like, crisp and comfy and clear this morning. at the beach, windy. north wind at 18. it is 64 in clearwater beach. good idea to keep it on the sand due to some of the white cap we are seeing but check out the cool. 52 in brooksville. 59 in tampa. the coolest for many since april and may. april and may. we'll be right back amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy.
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amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment. good for florida.
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flash flood warnings flash flood warnings across the state of massachusetts, as across the state of flashed. >> flood warnings across the state of massachusetts as areas get pummeled with heavy rain. some areas saw more than five inches of rain. on the other side of the country, a flood alert issued for snoqualmie river in washington state. this comes as heavy rain hit king county. officials were warning people there of rising river levels
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even activated the flooding warning center to keep a close eye on the conditions there. and looking at that video, you have to feel so bad for the folks there in king county, especially with our forecast here and how beautiful it is and how hopefully will stay that way for the next couple of days, right? >> anjuli: it has been gorgeous. even cooler tomorrow morning, right? >> lindsay: even cooler tomorrow morning. clear skies. we have waited for fall for a long time, right? >> alcides: a long time. >> lindsay: expect. significant cold front comes through late in the month and it is here in a big way, moved through yesterday. fall. we flipped the switch. hopefully you are enjoying that switch. cler skies, brookdale, bayshore. a little bit of a breeze took you to amalie arena where our own linda hurtado is out there with the big breast cancer awareness walk. some people have jackets. in the 5s. noted a cool at the beach what we have at the beach is a gusty north wind. check out the waves brushing
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with it as would you expect boating a little tricky this morning. small-craft advisory in effect. those are until 11 a.m. how about our official low temperatures. lots of 5s. 50 in brooksville. 55 in lakeland. bartow, 55. even st. pete, 65. your coolest of the season. 58 in tampa was our coolest since april 10. april 10. over 7 months. so we know the sun will start to warm it up, and climbed 1 de 57 in westchase. 52 in brooksville. inverness 52. down south englewood not even at 60. 58 in lake booed ranch. haines city at 56. light jacket, sweater, some of you needing it. others -- my parents are visiting from chicago, i doubt they had their jackets on this morning. dew points in the 40s and 50s out the door. we have gotten out of the green and pushed it back to the light yellow. any time these numbers are less
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40s are remarkably low. winds the lowest inland and by the coast, look at that gust of 26 in clearwater sustained at 21 in st. pete. get these northerly surges behind the warm front that are exiting our state. nothing wrong with the radar loop. with the dry air, we moderate, but with the cool air, we only go so far with the warmth. 76 for a afternoon high. 70 by lunchtime. evening jackets, once the sun sets, well, cools down in a hurry, lows 40s. 48 in leesburg. 47 in brooksville. low 50s down south. 63 the low in st. pete. those jackets if you maybe bought a new one, it can come on out. around the country a lot of fall-like conditions. 54 in houston. 54 in memphis up in new eng england, mild and rainy. that flooding slips east
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happening. we expect it merges with the front. how about futurecast which not broken. showing the winds that are breezy by the day but the skies that are clear. cool night tonight wakes up sunday morning in the 40s and 50s and rebound into the afternoon. sunday afternoon more of a northeast wind that will provide with us one or two high clouds and highs in the upper 70s to near 80. spelling it out breezy by the bay. sunny, fall opinion like, 76. enjoy the day, get pumpkins with the kids th of the bay. ac off for some of us. 78 the high on sunday delightful with plenty of sun. choppy bay and inland waters. wave heights 5 to 6 feet. relax through the afternoon. next tide to show you low tide at 2:49. the seven-day forecast, a couple more cool mornings and even mid-60s late week. that is normal. one of our models brings in
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good morning. temple owls have found a way to slow down usf high octane offense. they kept them off the field. usf came into the game the longest streak of scoring 35 points and more in a college football game and did it 11 straight weeks and that streak is over as the bulls fall to the owls on a friday night g game. the owls opened with a field goal and the gulf coast offense responded with a touchdown quentin flowers with the fake and roll out right and finds marquez valdez scrambling for the schb. 7 - 3. pulls up when their defense makes a big mistake. breaks through, rumbles 76 yard for the as much. owls longest play and takes temple. temple will stretch that lead to two touchdowns in the fourth quarter and bull also cut it to 7 and flowers had to go out
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in comes brett keen. steps up very first play and picked off, and temple beats the bulls 46-20. the bucs flew out to san francisco on friday, and it is looking like the bucs will be getting a key piece of their defense back. gerald mccoy walked through on friday. listed as questionable this week, and still no robert ayers or clinton mcdonald. but mccoy will be trying to at least give a go on sunday. flashback two weeks ago james stadium. mccoy had to leave the game with the broncos. left knew removed. calf muscle strained. he missed the following game of the panthers and returned to practice in a limited fashion moving with power and quickness at times. he can laugh about it now, but when he got home that night, his condition was kind of a matter of concern for his family. >> nah, they didn't think it
8:22 am
injuries, so whenever i come home with something major, they can't take it. it is tough for them to deal with. my wife, she's even worse, you know, she got upset with me because when i went in the locker room i didn't call her immediately. she is like you are supposed to call and tell me what happened. i didn't know what happened. i had to find out first. >> kevin: can't leave wife hanging. the bolts dropped the first game of the the four spot off on them and kept the lightning score unless this game. the team now embarks on a six-game trip. 11 days on the road starting in ottawa tonight. and even with 3-1 records to start the season, the bolts know they need to start getting on the scoreboard first for a change. >> you know i think just got -- you know, i think we are getting better as the game starts, and got to bring the
8:23 am
you know. it is not obviously the way we want to start games, but sometimes it happens and we just got to learn from it, and like you said, go get the first one. >> kevin: that is a look at sports. have yourself a great day. >> alcides: kevin, thanks so much. live music for a g i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security.
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because i'll be a senator who always works for you. amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps.
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it's a gorgeous day to it's a gorgeous day to get outside! and what a beautiful day to get outside and what better place
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park. theth annual tampa pig jig is taking over the park with live music. chris and will from the tampa pig jig is joining us. thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having us, you. >> anjuli: >> anjuli: for people who haven't been out yet. you are really missing out. what do people expect? >> great food and music from nine bands this year and games for the whole family. >> anjuli: when you walk in the whole park is is it families, is it young people? who are you trying to attract? >> everybody. there is fun for all ages. so anybody can come out and have a great time. kids 12 and under get in free. >> anjuli: wow, that awesome. all kinds of different even going on out there. kids events too, right? >> there are bounce houses, face painting and corn hole. >> mechanical bull. >> mechanical bull for the little ones, dodgeball. >> anjuli: all kinds of fun
8:28 am
all different people on stages. who are the headliners. >> headlined by oar. really excited. >> anjuli: all going for a good cause. tell us about it. >> the money raised is for net care and for nephrodic syndrome and awareness and advocacy. it brings awareness to a rare disease and not a lot of research going on aside from raising hopefully $800,000 that makes a big push toward research. >> anjuli: over the years how much money have you raised. >> over 2 million for nef care. >> all started with a whole group of tampa born and raised guy. what is does it mean to come to fruition that you are taking over curtis hixon park. a huge event and thousands of people are coming out. >> we are amazed from the local community and come from the
8:29 am
people and now expecting over 7500 people today. amazing. >> anjuli: will, what does it mean for. >> you hum wling to see how this started with these guys and overwhole aming to see how the community has come behind it. he year you have to kind of pinch yourself. it is just amazing like chris said. >> anjuli: it is. a wonderful event. tickets are still available? >> still available general admission and vip. great food for hank's fish and brbecue sponsored by tampapi everything you need to know and purchase tickets. >> anjuli: thank you for coming in.
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this year the voters of pinellas county have an opportunity to elect a public servant who has always put the people first. charlie crist. as governor he worked with both parties to get things done and i know you can trust charlie to do the same in congress. he'll fight to protect social security and medicare. defend women's health care and planned parenthood. and take care of our veterans. charlie needs your vote, please stand with him. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message. it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: welcome to the weekend and really welcome to fall. the coolest morning of the season.
8:32 am
this as this is 58 degrees on brookdale bayshore. the coolest since april. it is nice and comfortable. you can really just see how drier air is today by looking at it. lack of cloud cover. 58 degrees with a north-northeast wind, but i tell you what, if you have boating plans, tomorrow is a better day, a windy at least first half of today. in st. pete, a north-northeast wind at 21. lots of sunshine and mid-60s. next hour, i expect a big jump in our 50s in brooksville. 54 in crystal river. bradenton, 63. frostproof, 59. still in the blue meaning 5 degrees cooler in bradenton to 11 in tampa compared to this time yesterday. and we are not the only ones. a beautiful fall day in the southeast with our dew points in the 30s and 40s. they really haven't been this slow since the spring, and that fall comfortable feel to the air today. mid-70s for highs. that's it.
8:33 am
74, brooksville. 77 in lake placid. 75 in st. pete. how about tonight, 55 in tampa and seasonal air late week. who will wake up in the 40s tomorrow morning coming up. >> alcides: lindsay, thank y you. 8:33. tampa police want to speak to a person of interest in connection with a murder investigation. they say jovan huggins was latoya smith's new boyfriend alive. the mother of three was found on west floral street. suffered a severe head injury before she died. state attorney general pam bondi wants the florida supreme court to clarify the ruling that struck down at a portion of the death penalty. and bondi says if the court refuses to offer a better definition, it will only create more confusion. last friday, the court ruled the law is unconstitutional because it requires only 10 jurors to vote for death and
8:34 am
downpour cases will continue as courts require unanimous verdicts to comply with last week's ruling. giving faces to the n nameness. the university of south florida hope re-creation of 20 face also help solve the cold case murder cases. one jane doe back in tampa. forensic artists worked with usf an throw politicians to give jane doe a face and two me it are. they haven't seen her in three decades. they took samples of the si sister's dna to compare with jane doe. the sisters should know in a cup of months if it is actually their sister. new york city police are investigating who sent an envelope containing a white powdery substance to hill's campaign office. one of the workers at the brooklyn office opened up that
8:35 am
midtown manhattan office and transported to the brooklyn county. florida voters are being asked a controversial question concerning pot amendment two will legalize the use of medical marijuana. one woman's mail-in ballot skipped amendment 2. her attorney wants to get it before a judge in hopes of resolving it by election day. he questions if there is one co can there be. he also worries that many vo voters may not realize that the amendment is missing. >> it is like when you go to a restaurant, something is not on the menu, you don't order it. you fill out the ballot -- you go from page 1 to 2 and goes from amendment 1 to amendment 3. no amendment 2 on it. so you don't even think about it. >> anjuli: the county's supervisor of election told the sun sentinel dealing with this much paper and this many
8:36 am
mistake. people living in a south florida community are a little bit on edge this morning. cameras caught a wild bear roaming around their neighborhood. in fact a neighbor was actually looking at some of the surveillance cameras and spotted the bear. you can see it right there. and it walked into someone's driveway. weaved through some of the cars and started rummaging through the trash cans. the bear was comfort come comfortable too. had a lot of people worried especially for their children. outside by himself. >> a great concern for the little ones. >> they are not playing outside. no. >> reporter: neighbors say that bear has been spotted there before and tagged and removed but for some reason keeps coming back. wildlife officials say if a bear comes into your yard, make sure you are in a safe area. make sure the bear has an escape route and try scaring it by making loud noises. organizers for pulse night club memorial brought the
8:37 am
in the deadly shooting. the pure was painted on the wall of the night club where 49 people were shot and killed on june 12. given a chance to contribute to the mural by the artist best known as mr. brainwash. best known in the oscar aw award-winning documentary "throughout gift shop." time to change. time to make this a better world. time to love one another. that's to do. so i don't understand why people still do these kind of things of hatred through, you know, for this community which they are just amazing people full of love and happiness. >> anjuli: the first time the club has opened their gates to the public since the shooting this summer. actor bill murray makes a surprise visit to the white
8:38 am
>> i think there is going to be a big future in glass. >> murray showed off his love for the cubs complete with a baseball hat and a matching sweater. the actor is in town to receive the mark twain for american humor.after a stop in the press room, he went on to meet with president obama. >> alcides: go cubs. >> anjuli: yes, apparently. house, look at a movie. >> anjuli: i think a at 8:55, all the movies out there this weekend. finding a forever family and can be tough for kids in the foster system as they get older.
8:40 am
8:41 am
you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: a special adopt for little boy from sarasota county. the court room was decked out for super hero decorations for
8:42 am
care for four and a half years. >> alcides: this morning he has his forever family. otto contreras show us they are sharing their story in hopes of inspiring others. >> who is this? >> dad. >> he likes it take things apart. he is such a building. i think that is why he likes legos. >> what about that one? >> he is autism spectrum disorder. i am a special ed teacher so i tend to gravitate toward children with disabilities. >> i want to say happy adoption day to you. >> the adoption finalization happened. so i am deally drake's father. >> i am not an expert on spiderman. you might have to tell me about this. by contacted my case manager
8:43 am
question. have they ever -- has there ever been a themed adoption. and she is like, no. i said, well, could we do it? and she is like, well, let me find out. the judge was all for it. >> right here, one, two, three. >> the moment that i met him, i knew once i met drake, there was nothing that was going to stand in my way. i think's typical 11-year-old boy. we are going to have a life together, and i can lie i am going to be able to help him become the man that he was meant to be, you know, and that he is going to be with me along the way. >> alcides: scott and drake told us they wanted to share their story to encourage other families to choose adoption. >> anjuli: what a wonderful thing to do. great story. 8:43. great weather if you love fall.
8:44 am
jackets. hopefully you don't lose them. 59, you may need them in tampa to the beach we go, breezy winds there. mid-60s near the coast. plenty of 5s still at this hour inland. we will talk about how much we will thaw out this afternoon ?? with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99.
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elise: we couldn't believe it. that poor girl was raped by two football players and their friends. we were sure they would go to jail. so, when i heard state attorney mark ober decided to go easy on them, i was scared -- scared for my daughter. none of those young men served a day behind bars. was punishment enough. if mark ober can't protect our families, it's time for a new state attorney. ?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin.
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largo police are investigating an armed robbery that happened at the walgreen's on indian rocks road and west bay that happened around 8:30 last night. nobody was hurt. police are still looking for the suspects. as soon as we learn more information, we will bring it to you. a big construction project is under way at macdill air force base. crews there are redoing the runways. the project will have little effect on missions at the base. they say the upgrades are crucial for airmen macdill home to 16 k-c 131 strato planes and three c-17 gulf streams with active duty and reservists that house auto runway. the ferry to take people to st. petersburg. the crew from boston brought the new cross bay ferry to vinoy baseen in st. pete. it will undergo safety checks before service starts november 4. the boat will travel between
8:48 am
near the convention center. tickets to the general public will become available starting november 1. it would be a gorgeous day for exactly that. >> i know. i wonder lindsay -- you said it was kind of windy. a little too choppy to be out on the boats. >> a little too choppy, you are right. tomorrow the better boating day because the winds will be relax. any time we get a cold front of the magnitude of what we saw yesterday, we do get the winds and they will be dropping morning. my goodness. after low, 66. this morning for the first time in tampa since april 10. we fell below 60 degrees. this is a big deal. about 6 to 7 months since most of you felt the way the air feels right now. florida fall is back in a big way this morning. we know the sunshine that you have seen outside. these numbers will be going up next hour, but a quick peek at our official low-pressure system. 54 in arcadia.
8:49 am
and 50 in brooksville. so north of tampa bay, tomorrow morning, get ready for 40s for lows. there is that wind we mentioned at the beach. i wouldn't call it extremely choppy if not smooth. a northeast wind. hop over to river view, no 60s over to you and plenty of clear skies. 59 and a north wind at 6. an update in the temperatures adds of 8 a.m., a lot of us are starting to push 60. pwrixville, you will be close to that and 58 in wauchula and looking back from this time yesterday before the front moved through, we are 6 degrees cooler in frost proof and 11 there in tampa. if you like fall, you love this morning. best part if you don't like the cool, you like the fact it is comfortable and any time bring our dew points into the 40s and 50s pretty much off the charts and the dew point in early fall. instead of that moderate humidity we saw earlier this
8:50 am
the feel to the air all weekend long. now the once are a bit gusty. sustained out of the northeast at 21 in st. pete. and inland. they are lighter at 5 to 10 miles per hour. do want to point out wave heights for the boaters increase to three to four to possibly five feet offshore and get it back on track. front diving south. even south florida will notice dew point tumbling today. dry air and mid levels on water vapor. the red shade you see rather and won't see that many clouds. a lot of rain for the nort northeast. we had reports of multiple injuries of rain for parts of massachusetts and central pennsylvania. what is left of this system is still packing a punch. another wet day with improvement by the afternoon. cold air tumbling on the back identify of this frontal sy system. we know if it is 59 in tampa. nashville, birmingham, 40s this morning. 30s in chicago. so temperatures through this afternoon will start to rebound.
8:51 am
that's it today. our average high is 83. and we don't get there until tuesday. so slowly moderating. tonight the coolest of the w week. the coolest of the season too. 47 brooksville. 51 in bartow. 55 in tampa and 63 in st. pete. a fantastic fall day. breezy near the coast. high pressure drops in an drop the winded to and tomorrow. clear skies overnight. plenty of sun for sunday ands it high starts to fade away we bring in atlantic moisture toward breezy by the bay today. nice and sunny and fall hand like, you name it. a wonderful die do fall-like activities. 40s north of the bay. clear and cool and after the sun sets at 7, you will notice you will need the jacket. delightful sunday with lots of sun and 78 degrees. we have that small-craft advisory advisory for the boaters and this ex-tires at 11 a.m. choppy seas this morning. more like a moderate chop late in the day and the next tide is a low tide.
8:52 am
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and welcome back. you can get into the halloween mood early if you want to catch fox's will carr with a look at what new in theatres this weekend. >> how is it going? >> reporter: tom cruise is back in action star form as jack reacher in the high adrenaline feature "never go back" reacher racing to uncover a government conspiracy and clear his name. >> who are these people. >> we need evidence. >> i need to make sure this is not paranoia.
8:56 am
galifankis and isla fisher think that i new neighbors are spy in "keeping up with the joneses" jon ham; >> spirit, can you hear me. >> yes, we can. >> reporter: halloween mood in "ouiji: origin of evil. >> reporter: courtesy of wr writer, director and star matthew halloween." >> i want it to be light but feels so dark. >> reporter: in theatres the faith-based film "i am not ashamed." the journal entries of rachel scott, the first student killed in the 1989 columbine high school shooting. ewan mcgregor makes his film
8:57 am
connelly and dakota family. a family in their '60s ripped apart by her radical affiliation and her disappearance after a violent act. also in select theatres and a available on demand is ty west revenge-fueled spaghetti western flick "in a valley of violence" starring ethan hawke and john travolta. >> i can now. >> reporter: in hollywood, will carr, fox 13 news. >> a live look outside -- they are having a lot of fun. outside of amalie arena for the breast cancer walk making strides walk. we have our fox 13's linda hurtado there emceeing events. fox 13 anchors there as well expecting 20,000 people out there and it is going to be a ja-packed day. starts at 9:30 and in just about a half hour, there is an
8:58 am
go join them. go join them. stay tuned robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i
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search and rescue crews search and rescue crews are search and rescue crews are back out this morning looking for a missing boater. we are live with the latest. and making strides. fox 13's linda hurtado joining us of the breast cancer walk in downtown tampa. with just over three weeks to go donald trump is planning a big speech today and hillary clinton defends herself from a new leaked video. >> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay." >> good morning welcome to "good day tampa bay." the time is 9 a.m. it is saturday morning. i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: and i am anjuli


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