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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  October 22, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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search and rescue crews search and rescue crews are search and rescue crews are back out this morning looking for a missing boater. we are live with the latest. and making strides. fox 13's linda hurtado joining us of the breast cancer walk in downtown tampa. with just over three weeks to go donald trump is planning a big speech today and hillary clinton defends herself from a new leaked video. >> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay." >> good morning welcome to "good day tampa bay." the time is 9 a.m. it is saturday morning. i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: and i am anjuli
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thank you for joining us. straight out this morning to a fantastic event being put on in downtown tampa. fox 13's linda hurtado. ? >>reporter: hi, everybody. it's -- i am sorry, it is so loud. i am going to go ahead and tell you i can't hear a thing you are saying. let me show you the crowd. 20,000 people have gathered out here for the making strides against breast cancer walk here at amalie arena. i knew it would be a good cr crowd. you paulro have good weather and we are just having a good time here. a lot of you know i have a personal reason for being here. i am a breast cancer survivor. five years this month as a matter of fact. so these are my people. these are my friends. these are the ones been going through the same thing i have and we like to gather every october together. we have some people here. you are a breast cancer survivor. tell me a little bit about your story.
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a routine mammogram, chemo surgery, radiation and as of july 20, cancer-free. >> reporter: so glad to hear that. you decided to put that team together. >> with my three pixie sisters. we decided to give back. cancer took so much for us but we wanted to give back. we raised 9,000. the three of us with your foreign and family. no >> reporter: you found your candidates in a mammogram screening as did i. and we were young. what would you tell women about the importance of getting a screening? >> don't put it off. you think won't ever happen to you until it does. and i -- i will not stress enough that don't put it off. i know as adults we are so busy, but it is so important to get the test. it takes two hours total driving there and everything else. get the test. >> reporter: so quickly, i know you have another connection to
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the play-by-play voice for the lightning and he is in ottawa wearing the pink warrior shirt and i packed him a pink tie. go bolts. >> reporter: come in. my fox 13 family in. mike, you too. >> the cold front come out o okay? >> reporter: paul dellegatto promised me it was an outstanding or spectacular weather. >> spectacular. all the adjectives work. the crowd -- the crowd is unbelievable. really is. mean pink tutus since my fi first-grade dance recital. >> reporter: thank you for coming put. hey, mike, you called it too. >> it's great. you look out here and you see the thousands of people here. everyone stomping it out. it is amazing. it really is. >> a sea of women power. >> the first pink shirt i wore.
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it means a lot. the whole fox 13 family is here. if you would like to come and say hello we will be here until 11:30. back to you, guys. really a beautiful morning. they are out taking credit for it while i am out here working. i think i am getting the credit for this. 61 and the north wind at 13 miles per hour. clear skies. we jumped too since last hour, but some of us are still in the 50s after that crisp start. the coolest of the season kay is 58. 57 in brooksville. 66 in st. pete. even sarasota at 67. still in the blue. noticeably cooler than there time yesterday by 13 degrees in tampa and hardly a cloud in the sky thanks to the air so dry. i got to show you the winds because they are breezy at times by the bay and near the coast. sustained at 16 in st. pete. so a reason why if you were boating second half of the day and tomorrow.
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76 and enjoy it. so we are -- we are following a developing story this morning. florida highway patrol is on the scene of a double fatal accident along the veterans expressway at mile marker 2 near the courtney campbell. if you can, you are requested to avoid this area at all co costs. officials say anwar askar cr crashed his mercedes in the back of a pontiac. that car was pushed back into the barrier and burst both people inside that car according to highway patrol were killed. at this point they have not been identified. askar taken to tampa general where police say alcohol was found in his system. he is now facing multiple counts of dui manslaughter and vehicular homicide. search and rescue teams are out again looking for a missing boater near the courtney campbell causeway. fox 13's kellie cowan is live
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>> reporter: well, right now we have a lot of crews on the scene this morning as we begin day two of the search-and-rescue effort for this missing boater. we have the coast guard helicopter circling overhead this morning. tampa police dive units are on the scene as well as florida fish and wildlife officials. i want to bring your attention this way off of the boat ramp on the courtney campbell ca causeway where the rescue effort has been concentrated this morning where that boat was sinking yesterday after now what we know is that rescuers are looking for a man that went under water yesterday just after 3:00. the man was on a rental boat with his fiancee when that boat hit a sand bar and got stuck. he jumped overboard to push the boat off of the sand bar but then went underwater. the boat drifted as he att attempted to remain afloat, resurfacing twice. when he didn't come up a third
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we are told by tampa fire rescue officials that nearby bystanders tried to help out the man and his fiancee, and jumped in the water as well, but simply could not find the man. so we will remain on the scene this morning and bring you the latest as we get that news, but as for now, the rescue effort is still very active this morning as they look for that missing boater. send it back to you guys. >> kelly, thank you. another top story this morning. three men in ll face -- in hillsborough county are facing multiple charges after they beat an elderly woman during a home invasion. the incident happened in tampa at the bay west mobile home park. thomas mendez urbina beat a woman inside her home and threatened to kill her. on his way out, he was tackled by a maintenance worker and arrested. >> i mean, well, it is concerning considering that we live -- live literally right
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i am glad that they caught the guy and hopefully will have a little more patrol around here and have good maintenance workers and thank goodness he was able to catch them. >> deputies say thomas menendez urbina were driving the car that torrez was in. he and lamar jewel were spotted. both were i rested. the woman's belongings were returned. health officials in florida are hoping that cooler temperatures this weekend will keep mosquitoes at bay. the mild weather confirmed three new nontravel related cases of the virus in miami's little river neighborhood. those new cases bring the total number up to 169. as a result of that, the cdc is telling pregnant women to reconsider traveling to all of miami-dade county. the cdc has also announced $70 million, more money in the zika funding. three women are in the pinellas county yale accused of stealing thousands of dollars
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isabel dallas used her job at a local magazine company to take customers credit card info and pass it along to her daughter, jessica. officers say the two wracked up nearly $100,000 in charges and then police say chantal jones got involved. accused of opening up credit cards and bank accounts in other people's names. to football, usf high-powered high coast offense was slowed down through passes and ran for another. shaken up in the further quarter. flowers tweaked his hamstring diving for a first down. bulls went into this game with the longest streak of scoring 35 points or more in all of college football but that streak came to an end yesterday. temple wins this one -- this is really depressing. 46-30. you can sf place next friday at home against navy.
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sites are being set up and tested all across the bay area. in 2012, two thirds of all voters got their ballots in before election day. early voting starts in most florida counties on monday morning. you can find your polling station, location and hours of operation on our web site. head over to click on the seen on tv sec section. and as for the presidential candidates, donald trump says he will begin to lay out what his first 100 days in office will look like today. trump speech to getty he isburg, pennsylvania. a trump advisor says emtry to, quote, speak to every american about his vision to restore our economy and give government back to the people. trump is trailing hillary clinton nationally, and in key battle ground states like pennsylvania with just under three weeks to go in the link. the latest fox 13 poll numbers also have trump behind clinton right here in florida although it is well within the margin of error.
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sunshine state tomorrow evening at a rally in venice. he will also. that tampa on monday at 7:00. doors open at the mid-florida credit union amphitheatre at 4:00. hillary clinton, her campaign headquarters in new york are teaming up with police after a white powerry substance found in an envelope. the nypd is investigating the incident and testing that substance. a twist of irony a newly obtained video of fox news show clinton on special duty to recognize the important of cyber sec security. security. >> a responsibility to share ironic, of course, because cyber security is a major election issue and clinton has
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as secretary of state. u.s. officials have also accused russians of hacking democratic e-mail databases. still ahead, a major cyber attack. the popular sites affected and who claiming responsibility for it all. plus today is national prescription drug take-back day which is a long way of saying this is your chance to safely get rid of prescription drugs. where you can next. and the wait is over for fall-like conditions. the cool start of the day. even after we started warming up, i tell you what, a lot of requiring a jacket. 57 brooksville. 67 in sarasota. if you were headed to the beach, you want to keep that layer on hand as that breeze out of the north stays up there at 10 to 20 first half, and highs in the 70s today and tomorrow. no 80s.
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you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: a federal investigation continues into a massive cyber attack. >> anjuli: the bridge slowed down traffic to twitter, netflix and amazon. the group called the new world hacker claimed responsibility on twitter for those attacks. perhaps athe attacks came from million of internet-connected devices like web cams an printers that were infected with malicious software. cyber security experts say this type of attack is often used in advance of a larger cyber attack. a former nsa contractor accused of stealing top secret information will stay in
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prosecutors say over 20 years, harold martin iii took some of the government's most highly protected secrets that included information on cyber weapons as well as cyber capabilities. during a raid at his home earlier this month, fbi agents found dozens of computers. they took almost as much information as edward snowden. the dea is asking people to turn in their unused prescription drugs today. part of national prescription drug take back day. there are 4700 collection sites all cut back on the country's addiction epidemic. 6.4 million americans abuse prescription drugs, that is more than cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine combined. last year the program collected 447 tons of drugs. and locally, more than a dozen prescription collection sites right here in the bare area. the program totally free no questions asked. collecting prescriptions from 10 to 2:00 in the afternoon.
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web site at click on the "seen on tv" tab. heavy rain has much of the northeast under water. a flashflood warning was in effect after some cities saw as much as seven inches of rain yesterday. many cars became stranded as the water rose, and officials asked people to te off the streets. in pittsylvania. crews carried out more than 100 rescues and evacuations. a man there was actually killed when a tree fell on his home. two other homes were completely locally, a gorgeous start to the morning. we have been live all morning long at amalie arena. and 20,000 people out there. it is a beautiful site. >> a lot of jackets out there too. cool start to the day. the coolest of the season. and i think even cooler tomorrow morning. so before we show you where we are at with the sunshine which is a bit milder than this. if you slept in, you missed the 50st in spots. 58 in tampa.
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and a solid 8 degrees below average 50 in brooksville, brr, 65 in st. pete and 60 in sarasota. if you don't like the cooler readings, back in the 70s. if you like the cooler readings set it cooler. and a northeast breeze. i would call it breezy by the bay and by the coast today with literally wall-to-wall sunny sky. a comfortable afternoon and check to that northerly surge of wind in clearwater beach. 64 degrees. pobably a good afternoon to stay out of the water. tomorrow less choppy for the boaters. second half of the delay feature lighter winds. they are up. noticeably up. 66 in pete. it is 55 in dade city. jackets necessary for inverness at 57. 56 in weeki watch chee. down i-75, no 70s.
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county. lakeland up to 64. and the pest part of the morning and best part of the weekend is the fact that our dew points have dropped into the 40s and 50s. any time these numbers are less than 60 that is welcomed. less than 50 unheard of for most of october for us so far. on the scale, we will keep it in the 40s through the weekend. dupes climbing a bit mid-week to -- i don't know if it will be the muggy range but get out and enjoy the crisp feel to the air. 13 miles per hour in tampa. 15 in clearwater and there is that front holding to the south. that high pressure building in behind it, afternoon highs mid- to upper 60s. 76 in venice, 77 in tampa. tonight, 40s showing up from wesley chapel to leesburg to crystal river. 5 in tampa and 63 in st. pete. a cool fall weekend. a comfortable fall weekend.
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tonight if you have any outdoor barbecue plans look wonderful, but after the sun sets. getting quite chilly. 55 for the low. 79 on sunday delightful below average. on. small-craft advisory until 11 a.m. those wave heights offshore up to 7 feet this morning. seven-day forecast show mild air moderating midweek. our average high is 83. we are there on tuesday and only a 20% rain chance on the seven thursday and friday. >> anjuli: thank you, lindsay. with halloween right around the corner we break out the scary movies. we will. a woman who said their life a woman who said their life inspired "the conjuring" a woman who said their life inspired "the conjuring" we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait.
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welcome back. the time right now is 9 q 23. we have a real life ghost story just in time for halloween. you may remember ed and lorraine warren in "the conjuring." they traveled to a family's farmhouse to help them get rid of the movie is straight out of hollywood. the parents say it is all base and pack. andrea paren who lives in florida. she joins us live this morning. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> alcides: those not familiar with "the conjuring." what happened. >> well "the conjuring" is by aed on the case files of ed and lorraine war head-on investigated our home between 1973 and '74.
9:24 am
had some pretty extraordinary experiences there, but we lived there for ten years, 24-7, so many things they didn't know about. and the film captures some elements of the story, but there is very much, much story to tell. >> alcides: what is it? >> well, when we moved into the -- the day we moved into the house, we saw a full body apparition, four of us, four of the five children. he and absolutely solid to me. and there was a man in the dining room, but he just disappeared, and that was really our entrance into the paranormal world. we were a perfectly normal family before we moved to this beautiful colonial farmhouse. and then we became a paranormal family. >> alcides: why didn't you just move out? i would have moved out. >> you know, it -- it just wasn't that easy. there were no disclosure laws on the book at the time. there was no way to get out of
9:25 am
my parents had invested everything they had in this beautiful 200-acre farm, and if you put your house up on the market as soon as you move in, people ask what's the deal. but we were supposed to stay there. i really believe that. we were supposed to have this experience. >> alcides: why? why do you say that? >> because we were supposed to share it with the world, and even though it took me 30 years before i ever took up a pen to write my books, it gave us time to process it, and as a to spiritually prepare for it. >> alcides: why did it take so long to put this in a book and in writing, why? were you just afraid or didn't think people would believe you? >> no, i am not afraid of anything. >> alcides: a 9 this point. >> it was just the right time. like a bell went off in my hoed in 2007 and i started writing the books. >> alcides: i am looking at the movie and i am pictures your life.
9:26 am
>> in broad strokes, the conjuring got it right, good conquer evil. they had a haunting that they survived. all is correct. glaring discrepancy in the film. no way they could have compressed ten years into two hours which is why it took me 1500 pages and three books to tell the whole story. and i will be detailing some of that tonight at tampa theatre when we and i am going to lecture afterwards a discrepancy lecture so people know there is really a full story behind this. and it is not so much a horror story as it is much more of a spiritual journey. >> alcides: interesting. so where and when -- is there a cost? >> i believe it is $10 a ticket. >> alcides: $10 a ticket. >> no extra charge for the lecture and my father and my sister nancy. three of the seven of us will be there to answer questions with the audience.
9:27 am
>> starts at 7:30. >> alcides: 7:30. i am getting a thumbs up. 7:30. wow. >> i will be there a little early though in case anybody wants to take pictures or talk to me and ask questions. >> alcides: i am sorry. there is no way no how. if i see something like that, i am out the door -- i am out the door. but -- take a special person to do something like that and the whole family as well. >> thank you. >> alcides: thank you very much for being with us. anjuli, of ride sharing.
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay. day tampa bay. ." >> alcides: good morning and thank you for joining us for "good day tampa bay." i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: and i'm anjuli davis. a quick check of the headlines. florida highway patrol is on the scene of an accident happening along the veterans expressway at mile marker 2 near the courtney campbell causeway. if you can you are being asked anwar askar crashed his mercedes. that car was pushed into the barrier and burst into flames. both people were killed. at this point they have not been identified. askar was taken to tampa general where alcohol was found in his system. he is now being charged with two counts of dui manslaughter and vehicular homicide. hillsborough deputies arrest three men that took part in a violent home invasion.
9:31 am
afternoon at the bay west club mobile home park an kings point road. deputies waited until 83-year-old came out of her house, and they forced her back inside. he then beat the woman, hit her in the head with a metal ob object. they say he stole a -- stole a safe but was tackled by a maintenance worker as they ran away. two other men were arrested at a nearby gas station. pasco county crews are trying to put out a in port richey. fire fighters pulled two people out of that building. they are now being treated. the fire has been contained to the room it started in and not clear if anyone was hurt. 9:31. 60s showing up instead of the 50s we saw early this morning. cool, crisp fall start to the day. the coolest air we have seen since the springtime. 66 degrees from john's hopkin's all children hospital cam.
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skies. a breezy start but not for everyone near the immediate cos and near the bay. lighter winds in river view. just as beautiful 63. couple of 50s for bartow, crystal river, lakeland at 59. 61 in tampa. 68 in bradenton. and so comfortable. our dew points have tumbled into the 40s. we haven't seen valleys like this again since the spring. so six month for a lot us. all thanks to the strongest front of the season now south of the state. as high pressure builds in set the stage for an even cooler sunday morning and no mistakes on these graphics. these are forecast high for saturday and sunday in the 70s. 55 our low sunday morning. enjoy it. millions suffer from chronic diseases but those with krone's and colitis suffer in silence >> the final part of her series on diseases, dr. jo show us how support from them is growing
9:33 am
shadows to share their stories. >> my name is kathy, and i have krone's. >> reporter: one by one -- >> you can't really describe it to somebody else. >> reporter: members of this chroen's and colitis group. >> i remember crying. >> reporter: pain, diarrhea and fatigue are similar, many are different. medications. these are my daytime medications. bots that i am on right now. >> i take the remicade intrusion every six weeks which is starting to fail. >> i stopped all my meds february 2 would be my third year. i just gave up on it. >> reporter: each journey is unique. >> it hit quick, and it hit hard. >> shane sexton's diagnosis
9:34 am
colitis. i said it could be worst things it could be krohn's. and i was diagnosed with crohn's. >> reporter: crohn's can attack the whole gi tract. he couldn't work having him lose his medical insurance forcing him to wait a year to undergo surgery. >> so tired. barely had the strength or will to do anything. >> reporter: how many sur surgeries. >> total reexceptions i have >> reporter: mark dyer had a fraction of his intestines yet. at age 24, he was nine times in the hospital. when his symptoms began at age 12, people thought he was exaggerating. >> they didn't understand until i threw up blood. >> i didn't think i could make it all those years without the support of all the people here. >> reporter: that support continues after walking out the door. >> we are a group and we are so
9:35 am
call anybody, they will help us. >> don't give up hope. as corner as that sounds, don't give up hope. >> alcides: medications to treat this disease have helped, you can see many still str struggle. and if you like to help, you can join "good day" walter allen at the krohn's and colitis foundation walk in tampa. begins at 2:30 at the waterfront park behind amalie arena. funding research. if you would like to join, all the details on our web site at time is now 9:35. world news, an international team from the you can n says the syrian government has carried out a third chemical attack on its own people. the new reports say helicopters dropped barrel bombs holding chlorine gas in march 2015. syria agreed to destroy its
9:36 am
and agreement brokered by russia and the u.s. they had a resolution if syria did not comply, tougher sanks or military action. the you can n's human rghts council has passed a resolution calling for enhanced investigations into human rights violations and abuses in the syrian city of aleppo. the council voted 24-7 last night in favor of the measure which is aimed to put pressure on russia. aleppo has seen a recent russian and syrian air power. a massive operation continues today in iraq as troops make progress in pushing out isis in the city of mosul. the special forces say they are in full control nine miles east of the town's second largest city. they have deadly attacks in and around kirkuk. 100 miles from mosul but the
9:37 am
in business news, tesla plans to get into the r ride-hailing and sharing business. >> anjuli: they announced cars will be equipped with equipment to drive themselves. tesla say use to make money with ride-sharing will be al allowed on tesla's own network. tesla announced all cars including the lower model will have more camera sensor, radar themselves. software will be updated over the internet to let the cars do more as the features are te tested. apple says 0% of the charger cables being told on amazon are counterfeits that may damage their products or actually start fires. very interesting because i have gone to amazon and they are really cheap they are all made by mobile star lcc and falsely carry the apple logo.
9:38 am
amazon is cooperating with apple by removing the cables from its web sites. there is a bunch of college football on today, so what do most americans have in hand? a drink, of course. according to a new poll, more than 80% of adults have a drink in hand while watching live football -- college football games. no surprise the most popular beverage is a beer. sounds delightful. >> alcides: a beer? >> anjuli: it's bummer. soon enough. >> alcides: almost there. coming up an adorable little girl goes from super girl to overnight superstar. >> anjuli: thanks to her epic outfit choice for school picture day. you got to see it. before we go to break a look at your winning lottery numbers. no word on big jackpot, mega million $30 million and lucky money $2 million.
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she's only three she is only 3 years old but one little girl in rockland, california is making headlines because of her decision to put on a superman costume school picture. >> anjuli: so cute. she is an inrespiratory rage for others. it's a bird, it is a plane it is -- >> puterman. >> reporter: her side kick and association for school picture day. >> i always wanted her to be as independent as always. >> reporter: dad was not offended when he chose the
9:42 am
picked for her. he is not surprised. she dresses up for school all the time. >> reporter: her 3-year-old's fashion choice went viral. her picture was shared all over the country. >> still astonished by it. i can't believe what is happening. >> reporter: more for this todder despite her love for super heroes. >> 75% deaf in both ears. >> reporter: this picture is not just getting laughs and support. they are overwhelmed with support intere they say she is an inspiration. >> being deaf isn't necessarly a disability, you are still able to go out there and be yourself and be creative. she can't hear the letter "s." to her superman is puterman. whatever the name, doesn't let the impairment get in the way. shows off her hearing aid and knows sign language. for all the for, calie ann has
9:43 am
>> thank you. >> anjuli: this may surprise you she still doesn't have her halloween costume just yet. but lots of options to choose from. a holy get away. >> alcides: why the pope is opening up his doors to a summer home. and a massive fire breaks out at a recycling facility out west. the details on that. 9:43. we flip the switch to fall this morning. comfortable clear. 62 at brookdale while you see 66 in st. pete. that wind is biting a bit, making it feel cooler. jackets necessary this morning. you will definitely need it
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time is 7:xx.. welcome back. the time right now is 9:46. investigators are looking into west this morning. this is at a recycling facility in ontario, california just outside of la. the fire sent a huge plume of smoke into the air on friday. flames jumped the property setting fire to nearby train tracks as well a nearby fence. a nasa spacecraft in or bit around mars has taken a picture of a large smudge where a european mars lander should be.
9:47 am
destroyed in a fiery ball of rocket fuel because it was travelling too fast. contact was last with that rover just before landing. if you were looking for a cool getaway, pope francis's summer home is open to the public. a glimpse into a 400-year-old piece of history. one of the main attractions is the pope's bedroom. one of 20 marble floored rooms overlooking an extinct volcano of a lake south of rome. pope francis doesn't use this home because he says it is too luxurious for the liking. does it sit empty? a good question. >> anjuli: almost as good as is the pope's bed so small. >> alcides: anjuli is throwing me under the bus. >> why is his bed so small. if i am a pope, i want a big ben, not like a twin size. >> lindsay: all about the
9:48 am
>> somebody said in my ear he is single. whatever. i am saying i want a bigger bed whether i am single or not. >> lindsay: make cracking the windows and the house this morning or the bedroom. it is so comfortable. it is cool. fall is here and the coolest of the season is here as well. so how cool are we talking? well, if you missed it. 61. but out low is 58 in tampa which means we have to go back to april 10 to see a degree of this is the last time we were in the upper 50s. speaking of 50s. a lot of us did wake up in the 50s including lake placid, 58. winter haven, 58. 50 crystal river and brooksville and even 65 in st. pete and 62 in sarasota felt refreshing thanks to that dry air behind a strongest of the season. that came through yesterday afternoon. look forward the beach, north wind at 13. that dry breeze. that's why we are at 61 out the
9:49 am
of the day especially winds are kicking. waves building in sirata beach. even though a low risk for rip currents. keep it on the sand and hold off on boating until after 11 a.m. when the small-craft small-craft advisories expire. temperatures going up 66 in sebring. 66 in st. pete. and looking back from this time yesterday in the blue, 13 degrees cooler in tampa, but the best part is, if you don't like the cool, but you like comfortable air, we will see it into the afternoon this weekend as our dupes have tumbled in the 40s and 50s. not this dry this season. and that's why it haven't been this cool this season. winds coming in out of the north today. notice that sliver of blue near the coast. that is the breeze we are discussing. that is why our waves are c choppy. some of of the wave heights offshore showing four feet. could be upwards of five, six, seven feet or lunchtime.
9:50 am
light winds even cooler tonight and the dry air, red on water vapor imagery. the front is attached to low pressure that continues to bring a mess of heavy rain to the northeast. and the higher elevations, the wintry mix too. this low swings eastward throughout the day, so getting back on track to drier conditions for the second half of the weekend. we know if we are opening the door with 60s, it is obviously cooler to the north. jacksonville at 54. 45 in nashville. 43 in columbus. 4 fall air around most of cou country. below average. average high 83. we don't even get there until tuesday. mid-70s for highs this afternoon. a few 80s tomorrow and lows tonight tumbling into the 40s from wesley chapel to leesburg. 51 in bartow. 55 in tampa and 63 in st. pete. so too cool four. have milder readings on the seven-day. breezy by the day and fall-like with sunshine, 76.
9:51 am
tonight. once the sun sets at 54, we won't drop dramatically but cool enough for jackets for evening plans. 55 our low. 78 sunday delightful. and there is that small-craft advisory. it expires in about an hour though. so give it time. seven-day forecast show possibly some moisture returning late in the week but possibly were rain chance 20% with mid-80s coming on back. sure to be a howling good time.
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embrace the good. the afternoons spent laughing by the pool. the comfort of being home. and the people who are there for you when you need them. this is what community is. this is lakewood ranch. experience it yourself this weekend during our tour of homes... ...happening now through november 20th. explore more than 50 model homes and 12 distinct villages throughout our award -winning community.
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((alcides/2)) we have some ((alcides/2)) we have some developing news all right, we have a news alert to tell you about, fwc confirms they have found the body of a man who went missing yesterday afternoon when he tried the courtney campbell causeway. i believe the boat was stuck on a sand bar and he was trying to move the boat from that sand bar. somehow he was swept underneath that boat and his fiancee -- say that again,al welcome. and his fiancee is safe. fwc con firming they was found a body around that area. of course we will continue to follow this story coming up later this evening. the time is now 9:54. finally this hour, a host of
9:55 am
tonight's tuxes and tails event here in tampa. >> alcides: helps raise funds for the tampa bay humane society and helps to find more homes as well. >> my name is heri silk and the ceo of the humane society of tampa bay. saturday is our 17th annual black tie tuxes and tails [barking] where where he raise a whole lot of money to help support these a this is our only black tie event and by far our largest fundraiser, so we do really rely on this to help offset the expenses of taking care over 7,000 animals each year. we do lots of different things attuckss and tails and part of it is a silent auction and this year has been an outstanding array of -- 125 different baskets available for sale, and people donate this to us, an then people bid on it.
9:56 am
animals like this little girl. this is lindy and one adorable example of an animal attuckss and tails. she came in with her litter mates and stray puppies and we fostered them and they are ready for adoption and believe me attuckss and tails the animals we take to the convention center gets adopted. a great evening to have them go home. not only do we do 7,000 adoptions every year a full affordable health care. for folks who can't afford going to regular veterinarian they can go to their hospital and not interest to bring their pets in to a shelter. we have a free food program, a ani-meals program. a meals on wheel for animals and educational. and we are out in the community a lot more than people realize, not just about adoptions [dogs barking]
9:57 am
we sell pumpkins. a lot of things in the community to support the plight of homeless animals. we are hoping that we do very, very well. we are hoping to net over $200,000 at this event. [dog barking] so far tampa bay has not let us down and hopefully we will make that number. >> anjuli: lindsay will be out there today. tuxes and tails. >> lindsay: i am bringing my parents and they are excited. >> alcides: a great event and they do such an incredible job keeping those animals finding them homes. we also have exciting news. our producer alex is getting married [cheering] congratulations, alex, we love you and we hope you have a wonderful wedding next saturday. hopefully perfect weather. hopefully perfect weather. i will see what i can do. hopefully perfect weather. i will see what i can do. follow your own sense of style... because, you want to be confident. t.j.maxx really helped us express our creative side. that's the best part. you don't know what you're going to find. i always find great deals on shoes... purses...
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