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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  October 23, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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they've been cursed by a billy >> alcides: they've been cursed by a bill yoi goat, baffled by bartman and crushed by decades of disappointment. now the loveable losers from chicago have a chance to win it all. >> anjuli: if you see flashing lights, move over. this morning, local tow truck companies hope to drive that point home as they honor one of their own. >> alcides: early voting starts tomorrow with more than a million b find out which party has an edge as the campaigns launch a battleground blitz right here in florida. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: good morning, and welcome to "good day tampa bay." it's 7 a.m. on this sunday morning. i'm anjuli davis. >> alcides: i'm alcides segui. let's start the morning like we always do with a look at the forecast. it's nice and chilly out there, lindsay. >> lindsay: yes, chilly and beautiful.
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downtown. chilly in brooksville and crystal river in the low 40s this morning. 40s in arcadia, it's 49. 48 in brandon, still 65 in st. pete. need to keep in mind that the water surrounding us in the mid-70s and that's why you're the mild spot. we're all at least a degree cooler than this time yesterday. 11:00 in brooksville and crystal river, and yes, us. so we know it's here for the southeast. our dew points are in the 40s, which is a bone-dry reading, and we have dooums in the 30s north of the area. if you have plans to head to the beach and tried to do it yesterday, it was gusty and not as breezy this afternoon. a few degrees warmer with upper 70s. we know the question. is fall going to last all week? we have the seven-day forecast in about 15 minutes.
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out! out! the cubs have won the pennant! >> alcides: wow. with that, the chicago cubs are heading to the world series for the first time in 71 years. they beat the dodgers in game six of the nlcs last night to clench their first national league pennant since 1945. >> anjuli: this was the scene outside wrigley field where thousands of fans flooded the streets. they wept and hug and overwhelmed the crowds. anyone with an open window could hear them chanting go, cubs, go. that party lasted for hours, and, in fact, there's still some spots where the celebration continues this morning. generations of chicago fans have been waiting for this. only those that can remember world war ii remember the cubs' last appearance in the world series. >> alcides: even fewer were alive when they won the series
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>> anjuli: that's crazy. joe mad knden is a man tampa ba knows well. >> it's everything you think it is. you need time to process the entire situation. you stand out on the platform afterwards, and you look at the ballpark and the fans and the w flags everywhere. tuflly, i do think about everybody. i think about the fans and their parents and their grandparents and the great-grandparents and everything going on here for a while. >> anjuli: the champagne was flow considered world series favorites since opening day, the team has tried to shake the weight of history that now rests on their shoulders. former ray ben zobra says the stellar season more than justified his move from tampa bay. >> you know what? this is what i came here for. we wanted to do this a few times and have done it a few times, and now it's time to do it ultimately the last time. i'm losing my champagne right
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[ music ] >> take a swig. it's okay. >> i'll give you some. there you go. >> oh! >> anjuli: that's hilarious. obviously they're all having a great time. the cubs have a couple days to get over the inevitable hangover. they deserve it. game one is tuesday in cleveland. the indians are seeking their first title since 1948. >> alcides: again, it's 108 years since the is popping up everywhere. look at this. the city zoning records show the development number for wrigley field is actually 108. the distance to the foul poles in right and left fields are 108 meters. the movies "taking care of business" and "back to the
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long. the last world series win was october 8, 1908. no pressure i, chicago. >> anjuli: time is 7:05. two people are in custody after a crash. he refused to stop and soon after that sports car crashed into the back of a gray dodge ram pickup new this morning, we have just learned the name of the second person killed in a lockenor and his passenger were arrested. >> alcides: a woman recorded the aftermath on her cell phone. it captures the moment she realized the gravity of what she was filming.
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oliver sobbing as she passes by the accident just before 2:30 yesterday morning troopers say a suspected drunk driver rear-ended the car pushing it off the road and into a concrete barrier at independence parkway. the impact sparked a fire which the driver and passenger were killed. >> my heart goes out to the family that lost think loved ones. it was senseless, because they were probably just on their way home also. just even thinking anything like that can possibly happen. >> the crash killed 33-year-old je jesus lonzo of tam pay. the driver of the other car was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. we just interviewed him last month about the recall of the samsung galaxy note smartphones. tampa police believe they
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boater that slipped into the water on monday. they found the discover close to where the boat went under. on friday a couple visiting from chicago ran their boat into the sandbar. the man tried to free the boat and vanished. his fiancee said she tried to throw him a life vest, but he never came back up. we're waiting for investigators to confirm his identity. we'll keep >> the u.s. coast is investigating whether lighting played a role in the death of jose hernandez. he died near a jetty. the coast guard sent a letter to marco rubio saying the agency will review whether additional lighting is needed in the area. an initial investigation didn't find any dangers with the jetty, but some fishermen salo visibility is a problem. sndz this morning local tow truck drivers are preparing to
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hit and killed by a driver on i-75 on october 9th. he was loading up a car pulled over for racing when he was hit. the procession of tow trucks will leave east bay high school at 1:00 this afternoon. they head to the interstate and pass the spot where troy was killed. the drivers hope to draw attention to the state's move h hive over law. >> a haines city police officers was forced to give himse ticket. officer tim glover was reviewing camera footage when he noticed a marked patrol car running a red light and he zoomed in and realized it was his own car. glover was on ms. way to lunch when it happened and he told the ledger it's the most expensive cuban sandwich he's eaten. another officer handed him a ticket for $158. a very honest officer you might say. >> alcides: yes, he is.
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than 1.1 million florida januarys have already voted. new numbers posted by the florida division of elections shows a steady stream of vote by mail ballots. republicans have a slight edge returning 464,000 balance plots while more than 443,000 democrat voters have pailed theirs in. jndz early voting starts tomorrow in most florida counties spshgs and that includes all the tampa bay with the exception of pasco >> alcides: florida is a battle groulgd st ground stalths, and e came pans have a near consistent presence here on up until election day. donald trump will hold a rally at the mid-florida credit union affirm theater. the doors open at 4:00 in the afternoon. hillary clinton is expected to visit florida tuesday and wednesday. the schedule has not been finalized, and you can find information about early voting on our website at
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>> anjuli: still ahead this morning on "good day," a look at one of the most expensive grocery deliveries of all time. >> alcides: plus, we have seen the celebrations, but what about those highlights? kevin o'donnell is next with a look at how the chicago cubs won the pennant. we can't forget about our bolts. how they're bouncing back after their first loss of season. >> lindsay: it's 7:10. i think it's a winning forecast, a-plus weekend if you like fall. it's cooler this morning compared to yesterday. get ready for the 40s and 50s and clear skies and lighter winds. 53 at brookdale back shore and 42 in brooksville. do you like it? if you don't we have slightly if you don't we have slightly warmer weather on the if you don't we have slightly warmer weather on the we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait.
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?you know when your wife asks you >> lindsay: you know when your wife asks you to help bring in the groceries, be blahhed you don't have to do this. this is a live look at the international space station as the crew prepares to unload the first cargo delivery since july. a company called orbital atk launched that miss last week. giant robotic arm to reel in. the capsule is filled with more than 2.5 tons of food, supplies and science experiments to keep them busy for months. so remember, guys, a couple of bags of groceries is nothing considered to this. >> alcides: look how technical that is. >> anjuli: isn't that incredible? a lot of freeze-dried ice cream.
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it's good. >> alcides: doritos and and chee-tos and funyuns. >> lindsay: fall has been a beautiful weekend and yesterday fall lues. this morning if you like colder temperatures, you love it. my dog went on four walks yesterday the weather was so nice. 53 degrees this morning, brookdale bayshore and the winds are lighter. out and about you notic winds shift ever so slightly out of the northeast, so the next couple of days that brings back slightly milder temperatures. this morning nonetheless we hop over to st. petersburg where it's beautiful. improvements for the boaters, too, as our winds have relaxed. it's 65 in st. petersburg and you're the warm spot this morning. lots of chilly readings including brandon. 48. 52 in new tampa. if you're joining us last hour,
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it's 52 in west chase and week watch at 34. even a warmer jacket is yes, sir for some of us. northport and probably doing okay. 56 in sarasota, and 54 in bardo. bone-dry, and the air mass is so skrips and comfy hence the cooler area. dry air cools nice. ly. by lunchtime in the 40s, and the furs east atlantic moisture settles in first. dew points are in the 50s and more 50s on the map tomorrow morning. no 40s expected. monday afternoon a little more moisture and still very comfortable. it's tuesday and dew points climb enough that they're not at summer-like values.
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winds are up to 12 miles per hour in st. pete and it's due to the flow around high pressure at the cold front slips south and that will warm up the next few days as well so into the afternoon we go. by 3:00 p.m. we hit 78 degrees. our average is high is 83. i think we'll get there probably tuesday and wednesday. tonight another cool one and not quite as chilly for us. 58 in arcadia and down to 59 in around the country, how ironic we're not the only ones in 40s. new york city is warmer than some of our northern counties' turn current temperatures. it's shifting to the east. we have cool air out west, but where the bucs are playing we break out the 70s for kickoff. taking on san francisco. wauveng that on fox 13. you'll see a lot of sunshine in that game as well. in the northeast some snow
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the backside of the low. this is the same low that brought the heavy rain friday and saturday to the area. no rain and clouds on futurecast today, but watch the wind arrows. that slight north-to-northeast shift does a number to bring back the warmer air. overnight, mainly clear skies but monday high clouds creep in. the high clouds give way to a nice sunrise and sunset expected, and no rain until probably wednesday and even though it's a 10% chance. sun. sunrise not until 7:36. that's on the cool side and not as chilly. we bring up the warmth a bit tomorrow. 81 under pleasant conditions and mostly sunny skies expected. we have dropped the small craft advisories. that's great news for the boaters, but it's not smooth. a moderate chop today with the wave heights 2 to 4 feet. next tide is a high tide coming up shortly at 7:51.
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wear that returns next week. for now, we don't think about rain. we think about fall. good morning. the lightning get off to a fast start in ottawa. they fired pucks at senator goalie craig anderson. they hammered him. 14 shots in the first period. bad news, none went in. things changed in the second period, and who is back behind the bench for the senators now? getting his first shot in the nhl since being fired three years ago with the bolts. they had a power sufrj in the second, and that's stralman sending it towards the net. it's deflected in. first goal of the game. four minutes later, bolts on another man advantage. steven stamkos past anderson for a 2-0 lead. boucher cal clengs this one. he thought they were offside, the lied anyoning.
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year. the lightning opened the third on the attack. filppula and he has a clear look. filppula would add a goal later, and the lightning open with awe win on the road. they take it 4-1 over ottawa. game six of the nlcs back in chicago. the cubs a win away from the world series. cubs get it going early. kris bryant with a single to right. dexter fowler has a they have a 2-0 lead in the first inning. cubs with plenty of runs off clayton kershaw in the fifth. anthony rizzo makes it 5-0 cubs. let the celebration begin. for the first siem since 1945 the cubs are going to the world series. they beat the dodgers in six games, 5-0. joe maddon getting his second shot at a world series ring. the rowdies need a win in the final game of the home -- their
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against ottawa. this is how you get it down. a soft goal against in between matt pickens, 1-0 ottawa. justin chavez with a perfect pass to ristoff. that's the equalizing goal. unfortunately, for the rowdies this ends in a draw and the playoff hopes are up in flames right here. 1-1 is the final. the rowdies have been eliminated. "tailgate sunday" kicks off at 10:30 this morning. they break down the big game followed by fox's nfl kickoff and fox's nfl sunday at 9:00. fox and niners right here. this one could be interesting. san francisco has the worst rush defense in the league. so you got to like rogers today. that's a look at sports. have a great day. >> anjuli: just imagine what you could buy with $85 billion.
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appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms, a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away.
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>> alcides: welcome back. it's a great start to a sunday morning, isn't it? >> anjuli: it's outside. let's look at the weather with lind day. >> lindsay: it's cool, crisp and invigorating. it's on you're dew point scale as well in the 40s this morning. when you think about dry air, that's one of the reasons we're this cool. it's nice and bright and we're at 65. usf rain science cam, and i think you think 65 is nothing. look at these temperatures around the bay area. we have over to tampa 57, and then to brooksville at 42. chilliest north, but hang in there by the afternoon.
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don't like cooler numbers. >> alcides: thanks very much, lindsay. all right. lindsay, thank you. the investigation continues into what caused the internet outage friday for most of the east and west coasts. >> anjuli: investigators are trying to determine whether it was done by russia, china or an independent group. brian yennes reports. >> reporter: friday's cyber attack was a nationwide, well-planned and executed attack, and now investigators are trying it was done by russia or china or perpetrated by an independent group of hackers. friday's attack came in three waves beginning at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast and hitting the west coast by day's end shutting down dozens of websites including some of the most popular. amazon, netflix, airbnb, twitter, reddit, spotify and pa paypal. they released a distributed denial of service attack. this is when hackers hit
7:25 am
junk internet traffic overwhelming the servers until they shut down. friday's attack targeted dyne, a company whose servers are a switchboard guiding internet track and providing services to some of the america's biggest companies. alarmingly hackers in this case took control of tens of millions of everyday household items connected to the internet like baby monitors and smart tvs and redirected their data servers. they say ddos attacks are used to probe a network in advance of a larger cyber attack. >>s in the first move on a chessboard. whether it's a cyber crime increase board or cyber espionage chessboard is not known to me. this was for a denial of service attack to take down the websites allows them to create a fog of war while they sneak beau the back doors of the networks. >> new world hackers claimed responsibility for the attack
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security vulnerabilities. they had we didn't do this to track federal agents but to test power. this claim has not been verified, sp this group has falsely taken credit for attacks before. friday's attacks come amid wikileaks e-mail dumps and new concerns that russian hackers are trying to influence the election process. in new york, brian yennes, fox n news massive merger. >> alcides: the plan for one of >> alcides: the plan for one of the world's biggest elise: we couldn't believe it. that poor girl was raped by two football players and their friends. we were sure they would go to jail. so, when i heard state attorney mark ober decided to go easy on them, i was scared -- scared for my daughter. none of those young men served a day behind bars. ober said losing a baseball scholarship
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i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. because i'll be a senator who always works for you. good morning. thank you for
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sunday for "good day tampa bay." i'm anjuli davis. we'll get the forecast with lindsay in a minute. a quick check on the headlines. we're waiting to learn the identity of a man whose body was found near the courtney campbell boat ramp. they made that discovery while searching for the missing boater. he vanished on friday trying to free a rental boat after he and his fiancee got stuck on a sandbar. a coast guard crew helped to boat capsized near john's pass. this is video of the daring rescue. the coast guard sent a boat as well as a helicopter after the distress call. all four people including an 8-year-old little girl were found clinging to the hull of the boat. they were all wearing life jackets and they were flown to clearwater and cleared by medical officials. the state of george georgia
7:30 am
worm epidemic. they feed on living animals. the florida department of agriculture is already trying to prevent them from spreading, but georgia is taking extra precautions. they place new restrictions on life stock and pets moved from florida and not allowing any of it without a special permit. >> lindsay: at 7:30 the countdown is on until the official sunrise. get outside and maybe have a jacket with you. you need it. it's 57 and almost looks fall-like with the ora yellows over downtown. not a cloud in the sky because of our dry air mass, and that's why we're so cool even hopping over the bay to st. pete. the air is so dry that 65 feels excellent. this is looking east from our johns hopkins all children's hospital cam. 42 degrees in brooksville, and wesley chapel at 51. it's 50 in brandon and 56 in frostproof. sarasota also at 56. so in the blue even compared to
7:31 am
especially north. 11 degrees cooler in brooksville, but how about this. anytime we keep the dew pointses in the 40s for more than a day is unbelievable. the last time we were this cool in tampa, march 22nd. crazy. 78 this afternoon, so with the northeast wind a little more warmth. that will give way to a few high clouds on monday but still a pleasantly cool morning on monday with a low of 59. >> alcides: this morning tow memorial for one of their own. >> anjuli: kellie cowan is live where they hope their public display will trau attention to the state's move over law. good morning, kellie. >> reporter: good morning. it was two weeks ago when this tragic and very preventible death occurred early in the morning on i-75. today those fellow tow truck drivers are memorializing one of their own. they will meet right here at
7:32 am
morning before taking off on a procession. we're expecting tow trucks from across the bay area to take part. now, you might remember this. just a few weeks ago, troy mcguire was helping the florida highway patrol on i-75 when he was hit and killed. it all happened just after 4:00 a.m. on october 9th. mcguire was standing in the shoulder of the highway when a 2017 hohned at that ridgeline driven by gregory miller plowed into him. authorities say miller was driving drunk and was later arrested and faces dui manslaughter charges. obviously, on many accounts he was on the wrong here. not only do authorities say he was intoxicated while on the roadway, but also he did not heed the move over law. that's exactly what this procession is intended to remind people of today as they proceeded down i-75 south, they pass the site where mcguire was struck and killed, and they're hoping anyone that sees them
7:33 am
and horns blaring will remember to heed the move over law. vehicles on the road must move over if they can safely do so anytime you see emergency workers doing their thing on the side of the road. for now we're live in -- where are we? we're outside the east bay high school right now and we're near the route where they will take off later today on that kellie. >> alcides: all right. a bombshell. with a capital b, as it billion. at&t has reached an agreement to buy time warner for $85.4 billion. the acquisition will combine the wireless carrier's millions of customers with time warner's deep media line-up. a list that includes cnn, tnt and hbo.
7:34 am
into the newsroom from frontier customers experiencing problems with their cable. it went out yesterday morning for many customers here in the bay area. it was restored by last night, and the company released a hardware was a - a company official says customers can call and request a refund for the time their service was out. >> anjuli: are you planning your next pinterest project? why not save some money in the process. kati kiefer is on her way with >> alcides: how about the "pet of the week." i love these segments. these dogs are so adorable. this is randy, and he needs that forever home. how you can make him a part of
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>> lindsay: good morning. it's a sunday favorite, sherry has brought the -- >> he's down in the dumps today. he's chill, but he's also just -- we took him from his brother this morning, because there's another one just like him. he has a little brother.
7:38 am
>> lindsay: the lights and cameras. >> it's a catahula mix. then he's a lab mix as well. again, there is a brother with him, too. he's eight weeks of age. i guess he's going to be 50, 55 pounds probably. can you move around? he's just kind of sad today. i don't know what's the deal. >> he wants to snuggle. he's going to get a home today and his he's a nice dog that isn't doing much this morning. he's sweet-natured. we had our tuxing and tails event. thank you so much for modeling. lots of adopting. >> one of my favorite nights of the year. >> it's a lot of fun. >> i'm so glad a lot of animals found homes. >> absolutely. >> all the money goes back to you guys. >> yes. one of our favorite events. >> mine too. >> the other one is the free shot clinic in two weeks november 5th. there's a lot of people in our community that truly can't even
7:39 am
hospitals like ours. if you bring your dogs, no cats and just dogs, the first 1,000 dogs on the 5th will vaccinate them for free, rabies and distemper. it's a a great deal. ilts a huge line. you have to get there early. they'll also have an adoment event on the problem. if you need a pet, you can look for one. if you have an animal that needs shot >> it will be a big hit. we had good news last week. ace found a great family. >> look at that little girl. >> the fernandez family came in to adopt. the fox viewers just keep doing it every week. we have good news. hopefully next week it will you? >> have him go home with you, sherry. >> i have a houseful. >> i have a crazy animal, our
7:40 am
if you're interested meet him today at the humane society or his brother. doors open at 10:00. if you love him, get there
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the chicago >> alcides: it is party time in chicago. the cubs head to the world series for the first time since 1945. they'll face-off against the cleveland indians this tuesday, game one of the 2016 world series game. of course, you can watch it right here on fox 13. the last time the cubs won the world series was back in 1908. another live look at the international space station as they prepare to unload the first cargo delivery since july. a company called orbital atk launched the miss last week. it was the first launch in two years after a rocket exploded in virginia. mission control is talking to astronauts as they use a giant, robotic arm to reel it in very, very slowly. the capsule is filled with more than 2.5 tons of food, supplies and science experiments as well.
7:44 am
attached to the space station until later this year. finally, clearwater fire wins best in show in the homemade division of the achieveva soapbox derby. that's medic mo perdigon and driver smith. it's a truck modified for speed. each year they help to raise more than $250,000 to benefit local >> anjuli: decorating your house for fall can be an expensive measure. with pinterest you can same sof cash. we have kati kiefer here, the founder. >> pinterest is so much fun and made everything less expensive, because you can d irrelevant y
7:45 am
to decorate for fall? >> the best thing is actually recognizing the fact that there's a ton of sales available in the craft stores, but to be honest, walking into a craft store like a glimpse of heaven. it mels -- smells so good and many projects. probably the same ikwequivalent a man walking into lowe's or bass pro. when you a plan and be prepared to get distracted so that you know, hey, i'm staying on task that i know i'm only getting these supplies and getting out. >> anjuli: you can't spend a lot of money in there. how do you save going in? >> some of these projects you go to dollar tree and there's things to buy and not buy whether you get to the dollar tree. only spend money on certain things cheaper at dollar tree first.
7:46 am
joanne's sign up for everything they have. get on the mailing list and download the app. even if you walk into the store and tonight have a coupon on you, you can grab that app while you're in line and look and do a quick search on google on your phone and save 60%. >> michael's has good sales this weekend. >> yes, especially with right now is fall. that's all they're promoting. halloween and fall and all the decoration stuff. >> what do you have here? i love this. this is so cute. yesterday. you need a couple of small supplies, moj poj and glitter and glitter. here's what i made. so annabel and i right at the grocery store, you can get pumpkins and squash. they're real and 99 cents. we added glitter into the moj poj. >> that's like glue, right? >> yeah. it's like school glue.
7:47 am
not sticky at all. >> yes it covers it. we got the tray a dollar tree. everything here was less than 5 bucks. you can craft really well for cheap. we actually used a hot glue gun to write the letters. annabel got a little thing on pinterest and sign on pinterest and wrote it. we sprinkled glitter as it dred. easy, right? this is the most fun and that's where you blow up take these leaves and cover it with moj poj and it's a little bowl. >> do you pop the balloon whether you're done? >> yes. you just pop the balloon. and then off it comes, and pretty much you have a candle and a bag for candy. isn't that cool? >> what a great idea. so many good ideas. >> thank you. >> you sign up for the coupons and stuff generally before.
7:48 am
you've already signed up? >> yes. if you sign up ahead of time, you have a couple more coupons in your personal -- that's the word i was thinking of. arsenal to be able to use. so having them on the e-mail because it doesn't come instantly. you have to be signed up ahead of time. the coupons come in the sunday paper, but whether you're in there, one tip is to look -- don't look right at the big, huge wreaths almost made that are $50. look at the tiny swag. they're a >> would you remember buying those now? so much of that stuff is on sale. >> it's on sale. you can pinterest it. you can do it after, soon november 1st it's all on clears if you have space to save it for next year. >> thank you so much, kati. >> deal of the week is completely free and something to stock up on this year. >> thank you.
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>> lindsay: a lot of us wake up with a little extra pep in our step thanks to that fall weather that made an appearance. how cool did we make it down to at t.i.a., the low is 55. that's cooler than yes. it's below average. our average low is 66 and it's the coolest morning since march 22nd in tampa. it's been a long time. hopefully you're enjoying it. if it's too cool for you, we have warmer numbers seven-day forecast. 42 is the chilly spot in brooksville. warmer jacket necessary for you. wauchula is 48 degrees. it's 50 in lakeland. we're up to 57 this hour in tampa and 65 in st. pete. still in the blue compared to yesterday's cool inspects, it's cooler out the door. 90 degrees cooler in wauchula and 11 in brooksville. thanks to the drier air mass that remains in place, the winds are lighter, too.
7:50 am
are out the door in morning. if you don't like the cooler weather, you probably enjoy the fact it's so comfortable. dew points today will mainly be in the 40s. they will climb about 5 degrees monday. monday is still nice and free freshing, and even tuesday, wednesday and thursday when the dew points push 60, that's still manageable. that's not july or august-like. it's not as perfect as it is right now. it's a beauty of a morning. it's a cool morning, though shths 53 at brookdale bayshore with a northeast wind at winds aren't as gusty and 62 in clearwater beach and no clouds to show you. our air is that dry. overhead we have that northerly wind settling in the next few days. as it flips east, we will start to erode some of the dry air in the mid levels. it is across the entire state today, so pretty much they stay cl cloud-free this afternoon. in new england we have leftover snow flurries through portions of maine this morning, and this
7:51 am
week and into saturday. this slips east, though, and most of the new england it's a beautiful fall day. it's 48 in new york city, and that's warmer than brooksville right now. you columbia, south carolina is 38. chicago is celebrating the low 40s. temperatures this afternoon, remember yesterday? we add 2, 3 degrees on the mid-70s. so 180 in arcadia and venice and most of us in the upper 70 as below average. upper 50s with the northeast wind. we have to get to november 30th for the season to wrap up. a lot of wind shear with the fronts more activity. there's one troppal wave in the central atlantic that's not a hot spot for development this time of year. nothing expected right now officially the next five days. we like that and love this. wall-to-wall sun and comfortable
7:52 am
starry skies down to 59. another night on the cool side. layers come off during the afternoon and 81 for the hi on monday. some wave heights are 2 to 3 feet near shore. next tide is a high tide, 7:51 at st. pete pier. it starts on tuesday, and a slim rain chance and that's up not
7:53 am
embrace the good. the afternoons spent laughing by the pool.
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we already know they save lives... but st. >> alcides: we already know they save lives, but st. joseph's hospital released something really neat. it's an app called unmonsters. they can earn adorable little monsters. each rounds give kids an head health-related request. they conquer fears looking at things in a different way. the app is free to download on google play and the app store. >> alcides: it takes some skill to make a convincing jack-o'-lantern. it's hard enough in the kitchen. imagine carving a pumpkin underwater. >> alcides: divers have mastered it.
7:56 am
each day twice a day diefers put on suits and grab a knife and cavern pumpkins with sharks and other fish. the pumpkin artists like to carve turtles and sharks and other sea life while submergd. catch them in action every day through october 31st. >> anjuli: staying underwater, a 7-year-old girl from costa rica had her dream come true right here in clearwater. she got to meet winter the dolphin a aquarium. she has a heart defect and due to a surgery performed as a baby, she had to have all of her limbs amputated. doctors worked with the u.s. embassy to help her visit winter. winter keeps on swimming and enjoys life as an international movie star. how sweet is that? >> alcides: incredible. more to come in the next hour of "good day tampa bay." kellie cowan is live as local
7:57 am
the message they want to drive home. >> anjuli: it's a first in more than 70 years causing baseball fans across the country to rejoice this morning. the chicago cubs sed to head to the world series. >> alcides: the effects of illness and age may have slowed this guy down, but he's got love on his side and he isn't standing still. we'll explain coming up at 8:00. stay with us. we'll see you soon.
7:58 am
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slow down and move over.. >> anjuli: slow down and move over. with tragedy fresh in their minds, tow truck drivers are out this morning hoping to spread that message as they remember one of their own. >> alcid their campaign to florida today. the latest from the campaign trail just one day before early voting starts right here in the sunshine state. >> anjuli: the chicago cubs make history. fans celebrating a big victory this morning after advancing to the world series for the very first time since 1945. good morning to you. welcome to "good day tampa bay." it's 8:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. i'm anjuli davis. >> alcides: i'm alcides segui. thank you for joining us. we have lindsay here to talk


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