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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  October 24, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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all. -- captions by vitac -- it's already turning out to be a rough morning on the roads. we're keeping an eye on two deadly crashes tying up traffic in tampa. early voting kicks off today in parts of the bay area. what you need to know if you're headed to the polls today. fire the canons! the bucs pull off a come-from- behind win in san an good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm vanessa ruffes in for walter allen. and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now, a first
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new this morning: a bad crash is causing a headache already on the selmon expressway. we are working on getting more details from the florida highway patrol, but here's what we know. we know it was a deadly crash and parts of the expressway are going to be closed for a while. we recommend avoiding the area if you can. as soon as we find out more information we'll bring it to you.
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car collided. all eastbound lanes were closed overnight as tampa police investigated. no word on when it will reopen. but tampa police are asking people to avoid the area. "donald trump" will be making a campaign stop here in the bay area today. he will hold a rally at the midflorida credit union amphitheater. the rally is set to start at 7... doors will open at 4. yesterday, trump hit the campaign trail in the sunshine state. he rallied voters at an afternoon rally in naples. he told supporters the polls show he's leading national. clinton" with a narrow lead over trump in florida. meanwhile, "clinton's" running mate "tim kaine" made a few stops in florida sunday. he held a rally in orlando. he spoke about the issues, talking about social security, climate change, stricter gun laws, the economy and jobs he also made a stop at the university of florida. early voting kicks off in parts of the bay area in just a few hours. most early voting locations will be open from 7 a-m to 7 p-m. yesterday, the supervisor
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hillsborough county was getting ready for the onslaught on voters. fox13's "evan lambert" shows us how they prepared for what could be a hectic day.
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so when it comes to early voting - what do you need to know? depending on the dates set by your county, early voting starts between today and saturday. 50 of florida's 67 counties begin early voting hours today. that includes most of the bay area... except pasco, hardee and highlands counties. if you're taking part in early voting, you need to bring a current and valid photo i-d that includes a signature with you to the polls. more information on early voting, including links to hours and locations, on our website.. fox 13 news dot com. we're learning more about one of the two men killed in a fiery crash troopers say was caused by a drunk driver. the florida highway patrol has released the name of the passenger of the car. they say 33-year-old "carlos quinones perez" and "jesus lanzo" died when "anwar askar" rear-ended them on the veterans expressway. they crashed into a concrete
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lanzo's family has set up a website to raise money to bring his body home to puerto rico, where he will be laid to rest. a crash in pinellas county leads to a number of charges for a driver and his passenger. saturday, a deputy attempted to pull over "anthony lockinour" after seeing him driving recklessly on u-s 19 in palm harbor. lockinour did not stop. seconds later, he crashed into a pick-up truck. and continued to drive until the car couldn't drive any further. ins and spice. both lockinour and his passenger, "kyle smith" were arrested. smith faces gun charges while lockinour's charges include d- u-i with injury, fleeing and eluding, and leaving the scene of a crash. the driver and passenger in the other vehicle suffered minor injuries. pasco county deputies are asking for the public's help to find the suspect in an armed robbery. these surveillance photos show what happened as the robber walked
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pulled out a gun.. and demanded that the clerk hand over cash from the register. the robber may have gotten away in a car waiting nearby. anyone with information is urged to call the pasco county sheriff's office or crime stoppers. crews in hillsborough county respond to reports of a sinkhole on dixon drive in dover. at this point, crews have it roped off. the hole is about 8 feet by 10 feet. right now, it's not afffecting the road or anyone's home. county officials say they will be keeping a close eye on it. if anything changes we will bring you an update. cost you less to fill up your car this week. according to triple-a the national average for a gallon of regular gas has dropped for the 15th consecutive day. here in florida, we have seen a slight decline over the last week. the state's average for a gallon of regular is 2-dollars and 25-cents. in tampa we are well below that average. gas stations here are averaging about 2-18 a gallon. with one gas station even coming in ?under two-dollars at a dollar-91.
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"shoot for a cure" event at the silver dollar shooters club in odessa. participants shot pink clay targets to rack up points. fox 13's linda hurtado spoke at the event. proceeds from the event are being donated to a charity of linda's choice... and this year they'll go to the florida hospital foundation to help pay for mammograms for women who don't have insurance, among other things. manager "bill miller" says the competition is a great way to get men involved in the fight against breast cancer. lots of local sponsors and competitors have helped raise more than forty thousand dollars for "shoot for a cure" over the last seven years. women fight back after a man writes an editorial piece saying he is "disturbed" by the number of women who wear
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way some women in the town found protest the man's comments. plus a bad crash on a busy california freeway leads to 13 people being killed. why first responders say they had a tough time trying to reach some of the victims.
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looking across america now. 13 people are killed when a holiday tour bus crashed into the back of a big rig on one of southern california's busiest freeways. it happened on interstate 10 near palm springs, california sunday morning.. the driver of the bus was
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than 30 other people were hurt, including the driver of the big-rig. firefighters at the scene struggling to reach the victims. they had to use ladders to climb through the windows and pull victims from the mangled tour bus. authorities say it took ?two hours to separate the two vehicles. authorities are trying to recover the bus' black box to determine what caused the crash... the n-t-s-b is sending a team to investigate what happened. penn state fans riot in the streets after a wild fourth quarter upset against ohio state saturday night. new video shows fans getting rowdy and knocking down a lamp post in state college. police ordered the crowds leave the downtown area and disperse hours after the 24- to-21 win. the crowds
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property and damaged utility poles, which caused power outages and downed power lines. one person was hurt after being hi the head with a bottle. several arrests were also made. 83 people were arrested during weekend protests at the construction site of the dakota access pipeline. police say more than 300 protesters trespassed 3 miles onto private property saturday morning. the morton county sheriff's office says one protester grabbed an officer's pepper spray canistean charges against those arrested include assault on a peace officer, engaging in a riot and criminal trespass. lawmakers are expected to look into a major media deal between a-t-and-t and time warner. a senate anti- trust subcommittee plans to hold a meeting on the major merger next month.. this comes after several lawmakers have voiced concern over the merger leading to higher prices for customers and less consumer choice. if the 86-billion-dollar merger is approved, a-t-and-t would gain
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hundreds of women hit the streets of rhode island dressed in yoga pants to protest one man's rant. the women were out in force proudly showing off their yoga pants in barrington. this comes after "alan sorrentino" wrote an editorial in his local newspaper expressing his disdain for the wardrobe staple. in the editorial he called wearing the pants quote "bizarre and disturbing".. he also offered his own suggestions on how women sorrentino insists the whole
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in football! sunday night ot we'll tell you the last time this happened. and a big comeback win for the bucs! fox13's "kevin o'donnell" will break it all down, coming up in morning sports. i had frequent heartburn,
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((take pkg)) runs: 2:22 out: std it's been a strange season so far for the bucs... it opens with a win against the first place falcons,, then they drop three in a row and now two straight wins on the road.... all three of the bucs wins have come away from home and now they come home for three straight at raymond james stadium.... the bucs spot the niners a 14-nothing lead and then take over the game...they carve up the niners defense with a 94 yard drive in the 2nd quarter. winston buying time and hits an wide open mike evans.... bucs cut niners lead to 14-7. the niners now on the move... but bradley mcdougal comes up with a huge pick to end the threat. it's his first pick of the season... the bucs make good off it... jacquizz rodgers breaks free for a 45 yard run...putting him over the 100 yard mark for a 2nd straight game... he'd
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when he gets flagged for un- sportsman like conduct on 3rd down.... so the bucs have to settle for the field goal... 14-10 in the 2nd quarter. the bucs have the momentum... right before the half... winston facing 3rd down and he throws a perfect pass to russell sheppard... tampa bay with 17 un-answered points to
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and a football game ends in a tie... no we're not talking soccer.. we're talking about the sunday night game featuring the seahawks and the
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kicker only had to hit a 27-yard field goal to give them the win in overtime... but missed. then, the cardinals kicker had a 24-yard attempt... but that didn't go in either! the game ended in a 6-6 tie! the last tie in the n-f-l was back in 2014, when the panthers and the bangels tied 37 all. a reminder from bay area tow truck drivers. this comes after one of their own is killed on the job. their message.. to keep
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flashing yellow lights and black ribbons ... earlier this month tow truck operator "troy mcguire" was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver as he was assisting law enforcement on i-
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tow trucks from across the bay area rolled into gibsonton to pay tribute to one of their own. drivers tell fox 13's "kellie cowan" they're hoping the scene was a wake up call to the community. flashing lights as far as the eye can seeaa final tribute to a fellow tow truck driver who lost his life in an accident that could've easily been prevented4:57 "unfortunately we have too many impaired drivers on the road and they're putting our emergency responders in danger. it's heartbreaking because this was 100 percent preventable"a cross and neon shirt now mark the place on i-75 where troy mcguire stood just two weeks ago a he was helping florida highway patrol officers on an early morning calla&the southbound shoulder of the highway lit up with flashing lights from law enforcement and to failed to notice the warnings a& authorities say gregory miller was drunk behind the wheel when he veered into the shoulder, narrowly missing a highway patrol officer, and barelling right into mcguire a& sot: cori yeatman, sister in law1:06 i was in shock. i was crying and praying to god that it wasn't true. i just lost it. it was unbearabletwo weeks after he lost his life, dozens of tow truck drivers from across the bay area came together to honor one of their own kellie: they're hoping other drivers on the road will see them and remember the move over law and just how important it is to the men and women who drive these trucks sot: xavier rains - tow truck driver51:43 "if you see yellow flashing lights or red and blue flashing lights move over. slow down and get over. get away from us so we can work"matthew streeter - tow truck driver58:40 "at least move over a lane for us you know this is the reason i work so hard and this is who i want to come home to every night"in apollo beach kellie cowan fox
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gregory miller, the man who authorities say hit and killed mcguire, is now facing d-u-i manslaughter charges. coming up in our 4:30 half hour: with the election coming up voter fraud is a big nc while, people may not be able to hack into voting machines... there is something else that is at risk. but first shayla reaves is live in hillsborough county this morning, where early voting is
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