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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  October 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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offices at early voting begins in several states. today is florida's turn. before you head out the door, we have important information to make certain your vote gets counted. >>laura: and we're learning more about a deadly crash involving a 61-year-old woman. the key details that could put the person who hit her behind bars. >>russell: with two teams looking to break their long standing world series droughts, ticket prices through the roof. >>dave: big temperature range crystal river. 66 in st. petersburg. 20-degree difference around the area. most of us are in the mid to upper 50s with a couple of spots back in the lower 60s. i can tell you, you know what's interesting about this is these numbers are between four and nine degrees warmer than they were yesterday so if you slept in yesterday, boy, i guess you missed a really cool morning. it will be another great day. lots of sunshine and high
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temp for today. >>vanessa: very nice. thank you. and we'll get to the roads right now. we want to start off with video, actually. a pair of deadly crashes that happened overnight on major roadways. we're looking at a deadly crash that was reported on the selmon expressway. we know at least one person was killed. we are working to get more information from florida highway patrol troopers. this was in the eastbound direction, upper deck near faulkenburg but we do know the lanes are now clear and there ar area. we'll get to this. this is the second deadly crash from the overnight hours involving a motorcycle on the gandy bridge. at one point it was blocked in the eastbound lanes but those, too, have reopened at this point. more information on come. we want to update you on i-4. in the last hour we had a note i can't believe crash in the westbound direction blocking all but one lane heading that way. live picture right now, you can see the lanes are clear from that crash. it appears to be maybe on the
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have some delays in the area. a bit slower than we're used to seeing this time of morning. 21 from 75 to 275. make sure you're planning extra time. the good news is you'll be able to pass and the travel times should get back to normal as we go on further through the morning. >>laura: thank you. take a look at this. the long lines wrapped around election offices in washington, d.c. this as early voting kicked off this weekend. we've seen the other states like voters lined up to cast their ballots early. so now it's florida's turn. statewide, 50 of 67 degrees will begin early voting monday with the rest starting later in the week. >>russell: in to 12 more than half of all voters cast their ballots before election day. and officials are expecting similar, if not bigger turnout this year. shayla reaves is live at the election service center. it opens in an hour.
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so far it still appears to be a little quiet, though we're seeing some vehicles trickling into the parking lot. this is just one of 16 locations where voters can take advantage of the two weeks before the election to go ahead and cast their votes and avoid any sort of election day lines. right now in hillsborough county, there are about 840,000 registered voters and right now i want to show enthuse video. this is over polling locations prepared for what is to come here in the next couple of weeks. if you are planning to vote, we're told more than 60% of people registered to vote in hillsborough county voted early during the 2012 presidential race. that's information according to the supervisor of elections so if you are planning to head to a location like these election
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faulkenburg, here is what you need to know. if you don't bring identification, you can have a provisional ballot. the list includes a florida driver's license, student or mlitary i.d. and a concealed weapons license just to give you a few examples. again, early voting begins in about an hour and it will continue until november 6. it is daily from 7:00 in the morning until 7:00 inhe evening and you have about 16 locations here in hillsborough county where you can take advantage of that. so coming up in the next half hour, i'll be back with another live report and talk a little bit more about some things you can do to make sure your experience at one of your woeling locations is a positive one. it goes quickly and you can get in and out the doors. back to you. >>laura: thank you. we'll check back in with you later. >>russell: in the race for the white house, hillary clinton has
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statewide polls. and the current real clear politics average shows clinton up 48-44. one difference in these polls is party support. according to a new cbs news poll, clinton benefits from 91% support among democrats while trump sees around 82% among republicans. >>laura: and hoping to shift the race in their favor, both nominees are planning frequent appearances in the sunshine state. he's holding a rally at the mid credit ampitheatre. clinton is expected to visit florida tuesday and wednesday but her schedule has not yet been finalized. >>russell: besides the rezal election, there are a number of other items on the ballot. >>laura: from solar energy to a heated senate race, we wanted to look at a few of them. senate contest between rubio and murphy.
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showed the race tied. if you haven't made up your mind, they have one more debate scheduled this wednesday at broward college. both sides agreed to a third debate on univision but that was cancelled after both sides bickered whether rubio could speak spanish in the debate. >>russell: there are four constitutional amendments on the ballot. two are causing some controversy. amendment one, solar energy, it establishes a constitutional right to own or equipment. now, that is and that is already allowed under florida law. also gives utility companies the right to impose fees on solar customers to compensate for solar customers who do not buy their power. amendment is backed by more than $20 million by utility companies. they say it protects consumer rights. critics like al gore have called
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medical marijuana. in 2014 a similar provision failed to pass. it was create a clause in florida constitution to legalize medical marijuana for those suffering from debilitating diseases. doctors would decide what the definition of debilitating is. critics worried this would lead to popup dispensaries with little oversight. >>russell: you can find links on our website, county. right now you can also find it on our home page or check it out under the "seen on tv" section. >>laura: last week, 61-year-old lynn taylor died after she was hit while she was crossing gulf gate drive in sarasota. the driver never stopped. >>russell: new this morning, investigators have released a description of the vehicle involved in the crash. troopers are looking for a white or light colored p.t. cruiser.
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headlight, the hood, windshield or the right side mirror. anyone with information is asked to call fhp. >>laura: family of one of the men killed in a fiery crash on the veterans expressway is trying to bring his body home. peres and lanso were both killed after rear ended by another car. their car in the pictures there, burst into flames after hitting a concrete barrier. lanzo's family is hoping to raise enough money to return his body to puerto rico. >>russell: we're monitoring a possible sink hole in dover off dixon drive. about eight by 10 feet wide. so far the hole is not affecting the road or anybody's home. county officials are keeping an eye on it. we'll keep you updated if anything changes. >>laura: four men robbed a story while wearing halloween masks. happened yesterday morning before the store opened.
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took clothes and shoes. there was a similar robbery at a metro pcs store in port charlotte. >>russell: gates is charged with simple battery for an incident at the rumors nightclub in lakeland. video recorded last year shows a fan reaching out and touching gates' shorts according to the fan, he kicked her in the chest and she had to go to the hospital. gates says it was self defense. >>laura: this year gas prices haven't fallen as fast as the mercury. >>russell: now that you know what is on the ballot, is it okay to take a selfie? getting the answer wrong might just cost you. >>dave: 6:09.
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point of 52. not nice numbers. these are warmer than they were yesterday and so you might need a jacket for the next few hours. once the sun gets going, and it will, we'll warm things back up in the lower 80s. we were in the 7 0z all weekend. now we're heading back closer to
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you're back! port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most diversified. which helps explain why it is one of dana young's top priorities. generating over 15 billion for the regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them
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h >>laura: welcome back. hotels in daytona beach are struggling after hurricane matthew. property appraisers say the storm caused more than $67 million in damage to hotels and motels the hilton daytona beach oceanfront resort had major flooding and wind damage. it just reopened last week. >>russell: gas prices recovering after demand surged during the hurricane. prices are about where they should be this time of year, averaging around 225. that's still about 11 cents higher than last year. oh, my. how nice was it? >>laura: over the weekend?
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>>laura: yes. >>dave: when is the last time you could just open the windows? >>laura: that's exactly what we did. >>dave: and not have to close them 30 seconds later. >>laura: we're not ready for the cold. >>dave: i mean because of the humidity. we're in the 40s and 50s with some 60s around this morning but when you look at these numbers, and a lot of you are like, grab the jackets. this is warmer than yesterday. this is a lot warmer than it was ye but i'm looking at that 46 degrees in crystal river and it's like, wow. dry air, very dry air still in place so it cools off very, very quickly. however, it also warms up very, very quickly. in an hour and 20 minutes, hour and 30 minutes, when the sun comes up, we'll take these numbers and quickly bring them back up again. but hey, i mean, 46 crystal river, 61 tampa. 66 in st. petersburg.
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i-10. you get the mid 70s across south florida. this was a good front. it's provided wonderful weather for everybody but as i mentioned, six to nine degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. now, i'm going to be honest with you. i wasn't up yesterday at this time so i don't even remember that but gosh, it must have been nice and chilly for your sunday morning. dew point numbers are still running in the upper 40s to mid 50s. now, during the week this n it's just climatology. we'll bring it back up in the lower 60s. that's it. we're not bringing it back to the upper 60s. we're definitely not bringing it into the 70s. point is, while the humidity slides back up a little bit. i think what we're going to trend toward is just normal throughout the week. northeast winds, i don't keep that warming wind coming across the state. maybe one or two of these little upper level clouds streaming
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just another nice day. the difference is, you do see some mid level moisture so that may be enough to produce a few clouds but we're not going to deal with any rain. the clouds, northeast wind and it all equals another beautiful day. high pressure dominates weather. by wednesday, you see this front to the north? it's going to try to what we call back door us, coming in from the northeast, moving to the southwest. that may provide -- don't get all but that's really about it. so there's no significant rain in the next seven days. and you see where it says a bit more humid? really, it's not going to be all that big of a deal. this next seven days is going to be wonderful, wonderful weather. 81 degrees for a high temperature today. sunrise at 7:36. we're going to go 62 in tampa tonight. but if you're east, if you're north, you're easily going to be
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then mostly sunny and seasonable tomorrow with your high temperature around 83 degrees. as far as the boating goes, i think that looks great. seas running two feet. got a moderate chop for you and our next high tide coming up at 9:44 this morning. your next seven days, there it is. beautiful. 81 to 84 for highs. lows in the 60s. i'll take it. what do you think, vanessa? i'll take it. >>vanessa: pretty nice. i'll take it. so 6:17. a fair of crashes reported at pinellas county with lane blockage. eastbound direction single lane is going to be blocked. not expecting any big delays with a lane blockage like that, but you want to use caution here and also caution expected to be used here at hans road and 60th avenue north. we have lane blockage here as well.
6:18 am
normal. those are ideal travel times. nine minutes to get from 75 to downtown. >>laura: a horrific crash yesterday morning in california left 13 people dead and dozens injured. a tour bus collided with a semi truck and the impact was so powerful, the trailer entered about 15 feet into the bus. survivors told authorities most of the people aboard the bus were asleep at the time. were unrestrained causing them to be thrown throughout the vehicle. listen. >> when you usually see someone involved in a high speed motor vehicle crash, the thing you see are big time broken bones. this was not one of the circumstances that we were faced with. seemed as though most of the victims were unrestrained and therefore, were flown through the air and ended up sustaining facial trauma. >>laura: authorities are hoping they can find a data recorder in
6:19 am
since it's an older bus. >>russell: police in northwestern new mexico say a suspected truck driver went around a barricade and crashed into not just the helicopter but a fire truck as well. chopper was unoccupied and not running at the time of the crash. the driver does face d.u.i. charges. >>laura: more proof than eating chocolate is good for your potentially boost cardiovascular health. that's right. the study suggests the chemical can control inflammation and blood sugar. scientists say more research is needed before doctors start prescribing the chocolate. >>russell: can you imagine a prescription? >>laura: it's not the kind of chocolate you get in a reese's pieces. >>laura: it's a dark chocolate.
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warner is raising questions on capitol hill. >>laura: how the mega merger could impact your cable bill and the cubs are closer to winning
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>>vanessa: good. i'm bringing you hot clicks this morning and we'll start with window shopping. nothing too unusual, just checking out the wares at a strip mall. then elk show up. >>russell: it's like northern exposure, isn't it? >>vanessa: oh, yeah. this is bull elk and his seven female companions. >>russell: no way. >>vanessa: he's going to take them shopping. >>russell: he's beautiful. popular, you can see. >>russell: look at that animal. >>vanessa: caused a little commotion but not really damage. they're just strolling. >>russell: but could. could you imagine if it had decided to do a little damage? >>vanessa: these are very trusting people with their phones. they're just walking by. they're not bothering anybody. that's pretty cool, huh? >>russell: amazing animal, isn't it? >>vanessa: imagine that's the gator of colorado.
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front. >>vanessa: the ladies are up front. we'll get to this current events. you know, they're always inspiration for halloween costumes. can you guess what this is? >>russell: i just got it. i saw the box. >>vanessa: you can see when he steps a little toward the camera. connecticut man turned himself into a samsung galaxy note 7. you get the moneyinging right there. of course, the device has been recalled becau prone to overheating. some even exploded as we reported and the devices are under a global recall. he used a vaporizer to appear as if it was smoking. it's been viewed more than four million times. that's one idea. and finally this viral picture. does it look familiar?
6:25 am
the future part 2." remember? >>russell: yeah. yeah. >>vanessa: predicting the chicago cubs would win the world series in 2015 and now, of course, a year later in reality, cubbies are closer than they've ever been in more than 70 years so fans started sharing it after saturday's win. in fact, it has been 108 years since the cubs won the world series. that's the running time of "back to the future part >>russell: conspiracy theories. >>vanessa: i know. let it begin. in chicago, city zoning records show the development number for wrigley field is 108. >>russell: we're getting creepy. >>vanessa: the distance to the foul poles in right and left fields, 108 meters. are you buying any of this? >>laura: that last world series
6:26 am
win was october 8. >>laura: no pressure. >>vanessa: what's that date supposed to say? >>russell: 10-8. >>vanessa: no pressure, chicago. >>russell: sounds like they got it. it just sounds like it's done given what you just told me, there's nothing to worry about. >>laura: thank you, vanessa. >>russell: still ahead on "good day," good news for anybody who likes girl scout cookies. and we've done this. but it's going to be like an official breakfast food. >>laura: who doesn't want them for breakfast, lunch and dinner? before you snap a ballot selfie, it could cost up to $1,000. the legal battle over an obscure ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with halloween donuts and munchkins. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, pick up a box and share the fun.
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florida's largest and most diversified. which helps explain why it is one of dana young's top priorities. generating over 15 billion for the regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate.
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((laura 2shot) good morning, i'm laura moody ((russell)) and i'm russell rhodes .. >>laura: and good morning. i'm laura moody. >>laura: and i'm russell rhodes. get right to dave. keep it going. >>dave: you're going to need a jacket for a couple of hours. i still have some spots in the 50s, even the 40s. but around the tampa area, we're in the lower 60s. great start to the day. sunshine once it does come up in an hour and eight or nine minutes and temperatures are rebound. just bring everything back to normal because with that front, we were way below normal so we'll get back to 81 degrees for a high temperature today. 83 tomorrow. 84, if you will, in the wednesday time frame. i'll have the rest of your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >>laura: sounds good. thank you. and we're going to be looking at pinellas county along 275. not too bad here. 38th avenue south is the exact camera we're checking out.
6:31 am
between pinellas bayway and 375. you should expect a four minutes drive. five minutes, also looking good coming from mlk to the interchange. south bound 75 drivers, plan to spend 11 minutes between the 275 junction up near the hillsborough-pasco line and i-4. >>russell: a suspected drunk driver remains hospitalized after a fiery crash on the veterans expressway. >>laura: and other men died in th c struggling to cope emotionally and financially in the wake of this tragedy. dan is live for us at tampa general hospital. any update on the driver? >> we can tell you that anwar aska is charged with d.u.i. manslaughter and vehicular homicide. i want to show you video. it's cell phone video, obviously tough to watch.
6:32 am
barricade and then went up in flames. the crash happened on a veterans expressway early saturday morning. troopers say aska was speeding when you crashed in the back of the pontiac which caught fire. the driver and his passenger were killed in the accident. there is a go fund me page set up by lanzo's family to bring his body back to puerto rico. we have information if you perhaps want to denature to that on our i can tell you aska is in serious condition here at tampa general. >>laura: thank you. >>russell: 2016 presidential election could be one of the most divisive in our country's history. >>laura: trump and clinton are getting strong reactions from voters and it's not always positive. >>russell: and today millions of floridians are getting an outlet as early voting begins and shayla reaves is live at the ee electric service.
6:33 am
seen in other states, it's going to be busy, right? >>reporter: it probably will be busy and it all gets underway in the next half an hour. that's when polling locations like the one behind me are scheduled to open. right now we're at faulkenburg road in hillsborough county. it's 16 locations available for those in hillsborough county and looking to vote early and dodge some election day lines. i want to show you some video. this is v weekend as poll workers prepared for the early voting crowds. we can tell you more than 60% of registered voters in hillsborough county voted early during the last presidential race and that means the majority of people already cast their ballots before election day even arrived. that was back in 2012. information provided by the hillsborough county supervisor of elections. if you are voting early, though, there are a few things that you can do to cut down your time at
6:34 am
make sure you come prepared. have the appropriate form of identification. this should include a current, valid photo and signature id and there are 12 forms of identification accepted. you're seeing some of those on your screen, including a student or military i.d., your driver's license, even a -- also accepted would be your concealed carry license as well. here in hillsborough county, we can tell you it's also important to make sure you sample ballot. it can save you a lot of time once you get to your voting location. you've already filled it out, you already made your picks. you don't have to do any searching around because you already have those details taken care of. there are about 840,000 people registered to vote right here in hillsborough county and we'll be here as the doors open at the election service center. that's scheduled to begin at 7:00 in the morning. they'll stay open until 7:00
6:35 am
through november 6. back to you. >>russell: we'll see you later. thank you. >>laura: and while you exercise your right to vote, it's important to remember which rights you don't have. >>russell: and one of those would be taking a selfie. we mentioned this before but it's always a good reminder that ballot selfies are illegal in florida. under state law, photographs are not allowed in polling places and it's also illegal to take a picture of your mailed ballot. anyone caught taking one could get slapped with a rules are different in every state. 18 specifically banned photos of your ballot and in many states it can carry potential fines or jail terms. times are changing. federal judges have struck down selfie bans in two states. new hampshire and indiana. and last month, california's governor repealed a 125-year-old vote barring people from showing their ballots. >>laura: this week millions of
6:36 am
a mock election offers more than 2 1/2 million students a chance to participate in the presidential election. each student will get an "i voted" sticker and the results will be posted on election day. >>russell: we hope you got a chance to spend part of the weekend outside. coming up, dave has the work week forecast. >>laura: and a huge merger was made over the weekend between at&t and time warner. find out what this will mean for your cable bill. the bucs. did you see the game? sunday's game amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar
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commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment. good for florida.
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>>dave: 6:39 on a lovely monday morning out there. look at the temps, too. 59 in palm harbor, 55 in west chase. mid 50s in new tampa.
6:40 am
degrees. apollo beach with a temperature of 60. then you go north and you're in the 40s again, inverness, crystal river. but do you know what? these numbers are actually four or five degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. so hey, we're going back up the temperature scale. slow process, though. 61 from bradenton to sarasota, down through venice and upper 50s for the most part for our friends over in polk county this morning. so really nice start. again, we're a lit than yesterday at this time. dew point numbers are beautiful. this is just some comfy, comfy air. over the course of the next few days, these numbers are going to go back up a little bit. i don't want to get you all upset, just a little bit as eventually they make their way back into the 60s and you can see that with the dew point forecast. dew points are going to slide back up into the 60s and maybe
6:41 am
the thing is, i don't think it's going to be a huge deal at all over the next, you know, let's say several days as these dew point numbers. watch these forecast dew points. eventually making their way back up into the lower 60s. that's not that humid, though. that's just kind of, you know -- a little bit above where we are and kind of close to normal. high temperature dominating weather other than just a few clouds here and i don't think anything is going to be that much of a bother this week weatherwise. just a temperature forecast here and there as highs make their way eventually into the lower 80s. now, our forecast for today brings us up to about 81 degrees for a high temperature. really, i'm going to call it sensational. clear and cool tonight with a low of 62. mostly sunny, seasonable tomorrow with a high temperature around 83 degrees. your marine forecast, northeast
6:42 am
couple of feet and high tide at 9:44 this morning. enjoy the lovely, lovely weather we have. lower 80s, 83 is the normal high for this time of year. i think we crank back there and stay there pretty much all week long and into the weekend as well. even the low temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. really, really not bad whatsoever. >>vanessa: certainly looks good. thank you. 6:42. and we do want to get you this update. we told you at the start of "good day" about a deadly crash eastbound direction of the selmon expressway at faulg enberg. we have an update from fhp. apparently this does involve a motorcyclist and two other vehicles. according to troopers, the motorcyclist was rear ended -- had rear ended, i should say, one of the vehicles. unfortunately was ejected, landed in the roadway and was hit by a second vehicle. unfortunately, did pass away at the scene so that's the latest
6:43 am
last report on this crash, the lane should be open at this point of the morning. so that is the update there. we want to get to st. pete. this involves a bicyclist. we're not sure of injuries, how the injuries are severe or what not but we do have some lane blocks we're seeing. it's at third avenue south and fifth street south. from what we're told from sky fox, it was a vehicle that was trying to pull into this parking deck. bicyclist was crossing in the area struck that bicyclist. we'll update you as soon as we learn a bit more about the injuries but in the meantime, please use caution in the area. >>russell: 6:43. federal lawmakers are holding a discussion on heroin in bradenton. rubio and buchanan are meeting for a discussion in manatee county. they've been the hardest hit in florida. 2014, manatee led all 67
6:44 am
this year it's already seen almost 900 suspected heroin overdoses. pasco deputies need your help in identifying an armed robber. surveillance shows a person in a hooded sweatshirt walking into the walgreen's on little road in new port richey. robber pulled a gun, demanded the clerk hand over cash from the register. deputies say they may have gotten away in a nearby car that was waiting. big win for the bucs as they take on 49ers. jameis winston found evans who caught eight passes for 96 yards and two touchdowns. bucs turned two turnovers into 10 points. winston says their practice and their patience has paid off. >> we put in a lot of work and hard work pays off. you see it coming. i mean, we worked at this at practice one day.
6:45 am
and he is starting to see -- he's been seeing, i just have to get him the ball. when we work on something, it's going to show up in the game. they host oakland next sunday. they get to regroup over the bye week. record is set at the annual stone crab eating contest in the keys. 49-year-old malin cracked and consumed 25 stone crab claws in 12 minutes and 54 better than the previous record. florida's stone crab harvest averages more than two million pounds annually and 40% come from the keys. >>laura: thank you. imagine, if you will, for some of tu may not be a stretch, thin mints for breakfast and you don't even have to feel guilty about it. we'll talk about that and it's been 108 years since the chicago cubs won a world series. but it will cost fans more than $108 to see if they can break
6:46 am
tickets already fetching thousands of dollars. we'll be right back. c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works.
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economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message because i'll be a senator who always works for you. a special adoption for a boy from sarasota >>laura: a special adoption for
6:49 am
the courtroom was decked out with superhero themed decorations for the occasion, complete with spiderman. 11-year-old drake was in and out of foster care for 4 1/2 years. >>russell: tonight he has a forever family and now photojournalist shows us, they're sharing their story in hopes of inspiring others. >> who is this? >> dad. >> he likes to take things apart. he's such a builder. and i think that' legos. >> what about that one? he is asd on the autism spectrum disorder. i'm a special ed teacher so i tend to gravitate towards children with disabilities. >> and i want to say happy adoption day to you. >> the adoption finalization
6:50 am
father. >> i'm not an expert on spiderman. you might have to tell me about that. >> i contacted my case manager and i said, i got an odd question. have they ever -- has there ever been a themed adoption? she's like, no. well, could we do it? she's like, let me find out. the judge was all for it. >> one, two, three. >> the moment i met him, i knew once i met nothing that was going to stand in the way. i think he's a typical 11-year-old boy. we're going to have a life together and like i said, i'll be able to help him become the man that he was meant to be, you know, and that he's going to be either with me along the way.
6:51 am
remarkable. >>laura: scott and drake wanted to encourage other families to think the same way they did and choose adoption. >>russell: well, over the weekend, a big deal was announced. at&t has reached an $85 billion deal to buy time warner. the giant is already the country's largest cable provider and this has some a capitol hill a little worried. >>laura: this is a huge deal that is sure to people. lawyer sen -- lauren is live for us in new york. a big deal on wall street, i would imagine, too. this is huge. >> absolutely. friday we heard rumors about the deal. time warner, 15-year high for them. stocks are still moving now that we have the deal being official over the weekend. now, i don't know where to begin with this one, it's so massive. at&t is your wireless provider.
6:52 am
so also paid tv, they got the pmarket. they own it, right? $85 billion. they say we're going to also own content. we distribute content, we're going to own the content of time waner, cnn, hbo, harry potter, game of thrones, so much. all of this and we think, we absolutely think that, you know, this is going to pass regulatory approval. donald trump came out against it, tim kaine came bernie sanders, against it. we'll see what happens. you have to wonder when there's consolidation like this and one company doing so many things, you think less competition, higher prices and that may be the case. you also have to worry about other companies that compete, saying what do we do? we have to do something to compete. in general, there might be more tie-ups of this type. but if you're an at&t customer -- go ahead. >>russell: i'm sorry.
6:53 am
>> i was thinking a positive would be for the at&t customers. you know, you can maybe watch all the tv and movies from time warner without a data cap. >>russell: in terms of deals left to be done, are there any left? what's left out there? >> there's things we can't think of because they're so creative. i automatically think of google and apple. and then you have like discovery channel and would be an interesting target for some media companies. >>laura: i think with regard to affecting consumers at large, i mean, there's some anti-trust issues. that's a lot of power for this company now. >> absolutely. >>laura: i don't know. we'll have to wait and see. >> sometimes the government say we like the way it looks but we don't like a, b and c and if you sell this or do this, then we'll approve it. they could approval it with qualifications. >>russell: all right.
6:54 am
here. you've got two teams here. one of them is going to break a long drought and a lot of people want to see that happen, right? >> the cubs haven't won a series since 1908, indians since 1948. this is like a lifetime in the making for so many fans and it will cost you some of your lifetime savings. ticket reseller says for the first couple of games in cleveland, average price almost bowl prices. if you think that's a lot, wrigley field, games three, four and five, are you ready? $7200. >>laura: so sad in the day. all those die-hard cub fans who have been there in the rain and the snow. i don't know. somebody is going to pay it. right? >>russell: somebody will pay for those tickets.
6:55 am
girl scout cookies. >> let's do it. cookies for breakfast. mom is no longer going to say, you can't have sweets for breakfast. girl scouts, these are the two cookie boxes you can buy in january. first is thin mints and the second is i say samoa but it's really carmel d-lite in january. >>russell: nice. >> sounds really good. >>russell: sure does. >> and >>laura: that's right. >> we have to do with s'mores. that's all i know thus far. i'm starving. >>russell: me, too. bye. turns out spooky sells at the box office. two of this weekend's top grossing movies have a halloween theme. "boo" opened in the top spot with an estimated $27.6 million. i did not see it but i wanted
6:56 am
second. >>laura: how excited is he that this has turned the way it is. marginal work. west says he will not attend the awards if frank ocean doesn't get a nomination for his recent albums. according to a representative, neither of ocean's albums were west is known for speaking out about his opinions. he famously interrupted taylor swift at the awards and beyonce had one of the best music videos of all time. >>russell: oh, man. last night actor bill murray was honored for his lifetime achievement in comedy and that's a fact, jack, after some jokes, he accepted the prize for american humor. he got his break on snl and
6:57 am
1990s. several received the prize. coming up at 7:00, the state of the race. florida front and center in presidential politics today and lines are already forming with people ready to vote. >>laura: and frustration and anger from two celebrities whose played a bumpy landing. >>russell: and meet baby doll. of her sick pup, the elderly owners and the vet who made
6:58 am
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p priorities. generating over 15 billion for the regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate.
7:00 am
((russell- it's seven o'clock on october 24th. th >>russell: 7:00 on october 24. the start of early volting -- voting for many of you. >>laura: and wrong turn. a car crashes into a church while the pastor was preaching. the split second decision that forced the driver off the road and into the building. >>russell: no thanks. retailers deciding not to open for shopping on thanksgiving. why they say it's not worth it. welcome to the 7:00 hour of >>laura: and i'm laura moody. good morning. that ahead and more. but first, we need the forecast from dave. >>dave: beautiful, beautiful, beautiful outside. we are at 61 degrees and i got this beautiful tampa net cam shot for you with the northeast wind around three miles per hour. a couple of clouds mixed in. the u.s.f. marine science camera, obviously we're going to be a little bit warmer since those water temperatures are still up. north winds at five but in general, today, like yesterday, mostly sunny skies, maybe a


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