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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  October 24, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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on this monday. it is october 24th. and it's been a busy morning on roads and for vanessa rufus. let's check in with her with look at traffic. good morning, guys. looks like we have at least two notable traffic incidents that are working right now with lane blockage. first one is going to serious injury crash parish area shut down state road 62 at corbett john road. so we know that medical helicopter had to respond. to very serious injuries. and we have some delays that are reported in the area. drivers should probably either plan extra t detour on site or maybe take is a followed road we can connect you from stoo 62 to 30 one as you pass through the area. meantime, this crash is still showing delays. motorcyclist involved crash bearss and livingston. southbound delays are very, very heavy here on livingston basically from bearss all way back to 275 overpass. >> so drivers should avoid that area. we want to update this for you. we have skyfox checking out what was reported us to by the city of tampa.
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area of arch and main streets. checking it out, not seeing anything closed down, so the delays we are saying in area earlier likely related to traffic signal not the supposed water main break. we'll watch it. i'm not really seeing anything. so meantime we will get over to dave. >> it's still 61 degrees out at tampa international. remember, the sun literally just came up like 20 minutes ago. so it's why it's going to take another hour or so. we will start to warm things up. we've got 61 in tampa with dew point of 51. that draer air will warm up very quickly. we're mixing in couple clouds especially along coastline. enjoy sunshine at that and warmth as the high temperatures squeeze back probably into the lower 80s for later today. 8:0 one. busy few months for candidates and just about two weeks we're going to know who next president of united states is going to be. it we take look where things stand right now early voting is already showing hillary clinton
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she's leading in nine out of last ten state-wide polls. donald trump is score major points in midwest. one thing is for certain, both candidates know florida is a must win. >> race isn't just close in florida also looking like a toss up in texas too. now up until recently trump had a sizable lead over hillary clinton there. but that gap is closing. arizona which tends to be a red state is also considered ad toss up this morning. new cbs news poll could give us insight into what's going trump is no the getting as much support from republicans as clinton is from democrats. right now clinton has 91 percent of democrats on her side. while trump has 82 percent of republicans on his. and whileary voting has been under way in many states for few weeks now, starting today, it's your chance to weigh in by casting your ballots. early voting kicked off in 50 out of 67 counties in florida. with the rest coming up later this week. fox 13's shayla reeves is live for us outside a voting location
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lot of voters there? >> oh, good morning, to you. absolutely. absolutely. we're beginning see parking lot filling up here at the election service center on falkenberg road. a far cry from just a few hours ago we were the first ones in the lot. but doors certainly open and people are going in to cast their ballots. right now you're looking a some video captured over the weekend as poll workers took some early steps to make sure this is again the first day for early voting. we can tell you here in hillsborough county, 60 percent of registered voters in the county voted early during the last presidential race. well that means back in 2012, the majority of people had already cast their ballots before election day even arrives. this is information from hillsborough county supervisor of elections. if you are planning to vote though there are a few things you need to know to cut down the
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polling location. first and foremost, make sure you come prepared. make sure you have the appropriate form of identification. there are 12 forms accepted. including your driver's license or your student or military id. even your concealed carry license will qualify as well. make sure those forms of identification that you bring are current. also, the sample ballot you can download it online or you might have received it in the mail. well that is something you want to take goodoo you can bring that filled out already as a point of reference. so when you get to the polling location you don't have to look around to see it for first time. you can actually already have that a point of reference to help speed up the process of filling out your ballot. there are 840,000 people registered to vote right here in hillsborough county. we're told about 150,000 of
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the 2012 presidential race. so we will be out here throughout morning keeping you posted a people wake their way in and out of location behind me. there are 16 locations available to vote right here in hillsborough county. and if you're on social media you can follow me at shayla fox 13 where i tweeted some information to the help you out as you make your way to polls later today. or, in the next couple of weeks, guys. back to you. all right, shayla, thank you. >> russell. 8:05. not just presidential race grabbing marco rubio and patrick murphy is big one. recent fox 13 opinion savvy poll shows the two are tied right now. 46 to 46. race is one of 9 competitive race that is could help establish which party will have control of the senate. now right now republicans have the senate majority. but that could change depending on outcome of this and other elections. if you're still trying to decide when who you want to vote for are one more debate between rubio and murphy its wednesday
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there are some controversial amendments on the ballot. one is about solar the other marijuana. solar amendment or amendment 1 establishes a constitutional right to own or lease solar equipment. now here's where it gets weird. this is something already allowed under state law. it also gives you utility companies the right to impose fees on solar customers to compensate for the power that these customers will not be using. utility companies are pushing for this amendment. they say it protects rights. and there's another measure, amendment 4 that tax about solar power it would provide property it cans exemption with solar equipment. amendment two medical american legalization. it would create a clause in florida's constitution that would make easier for people with debilitating diseases to get their hands on medical marijuana. voting yes on it shows support for the program. a know would oppose the proposal and would keep the state's
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also designed to require the state to regulate marijuana production. and issue i.d. cards for users and their caregivers. in 2014 a similar measure remember failed to get 60 percent of approval needed to pass. but that could change this time around. recent polls shows roughly 70 percent of floridians support medical marijuana. >> for usf students that want to a vote for florida future is offering free schultzes to nearest polling location organization shuttle together stronger together with an attempt to encourage students to vote. secretary for organization says its important more important than ever that students vote florida and specifically the i-4 corridor could swing this election. they say their goal is to get at least 600 students to a polling location during early voting. it is 8:07 now. selman expressway is back open this morning after a deadly
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motorcyclist was drying down road when driver of a motorcycle hit back of another car and was eject. he was then hit by another car and died. as of right now no one is facing charges. and gandy bridge is back open a. a deadly motorcycle accident shut down all eastbound lanes of that road. that was for about eight hours overnight. tampa police say that another motorcycle and car crashed into one another about 10 o'clock last night. right now we are still waiting for an >> the family of a woman hit and killed could soon get justice. last week lynn taylor was hit while crossing gulf gate drive in sarasota. and driver took off. fhp has little to go or they had until now. investigators release a description of the vehicle they complooef believe was involved in krar troopers are look for white or light color chrysler pt cruiser that may have damage to right flont side. anyone with information is asked
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>> i don't know if you have be outside yet but a little chill in the air. question is how long will these fall temperatures last. dave's back in just a few minutes with skytower radar forecast plus n elderly couple gets a wonderful surprise. again is live now with their touching story. hey jen. >> here she is, sweet little baby doll. look at this sweet girl. of course, the owners of this baby girl would not want to let her go. well the hillsborough county pet they could to help mom and dad keep sweet girl baby doll. we'll hear the story coming up after the break. how you feeling little one? but first, let's check in with alcides segui. good morning. >> hey good morning to you, jen. yeah you look looking for halloween decorations they got hem here a good will. maybe looking for ra unique costume idea. maybe even donald trump, hillary clinton. yeah. they got them here too. how about cool looking wigs.
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more and we'll talk about all of more and we'll talk about all of it robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
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i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message
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((laura 2shot)) animals are part of our family around here.. and the animals are part of our family around here. and the idea of losing one of our pets is an idea that's tough to swallow. so when an elderly couple needed a little help to make certain
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>> and jen is live at the pet resource center with the amazing people who helped heal baby doll. got to love that name. got to love sweet little girl. you know, right? >> not a lot of us have $5,000 laying around. and that's how much this couple needed to help their little baby doll. she had this huge tumor the size of a large orange on her. and it just, it wasn't getting any better. just so the hillsborough county resource center, they stepped in and they helped baby doll get that tumor off she's looking brand new. we've got whole group with us this morning. we've got loretta mcghee. we've got mrs. browning. good morning. >> yes. baby doll, of course. and mr. lawson. don't be shy. good morning, thanks for being here with us. >> good morning. so let's start with you tell me a little bit about situation that poor baby doll was in. >> she was with her grandson to
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couldn't handle it he gave it to us. we made some calls and we couldn't, we was trying to call different people to see if they could do a surgery for us. and they couldn't. so when y'all, when they all contacted us, they told us what to do. and, made it possible for us to have her fixed. wow. now i can see just how much you love your baby doll. >> oh, yes. >> oh, yes. very much. >> oh my goodness. so there was a point where you thought y surrender her >> oh, yes when they carried her away in those little eyes was looking at me it was like i had abandoned her. i couldn't handle that. your hanky please. oh my goodness. let's talk with you loretta. you've been an animal control officer you said for 25 years this story really touched your heart when my officer called me from the scene and he had
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the and they love dog how much they couldn't afford vet care we need to go the extra mile. baby doll was in great shape. we authorized the officer to bring her in and see what we could do. >> can you believe, that they went out of their way like that they did to help you guys out >> yeah. it, to me, it had to be a god's win. and so an a us. >> it was. we're so thankful that they stepped forward and helped us get our little dog took care of. because we love all animals. but our baby dog is special. we took her in and i said just make her life as best i can. i know it's only be two weeks. she's got the stitches. they are coming out today. how is her behavior changed?
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better >> she wild now? >> she wants to just do what shoe used to do. >> yeah. but i have to be careful with her. and try to keeper as calm as much as i can. >> you feeling better little baby doll. yes. sweet little min pin. a little min pin. thank you both so much for being here and sharing your story. i mean, oh, what a sweet couple. oh my goodness. and baby doll. you can see right away, in her oh, she's going to live a happy life. that's for sure. >> we love our baby. they love their baby doll. oh. you guys okay over there? >> no. no. you know i'm not. >> i didn't think so. i know. >> great story, jen. >> they're crying. >> oh my goodness. sorry. love you guys. love you. see you later. >> hanky please was the moment. i'm a mess right now.
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i've got one. i carry one. my mother taught me well. you all right? yeah a good one isn't it dave >> there. >> those are stories we like. >> thank you, dave, quickly. okay, okay. tampa net cam let's jump into it, because other than a few little thin clouds just streaming through. we've got another fantastic start to the day. in general it is warmer than it was yesterday at this. still on coolish side. if you're out the door, i want you to grab those jackets. maybe an hour or so. but with all this drier air in place, it is going to warm up quickly. and these temperatures rebound nicely for this afternoon. look at your 8 o'clock temperatures. still in the 40s. from crystal river to brooksville. mid 50s, wesley chap toel bartow. 57 in brandon back toward the coast a little bit warmer, 61 tampa. 64 clearwater.
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those dew point numbers still in the 50s. i think we've got just a nice chance to get back up to about 81 degrees for high today. we hit 79 yesterday. give you an idea. going to be very similar day to yesterday. maybe we'll mix a few clouds in. but a warm finish. after this chilly start. tonight, in tampa we'll drop it back down to about 62 degrees. if you're away from the coast, or to the north, easily back in the low to mid 50s. so another jacket night. or actuay tomorrow. and we'll follow that with seasonable temperatures tomorrow afternoon and your high of around 83 degrees. boater seas running two feet moderate chop with water temperatures when i left you on friday it was at 80. now down to 75. we've got low to mid 80s all week long. so pretty seasonable. no significant rain in the forecast. you've got dew point, low temperatures in mid 60s. can't complain. >> absolutely not. all right.
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out a few crashes happening. oh, no. my slides are not in the right place. let me see that, a crash that our chopper is our chopper is checking out on southbound u.s. 19. oh, boy. i don't know if i can get to it. dance in front chrome key. give me a second. i hit wrong button i went back darn moment for me. >> okay. oh. >> it's okay. okay. i think we are almost there. oh. thank you for bearing with me. south bound a one 19th one 10 appear right lane you can see left lane blocked in southbound direction. so that's going to be an area of concern for drivers. meantime not too far from that crash we have skyfox always able
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little panning if you can. northbound direction is going to be the area of concern. 49th once again at 118th. this shot is a little dicey. a second crash there that is going to be blocking a right lane. in addition to that you're going to want to watch out eastbound as you head on 118th heading towards 275. one of those eastbound lanes is going to be blocked due to a crash. then with that we'll getting to our travel times right now majors and you can see we're in the red and some bearss to i-420 minutes the drive. 9 the drive between mlk and two 75. give yourself 21 minutes south on 75. from that 275 junction heading to i-4. thanks for bearing with me, guys. >> sure. you know, there are three things that kill work place productivity. the first is something we would never do, work place gossip. and we're going to talk about the other two and some ways that
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those draks coming up at 9. first its almost time to go trick or treating before you do that you have to know what you're going to wear, right? we sent alcides segui to pick up costume and give port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most top priorities. generating over 15 billion for the regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate.
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welcome back to good day
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gandy boulevard in st. petersburg. because we are a week away today from halloween. so if you haven't had an opportunity to go buy your costume, now maybe the time to do itgood will is good spot. you can buy new or something that's used or just use your imagination. thanks so much for being with us with good will. this is kind of the other side. because it's kind of a large area for you guys. >> so you got the new, new costumes here and then you've got used and creative side as you like to call. i like side. these are aisle that i personally love. i can go down these aisles and get inspiration. you can pretty much just thumb through these literally be this could a devil or an angel. great way to get inspiration if you're not sure. that's what i love about it too. you can whatever you want. i mean, only thing that's holding you back is your imagination. so we got two actors that are here, right? special guests.
8:25 am
hillary clinton and donald trump. and this entire, the entire costume came frl good will. all right we will start with you, sir. >> so what, so how long did take for you to get this whole costume? i'm going oh build a costume it's tremendous, it took me a tremendous amount of time. it's, tremendous. >> and what about you, hillary? >> hall we a good will makes us a stronger together. >> and these how much are these pant suit good will donated maybe $12. wigs are like $6. pearls are for sale too. wig and pearl is new. pant suit was donated under 50 bucks you got hillary clinton. and a donald trump outfit there. >> and we have lots of mens suit. you were great. this is fantastic. >> all right. russll, laura, yes. he's got more things to say by
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trying to think of different things candidates were saying throughout the debate. so, good to know. back to you. it's not bad at all. all right. see you later. >> all right. samsung could taking another hit. investigations happening right now who can take a different phone out of commission. after a deadly crash thatays - port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most diversified. which helps explain why it is one of dana young's top priorities. generating over 15 billion for the regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them
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a return to common sense. amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar.
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for florida.
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((russell 2shot)) samsung is about to take another hit.. 8:30 right now samsung is
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galaxy note 7 now phone arena is reporting the galaxy s7 edge is also catching on fire. last month a galaxy s seven user filed lawsuit after claiming his phone exploded causing second and third degree burns. someone else reported a similar incident too. right now there's only be three documented cases. and the investigation into what caused the phones to catch fire are not complete just yet. edge is at fault here. but if is determined that batteries are exploding it could have a really big impact on samsung's bottom line. south korean company announce a new compensation program for people who did purchase the note 7. company is offering the them a chance to exchange phones they got for a galaxy s 8 once it is released early next year it won't be free samsung is offering new phones for a discounted price. >> early voting starts today for
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and there could be a record turn out this year. people living in 50 florida 67 counties can start heading to policies today for early voting that include most of the bay area except for pasco, hardee and highlands counties. foou taking part in early voting you need to bring a current and valid photo i.d. that include as signature with you to polls. we posted all important information you need to know at our website, and this, donald trump will hold a rally at the mid florida credit union amphitheater tonight. rally is scheduled to to start at seven. trump as held a rally in naples yesterday. where he told supporters he's leading in the national polls. but, the latest polls do suggest different. including here in florida. where hillary clinton is leading. this morning a man accused of a drunk driving is in the hospital. and families of the two people he killed are living a nightmare. fox 13's dan maddox is live for us outside tampa general hospital where the suspected drunk driver sits.
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>> that's right. good morning. we can tell you he is 54 years old. he is charged with right now with dui manslaughter. and vehicular homicide. want to show you some video here cell phone video kind of hard to watch really. troopers say he rear ended this car causing it to crash into a barricade and it went up in flames. the crash happened about saturday morning about 2:30 over veterans expressway troopers say he was speeding when he caught fire. both the driver his passenger carlos perez were killed. there is a gofundme page set up by his family to help bring his body back to puerto rico to cover those expenses. we have ling to that set up on our website, but we can tell you right now once he's released here and have
8:33 am
serious condition here a tampa general. all right today maddox live for news tampa. thank you, dan. >> 8:33. a bucs fans plenty to celebrate this morning bucs beat 49er bringing record to 3 and 3 in beginning it did look good bucks were trailing 49er by 14 jameis winston managed to turn things around he was able to find mike everyone's who caught eight passes for 96 yards and two touchdowns their practice and patience paid off the bucs are now 3 and 1 on the road this season. they hope to get their first home win when raiders on sunday. >> other big winners the chicago cubs and beat cleveland indians. their fans could be on losing end of things. game one the world series is tomorrow night. and the average price for the four games in cleveland, 3900. then the teams go to chicago. those tickets jump to $7,200. >> some price tag doesn't matter. accomplishment does. the cubs have not won a world series since 1908.
8:34 am
1948. so there. so that's four tickets that price buys you four tickets? i'm not sure that's right. >> we have financing tickets to go cubs game do some math on that. what interest rate on that? or you can sit at home and watch it right here on our station. yes you can on fox 13. you know i tweeted out on saturday night i was watching game top the fifth i sai chicago love joe madden right now. the streets are going to crazy tonight. and then i remembered what a superstitious sport baseball is i immediately deleted it. i mean. good for you. i thought, you know you got to love it for joe madden. like base lines between home and first or third and home. you know, base lines when i was pitching i would never step on one of those lines. very, very superstitious sport.
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guys. so that's why. that's lucky. exactly it. 61 degrees the current temperature outside. yeah, looking a temperatures it's 8:35. it's still in 40s in a couple spots. not for long, but if you're getting ready to wukt door you still need that jacket. just a little bit longer. and the thing is with drier air we do have in place these temperatures will warm up quickly 64 in st. petersburg. sarasota is 61. in the upper 50s. look how dry the air is now. which is fantastic. drier air warms up quickly. we're good. as we go through the week we're going to start to increase the humidity a bit. now nothing extreme or anything like that. but notice how the dew points by the end of the week get back into the mid 60s or so. which is kind of normal.
8:36 am
weekend in october. halloween next monday. so typically, you start to bring humidity back up after that first big cold front comes through. it won't be as bad down over south florida where they will sitting with dew points in lower 70s. but, high pressure in control. gorgeous weather. by wednesday, another front will try to squeeze down from the northeast moving southwest. we're kind of what we call back door us. it may be enough moisture to squeeze out a but overall the rain chances are less than 10 percent. i didn't even put them on seven-day forecast. sunsational today with high of around 81 degrees. and tonight, still drier air in place. we'll cool of quickly. so tampa's back to 62. areas east and north you're back in 50s tonight. and mostly sunny, and seasonable tomorrow with your high temperature around 83. which again is our normal for this time of year. lots of sunshine, seasonable temperatures with know
8:37 am
good day mug. and this mug >> probably messed it up this time. that wasn't me. this mug this morning is awesome. how about some shells. how much time go to beach to gather shells maybe get kids to do the project. hey folks, one the main reasons #welivehere. thank you brandy for sendin that picture in to us fox 13 mug for you. that is really neat myers. i don't know if ever been to sanibel in that area they are known for their shells i didn't know there was quite like that here. that's at indian rocks. absolutely. really cool. >> thank you, dave. we'll get to roads right now. looks like we have some big delays on northbound u.s. 41. approaching selman expressway. we have reports of a crash that is lock blocking all northbound
8:38 am
so because of delays you will want to avoid the area either stake 78 off to east or 22nd that will take up in closer to downtown tampa area. we also want to update some other incidents that are happening state road 62. serious injury crash is now clear. and the delays are gone at corbett john road. so that's good news for drivers. and then we want to check in on our major roadways. live look here sunshine skyway bridge very clear conditions for and bay area bridges should all be running up to speed. >> all right vanessa, thank you. you need a little motivation to start exercising? how's this for bigger your brain. researches studied people over the age of 20 and found that those who are physically active tend to have larger brains. those that never worked out and had low levels of fitness had smaller brains. especially in middle age. and that can make their more susceptible to degenerative brain diseases. researches say at this point they still don't know what time in life that exercise most important for brain volume. one scientists says she plans on
8:39 am
researcher says this child's brain can change a lot after playing just one season of football. new study creates more evidence that concussions can have a devastating impact on professional football players. and their health. and an after initial trauma. researches scanned brains of kids who played football for one season. not those that got concussion but those that general. more times player hit the hit to head more white matter in brain changed. this study shout knolled keep people from getting outside not all. time to be a little more careful. a little more mindful. that time. time of the year where we have to start watching out for all of those germs and bugs our kids are bringing home. this morning our doc on call we're sorry for we will apologize for this our doc on
8:40 am
port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most diversified. which helps explain why it is one of dana young's
8:41 am
dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense.
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it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment. good for florida.
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((laura on cam)) just hearing the word "lice" makes a person want to scratch their head.. think about how it feels to have it.. kids tend just hearing word lice makes a person want to do that think about how it feels to have kids tend to share germs and the bugs. we know it's true inevitable at some point. lies is since weenie deep in middle of school year we will check in our doc on call dr. patrick mull reason. good morning. good to see you. good morning, i was actually afraid to do this segment i thought i might scratch entire time. we will try not to scratch during this segment. don't worry you will scratch forrest of date after this. so will we. we were talking about editorial meeting on friday. same thing. let me ask you this first of all. you think with all of the
8:44 am
procedures and medication, that we would have gotten rid of lice with some sort of, i don't know, every school year, these kids get it. true. 80 percent of elementary schools report a case of lice inside cool each year. lice is perfect para site. we no it's been around for millions of years. chimpanzees have lice. gorillas have lice. wellwhen you look back there has found of mummies from 4 to 5,000 ago lice was live in there hair it just. and we were making progress, as of 50 years ago. we started have lice medications. now rice are become resistant to medications a well. yeah. super lies we were talking to dr. jo about that a few months ago. what is it with these.
8:45 am
it electric direct contact. children with cleaner hair get more than other children. if you have oil in your hair or product it is more difficult, you know imagine all of these little girls with their long hair they are sharing bows, sharing, you know combs or brushes, they are wearing each other hats or helmets. lice can spread from one child to the it has to be direct contact not like they are standing near one another shoulder to shoulder. but not head to head. can they still catch them? >> you know lies can get off scalp and jump. so being in same classroom, being in same classroom makes it difficult. what lice does is actually crawls down the shaft the hair, and it attaches itself near the scalp. it likes the warmth of body.
8:46 am
day to get a blood meal. hair, the eggs attach to the shaft as well. so now you have eggs throughout hair. you think it would really painful to be bitten. most people have lies don't feel that bite. not until big infestation, tons f lice in hair somebody sees egg shell case thing or lice is bitten so many times around the nape of neck child is now itching uncontrollably and child has lice until a letter comes home that somebody else has lice you go checking for it. then you go check your child's hair. then you go and try to get it out. how, where do you start? in your child has lice? >> well you know, if are looking through your child's hair and they have lice over counter remedies you can bilocal drug stores. many are not working. actually a home remedy is
8:47 am
popular. it's use of olive oil in the hair. company wills comes to your house and do this for you. but very expensive. so what you can do the a home is you can bathe the hair in olive oil. then you take a lice comb which comb that has very, very tight teeth so that it can brush, you know the hair very, very closely. after bathing hair in olive oil you brush out the hair and every strand of hair you brush out you have to wipe off that comb. so this can take one to two hours to go through child's hair. then the companies that guarantee their work suggest oil reapply and sleep in olive oil for seven days straight every other day for another two weeks. this cans very expensive. very time consuming but one sure fire way that many people have gotten rid of lice. educate your young children don't share a brush don't share hats hair clips when they are out with an other children. because that direct contact is one of the easiest ways for it to get from one child to another.
8:48 am
take to get rid of lice? you can get rid of the lice, no, no, ma'am. because if you get rid of living lice at first you still have eggs in hair. so you need further treatments because they can hatch over two weeks. and then the child can become reinfested it's usually better part of a month of treatment in order to actually eradicate the scalp from lice. all right. now and then other thing is laura nobody wants to talk about it. so you, you often child has had lice until some letter companies home from school because it's obviously stigma. but it's a very common, common problem with 80 percent of schools reporting lice every year. just kind of story that givers you the heebie-jeebies. a scientific term by the way. thank you very much. we will get over to alcides segui who is having a little halloween fun right now. phow are you, alcides?
8:49 am
good lord. yes. we are live at good will. you can buy new. you can buy used. whatever halloween costume that you can come up at your nearby good will. not even to mention all accessories we have as well. coming up in next couple minutes we will talk about maybe just chose your creativity this year. we are exactly a week away from halloween. how you can come up with
8:50 am
e the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
8:51 am
8:52 am
getting even more expensive to go see a movie at the theater.. newly released numbers show tickets have jumped by 3-percent from this same time last year..((laura more)) newly released numbers show tickets that jump by 3 percent same time last year. movie tickets are going to hit a record breaking high here. and average price for a ticket is just under $9 right now. the price is at 8.60. last year it was 8.43. change again price rise and falls based on type of movers released. he lived his entire life in fairy tale castle in fairy tale world. with a fairy tale love story. prince al better current monarch just bought a much smaller home here, across pond 80-year-old brick house in fulfill. home where his mother grace kelly the actress turned princess grew. he remembers visiting his grandparets there when he was a child. looking out window he says and rolling around on the rug with his american cousins.
8:53 am
those family memories. he hopes to turn part of it into museum too and open that up next year. >> fascinated with grace kelly. you know. alcides segui is having a little fun this morning he's some interesting characters. i have our executive producer laura cross wants me to dress up kermit in time is happen. you look beautiful by way different ideas and costume and buy it in bag or be creative which is really neat you can do all at your neighborhood good will. here's a couple of different ideas. including over to your left, hillary clinton, donald trump, all of these things. you can buy just, you know off shelves that's just a suit. woman's suit as well.
8:54 am
wig's not very expensive. in fact that whole costume costs under 50 bucks. $30. jennifer fleming thanks so much. we pulled some other items too. we just literally pulled them off the shelf. you only gave me ten minutes. right. right. so i quick pulled a donated dress. like $3. which could be paired with the witch's hat i put here. or make a great day of the dead. costume which is really hot this year. and i found this dress which i mean where else are you going to find something as crazy as this but a good will. that would a really good then a regular black dress could be a witch, why i paired it with witch hat or more tisha or anything like that. you can just buy something that's already made for you. then i found this red dress that was donated i think it also like stlooe or $4. we saw new good as well you pair that and instant devil. literally took me two minutes to put that together. and then i have the angel. i found a white dress and wings. and then one of my favorite
8:55 am
dress which this is. it was $8.87. we also sell used veil and you're zombie bride and a long wig as well. this is one still plenty. they are all pretty loaded our salespeople will save stuff throughout year that looks like it has halloween potential. so that kind of stays in the warehouse we pull it down during replenished up until halloween. good part good this you buy into whatever outfit whatever accessory whatever you buy here goes right back into community because you have exactly lot of people don't realize that. good will puts people in jobs whether be through our corrections program or life skills program with adults with disabilities. last year we put almost nine,000 people place in jobs in community. all donations support that. love it. all right. love it, love it jennifer thanks
8:56 am
doing for halloween? you got costume? no. no. i don't think so this year, man. you? no. not feeling it? not feeling it. i got oh work. i'm going to be out too. >> yeah. i will play i think i'm playing anchor that day. you're doing well. you do it well, my friend. all right. all right. see you. see you later. all right. gossiping is bad. especially in work place. but it's not only distraction pthat makes focus and productivity. doug arms has the rest of the top 3. bone us to reason list was offered. was given. now it's being taken back. controversy over pentagon's push
8:57 am
ful people need someothey hire bob buesing.ork, how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars. now, buesing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go?
8:58 am
8:59 am
work, work, work. new numbers out. how many people are saying they will never retir work, work, work.
9:00 am
people are saying they will never retire? >> and never pay for channel's you don't want to a watch again. a new possibility for people who ready to unplug and save money. >> good monday morning we hope everybody had a good weekend. i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes. i mean more weekend day. it was spectacular. was it not? it was perfect. timing was perfect the way front came through. you woke up on saturday morning and all of that drier air is in place. now as we mo a muggier but not a bad week. not at all. let's show you what we're talking about. 64 degrees in the tampa area now. upper 50s from wesley chapel to brooksville. new port richey's crystal river was in lower 40s this morning back up to a 54. notice we are running about two to four degrees warmer along the coast. as much as 12 to 13 degrees warmer in hardee and de soto


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