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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  October 24, 2016 9:00am-9:59am EDT

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people are saying they will never retire? >> and never pay for channel's you don't want to a watch again. a new possibility for people who ready to unplug and save money. >> good monday morning we hope everybody had a good weekend. i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes. i mean more weekend day. it was spectacular. was it not? it was perfect. timing was perfect the way front came through. you woke up on saturday morning and all of that drier air is in place. now as we mo a muggier but not a bad week. not at all. let's show you what we're talking about. 64 degrees in the tampa area now. upper 50s from wesley chapel to brooksville. new port richey's crystal river was in lower 40s this morning back up to a 54. notice we are running about two to four degrees warmer along the coast. as much as 12 to 13 degrees warmer in hardee and de soto
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and cool start but a warm finish with high vanessa, of 83. >> thank you. it looks like our big edge concern right now is this crash along u.s. 41. and that's going to be as you're approaching the selman expressway. northbound lanes are blocked. we still have pretty notable delays in area. make sure you're continuing to use work around 78th which will be off to the east. or, 22nd which will take you in closer to the downtown tampa ybor area. and let you know once this clears out. all right, vanessa, thank you. you dream of it. retiring. and hopefully when you're young enough to enjoy it, right? that's been changing over decades. now more than ever, more and more people are saying that they will work until they are physically unable to. in an associated press poll they found a quarter of workers, 50 years old and older say they will work as long as they can. and that number jumps to 33 percent when talking with employees who make $50,000 a year or less. and the reason is obviously
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were always just living paycheck to paycheck. and never had enough money to put aside. women are feeling the sting more than anyone. especially minorities. according to a national institute on retirement security, many black, latino and asian women work in past retirement age just to afford basic necessities. the big worry is their health. if they are working to making end meet what happens when they get sick? or they need more expensive medication? do they not winter months in order to get their prescription? that what's it may come down to in the end. but it's not just women. overall, almost 20 percent of income for seniors between ages of 70 and 74s years old come from working not from retirement or social security. >> 9:02 right now. remember during height afghanistan iraqi wars military was losing members. people just weren't reenlisting. in order to combat that the pentagon began to offer signing
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program was full of fraud to meet enlistment requirements. but the service members w outraged saying they've done their duty. some did two and three hours overseas. point gone says money was for high demand assignments only like intl jens civil affairs noncommissioned officers snell it was more liberally distributed especially in california and there was fraud. in fact, four officers were found guilty. one is in prison and three others were put on probation and paid restitution. however that still is not stopping pentagon from getting back the bonus.
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height of wars these overpayments payments as they call them happen in every single state including here in florida. >> just two weeks ago before election day, and donald trump is campaigning in florida hoping to get gain some ground. without inwinning here his chances are slim to none. meanwhile, hillary clinton is looking beyond the election fox's doug luzader has all the details. >> if we win on november 8th we're going to fix our rigged system. it's a rigged system. donald trump in florida yesterday and again today. where early voting actually begins there today. he once again railing a system he says is rigged. his campaign manager while acknowledging trump is behind, blaming the media for amplifying his troubles. he's not we're not giving we know we can win this certainly not exceeding to same chattering class that has wrong about donald trump for about a year and a half. trump spent part weekend laying
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in washington. hillary clinton campaigning in north carolina where she quickly dismissed the protesters. some people are sore losers. and you know action we just, we just got to keep going. and that seems to be her campaign's take on trump himself. the talk is turning to not just secures white house doing wide margin of victory. and at the same time overturning republican control of congress as well. so we're running a coordinated campaign. working h senate and house candidates. but, but we're not, you know, this is not over yet. >> and it is no the over yet. but with so many states offering early voting a lot of support is getting locked down right now. in washington doug luzader fox news if you already made up your mind who you can vote for you get it done with over with within majority of florida counties. ally voting starts today. and shayla is at a polling place checking in to see if it's
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good morning. >> hi, good morning to you. russell. things are pick picking up here election service center here. i'm here with craig supervisor of elections. just give me run down in last couple of hours county-wide people are coming out by the hundreds >> we've had over 1500 people have came out vote in first two hours of the day here. so it's, it's we're v. robust turn out and seeing a lot of activity. this is only day one. you've still got to go until november the sixth. for e out to vote yet, what do they need to know to make that process move as smoothly as possible in hillsborough county? >> first and foremost be sure to bring photo signature identification. driver's license is easiest one. if not go on our website or channel 13's website for the list of approved identification. also take time to read your sample ballot. for some reason you didn't get one or you lost it or dog ate it go on our website you can bring up sample ballot there come in and be prepared. ballot is two pages.
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two pages. so it's not real long, but it is long. so come prepared. and right here in hillsborough county, since the last presidential race, you've seen 150,000 people registered to vote for this time around. and in all, you're seeing a lot of, a huge number there. 840,000 plus people registered to vote? >> that's correct. hillsborough county we've got over 840,000 registered voters. we're large county fourth that's why we've got 16 early vote sites spread around. vote by mail we send over 218,000 ballots. we received back 90 thousands of those already. we want to encourage people take advantage of early voting don't wait until last weekend you probably will have some lines. come out now the weather is beautiful. and an on top of that you have more locations to choose from
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in that's correct. you can go to any one one of our vote sites we will produce our ballot on demand go to our website also there's stop light on there. it will tell you if there any wait time you might be leaving work to go home pass two or three early vote sites that don't have in wait time. thank you so much, i appreciate it again. early voting again, it started at 7:00 this morning runs until 7 o'clock this evening. continues through november the sixth. you can get all information you need to know on our website, yeah we'll keep you posted if you learn anything further guys. back to you. all right shayla, thank you. see you later. >> electing people not only thing on ballot. amendment one about solar. gives utility companies the right to impose fees on solar customer to compensate for people who don't don't buy any electricity. backed i more $20 million. utility companies say it protects consumer rights critics say just companies protecting
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the word deceptive and tricky. if you which don't want utility companies to impose a fee on solar user you need to vote no if you're okay with that also amendment two medical marijuana 2014 a similar measure failed to get the 60 percent of approval needed to pass amendment would create a clause in florida's constitution to legalize medical marijuana. for those suffering from debilitating diseases. critic fear it would loo oh pop up marijuana dispensaries recent polls show ug >> still lots more ahead including why we can or should eat chocolate every day. plus not all chatter is good at work. top three distractions at the office. doug arms is here with the top three. alcides segui is in for charley today. getting us ready for halloween. get what we need without spending a carrie amount of money. ghost goblins halloween.
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if you haven't got costume yet, don't worry about it. folks have you covered. maybe a little bit creativity can get you something like this. they transformed into of course miss piggy. all right. you can get costumes like that and maybe even some new ones as well by saving some money at good will. we'll talk about that and whole lot mor port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most
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for the regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate.
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((russell/wipe vo)) the average listen to this average american worker works 47 hours a
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but of those employees actually productive for 47 hours? or do we have some distractions? our jobs expert doug arms is here this morning to talk about the top three distractions that kill office productivity. how you doing? >> i'm excited their hope i can trim down and work 47 hours a week >> that will be lovely. >> all right. number one, work place gossip. >> right. look, you know, that propel this, perpetuate it. sometimes difficult to stay out of mix. but if there are those people that kind insulate themselves you know what i am not going to be a part of that. and as that gets around and sometimes, sometimes, there's useful gossip ongoings on company if you can get heads up. generally speaking if negative caddy. a start establishing person that
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and >> can you pull yourself out? >> you sure can. when you start saying hey, look before on that train, go lot to do not really interesting in it. also gives people a little bit of a gauge for them zest to realize what they are doing. but, you also have to be careful on how you do that, it can come down a trust issue. you feel like you're going to run back and telling on them. but it is a huge distraction. and if the worse part is when you start getting included a na never looks good for you. never looks good for you. this one i'm intd in hearing about not sure how avoid this one. instant message email alerts. >> this one kind of reminds me back in the day, russell, remember old emergency break throughs in phone calls you do it four way calling. hang on. it's sort of like that. yeah i know you're busy. several indications you're busy.
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yeah everybody has instant message they will text you on side. i find there's plenty of people that have to just focus on one thing at one time you maybe you need a block an hour to get through a project. you can't knocked with emails all time shut down your email alerts so you don't get pop up that says somebody is trying to reach you. shut down your i m if you're trooel busy you to focus on something. it's a pretty, and don't, put you're still responding to them it will not stop. and my, big advice, try to get a block email, a little thing in your outlook if you're using outlook. that will allow you to delay when you send stuff first in morning 20 emails respond to them all. problem i say respond to one somebody gets back. just, delay the sending so all the once boom send they will all once i walk away. i'm got not going to deal with
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good idea. finally, micro managers. tougher one. this unwis more of an interpersonal conversation about establishing boundaries sustaining expectations. and maybe with some managers it's about you know, establishing a plan on front end so they can informed. problem with micro management is, sometimes it's take it personal, big problem is delays action every time you do task related to something you have to report it back to your boss. you got to find why that is. if matter boss doesn't trust or things aren't moving on scdu to micro manager and that person needs a different level of information. that can as well. tougher conversation to have but i think if you establish like here's what we are correctively going to do. if anything goes off rail i let you know immediately. if i don't tell you we're moving according to plan. >> okay. good advice. >> you too. >> hey dave, good morning. >> well it's getting so nice out here too. getting ready to shed the
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this monday. and our 9 o'clock temperature is at tampa international sitting in the mid 60s. how about that shot from the johns hopkins all children's hospital camera. it is beautiful. a couple of spots still flirting with the 50s. we've got new tampa at 57 degrees at this hour. still in mid 50s for our friends in dade city. brooksville is at 58. new port richey as 59. solidly in the mid 60s bradenton, sarasota. also in polk county, southward. along highway 27. let me be honest with you fantastic weekend. right i know mornings were cool you can always shed jacket in afternoonnext couple of morning we modify these temperatures, you may need those light jackets early on. but then with sunshine anticipated, and temperatures getting back into lower 80s you should good to go from there. the only changes this week would
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back up a little bit. i mean just a little bit. they are in the 50s right now. for the most part. then we will bring them back into the 60s. other than that, i've got sprinkle for you. possibly on wednesday. honestly going to be a great week. sunsational for today. that's best way to describe the weather outside right now. 81 degrees for high temperature tonight. overnight lows will be around 62. and then tomorrow, maybe we go back up to 83 which is by year. marine forecast northeast wind 10 to 15 knots. seas running couple of feet with a moderate chop expected. also a high tide at 9:44. next half hour. so hey, here you go with next 7 days, 81 to 84 degrees for highs. lows in the 60s. vanessa, i love it. no significant rain in sight. >> yeah. it looks lovely.
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either. we want to check on interstates live look here howard frankland bridge. very, very quiet knot bound direction heading into tampa, of course you can see not whole lot of congestion right now. southbound drivers 275 fletcher to pinellas bayway only take 34 minutes. that's in green. we've cleared out congestion here as well. and interchange early along i-4 westbound just lincoln jegs you can see northbound on 75. give yourself 13 minutes to get from selman t >> all right. thank you, vanessa. here's something to start week off right. some dressed up dogs. those aren't jen's 15th annual dog costume paw raid in kentucky. this year's theme your favorite fairy tale. prize for several categories including original costume are handed out. some costumes pretty elaborate too. cost a bit of money. other people have a hard time just paying for regular needs
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lead to some really tough decisions. fox 13's jen epstein is here now with folks who had to make that choice. there's a happy ending here right, jen? >> oh, what a happy ending laura. i have never met a sweeter dog or a sweeter couple. baby doll, she is here this morning. along with her parents. we've got gertrude browning. and we've got so so much for being here with us this morning. let's talk a little bit about your story. and the situation that you're sweet little baby doll was in. baby doll came down with a small growth and it just gradually began to grow. and we did not have funds to have it took care of. and we didn't know what to do but just to take care of her and live out her days as comfortably
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she is wasn't going to much longer it drew to size of an an orange. yes t was huge i constantly cried about it because i couldn't get help. i didn't know what to do. i have sitting with you for an hour now i mean she is so sweet and so calm. and i i can just see love that you have for her. >> yes, i do. yes, i do. because she's sleeps with me. okay. so by time tell me about how the hillsborough county pet resource center helped you ou i told them i can't give them enough praise. i got a big heart. my enlarged heart. i really thank them govabove an beyond. never had that much care like they do. $5,000 surgery you were not able to afford. we could not do it. >> and we was just, i was getting ready to make a pledge for her to lay down.
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to do until come out to the house. yeah. we didn't know >> angel came to his house he will do whatever he can to help you guys. you temporarily surroundendered. two weeks be aing she had surgery she got her stitches out today. i'm happy. i'm how you feeling little one? >> she says good. that's what she's saying. good. and i know, i mean it was just that mass was so big i'm sure weighed it down her >> it would swing as she walked. and my heart was broke. because i couldn't, i didn't know what to do. because i i had no funds to help her. yeah all i can do make her days as comfortable as possible. >> yeah. but she's fighter.
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and she, i'm so glad she's pulling through. i hope she'll have many days of jumping and romping and carrying on. yeah. i can already see her moving around here lots. she she was running around she jumped up on couch everything she wants to now. i get up early in morning she comes to me she she wants to go outside. she got there and barked scratched. and come in she wants something to eat then. >> and you'll take care of her. because she's got a big i don't want her to be uncomfortable you need to take a look at this. >> that's how big that tumor was. >> yes. jen. i can feel it she is all better. isn't that amazing. i know. bless her heart >> i could feel the growth in one of her breasts. she's happy and healthy now. that's right. that's right.
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you give her a big hug for us. >> all right. thank you, jen. still ahead another reason to listen to scientists and really you're going to like this one. really. a little data to health benefits of chocolate. and there's a lot of chocolate halloween but also got ghosts and goblins alcides segui is showing of some very cool showing of some very cool halloween z25eiz z16fz robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up
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fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
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z25ehz z16fz y25ehy y16fy welcome back to good day tampa bay. i'm alcides segui in for charley belcher. we're live good will in st. petersburg. why do you ask? because halloween is week away. why not come here to save some cash along the way. whether be accessories looking
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they got everything you need. masks new stuff used stuff. they also got, you know different things that people have donated throughout months or throughout the year. you can be as creative as you want. jennifer fleming joining us this morning. thank you so much for being with you say really do love coming here especially during halloween. because again you can think outside the box and get be whatever you want to be. that's what i love about it too. not like going to halloween store and getting what three other same party. if you go to good will you pretty much know you will get something unique because you put it together yourself. >> or prepackaged. if you don't want to get creative. this aisle that folks are looking at right now. >> i will procrastinate like i do. and then come in and grab one. and then it's, you know its ten bucks as opposed to 30, 40, $60 for a halloween costume. you have the new stuff. you also have the stuff that's i
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it's literally rack and racks. some of it is donated costumes. not just donated clothing but donated costumes. you can go through those and get really good deals too. kids adults, pets sometimes even the babies too. little baby ones. they are so cute. love baby costumes other style is creative style creative aisle because you can think outside box and do whatever you want. you guys have really big event that's happening. let's talk about it. this is the logo. ship of ghouls. it will take place on yacht star ship this thursday evening. this thursday. you like that? you can buy tickets online goggle back/ghoul. what is on back there? a dinner but you fay free beer and whine costume contest how much that is 90 bucks per person who hour cruise on luxury yacht
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>> so it's going to be really fun. you can come in costume and really be $100 costume contest prize. that sounds like fun. going to be great. thanks. thank you. >> so just talking to her throughout the show, guys, they were saying that this week is considered black friday for them. so a lot of stuff you see here in next couple of days will be long gone as we get closer and closer to halloween. this place will be jam packed i imagine really jam packed friday and saturday. stuff will likely be all gone by then. back to you guys. neat. very neat. okay. see you later. okay. all right. >> coming up 9:30 health benefits of our favorite sweet treats. and will top gun two e foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on.
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a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away. foster farms corn dogs. for monster appetites. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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welcome everybody 9:32. and a fade anti-war activist remember the name, tom hayden well he died. he passed away yesterday at his home in santa monica, california hayden made made lines in 1960s with activism his marriage to jane fonda and trips to north vietnam. but he also gained notoriety as chicago aide defendant. hayden and eight others in chicago were charged with several offense by federal government. all that related to anti vietnam protest that is took place in chicago during 1968 democratic national convention. but in years later he became an author, a lecturer and a
9:33 am
he's charged with d u i manslaughter troopers say he rear ended this "crash"ing into barricade causing it to go up in flames. crash happened oh veterans expressway early saturday. troopers say he was speeding when he crashed into the back of the pontiac which did catch fire. both driver and his passenger carlos perez were killed. we can tell you right now family is trying to figure out how to get his body back toue once again this suspect is in serious condition here at tampa general. >> all right, dan maddox live for us in downtown tampa. back outside to dave we go i'm hope we're able to a weather thursday, friday we're going to start to feel humidity come back up a little bit. but i mean in general. absolutely going to enjoy this week too. we started off in the 40s.
9:34 am
and finally you get 60s out there. tampa's at 64. clearwater is 67. 68 degrees for bradenton. 66 for sarasota. hey seay bring, frostproof, you folks are in upper 60s as well. >> a you look up toward i-10. i mean still 50 degrees in tallahassee. feather in jacksonville. 54 in gainesville. but you notice how just about everybody is warmer than they were yesterday at this time. tampa two gross warmer. vero seven degrees warmer. you we do have you see front up around memphis. slowly that front may sink from northeast to southwest throughout week. so that may kind of back door us on wednesday. and give us a few clouds and maybe a sprinkle. but other than that, it's sunshine for the week. mild to warm afternoons. and coolish mornings. i mean i really don't see this
9:35 am
changing all that much. you know, it if you don't live down here if you're down here vacationing and watching, this is the reason we live down here. sunsational today warm fin wish high around 81 degrees. tonight, clear. we're going to 62 in tampa. but if you're going to be in the 50s no doubt. and then tomorrow mostly sunny and seasonable with high temperature back to around 83. looking at boating conditions with moderate chop today, seas running 10 to fin knots. what are we nine minutes away? something like that. from high tide. less that that eight minutes. from high tide next 7 days no significant rain. sprinkle wednesday. that's. we will stay around 83, 84 for high tomorrow. all the way through until sunday. we do have a couple of first birthdays. want to help us celebrate jacob's birthday. obviously take look at his shirt. he loves elmo.
9:36 am
course, playing with his big brother. an & he shares his birthday with his dad. happy first birthday jacob and happy birthday jacob's dad. and we have summer cheering for the bucs. turning one today. this little cheerleader, we have mickey mouse, loves to dance. and of course. love to cheer for bucs. happy first birthday to well. good news for bucs fans have being behind they came back to win against the 49ers yesterday. they are they are now 500 for season next three games are home remember while win was good the 49er are not. they've only won one game so far this year. >> well football is in full swing, baseball is winding down. but the excitement is sure gearing up. world series we know now is set.
9:37 am
cleveland scombarns taking on chicago cubs. and while cubs have been favored all season long to win the indians are big surprise here. but we've talked about it before. this is history in making long time for both teams to be in this spot to say nothing of winning. it's cubs have long e. streak they haven't been in world series since 1945. they haven't won since 1908. 10 eight years. wow. indians are not toovr behind them though. they were in the series in 97. but lost game 7 to the and it's been since 1948 that they've actually won a world series. in fact, whole movie was made about struggles 1989 comedy called major league talked owner sabotages team and players overcome and win pennant. all week long in social media you've been able to see people using that movie as their inspiration. yeah. yeah charley sheen. wild thing. >> yes. we're torn here as for who to
9:38 am
and whether or not that's the case. it will be right here on fox 13. it will all start tomorrow night at 8. i guess we can't cheer too much. because we have cubs fans. cleveland indians fans both right here. equal opportunity. still ahead a way to pay for only what you watch. it's really happening and lauren simonetti tell us when and how. he feels the need. need for speedy will tom cruise fly sequel? his answer coming back up look
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port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most diversified. which helps explain why it is one of dana young's top priorities. generating over 15 billion for the regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense.
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nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities.
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((vanessa/wipe vo)) remember this from ten years ago. season five of american idol. 20-06. do you remember this? from ten years agassi son 5 of american idol, 2006. this man, an older silver hair crooner that's taylor hicks. he won that season much to dismay of simon cowell.
9:42 am
clarkson or carrie underwood he's back on tv. another reality show, but this one is all about food. called state plates. here's the premise travel across the country discover the foods that people associate with each state maine lobster nebraska corn. you get the idea. he says being from alabama taught him to love food and discover new tastes and cuisines. he says he's pitching food concept shows to different networks for years and seas excited about this new opportunity. network. by the way, yes, he says he always has his harmonica. looks like a good show. well there wrench foresee quell of dead pool ryan reynolds stries mecca hit. now hollywood reporter is saying the director has backed out. this is the same director from the original. but magazine says that so-called creative differences between reynolds and that director led
9:43 am
there's no word yet on replacement. but all the other players are still in. they just have to cast the female lead. >> and speak of sequel as another possible sequel in jeopardy as well. top gun too, you remember jerry bruck high schooler stoked flames a few minutes ago with a well in british graham norton asked tom cruise responded with a know he can't go up in those planes any more. it just gets too much. literally sick. we will have to wait and see tom was on that though promoting his latest jack we haver film it wasn't number one in action bo office instead this comedy was tyler perry's halloween brought in more than between and a half million dollars. and crew's movie wasn't far behind in second with 23 million.
9:44 am
girl on the train round out the top 5. >> well imagine only paying for tv channels you actually watch. tv channels you actually watch. that's a possibility in near when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , now, buesing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go? that's up to you.
9:45 am
9:46 am
elise: we couldn't believe it. that poor girl was raped by two football players and their friends. we were sure they would go to jail. so, when i heard state attorney mark ober decided to go easy on them, i was scared -- scared for my daughter. none of those young men served a day behind bars. ugh. if mark ober can't protect our families, it's time for a new state attorney. ((laura//live pix)) here's another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. dow is holding strong still up triple digits. let's get to lauren simonetti. does at&t time warner merger
9:47 am
no. no and neither does td ameritrade scott trade financial merger. merger monday all of those stocks or move to down so i by two percent. you know what i think is stocks this morning you had a number of euro zone on manufacturing. that is best number of entire year believe it or not that's what did it early this morning. and you have great earnings reports coming in t-mobile will be one of them. very positive that stock falling 5 percent. as and time warner very interesting story here. the dow, shares are down this morning. that could mean investors expect regulators to say no deal. or yeah, you can merge. but you have to do x, y and z. that could be wall street speaking look at&t is wireless carrier they own direct t have they have one 13th million customer for wireless and 25
9:48 am
own content too. cnn, hbo, game of thrones. how do you compete with that? >> it's a mega media company. 85 billion? >> yes. 85.4 billion to be exact. >> oh, sorry. >> i will take 0.4. right. right. let's talk about this new youtube project. reportedly working on this subscription channel >> yeah. called unplugged. >> right. and reports say it's going to so essentially it works like this. if you're thinking about cutting cable cord, just do it. because for between 25 and 40 bucks a month, you can stream on google youtube any channel that you want. you create your own package. and reports also say cbs has signed up. so now hearing that if other media companies come on too, that's more options. i'm sorry. >> sorry. all good.
9:49 am
talking this big at&t thing going on here that seems like to cut into what they are trying to do. >> in a way, yes. but we know i hear at&t deal i think of netflix i think amazon video i think of google and apple. i say, what are these companies going to do. because everybody has good content. everybody has smart phone if you're verizon. how do you go forward in they are also competing with like you said youtube. how do you compete? this >> right. >> that's a good question. what's your time anne marie? >> okay. take it. world series ticket prices crazy, huh? >> yeah. we have time. we have time. okay. these numbers are nuts. decades, it's been lifetime for won world series. fans are spending basically a lifetime of savings in order to see them.
9:50 am
cleveland, $3,900 is the average price. but, $7,200 is the average price for wrigley field for games 4 and 5. if you want to sit behind home plate, 40 g. yeah. if you want to stand, stand in the stadium, $2,000. >> no. well. you will standing for most of it anyway think of it from that perspective. that's true. that's true. you happen ever. >> i know. really. we're seeing video right now. we're seeing video right now of the cubs taking it. it's just thrilling to watch. the drive between cleveland and chicago is five or six hours. that only boosts demand for tickets. both fans could go easily. good point. okay. we'll go. good to see you. i will watch it at home. us too.
9:51 am
tees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment. good for florida.
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((russell/2sh)) sometimes you just need a little... welcome back. sometimes you need just a little bit. and then there are those days you when you need whole lot of it. >> that's right.
9:54 am
for you. >> yes. researcher cleveland clinic say theres definitive evidence >> cleveland clinic, see. it's legit. that eating chocolate daily has its health benefits. big study too. more than 1100 people took part in this. some of them ate cocoa flavonols the element in cocoa others ate placebo. result people who go the cocoa have lower levels they are also able to. and a people who ate cocoa daily had their good cholesterols level increase those changes were modest at best. now the study was funded by the national institutes of health and american heart association. and the drug maker pfizer. and it can found just in case you're wondering some substantiation here in journal of nutrition.
9:55 am
get prescription. scientist did say more studies need to be done to figure out how much and what types of chocolate provide the best benefit. we'll do that research for them. that's right. wonder was co-pay will be on that. i don't care. hey dave. more kit cats? i don't think it's that kind of chocolate. >> there's always the dream. fine. we're going back to lower 80s. and a beautiful day today. and for the next few know you're going to be on coolish side of those temperatures in the lower 60s. but the afternoons are going to be absolutely gorgeous as we go 81 today. 83 tomorrow. then a bunch of 84s for highs. wednesday, thursday, friday. and what a lovely stretch of weather. things will good. that is do it for live with kelly coming up next then wendy williams fox 13 news at noon. take care everybody. "realtime closed captioning
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