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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  October 25, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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((russell- don't even try >>russell: don't even think about it. leave your gun at home. serious message this morning about packing heat when you pack your bags. >> are the presidential polls correct? donald trump says no. hillary clinton is them. we'll have more from the campaign trail just ahead. >>laura: and some fascinating research this morning about autism and girls. it may be more prevalent than we thought. they just mask it better. and welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. a lot ahead but we're all talking about the weather these days and how nice it is. dave, let's keep it going. >>dave: okay. just because you asked. nicely. we're still over a half hour way
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pretty. it's going to get even nicer as we get a little bit more light this morning. you can see a little bit in the mid level clouds. no biggie, though. 50 degrees in crystal river. 53 in brooksville. 67 in saint pete pete -- st. petersburg with highs in the lower 80's. enjoy it, vanessa. >>vanessa: certainly will. we want to check the roadways. we have a pair of crashes we're following in the same area in pinellas roosevelt and ulmerton road. and i have a typo here. i have two of them. ulmerton and 19, that should say, and roosevelt and ulmerton. that's what we're following here. lane blockage reported with each one but i'm seeing the worst delays here in this area, the one that's reported at ulmerton and u.s. 19. i would plan a few extra minutes at that intersection. otherwise, use caution as you make your way through both areas. >>laura: flying with a firearm.
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airliner but a lot of people try to do it anyway. >>russell: security at t.i.a. has found dozens of guns this year and they expect to find more during the holidays. shayla reaves is there this morning with more. >>reporter: hi. good morning to you. you are absolutely right. so far this year, we've learned t.s.a. officials have found 64 guns. they were able to stop 64 guns from making their way onto planes and that's this year alone. we're told four of those when it comes to getting on a plane, of course, you're going to have to deal with security and here in tampa international airport, you're looking right now at some of the video captured there at t.s.a. as security check points. we know these full body x-ray scanners to screen passengers, workers check thousands of bags for possible dangers every day. trained canine units roam lines and sniff bags for anything suspicious. when it comes to one of the
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must be unloaded, checked and a hardside container that's secure and not easy to open. according to t.s.a., travellers must let the ticketing agent know if they're checking a bag with a firearm inside. now, the airport t.s.a. security director tells us that's something they see from time to time when they ask people, you know, why are you travelling with your firearm on your person? they say i forgot it was on my person. i forgot i had my firearm bag. those are some message they hear from people who are caught breaking the rules. today we can tell you this afternoon, t.s.a. officials want to remind travellers of the rules when you fly. we know we're getting into the holiday season here in the last couple of months of the year, so they want to make sure travellers are aware of what you can bring in your carry-on, what has to be checked and make sure they understand the rules when they plan to fly. that's coming up in a press conference at 1:30 this
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should any new information become available. russell, back to you. >>russell: all right. talk later. thank you. >>laura: the state of the presidential race turns to florida. just two weeks ago until election day and donald trump and hillary clinton are zeroing in on the sunshine state. trump is arguing the polls are wrong and clinton is relying on outside help. doug is following the race from washington. >>reporter: donald trump has a weeks, but that assumes the polls are correct and donald trump is arguing that the polls are actually rigged against him. >> how are you feeling about florida, mr. trump? >> very good. i feel very good. >> his campaign has reason to worry. recent polls give hillary clinton about a four point lead there, approaching the lead she carries nationally. trump, though, says the numbers aen't right. >> they are phony polls put out
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aekt philadelphia -- are affected by this stuff. we're winning this race. >> most polls oversample democrats and he posted to recent elections like the brexit poll in the u.k. hillary clinton is tanking on polls being correct and her campaign has new swagger. open supporters with this ad for tin foil hats. >> president barack obama. >> president obama appearing on jimmy kimmel show last night piled on, reading a trump tweet calling obama the worst president ever. >> at least i will go down as a president. >> but for the clinton campaign, there could be a real danger in overconfidence. >> last thing you want to do is tell them you're winning two
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need to go out, stand in line and cast a ballot. >> you hear both candidates talking about early voting, trying to get supporters locked down and 37 states offer some form of early voting this time around. >>russell: and hillary clinton is coming to tampa again. she'll be here tomorrow afternoon for an early voting rally. 2:45. stort letting people in at 12:15. good news for a new poll of voters ages 18 to 30 shows them shifting in her favor. young white voters are driving that shift. we're about 50-50 between clinton and trump a month ago. she has a double digit lead. donald trump made a campaign trump in tampa. he spoke at the ampitheatre last night. he had a lot to say about repealing obamacare. he also hit on the popular theme
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>>russell: -- include repairing the herbert hoover dam. when you look at bridges, our tunnels, our roads and highways, you look at our hospitals and schools, we're in bad shape. i'm going to fight to bring us all together as americans, just imagine what our country could accomplish if we started together as one people under one god saluting one american flag. >>russell: this was trump's third rally of the day in florida. by the end of the day, he will have done five in three days and then it's off to ohio as another must-win state for him. people have taken advantage of early voting. more than 19,000 people cast a ballot on the first day in pasco county. early voting also began
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de soto, manatee and sarasota counties. starts today in sumter. saturday in pasco and highlands. and we made it easy for you to find the polling -- your polling location and what you need to bring with you when you go. find all that info at our website, look in the early voting section. >>laura: they could run but they could not hide. a burglary ring is out of business this morning. the crooks wore halloween masks. first they tried breaking into a metro couldn't get in. detectives say they then drove to ellington to break into the puma store. they got away in a few stolen cars. police found them in orlando along with some of the puma gear that was stolen. there is a $3,000 reward for information leading to the person that drove off with stolen wave runners. surveillance video shows a white gmc work van pulling in last
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that trailer had a pair of jet skis, all together the thief stole about $33,000 worth of property. if you know who did it, call crime stoppers. >>russell: douglas hughes of ruskin won't be getting the gyrocopter back. government told us yesterday they're going to destroy it. hughes flew the aircraft to washington, d.c. last year, landing on the lawn of the capital building. he was trying to draw attention to big money in politics. you know he got in a lot of trouble. he had to serve four gyrocopter as part of the plea deal. >>laura: the most reliable vehicles on the road. coming up, see if the one you drive is on the list. >>russell: and suing subway. the ex-wife of former company pitchman jared fogle makes an explosive allegation. what she accuses subway of doing. let's check in with dave right now. >>dave: 7:09. we have temperatureses -- temperatures in the 60s as you go. about 53 in brooksville.
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general, we're scouring out those 40s day by day by day. it's going to get a little warmer the next couple of days, really nothing significant. yesterday was 80 degrees. today a little bit of cloud cover mixing in with sunshine which will be up in 30 minutes. 83 for a high and a little warmer tomorrow with a high in the mid 80s. robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. amendment 1 protects consumers from scams, promotes safe solar, and is endorsed by florida's firefighters. so, why are out-of-state billionaires attacking it? because amendment 1 stops their subsidies. amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies
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ent 1. when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars. how far will bob buesing go?
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>>dave: it is 7:13. something a little different is we h greeting us and sun will be up in 15, 20 minutes or so. it's going to be a nice day and in general, a warm day as well. that's one camera, the brookdale, bayshore camera. here is another one that you don't see much cloud cover. johns hopkins camera, is this not a pretty start? yes, it's mild in most spots. we are still in the process of, i call it, kind of scouring out some of the cooler air, especially to the north.
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temperatures? vanessa, did you steal my temperatures again? >>vanessa: i wanted them for myself. you might see them on my traffic maps. >>dave: you get an idea of what it's like. 48 inverness, 50 degrees crystal river. sarasota is at 64. who is missing a temperature inland? we have a few more there. 55 in bartow, 61 in lakeland. 62 in frost proof. in general, three, four degrees time. yesterday was three or four degrees warmer than yesterday and so on and so on. typically after a cold front comes through, you get two or three mornings where everything is seasonably cool and then it starts to warm up. you modify the air mass. that's really what we're going to be here the next couple of days. satellite is showing us, you saw with the brookdale bayshore camera some cloud cover here in the mid levels of the atm atmosphere. this is just streaming through this morning and we're all going
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sunny skies that we had yesterday and the day before that and our weather is great. it's going to be maybe just a little bit warmer than it was yesterday at this time. look at this front. it wants to make a run at us. it's really not going to do anything to us. on the other side of the front, we have big time colder air up to the north. cleveland, for instance, and i'm picking on cleveland because the world series starts tonight. i'm telling you, game time temperatures in the 40s up there. temperatures in the 40s, but that's what happens when you get these two northern teams that make it to the world series and you're in late october. for us, 83 degrees under mostly sunny skies. warm conditions today. tonight 65 the overnight low. kind of where we are now and i think areas to the north will be a little bit warmer as well so instead of the 40s, lower 50s in citrus county and so on. a cloud or two tomorrow with lots of afternoon warmth. tomorrow's high around 85
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light chop and i think we'll keep it there for the next several days which is awesome. northeast winds around 10 knots and the next high tide is at 11:14 this morning. the next seven days, no significant rain and i am talking about even on halloween where it's going to be a little bit warm but once that sun goes down for the trick-or-treaters, it won't be too bad. we're looking at highs in the mid 80s, vanessa. >>vanessa: not bad at all. thanks, dave. at 7:16, we're back to pinellas we have a new crash we're following, in the same areas as the other ones i showed you. this one reported along 49th street north at 145th avenue north so it's going to be just south of the intersection with roosevelt after you come over the bayside bridge and it's in the southbound direction where we have the right lane blocked. it's causing delays back up towards the bridge. if you can easily make it to 19, that's running pretty well in the southbound direction. you might save time by avoiding the area. don't forget 19 and ulmerton,
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delays in the area. we'll get over to another part of pinellas county. second crash is reported with lane blocks. 580 at mcmullen booth road. the left lane is going to be blocked so a few extra minutes there and right now we want to check in on the majors. definitely starting to pick up here. this is a live look at 75 and mlk in hillsborough county. six minutes from the selmon expressway to i-4. >>laura: all right. thank you. it's a big investment, buying a car. you want something reliable, something that won fortune to fix. consumer reports is saying that the best brand when it comes to reliability is a lexus. toyota is second. this is the fourth straight year the two have been at the top of the list. for the first time since the magazine began tracking vehicle reliability, a domestic brand has made the top three. that spot belongs to buick. audi is fourth and kia the fifth most reliable brand. >>russell: best place in the bay
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that's coming up. >>laura: and then accepting an apology. kim kardashian drops her lawsuit against the tabloid. they said some nasty things about her. we're going to talk about that story. first, charley belcher is back from vacation. you look good, my friend. you look rested and relaxed. >>charley: yes. rested and ready to go, as they say. yes, indeed. and a great place to bring the kids trick-or-treating, the florida aquarium. we have the candy right here, we have the fish you know why sharks do not like skittles? they get stuck in their teeth. little known fact. don't feed a shark a skittle. stick around. we'll feed you wonderful entertainment and information about the florida aquarium. look, a ray in the big tank.
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it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
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this year the voters of pinellas county have an opportunity to elect a public servant who has always put the people first. charlie crist. as governor he worked with both parties to get things done and i know you can trust charlie to do the same in congress. defend women's health care and planned parenthood. and take care of our veterans. charlie needs your vote, please stand with him. i know he'll always stand with you.
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((laura welcome back to good day tampa bay. >>laura: welcome back. time is 7:21. and the former wife of former tv
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>>russell: she claims subway knew about jared's sexual interest in children and did nothing about it. she accuses subway of failing to alert authorities that he was a pedophile. she also says she didn't give consent to using her children and her likeness in a campaign marketing him as a family man. she got $7 million in her divorce settlement. she could get more with this lawsuit. fogle is serving a 16-year prison term for child pornogray minors. >>laura: investigators will return to a beach front high rooiz on the east coast today. they'll try to figure out why a safety harness did not save a painter monday from falling to the ground when the scaffolding broke. three other workers were left dangling in hollywood, florida. they all got hurt, one of them critically. >>russell: amber alert out of california. police are searching for a
7:23 am
they think his mother took him. grandmother has custody and we learned this is not that unusual of a crime. most abduction cases, a family member is responsible for taking the child. >>laura: a 14-year-old boy in wisconsin made a fatal mistake. first he stole a car from his uncle and then led police on a high speed chase on an interstate. officers say they gave up pursuit when speeds got up to 100 miles per hour and they say the teen lost control of the car after that. pole in the parking lot of a restaurant. >>russell: kim kardashian dropping her defamation suit against media takeout. the reality tv star got upset after seeing reports accusing her of staging the robbery so she could file a fraudulent insurance claim. website ran a retraction with an apology a few days later.
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beautiful -- you know, i love when we get a little cloud cover in the morning. russell, laura, take a look at that. it's just stunning when you mix in a little cloud cover with our sunrise which will be about 10 minutes from now so pretty, pretty, pretty. 64 degrees the current temperature there. we're going to bring it back up to 83 for a high temperature for today. maybe 85 for tomorrow and thursday. we get on the toasty warm side and there we shall stay from tomorrow all the way through weekend. >>vanessa: thanks. right now sky fox is arriving at 49th street north. looks like they're coming around so just to recap quickly, 49th street north, south of roosevelt, we have a crash reported in the southbound direction. we have lane blocks reported as well. you can see the backups. i mentioned before in the last report, we have basically it reported back to the bayside bridge and starting to jam up in the southbound direction towards the south end of the bridge. definitely enough that you're going to save a few extra
7:25 am
you can see it will take a little bit longer for those delays to clear. it does look like, yeah, it's jamming up basically from the bottom half of the bridge completely in towards that crash site which once again is reported south of rose very well. we have sewer construction that started yesterday. just to remind drivers, you won't be able to access macdill. that's closed. there's local traffic only a lot in that area but they have barricades at gandy and allowing drivers to turn right. thursday, 4:00 in the afternoon is when that is expected to wrap up so avoid it in the meantime and a look at majors right now. looks like they're normal for this time of morning. enjoy. >>laura: thank you. sharing your bedroom with your baby. for the first year? coming up, how that recommendation may save your child's life. >>russell: and downtown development. dan tells us about a promising, beautiful, proposal. good morning.
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not one, not two, but three high rises could be coming to downtown tampa. we'll tell you where and the process when "good day tampa bay" continues. when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars.
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that's up to you. amendment 1 protects consumers from scams, promotes safe solar, and is endorsed by florida's firefighters. so, why are out-of-state billionaires attacking it? because amendment 1 stops their subsidies. amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies for special interests.
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and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love clinton that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. (laura- welcome back to good day tampa >>laura: welcome back. the time right now is just about 7:30 and the tampa skyline may be getting a new high rooiz. >>russell: proposal sits on six acres near the kennedy downtown. it sounds exciting, doesn't it?
7:30 am
we're talking about a high rooiz. i'm here at the intersection of kennedy boulevard. this is the artist rendering of the project here. we're talking about three buildings. hillsborough realty company had this area completely rezoned. it's called lafayette it's going to be 40 stories, lafayette central and lafayette park view, they are 26 stories. they are going to have parking in many locations. this is something that mayor buckhorn is in huge support of. it still has to go through the process but he was tweeting about it yesterday and it really is in line with the vision of downtown tampa. they're still doing a study but this is all high end and it
7:31 am
the downtown area. >>russell: talk to you later. >>laura: there's nothing more with the safety of our children. jennifer epstein is here now with some big new recommendations about reducing the risk of sids. good morning, jen. >>jennifer: according to the american academy of pediatrics, in order to reduce the risk of sudden infant death baby should sleep in the parents' room for at least six months, preferably the first year of the baby's life. even the lead doctor says this is sure to be controversial among parents. this is called room sharing. it's much different from bed sharing which doctors are strictly against. they say babies should have their own crib or bassinet but be within arm's reach of mom or. this helps promote breastfeeding which reduces the risk of sids.
7:32 am
year of their baby's life, it will reduce the risk of sids by 50%. other recommendations include always placing the baby on their back, keep soft bedding away, never expose a baby to second hand smoke and never use wedges or positioners in the crib. now, back to room sharing for an entire year. this may be tough for parents to accept. many admit they don't sleep as well and getting a good for parents. risk of sids is greatest from one to four months of age and goes down drastically after six months.peach year in the u.s., babies die from sleep related deaths. >>laura: it is heartbreaking, too. and how about this? new research about autism. we're talking about autism and how it presents itself in girls. many more girls have autism than
7:33 am
type of genetic mutations as boys with autism and none of the more obvious characteristics like the hand flapping. girls more easily confirm or mimic their peers and that helps hide the disorder. doctors say many more boys are diagnosed with autism around the age of three but girls are diagnosed much later when it is tougher for them to keep up socially. >>russell: here is a suggestion to the 40 million american smokers. quit before it is too of cancer related deaths are the result of smoking. that is four people, 35 years old and older. the highest rates are here in the southern part of the u.s. nine of the top 10 worse states for men. six for women. florida is not one of those states but smoking does attribute to more than 30% of cancer deaths for men in our state. more than 20% for women in florida. and that's why having health insurance is so important.
7:34 am
people with obamacare, the premiums could go up more than 25% next year. that is causing a lot of criticism. >> it's just been announced that americans are going to experience yet another double digit spike in your premium for obamacare. >> obama administration confirming americans will see an increase in their health care costs next year. as part of the president's health care republicans are now condemning the announcement. house speaker paul ryan released a statement saying, quote, families are stuck paying these higher premiums and democrats only want to double down on obamacare. there is a better way. republicans are offering a plan to repeal obamacare and replace it. premiums are expected to rise by an average of 25% and consumers will see fewer insurers offering plans on the government run
7:35 am
it's the deductibles and that's cash out of your pocket. >> hillary clinton has been distancing herself from obamacare during her campaign, calling for reforms. donald trump has had a difficult time attacking the democrats on health care. >> if donald trump talks about obamacare, he's going to talk about how to replace it. >> the republican nominee came out attacking the premium hike. >> it's only getting worse and not only for you, for the country because our country can't afford it. >> the obamacare enrollment will grow about 9% in 2017. >>laura: average premium increase in florida may be less than the national average but still about 20%. you have a legal requirement to have health insurance unless you qualify for an exemption. open enrollment for next year starts today and ends january 31. >>russell: halloween just a few days away. a lot of parents are wondering
7:36 am
or treating on monday night. it turns out tampa is the best place in florida. that's according to a survey by wallet hub. we rank 15th nationally. not bad considering there are 100 cities on the list. listen to this. st. pete near the bottom, second to last. 99 out of 100. survey took several factors in consideration, including crime rate, friendliness of people giving out candy, plus the weather and >>laura: 7:36. wait is over. toys r us will be the first u.s. retail to her -- retailer to feature a shop for the american girl collection. several styles to choose from, too, and a bunch of accessories. outfits, furniture, even pets.p. they'll be available at about 100 toys r us locations starting on saturday and they cost more than the average doll.
7:37 am
>>dave: the fall classic starts tonight. game one of the world series. indians are hosting the cubs for the first couple of games. boast -- both teams got in practice yesterday. it's been almost 70 years since either franchise won a world series. that can add pressure on the players. that's one thing the cubs are trying to avoid. >> we believe we can be here for years to come. you know, as an organization, as a team, but at the same time, you know, you never know when you're going to get a second chance to do this. so there is -- you know, that does add some weight to the scenario here, but at the same time for us, when we step onto the field, we can't think about any of that. we have to just focus on the fact that it's the same game that we've been playing our whole lives, same game we played last series.
7:38 am
on fox 13. our coverage starts at 7:30. first pitch is at 8:08. both teams will send their best pitchers to the mound. john lester for the cubs. cluber for the indians. cubs won 103 games during the regular season. indians won 94. that rule doesn't apply in baseball. since 2003, the league winning the all star game has gotten home field advantage world series. they wanted to give the all star game something, you know, for these teams to play for. those teams have won the world series nine times and they've lost it four times. one of those losses, the rays back in 2008. american league win in the all star game gave the rays home field advantage over the phillys, but as we know, philadelphia won that series in five games. on to monday night football,
7:39 am
27-9. houston mustered up three field goals. denver running backs had almost 200 yards rushing and a pair of touchdowns. time now 7:39. and again, a gorgeous start to the day. sun just came up. it's going to warm up over the next few days. we'll talk about that with the seven-day forecast in a few. >>vanessa: pretty look outside and of course, it's tuesday so we have our traffic tip coming up in our next block. break, we'll talk about officer roy about driving down narrow streets, streets made narrow by people parking on one side or both sides. we're looking at you, south tampa, and we'll talk about some
7:42 am
>>dave: good tuesday morning. 7:43 and a little different look this morning as we've got just a little bit more cloud cover, although as it streams through in general, we're going to have another very, very nice day.
7:43 am
was yesterday as well so the sun just came up and here's a shot. here's tampa bay. we're looking off toward the east and you can see the clouds streaming through there in the mid levels of the atmosphere. look at the temperatures and they are running a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. tampa is at 64. new port richey at 58. wesley chapel at 59. so wauchula and arcadia in the upper 50s and even crystal river which really just a couple of hours ago we're sitting in the 40s. may have bumped around 50 degrees. you'll watch especially to the north how the temperatures begin to modify the next couple of days. very, very typical after a strong cold front. stays cool for a couple of days. air mass modifies and it warms back up again. lower 50s across i-10. there's still a couple of spots, gainsville, jab -- jacksonville the upper 40s and two to about four degrees warmer in central
7:44 am
coincidentally, i think we'll translate that into the afternoon as well. yesterday we hit 80 degrees and i think today we'll be two or three degrees warmer than yesterday. but to me, it's about how comfortable it is and it's very comfortable outside. dew points are doing what they're supposed to, just hanging in the 50s where we like them, but i want you to notice as we get toward the end of the week and going into the weekend, the humidity is going to start to creep ever so slowly back in as you see these dew points getting 60s, which is not awful. it's not oppressive. oppressive down there, in the 70s. but you are going to notice a difference as humidity levels ever so slowly come up throughout the week and by friday and going into the weekend, the dew points will be in the mid to upper 60s versus the mid 50s which is where they are right now. still at the surface, though, we have a northeast wind. the warming wind. and even though we have all this cloud cover here, look back to the west. you see much more breaks in
7:45 am
will break through there and easily get us back up to about 81, 82 degrees. maybe even 83 in a few spots for this afternoon. perhaps the exception being the immediate coastline where they'll stay around 79 or 80 for a high temperature. tonight 50s and 60s back on the map. if you were in the 50s, you'll likely be there again and in the low to mid 60s along the coastline. for tomorrow we'll bring it up even further with a cloud or two and nice afternoon warmth. we have a high of around 85 boaters, northeast winds at 10. seas running less than two feet with 75-degree water temperatures and high tide is next at 11:14 this morning. throughout the next seven days, we finally get to put a cool icon on the map there. how about the happy halloween? i don't like it on a monday, either, but it still looks cool on the map. look at the high. 84 degrees. sweating a little bit in the costumes. you're used to that. you live in florida.
7:46 am
now. we want to check the roadways and looks like the biggest concern is still here in pinellas along 49th street north in the south bound direction. this is a crash if you're just joining us that was reported near 145th so that's south of roosevelt. southbound direction, right lane blocked. backups towards the bay side bridge and actually really affecting the southern half of the bridge down towards the location of the crash. so you would still save about five minutes or so by taking u.s. 19 reporting delays right now. we'll look at live looks and travel times. we're looking live here at pinellas point drive, northbound direction heading away from the screen. also looking good for the northbound 75 travel times heading through hillsborough county. a couple of other peeks of interstate times to look at here. not too much to complain about travelling between hillsborough and pinellas. time right now is 7:46.
7:47 am
officer roy is here and we're going to talk about driving through narrow streets, officer roy, and something we see a lot in south tampa. you have folks in residents shall areas on one side of the street or both sides. >> good morning and happy tuesday to everyone. you're right. a lot of people visit south tampa and if you haven't been to south tam parks -- tampa, it's a beautiful place. people park on streets as th going to restaurants and things like that, but there's tampa city code, 15-43 says you're only allowed to park in front of a single family residence for only five minutes. okay? so five minutes. but there's a catch to that. for you to park in front of a single family residence for the five minutes, the residence there has to put up a sign. if they don't want you there more than five minutes, they
7:48 am
stating that you can only park there for five minutes. now, if there's no sign there, then there's no enforce oment that but if the resident puts up a sign, you have to pay attention to the sign or you can get a parking ticket. you have to be careful there. >>vanessa: let's get to the actual who goes first scenario. i feel like everyone has been there if you travelled through the area. you either -- it's like a game of chicken. who is going to go fast? >> let me give you a you're driving down a narrow street and the car in front of you pulls over and parks and if there's a clear lane coming the other direction, that car has the right-of-way. you have to allow the car to pass and then you go around the parked car. however, there's a scenario where there's a parked car on one side of the street and one on the other side of the street and there's just enough room for your car to get through. you have to treat it like a four-way stop sign.
7:49 am
through. it's being courteous and allowing the other car to go through. we would treat that situation where there's enough space for one car to get through like a four-way stop sign. >>laura: in notes we received before this, we've seen something about flashing your headlights and to be honest, i've heard mixed things about this from law enforcement. you know, signalling to the other drive to her go ahead by flashing headlights. i've heard that illegal but i don't know. >> it's one of those courtesy things. it's people communicating with to pull over anybody and give them a ticket for that, but obviously you don't want to blind the other person, either. so a lot of times during the day, somebody will flash their lights and do you know what? just looking over at them, waving at them, come on through, isn't a bad thing, either. >>vanessa: to go back to signs, i have a picture that i'm seein. it says city code 15-43 and it has to be a certain size, 18 by 18. do you know if there's anywhere
7:50 am
themselves. >>vanessa: okay. >> the ordinance puts it on the owner to make the signs. but they're not hard to make. you can go to a sign shop or anything like that and make them up of the not everyone in south tampa have the signs but a lot of them do. if you park down in south tampa and notice one of the signs, don't ignore it. those folks don't want you parking in front of their residence more than five minutes. >>vanessa: they've taken the care to make the sign. obviously they're serious about it. all right. very good. as thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you very much. >>vanessa: have a great day. see you next time. we want to get back to charley right now. having a little halloween fun at the aquariu. >>charley: indeed. it's interesting to be standing in front of the big tank and watching an owl watch the fish. you're fascinated by this, aren't you? look at that. great horned owl not usually in
7:51 am
i don't know. i wonder what he thinks. now he getting awfully close to him and he's checking it out. his name is hooty and just down the hall there is a blow fish. ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with halloween donuts and munchkins. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, pick up a box and share the fun. america runs on dunkin'. tto elect a public servant whoas has always put the people first. charlie crist. as governor he worked with both parties to get things done and i know you can trust charlie to do the same in congress. he'll fight to protect social security and medicare. defend women's health care and planned parenthood. and take care of our veterans. charlie needs your vote, please stand with him. i know he'll always stand with you.
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7:53 am
and all this bullying. tell me a little bit more about why that's on your mind. i have asthma and occasionally i've heard people talking behind my back. that was really brave. i really do think we need more love and kindness in our country. that's why it's important to stand up to bullies wherever they are, and why we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the presidency. because that is not who we are as americans. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. ?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin.
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>>charley: i'm charley belcher. the channelside district, the florida aquarium, a great place to hang out any time of year. hooty watching the tank, he is not normally in this room so these fish look like they're flying to him? does he have a concept of swimming? i've spent my time wondering what hooty let's promote guppy-ween. >> this weekend, saturday and sunday from 1:00 to 5:00, lots of candy, lots of candy stations around the aquarium. music out in the splash pad and for kids that are 11 and younger, if they come dressed in costume, they're only $10. it's a great opportunity, lots of fun both days. >>charley: guppy-ween, if you
7:55 am
range, like 12 and under, this is a great, safe, family friendly, inside, air conditioned -- this is the way to do halloween. >> without a doubt. if they get a little tired from the trick-or-treating, they have the exhibits they can look at, there's a splash pad so there's a lot of different elements that make the event so fun. but the star is actually the amount of candy that we have which is something that you've never seen and with the stations all ovr it makes sure the crowd is moving. >>charley: we brought out hooty because it's halloween and hooty might be seen as a creepy animal. i don't know why the animal gets a wrap like that. i was going to talk about the eyes but the chances he'll look at jason are -- keep going. there you go. those eyes, you can get kind of lost in there. they are a bit creepy but
7:56 am
close, absolutely beautiful. >> he's a spectacular animal. we've got a lot of different collections of owls here. we've got a screech owl, barn owls and when you stop and look at them, they're majestic. i get they do have sometimes that little bit of a scary and eery feeling to them but the more you learn about them, they're just majestic animals. >>charley: and hooty was found, you see his left wing to the right, if you're looking at him, is a little droopy. wrapped in barbed wire. he cannot fly away. he's been an ambassador here more than 20 years, right? it's neat. that's a great opportunity. we're talking about kids being here. our animals do live here in florida, that's why you're here. >> there's always a great story about family rescue and rehab here at the florida aquarium.
7:57 am
the mid to 20 might not have had the life expectancy out in the wild with injury like that. animals under human care tend to live longer and we're glad to have him. >>charley: it's a hoot. you want to come on out. >>russell: nice. nice. all right. see you later. welcome back. we missed that. >>charley: he's back! >>russell: we missed the quick wit. >>laura: back and fresher than ever. >>russell: secretary. it's a job title and in one place, it's a banned at 8:00, see why some people find it inappropriate and what they want to replace it with. >>laura: and work less and get more accomplished. coming up at 8:00, why one c.e.o. is asking employees to
7:58 am
7:59 am
as a federal prosecutor, victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
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((russell a pledge to work less! the reason behind one c-e-o's push to get his employees to ?only work eight hours a day.. to get his employees to only work eight hours a day. and a snakes slither and but they used to waddle and walk. what dave o. the science pro will an explain the reason behind this snaky evolution. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning everybody we thank you for waking up with us on this tuesday morning it october 25th. we need to get to straight to dave for look forecast top morning it's beautiful i know we have a little bit of cloud cover


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