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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  October 25, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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black friday. done. when you will get the best deals of the season... black friday done. when you will get best deals of the season. lord stanley cup it is not but sprint cup trophy and it is magnificent. it will be in our studio. we'll have look made by tiffany's. that's all right. good tuesday morning.
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i'm russell rhodes. get outside to dave. a little warmer today we think does that trophy come big blue box. as long as it does tiffany teal. we're in the mid 60s out here in 9 o'clock hour. it's very nice. we do do still have a little bit of residual cloud cover we've seen so far this morning. but you know, in general, i don't think that will stop us from getting back into the lower 80s for high temperatures. 68 in sarasota. 67 in st. petersburg. clearwater 66 in tampa. still to mid to upper we're looking high temperatures getting back into lower 80s. and from there it gets even a little bit warmer than that as we had head to latter half week i will talk more in few minutes we will see you then 9:01. check roadways cleared up very nicely a few nts in morning we're watching this. a new crash in pinellas county was blocking right lane here oh northbound 275 but it looks pretty good now on to shoulder, really just a situation for that
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fe vehicles there parked in right-hand side near 31st street. that ramp right there. so keep that in mind as you head that way. meantime, do want to remind drivers that this sewer work did start yesterday. and so it is under way here with that closure macdill. and macdill will be closed between gandy and fair oaks until thursday 4 o'clock in afternoon. make sure avoiding in the meantime. >> early voting got off to quick start yesterday. 50 out florida 67 counties open in hillsborough county alone. nearly 19,000 people cast their ballot. most of voters say they were in out and in less than 20 minutes. early voting end sunday before election day. that's november 6th. >> and two weeks to go until election day. race to white house is anything but boring. hillary clinton is facing another controversy related to investigation into her use of private email servers. trump is hoping for a big upset.
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in revelation an indicate a do is in a friend of hillary clinton may tied to the f.b.i.'s decision to drop the email case against her. democratic virginia governor terry mcauliffe reportedly donated to senate campaign of an f.b.i. agents wife. that agent oversaw the investigation into clinton. >> when he has an interest in that money going to his wife, and when he has an interest in seeing to it that mrs. clinton is not indicted daus that his wife. donald trump is now calling for another investigation. >> it's unbelievable how hillary clinton got away with the email lie, the email scam, the email corruption. but now at least we have a pretty good idea. >> hillary clinton continues to a dominate in polls with some analysts saying there's little hope for trump to turn it around.
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way ahead and would take some giant act, external act to change things. clinton playing it safe on cam pawn trail. only made one stop in new hampshire monday. appearing with senator elizabeth warren. clinton went after trump for calling the election rigged. >> he's basically declaring defeat before the battle has even started. both hillary clinton and donald trump will be holding rallies in the key ballots grod florida today. in new york, kelly wright, fox news. and this was at scene yesterday in tampa. more than 10,000 people showed up for a donald trump rally. and it was a florida state fairgrounds. florida is must win for trump. and the polls show he and hillary clinton are in a tight race. meantime hillary clinton is focussing her efforts on down ballots mean congressmen and women she was in new hampshire with senator elizabeth warren. tomorrow he's coming to the
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downtown tampa at curtis hixon park. gates open 12:15. rally is set to begin at 2:45. >> 9:05. and warning signs have been there for a while. for months. told you about insurance companies backing out of obamacare. aetna, humana united they losing billions. well now the latest blow to the affordable care act came out yesterday. the premiums for aca will see an average increase of 25 percent. >> doug luzad washington. i guess for which side you ever voting for the republicans this could have come a perfect time. for democrats not so much. this could be a big campaign issue going into last few weeks, right? >> it could be. and where donald trump perhaps more convention will candidate he might be able to exploit this. this was big deal. problem here goes beyond just this presidential election. because russell whoever sits in
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inauguration day on in january will have to deal with this. i mean this system really is collapsing. andths going to be a herbing clean lift to rescue it. it may require some bipartisan action. problem is, republicans didn't participate in crafting this. they don't seem all that interested right now in bailing democrats out to try trito fix it. it's not clear where this all going to end up. bottom line here, a lot of consumers will be paying lot more money for reported this as well, in some states, consumers really won't have much of a choice in who this pick to be their insurer. >> that's right. a lot of people are going to lose access to their doctors and will have to switch to different plans and have different, different associations of doctors that they work with. it really dpepdz on where you live. washington post does an analysis of this interestingly enough florida consumers there buy and
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choices florida is kind of an outlier as far as that goes you look state like arizona which initially offered 65 different choices to lot of folks. now that's down to just 4. so a lot of these health insurance companies have decided they simply can't afford to be part of these exchanges because too many sick people enrolled in them not enough healthy people are there participating in these exchanges to kind of counter balance the folks that have long-term illnesses. whoever gets into office next either they blow whole be up or start over or they try and fix it. that's to me got to be the biggest problem here. how do you because athought it was built in you were going to get healthy people to sign up for obamacare. affordable care act so that would help to pay for this things it's just not happening. >> that's right. there's an incentive for help people to find based on fine you
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technically attack not fine but nevertheless money you would have to pay to goth for not participating is engine of an incentive to sign up it's not enough. i think you can make the argument that for young healthy person, the rationale decision may be to sit on sidelines and not sign up for health insurance. there's no exclusion for preexisting conditions. so if you get ill, you can sign up and there are certainly some open enrollment restriction ifs u worry about fact you have preexisting condition. >> hmm. well, it's concerning. either way. all right. hey, doug good to see you man. take care. >> thanks, russell. all right and happening right now officials on hillsborough county public transportation commission are holding an emergency meeting. comes after recent reports showed a cozy relationship between cab bee and official in a regulating them. ptc invited cab and limo
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series of stings that targeted you beer and lift drivers. more he emails appear to show kyle cochran, that's executive director acting as a lobbyist for cab drivers. officials called for an emergency meeting to address it. we'll bring you latest on fox 13 news at noon. and at fox 13 another big change for tampa. this our skyline. there is a proposed new development, 40 story sky scraper that would change the look and the feel of be something. and dan maddox downtown with more on all of this this morning. hey, dan. >> russell good morning. not one. but we're talking three high rises here in downtown. kind inform area of kennedy avenue and south parker street. they will put it on two lots here. that's what they are hoping. the hillsborough river reality come applied tore to rezone
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building would called lafayette tower. going to be 40 stories tall. and then you would have the lafayette central and lafayette parkview buildings each of those would be 26 stories long tall and they would have apartments in them as well parking garage. this is a projects that has a lot of support with spokesperson for the prompt says they have a very good feeling as they go forward with the city. mayor bub buckhorn was tweeting about it yesterday. this really with vision. they envision for downtown tampa. so several steps to go through before this actually happens. one of which is a cost study. but it is something that is looking very, very good for the downtown area. guys. all right dan, thanks, man. good to see you. all right. still ahead this morning on good day service animal and a pet goat. one in the same. wee got story of one man's fight to keep his companion mission to
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but what would a civilization there look like? he lan musk muses about how humans could survive and live on the red planet. >> and charley belcher is back bringing halloween in with a splash. hey charley. hey good day. where's jen epstein at the moment? at her desk. she's over in studio b. she can hear you. tell her to look at the tv i got these. oh dear. here it's this is shelly. hi shelly and this is at robin. hi. i know robin. of course you know them all. they know you. jen says hi. can you give her one of these? penguin wings. there you go. all right. stick around everybody.
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you can see the penguin as guppy. because they are doing what they normally do at the florida aquarium. i got nothing. stick around everybody we are now officially having a good day
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
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((russell/wipe vo)) by now you've heard about the mission to mars. now we're hearing m well by now you've heard about this mission to mars now we're hearing more about he lan musk thinks it look like. he did a q and a last night abelieves humans will likely
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much the work will be on pressurized caves that are dug on mining droidz. also remind everybody it will take 204 and 100 year's to chief a fully self sustaining colonization. musk also said this will only be possible when a companies develop reusable rockets and boosters. crazy fun, exciting times we're living in. >> again, i always s only concern is the radiation. the sun's radiation with no atmosphere over there. and how they will stop this from literally taking out the minds astronauts once they get do you that down i think wee good to go. that's cool. it is. it is so cool too. every time every once in while a movie will come enhances your excitement about it. our temperatures this morning are basically in the mid 60s again for tampa. apollo beach.
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i got plant city at 64. to the north we still have few stragglers. dade city i'm looking at you. you're still in upper 50s. brooksville is a 56. closer to 70 though braden to and sarasota venice in upper 60s. and mid 60s from frostproof southward to lake placid. now you can you look it's kind of odd because everybody was warmer than normal couple of hours ago. and with this cloud cover it's kind of made it up and down. we're about o bradenton two degrees warmer sarasota. polk county a couple degrees cooler. i'm watching these mid level clouds just kind stream through the area. although it looks like down wind we're going to get a little bit more sun sheen. we we get into afternoon more shun seen we will tend to warm things up. but overall weather pattern is not. it's not going to change much meaning we will get back today to lower 80s. but we're not going to stop
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that's where i think we will sit for quite some time. so 83 for a high temperature today. we'll get back into mostly sunny skies later today. clear, seasonable tonight low temperature about 65 degrees. now fur awhich wassing ininland you're watching to knot you will likely especially if we clear out you will likely get back into the 50s again. so you'll need that light jacket again first thing tomorrow morning. then cloud or two will greet us for wednesday afternoon. but also, high boaters another nice one out there today. in fact, we're look a light chop probably rest week this fantastic 75 degrees water temperatures. high tide at 11:14 later this morning with low tide just before 6 o'clock this evening. then the next 7 days honest when we get to back to mid 80s what would change that would be a cold front. we don't have one. in the forecast over the next 7 days. notice halloween is finally on
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80s. i can't wait to see that turkey icon. soon. soon. i know i'm think ahead a couple weeks i like that one. all right dave, thank you. 9:17. we will check roads and particularly look interstates right now, not dealing with whole lot of trouble areas really just seeing our reraining red i-4 westbound pretty typical 5 minutes it will take you to get from connector to 275. but otherwise roadways. >> sometimes it's just a drink or pain medication. but other times that befrn or pill can turn into an addiction. and in 2011, president obama declared october substance abuse prevention month. and anthony is here with us to share his story of alcohol and drug abuse. and his road to recovery. first of all i know it's sensitive private topic thanks for coming on show this morning. i guess let's start from
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like for you when you were using drugs and alcohol. sure. first time i ever took drink was when i was like 13 years old. from that point on progression was pretty rapid. i was kind of stuck in vicious cycle. you know often times i felt like there was no way out. but constantly continue to do the same behavior over and over thinking that maybe i was too young. think think i still hat lot more time things would change or try different kinds of methods to you know ultimately achieve the same effect that i f drinking and using drugs. and drugs got worse, substance got worse. yeah drinking got worse. started going to black outs. so, the progression was pretty quick and pretty rapid for me. i assume there were consequences of those action. yeah a lot of consequences. you know on personal level my family relationships were affected starting losing touch with my sisters my parents also had relationships the work place, that were affected. legal consequences.
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happened, you know if i wasn't stuck in that vicious cycle. you're what 30 years old. you're a young guy. to the thought of not you know picking up a drink ever again, how did you get to that decision? how did it get so bad that that's what you decided to do? >> sure. i mean that was really a thought for so many years in my life. i never really could imagine life without drinking. such a big, you know impact on drinking. just every kind social that's way to have fun. exactly. i throughout my 20s i thought i was too young to stop drinking after while lot consequences brought lot guilt a lot shame i'd wake up not really knowing what had happened the night prosecute. and right before i actually had asked my, and i woke up in hospital on two different occasions within a matter of seven-day forecast span. that kind of broeth me to my knees. if know what happened.
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you're almost two years sober congratulations. appreciate it. >> life now is great. my life really is changed like 180 degrees. my family relationships have drastically improved. i actually just recently purchased a home. so things are really positive. looking good up. is it tough? i mean to keep this way of life going? and yes. but ado go through the swings of every day is not gum drops and lollipops. do have to put in a lot of work and make sure i'm doing the things that got me to this point so i can keep that moving forward. also helping a lot of other people that are struggling with drugs and alcohol. helps me. i think someone watching today looking a you saying wow he's been there. he's where he's at today. and any words of advice for that
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>> yeah. definitely reach out. there's a solution. i mean there's many different ways that you can seek out help. a lot of people in the local area, you know tampa's huge recovery community. so there's lot of people that are willing to help you. just pick up the phone ask for help, you're not alone. wonderful. thank you so much anthony. thank you, jen. >> well this rookie did something pretty amazing. in the way city cleveland returned the gesture. it will warm your heart and remind you sports is more than and charley belcher welcome back by way he's at the florida by way he's at the florida aquarium getting ready for guppy amendment 1 protects consumers from scams, promotes safe solar,
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ionaires attacking it? because amendment 1 stops their subsidies. amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies for special interests. it's solar done right. vote yes on amendment 1. when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work,
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fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars. now, buesing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go?
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this weekend great fun family friendly event called guppy wean. bring the kids down. they are going to have costumed people, divers in the tank. spiderman unmasked ladies and gentlemen. that is what peter parker looks like. now you know secret. and we're not sure, i think she's, a witch or maybe bat girl or we don't they can't hear us. doesn't really matter. witches float. or they sink. never mind. rob is here to tell us guppy 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. if you're kid under 12 dresses in costume $10 to get in. we have candy stations literally throughout entire aquarium. so it spreads out crowds everybody can move no matter withdrew go there will be a candy station. animals here including penguins we will come out and do their thing.
9:26 am
out our sting way beach. they will making their appearance. and all of our animal experience that are going on we have special for guppy will be out as well. i want to, that's guppy from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. however i want to tell everybody about something else happening this same day, very important for those with sensory issues. we're talking autism and on that autism scale you're doing something special saturday morning. we are. it's actually saturday and sunday morning. so each day this saturday and sunday, from 8 o'clock until 9:30 we will doing a sensory guppy wean. really next step for us. we're always looking at the aquarium committed to amazing guest experience. part of that is being inclusive. and to be inclues. that means our experiences wore everybody. families with children that sensory challenges. sometimes don't get to enjoy larger crowds or crowded venues or music that's playing.
9:27 am
yous them to trick or treat 8 to 9:30. no special effects. no sounds. no huge crowds. they can do their own thing at their own pace. it's just for them. i love florida aquarium is doing that. making that available to parents with kids dealing with that. we're really proud of that. it's how we can continue our grow our community out reach programs. and the ticket admission from 8 to 9:30 for special guests is only $5. it's a great, great time. well done, rob. well done. good to see you gp one to 5 sensory for kids with sensory issues only $5. from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30. quiet much more calmer. and great opportunity for those parents, laura. >> did you hear that? >> they were talking. >> that is that's why they are called, well i can't say a slang for dong key. that's kind penguins call they bray like a donkey. nice. it's what russell sometimes calls me. genius in species name.
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[ laughter ] >> all right thank you, charley. good to be back. it is. go g. to have him back. stay with us we're talking about nascar when we come back. we've got to look at this coveted sprint cup trophy. wait until you see this new
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i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida.
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protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message because i'll be a senator who always works for you. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. welcome it's anyone:30 count down is on game one the series tonight.
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yesterday. it looked pretty cold almost everybody had on hoodies and gloves while each team knows significance of all of this they are trying to focus on the game itself. it has been almost 70 years since either franchise won a world series. they both have great story lines. how about this one this indians pitcher ryan. rookie was handed start of game 5. american league championship against blue jays. merritt who had only inningshe stunned blue jays going 4 and a third scoreless giving indians advantage they need. cleveland fans have not forgotten this either. this is ryan and his fianc?. they are engaged to be married. once city of cleveland found that out they've bombarded wedding rej stee accept couple just about everything on list he joked with reporter he's going to have to sign up for more
9:32 am
humbled by out poring support he had says ahopes he can contribute to world series win. and chicago fans got something for you too. city is getting ready. excitement has invade maternity wards cubs posted this addison and clark. if you can't tell the cake is the outfield wall with the vines on it. >> but for the field they are bringing bam, the cubs slugger kyle is officially the dh. designated hitter. there were rumors he had called back up. even when the indians tested their score board his name was up there. now this picture, from overnight, cubs posted this bam, bam is back. cubs nation didn't have enough to be excited about back in april he tore two ligaments in his knee and was not expected to be back until spring training.
9:33 am
right here on fox 13. our coverage starts at 7:30 game starts shortly after eight. >> this ought to be something. this ought to be something. i hope it lives up to his hype. either way. either way. i agree with you. one of these teams is breaking a curse. something going back decades. and if it's cleveland, they get two championships in major sports in one year. good point. of course the cubs 180. i think it will be also going to cold. they will in 40s tonight as they are playing baseball. we are mid 60s our current temperatures pretty similar to yesterday. now kind of looking at the cloud cover here here. mid to upper level clouds streaming through. but the sun is getting through. i think eventually as it is wins out it will start to warm things up and eventually get up to 80 degrees or a little bit higher. we've got mid 50s here in 9 o'clock hour crystal river brooksville.
9:34 am
68 in bradenton. mid 60s in interior portions of polk county. and down into highlands county. upper 50s across i-10. look at key west. they are like what are you talking about. dry air. no. it's 78 degrees this morning. now overall, you do see a warming trend around the state and panhandle. they are almost eight degrees warmer than yesterday at this time our area we're about two degrees warmer. with dew points in the 50s. and key west running around 65. by the way that's not oppressive. it's not. however, that is the type of air that's going to settle in over the next few days. while we're sitting comfy here with dew points i do anticipate things going up a little bit miami,keys up to lower 70s. you get into oppressive category mid 60s or so brooksville, tampa orlando. sos a we get into latter portion
9:35 am
weekend, i think it's going to kind of a steady as she goes thing with highs in mid 80s. dew points in the mitted 60s. i would say typical late october weather. so mostly sunny and warm today. high temperature around 83 degrees. tonight overnight lows will kickback to around 65 but sfwrg
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((dave/wipe cg3)) we have a couple of first birthdays today. we'll start with katherine. she loves eating blueberries, playing with her dog, and playing peek-a-boo.. happy first birthday. ((wipe cg3)) and gabbi is turning one today as well. she loves playing with her new puppy and visiting her grandparents. we hope you have a fantastic birthday. ((wipe cg3)) and a belated happy birthday we hope you have have a fan'sic birthday. we've also got a belated birth first birthday to jetson. he turned one on sunday. he loves elmo, dancing and his sister birthday all of first birthday clubbers. very nice. >> happy birthday once again. and, no big complaints we will looking live here interchange tampa 275 and i-4. a few cars out there of course. but no big complaints with travel times right now. if you're coming southbound video stream bye-bye. 15 minutes coming from 75 junction all way to i-4.
9:37 am
all right thank you. vanessa. race for nascar sprint cup is down to 8 now. with less than a month to go. but it will all end. at the homestead miami speedway on november 20th. excite times matthew beacher who president speedway homestead miami speedway. good morning to you. thanks for being with us. a lot of fun stuff to talk about. first of all this is a big. you were saying this is an event that happens in miami. >> yeah. it's big in the state of florida. big draw. you say t draw. huge draw. we sell tickets to this event all 50 states. 20 countries. obviously state of florida is huge part of that. and tampa's one our top 5 markets. we love having him. you guys have three series. we do. but sort of like a look final 4 of in a scar. in a scar is comprised of three national touring series. there's camping world truck series x fuente and sprint cup
9:38 am
we'll crowning champion during four champion weekend. november 18th through 20th. on friday we'll have at camping world truck series. saturday sunday is cup. and the great thing about this year is that new championship format we rolled out last two years. we have four drivers equal footing to win that championship. that same format rolls out into friday and saturday races as well. one weekend three great races with three great champions. that's kind of new this year. rt nasa i keep saying that. nascar is rethinking the way it does this championship series. yeah. we now have an elimination format which creates lot more drama. it, it really is great for the fans. because when they come tour oh race, the 400 on sunday, what they are going to have is 4 drivers in contention with 36 others also racing for around within. it will be at best of those 4 drivers in contention.
9:39 am
all 40 drivers are on track but only four 4 of them in contention to win the championship. very cool. it's great. let's talk about this trophy right nowpoor matthew. we were talking about it. and first of all it is a beautiful piece that is made by tiffany. tiffany and company. 20 pounds can i pick it up gladly he says sure i go to pick it up here which point he immediately not by i almost had a heart attack. so sorry. want to bring back in two pieces. that would tough one to explain. it's 27 pounds of sterling silver takes four months to make a lot of people tiffany and company make it they make one each year for that year's champion different checker board etchings entire stroef is hand made hand etching alone takes 80 hours. lot of around it is tree and craftsman ship that goes into
9:40 am
yeah. it is beautiful. >> you said it's not this is new. new every series you say not like you know stanley cup you pass it around. it's not, tiffany making one right now. given away on sunday november 20th. and i'm sure that new champion will be excited to have it matthew i'm so glad you're here i hope you have great turn out for this. it's big deal you guys have done an amazing job organizing and making it more exciting i think we're looking forward to lot your viewer november 18th through november 20th miami homestead miami. yes. has all information your viewers 92 ed. very nice. all right. thank you so much. >> all right. stay with us. hey russ. yeah. still lot more ahead laura including new rules for black friday. but really, can we even call it that? target's latest gimmicks for targeting customers and now that. a ittle later a man and his pet goat or is it a service animal.
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kids don't know how to act fake. i like your face. so we're learning to be more like them. removing artificial flavors and colors from general mills cereal. i like his face. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you.
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so no matter what your favorite is, you can feel good
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((vanessa)) so... there's always rumors about which celeb couple welcome back to entertainment news right now. there are aums rumors about which celeb couples will break up next in latest rumor is about our beloved chris helmsworth. adorable wife elsa. don't say that. >> we'll hav rumor. chris posted this picture to social media yesterday with caption, looking for a new wife according to a woman's day australia. in other misleading outlets, hone you still love me, right if that's not proof enough for you this is one that elsa posted. the two getting comfy with their puppy. captioned always in forever.
9:45 am
and he is pregnant again. wither fifth child. number 5. that's right. she says a blessing and a surprise. she and her husband dean databasing mer not have 4 kids. torre zest she's always loved being pregnant a miracle to create a life. and she also told gma she and baby are healthy. and congrats to them. >> it's 9:45. still ahead for black friday. for black friday. lauren sim amendment 1 protects consumers from scams, promotes safe solar, and is endorsed by florida's firefighters. so, why are out-of-state billionaires attacking it?
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you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies for special interests. it's solar done right. vote yes on amendment 1. everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars.
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((russell//live pix)) here's another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. all right another live picture of board on wall street. not lot going on today. our lauren simonetti is back to talk business news. good morning, lauren. yeah. oh so many earnings. it's like a tsunami report cards from corporate america. let me point out just a couple that are seeing big moves. under armour shares are down 15 rc eight years. basically report for quarter was fine. it's there warning going forward. that investor didn't like. but we did hear from caterpillar proctor and gamble and general motors. buying a lot of their trucks and sufs right here in u.s. all of those stocks are moving accordingly. the biggest of the reports i think that comes tonight. apple we will talk about that
9:49 am
doing something interesting with toy book. yeah. so i'm going to go through a list of 738 items no that's how many toys are on the hot toy list that target just released for this year. few f. you want deals on those items you have to get them by november 23rdrd. why is that important? thanksgiving is 24th and black friday is the 25th. so what are they going to offer on black friday? if all of these before it. just interesting to me. a lot of toys on list might be worth checking out. yeah. yeah star wars nerf blasters items like that. wouldn't nice to have always your christmas shopping done by thanksgiving. so much more enjoyable instead of doing it on christmas eve. which i've never done. by the way. no. no. never. it's stressful.
9:50 am
from when we get down here. making the list. all right. let's talk about consumerer reports reliability survey. yep. how is car carey liable when you don't have to bring to mechanic that often. what we're seeing believe it or not is as cars get fancy and packed with technology, is that technology doesn't work all the time the car becomes less reliable. case in point tesla. one of its cars has i forget which one model x wing doors. that's sounds really cool. but you know, they don't always work. so when you look at items like that and that can sometimes hurt a car in reliability rankings this has lexus, toyota, that might surprise a bunch of people considering all recalls. buick is number 3. that's big deal because that's american brand. general motors brand. audi and kia round out top 5. like i said at the bottom of
9:51 am
you have ram, you have dodge. big american companies at the bottom. >> okay. all right. good to see you. >> good to see u guys too. i'll see you tomorrow. you too.
9:52 am
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((russell/2sh)) remember a couple of weeks ago, the f-a-a was talking about "therapy animals' on planes f d a was talking about therapy animals on planes. and the issue is causing. we've got another story. this time about a therapy goat. yeah. part of that story was unusual animals they were using. bring on. that battle of village leaders and man with parkinson's andrew has more on who won this fight. it's probably not the first thing you thinkf emotional support pack but for greg that's exactly whacko could rose is. not a dog or cat or even a goldfish. he's big me goat. she's family here. so lovable. she was two pounds when she was first born. we had to bolts feed. you know you bottle feed a goat for animal for months. cutler has parkinson family received goat to gift she
9:55 am
they formed an instant bond. but according to a regulations, and hudson falls cocoa rose is considered a farm animal. that means she can't live in the village. i said why do i have to get rid of her she's a farm animal. farm animals aren't allowed in city limits. looked right at him she's a service animal now because we've registered her for service animal weeks of a debate a hearing with zong to make decision some say no way goat has to go. if they say yes to this then it become as slippery slope. there will be others chicken horse a pig, whatever. but other is as this simply about a man and his pet. over 500 people signed a petition to let it stay in the village. in the end after a little push back, the zoning board votes in
9:56 am
you love live a little town where you can act like human being and people care about each other and support each other and try to do what's in the best interest of each other rather than worrying about the letter of the law. >> so there's a happy ending. it's true. >> to each his own. exactly. if it helps it helps. dave. that's the thing you're right. wee seeing in mid 60s right now. and i think we will go right back up to about that afternoon and evening hours. starting to thin out a little bit of that cloud cover. that we starred with this morning. hey, you know i mean, a little bit of clouds degree or two. we're not moving forecast much. and through next 7 days you're going to see that well no reason chances. back to the mid 80s, which we will be there tomorrow, and stay there all the way through at least halloween. and low temperatures eventually
9:57 am
warm seven-day forecast. okay. that will do it for us todays tuesday october 25th. live with kelly is coming up next wendy williams with fox 13 news at noon. we'll see you tomorrow everybody. have a good one. . i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks.
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, and this is not an ordinary election. i want to send a message to every boy and girl and indeed to the entire world. that america already is great, but we are great because we are good. we are going to lift each other up. i want us to heal our country and bring it together. we have to start getting the economy to work for everyone... not just those at the top.
9:59 am
making it affordable, because that's, i think, the best way for us to get the future that our children and our grandchildren deserve. my vision of america is an america where everyone has a place. this is the america that i know and love. if we set those goals and we go together, there's nothing that america can't do. i'm hillary clinton
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