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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  October 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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developing this morning... busch gardens isn't taking any chances after a deadly amusment park accident in australia. the park has decided to close down one of its rides - similiar to the one that killed four people in australia. fox 13's shayla
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a 2-year old boy took quite a tumble in bradenton. he fell out of a second-story window at the royal palm terrace apartments on 26th street east. deputies say his mother was cleaning her apartment and had the windows open. she heard her 4-year old say something about not going out the window.. and then noticed the 2-year old was gone! his mother found him lying on the ground below.. he was responsive.. and appeared to be okay... but was taken to the hospital to be checked out. deputies say he fell about 15 feet. tomorrow is his birthday. after a standoff that lasted several hours in pasco county... a man wanted for attempted murder is under arrest. deputies caught michael putnam yesterday inside the rodeway inn motel in new port richey. putnam had been on the run since last week...
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to use tear gas to get him out of the motel... officials say he had threatened to shoot it out with deputies. they also say putnman was connected to the aryan brotherhood--a white supremecist group. deputies believe putman was armed with a sawed off shotgun at the time of his arrest. an uber driver in st. pete is dead... following a crash that happened over the weekend. "robert marthaller" had just picked up a passenger on 4th street north... police say, as he pulled directly into the path of a ford mustang. the two collided. marthaller and his uber customer, "gary bruce, junior" were both taken to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. marthaller died. the two people in the mustang are okay. with 29 electoral votes up for grabs.. all eyes are on florida. and both nominees - are spending a great deal of time here.. donald trump campaigned in florida - for the third day in a row. we're about 2 weeks away
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everyone knows the nominees' positions -- strengths -- and weaknesses. so from here on -- it is all about geography... and math. and most agree florida is a must win for the g-o-p nominee. while campaigning in florida... donald trump harped on obamacare premiums going up. trump made a mistake when referencing employees at his doral resort... he said they were having a horrible experience with their healthcare. but 95-percent of them have employer healthcare. and for a third day in a row... the nominee disputed polls showing states. trump's campaign is in north carolina today. meanwhile hillary clinton was in new hampshire... it only 4 electoral votes... but is still a key piece for trump. her campaign is focusing on turning out minority voters... especially here in florida. but those efforts may be compromised... leaked emails show how her campaign was structured in its early days. one email asked for a quote "hispanic woman" as political director. another email addressed pay
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foundation. bill clinton is campaigning in north carolina as well today. clinton will make her way to tampa today.. on her 69-th birthday.. she's holding a rally downtown at curtis hixon park. it starts at 2:45 p-m... gates open at 12:15. and this is going to cause some ?big traffic tie-ups through downtown for a majority of the afternoon.. fox 13's ken suarez is live at curtis hixon park - and will show us how to get around - coming up at five. dem plans to hold public events in both sarasota and tallahassee this friday afternoon. they haven't announced specific times and locations yet. and finally-- president obama will campaign for clinton in orlando friday. the president is set to arrive friday afternoon for the "hillary for america rally." campaign officials
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coming up - a yearbook prediction - 23-years in the making.. but many fans are worried - this picture could jinx their world series prospects.. and: as if jail isn't scary enough.. polk county is stepping up its game this halloween.. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring
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training facility-- while many of the people cadets inside were asleep. 61 people were killed. the gunmen ended up blowing themselves up with explosive vests after the attack. both isis and the taliban have claimed responsibility... but it's not clear who was actually behind the attack. today... funerals are being held for the victims. all businesses and officers are closed as well. evacuations underway in aleppo... while there is a halt of airstrikes in the city. are holding off on attacks to allow the evacuation of civilians from aleppo's government-held eastern part. at least 48 people were moved to safety yesterday. we're also told humanitarian corridors will remain open... when new attacks are launched
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((dave)) coming up in about 10-minutes.. the app to help parents know who's handing out candy in their neighborhood this halloween... plus: and.. cubs fans are hoping this man is "most likely to be right".. his yearbook picture from 19-93..
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welcome back... the time is 4:xx. time to check out today's top trending stories... and of course it's all about the world series! the last time the chicago cubs were in it... it was 19-45. 71 years ago. but there's one cubs fan who remembers it like it was yesterday. her name is irene mooney... and she was a hot dog vendor during that series... she is now 101- years-old. but says she remembers working in the bleachers of wrigley field with great fondness.. it was a time when many men were fighting in world war two... so the team needed workers. she mostly pulled shifts on sundays. irene doesn't remember what she got paid... but says it wasn't much. but that didn't matter... because just being there was fun. here's what she remembers most about the
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of course... the cubs lost that series to the detroit tigers.. when asked if she'd like to be an honorary hotdog vendor... irene said "no." shsa that... and at this point in her life, she's earned the right to just sit back and enjoy baseball magic. there are plenty of
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many of them are hoping a man named "michael lee"... didn't jinx the team.. michael lee is pictured in this yearbook. it's his senior photo from 19-93. and look what's written underneath... a senior quote that says "chicago cubs, 20-16 world champions. you heard it here first." as you can imagine-- people were skeptical about how legitimate this photo is multiple photos of the same year book... and lee's prediction appears in all of them. no one wants to go to jail.... unless it's in the spirit of the holiday. when we come back... a spooktacular tour of a haunted jail... right in our back yard. plus:
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my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. legend has it, the old i'm never going back to a manual brush. polk county jail in downtown bartow is haunted. it was closed back in the nineties. the first floor is now used for inmate booking. but, the top floors are vacant, ?except? for county sheriff's office thought, what better place for a haunted house! fox 13 photojournalist lucas bogg
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you can tour the ha night.. we've put all the info on fox13news-dot-com click.. seen on tv. social media is helping some parents and kids maximize their trick-or-treating routes this halloween. the social media neighborhood networking site "nextdoor" is offering a way to see who's handing out
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if users plan on handing out candy, they can mark their address with a candy corn icon on the site's "treat map". the app is private and verifies your organizers promise, it is safe for kids on the hunt for candy. you to see others within your neighborhood, which is generally a 750-household radius. for more
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((anchor//2shot)) toss to dave...
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closed until further notice. after a deadly accident at a theme park in australia, busch gardens closes one of their most popular rides. if you're headed downtown today... pack your patience. hillary clinton will hold a rally in curtis hixon park, and it's expected to draw thousands of people. game one of the world series is in the books. the big change you need to know if you're planning on watching game two. good morning and welcome to good day tampa bay at 5 a-m. i'm vanessa ruffes in for walter allen this morning. and i'm jen epstein. let's start the morning, by checking in with dave.. it seems a


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