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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  October 27, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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((walter ahead this hour on good day: a developing story in the brandon area... where a late night crash caused at least ?four deaths. what we're learning now... about the possible cause. ((jen and: another ?skimmer warning here in the bay area. and this time... we have ?video of the guy ?installing it! plus: the cubbies... comeback! why this "world series" could be ?far from over. ((walter)) good morning.. and
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a mixture of clouds and sunshine, with seasonably warm temps expected. highs in the mid 80s. tonight will feature a few clouds and comfortable temps. lows in the mid to upper 60s. partly cloudy skies on tap tomorrow, with high temps back to the mid 80s. a developing story this morning in eastern hillsborough county. a firery crash has claimed the lives of ?four people. it happened overnight in the brandon area... along
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drive. thats right between u-s 301 and i-75. that section of mlk has been closed for several ?hours. and fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live out there right now... shayla, is the
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st. petersburg police have a mystery on their hands this morning. they're trying to find out who killed an elderly man inside his home. detectives say 76 year old robert bonnell's roommate found him dead monday. police originally thought he died from natural causes because there were no signs of trauma. but an autopsy shows otherwise. a& on wednesday, they were back inside his home on 6th avenue north looking for clues. detectives say they have a few leads. (walter/ a 17-year old is recovering today... after gettting accidentally shot in both legs. it happened last night at a home on 62nd way in pinellas park. police tell us the teen and another boy were looking at a 40 caliber handgun when it went off.. hitting ?both his legs. officers tell us his injuries are not life threatening. he is now recovering from surgery. an update on a deadly house fire in sarasota. it has now sparked up again!
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this last night... at the home on sugar lane road. the fire ?first started wednesday afternoon. it killed two people inside, and a third person was rescued. firefighters put it out... but they stayed on scene to watch for hot spots. they're still looking for the cause. electronic skimmers continue to be a serious problem on gas pumps and a-t-m's. but today... one of the ?rare moments, where we actually get to see a thief in the act, of ?installing one. the act was caught on camera at a seven-eleven the suspect was caught on surveillance camera installing the illegal device. it allows thieves to steal your financial information... and eventually your money. fortunately-- a customer noticed the skimmer and alerted the store clerk. now hillsborough county deputies want to catch this guy. if you know anything-- you're urged to give them a call. largo police are trying to find the man captured in this video.. who walked into a walgreens store and robbed the place at gunpoint. this happened last friday just before 9 p-m.. you can
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store.. ?while the robbery is happening. eventually the clerk hands over the tray from the cash register.. and the robber runs out.. if you have any information - call largo police or crimestoppers. a bay area rapper is now headed to jail... after he ?kicked a female fan during a concert. it happened last august at "rumors" nightclub in lakeland. the incident was caught on cell phone and surveillance video... both of which made up a large part of the state's case against "kevin gates." he was actual r jose baez... the same man who defended "casey anthony". baez argued that ?kick was in self defense. but the jury didn't buy it and convicted gates of battery. the victim--miranda dixon--also has a civil lawsuit pending against gates. a big birthday party took place in downtown tampa wednesday afternoon. and ?hundreds of people attended. but the guest of honor only asked for one gift... for everyone to go out and ?vote! hillary clinton held a big campaign rally at curtis
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her 69th birthday. tampa mayor bob buckhorn was there to help lead the crowd in the "happy birthday" song. clinton wasn't celebrating too much... she was getting serious about your votes. republicans have a slight lead over democrats in early voting right now. and she wants to change those numbers , soon: ?today in tampa... clinton is getting some help from a hollywood star. four-time emmy winning actress "alfre woodard" is hosting an early voting event at "open cafe." thats on north 34th street. the event runs
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voters picking up breakfast to ?vote before they head to work. "woodard" most recently appeared in the "luke cage" series on netflix.. playing a politican. president obama will be campaign for clinton here in florida... ?tomorrow. the president will stop in orlando at the university of central florida. the event is happening at the c-f-e arena on campus. doors will open at 3 p-m. the event is scheduled to run until 6. those interested in attending can r-s-v-p through clinton's campaign website. (walter/ donald trump says he wants to go after politicians in the capitol, by quote, "draining the swamp" in washington d-c. that's where he held the grand opening for his new hotel on wednesday. he continued to tie hillary clinton to obamacare and its big premium hikes next year. later, at an event in charlotte, trump also went after clinton on urban renewal and said he'll do more to help
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trump's running mate mike pence campaigned in the traditionally red state of utah wednesday trump heads to the battleground state of ohio today... for three big rallies. the race for u-s senate is also heating up here in florida. the candidates just met for their second debate last night and the gloves came off early. right off the bat -- democratic senate candidate "patrick murphy" took aim at repbulican candidate marco rubio for supporting trump. murphy faced questions about his resume -- but raised questions about rubio's commitment to the senate -- noting his attendance record. but things really got heated over a question about
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it's unclear if this was the ?final debate for the candidates. both campaigns are still fighting over dates. don't count out the ?cubbies just yet. after getting ?blown out in game one of the world series... they got a little payback last night. the cubs got a blowout win of their own! they crushed the indians ?in cleveland... by a score of five to one. and one of those cub runs... came from
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the cubs have now evened the series at one game a piece. the series now shifts to ?chicago for game three tomorrow night. and you can watch it right here on fox 13. later this half later this ha maddon" talks about the win... and what he's expecting from the ? wrigley field. plus: shaken... and scared. why people in italy are fearing the worst... after a ?new series of earthquakes. break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45 break 3: 1:40endbrk: 1:30
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people in central italy are still feeling aftershocks... two ?months after a major earthquake. two earthquakes struck on wednesday... one about a 5 point four magnitude, the second a six point four. they both struck in the "visso" area not far from rome. and it's the ?same area where a major quake hit back in aus people. right now, no deaths have been reported from the aftershocks. but the mayor of one small town says many buildings have collapsed, including a church.
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but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice.
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time to talk some sports this morning. and of course, we begin with the world series. game two last night in cleveland. following a ?huge blowout win in game one... there was ?another blowout win in game two. but this time the indians were on the ?other end. the cubs get their bats going early in this one, after getting ?shutout in game one. in the first... anthony rizzo turns on the inside pitch lining it into right.... kris bryant makes it home. cubs up one-nothing. in the 3rd... chicago's "kyle schwarber" could be dark horse in this series. he hasn't played since the ?second game of the season, after having major knee surgery. in just his ?second game back, he had two hits, a walk, and scored a run. in the 5th.... former ray ben zobrist hooks one to right... it takes a good bounce and that allows rizzo to score again... 3-nothing cubs. zobrist would later score on one of those hits
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were up five to ?one in the seventh, and the indians ?tried to mount a comeback. two runners on base... but former ray "mike montgomery" strikes out carlos santana to end the threat. the cubs win 5 to 1 and even the series at one game a piece. the series now heads to ?chicago. and here's cubs manager joe madden after the game... describing what the ?atmosphere will feel like...
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and again, game three is tomorrow night ?in chicago. and once again, you can watch it right here, on fox 13. pregame coverage starts at 7-30. ((dave)) and now... to some local high school football. it's been an incredible two weeks for jesuit's malik davis. the senior running back shattered the hillsborough county all-time record for yards and touchdowns. has up to 7 more games to add to those numbers. and on wednesday... he made one major decision... his college choice. he actually got offers from just about every big program in the nation. and he made his annoucement, in front of his entire school: davis is gone gator..... making his announcement during
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davis narrowed his list to miami, north carolina and usf... but florida came in late last week and hooked davis. father richard hermes and head coach matt thompson joined in the presentation. and now... an update on that huge ?shot lightning goalie "ben bishop" took tuesday night. it was so powerful... he actually lost two front teeth. and now, we're et has to fix them. the job of fixing his grill... will be in the hands of doctor "gil rivera. " he's a tampa dentist... and the team's ?official dentist. bishop took a shot to the face-mask during the bolts game in toronto. but even that hit didn't take him out of the game. he is a hockey player after all. doctor rivera says he'll likely put in some?temporary teeth until
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doctor rivera says this kind of injury is ?not common for goalies... because they do have the facemask. the bolts and bishop are back in action tonight in montreal, facing the canadiens. when we come back, i'll have another check on your thursday forecast. plus: a world record attempt ?may have a tragic end. what the coast guard found on one man's sailboat... that has them
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making headlines across america: new details, into the mysterious death of "chandra levy." she was an intern for the federal bureau of prisons in washington d-c... when she went missing in 2001, and her body was later found in park in 2002. there
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affair with california congressman gary condit. he was never ?named a suspect... but was questioned several times by police. and condit is finally breaking his silence about the case this week... talking on the "dr. phil" show: condit clarified ?several times that he was not ?romantically involved with levy. an illegal immigrant from el salvador was convicted of the murder. prosecutors are now planning to deport him. the full condit interview airs later today on doctor phil's show. the search is underway in hawaii for a chinese sailor... who was trying to break a world record. 50-year-old "guo chuan" was trying to
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sailing across the pacific... from shanghai to san francisco. he left shanghai a week ago.... and was trying to reach the u-s in 20 days. the coast guard found his 97 foot "trimaran" boat on tuesday about 600 miles north of oahu. they also found his life vest. the coast guard officially ?suspended the search, about an hour ago. we're learning more about a fire that broke out at the gaylord "opryland" hotel in nashville wednesday. iconic resort after the alarms went off. they are now saying the fire started in a kitchen at the "ole hickory steakhouse" and then quickly spread up to the roof. it was contained to a small area... and there were no serious injuries. one firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation. and the rest of the hotel only suffered smoke damage. still ahead: ?another dangerous find at disney world. what a woman was carrying in her backpack... that had her ?stopped by deputies. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live in the brandon area... following a deadly
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