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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  October 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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shattered glass and mangled hunks of metal, ?littered across a busy roadway .. >>laura: shattered glass and mangled shards of metal. the aftermath of a deadly crash that claimed four lives and the happened. >>russell: halloween just days away. before the kids go trick-or-treating, deputies make certain nothing is scary along the way. they're going door to door before the big night. >>laura: and the world series moves to chicago after the cubs even the score in game two. what manager joe maddon says they need to do to break the long standing curse. >>dave: nice and mild. you go inland and you're in the mid 60s.
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70-degree mark in clearwater and 71 in st. petersburg. dew points are manageable. you know, as long as we can keep that number where it is in the lower 60s. it may sneak up to the mid 60s. i think we'll be okay. another very warm afternoon coming at us with a mixture of clouds and sun. your highs go back to the mid 80s. vanessa? >>vanessa: and right now we want to get to the scene video out of the lutz area. a vehicle has crashed into a home and this is all happening off of -- heritage harbor road. the driver, unfortunately, died. we are able to tell you, however, the folks in the home are okay. power was knocked out briefly to the neighborhood, but we're hearing that's restored. we do have some lane blocks reported on lutz lake fern road on heritage harbor road. while we were to get more information, we'll give you more work arounds and bring you those
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looks like state road 54 up to the north is probably going to be one good work around and the second one is van dyke which is going to be towards the south. and as promised, more information as we get on throughout the morning and get some more to pass along to you. we'll get to u.s. 301 and alamo drive. southbound lane blocks. i'm not seeing delays so that's good news. it dent appear to be a full blockage. use caution in the area and we'll let you know as we get more four people have died after a multi vehicle crash on mlk boulevard. it happened just before 10:00 last night east of the tampa bypass canal. pieces of metal and glass scattered across the roadway. >>laura: shayla reaves is there live at the scene. any updates on who caused this or what happened here? >>reporter: good morning to you. according to florida highway patrol, it was just after 9:45 last night when troopers
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dr. martin luther king, junior boulevard. this is not far from the tampa bypass canal and what happened here kept troopers busy for several hours. i want you to take a look at this video. this is video of the scene we arrived to as crews work to take pictures, collect evidence and workers cleaned and removed debris from the roadway. earlier i had a chance to speak with a man who described himself as a friend of one of the drivers involved in this multi vehicle crash. according to the person i spoke with, a number of friends had decided to come together, connect for a car meetup about a half a mile away. around 9:00 last night, one of the individuals decided to leave that location and ask the others to follow him either to a gas station or to a home. well, several people left the
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return to that initial meetup location, he could not make his way down martin luther king, junior boulevard because of a road block resulting from the accident that happened here. we're told he did recognize one of several vehicles involved in the accident as a vehicle belonging to someone he described as a friend. so far authorities have not released the names of any of the four people who died in this accident as they are likely about what happened. so there's certainly a lot of questions, certainly a lot of information we're going to be working to gather here when the person i spoke with arrived back at this location, he described seeing smoke. he described seeing one vehicle on one side of the roadway and the engine of that vehicle on the other. it's unclear how fast any of the vehicles involved were travelling but we will continue
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available. back to you. >>russell: and new this morning, sarasota county firefighters called back to the scene of a deadly fire after flames reig reignited. we were sent this video just after 2:00 a.m. flames filled the home for the second time in 24 hours and like most fires, crews have been monitoring it for the hot spots. here is why. terrible story. the original fire started around 3:00 yesterday. three people were t adult son. the mother and the father died. crews were able to break down a concrete wall and rescue the son. neighbors say the parents were disabled which may have made it difficult for them to get out. investigators still don't know what started this fire. >>laura: days after an elderly man was found dead in his st. petersburg home, police are calling it a homicide. investigators originally thought
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detectives got a search warrant. they say some sort of homicidal violence took place inside that home. detectives say they have a few leads to go on, but they have yet to make an arrest. >>russell: popular ride at busch gardens reopens after four people died on a similar ride in australia. they closed congo river rapids this week out of an abundance of caution. staff members reviewed the park's safety procedures. cleemland, australia's largest theme pa monday's accident. the park will reopen tomorrow for a memorial. >>laura: kevin gates is sentenced to 180 days in a polk county jail for kicking a fan. he'll spend one year on probation after he was released. sentence was three times what prosecutors wanted. a jury made up of six white women decided to convict gates after two hours of deliberation when included rewatching video
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>>russell: a 17-year-old is recovering after being shot in both legs. police say it was an accident. it happened at a home on 62nd way and pinellas park. officers say the teen and another boy were looking at a 40 caliber handgun. it went off. the teen's injuries are not life threatening. officers tell us he's in stable condition following surgery. >>laura: alcohol may have played a factor in the death of fernandez. fernandez and last month and according to a search warrant affidavit, all three bodies had a strong odor of alcohol on them when they were discovered by divers. investigators found a receipt for alcohol from a bar where the trio had been drinking. according to the miami herald, toxicology tests have been completed for all three men but state investigators have not released results. >>russell: fuelled by a surge in early voting, hillary clinton is shown to have a commanding lead
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>>laura: clinton is shown ahead by 14%. that's the largest national lead among recent surveys. other polls have the race much, much closer, though. clinton has secured the support of 90% of likely democratic vote and the backing of 15% of more moderate republicans. yesterday on her 69th birthday, clinton held a rally in downtown tampa asking her supporters to take advantage of early voting. >> donald trump says he can still win and he's gh everyone gets out and votes. >>laura: clinton will be in iowa today. democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine is scheduled to be in sarasota today but that event has been cabs -- cancelled. >>russell: donald trump was in pennsylvania yesterday just four blocks from the white house. the luxury property has more than 260 rooms with prices starting around $400 a night.
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>> -- sums of money into a revenue producer and job creator. >>russell: in los angeles, police say a man armed with a sledge hammer and a pick ax destroyed donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame. lapd is investigating. costs an estimated $2,500 to repair. >>laura: marco congressman patrick murphy met for the final scheduled debate last night and they traded blows on a number of issues from health care to foreign relations and accused each other of being ineffective in washington. candidates originally agreed to a third debate on uni vision but the event was cancelled when both sides would not agree on whether rubio could speak in
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rubio four points ahead of murphy. according to a new florida atlantic university survey, still room for both candidates to shift the race in their favor. 12% of voters remain undecided. >>laura: according to the same poll, 2/3 of florida voters support amendment two. proposed constitutional amendment would legalize medical marijuana. 67% of the measure would be more than enough to clear the 60% threshold needed to pass a similar proposal ended in 2014. >>russell: cubs one step closer to breaking the curse. >>laura: the world series is tied right now at one game apiece as chicago celebrates the first fall classic win since 1945. after being shut out in game one, cubs had something to prove. sidelined after tearing two knee ligaments in april, a player was
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off. he drove in two of the five runs. former ray ben zobrist had two hits. joe maddon said the important thing last night is scoring first. >> that's our goal. if you look at the playoff run for everybody, the team that scores first normally has a pretty good advantage. we want to do it all the time. >>laura: now the series heads to chicago. game three will mark the first world field in 71 years. first pitch is tomorrow night at 8:00 and you can watch it right here on fox 13. >>russell: right now world series tickets are going for thousands of dollars. >>laura: and coming up, find out what one business is offering in exchange for one of the coveted seats and then a pair of powerful earthquakes rocked italy, damaging buildings that have stood for hundreds of years. why scientists say these are echos of something much more
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international with the dew point running in the lower 60s, northeast wind at seven miles per hour. our temps run lower 70 as long the coast. mid 60s inland. similar to yesterday and we finished the same way. highs the next couple of days will be in the we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait.
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a pair of powerful earthquakes have hit ce >>laura: a pair of powerful earth quakes have hit central italy, knocking out power and sending scared residents into the streets. and look at the damage there. the tremors were felt as far way as rome. scientists believe the earthquakes are technically after sho earthquake that killed nearly 300 people in august. there are no reports of anyone killed. only minor injuries to report. fortunately. that's a lot of rubble. >>russell: i didn't see any of the game last night and i know they started early. did the storm come through like they were predicting? >>dave: i'm like you. i didn't see anything. >>russell: does anybody out there know? let us know. >>dave: they obviously got the game in.
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it. >>dave: i know it was cold. it was in the 40s. but yeah, that's a good question. again, they should start every game at that time. maybe even earlier for us morning folk. 5:00 would be a perfect time to start the world series game. don't you think, everybody? you could watch at dinner. i'm sorry. we have mid 60s in brandon, plant city, sun city center. so you know, our temperatures may be a couple of degrees think we're at the point now, they're not going to continuing to up. they're just going to stay here. every morning you're going to wake up and it's going to be like this. so yeah, the 40s are gone. really for the most part, so are the 50s, 63 in inverness. bushnell at 66. 67 in bradenton. sarasota, venice, englewood, all at 68 degrees. sebring joining you folks and then lots of 66's inland as well. you know what?
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that's nice. it's mild. i like that. but we are running two to four degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. the winds have done a little bit of a shift on us as well. they've been primarily out of the northeast the past few days. now they're going to shift to the east. that also was a warming wind but it's also going to be brisk enough that that east wind is going to hold back any type of sea breeze that would try to develop. so while you've got this 10 to 15 mile-per-hour wind c the mid 80s so yes, our temperatures go back above normal and this is the way it's going to stay over the next seven days. when you get into late october, you get into november, for things to change you need a cold front to come through and we don't see that happening over the next seven days. so when you don't, you just kind of steady as she goes. temperatures up in the mid 80s or so.
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in the afternoons with no real rain to speak of. because we have an east wind and it is pulling some moisture in from the atlantic, highlands county, polk county, you may get the tiniest of shower chances, less than 10% of that happening. in general, no significant rain in the forecast for seven days. you see this front tries to make a run at us. nope, that doesn't happen. just a continued dry stretch through halloween. lo halloween is going to be dry. it's also going to be warm, too. in fact, our high temperatures over the next seven days are going to be within a degree or two of this 85. so really, the only weather issue, and it's a minor one at that, would be for boaters with a small craft advisory as we have the east winds today running around 20 knots. high temperatures, 84, 85. lows in the mid to upper 60s and
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>>vanessa: and i think to answer russell's question about the game in the rain, i believe it rained earlier in the afternoon but by the time they took the tarp off, there was no concern for the game at all. i was watching it. yeah. >>russell: you're just the biggest baseball fan in the room so i know. i think you may have dave on this. >>vanessa: i don't know. it's a heavy crown to wear. all right, thank you. we want to get to the roads right now. if you're heading through the manatee county area, disabled truck is reported southbound 75 at state road 64. lane blocks are reported here but they're going to be on the exit ramp. make sure you're using caution in the area. look here. we're checking out travel times. by and large, our majors not seeing anything big to complain about crash rooiz or constructionwise. looking like a 15 minute ride coming from the 175 exit heading
6:20 am
bridge. eight minutes apiece, the time between branch forbes taking i-4 eastbound and 75 southbound fowler avenue to the expressway -- i'm watching sky fox because i've been waiting. looks like they're arriving on scene right now of the vehicle into a home and this is reported lutz lake fern road at heritage harbor road. and so far, all i'm able to see right now, tow trucks in the area and lake fern. as we mentioned, driver of the vehicle has passed away and the folks inside the home are okay. bear with me. i'm seeing this for the first time right now. from what we're hearing from our photographer on scene, the blockage is going to be on lutz lake fern at heritage harbor. looks like they have that road blocked off and the actual crash
6:21 am
so your work arounds, state road 54 and van dyke. we haven't been able to see any of the scene itself, but i'm going to watch this for a couple of minutes. we'll have another look at traffic. send it back to you. >>russell: thanks. 6:21. for the first time, the u.s. has abstained from a u.n. vote cob >>laura: lauren green reports. >> united states makes history regarding cuba. during a united nations resolution vote condemning the trade embargo -- >> united states has always voted against this resolution. today united states will abstain. >> it's a move that signals another chapter in the obama administration's efforts to open up relations with the communist country led by the castros.
6:22 am
united nations, the united states, not cuba. it certainly didn't have the desired effect of applying more pressure to cuba with regard to human rights. >> the white house hopes to influence cuba to make economic and social changes by improving relations. >> abstaining on this resolution does not mean that the united states agrees with all of the policies and practices of the cuban government. >> direct message to congress which is the only wall blocking the end of the embargo. >> we cannot get our hopes up. we must say the embargo is an obstacle. that's how president obama sees it and the u.s. policy he wants with cuba. >> cubans remain hopeful about improving relations with the u.s., but they remind everyone the sanctions wee main in place which they say harm its people. >> the vote on abstention is certainly a positive step for
6:23 am
states and cuba. >> the embargo against cuba remains in place as congress refuses to bring the issue up for a vote. >>laura: local law enforcement agencies have intent the week going door to door but they're not looking for candy. >>russell: colonel chad is going to show us what deputies are doing to make certain sex offenders follow the rules this halloween. there's much more than a trophy on the line as the cubs take on the indians in the world series.
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it's time to see what's clicking on the web. >>laura: it is 6:26. it is time to see what's clicking on the web. >>russell: what's going on? >>jennifer: you're having a good time over there. what's a little competition without a little wager? as the cubs take on the indians, two popular amusement parks are putting their dignity on the line. take a listen. >> if the cubs win and the cubs will win, all the team members at cedar point would have to sing "go cubs go."
6:27 am
miracle happens and the indians were to win, we'll sing "cleveland rocks." >> we will take on your challenge. we're going to up the ante. we want to raise the challenge. next year winning park gets to choose the ride of their choice in the other park and rename it for the opening of 2017. >>laura: stakes are high. bet last year. it's sister park in missouri had to rename a ride cubs thunder. it's on. would you rather get free food for life or two tickets to the world series? >>russell: what? food for life? >>jennifer: free food for life or -- >>laura: tickets to the world series. yeah. >>jennifer: someone out there
6:28 am
baseball. baby's cheese steak $ offering a lifetime of free sandwiches in exchange for a pair of two lower level tickets to see the cubs play. two cheese steaks per day for life. what if it was your favorite food? like a pie pizza. you would get sick of it after awhile. it sounds extreme but tickets are going for thousands of dollars a pop. it will cost three grand to get inside the park people with absolute seats. most commenters say not a fair trade. >>russell: we'll see you later. >>laura: no decorations often mean two candy. it can also mean something else. >>russell: what deputies are going to make certain sex offend ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with halloween donuts and munchkins.
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good morning, i'm laura moody.(( and i'm russell rhodes. let's check in with dave for a look at the >>laura: good morning. i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. what's going on with the weather? we got in the mid 80s yesterday and that was just a preview because it's a copy and paste kind of setup for us and while the sun is not going to be up for another hour or so, very nice. we're in the upper 60s in many spots this in the mid 60s. we're looking at mostly sunny skies today, like yesterday, and high temperatures back up to around 85-degree mark. we'll have a look at your seven-day forecast which will be coming up in just a little bit. >>vanessa: thanks. sorry about that. i was just getting off the phone with our chopper so i was trying to get an update on the actual
6:33 am
into the home, killing the driver. i was looking at whether the road is blocked east of heritage. the area of concern is from heritage harbor east to the next neighborhood over and we've been watching it. it looked like there was a truck a couple of minutes ago pulled out of a ditch. i'm not sure if that was related to the scene or that was a separate crash. power crews are working on scene. it's a rather quite a few deputies were seen in the area. your work around is going to be state road 54 and van dyke. it's a little bit dark. i'm not able to see a whole lot more except for the flashing lights in the area. so fleas -- please continue to avoid that area where the road you can see is blocked from that neighborhood towards the east. here is the new crash that's reported in the gibsonton area. u.s. 41 at cliff avenue and this crash is going to be in the
6:34 am
single lane blocked. >>russell: busy, vanessa. thank you. four people have died after a crash involving multiple vehicles on dr. king. it happened just before 10:00 last night. the road has since reopened. shayla reaves is live at the scene and she spoke to someone who may know one of the drivers involved. she said they were car enthusiasts. so far no names released. we'll check back with shayla reaves at the top of the 7:00 hour. >>laura: flames reignited in a died just hours before. this video is on sugar lane and you can see the flames shooting through the roof. fire began wednesday afternoon, killing a husband and wife. their son survived. no word yet on what caused the fire but a neighbor told authorities that several homes had electrical issues yesterday. >>russell: a second person now under arrest for trying to carry a loaded gun into disney world. 23-year-old bailey turner arrested on monday.
6:35 am
concealed carry permit in obama that expired in january. even with the permit, guns are not allowed at disney parks. a man was arrested for trying to bring a loaded gun into epcot a few hours earlier. >>laura: officials in orange city will need to find a new place to meet after a pickup crash crashed into their council chambers. a man was driving on a nearby road. the building -- t stopped. no one was in the building at the time it crashed. >>russell: halloween are upon us and there are things to talk about, things that are not a lot of fun, either, but things that help our kids stay safe while they're out trick-or-treating. colonel chad in this morning to get us up to speed on things. i think we should note that your folks have been out getting ready for halloween. you're touching bases with
6:36 am
children, chasing their favorite candy. as parents and law enforcement, we have to be aware of the homes that they're visiting. we've been out for two weeks making contact with every single one of those 250 sexual predators that are on some type of sanction to prohibit them from having any contact with children, reminding them of their sanctions, letting them know, hey, you can't put your light on. universal sign for, hey, participating in halloween and do anything else, any type of decoration, anything that would entice a child to visit their home. >>russell: you folks sent over a letter, the letter that you sent to these folks, that you give to these folks and it's pretty explicit. >> it is. the sheriff is reminding them, the other 1,800 sexual predators and offenders out there that may not have sanctions, some may, hey, listen. you can't participate if your sanctions say you can't and yes,
6:37 am
come to your home. >>russell: and one of the things you also say is, you tell the folks, yes, we're monitoring it. we're not doing this covertly, openly we're monitoring it. >> absolutely not. we make contact and it's not random. it's registered. we know where every single one of them live. we're going to monitor them to watch their actions. that's how we as law enforcement are going to keep our children safe. >>russell: for parents, they need to be aware of this as trick-or-treating, obviously be with them. if there's a house, no lights, these folks have been told don't have your lights on, don't have any decorations. if that's the way the house is, don't let the kids go up to the door. >> absolutely. i don't mean to make everyone believe that everyone who shuts their light off, you know, is a sexual predator or offender. it's just the universal sign for, hey, i'm not participating
6:38 am
home. >>russell: there are things, the usual things. the mask, the costume with reflective tape. >> and russell, would it surprise you to know that halloween is one of the busiest nights at the hospital in emergency rooms? i didn't know that. but it is. it's because parents have to make sure that their child's costumes fit, that they have the peripheral vision, that they can see crossing the road, that they're not going to trip over keeping your child safe. >>russell: we have to run. let's hope for kids to have a happy halloween. >> absolutely. make sure as a parent we check their candy. >>russell: good point. >> make sure it's factory labelled. we can't check it enough. check it, check it, check it, make sure it's safe. if you think for one second it's not safe, throw it away. get another piece. >>russell: thanks, man. have a great day. >>laura: 6:38. it's been a busy morning at
6:39 am
cooking up chicken dinners. alcides segui is there right now. if we had a window in the studio, we might be able to smell it from here, right? >>reporter: that's right. you can pick up the barbece chicken lunch. you can see how many students are out here right now, all packing chick inbarbecue, smoked chicken into the to-go containers and they have sold thousands of them, around 9,000, possibly more than that because they have 11,000 pieces of chicken. so you still have plenty of time to come down and get your lunch. and of course, the money goes to a great non profit here in the bay area. different charities as well. thank you for being with us. come on by. go ahead. come on by. do what you're doing. so this is kind of neat. you have different high schools that are being a part of
6:40 am
>>reporter: talk about where people can come and where the proceeds are going. >> the proceeds are going towards our service organizations, our service leadership for the schools. we couldn't do it without the support from different high schools that bringous the clubs to help. it supports our children's programs, our scholarships as well as programs for the elderly. we build ramps throughout the year for people who become unable to walk and need a wheelchair. and you can pick up a a.m. to 2:00 p.m. >>reporter: it's until 2:00. i thought it was 3:00. >> was it 3:00? you might be right. >>reporter: it doesn't matter. you still got plenty of time to come by here and pick up that lunch. so it's $10. what i like about what you guys do here is that 100% of proceeds sold today and other events you guys have go back to the community. there's no costs to do this because you're all volunteer based. >> it's all volunteer based and
6:41 am
>>reporter: thanks for being with us. i appreciate it. so again, 11:00 to 3:00, south side of raymond james stadium. come on by through himes and you'll have several people out here and this is also what's need. they're packing it, putting them in boxes and you've got these vans and trucks that are loading them up and it's taking them to different businesses here in the bay area, preorder was a big thing. that's why they've been able to sell 9,000 meals and they expect to sell about another 2,000. they're hoping, fingers back to you. >>laura: we're going to need you to get on the grill, you know? >>reporter: i will. that is coming up in the next hour. i promise. i'm getting bombarded on social media for it and i'm going to do it. i promise. >>russell: we're going to check back in with dave for a look at weather. >>laura: and vanessa is watching
6:43 am
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look at the temps along the east coast. when i see this, 76 in melbourne, 79 in stewart and 78 in west palm, i think, well, the winds are starting that shift more toward the east rather than the northeast. i know it doesn't seem like a lot, but look what that does to the morning temps. and then as you work that east wind across the state, we've got mid to upper 60s in lakeland, frost proof, sebring, wauchula is about 65 degrees. tampa is at 69 petersburg. boy, the cold air has really been locked into the north. it's spilled out a little bit into the carolinas and it's actually been pretty chilly in new england but the rest of the south, excuse me, has been beautiful. little rock at 57. dallas at 67. houston at 61. dew points in the upper 50s to lower 60s so i don't think that's going to change. typically, you know, you need a big cold front to come knock this stuff out, and we don't
6:46 am
seven days. high pressure, sometimes it will just weaken but another one builds in right behind it. so the only change today, more of an easterly wind. that will pretty much solidly guarantee we're going back up into the mid 80s for high temperatures. i still don't think we have much in the way of rainfall. in fact, rainfall chances less than 10% so that's not going to happen. brisk winds out of the east, though, will hold back a sea breeze. now that the water breeze could help us out. we're easily getting back in the mid 80s for today with that lack of rainfall. you see a front to the north. watch as this just bypasses us to the north. we hold on to scattered clouds and moderate humidity going through the weekend and early next week. i wish i could say, okay. halloween is going to cool down 10 degrees for the trick-or-treaters, but it's not. it's going to be warm, in the
6:47 am
again, it will be dry which is fantastic. clouds, sunshine, i'm using the term seasonably warm, high temperature around 85 degrees. sunrise a little less than an hour from now but soon we're getting the beautiful pictures of what it's going to be like on he cameras. 68 degrees tonight with a few cloud around and then tomorrow, partly cloudy, nice and warm again with high temperature around 85 degrees. please be careful, boaters, because as pretty as it is, look at knots and a moderate chop and it's setting up offshore. coastal waters again today. next seven, mid 80s all the way through until really next wednesday. like 84, 85 degrees with lows between 66 and 68. honestly, not a lot of change in the next seven days, vanessa. >>vanessa: good to know. we want to check out the sunshine skyway bridge. we have notable southbound delays. you can see them on the right
6:48 am
right lane so you do have at least one lane passing but it is moving pretty slow there near the top of the bridge. delays just under 10 minutes so make sure you're giving yourself that time out the door if you're heading that way. if it doesn't take you too far out of the way to take 75, that's probably your best bet of avoiding delays. we have sky fox checking out this vehicle reported that crashed into a home, lutz lake fern road. my goodness. this is such a mangled vehicle right reports -- yeah, that's the car, russell. the driver passed away. lutz lake fern road and i guess the good news is the folks inside the home are okay but unfortunate for the driver. so they're in the process of towing it out, looks like, and the road is still shut down in the meantime and drivers can find their best work around, taking van dyke or state road 54. of course, we'll watch this one. we'll let you know when the road
6:49 am
find out. all right. it's about to switch over to 6:49. let's get over to charley belcher and see what he's working on this morning. >>charley: how are you? >>vanessa: fine. a little busy but -- >>charley: a lot busy. thank you for keeping us informed and i hope everybody can stay safe on the roadways. the roads make me so nervous. we just got back from vacation, had to drive about 11 hours from here to the mountains of north carolina and man, you just see so much craziness on the roads these days so it's scary to be out there. we talked about you being a renaissance woman that you do everything from knitting to cooking and violin and piano. but were you ever involved in theater when you were in school? >>vanessa: no. i think i told before you, i was in the pit orchestra but not actually on the stage. >>charley: you were in the orchestra. never in the theater? >>vanessa: no. that's nerve racking. that's scary. >>charley: you're on tv every day.
6:50 am
>>charley: is that scary? >>vanessa: totally different. >>charley: it is different. you're right. it's one thing to stand here in front of jason holding a camera and try to make him life and just pretend -- in my head, everyone watching tv is, you know, laughing. >>vanessa: that's true. >>charley: it's another thing to stand in a theater with the full crowd and you know whether they're laughing or not. there's no better buzz than when they are. and that applause. of course,he feeling than when they're silent and they're supposed to be laughing. we're going to have a little theatrical fun this morning. we're at the university of south florida. theater and dance department where students are putting on the production of sweet charity. i have flashing lights and bead curtains and all i need is actors and dancers and singers and they'll all be here. hey, big spender, that's from the show. recognizable numbers we'll show
6:51 am
runs tonight, runs the next two weekends. come out and support your local bulls and see a good show, too. >>vanessa: i'm looking forward to that. thanks, charley. >>russell: all right. new iphone 7 comes without head phone jacks but its new wireless head phones are still not ready. it's leaving some customers in a bit of a bind. >>vanessa: and then holy moly i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment
6:52 am
it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton
6:53 am
follow your own sense of style... because, you want to be confident. t.j.maxx really helped us express our creative side. that's the best part. you don't know what you're going to find.
6:54 am
we're a team. yeah. apple made a big splash maxx life at t.j.maxx. when they announced the ne >>russell: apple made a big splash when they announced the iphone would not have a head phone jack. >>laura: and all the new iphone numbers are left where are the new wireless ear buds? here to talk about it, lauren simonetti. you know, typically with apple and a product rollout like this, they have everything lined up but this has not been the case. i's rare. >> they're so detail oriented and lately they've been criticized for maybe not paying attention to all the details. i guess they're paying attention again but they're postponing the launch which was set for later this month of the wireless air
6:55 am
7. they were expected to sell for about $160. all we know now is they're not ready and they're going to come out at a later date. coincidentally also a big event for apple. we don't get as excited about this event as we do for the iphone ones but it's a mac event. they're expected to upg gg ggri upgrade the mac book pro. it will have a fingerprint sensor. use apple pay that way the way you do on change like the top bar where all the functional keys are. they'll make that different. >>laura: quickly let's talk about guacamole, bigger problem for the super bowl than it is for the world series. what is this all about? >> for me, my daughter loves avocados and the last couple of times i bought them, they were $3 per avocado. i thought maybe because i changed food stores that was the price.
6:56 am
there's a strike by growers in mexico. they want to get paid more so they're not giving us as many avocados as we used to. in some places, wholesale prices are up four times. it's affecting restaurants, too. so pay attention. i don't know what they're doing with the avocados in the meantime. if they're holding them back, what are they doing with them in mexico? making tons of guacamole? giving them for free? >>russell: what are they doing? just when avocados became good >> they're good for us, they're trendy. i'm buying them all the time. $3 a pop, not even organic is crazy. >>russell: yeah. good point. we'll see you later, okay? >> bye. >>russell: if you watch at 7:30 this morning, we're going to tell you the very best day and time of day to fly if you want the least hassle at thanksgiving. walter is live at tampa international with some valuable
6:57 am
have to show up to class. growing problem of teachers not showing up for work and how it's affecting your child's education. >>russell: in honor of the world series, wild thing charley sheen has a message for all baseball fans. see for yourself at 7:00. >>dave: beginning to see our sunrise this morning. i know it's still not for a half an hour but you can see how pretty it's going to be. it's mild. we're up to 70 now at tampa international with you look at the next three days, 85 and then 85 and then 85.
6:58 am
i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us.
6:59 am
7:00 am
((russell- the fight for florida. the presidential >>russell: the flight for florida. presidential candidates investing a lot of time and money here and a new poll shows why it's going to pay off eventually for one of them. >>laura: a bad accident. we just found out that five people are now dead. the debris shut down a busy bay area road. out the cause of this crash. >>russell: thanksgiving travel. it's only a few weeks away. still time to plan a trip. we're live with money saving advice if you decide to fly. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. good morning. that's all ahead and a whole lot more. first we need the forecast from dave osterberg. >>dave: pretty outside. we made it to the mid 80s yesterday. this morning i got more and more areas starting off at like 70,


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