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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  October 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. from tampa bay's news station. this is good day tampa bay. >> we are following a fox 13 news alert. the search is on for a hit-and-run driver who called motorist overnight and seriously injured a polk county cleveland ruined the festive atmosphere at wrigley field. get ready, game 4 is tonight. >> alcides: good saturday morning, everyone, thank you so much for joining us, i am alcides segui. >> hi, everybody, i am sorbani banergee. a look at lindsay milbourne and the saturday forecast. >> lindsay: good to have you
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waking up near 70. the current temperature at tampa international. 72 in venice. lakeland. brooksville. remember last sunday in the 40s. 66 out the door. a nice refreshing northeast breeze that will be gusty at times. sustained winds at 20 in st. pete, and this wind helps in the temperature department considering we have mid-80s this afternoon. how about high clouds kind of streaming in from the south and west. a day but filtered sun during the afternoon. if you have outdoor plans with the kids this halloween and they have those layered costumes, peel one of the la layers off. 82 at lunchtime. 82 today. the trick or treating forecast and the world series forecast. you can watch the game tonight coming up. >> alcides: lindsay, thank y you. a fatal hit-and-run in polk county, one person is dead and
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>> anchor: this happened just after midnight and the deputy hit a driver when they were both hit by another car. it happened on state road 60 right between tiger lake and sam keen roads in lake wales. according to the sheriff's office, deputy adam pinel stopped a to troll car to help a whom hit a tree. he had his emergency lights on and called for an ambulance when another car drove into the median and hit them both. the deputy, deputy pine l, has the person he was helping died. jessica otera. she is have tampa. polk deputies don't have much informing about the car that did this. they do believe it would have front-end damage. we will continue to follow this story throughout "good day." a disturbing case of a school bus driver taking advantage of a student. >> alcides: happened thursday
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was starting. social media may have played a worse situation. deondre davis was a relief bus driver and last week he handed a 16-year-old his facebook chat identification and they started communicating over social me media. on thursday, he drove her on the school bus to an undisclosed location where according to investigators, they had sex. that girl later told teachers at her school and they contacted deputies. they arrested d having an inappropriate relationship with that girl. this morning he is waking up in jail. also new in morning manatee county sheriff's office are looking for a prisoner who escaped. her name is shannon holmes and escaped from the department of corrections bridges of america prison facility. she had been on n that facility since may 25 on burglary drug charges. if you know where she is, contact the manatee county sheriff's office.
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another driver, a motorcyclist is hit and killed and now hillsborough deputies are searching for a blue pickup truck they believe caused the crash. according to deputies here is the timeline. 21-year-old zack barcano was seen arguing in a store parking lot with another driver, another man. family members say they were trying to defend a friend who he believes was being ayou bussed. they say he got on to his motorcycle but the driver of the blue p pickup truck followed him from behind and deputies believe the driver from the blue truck hit him from behind and pushed time in a minivan. o'connell died at the scene. >> he was a really good guy. he did egg everything for anyone. he was a very caring person. >> alcides: deputies are trying to find the driver of that blue pickup truck and they don't have any information to go on.
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sheriff's office. a grieving community come together to remember a brother and sister killed in a car crash early friday morning. >> their family and their friends in your thoughts and prayers. a moment of silence please. >> anchor: a moment of silence at frostproof high school at their football game for george and melanie lara. the siblings were killed while driving to school suv was hit with a pickup tr truck. 18-year-old george was driving. his sister was in the passenger seat. grief counselors at frostproof high to help other students deal with the shock with what happened. >> they lost two really good people that cared about the school and their education. and they are going to be mi missed. they had a big impact on everybody. >> anchor: at this point deputies don't think speeding
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he pulled out and didn't see the oncoming vehicle. three men in the white truck are in the hospital but they are expected to recover. mosaic is hoping to have a massive sinkhole on their massive property plugged up by the spring. the department of protection issued a consent order with mosaic. mosaic accountable for filling the sinkcoal. if this they don't, they will they are monitoring wells around the site and so far none of them are showing any sign of contamination. another bombshell in the race for the white house. the fbi says they are reopening the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server after finding more e-mails that could be related to their previous investigation. this comes with just tens to go before the election. >> alcides: fox 13's craig patrick breaks it all down and tells us how this can affect
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campaign is asking the fbi for more details about this saying they don't see where this would reveal any new information based on everything they have already seen, but the fbi will not comply with that. don't expect the fbi to release details of an ongoing investigation nor will the fbi likely conclude anything of the scope in a matter of 11 days. so what this means is that this will dog hillary clinton through the election and possibly beyond. and with this, it puts hillary clinton on defen on offense. it will dominate the news cycles. it will work against hillary clinton as an october surprise. keep in mind, that the hillary clinton camp was able to successfully push back against much of the e-mail controversy by saying that the fbi had looked into this and found no criminal wrongdoing. they can no longer say this, and with this, it adds a new dynamic into the race on top of
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the fbi stressing they did not get any of this from wikileak. rather this appears to have come from an investigation of all things the sexting scandal involving anthony weiner who, of course, is married to a close aide to hillary clinton, huma abedin. they take devices from the home and finding with that piques their interest. it could have a real impact on the presidential race in the closing days. reporting from the newsroom, >> anchor: remember if you live in pasco, hardee and highland counties, you can vote early today. pomes are open from 7 p.m. to 7 -- 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. bring a current id with a signature to the polls. we posted more on our web site, links to hours and locations, on our web site at we have new numbers on
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supervisor of election that 25% of registered voters already cast their ballot. friday was the fifth day of early voting in florida and continues this weekend and all of next week across the bay area. all right, picture this, you wake up this morning, you grab a cup of coffee, you walk up to the front porch and you see a six-foot boa constrictor. no way, not how, never, ever. >> never. >> alcides: exactly what happened to some people on that road. they called who else the sarasota police department. officers came up and captured that large snake. a picture of officer lundstrum after it was caught. the snake is not hurt and at sarasota animal services but police are still trying to figure out whose snake it is and how in the world it got there. >> anchor: you wouldn't be holding it like that. not so much. >> alcides: not for me. >> anchor: run the other way. >> alcides:
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before the game the atmosphere around wrigley field was intense, after the game, not so much. >> anchor: coming up highlights from a low-scoring game three of the world series. it was expected to be a close game but the bulls dominated at ray jay coming up in sports. incredible plays from usf's cornerback quentin flowers. stay with us. at :10, it has been a nice stretch of weather. you notice the warmth creep in late in the week. it is back this morning but don't plan j maybe brooksville a light cardigan, 66 for you. 70 in tampa. great beach day, but a windy day for the boaters and near the coast. 80s back this afternoon. a look ahead to halloween. any cooler air on the seven-day. seven-day. the answers coming up there is a desert in ta tampa's oasis and it is no mirage. >> mostly kids don't know where to get this from.
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welcome back the time is 6:14. a little taste of winter for parts of the northeast. check this out, on thursday, connecticut got their first bits of the show. some parts of the state got as much as three inches. the snow didn't hang around very long. it quickly got washed away by ring. check out the scene in springfield they got pummeled by snow well. earlier parts of upstate new york got hit by a snowstorm. it is predicted that most of the northeast is expected to have a pretty bad winter they are year. and the northeast may be getting snow, there was a wind advisory in place for parts of south florida. coastal areas in palm beach broward and miami-dade county were also under an advisory. some places got up to 25 miles per hour. maybe even strong than that. officials told people to use
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they told people to make sure patio furniture and trash cans were brought inside. >> sorbani: wind, snow. wind, early snow. i know what i will take for sure. >> alcides: you are from up north. , if your are boston. >> sorbani: i saw that springfield snow i got a twitch, oh, i am so glad for that. >> lindsay: planning our florida fall attire >> sorbani: sleeveless is the way to live. >> lindsay: especially when we are in the 80s. we had a cool down and moderating ever since. in the pleasant range we go. 70 out the door. we had some wind of our own. windy in coastal areas but gustiest in south florida. winds out much the north-northeast at 8. drier. dew points are manageable in the mid-60s but nudged those morning lows up a few degrees.
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sun city center at 67. 72 in st. pete. pocket of low 60s in inverness and crystal river and maybe a light extra layer for one or two hours that's it. dade city at 65 englewood, good morning, you are at 72. 70 in bartow. 70 in sebring and frostproof. at times this weekend with low pressure to our south and high pressure to the north. in between that squeeze play gives us those winds sustained at 20 in st. pete. 8 miles per hour is manageable and light winds in crystal river. in and out with the winds. hey, it could be worse, windy and muggy in south florida. a dew point of 74. while we are locked in the mid-60s. on the scale not quite as refreshing 5 to 7 days ago and still in the manageable moderate range. good-looking weekend coming our way, a warm weekend too. a high. a piece of low pressure to the south.
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and nice sunset tonight. heating up to 86 for the high today and already in the low 80s at lunchtime. that's where we should stop temperature-wise this time of year. run being average. time out high clouds that may stream in at times tampa south today into the late afternoon. we will see no rain. not drop of rain expected this weekend. although futurecast by sunday tries to bring in a sprinkle south of the bay. mainly high cloud cover as we hang on to this kind of tight saturday and sunday. cool air in the northeast. mild air in the planes. and speaking of mild air, world series game 4 on fox. instead of warming temps a cold front that may bring in a shower for last pitch, 57. the better chance for rain arrives after the game so we shouldn't expect any delays tonight. 86 degrees for the high today. a breezy afternoon with sun and high clouds. tonight we are down to 69. so above average temperatures with a few clouds, and back to it on sunday.
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pattern for a few days. nice and warm and breezy for the boaters. we don't have any advisories in play, keep it slow, moderate chops as the wind is gusty. low tide 8:15 on st. pete pier. halloween for the trick or trick or treaters and dry. perhaps late week, we may drop a few degrees and that's no normal. our average shy 82. acc championship conversation, the usf football team meets to dominate in conference play. last night the bulls got a chance to do something they have only done once during the willie taggert area and that is be a ranked opponent. hosting 2 2nd ranked navy. somehow it for the fast start, the bulls first drive, quentin flowers testing out that sore hamstring and he pass it is through the entire navy defense. 62 yards for the touchdown.
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first quarter, usf now up 14-0 and marlon mack, how about t this, 85 yards to the house. the bulls score on their first three drives of the game, 21-0, usf. flowers on play action finds tight end akina dillon, 41 yards for the score. 24-0 before navy got in the end zone. finally put the midshipmen on the board rushing four touchdowns. the usf gets out in front early, stays out in front the entire game, 52-45 the final from raymond james stadium. the fall classic shifted to chicago with the series tied at one apiece. the indians played spoiler as the world series returned to wrigley field for the first time since 1945 last night and the cubs fans, they were pu pumped. quite an atmosphere inside and outside the stadium. cubs fans waited 71 years for this day. scoreless in the fifth.
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lindor. justin grim into a 6-4-3 double play. 0, 0 in the 7th inning. threatening again with runners at the corner. coco crisp drives in the first run. thrown out at the plate. 21-0 cleveland. cubs down to their final out with jays jason hayward at the plate. he reaches first on an error and the ties run at 3rd base, but the i baez reaching on this high f fastball. game over, indians win it 1-0 and take the 2-1 series lead. game 4 of course later tonight right here on fox 13 at 7:30. and that will do it for sports. have a good day, tampa bay. and at 6:30, sportsmanship at its finest as a runner helps a competitor cross the finish line. and you got to teach them
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coming up, the local class teaching kids to manage their cash and how this get your kids appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms, a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away.
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toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, how to ma but you know you're gonna love it. typically learn in how to manage money isn't among the subjects that kids typically learn in school, but a life lesson. how kids learn about cold hard cash before they earn their first dollar. >> good afternoon. come on, baby, good afternoon. >> reporter: don't be fooled. this isn't an afterschool day care program. >> one, two. >> reporter: oh, no, this is a
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the money is rolling. >> two dollars. okay, so, here you go, three dollars. >> reporter: and businesses are booming. >> do y'all remember when we did our budget for our bus business? >> reporter: sheila walker started her nonprofit kids doing business academy in riverview when she noticed the lack of managing money on you are in community. >> i had some kids on the van and she said what is this. i was kind of floored. i said this a bank. >> reporter: now she is helping these futures. >> we pretend we are buying stuff and we are the bankers. >> reporter: a free afterschool program dedicateded to teach financial skills. >> i put the bananas and the toy there is for a reason. what is the want and need when you went to purchase those items. you needed it? very good. >> reporter: surveys by the national financial educators council show teaching money in
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in life. but relatively few schools work personal finance into curriculums. >> we consider this business school were report a new bank of america"usa today"poll show 35% respondents thought their high school experience did a good job to teach financial habits >> the earlier you learn about money, finance, how to present yourself in a professional environment, customer service skills, the better prepared they will be when they get in hi >> reporter: here the kids create an imaginary business based on their business. >> i want to work at a doctor -- as a doctor. >> reporter: you want to be a doctor? >> i went to be a vet when i grow up to help animals. >> my business is going to be a fire engine. >> reporter: you are going to be a fire fighter? they learn everything from
6:26 am
>> excuse me, can i see a manager at the score. >> our manager is sharice. >> when i grow up i am going to be a manager and i know how to do it. >> reporter: surveys show that half of americans are financially literate, suiting up early is a wise investment. >> i am so happy. i feel like a businessman. >> they come in with their shirts and ties, they say miss sheila, i feel so good. and this >> sorbani: you can tell they feel good, right. >> alcides: a great story. >> sorbani: they are proud of what they do. as far as the next step, they are hoping that the local business community will be involved offering scholarships, field trips and mentors. maybe get them in here for a field trip here, right. >> alcides: pretty scary that less than half are not financially savvy to pay their bills at home. >> sorbani: we all wish that we learned a little more.
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> lindsay: good morning, 6:30 is a warm day for your liking. a few high clouds. 70 in tampa and a breezy start for some but not all of us. 63 the cool spot for crystal river and 7 in st. pete. dew points are manageable and could be worse, flirting with 80 in south florida with muggy air and gusty n sustained at 20. so we are still talking a breezy day, especially by the bay and at the beach, but it is gustiest down in south florida. look at west palm down to 30 miles per hour. some high clouds with rain holding to the south. those will stream in at times from the south and west. a good deal of sun mixing through the high clouds and i am expecting the dry weekend. 86 today and tomorrow hanging on to that breeze through halloween.
6:31 am
lindsay. following a fox 13 news alert out of polk county. deputies are searching for a hit-and-run driver ha hit a woman and seriously injured a deputy. thank you to much for joining us by phone this morning. any additional information about how the public can help? >>caller: well, what we are asking the public to do is to talk to their friends and relatives, ask them if they were thought time of night. between 12:38 and 12:45 this morning. we know the car that struck these two people have front end damage on it. if anybody knows anything. if anybody has any friends or acquaintances asking. >> he expeditioustious that have unexplained damage to their car and they know is out this time of night. we want them to come forward and contact us. >> we know that the person -- one person was killed. polk county deputies in serious reason. any additional information on
6:32 am
>> he is going to be okay. obviously he has serious injuries. a broken pelvis and other broken bones. they have him in the icu. they are monitoring him. i don't think he needs to have surgery, however. so we are grateful that he should make a recovery but they are very serious strers. >> we are looking at a picture of him right now. do we know how old he is. does he have a family. >> he is 25 years old and ma married to anoer retired sergeant. >> alcides: i am trying to think of this area and i am not familiar with where this is at. any businesses in the area where there may be some surveillance cameras. >> there should be several businesses east and miles west of this. a long road of state road 60 between tiger lake and san keene area. nothing but roadways and wooded areas on both sides. businesses east and west of
6:33 am
obviously we checked those, but we are hoping there are any witnesses out there that may have seen something is suspicious after the car struck them it was going westbound when it hit them. we are thinking that it fled westbound and that's where we concentrated our search that goes into the city limits of lake wales. lake wales pd and other surrounding agencies are assisting. >> alcides: can you play this out for folks not familiar with the area. help me understand what led up to all of th. helping someone who was broken down on side of the road, is that right? >>caller: right, deputy pinel was heading to a call for service. it was not an emergency call, but he was headed westbound on state road 60 when he saw a woman standing in the grassy median. he pulled over to speak to her. at first the call was classified as a suspicious person. doesn't know why that person was out in the median that time
6:34 am
pulled his car to the inside lane. emergency equipment, red and blue lights. standing the median talking to her and she explained she had been on the traffic crash on other side road. her car is completely off the roadway in a wooded area. you can't see it from the r roadway. as soon as he realized she had been in a crash and she had injuries and that's why she was standing in the median to ask for help, he immediately called for ems on the radio. he began getting information about her and began updating dispatch. dispatch at 12:38 in the morning. ems arrived at 12:45. he had called ems for her, so when they arrived they thought was an injured woman, they found deputy pinel and the woman unconscious in the median with significant injuries. so this car came off -- completely off the roadway into the grassy median, struck them both, and fled. >> alcides: wow, that's scary. very scary information. >>caller: pretty bad. >> alcides: give a description
6:35 am
>>caller: we don't have a description of the car we are looking for. front-end damage on it. we don't know if it is a truck, suv or passenger car. >> alcides: we will continue following this story throughout the newscast. if you have any additional information feel free to give us a call. our blessings are to you, the victims. we appreciate it. >>caller: thank you. a woman from st. petersburg is waking up f a young girl for money. detectives say 33-year-old kalita seymour provided a 14-year-old runaway with a motel room. in return the child agreed to prostitution. seymour posted provocative photos of the girl on a prostitution web site. the victim is in dcf care. a scary sight on the tarmac at ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport. a fed ex plane caught on fire that happened around 6:00,
6:36 am
collapsed and that caused the plane to catch on fire as it was rolling down the runway. both pilots on the plane escaped unharmed. a ground stop was put in place at the airport so fire fighters could clean up the scene. the plane had about 40,000 pounds of fuel on board at the time. the runway was damaged. we don't know how badly at this point. the airport was reopened around 7 p.m., but that runway right where the accident happened. that will stay closed. sportsmanship at its finest at the cross country championships in north carolina. watch what happens 20 yards before the finish line. an exhausted runner from boston college falls to the ground and a runner from clemson ran to her side and tried to help her cross the finish line. another runner from louisville stopped to help. together, all three finished the race. >> alcides: love that when you see stuff like that. >> sorbani: they put themselves aside and said we are going to do this, all three of us.
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>> sorbani: the new "inferno" movie starring tom hanks. have food and drink for good cause.
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well, fall weather is
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a great time to get out in tampa bay and enjoy events. a great one next saturday is sustainable buzz. january fret from the us is at the knee and james joyce from pub and eatery is here cooking up a nice salad. thank you for coming in this morning. >> thank you. >> lindsay: gearing up for next saturday. our sustainable buzz. those who don't know what it is. tell us about it. >> the on by the sustany. it allows us to celebrate all the sustainable things about tampa bay. so we have an event that will be held saturday november 5 from 6 to 9 on the straz on the riverwalk. >> lindsay: hopefully. >> beautiful weather hopefully you will make that happen for us. >> lindsay: see what i can do.
6:41 am
restaurants, breweries, spirit and wine providers, silent auction, local and live music. we are very excited about it. one of the things that we always do at the buzz is we always have something a little special and this year we will be focusing on or highlighting something that we feel is really porch because we depend on it for 30% of our food, and that is the honey bee. the honey bee. we will actually have an on-site jan's aviary and beekeepers will be there to talk to people about beekeeping and b bee-friendly lifestyles and b bee-friendly yards. when they by it a lot of food at the buzz will not be there if not for the bees. >> lindsay: learn about bees, eat good food and good brews. speaking of good food, chef is making a chopped sol lad.
6:42 am
green leaf lettuce. candied pecans, chopped-up bacon, blue cheese, pears and apples. a nice fall salad. pretty hearty for a salad. i think it kind of fits in with the census knee foundation. -- the susteny season. >> lindsay: tell us about james joyce. >> we were there last year we will be here again this year. we had a great doing it. >> lindsay: looks delicious. >> it will be good. we are excited looking forward to being there. >> lindsay: a fun event for people in tampa, pinellas county to come out and support. how many restaurants will be there? >> over 30. 30 restaurants and a lot of our local brewerers and special h hoperations will be back. they always brew something special for us. we are excited to see what that is going to be. >> lindsay: support the wonderful restaurants, the b
6:43 am
foundation. looks like we are chopping up pears and apples for our salad. thank you so much for coming in. remind our viewers of the information on the top of the screen so they can come out and support. >> we have a great vip section as well this year and check us out on facebook, on twitter, on instagram, all those great places. you can see everyone who is going to be there. get your tickets early and we will s y beautiful weather. >> lindsay: hopefully beautiful weather. next saturday is the event. thank you for coming in. our salad is just about done. we will have to try that.
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people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp." get to know us at the search is on for a the search is on for a home invasion suspect in the search is on for a home invasion suspect in citrus county. deputies issued a warrant for it douglas spangler's arrest.
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ago. he is side to be in the area beverly hills or hernando. more cases shoving gopher tortoises. someone used a cinderblock to repeatedly bash a tortoise's shell. yeah, it was carrying eggs and had to be euthanized and in land o lakes someone painted the shell of a turtle there. officials got him cleaned up. by the way gopher tortoises ar halloween is in tampa. no shortage of haunted houses to get you within the spirits. many of tampa bay's historic. from jilted lovers to a der deranged doctors. ybor city is full of its own ghost stories. the carne chop house, the cuban club and the don vincente hotel. i am a chicken. i don't like haunted houses at
6:47 am
houses. thing evident in the last two segments of haunted houses. >> sorbani: avoid them. it does get the adrenaline p pumping, but i am not a big fan. >> lindsay: the only thing i am okay with are the '70s horror movie. i have the tradition where i watch the original "halloween." >> alcides: my favorite right there, lindsay, the original "halloween." >> lindsay: i will let you borrow it, bring it in tomorrow. since halloween is on our minds, i will start with that. i love the graphic too. you like the bats. we added that. lunchtime 87. 7:00 for the trick or treat, start at 80. the later they go, some upper 70s. wither talking warm temps but, hey, no rain. warm air rather than rainy conditions if you have anyone going out getting candy. 70 out the door. a northeast wind. good visibility. high clouds to be had and really warm temps on the east
6:48 am
near 70. manageable. sure above average. 66 in brooksville and dew dew points are good too in the mid-60s. not quite as refreshings what we saw earlier in the week and not quite as oppressive as so you are summer values. the northeast breeze feels good. not so great if you were boating as it will bring the wave heights up some. sustained winds at 20 in st. pete. we have a gust of 23 in vero and at times today, watch that easterly surge of wind. sky tower radar will be dry today. can't rule out a sprinkle southern sarasota county, and we are in a pretty quiet yet pattern. we are breezy but high pressure to the north and weak low pressure to the south. part of that low brought some wet weather to the southern part of the state including down near the keys. we have this broad area low pressure in the western caribbean, will not develop tropically due to wind shear. we are still watching the tropics. one more month to go november 30 is when the season ends.
6:49 am
showers and very mild with the warm front moving throughout midwest. 66 in chicago, here comes a cold front. that will drop temperatures for the second half of the world series game tonight and will bring the chance for a shower perhaps late in the game. no rain in our game day forecast. 85. the gators taking on georgia. big one in jacksonville today. 3:30 is the kickoff, weather looks great. grab the sunglasses. big game taking kickoff. weather looks great 73 with lower humidity. tempting running above average. 84 in sebring. 86 in tampa. 86 in sarasota. should be at about 82 degrees, so 4 to 5 degrees above ave average, today, tomorrow and early in the week kind of locked in. our pattern is active with fronts. not really going to cool us. one washing away. northeast winds and high clouds today. rain in southeast florida. hanging out with that quiet
6:50 am
this one won't make it either. as this front goes away another one replace it is mostly sunny, warm and pleasant for the trick trick or treaters on monday. if you have the day off, weather looks good. breezy for the next two days. 86 the high this afternoon. tonight down to 70, above average temperatures. the sun sets at 6 :48. next weekend, next saturday night we will fall back and discuss that throughout the week. sunday back to 86 again. a warm afternoon under those breezy northeast winds. becausof for the boaters. wave height 2 to 3 feet. next tide, 8:15. a low tide on st. pete pier. and can lower our temps to seasonal readings. 83 on friday. until then mid-80s.
6:51 am
6:53 am
she saw the boots and fell for fall all over again. was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
6:54 am
a new adventure for professor robert lan den hits the theatres. >> sorbani: fox's kevin mccarthy with a preview of "inferno" starring tom hanks. >> reporter: kevin mccarthy to give you your movie debuts. "inferno" with tom hanks felicity jones. one of the most anticipated. seven years since "angels and demons." da vinci code, we loved to mav vis. the third film. this book was written in 2013 and haven't been a seven-year wait but a while since we have seen this character on screen. the idea behind the film ben foster's character, a billionaire to creates a global virus that he wants to release
6:55 am
so tom hanks' character wakes up essentially in an italian hospital with no memory of what is going on has to piece all these puzzles together to try to stop this virus from being released and if he lease tee jones you know her from a lot of films, she will be in the new "star wars" coming out later this year "rogue one." she tags along with mr. hank and they try you uncover this mystery to find out what happens. it is an intense film. ron keeping the movie going. the movie feels like you are running breath. the problem with the film. a little convolute con vo. time with the plot -- so much going on with the plot it took me out of the movie and made me say, i got to recollect my thoughts here. over all it does work. tom hanks is brilliant in the movie. i think ben foster is great. i think if he lease tee jones is fantastic. ron howard does a fantastic job
6:56 am
big screen. shot it with regular cameras and it fit the entire imax screen. it is a completely immersive experience and that to me. it is not worth 20 which is what i paid to see the movie last night. if you can catch an imax matinee showing where you can see it for a cheaper ticket, i would recommend the imax, if not, go to the regular showing. overall, better than "angels to "the da vinci code." i gave is 3.5. i am kevin mccarthy, fox news. we have much more ahead in the next hour of "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: we are continuing to follow a fox 13 alert. a hit-and-run driver killed a woman and seriously hurt a deputy and right now state road 60 is closed in both directions and the search is on for the person who did this.
6:57 am
minutes, early voting begins in more florida counties. voters this morning have a lot to consider before casting those ballots and that's all those ballots and that's all ahead for you at 7:00 under state attorney mark ober's watch, rape and sexual assault are on the rise. ober is not just ineffective, who forced a girl into sexual slavery, even blamed the victim. ober: she was with him voluntarily. our community deserves new leadership. andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor, will reallocate resources to target violent crime, including gun violence, rape, and domestic abuse. andrew warren for state attorney. it's time for new leadership. foster farms presents appetites.
6:58 am
and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs, a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away. foster farms corn dogs.
7:00 am
a fox 13 news alert - a fox 13 news alert. the search is on for a hit-and-run driver. a woman is dead and a polk county deputy is seriously h hurt. a school bus driver is behind before as after police say he had sex with a student. how facebook played a part in this. and a hillsborough county man is killed in a hit-and-run -- a road rage accident. why loved ones heart of gold that got him killed. >> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay. quingts ". >> sorbani: good morning, everyone, welcome to "good day tampa bay." 7 a.m. nice to have you with us. i am sorbani banerjee filling for anjuli davis. >> alcides: i am alcides se segui. thank you for joining us. and lindsay with the forecast. >> lindsay: good to have you


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