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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  October 30, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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for the person responsible for killing a >> alcides: the search is still on for a person responsible for killing a woman and hurting a deep in polk county. this mortgning we hear from sheriff grady judd. both sides make changes for game four of the world series, but the changes work in favor of the indians.
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the time right now is 7:00 in the morning. i'm an alcides segui. let's check in with lindsay milbourne. >> lindsay: we start with a few clouds and 72 in tampa with a light east wind. more clouds from the west today and no rain today and dry today and for halloween looks dry as well. how about the temperatures running well above average. should be at 64 and no one is close to that brooksville or leesburg. 70 in sebring and 73 in st. pete and 72 in sarasota with moderate humidity. a little bit of low cloud cover eastern citrus, northern sumter. we'll see more tomorrow, but no fog and no rain the next few days. how about the mid and high clouds really just kind of filtering the sun at times, sfil a warm day with the high pressure holding the weather to the north. through the day we go, a breezy afternoon and a warm day.
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we'll time out the temperatures for trick-or-treating tomorrow night coming up. >> alcides: new this morning, a live look along bayshore boulevard. we understand that southbound lanes are now open, and they were closed earlier this morning after a deadly accident overnight. here's a live picture from the scene right now. looks like there's a motion there on the flatbed tow truck. we don't have details other than the live look you have right now. it happened in the area of boulevard. police officers are still there piecing together what happened. the crash was deadly but we don't know how many people or if there were dabl people involved here. they say the southbound lanes are open or will be open shortly. of course, we bring you information on this story as soon as it becomes available. polk county deputies are still looking for the person responsible for a deadly hit-and-run crash in lake waeldz that killed a woman and sent a
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deputy adam pinnell was helping a woman involved in an accident on state road 60. while waiting for ems, another driver hit them both and then took off. the young woman was killed. deputy pinnell is in the hospital with several broken bones. hi injuries are serious, and he'll need never surgeries. deputies are hopeful that he will make a full recovery. >> the fact they fled after mowing down a deputy sheri that they would turn themselves in. we would plea for that person or anyone who knows that person to turn themselves in. >> alcides: detectives believe the driver headed west on state road 60 towards lake wales. they're now reviewing surveillance footage to see if they can identify the vehicle. as of right now there's not a lot to go on. they say the car or vehicle will have significant front end damage. polk county sheriff grady judd is out of town, but he did release a statement and it says
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community's help we will identify and arrest the coward who ran over a deputy and a young woman, left them both for dead, and then fled the scene. we will work day and night until the case is solved. to the coward that did this, we advise you turn yourself in sooner rather than later. the miami-dade medical examiner has released their toxicology report into the death of marli fernandez. here's what we know. the report reveals that fernandez had cocaine in his system when he died. it also showed he was drunk at the time of the boat crash off miami beach. an attorney for the fernandez family says fernandez was not driving the boat at the time of the crash. the attorney says fernandez was on the phone with someone at the time of the crash and was directing someone else who was at the helm.
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two boaters are safe and sound thanks to the coast guard. yeah, the men had to be rescued when their boat started to take on water about 13 miles west of anna maria island. rescuers got the call for help around 3:30 saturday morning from the commercial fishing boat barbara jean. the crew said they had engine trouble and were taking on water over the sides of the boat. the coast guard reached them in safety. no one was hurt. newly discovered clinton e-mails create more turbulence in the race for the white house. jennifer griffin has the latest. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump trade barbs on the campaign trail. >> i think it's time for donald trump to stop fear mongering and disgracing himself. >> trump coming down hard over the fbi's announcement of newly discovered e-mails on a device
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scandal since watergate. it's everybody's deepest hope that justice at last will be beautifully delivered. >> reporter: the e-mails were discovered as part of an investigation into anthony we weiner's sexting scandal. the calm pain said the investigation is not re-opened and any e-mails are huma and likely duplicates of once she shared with the fbi months >> i hope they didn't give huma immunity, because she knows the real story and what's going on. >> reporter: clinton's campaign trying to shift focus casting doubt on the timing of the announcement and calling for jim comey release more information about exactly what his agents found. >> it's strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election.
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comey to explain everything right away, put it all out on the table, right? >> reporter: with early voting already started across the country, the fbi director's pronouncement could have a big impact on november 8th. in miami, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> alcides: this year's fantcy fest in key west, they took a very political turn. it's all about the 2016 presidential election. the featured exaggerations of hillary clinton and donald trump. you see a little bit there. it showed other people dressed up as secret e-mails and bogus universities. the fantasy fest concludes today at children's carnival and afternoon dance party. a big saturday for florida and florida state football. they take on clemson and georgia. how they did coming up. plus, the indians are one
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68-year world series drought. we're looking at the highlights and what it took to win game four. >> lindsay: 7:07. cooler temperatures for game five in chicago tonight, but temperatures here locally are as warm as yesterday. beautiful start, and knowledges with that northeast breeze it's 73 in st. pete. good boating this morning near shore. check out the temps around the state. we have fall in panama city in between here and tampa and 78 in miami. we talk a
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parts of central california are >> alcides: parts of central california clean up after heavy
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friday, emergency crews worked throughout the day to drain water from all the streets. in modesto they got more than an inch of rain over three hours. we told you about the snow in massachusetts yesterday. parts of new york hit with an early snowstorm also. a light dusting the snow covered cars at hunter mountain, new york. the region around albany received four inches of snow in the early part of the snow se i guess that's not -- that is kind of normal, right, lindsay? >> lindsay: it's not uncommon in the higher elevations. it's late october. the lower elevations, you bring in october snow, and a lot of people are not thrilled because winter hasn't even started. i think lia lot of us would lik it feel more fall-like outside. it's been warm. we're running above average? when does it cool down? what's normal? 81 is normal.
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gradually drops and the lows gradually dropping. by november 10th the average high shy of 80, the average lows shy of 60 come november 24th, which is thanksgiving this year. today our average low is 64. we're at 72 out the door here in tampa. beautiful start to the day, and again, sunrise today not until 7:40. come next sunday we fall back, and that makes it an hour earlier of the variable east winds and we streaming in not from the east, which is where we look from this camera in st. pete but from the west. that's where you see the high clouds starting today. it's 73 in st. pete. we have an east-northeast wind that's breezy. where winds are lighter, a little low cloud cover. no fog but low clouds and likely some warmth moving in tomorrow morning. we want to point it out so you're ready for it. 68 in west chase and 68 in palm
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and dade city at 66 and crystal river 68 this morning. more 60s north, more 70s south. it's 72 in inglewood and 70 and haines ranch. those winds are not terribly gusty but breezy in venice and st. pete they're at 15 miles per hour. it will be breezy by the bay today, and if you have boating plans. now, our dew points have snuck back into the mid to upper 60s. not as extreme as south florida, but not as comfortable northern part of the state. still have high pressure to the north and weak, low pressure to the south. that's why it will be breezy today. how about those high clouds, though? you watch those move in from time to time this afternoon. still a good deal of sun for the bucs game this afternoon. kickoff at 1:00 taking on the raid raiders. 83 is already above average at 1 being. check out the mild air at 72 in new orleans, and record highs have been here for days across the southeast.
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in chicago where they had a cold front already pass by. so rain has passed by. we'll be just charting cooler temperatures for the world series game 5:00 tonight on fox. it's an 8:30 starting pitch. first pitch is 51 degrees, and by last pitch 48. turning chilly. lots of people bundled up at this gase. futurecast shows a dry day today, a northeast wind and high clouds and a monday for halloween looks good, too. it looks warm and dry starting out monday with low clouds north but wrapping up the day in the 80s, about 8:00 or so, still about 80 for any trick-or-treating plans come tomorrow night. any halloween festivities today? well, not really halloween high like. 86 and breezy with a warm afternoon and high clouds. 68 and not quite as warm overnight and mild with scattered high clouds. good deal -- a little bit more in the way of sunshine tomorrow
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86. not as breezy tomorrow but today. there's that moderate chop. the waves are 2 to 3 feet. exercise cautions until last morning are offshore. seven-day forecast shows the warmth through wednesday and closer to average as the cold front may sneak in late friday or early saturday. both the cubs and indians made some changes to line-ups heading into last night's game four of the world series after the 1-0 win by cleveland in game switch it up and try to create some more offense. that's exactly what we got last night. bottom of the first inning, anthony rizzo with a shot up the middle, and that drives in dexter fowler from second base. cubs take the 1-0 advantage there. full count for carlos santana and he takes john lackey deep. a solo home run. tied ball game at 1-1. later it's corey kluber with
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he scores one off the error on the throw to first base. so indians take the early 2-1 lead. skip ahead to the seventh inning now. indians up 4-1. jason kipnis with two men on, and this was the play of the game. a three-run bomb all but seals the w for cleveland. indians go on to win it 7-2. they're just a win away from capturing the first world series since 1948. the only way florida state live is through clemson. they need a win over the tigers. whenever they won the conference championship force the past five seasons. 17-14, tigers at the break. second half action, it was the dalvin cook show after a 43-yard td, he takes another 71 yards to the house and florida state is up on top 28-21. to the fourth quarter now. 'noles trailing by a point. cook again finds the end zone.
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clemson was not done yet. deshawn watson to a wide-open jordan leggett, 34 yards for the touchdown. tigers go for two after that. so it's 37-34. the 'noles need a field goal to tie it up. facing a fourth and 22, francois is sacked, and that secures clemson's win, 37-34. that's the final score from tallahassee. florida trying to win the third straight over georgia at th cocktail party. lewis escapes the tackle and is into the end zone. gators on top 7-3. later dogs lead by a field goal and luke del rio with the hand-off to jordan scarlet who has an opening and takes it. gators in front again. second half action, antonio calloway, the short run to pay bitter. 21-10 gators. florida put up the points but defensively the gators shined
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the gators late in the game. the miami hurricanes renew their rivalry with notre dame yesterday. 'canes came storming back and tied at 20-20 in the fourth. c.j. sanders tried to field it. it bounces occupant of his hands and recovered by miami for the touchdown. 27-20 hurricanes. same score and the irish's josh adams, he is gone. gets loose. 41 yards and we're tied up at 27-27. the irish tack on a field goal on the next possession so it's 30-27, notre dame. last chance for the hurricanes. brad kaaya can't find a target. he's sacked as time runs out, so notre dame wins this one 30-27. the bolts road swing continued in new jersey last night against the devils. another slow start. henrique puts it past
7:20 am
they make it 2-0 devils, and then the devils get a little luck here in the second period. the puck goes ovr smith-pelly's skate. 3-0 devils. tyler johnson scores the lone goal for the boats. 3-1 the final. they're playing against the rangers at madison square garden. that will do it for sports. have a good day, tampa bay officers after the break we talk with the hillsborough sheriff's
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under state attorney mark ober's watch, rape and sexual assault are on the rise. ober is not just ineffective, he declined to prosecute a man who forced a girl into sexual slavery, even blamed the victim. ober: she was with him voluntarily. andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor, will reallocate resources to target violent crime, including gun violence, rape, and domestic abuse. andrew warren for state attorney.
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halloween is tomorrow. >> alides: halloween is tomorrow. that means we'll be seeing a lot of superheroes and prince princessing roaming our streets. what do you need to know if you go out? this deputy is joins us this morning. we appreciate it. basic safety. what do trick-or-treaters need to know? >> it starts with the costume. make sure the costume is vision's not obstructed and eliminate trip hazards with capes and things of that nature. that's a good start for the pre-halloween festivities. >> i imagine getting out early is always a plus. all the basic stuff, right? >> as much time as you can spend during the daylight hours is optimal. if you go into the evening hours, be prepared with
7:24 am
costume and the blinks lights for bicycles are a great way to alert motorists. >> it's a great opportunity on the sidewalks or roadways. >> how busy is halloween for the sheriff's office but for other law enforcement agencies as a whole. >> it's busy. he enhance patrols in some areas to have a bigger presence. and of course all the safety messages and the things that a lot of detectives do to make the community safe. so definitely worth it. >> traffic is always, you know -- you have to tell drivers to slow down especially in the residential areas. what can you advise them as well? >> drivers should use a little extra caution, although we advise people to use the sidewalks whenever available, people will be walking in the roadways. just slow down and look for people in the roadways and being prepared for kids. they're excited. they may dart out into traffic, so just slow down, and put the
7:25 am
attention to your surroundings. >> we show video of kids and candy. it's just -- my kids had trunk or treat not long ago, and they had two big bags full of candy. what can we do as parents to make sure the candy is okay?p>>. it's a really important part of the holiday. a good rule of thumb is anything that's handmade you should just discard. also, check the wrappers. if it looks like it's been tampered with and not coer aside is throw it away. it's not worth taking the risk. stick with commercially wrapped candy and things of that nature. >> this is a time where deputy and law enforcement agencies as a whole go door-to-door making sure sexual predators and offenders don't have the lights on and don't hand out candy during halloween. you did it early on, too, right? >> that's right. the detectives made the rounds
7:26 am
trick-or-treat activities, and we also sent letters to make sure they have an understanding. we definitely do a big push to make sure they understand what the rules are, turn their lights off and not participate or engage in any way. >> alcides: just -- i don't want to put you on the spot, but i'm shear that fdle has a website for parents to go on and put the address and tells where they all live that way you don't knock on doors to begin with, right? >> that's true. it's searched by think maybe down to the street location. so it's a great resource for parents when they're mapping out their trick-or-treat route to make sure that they avoid those homes as well. >> alcides: i've done it before. it helps us out a whole lot. thank you for being with us. have a great sunday. >> sure thing. thanks for having us. >> thank you. a big change of khanned command happens 200 miles above oert on the iss. we show you ceremony and what
7:27 am
the very first time. plus, the antarctic ocean is about to come home to the world's largest marine reserve. what you can't do if you have a chance to go up there, and we'll show you the thousands of creatures that call it home. stay with us. >> lindsay: it's 7:27. it's awarm start to the sunday but pleasant nonetheless and manageable humidity and a few clouds. we're near 70 and sunrise, we're still waiting on it. it's at 7:40 this temperatures well above average. 66 in leesburg but 73 in ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with halloween donuts and munchkins. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, pick up a box and share the fun.
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good morning. thank you for >> alcides: good morning. thank you for joining us this sunday for "good day tampa bay." i'm alcides segui. first, a quick check on the headlines this half hour. polk county deputies are looking for the person responsible for a deadly hit-and-run crashing in lake wales that killed a woman it happened on saturday morning. deputy pinnell was helping a woman. while waiting for ems, another driver hit them both. the woman was actually killed. deputy pinnell is in the hospital with several broken bones. detectives are asking for your help. if you have any information at all, contact the sheriff's office. at clearwater man out on bond for the death of a crossing guard is back behind bars again. julius johnson was arrested on
7:31 am
but he tried to get away so they used stop sticks to get him to stop. that's when they caught up with him. he was driving without a possession and in possession of crack cocaine. you may remember the death of crossing guard douglas kerry. in may of 2014 julius johnson hit and killed kerry at his post. a spring hill woman is killed after she set herself on fire smoking while using an oxygen tank at the spring assisted living center on cessna drive. firefighters say they found smoke coming from a building and a body outside as well. they say the 73-year-old was a patient at the facility. >> lindsay: at 7:31, a beautiful start to our sunday. just not quite as cool as last weekend and really earlier in the week. 73 in st. pete. look at the high clouds aiding to the beauty of our sunrise. i think we'll see more of them coming in from the west today. this is the view looking east
7:32 am
miles per hour. mid-60s the further north you go. brandon is 68. it's fairly pleasant. it's 68 in crystal river, 72 in tampa, 70 in sebring and 7 it in sarasota. around the state warmer south and east. miami is near 80, panama city near 60. we're in between, and white we have general good visibility, the next couple of mornings feature some low clouds well north of tampa bay. so inverness and northern mix out. you see those. how about the high clouds? they may be in opaque at times and stream in from the south and west. another dry day as our atmosphere is too dry to produce rainfall. at least it's not raining for trick-or-treating plans and even school events outside. 86 today and tomorrow, so above average temps for at least a new more days. >> alcides: new this morning
7:33 am
quake. it rocked central and southern italy. from what we have seen, there's a lot of damage. as of right now, no reports of fatalities. this earthquake comes after a week of tremors that have left thousands there homeless. while the fight for mosul is getting most of the attention, libya is involved in its own battle against isis. for the most part the libyan government's of the se of cert. they use loud speakers to encourage the remaining extremists to let families used as human shields go free. a village in southern india wakes up to the town being attacked by elephants. this is the scene after the rampage. the town was asleep when the ground started trembling. four wild elephants ran through
7:34 am
incidents like this apparently have increased in india as villages expand near the forests. there are no reports of injuries, but a lot of damage as you can see right there. tens of thousands show up to pay respects to the late king of thailand. many traveled to see his coffin at the grand palace in bangkok. he died a few weeks ago at the age of 88. he was the world's longest reigning monarch on look at this. a rattle from the bronze age back in russia. that's incredible and made of clay and still works. russian scientists aren't sure it's a baby rattle. some say it might have been used for ceremony use. a deal has been reached in australia to create the world's largest marine reserve at the antarctic ocean. as fox's david lee miller looks
7:35 am
miles, about twice the size of texas in the sea. all commercial fishing is banned, although some will be allowed in areas designated at research zones. >> we had a real achievement today. we've created the world's largest marine protected area, and that's a major step forward for marine conservation globally. so it's a wonderful moment. >> reporter: the u.s. and new zealand have pushed for a marine reserve for years, but russia was the final holdout. the area is home to more than 10,000 animal species including most of the world's penguins, whales and seabirds. >> this protection comes at the right moment in time to protect it. of course, it's vitally important and a huge area home to many important, very valuable species. >> reporter: proponents say this deal sets a precedent for multiple countries working together to protect a large swath of oceania falls outside
7:36 am
marine protection globally. it's significant because it's so pristine. it's a great area for the governments that agree to it and for the many people that sent in postcards and went online and participated in the campaign. >> it will take effect in december of 2017 and will last at least 35 years. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. >> alcides: a new crew has taken command of the commander of the russian federal space agency handed over control to nasa astronaut shane kimbrough with a ring of of the bell. >> i'd like to thank you one more time and give this to my new commander. >> you guys have done a lot. you've done record-breaking science and research, spacewalks, robotic operations, many vehicles coming and going.
7:37 am
feel proud of your accomplishments. we're sorry we're only here a week with you. you guys have trained us well, though. we're ready to take charge of the space station on the russian and u.s. side. we will certainly miss you guys. >> alcides: meanwhile, after that change in command, expedition 49 landed back on earth. the joint u.s./russian/japanese landed in kazakhstan jus midnight. the crew had been on the iss for the last four months. their mission included the first use of dna sequencer in space. coming up, say hello to trixie. the timid, little girl is looking for that forever home. you have an opportunity to adopt that gorgeous little girl. she was so, so timid. coming up. stay with us. when i heard she was a great dane and she was named tia, i thought this was my dog.
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we have sherry here from the humane society of tampa. you brought this adorable little shy little gal. >> a little shy girl. her name is trixie. she was a stray, which is hard to imagine of the she's only 3 1/2 months old. no microchip or tag or any kind of id. this is what she does.
7:41 am
but we need to have a quiet home, i believe, because she's just terrified of everything. tor >> lindsay: you can't know what she's been through, either. >> she's 4 1/2 pounds and will stay small. you can see the dachshund in here. see the turned-out legs. see the brown eyebrows. >> would she need grooming you think? >> no. just a bath. it's really fine, fine fur. >> she's a cute little dog. >> she's that's all. >> poor, little thing. she's dressed for halloween, how fitting since it's tomorrow. >> you know what? let's tell people to leave their dogs at home. unless your dog loves to be in costume and is not afraid of screaming kids with all kinds costumes, we just recommend to leave them at home in a safe room so when the kids come to your door. so many dogs get out. >> that's a good point. >> leave them in a kweet quiet
7:42 am
halloween is for kids and adults and not dogs. microchiped and tagged at all times. >> hopefully everyone has a fun, safe halloween. some dogs like to get dressed up. >> if you have outside cats, bring them inside as well. >> we have good news for last week. do you remember this -- she was kind of a shy little doll, randy. >> randy had that cute little coloring on his nose. he was so scared. >> this is the clark family a in love with randy at our pumpkin patch there. that's a happy ending. we have to look for trixie next week. >> it will definitely happen for her next week. in fact, i think she's want one that's so popular because she's so little that you want to get there early, right? >> yep. it's first come first serve. >> come on by today and meet trixie and maybe buy some pumpkins while you're there. 10:00 to 5:00 are the hour. she'll probably smile but isn't
7:44 am
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he's charged with leaving the scene of a crash resulting in death. he got into an argument with the 21-year-old friday afternoon in ruskin after march khan notice sped away, they say he followed him. when marcano slowed down, he could not and hit him. manatee county deputies are looking for the person that escaped. her name is shannon holmes. she escaped from the department of correction bridges of america prison facility. may 25th on burglary charges. if you have any information, contact the sheriff's office. it's fun to decorate your house for halloween, but you have to be sensitive about it. in miami these decorations are causing quite the stir. it's two dummies hanging by a noose from the tree. neighbors are upset, and the property manager has contacted the homeowner and asked to remove the dummies but so far
7:47 am
now your skytower radar forecast with fox 13 meteorologist lindsay milbourne. >> lindsay: it's 7:46. i know your kids probably counting down to halloween. so i'm just going to get to the forecast and show you this colorful, awesome graphic, too. the forecast maybe not so awesome, because temperatures are running above average. we hit 86 on monday and today, by the way. once the sun slowly peel back the e temps to 80s. last year, remember that, 89? that was the record warmest ever. at least we're not that toasty. sunrise at 7:40 filtered by high clouds and it's 72 which is above average. should be in the mid-60s this morning. while we look at the opposite way where the brightness is,
7:48 am
planned. 72 and some clouds in the distance will be streaming our way coming in from the west this afternoon. 70 in sebring, 66 in brooksville, 72 in sarasota and tampa. we're above average. it's warmer on the east coast. that's where most of the moisture is, so the further inland you live, your dupes are higher in the upper 60s. overall most of them are in the mid-60s, which is not in the invigorating range but not in the oppressive range. kind of where in between that, and that's reay this week, mild mornings and warm afternoons with manageable humidity. low clouds slipped into nor citrus and sumter quarter. maybe actual fog for the morning commute. winds gusty on the east coast new 30 in stewart and 15 in st. pete. it's a breezy day by the bay. skytower has a much needed break after the rainy season. it's the dry season today.
7:49 am
florida and high pressure holding to the north. this high is replaced by another hide behind this cold front that before you get excited it won't cool down. it did cool down the weather in chicago at wrigley, so for tonight's game, 40s and 50s. no rain, though the rain is slipping east. the cooler air is moving in. we have 44 in minneapolis and 53 in chicago and temperatures near 60 in atlanta where they'll be near record highs yet again this afternoon. tropics, dwen, it's we wrap it up on the november 30th. for today on october 309, nothing happening. a lot of wind shear in the atmosphere, although a couple of models spin up weak low pressure north and east from the caribbean. all in all, we expect it to be quiet at this point. let's hope it stays that way. our weather is quiet and breezy. warm and breezy today with high clouds. here's one front that doesn't make it, so we stay unseasonably warm for halloween.
7:50 am
and wind tomorrow. that's here all week, and a stronger front late week drop the mid-80s to low 80s but not until probably friday. we're down to 68 overnight. nice and mild for you for morning plans on monday. monday during the day for halloween we're on the warm side at 86. boating features the breezy northeast wind and we have exercise cautions offshore in morning and a moderate chop today. seven-day forecast is good, and it's early and don't waste the day away. 64 by saturday morning, so next weekend is more seasonable. it's halloween, but it's also birthday season for some of our youngest viewers. we start to give a shout-out to easton. he loves to play with his dog and family, and they say he's a very happy boy as we continue to see his picture here. we want to wish a happy birthday to joseph. hey, joseph. he loves to play with his siblings, eating and going for
7:51 am
finally, happy first birthday, show loves to dance in front of
7:52 am
7:53 am
i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us.
7:54 am
heaven f >> alcides: it was a match made in heaven from the beginning. mia knew rosie was the dog for her the moment she lays eyes on her. both lost they are leg, mya to a bomb in the bosnian war and rosie as a puppy when her mom accidental stepped on her. it doesn't slow them down a bit. >> she's in tune with me. >> and always watching to see if mia needs her. >> i think my anxiety levels have gone nothing else. >> she has nightmares from the war in her native bosnia. mia was 16 when a bomb went off and killed her friends and lost her leg. she had a new future. >> you cannot have growth unless you have change. >> reporter: today she's in demand as a motivational speaker. she runs and golfs and wind surfs.
7:55 am
and so does oezy. >> whether i heard she was a great dane and amputee, this dog is mine. >> she's a life changer, a source of comfort when things turn dark. >> when i get anxious, i lay down with her and hug her and listen to her heartbeat and her breathing and it just calms me down. >> now rosie retrieve items from mia, who posts her progress on her very own facebook page and like mia rosie is testing her athletic limits, doing agility with her prosthetic. faithful service dog, steadfast companion, mya says she could have never imagined. >> it created this whole new level of love, loyalty, trust and support that i actually didn't know existed. i love this little baby.
7:56 am
>> so sweet. all the joy she brought to her. >> alcides: the dog of adorable, too. >> lindsay: animals find you and you find them, too. it's a little warm but it looks good because we don't see all the rain we see sometimes at trick-or-treating. 86 today and tomorrow. breezy today, but i know you notice by friday and saturday, not as warm. >> alcides: i see it. >> lindsay: that's normal. should be in the low 80s and a quiet stretch of our dry season. since we're on halloween, let's time-out the forecast hour-by-hour for tomorrow. morning is quiet and 60s. 1:00 we're at 83, 7:00 p.m. at 80. could be worse, could be cooler. >> alcides: its all good. >> lindsay: we don't make the weather, we just share the weather. >> alcides: it's better than raining. >> lindsay: better than last year at 89 degrees. the record warmest we'd ever seen. thank you for watching "good day
7:57 am
"fox news sunday" is comes up next. >> followed by the washington redskins taking on cincinnati live from london. you can catch up with us on line on the >> alcides: happy halloween, everybody. everybody. stay safe!
7:58 am
this year the voters of pinellas county have an opportunity to elect a public servant who has always put the people first. charlie crist. as governor he worked with both parties to get things done and i know you can trust charlie to do the same in congress. he'll fight to protect social security and medicare. defend women's health care and planned parenthood. and take care of our veterans. charlie needs your vote, please stand with him.
7:59 am
when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , how far will bob buesing go?
8:00 am
i'm chris wallace. with just over a week until election day, a campaign bombshell. the fbi reopens its investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mails. >> they are reopening the conduct that threatens the security of the united states of america. >> the american people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately. >> the republican vice presidential nominee, indiana governor mike pence, responds to the stunning announcement. >> we commend the fbi for having the courage to reopen this case. because no one is above the law.


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