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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  October 31, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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-- captions by vitac -- ahead this hour on good day: the search for two ?very dangerous drivers... in two ?different bay area counties. one caused a massive pile-up... the other ?killed a woman, and sent a deputy to the hospital. ((jen plus... backlash, against the fbi? why almost a ?hundred prosecutors... are now questioning the latest email investigation. ((walter and: cubs fans might want to dress like "john travolta" tonight... because they're stayin alive! after a big win... in the world series.
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allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. happy halloween! a first look at your ?frightening forecast...
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a developing story this morning in polk county. where the sheriffs office is ?still looking for the driver who ?killed a woman and sent a deputy to the hospital. that deputy was actually on the side of the road trying to ?help the woman... when they ?both got hit. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now from lakeland, and shayla...
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the florida highway patrol is searching for a driver... accused of starting a crash... involving ?four
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nearby hotel. but as fox 13's evan lambert show us... theres a key piece of evidence ?from that hotel... that could get this guy behind bars. crushed metal, deployed airbags and broken glass left behind after troopers say a hit and run driver caused this 4-car chain reaction happened sunday morning at us 19 and roosevelt boulevard near clearwater.carl thornton, victim1:21i heard a bang like large bang and then felt an impact and the car just started turning and turning and turning.carl thornton and his wife were in the third car hit.doctors treated thornton's wife at the hospital for minor injuries.their car spun over the median and into opposing lanes.the couple--thankful everyone involved escaped with their lives.4:25it's amazing yes by the hand of god. i'm glad but it's just amazing. standuptroopers say that hit and run driver bailed from his car right at this intersection after the crash.he then made it through this carmax parking lot and down the frontage road as the accused hit and run driver casually walks into this rodeway inn.he's on his phone.clerk mimi hutto says the man asked her where he was and sounded like he was giving someone directions--before pacing in the lobby for several minutes.that's her husband in the foreground cleaning while this is all going on.mimi hutto, witness 17:05he was acting what i call squirelly you know jumpy and stuff, just the way he was acting it kind of got me like paranoid.but hutto had no idea the man was running from troopers.and it appears-- neither did this pinellas county deputy who pulls up to the motel while the wanted man is just feet away inside.14:55 when the sheriff pulls up and it stops in front of the pool area he all of the sudden was trying to hide back there.what happens next is just unfortunate.noticing the deputy--the man stays away from the windows until his friend gets there and quickly makes an escape--driving right past the deputy's patrol car. take a good look at this man once more.troopers now are trying to identify and arrest
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three people are dead this morning after a crash in central florida. including a grandmother... and her ?three year old granddaughter. the highway patrol says it happened around 3-30 sunday afternoon on country road 455, near state road 19 in lake county. the grandmother... 56 year old "debra irwin" was driving on 455 in their suv when a man driving a jaguar veered into oncoming traffic and crashed into them. the man and at the scene. rescue crews rushed the girl to two ?different hospitals, but still couldn't revive her. one person is dead and another injured after a shooting at a tampa hotel.... which was formally the red roof inn. it happened just before 4 sunday afternoon at the tampa hotel on east busch blvd and north 22nd street. police say there was some kind of fight between two men and shots were fired. one died at the scene, and the other was rushed to the hospital. the second man is expected to survive. police tell us the shooting is
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pasco county is in the hospital after a television ?fell on the child. the 911 call came in shortly before one p-m sunday afternoon, from a house on homewood lane in hudson.. officials tell us the child was flown to bayfront health st. petersburg. no word on the child's condition. and deputies haven't released any other details about ?how this happened. a clearwater man is charged this morning with breaking into the florida holocaust museum. an alarm went off at the st. petersburg museum just after three sunday morning. when officers arrived, they still inside and quickly arrested him. officers say they reviewed surveillance video and saw venegas kick and break an electronic keypad and call box. it's still not clear ?why he was inside the museum... but they say he didn't actually take anything. now on hillary clinton's ?latest email scandal. over the weekend, the f-b-i obtained a ?warrant to begin looking into some newly-discovered emails. they say the emails ?could be linked to the previous investigation into
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from a laptop computer that belongs to longtime clinton aide... huma abedin. the aide isn't commenting on the investigation and hasn't even been ?travelling with clinton over the weekend... something she normally does. clinton also didn't comment on the case during another round of campaign stops in south florida. she was just trying to stay ?focused: on sunday, a group of nearly one hundred former federal prosecutors and high ranking officials... from both democratic and republican administrations... issued a joint letter expressing their concerns over fbi director comey and his actions last friday. it says in part... "the director's disclosure has invited considerable, uninformed public speculation about the significance of
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reason, we believe the american people deserve all the facts, and fairness dictates releasing information that provides a full and complete picture regarding the material at issue." and the latest clinton controversy might be helping donald trump surge in the polls. several new ones indicate toss ups in battleground states. and a new york times..sienna poll shows trump ahead by four percent in florida. trump has continued to hammer hillary clinton on her fbi of his campaign stops over the weekend: in the latest cbs news
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comey's" statement doesn't change their mind about who to vote for. and trump's running mate will be in town today. mike pence will make a campaign stop... right after landing his plane. he's appearing at the st. pete- clearwater airport. the event starts at six p-m but doors open at four. you can sign up for free tickets on trump's official website. former president bill clinton is returning to the sunshine state tomorrow for several more campaign stops. including one... in st. petersburg. it's taking place at the wildwood rec center. doors open at 5- p-m. you can sign up for free tickets on hillary clinton's election website. hillary's website also says that ?she'll be in town tomorrow too. it just says ?tampa... the time and place has not be released. it was a long sunday for bucs fans. they came out to raymond james stadium to cheer on the team. but the "raider nation" has even ?more reason to cheer. not early on though. the bucs led ten to ?nothing at one point thanks to a 17 yard touchdown pass from winston to russell shepard. but oakland started clawing back in the second quarter.
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fourth quarter... and oakland eventually forces overtime. the bucs can't score in overtime... but oakland ends it with a 41 yard touchdown pass... slipping between two defenders. raiders win... 30 to 24. and... the world series isnt over yet! the chicago cubs escaped elimination last night, at wrigley field. they took a three to one lead in the fourth inning... one of those runs coming from former ray ben zobrist. then, the innings on the edge of their seats. chicago closer " aroldis chapman" gets the final seven outs to seal it... cubs win, 3-2. game six is ?tomorrow night back in cleveland. and much more on the series... and the bucs game...
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weeks... disaster strikes.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. the cleanup continues this morning in italy... from another massive earthquake. the six point six magnitude quake struck sunday in the mountains of central italy. several ancient buildings were reduced to rubble, including a monastery. amazingly, no one was killed ?or seriously wounded. but nearly eight ?thousand people have requested help from the government. many were already left homeless from two previous earthquakes in the last two weeks. another quake in this area back in august killed almost three
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time to talk some sports this morning. and we begin... with the world series. the chicago cubs trying to defy the odds. teams that fall behind 3-games to 1 in the world series... have only come back to win it, 13-percent of the time. but you know what the cubs are saying this morning: never tell me the odds! that's because they are staying ?alive... at least for one more game. the cubs hosting the indians last night in game five. top of
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launches it to deep left... the solo shot gives the indians the 1-nothing lead chicago's kris bryant would return the favor in the 4th with a home run of his own... game is tied at 1. the cubbies would get two more runs that inning... and take a three-one lead. including a run from ben zobrist who scores on a sac-fly. the indians would inch closer in the sixth... getting another run. but the cubs comes up strong... and seals the win, 3-2. that forces a game six ?tomorrow night , back in cleveland. coverage starts right here on fox 13, starting at 7-30. and another group of fans were on the edge of their seats sunday... at raymond james stadium. the bucs hosting the oakland raiders. and tampa bay was almost handed this game on a silver platter. oakland had 23 penalties... for two ?hundred
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and things started pretty well for the bucs.defense pressuring derek carr... noah spence strip sack... howard jones recovers. it leads to the bucs first touchdown of the game... jameis winston play action... hits russell shepard on the 19-yard touchdown pass... bucs now up 10-0. the raiders cut the lead to seven by halftime... and then, oakland woke up in the second half. they scored on their first two poss though. winston hits "cameron brate" for a touchdown... roberto aguayo misses the extra point. next drive - bucs go 82 yards... more than ?half that from oakland penalites. jacquizz rodgers gets his first touchdown as a buc... and later leaves the game with a foot injury. the raiders score late... thanks to a pass interference call...and force overtime tied at 24. in o-t... the bucs, go 3 & out in ?both overtime possessions.
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seth roberts makes a catch and slips right through ?two defenders for the score. oakland wins... 30-24, and the bucs remain ?winless at home: and the bucs don't have much time to figure out what went wrong. they take on the atlanta falcons this ?thursday night. it's their "color rush" game and the game will be televised on the nfl network. the uniform will look a lot like last years.... pretty much
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and now to hockey... where the lightning were trying to end a 2-game skid last night in new york.. facing the rangers. wouldn't be easy. the bolts trailing by one in the 2nd frame... a nice setup by the rangers to michael grabner who easily puts it past ben bishop. 2-nothing rangers. it keeps going downhill after that. the lightning fall 6-1... steven stamkos had the bolts lone goal. when we come back, i'll have another check on your monday forecast. plus... just in time for halloween: one creepy competition. why this group was racing... with a
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making headlines across america: a week-long manhunt is over in oklahoma... for a man behind a violent string of crimes. "michael vance junior" was killed... after getting into a shootout with law enforcement. one deputy was also wounded. the manhunt started back on october 23rd, after detectives say vance killed two relatives and shot two police officers back in wellston, oklahomna. the officers are recovering. responded to a report that vance was in the area of dewey county... and he got ?shot as well. vance drove away by a highway patrol trooper chased him down and ?killed them during another shootout. the officer shot on sunday was only hit in the ?shoulder. he's expected to make a full recovery. a man who stopped to help two women in distress near atlanta... became a victim himself. police in gwinnett county say the women lured the man into a trap. they say the women convinced
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a set of town homes. that's when he was robbed by a group of teens and shot ?three times. police say the women and the teens ran off. the good samaritan is now recovering in the hospital. and... one colorado community held a race... inspired by a ?ghost. it's the "emma crawford coffin races" in manitou springs. hundreds of people dressed in their best halloween costumes.. and raced their teams down a street. the goal.. be as spooky and speedy as possible.. local legend has it that emma crawford died to be buried at the top of red mountain. then, a storm in 1929 washed her remains down the mountain.. and that's when the "hauntings" began. that's why all the teams in the coffin race competition.. have an ?emma? along for the ride. still ahead in our next half hour: creepy clowns... better stay ?home tonight. why some trick- or-treaters will have a ?dangerous surprise for them. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live in lakeland, with the latest on a ?deadly
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our children, they look up to us. what we value, how we treat others. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose. who we'll entrust our country and their future to. the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division? a woman who's spent her life helping children and families,
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what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together.


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