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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  October 31, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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a deadly hit and run crash involving a local deputy. we're live this morning with effort to track down the driver and get to the bottom of this tragic crash. shh... a silent night for shoppers at one big name store. why they're implementing quiet shopping hours leading up to the holiday season. and the cubs win game five and send the series back to cleveland. joe maddon's bold move, that saved the game and the cubs's season. good morning and welcome to good day tampa bay at 5:xx. i'm walter allen. thanks for joining us. and i'm jen epstein. let's start off the morning, by checking in with dave... what can we expect for trick-or- treating tonight?? (dave mostly sunny and warm today, with high temps back to the mid 80s. tonight will be
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developing this morning: the search for a hit and run driver that killed a tampa woman and sent a local deputy to the hospital. that deputy was helping that woman early saturday morning on the side of a road in lake wales, when an unknown driver hit them both and kept on going. fox13's "shayla reaves" is liv health medical center where the deputy is being treated. just a horrible
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thanks, shayla. thanks, shayla.
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an accused hit and run driver's escape from troopers is caught on camera. and deputies are still lookingor crushed metal, deployed airbags and broken glass left behind after troopers say the driver caused a four-car accident at u-s 19 and roosevelt boulevard in clearwater sunday morning. troopers say the driver ran from his car after the accident, then made ihs way through a carmax parking lot before ending up at the rodeway inn on frontage road. there cameras caught him
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the man stayed away from the windows until his friend got there and quickly makes an escape, driving right past the deputy's patrol car. they are still trying to figure out who he is. and a three-year-old from pasco county is waking up in the hospital after a t-v set fell on him. it happened at a house on homewood lane in hudson yesterday. the child was airlifted to bayfront st. petersburg. no word on his condition. election now just days away, candidates are criss-crossing florida... trying to score votes... with the race as tight as ever. while you won't find donald trump in florida today... vice-presidential nominee mike pence will be here. he's stumping in cocoa and maitland before wrapping his day in clearwater. meantime, hillary clinton will make another trip to tampa tomorrow, before heading east to orlando and fort lauderdale. and entering the final
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hillary clinton is once again on the defense over her use of a private e-mail system. the f-b-i has obtained a warrant to begin reviewing newly discovered information. donald trump is seizing on the news... and using it to boost his campaign. a closer look at the investigation and how it could affect the outcome of the presidential race... coming up at 5:30. the cubs have won their first world series game at wrigley field since 1945... and it couldn't have come at a more opportune time. with their out an intense 3-2 victory last night... preventing the indians from winning it all inside their famed stadium. coach maddon's unorthodox decision to bring closer aroldis chapman in in the 7th inning was a bold move that paid off. chapman recorded the final eight outs to save the game, and the cubs' season. game six is tomorrow night at progressive field in cleveland. jake arrieta will take the mound for chicago. josh tomlin for
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you can watch the game, right here on fox 13. the bucs' troubles continue... on a day where they could've won their first game at home and scored a winning record... they blew it... losing in overtime sunday to the oakland raiders. even worse, the raiders had an n-f-l record 23 penalties for 200 yards. and tampa bay couldn't capitalize. tampa bay loses 30 to 24. and things don't get much easier for tampa bay... the falcons come to town for a thursday night game thiwe florida state coach jimbo fisher had some strong words for officials following saturday's loss to clemson. and today, he's paying for those words. officials flagged the seminoles for a pair of penalties in the fourth quarter, while f-s-u was still clinging to a two point lead. the penalties stalled the seminoles' drive... clemson went on to win. after the game, fisher had some choice words about the officiating...
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fined fisher 20-thousand dollars saying his words were uncalled for. it's halloween! to celebate, we want to see your kids and pets dressed up in their holiday best. this is my kote and pebbles dressed up as dorothy and the cowardly lion from "the wizard of oz". you can tweet and instagram your pictures to us using the hastag good day t-b. we'll be airing them all morning! a startling sight at the met opera in new york city. a show is cancelled halfway through after a man scattered a ?friends ashes in the
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marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message because i'll be a senator who always works for you. amendment 1 protects consumers from scams, promotes safe solar, and is endorsed by florida's firefighters. so, why are out-of-state billionaires attacking it? amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies for special interests. it's solar done right.
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another devastating ed caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. earthquake has hit italy leaving rubble in its wake. the 6-point-6 magnitude quake leveled a number of century old buildings and ancient sites. it was the third powerful earthquake to hit the area in two months. italian officials are urging residents to evacuate the area while they assess the damage. residents terror as the earth started shaking under them. the earthquake is believed to be the strongest to hit italy since 1980... when a 6-point-9-magnitude quake hit and killed three- thousand-people. geologists are expecting aftershocks and smaller earthquakes to continue over
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across america: authorities are looking into a fire that burned near the sight of a oil pipeline protest in north dakota. the fire burned hundreds of acres... and authorities say it looks supicious. fox's "kelly wright" reports. ((take pkg))runs: 1:36out: std chyrons:0:00-0:05 erika gutierrez / fire witness 0:05-0:10 courtesy: jonathan klett0:15-0:18 courtesy: jonathan klett0:18-0:30 aldo seoane / fire witness0:46-0:58 james delacruz / protester 1:06-1:13 clyde bellecourt / opposes pipeline project 1:23-1:31 kevin pranis / laborers union 1:31-1:36 kelly wright / fox news correspondent (on-cam "fox news" tag) ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------gutierrez says: "i come out the tent and there's flames everywhere - all up on here. it was just ho mysterious fire spreads near a the protest camp in north dakota... where people have been protesting an oil pipeline near sacred native american land. while no one was hurt in the fire... many living in the camp are scared. seoane says: "we looked up on the hilltop and he saw headlights there was a car up there. so we started looking up there and pretty soon that car stopped, it was driving erratically, it stopped and then you saw that fire light up." meantime ... the demonstration in north dakota has sparked other protests throughout the country. hundreds of people came together near seattle, washington... in opposition to the three billion dollar dakota access oil pipeline... which they say threatens clean water.delacruz says: "not only tribal people here, there are people from all over the world and over the country that understand what these people are trying to protect. it?s important to protect them for them as well as us." in minneapolis ... protesters were upset a sheriff sent deputies to north dakota to help secure the construction of the pipeline.bellecourt says: "they started opening up with beanbags and rubber bullets and some of these young people were hit right in the face, with these beanbags." but construction union representatives... supportive of the project ... say they are being careful to ensure the pipeline is environmentally friendly. pranis says: "it was
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situation for our members as well as for protesters, who were trying to get onto active construction sites." (on-cam tag) the cause of the fire is now under investigation... in new york, kelly wright, fox news. a scare at new york's metropolitan opera. police say, during a weekend performance, a grieving man
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friend's ashes inside. the move caused the met to cancel the rest of the show and evacuate the building. the n-y-p-d says the man responsible is 52-year-old roger kaiser... and that he's pulled a stunt like this before. he told police quote: i just wanted to leave something in my friend's memory. musician "bob dylan" says he ?will be at the nobel prize ceremony. over the weekend, dylan told a reporter that he would absolutely be at the awards ceremony in december, if it's at all possible. that's good for the committee who had given up getting in contact with dylan about collecting his prize.
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it is 5:??: time now to find out what's happening
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no closed captioning is available for traffic. the office can be a tough place... so you naturally bond with the people you work with. work friends are essential to surviving in the office. we wanted to bring you an interesting fun article
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friends you make in the modern workplace. here are the first four. the office couple. every office has at least one of these. the slight dysfunctional, non-romantic work husband and wife. their ambition is obvious, they finish each other's sentences and their slightly intense bond, tends to creep everyone else out. next, the fashion crush. you know that man or woman who knows ?exactly how to they also seem to pull off every new fashion trend... the pharmacy. every office has one of these. have a headache... need a bandaid... you go and ask this person. this co-worker knows exactly how to fix you up. but be careful... if you abuse this valuable resource the pharmacy may just close up shop. finally the work crush. you know that person you admire from a far.. or you think is kind of cute? or in some offices it's that one person that everyone can agree
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now this is just the first half of the list. tomorrow we're going to bring you the final four on the list. that includes: the carb pusher, the work ghost and the workout buddy! looking for a halloween scare? if you're sending your child to college in the fall that bill could be terrifying. coming up, we're showing you this year's average costs for a year of college! plus if you're taking your little superheroes and princesses out trick-or-treating tonight you could be in for heavier bags
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"one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena?. "see what's possible." donald trump : i love the old days; you know what they used to do with guys like that when they were in a place like this? they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody when mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy - ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like, "i don't remember!? our children and grandchildren will look back at this time...
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the principles we will live by. and we need to make sure that they can be proud of us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. more stores are dropping their thanksgiving hours. the mall of america in minnesota has announced it
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day. "c-b-l and associates" who operates the shopping center has announced 72 of its malls will be closed on thanksgiving day, to allow employees, retailers and shoppers to spend thanksgiving with their families. office depot and radio shack who were both open last year have also announced they will be closed. maybe with last night's win this will change... after a tough loss on friday night world series tickets have seen a drop in price! just hours before ?friday's game, last night's game 5 had been named the most expensive sporting event in history... but with a cubbies loss friday ticket prices dropped from 65-hundred-dollars to 53-hundred-dollars. it was the second-most expensive game behind the 2015 super bowl. are you getting ready to send your child off to college... we have some bad news for you, it looks like tuition just keeps going up. here's how the average sticker price breaks down.
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in-state tuition for public colleges is just over 20- thousand-dollars. out of state at those same schools 35- thousand-dollars. and private colleges are just over 45-thousand-dollars. but don't get scared... with scholarships and grants most families don't end up paying nearly that amount. no bones about it... halloween is shaping up to be a real treat for the u-s economy this year. lower candy prices are expected to bump halloween sales across the predicted to spend five-and-a-half-percent more on halloween candy this year.. that comes out to 3- point-8-billion-dollars or about 30-dollars per household. so why the spending? experts say people feel more confident about the overall outlook of the economy so they are willing to spend a little more dough.
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will be hitting the streets in search of candy. ken suarez will tell us what you need to know before taking your kids trick-or-treating. plus, it's a staple of the holiday season. the weeki wachee christmas boat parade. but this year it's not happening! we'll tell
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z25egz z16fz y25egy y16fy
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d now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose. who we'll entrust our country and their future to. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division? s spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together.
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halloween is here. tonight a lot of little ones will be hitting the streets in search of the best candy. but what do you need to know before you head out? fox13's ken suarez is live in south tampa this morning. ken, what do parents need
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traffic.available for captioning is no closed no closed captioning is
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traffic. pinellas county sheriff's office is investigating the death of an inmate at the county jail in clearwater. 58-year-old "timothy matthews" complained of chest pains and collapsed, while in his housing area. detention and medical staff at the jail performed c-p-r on him until paramedics responded, but
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matthews was serving a 364 day sentence on a possession of drug paraphernalia charge. no foul play is suspected. deputies in manatee county are looking for two men they say robbed and shot two other men. it happened sunday morning at a home on 76th avenue drive east in sarasota. the victims told deputies that two men in hoodies walked into the house and started making robbery demands.. they took several items and shot both men, hitting one of them in the head. both were hospitalized but are expected to be okay. a clearwater man is facing burglary charges after breaking into the holocaust museum. police say they were called out to the museum when an alarm went off around 3 a-m sunday morning. when officers got to the scene, they found "christopher venegas" inside and arrested him. he didn't take anything from inside. but he was caught on camera kicking and breaking an electronic key pad and call box. police are still trying to figure out why he did it. we're just over a week away from election day.
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presidential race has pivoted into a three-way free-for-all -- with the head of the f-b-i -- in the middle of it all. and while it looks like "hillary clinton" is trying to stay above the fray... her rival "donald trump" is basking in the chain of events. fox's "catherine herridge" has the lastest. ((take pkg))runs: 2:32out: std chyrons:0:35 - 0:43 rep. devin nunes / (r-ca) house intelligence committee chairman / fox news sunday 1:10 - 1:26 rep. adam schiff / (d-ca) house intelligence committee / "this week"/abc 1:41 - 1:58 tom fuentes / former fbi assistant director / cnn2:07 - 2:14 rep. lamar smith / (r-tx) house government oversight committee / september 28catherine herridge / fox news chief intelligence correspondent (on- cam fox news tag) ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----live topa government source confirms that an analysis of the metadata on the anthony weiner computer has turned up "positive hits for accounts and clinton's emails, adding the numbers are quote astonishing -- with the wa s play -- that's what led fbi director james comey to reboot the fbi email case.(take pkg) after a subpoena was issued in late september, fox news was told fbi investigators began combing through anthony weiner's computer in the separate, sexting investigation. as they sifted through the records, investigators found emails from clinton aide huma abedin, weiner's estranged wife, who had access to the laptop. the fbi team then got new authorization to do a deeper dive on the metadata, and that was when the hits allegedly linked to clinton were uncovered. the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee, who was notified by the fbi, spoke with chris wallace of fox news sunday.nunes says: "to me, chris, this has to be a substantial development, i just don't see director comey opening this case back up 11 days before the election unless it is quite serious." abedin told the fbi in april that she sent state department emails, including this one from clinton, to her personal yahoo account where it was easier to print than the clumsy state department system. in june, abedin swore under oath in a freedom of information act lawsuit that she never deleted her
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sworn declaration is now in question.quote "my -- if my memory serves me correctly, (abedin told a judicial watch investigator) it was two laptops, a blackberry, and some files that i found in my apartment." the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee told abc news comey acted outside his lane. schiff says: "i think this was a terrible error in judgment by the director to release this kind of ambiguous letter - they may be pertinent, they may be significant, they may not be significant, they may not be pertinent - that kind of an ambiguity bomb this close to election was a terrible lapse in judgment." the director's decision was driven by two factors - the sheer volume of records, said to be in the 1000s, and the commitment he made under oath.smith says: "would you re-open the clinton investigation if you discovered new information that was both relevant and substantial? "comey: it's hard for me to answer in the abstract. we would certainly look at any new and substantial infoat said they don't know if the
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we're learning more about a deadly motorcycle crash that shut down part of bayshore boulevard. sunday morning, southbound bayshore boulevard was closed after a motorcyclist lost control and crashed. he died. his
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according to t-p-d, the two were thrown from the bike after hitting a curb. police are still investigating. police in south florida are warning of a bogus link making the rounds on twitter. if you open the twitter link on your cell phone, it begins to call 9-1-1 over and over against without you touching the keypad. according to victims, no matter how many times they've tried to hang up on the phone call, their phone would not youtube video. but when you click it your phone glitches, goes blank and starts dialing. she's not alone. twitter has warned users not to click on the offending link. the broward county sheriff's office says they got
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a holiday tradition in weeki wachee has been put on hold this year. the 31st annual weeki wachee river christmas boat parade is cancelled. the parade was scheduled to take place on december 3rd, at rogeres park in spring hill and bayport park in bayport. but organizers say they had no choice but to cancel because the bayport pier is still damaged from hurricane hermine. the parade will resume next year. if you have a child with autism, you know a simple trip to ahead this hour: we'll take you inside one store, trying to make holiday shopping a little easier for those parents. and we have a series. the cubs win game five of the world series to stay alive. fox13's "scott smith" is breaking down the big game coming up in morning sports.
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?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with halloween donuts and munchkins. decorated, and all dressed up for the season, pick up a box and share the fun.
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donald trump : i love the old days; you know what they used to do with guys like that when they were in a place like this? they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? it's like incredible. when mexico sends its people,
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was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy - ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like, "i don't remember!? our children and grandchildren will look back at this time... the choices we are about to make. the goals we will strive for. the principles we will live by. and we need to make sure that they can be proud of us. clinton and i approve this message. ?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin.
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new this morning - "toys r us" is doing something pretty fantastic for parents of children with autism. russell rhodes joins us now with this new idea - that many people hope will catch on here in the u.s. for many families - this time of year is very exciting.. and intense.. think of your local stores.. a lot of bright lights.. loud music.. and high energy. while that's fun for most kids.. autism - it's a nightmare. that's why, next sunday.. "toys r us" stores across the united kingdom will open their doors for one hour.. ?only for parents of children who have autism. they will dim the lights.. reduce the fluorescent lighting.. cut-out the in-store music.. and eliminate the loud speaker announcements.. store employees will also create "quiet zones" for families.. in case the stimulation becomes too much. "toys r us" hopes this will allow kids with autism to enjoy holiday shopping...
5:44 am
can come from it. so far, only stores in the u-k are doing this.. but the idea seems to be a hit - so many parents hope it will catch on
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states, as well.. back to you. it's now 5:??. time to check the forecast with dave. it is 5:??: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our "skyfox on time traffic". no closed captioning is
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teams that fall behind 3-games to 1 in the world series... only come back to win it, 13- percent of the time... odds when compared to 108 years of futility, seems like small potatoes... the cubs staying alive tonight in game of the 2nd... jose ramirez... launches it to deep left... the solo shot gives the indians the 1-nothing leadkris bryant would return the favor in the 4th with a home run of his own... game is tied at 1. that was the start of a 3-run inning for the cubs... runners at the corners for addison russell who hits a dribbler... no play at the plate... and russell is safe at first. 2-1 cubs.bases loaded for david ross now... and it looks like this one might be out of the park...
5:48 am
3-1 6... francisco lindor up the middle... drives in raijai davis... 3-2 cubs. the win was handed to them on a silver platter... well, actually a black and silver platter... on that platter, 23 penalty flags, totally 200 yards... then you have the raiders dropped passes and missed kicks... the bucs received ?so many breaks in todays game... and yet, another rough ending at home... but no complaints about how it started today against oakland at ray jay...defense pressuring derek carr... noah spence strip sack... howard jones recovers... leads to the bucs first touchdown of the game... jameis winston play action... hits russell shepard on the 19-yard touchdown pass... bucs now up 10-0.3rd and goal for the raiders in the 2nd... carr looking endzone.but the rookie - vernon hargreaves! denies entrance... oakland held to a field goal, bucs by 7 at the half.but the raiders score on their first 2 possessions of the 3rd.carr to amari cooper... cooper a career game, 173 yards receiving... raiders first lead, 17-10. winston right on target again to cameron brate in the back of the endzone... after anothger roberto aguayo pat miss... bucs down 1, 17-16. next drive - bucs go 82 yards... 44 of those yards from raiders penalties...but the bucs take advantage - jacquizz rodgers first touchdown as a buc...and because of the aguayo miss - they have to go for 2... winston with the fake and lob to mik the last 2 minutes... raiders go for it on 4th and 3...?carr overthrows... game over right!? nope, defensive holding called on jude adjei-barimah.and ?this is what followed...carr to mychal rivera... and we're tied at 24 with 1:38 to go. bucs go 3 and out... in just 30 raiders with a chance to win here... sebastian janikowski 52-yarder with 4 seconds left... wide left...headed to overtime. in o-t... the bucs, go 3 & out in both overtime possessions... giving it right back to the raiders, and theyfinally get burned for good.carr connects with seth roberts... poor tackling - was a problem all game.41 yard touchdown... bucs winless at home... 30-24 the final. to hockey... lightning on a 2-game skid facing the rangers tonight. bolts trailing by one in the 2nd frame... a nice setup by the rangers to michael grabner who easily puts it past ben bishop... 2-nothing rangers... grabner would finish with the hat trick tonight as lightning fall 6-1... steven stamkos had bolts lone goal... bolts lone goal...steven
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apparently tying in football is going to become a regular thing. the redskins and bengals faced off in london. the redskins came from behind to tie it up in the 4th quarter. in overtime, the bengals missed a field goal and were unable to
5:52 am
mary... but no such luck.. this game ended tied 27 all. last week we found out that "michael phelps" and his fiancee "nicole johnson" had secretly tied the knot in a small courthouse ceremony back in june. well, it looks like they've held a ceremony for their friends now. phelp posted this picture to his instgram account sunday morning. the couple allegedly got married saturday in mexico. phelps captioned the picture "truly the best day of my life". stick around we'll tell you about some of the things happening around the bay area today. and how you can get into the halloween spirit before taking your little ones trick-or-treating. i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in.
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protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message because i'll be a senator who always works for you. in my job, i see a lot of fires that could've been stopped before they started. that's why florida's firefighters support amendment 1. amendment 1 does solar the right way, commonsense safeguards for the health, safety and welfare of florida's consumers and it's first responders. for the sunshine state.
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under state attorney mark ober's watch, rape and sexual assault are on the rise. ober is not just ineffective, he declined to prosecute a man who forced a girl into sexual slavery, even blamed the victim. ober: she was with him voluntarily. andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor, will reallocate resources to target violent crime, including gun violence, rape, and domestic abuse. andrew warren for state attorney.
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if you don't make a short drive on i-4, you can see hanson live at disney. the band is performing at epcot as a part of the "eat to the beat" concert series. it's all a part of the food and wine festival there. admission to the concert is
5:56 am
"a nightmare on franklin street" continues on halloween, with a not so frightful showing. the tampa theatre will air "hotel transylvania" later this morning. it's a part of their mummy and me movies. it starts at 10 this morning... and tickets are 10- dollars. you can get a frightfully sweet treat all day today. ihop is offering free scary face pancakes f p-m today. it's for kids 12 and under. kids can also create their own boo-tiful breakfast with strawberries, whipped cream, oreos and candy corn! there's much more to come on good day. let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. ((russell/2-shot)) it really feels like florida is the center of the political universe right now.. donald trump and hillary
5:57 am
who's coming to visit.. and what the newest polls are saying... (russell/take vo) and: you may think it's funny.. or trendy.. to dress up as a clown tonight.. but don't do it.. why police in florida say their safety could really be at risk. (laura/take vo) and: it's not something you see every day.. a pro football player ?hugging a referee! coming up at six - why he'll ?never hug a ref again!
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?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin.
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right now authorities are investigat >>russell: right now authorities are investigating a series of hit and run crashes in three different counties. developing this morning, the search for these dangerous drivers. >>laura: craze has people arming themselves as they prepare to go trick-or-treating. pick a different costume this halloween. >>russell: and cubs fans rejoice. chicago getting another shot at breaking that long standing curse. >>dave: nice, comfy, 68 degrees out at tampa international. yes, a little bit of normal. dew points in the 60s. fortunately for us, no significant changes here on this


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