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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  November 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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right now at noon.. a massive search for a >> right now at noon, a massive search for a missing father on the alafia river. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. deputies say william m watercraft monday evening and never returned. fox 13 is live at the river right now and josh, what is the latest first on the search effort and what do investigators think happened? this is a real mystery here. >>reporter: yeah. at this point they don't know what happened. they are continuing their search at this hour. we've been watching as sheriff's office boats have been speeding up and down the alafia river. many have sonar on board as they
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we've also seen the helicopter flying overhead. it is using infrared technology to search for him as well. i can tell you, there is a lot of concern out here because when it comes to these searchs, of course, time is not on deputies' sides. let's recap exactly how we got to this point. just before 6:00 last night, the sheriff's office is notified that william morris is missing. he's 38 and from river view. he had just taken his 3-year-old son out on the jet ski. later when his wife face timed which was, of course, a red flag. that child was found safe on island 75 in the middle of the river as was the jet ski along with an adult life jacket and we know morris' wallet was in the ski as well. since then, crews have been searching high and low all through the night until about 1:00 a.m. but so far, no sign of william morris. >> we have no changes during the
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we have several people involved with this. as you know, we have a small child we are continuing to interview and we are now picking up the search. we will continue to search for the gentleman and continue to hope that he is safe and sound. >>reporter: that 3-year-old appears to be fine. a good samaritan found him on the island, stayed with him. he will be an important part of this search. deputies will try to speak to him to see what, if at this point, it's anybody's guess but rest assured, the sheriff's office will be out here until there is a resolution. back to you. >> thank you and of course, i know you'll be following this and bring us an update on the 5:00 news. we're following a news alert out of baltimore. this is the scene of a crash involving a school bus and a city bus that left at least six people dead. the police chief says five of the people killed were on the commuter bus. sixth was a driver of the school
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could rise since emergency personnel have not been able to fully search the bus yet. 10 people are at the hospital, including a school bus aide. driver of a third car, and eight passengers from the bus. >> it went into oncoming traffic and stuck an mta bus on its driver's side and basically ripped the entire drive's side off of the vehicle. it literally exploded in the bus and it's catastrophic damage. >> the accident is one of the more horrific they have ever seen. a mother and her two kids are dead after a tragic halloween night crash near meridian, mississippi. mississippi highway patrol say they were riding on a trailer when they were hit by a pickup truck. investigators say the 33-year-old mother as well as her 8-year-old and 2-year-old daughters died at that scene. six other people on the float were taken to area hospitals in
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investigators say a jeep was pulling the float. neither driver was hurt. hillary clinton is returning to the bay area this afternoon and folks are already arriving to see her. she'll hold an early voting rally at pasco hernando college in dade city. the doors open at 1:00. and we will, of course, have a full report coming up at 5:00 for you. former president bill clinton is also coming here to campaign for his wife. he will attend a rally in st. petersburg. doors forha 5:30. and we are exactly one week from election day. as the candidates hit the campaign trail today, there's both old and new attacks coming from both sides. republicans using fresh firepower to hit democratic rival hillary clinton over the reopening of that f.b.i. investigation into her emails. while clinton reminds voters of what her opponent has said about women over the years.
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to campaign, the candidates are making their final push. republican nominee donald trump laying out his latest argument for why his democratic opponent hillary clinton is unfit to be president warning voters if clinton were to win, she could be prime ministered over her emails while in office. >> we'll be facing the very possibility of a constitutional crisis. she's not going to win the election but i'm just saying -- >> the latest f.b.i. probe into clinton's email connection to her top aide's estranged husband, anthony we weiner, is providing fresh fodder for the campaign as the f.b.i. reopens the investigation into his rival. >> two very selfish people who put their personal interests before the safety and security of the nation z. >> today the nominee is in florida hoping to pivot
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back to trump's alarming behavior toward women. >> do you treat women with respect? >> i can't say that, either. >> that new ad running in key swing states as the former secretary of state makes her closing argument on why she believes trump is unfit for the office. >> we want an america where women are respected. >> a record 22 million ballots have already been cast as early, in-person voting continues in a number of states, including paul ryan told fox he voted for trump. >> let's bring in political editor craig patrick. clintons are here in florida. trump has been in the state as have the vice presidential candidates so we know this is the key state to win but why? >> it's the key state for donald trump. if you look at the math, it makes basic assumptions which states go red and blue.
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he cannot win the white house without winning the state of florida. it is the ultra battleground state and hillary clinton knows it and knows effectively if she wins, it's check mate. she's trying to close the deal in florida. donald trump knows he cannot afford to lose the state and what we're seeing in florida, there are not as many undecided or uncommitted voters in the state as there are in other swing states like, for example, new hampshire and colorado. and with this is not so much they're coming to f no. they're trying to rev up their base to make sure they get out and vote and you're already seeing a big surge in early voting, really on both sides. it's showing right now to be very, very close in the number of republicans and democrats who have already voted. >> so anyone's game at this point in our state. are we getting a better idea how the f.b.i. investigation into clinton's emails is affecting the race? >> we are and we'll have a better idea this time tomorrow because our polling is in the
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halloween. you might miss young parents, for example, but we're looking at, at least a 1% drop for hillary clinton and i would say as the focus continues to remain in the news cycle on hillary clnton and the f.b.i. investigation and james comey, i think that will continue perhaps to bring her numbers down another point or two. and you're already seeing some parity in the popular vote across the na well tie the race but again, we're going to have a much better idea where florida is lining up after the f.b.i. bomb shell with our polling out tomorrow afternoon. >> we'll see you back here at 5:00 and again tomorrow. thanks, craig. usf student is accused of robbing a pizza delivery driver with a toy gun. usf police say that cantrell approached the delivery driver and said he wanted the pizza for free.
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looked like a gun while the delivery driver, he ran and called police. usf police learned later that the gun was just a toy but cantrell is charged with armed robbery. it is finally here. the ferry that will take people between tampa and st. pete. the cross bay ferry is on the maiden voyage right now, right as we speak. dan is on board the ferry crossing tampa bay and he joins us live. hi, dan. >> hey th good afternoon. we're having a great time out here. wind is blowing a little bit but this is the first trip on the cross bay ferry. we're on the return trip. we just left tampa. we're probably, i would say, 15 minutes we'll be back in st. petersburg but you can see the ferry full of politicians right now, the people that really made this happen. it's all part of a pilot program to see if both tampa and st. petersburg, they can turn this over to the private sector. tickets about $10. they go on sale today.
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public, that's going to be on friday. the cross bay ferry left st. petersburg around 10:00 this morning and docked near the tampa convention center where mayor kriseman was greeted by mayor buckhorn. >> the credit belongs to this guy right here. he's the one that had the idea. he twisted my arm until i couldn't move anymore. he got the money out of all the counties. it's a win-win for everybody but mayor kri credit for you. >> thank you. it was a fantastic ride and i think the thing that people will love the most is seeing our two downtowns from the water. it's a totally different perspective. >>reporter: you can see the two mayors hugging it out there as kriseman got off the boat and kind of funny. the mascot for the rays, raymond, got in on the action as well which caused a little laughter as both cities are vying over the location of the possible new stadium.
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petersburg police department flagging us here as we make our final approach to st. petersburg. once again, tickets go on sale today across bay they're about $10, a little cheaper for the little ones and the first trip on friday. linda? >> what a great day for that first ride, thank you, dan. dozens of tampa bay vets are getting a heartfelt thank you today and a day they will never forget. an honor flight took off this morning clearwater airport with nearly 80 veterans on board. most served in world war ii and korea and now in the 90s and they'll be visiting a number of memorials in washington, d.c., have lunch overlooking arlington national cemetery. >> i'm going to see some memorials that i haven't seen. i've been to d.c. but there's new ones that i haven't seen any of those. it will be great. >> it is.
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dime. they'll be greeted tonight by a band and hundreds of supporters. well deserved. the world series could wrap up tonight. that's what cleveland hopes, any way. but chicago is fighting to take the world series to game seven. we'll have a preview from cleveland next but first, jim is here with a spectacular forecast. did you see it on the water? looked beautiful. >>jim: you can see just some perfect looking weather. a few scattered clouds overhead. temperatures comfortable as well. up we're heading toward the mid 80s again for this afternoon but we're tracking a cold front that will be working towards us and giving us some cooler
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tto elect a public servant whoas has always put the people first. charlie crist. as governor he worked with both parties to get things done and i know you can trust charlie to do the same in congress. he'll fight to protect social security and medicare. defend women's health care and planned parenthood. and take care of our veterans. charlie needs your vote, please stand with him. i know he'll always stand with you.
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in my job, i see a lot of fires that could've been stopped before they started. that's why florida's firefighters support amendment 1. amendment 1 does solar the right way, commonsense safeguards for the health, safety and welfare of florida's consumers and it's first responders. amendment 1 means more solar, safe solar, for the sunshine state.
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(linda nr) tonight's the big night..., >> tonight is the big night with the cleveland indians looking to capture the first world series at home since 1920. the chicago cubs, they're hoping to force a game seven. joel is in cleveland for all t >> cleveland looking for the first world series win since 1948 but the chicago cubs say they have the momentum to push the series into a seventh game. after squeaking past the indians in game five, the cubs are turning to cy young award winner tonight. cleveland countering with game
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>> we were talking and we see tomlin now a second time on short rest. >> tomlin points out he only threw 58 pitches in game three and he's also got the home field advantage. the indians tied texas for the best home record in the american league this season. >> it's 58 pitches so i didn't go -- it's better than throwing 100 or 110 but in this environment, you're still getting up and down four or five times. >> indians haven't won a world is ready to celebrate. but they're also going to be plenty of long, suffering cubs fans here hoping for a win to force game seven and bring chicago its first championship since 1908. >> it's just been my whole life and all the memories, i think back over the last 60 years. i've been wanting it so bad. >> if the cubs managed to hold off the indians, game seven will be here at progressive field
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>> once again, game six starts tonight at 8:00. as always, you can watch it right here on fox 13. coverage, though, begins at 7:30. tampa electric's manatee viewing center starts today. they seek warmer water. if you haven't seen it, it's amazing. viewing center draws about 275,000 visitors each season. admission and parking are free. that's not all. in center will unveil a new touch tank. it will be the winter home for the rays that live at tropicana field during baseball season. i don't know if you go today you'll see manatees. it's still warm. >> water temperature is 75. most of them probably not there yet but maybe a couple of early comers maybe. but you know, it kind of tells you sgchlt we're getting into the time of year where we're starting to transition into the
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average high for the month, november 78 degrees. average low is 60. this is actually our driest month of the year and the month of november, we average 1.55 inches of rain so you can say that rainy season, it's officially over. of course, we've noticed that really the past several weeks. but we've had some pretty big extremes through the month of november. we've seen it up to 92 gr november 4. actually we had 92 degrees back in the 1970, on november 25. we were all the way down to 23 degrees. so what we expect for this year, across much of the southeast, we're talking about warm temperatures but over florida, seasonable. so about average as far as the temperatures are concerned. but most of the country is actually looking for a fairly warm november across the
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average as far as the rainfall goes as we go through the month of november. it's our driest month of the season. visible satellite loop starts out just like we've seen the past several days with that easterly flow, bringing us some fair weather cumulus clouds across the state. easterly wind means a very moderate temperature, 82 degrees outside right now. dew point is at 62. winds are out of the east at eight miles an hour so pretty much everybody in the 70s or 80s. st. petersburg at 78 brandon has an 86. tampa currently at 82 degrees and basically the same story as you go across the state. lower 80s to our north and same thing down to our south. miami currently sits at 82 degrees and dew points, kind of sit in that moderate range into the mid 60s. we're watching for the cold front which is going to be working towards us. remember, a couple of weeks ago we watched that dew point drop all the way to the 30s and the 40s. that very crisp, comfortable air, that's what we're looking
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weekend once again. high pressure mainly in control along the eastern third of the country. cold front is slicing through the middle of the country. cooler temperatures behind that front but you see that push of mild air out ahead of it. right now the front is quiet but as it starts to make its way into the southeast, probably going to see at least a little bit of shower activity along that frontal boundary. that high will tend to break down a little bit as we go through the next couple of days. we'll so moderate humidity, warm temperatures in the mid 80s and here is the front heading our way. late friday, notice a little shower activity with this as we go through friday as well. so we'll keep the rain chance 20%. mainly sunny skies for today. daytime high is 86 degrees. pleasant night for tonight. low temperature of 68. again for tomorrow, we're on the warm side. daytime high of 86 degrees on the water. winds out of the northeast at 15 knots, seas two feet with a
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afternoon. here's your seven-day forecast. highs in the 80s the next few days but notice as we get into the weekend, that's a nice change there. 70s with the overnight lows in the 50s and 60s. >> that's nice. thanks, jim. up next, helping kids and families stay healthy. it's a marketplace on wheels, delivering fresh fruits and bob buesing... on the record. he sues tax payers to cover the outrageous cost of a lavish courthouse. buesing files forclosures on homes critical to seniors. his law firm is accused of running up costs on a school district at the expense of our kids. trailing in the polls, buesing attacks dana young. for things she never did.
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foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs, a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away.
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you may think eating healthy is a choice. but many people right here in the >> you may think eating healthy is a choice but many here consider it a privilege. a recent study by the american heart association found that can directly increase a person's risk of developing early heart disease. one local organization is trying to do something about it by taking the market to a pretty sweet price. dr. jo has that story. >> this is what a desert looks like. but it's not water that this sulphur springs neighborhood lacks. >> the produce around here, it's not so great. most of the kids don't even know where to get vegetables from. >> a food desert is an area at least one mile from the nearest grocery store and the tampa bay
12:25 pm
that's why twice a month, paul johnson comes here. >> do you have grill it, man. >> to the ymca veggie van. >> three tomatoes, three onions, three sweet potatoes. >> it's a mobile marketplace bringing fruits and venl tanls to underserved communities. >> it's only a dollar. >> all of this planning, it saves a lot. you buy maybe about $6 worth of food for $1. that's pretty good. >> rowen says without the veggie van, people who live in these areas don't have many options when it comes to fresh foods. >> these families depend on the corner stores for shopping and in the corner stores, there's no healthy alternatives. if they're going to buy fruits and vegetables, it's outrageous. it's cheaper to buy soda and chips. >> bananas, oranges and apples.
12:26 pm
feed. >> i feel when i can't have this in the house, they get too much syrup, too much starch. they're eating extra of something else and not eating proper things they need to eat. >> a local program helping to serve one of the largest problems facing the world today. one bag at a time. >> thank you. >> as silly as it sounds, we live in the united states. you would think with all the resources we have around us, that there would be no hunger. >> neighborhoods in hillsborough county. tampa heights, wimauma and sulfur springs. for more information, go to tampa >> up next, selling your private information. our investigation looks at how the state of florida is doing just that and you'll hear from
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your home address, date of birth, eye color >> your home address, date of birth, eye color and height, even information about the car you drive are details you don't want in the wrong hands and it's all information you turn in to the dmv so who has access to it? in a fox 13 continuing investigation, there's more evidence your state dmv information is getting into wrong hands. >> there's really no verification process as far as i can tell that the state is verifying who these people are and that they're using the information in the appropriate way. >> driver privacy protection act makes your driver information private and protected and for good reason. congress decided they shouldn't profit by selling information about its citizens. information that could put a person's physical safety,
12:30 pm
the law left over several exemptions that allow businesses to get your private information without your consent. for things such as used in motor vehicle recalls, various insurance activity, research and toll booth operations. and according to the state of florida, a lot of businesses meet those exemptions. in two years alone, the department of highway safety and motor vehicles brought in 150 personal driver information to companies in bulk. states you shouldn't be concerned about it and they heavily vet information that wants to buy your information. in fact, a state spokesperson said that repeatedly. >> it's heavily vetted. a numerous processes to vet and all those agencies are heavily vetted by the department. >> when you say heavily vetted, if we can go back to that, what
12:31 pm
says, we want to purchase amounts of personal date on of -- data of floridians, what do they do to use this purpose? >> i hate to do this to you, but i have to follow up. >> we repeatedly asked to make sure they'll use your information legally. several weeks after our interview, the state dmv finally sent an email saying the department vets the companies by confirming they have a registered business name attorney robinson says that's a problem. >> all they have to do to get the records is basically swear by penalty of perjury that they're using that information for an allowed purpose. there's really no furniture ch-- no further checks than that and no further balances than that. >> and anyone can sign up with the state registry. >> you can file a fictitious names in a matter of weeks.
12:32 pm
wa-la. you have a sole prioritiship with a fictitious name. >> fox 13 spent four months researching who has been buying your private driver information. we found some companies don't have a florida business registration. other companies seem to have no footprint at all apart from a state business registration. no website, no store front, no answer when we tried to contact them. then there are large companies you may have heard of. the state of florida sells brokers like experian. both have been the subject of multiple congressional inquiries about how they use the information they collect. >> and the average american is almost certainly unaware of the largely unregulated space in which these companies have been operating while they've been amacing detailed information about individuals' lives. >> federal law says the state
12:33 pm
marketing without your express permission. so how are data brokers actually using it? >> the entire point is to connect people that are creating data to people that want to sell them things and that is marketing. that's the entire business model for them. >> patrick tucker is the technology expert and the author of "the naked future." what happens in a world that anticipates your every move. he questions how data brokers could keep driver info entirely operations. >> why would you collect all of this information from all of these different places across like the entire both online and physical world if not for groups of people that you then - sell to people when you do targeted marketing. >> we discovered some companies have been sued over allegations they misused driver data purchased from several states,
12:34 pm
lawsuits have been filed in the past few months. there's dominion. according to a class-action lawsuit, they used driver records in violation of the driver protection act. florida is currently selling your information to the company for one cent per record on a regular basis. then there's the company called national recall and data services. according to a federal class-action lawsuit filed against the owner, charles holly, the company released private driver data to other companies in violation of law. state dmv in texas cut off the option to buy driver data. one -- a spokesperson said that
12:35 pm
return a response that he was not using your data and he never did. direct marketing ads are why fox 13 first started investigating whether the state is truly keeping your private information safe. after attorney robinson recently bought and registered a car, he started getting direct marketing ads, too. >> it had to have been through the state records. within a week, no one else could have gotten the information that fast. >> the risk goes beyond junk mail. if private information, who else can? >> that was tina jen son reporting. she said the concern is that many companies resell the information online for a few bucks to anyone willing to check a box claiming they have a real reason to access your information. our investigative team will continue to follow the story. thousands of people had to find a different way to get to work today in philly. we'll tell you why after the break.
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the other leaf? the legal one? that's not on florida's election ballot. >> most of our business is mail order. >> is it florida's next big cash crop? >> we got a lot of calls from people and they say, can you grow? and the dirt farmer in me says, i'll give it the all american try. >> why some people swear by the
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a lot of people were late for work and school in philadelphia this >> a lot of people were lake for work and school at philadelphia this morning. 5,000 transit workers went on
12:39 pm
minute contract. that shut down buses, trolleys and subways. commuters were stuck trying to find another way into the city. 900,000 commuters rely on the transit system every day. the president of the union apologized to the affected riders but said the strike is the only tool they have available. >> we've been talking for two years. at some point you have to draw a line in the sand. the mandate was 12:01 that we would >> union still hasn't agreed on things like health care, pensions and driver fatigue. one bit of good news, outside of the city is not affected by the strike. for the second time in two months, alabama pipeline has been shut down. this time after a gas explosion killed one worker and injured five others. this all happened yesterday when a piece of construction equipment hit the pipeline. gas ignited and caused flames and smoke to shoot in the air.
12:40 pm
evacuate. severe drought put the fire at risk of spreading. this morning, firefighters durg a berm in the ground to contain the burning fuel. rupture happened a mile from last month's leak. up to 36,000 gallons spilled that time and that caused a gas shortage in several states. still too early to tell if this leak will have that same effect. wall street, strong earnings reports. this as two-day meeting. >> after three straight months of down arrows for the dow, today stocks started slightly higher. we use the word "slightly" because the dow was just up a few points. we'll see which way it goes and we are seeing pfizer, for example, under pressure, moving to seven month lows after it discontinues a cholesterol drug. everybody is waiting on the fed
12:41 pm
say anything about interest rates, not likely to see a hike, not even maybe by the end of the year. and the jobs report on friday. as far as other movers, chipotle down the second day in a row and a 3 1/2 year low roughly and we're seeing victoria secret parent, l brands, down about 7% as business slowed there. >> here's a live look outside right now. meteorologist jim weber will have ano i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in.
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protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message
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>>charley: i'm charley belcher coming from clearwater, from chin whiskers metal school and there's chin whiskers himself. dave has created this metal school, really by trade.
12:44 pm
you do metal work on nice homes and -- >> we do so many different things. if you ever go into longhorn steakhouse, we do the arc for restaurants across the country. if you go into red lobster and you take a look and there's that hammered metal in between the booths and they might have a brass medallion, we do that. we do work for a lot of different concerns across country. >>charley: you have a passion for metal work. you see it as a trade, it's dying a little people aren't as into it as they were so you thought, what if i created a school, have people come out and take a class and maybe you could inspire somebody to make it as a hobby or a trade. >> exactly. we can start with beginners or even people that have done it before. they'll come in here and like you say, they'll go home with a product they've made and they're totally amazed when they get done. they start off with a flat piece, bend some pieces like
12:45 pm
so when they go home, they have a totally different attitude as far as metal work. >>charley: the feeling is almost like a group of friends go out to paint and learn how to paint, people go home with a painting and have a good time. same feeling. >> one said i gave it to my firefighter. they're talking about it as a possible stag party. >>charley: good idea. no alcohol because we want fingers good. tuesday every month. >> 6:30 to 9:30. >>charley: people come in and go home with something in hand and learn the basic tools and movements of metalling. >> they're not going to learn everything in three hours. we keep it simple so nobody gets frustrated or aggravated. >>charley: you made these treasure boxes. cute. simple but if i'm setting that on the shelf and i built it, it's impressive.
12:46 pm
start doing this. >> november and december. >>charley: put a little candle in and. and i -- look at this. i did this. look what i made! i'll give it to my mom like a project in school. merry christmas, mom. i made it with my own two hands with a little help from dave. put a candle in there. i started with flat pieces of metal and look at that. >> we do the same project for and make different projects every single month. we're trying to figure out next year. june we'll make a flag or whatever. we have to figure out a shamrock or something for st. paddy's day. >>charley: people who get into it, you might offer a next level class where you'll introduce some wedding and some soldering, things like that?
12:47 pm
people at the class because it's more intense but we'll introduce you to the rolling and the plasma cutting. >>charley: i love it. chin whiskers metal if you go to, we'll link you to dave's website so you can come out here and make one of these yourself. look. i did it! charley belcher, fox 13 news. >> thank you, charley. jip, before we get to weather, i do want to home, we're waiting for a news conference with the hillsborough county sheriff's office with a mystery. i hear we're going to go to it now. it just started. we'll be back to you in a second, jim. let's listen in. >> and the young boy, we tentatively believe it to be the body of our missing boater. at this time, our investigation continues as we turn a body over to the medical examiner's office to determine the exact cause of death.
12:48 pm
mr. morris' family and notified them of our discovery and have certainly supplied our condolences to the family, our hearts certainly go out to mr. morris' family. i would like to thank hillsborough county fire rescue, fish and wildlife commission and all the public who also came out here and responded up the river to help us look for and search for mr. morris. we sure app unfortunately, it wasn't the outcome we desired, but at this point, at least the family can get some closure about what we believe is a tragic accident at this point. >> kcolonel, at this point is i the belief you have somewhat of an end to the investigation or is this difficult, obviously, for the family? a lot of questions. >> and i think we'll still continue an investigation, putting some pieces of the
12:49 pm
that will come as a result of the medical examiner's determination but absolutely extremely difficult when you have a 3-year-old that's been left onshore alone. as i said earlier, our marine unit deputies couldn't get on scene quick enough to recover that child and get him safely back to his parents so absolutely a difficult time. >> he was in distress, obviously very upset. >> well, you were listening to a news conference with the hillsborough county sheriff's office and sad news to report. looks like they did body of 38-year-old william morris. he went missing after taking his 3-year-old out on a jet ski last night. we do have a reporter on the scene and we will update you with all the details throughout the day and tonight at 5:00. but right now, let's toss it over to jim who is going to give us a weather update. >>jim: and things are looking pretty nice as far as the weather is concerned. you know, we're seeing another good looking day today. we start out with crystal clear skies. more of that easterly wind that we've had over the past several days.
12:50 pm
atlantic, not enough moisture to produce any showers but it makes some clouds and also with that easterly flow across the state, that means mild temperatures at night, warm temperatures during the day so again today, we're looking at these daytime highs into the mid 80s. right now here in tampa, we're at 82 degrees. brandon at 84. plant city 84 as well. pinellas park has 82. clearwater 81 degrees. across the northern counties, temperatures running in the lower up to 84 degrees. crystal river an 82 and down to the south, 82, 83, 84 degrees. sarasota at 84. head over to myakka city, 84 along with lakewood ranch, also into bradenton and then lakeland, bartow at 81. haines city at 82 degrees. so the view across the state, really varied for today. we've had a nice, long stretch of beautiful weather with easterly winds and then it looks
12:51 pm
up once again so maybe the winds are becoming more breezy for tomorrow. what we're watching is this cold front back to our north and west. behind this, a much cooler temperature and right now, it's fairly quiet. you're not seeing any shower activity along the front but as it pushes down into the southeast, it will gather up enough moisture to produce a few small scattered showers and so i think by friday, we'll clear about a 20% chance of showers as that front works through the area. behind that, cooler temperatures will be working their way in for the weekend. we kind of go to bed like we did a couple of weeks ago on friday night, mild temperatures. you get up on saturday morning and we've got that pleasant, crisp, cool air in place. now, ahead to the front right now, you can see warm temperatures up to chicago which is currently sitting at 70 degrees. you jump onto the back side of the front, places like rapid city currently at 51 degrees. fargo is at 47 so watch that you don't play out on future cast.
12:52 pm
mea meander. we have the front working into the southeast so we will continue to see breezy continues, some scattered clouds but warm temperatures into the mid 80s over the next couple of days but that's the front working into the southeast. you start to see a little more activity along the front but still, we're talking about 20% chance of some showers as that front comes through, midday to late friday and then pushes down across the state and down to our the warm side. daytime high of 86 degrees. then for tonight, clear skies, mild night by the way, 6:45 for the sunset. that's going to be changing. remember this coming weekend, that's when we turn those clocks back. 86 degrees again for tomorrow. we stay on the warm side, at least for the next few days. winds are out of the northeast at 15 knots. moderate chop on the bay. high tide at 4:37 this afternoon.
12:53 pm
80s by the time we get into the weekend, we cool things down. the cool, crisp air moves in and by sunday morning, 58 degrees for that morning low. what, are you gonna cry now? don't be so gullible mcfly.
12:54 pm
i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. you are so stupid. how stupid are the people of the country? i don't want to see you in here again. get him out of here, get out. come on cry baby he's like a little baby cry. i don't know what i said, i don't remember. what are you going to do about people who want to be mean and all this bullying. tell me a little bit more about why that's on your mind. i have asthma and occasionally i've heard people talking behind my back. i really do think we need more love and kindness in our country. that's why it's important to stand up to bullies wherever they are, and why we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the presidency. because that is not who we are as americans.
12:55 pm
>> this is going to make you smile. an adorable pup in jacksonville stealing hearts across the internet with a cheerleader costume. tiffany mayor dressed up her pup in this pooch's costume and posted the video on facebook. of course, it's been shared thousands of times.
12:56 pm
walking up but it looks like she has arms, cheering. then she's licking her lips because mama has a treat. that just made my day. beautiful little video. willow, by the way, is a rescue and her full story, if you would like to read it, is on my facebook page. i posted the video and a link. you can also follow me on twitter. i always tune in when i hear a >>jim: that's the thing. we all wait for the next front. in between, we're warming back up in the mid 80s. we've been that way for a few days here. as we get into the weekend, we go to bed on friday night and you'll make up saturday morning just a delightful weekend. this weekend is also the weekend we get that hour back. >> we get extra sleep. >>jim: we get the extra sleep. it's spring forward, fall back. we get the extra hour and
12:57 pm
>> that's perfect. we can all use an extra hour. we're going to keep posting the latest all day on and on our news app that's on your phone. >>jim: and look for more news, weather and sports beginning at
12:59 pm
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>> today on the real. >> she's here. >> it's eve. >> thank you for inviting me here. >> then on girl chat when loni met idris. >> i said i'm going to get a sausage biscuit too. >> plus. >> do yo naked? >> and the cook off heats up. >> it starts now. >> the real. ?


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