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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  November 2, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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height-wise. coghlan taken off one time during this at-bat by heyward. strong. hit seven home runs during the regular season, drove in 49. only one since the postseason began. for a while, benched.
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that is hard-hit that right at kipnis. no throw. one >> john: heyward can get down the line but he squared that ball up. another hanger. get the out at second. i think terry is going to have a double switch situation coming up. >> joe: an inning and two thirds for cody allen. >> john: or he might be asking
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at second. >> joe: the grounds crew, on a separate note, came firing out from behind the left field wall. they are going to give this a look. now the grounds crew is stationed behind the tarp. what do you think of the slide? >> john: well. >> joe: that's what's being challenged by terry francona. speetwo lindor is in front of the bag. you the bag without deviating. the question is going to be, see how far he is when he catches the ball and how far he goes when he gets ready to throw. they are going to see if his slide deviates from the bag or if it's straight on. that angle doesn't tell us a lot. this might be better. looks like he's going to the ba bag. >> joe: they have called the
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runner at first, and joe maddon is going to get an explanation. let's see. let's see. this is my major league baseball has got to give an announcement as to what they are looking at. they pointed to second and set out. the crowd reacted. thinking cleveland is going to get both outs. i'm not sure that's the case. terry francona is out and getting an explanation fro hirschbeck. and they are going to put heyward at first but they leave everybody in the dark because they don't say what they are reviewing. and then there's no announcement made to the crowd. the crowd reacts, but it's what we expected. heyward at first, one out. it was an okay slide by the runner. >> john: that's what terry was coming out to sea, is the slide
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?? ?? ?? ?? >> joe: here is why we are tied. rajai davis half aroldis chapman in the bottom of the eighth. off the lens of the camera. to set up a celebration and tie the game at 6. and now here in the ninth inning. in a tie game.
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davis heart racing in center. heyward, the runner. javier baez the hitter. bryan shaw on the mound. baez has homered tonight. that's a strike on the outside corner. >> john: everything shaw throws cuts. he has an interesting leg kick to home. see if he takes advantage of it. quick pitch there. >> joe: heyward didn't take off. the ball trickled away from yan gomes. meanwhile, to finish the story about what happened in the bottom of the eighth after lester gave up the infield hit, aroldis chapman, who was called on last night in a five-run game, went back out to work in the ninth inning.
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aroldis chapman. >> john: absolutely. it catches up to everyone. it caught up to miller. cody allen can only throw so many innings. he was trying to throw three. >> joe: the postseason brings about truth serum from these managers and who they trust out of their bullpen. it's a shorter list for joe maddon than it is for terry francona. maddon has got starters down there tonight. he went to lester didn't work. 2-1. >> john: both games to get traced back to two outs, one runner on, you take your starter out. when you take your starter out, you are forced to make more moves that result in going to chapman. arrieta, cruising. took him out. we saw what happened yesterday. hendricks, cruising. took him out, saw what happened.
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throw to second gets away and heyward will go to third. go ahead run 90 feet away. on a stolen base and then an error on the throw by gomes. >> john: he timed him. he's got the bigger leg kick. the jump and the swing. keeps the catcher from jumping out and then the ball on a little bit of a wet infield skips. >> joe: bringing michael martinez in. it's a stolen base e2. yan gomes, who is the primary catcher for the indians, suffered through an injury plagued year, made it back to the roster but has been watching roberto perez catch. very limited work behind the
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might have had him. the throw bounced in and the go-ahead run is at third base with one out and a 3-2 3-2 . you've got basically ate --a designated thrower. >> john: got the call. 3-2. you get a scenario where you can actually do a squeeze. if you fouls it off, he strikes out. >> joe: guyer moves to left. and outfield of guyer, davis, and martinez. the infield in. one out, a 3-2 pitch. javier baez. that is a strikeout on a foul bunt with two strikes, to out. >> john: that's what i thought they were going to do. this is not a good matchup for baez. all he has to do is put it in
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doesn't get the barrel of the bat -- he is trying to jab at it. all he does it put it in play, heyward can read it. that jab right there, he's got the square around and bunt it and they've got a chance. >> joe: instead, a strikeout on a foul bunt with two strikes. >> john: he's protected with that strikeout by not getting the runner thrown out if he doesn't hit it in fair territory. >> joe: two outs and dexter fowler, who's had a three-hit night and lined out, looking for a two-out hit. shaw looking to keep that tide. this is a better matchup for joe maddon. >> john: you would have liked baez to get it down but fowler swinging the bat good, as you mentioned.
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1-0 pitch. fowler. 2-0. the story with dexter fowler, the report was he had agreed to a deal with baltimore, ended up signing a one-year deal to come back to the cubs, surprised his teammates in spring training. to be a part of it, to be a hero. that's into the shortstop spot. lindor. what a play. this game is 6-6 into the bottom of the ninth. lindor had to arrange all the way behind the bag end the inning. what a play. >> john: of the metal, good speed by fowler. you've got to throw it quick and he did. what a play. >> joe: that sends this game
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the top of the order will bat for cleveland. chapman is going back out there. this commercial free break is brought to you by t-mobile. welcome to unlimited baseball. the cubs last won the world championship in 1908. they and '08 against the detroit tigers. who was alive in 1908? alpha tone was a 9-year-old. -- al capone. babe ruth was 13 years old. thomas edison, 61 years old in 1908. samuel clemens, a.k.a. mark twain, was in his early 70s.
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last time this indians franchise won at all. for cleveland, in the history of this great city, two teams have clinched here. the 1920 cleveland indians and the 1964 cleveland browns. they did that at cleveland municipal stadium which was taken down, it's where the indians played as well. now a new stadium where the cleveland browns play. this game 7 is going into the bottom of the ninth inning. aroldis chapman, i can't imagine how much he has left, will deal with the top of the lineup. santana, kipnis, lindor. after a two-out rally in the bottom of the eighth tied this game at 6.
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hard to catch her breath. -- hard to catch your breath. good job by bryan shaw in the top of the ninth in a play behind the bag by lindor. top of the order coming up. thanks, fans, for watching the t-mobile unlimited baseball break. the dh, santana. here's a guy who has hit better against left-handed pitching
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side of the plate with 34. during the regular season, 30 of which came batting left-handed. one ball, one strike from chapman. he's given the cubs everything he's got. they do a couple sliders to come out. both these teams embody their manager. neither one would ever give up and both have the ar leader. >> joe: 2-1 from chapman. there are pitchers up for the cubs in their bullpen, in case you're wondering. arrieta had been up with carl edwards jr. now it's the lefty mike
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3-1 from chapman. full count. the only game in the ninth inning or later in a game 7, bob mazeroski with a walk walk-off home run in 1960. pittsburgh against the yankees. santana hits one in the air to left. zobrist is coming on. one out. chapman, a good job to bounce back from a 3-1 count.
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slider. there's no way i think santana thought that would be the pitch. just got underneath it. here's the slider. when you're expecting 100, even though it wasn't the best located slider, tough to adjust. >> joe: now it's kipnis from northbrook, illinois, grew up a cubs fan. the teams of grace and sandberg. the indians heart and soul takes a strike. homered twice in this world series, four times this postseason.
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that's in the air to right, down the line, hooking foul. strike two. >> john: normally chapman would rare back and throw a high fastball you can tell that the command, the quite understandably where it would be. he's coming in this inning throwing more sliders. >> joe: another one coming. last inning, aroldis chapman was eight pitches out of his 21 were triple digits.
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or better. he has featured more sliders. ball three. and miguel montero, who has taken over behind the plate, after ross was listed for the pinch runner, goes out to talk to chapman. >> john: trying to get what he feels good about on the pitch. a lot of sliders in a row that kipnis has gotten a chance to
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i mean, this is the way it's supposed to be, isn't it? to franchises to end it. 21 innings later. okay, not 21. >> joe: right now, we are just tied in the ninth. 3-2. struck him out. 98. two outs. second strike out for chapman. lindor coming up. >> john: this is typically what he does.
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hitter, talk to every hitter, you tell yourself to stay off of it but you can't. the ball looks like it's so good and then it's by you. >> joe: let's say this with regard to joe maddon, no matter any move that was made tonight, he had chapman on the mound leading by 3 with 4 outs to get. take that ten times out of ten. the indians got him and now lindor popped it into right, and with this, the tenth. schwarber, bryant, rizzo. coming up for the cubs. 6-6. ? ?? ?? around here, i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster.
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what's burning? uhh nothing. hot! hot! hot!
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? ? >> joe: you are not going to believe this. just as we get ready to start the tenth. the grounds crew is told by the umpiring crew and the crew chief john hirschbeck to bring out the tarp. this has to tell you that there we've seen the umpires talking to the grounds crew between innings. i would say it's not pouring right now. on tv, it looks worse than it really is. but the tarp is on the field. it's rained like this already in this game. they played through it, but now they won't, so we are going to be delayed. >> john: there is heavier stuff coming.
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>> joe: well. we will have to wait a little while longer for the start of the tenth. meanwhile there's so many things to talk about in this game. aroldis chapman, timmy, it dates back to him coming in last night and all the work and tonight he gets up coming the eighth inning, aou he scored on the two out, two-run home run by rajai davis. what a big in season pickup that was for mike chernoff and president of baseball operations chris antonetti. i know you are expecting it but after the stolen base and the throwing error by the catcher, yan gomes, runner at third, one out.
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bryan shaw is going to have to throw a strike. joe maddon puts the bunt on, hoping that baez can get the bunt down. baez was the co-mvp of the nlcs. obviously struggling, he bonds it foul and the strikeout and the play by lindor to his left to rob fowler. here we are tied at 6. >> john: honestly it was an easier play that he made it. he tried to jab thbu cubs were able to play aggressive with their baserunning. they are going to have to figure this thing out after who knows how long of a rain delay. >> joe: let's go to ken rosenthal. >> ken: john, you are the crew chief. what you hear about the weather? take away been talking the last couple innings. there was a cell that went through earlier. this one, thought it might miss
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he said it's going to hit us. in this situation, we don't want to take any chances. we don't want to have them play in the seventh game in the world series, extra innings, tied the score, in conditions that aren't right. to keep the field perfect, we covered it. we will wait it out. there is nothing behind it. >> ken: you expect to finish? sickle absolutely. >> joe: mark bat. absolutely. nice of john to stop by and talk broadcast booth. this has been, i mean, heartbeat in your throat, chest pounding. you see the anguish with the fans in the seats. back at murphy's bleachers and all over chicago. this is as good as a game can be. for a second guessers and first guessers, this game has provided every opportunity to look at strategy and say, i wouldn't have done this. i'm glad he did this.
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>> john: i thought the cubs had an advantage with their starting pitching. you think about the four guys that had. the indians were working with just three guys. had to come back three times with kluber. the fact that neither arrieta or hendricks was able to get you in seven, i think it's the story. it caused maddon to go to earlier usage of the closer and i think that has shown up a little bit here. this is when a bullpen is taxed. it shows up. at some point. might not have shown up in the seventh tackle fifth game but it's shown appear. we are going to see who's got the guts to get it done. >> joe: cubs are in a different position in cleveland. i can't imagine joe maddon sending aroldis chapman back out there. who knows. i've been surprised already buy a couple moves that have been made.
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for the cubs, with somebody not named aroldis chapman on the mound trying to close down the game. meanwhile on the other side, terry francona has bryan shaw. the rain all but stopped here. i hope they go play. terry francona is dying to get bryan shaw back out there. doesn't want him to have to sit after finishing off the top of the ninth. >> joe: >> john: no doubt. and then a three-run lead. innocently the inning where they scored two runs on the wild pitch, that was huge because that set up this whole scenario to get to the point where three runs in the big leagues, we've seen people come back from that. >> joe: that's the point when joe maddon took his starter out of the ball game, kyle hendricks. went to lester, was great. but there was an error by ross


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