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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  November 3, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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43-20. offensively the bucs had too many stalled drives and penalties and too many turnovers but good news unrelated to the outcome of this one. buccaneer great john lynch was induct the into the ring of honor tonight. he thanked his many fans and now his name appears right alstott, and tonight a sweet moment to return to play as he played for his first 11 years. >> i played 11 years and this is where i grew up as a football player and faced the adverse siy
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that is pretty special. >> the lightning fresh of a road trip. and back in amalie hosting the bruins and giving the home crowd some extended h hockey tonight. to amalie we go, and off of the face-off, carlo in, and b up 1-0. tampa bay is down 2-0, and the lightning cutting into t lead, hedman with a laser shot, his second of the year, and the lightning down one. tampa bay on another power play. tyler johnson and the bolts down one. one of two goals for tyler johnson this evening.
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goes to a shoot-out, 10 and it's the bruins who come out, a tough one to go down. >> and before we good, this is probably the cutest video you will see, a man and his dog in thailand. >> it's certainly cuter than the bucs highlht cupid was supposed to have a swimming lesson but here is what happened, there he is either completely content or paralyzed with fear. >> i'm thinking catatonic. >> he is definitely not interested in doing the doggy paddle. written in thai and translated to gi english, it says what areu doing? i want you to swim, not sleep in the water.
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dog a break and start out in the kiddy pool. >> all he needs is a drink and an umbrella. >> hey, the news keeps going on line, and of course in our fox 13 news app on your phone. >> and then at 4:30, good day begins. have a great night and we'll see you on friday. amendment 1 is endorsed by florida's firefighters... because it does solar the right way. amendment 1 protects consumers from scams, and unsafe solar installations.
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why are out-of-state billionaires attacking amendment 1? because amendment 1... stops. their. subsidies. with amendment 1, you don't pay for someone else's solar. to stop unfair subsidies, vote yes on amendment 1.
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fight to a tie. we dig into the baggage and show why they've been caught up in controversy for decades. >> i just said tings that weren't in keeping i knew to be the case. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any voter. >> we'll investigate james comey and his history of investigating the clintons. matt breaks down the new numbers in the battle of florida. this is money, power & polics so we have a november surprise mr. the fbi. sources say there's a high priority investigation of the clun ton foundation. >> we're going to focus on that in a couple of minutes. we want to start by looking at clinton and trump and how they became figures in the first place. back to back starting with hillary clinton. >> what can you say to voters of new hampshire on this
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like barack obama more? >> hillary clinton had trouble getting people to like her. a lot of republicans can't stand her. >> well that hurts my feelings. >> let's go back to 1992 when her husband, bill clinton, ran for president. a former tv reporter said bill was her lover. >> that allegation is false. >> hillary rose to national prominence by digging her husband out of the fire on 60 minutes. >> i'm sitting here because i love him and i respect him and i honor and what we've been through together. and you know, if that's not enough for people then heck. don't vote for hip. >> bill admitted he did have an affair with jennifer. >> i think it's dangerous in this country if we don't have some zone of privacy for everybody. >> and that feeds the controversy around hillary clinton. her zone of privacy is baked into who she is. frnds say she was very private as a child. then became an attorney on the water gate committee that
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house, bill put hillary in charge of their healthcare reform task force, which she ran behind closed doors yet again. >> the message is simple. it's time to bring about fundamental change. >> republicans in congress were outraged and they push back and so did she. >> i do share his intention to make the debate and legislative process as exciting as possible. >> i'm sure you will do that. >> we'll do the best we >> she's been in a tit for at the with what she calls the vast right wing conspiracy since. critics dug in raising questions about roles in land deals and firings in the travel office. in 1994, the clintons took a beating mt. midterms. hillary clinton responded by secretly enlisting a controversial political strategist reviled by the left
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bill clinton to the right and stabbed hillary clinton in the back. >> people don't understand enough about the negatives on hillary. they need to live them and use them. >> so you know how trump accuses hillary clinton of enabling bill clintons indiscretions and attacking accusers. you may not know those accusations started with hillaries own strategist she enlisted to deal with her baggage. >> with hillary, i guess what really turned me off was what i call when she hired this fleet of detectives to go around examining all of the women who had been identified with clinton. not for the purpose of divorcing clinton. not for the purpose of getting him to stop. but for the purpose of developing blackmail material on these women to cow them into silence. >> then bill clinton had a fling with a white house intern and hillary clinton tried to dig him out of the fire on the today
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here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain sit the vast right wing conspiracy conspireing against my husband since the day he announced for president. >> bill later admitted to that fling. hillary clinton, again, helped defend him through his impeachment. all of that combined with the pension for secrecy made her a lightening rod to this day. and her contradictions as secretary of state and a candidate reinforced concerns about her hones >> the welcoming ceremony had to be moved inside because of sniper fire. there was no greeting ceremony. i just said sop things that weren't in keeping with what i knew to be the case. i don't know what i was thinking. >> then came the fallout over the terrorist attack in benghazi and fallout over clinton using private e-mail for state business. and on top of all of that, many progressives who want big change preferred sanders and view hillary clinton as part of the
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obama for thinking too big. >> the sky will open, the light will come down, celestial choirs will be singing. >> well, it's no secret that clinton and trump have ranked as the most unpopular candidate of our time. >> that brings us to donald trump who is a lightening rod over the years for different reasons. i am officially running. we can do a wall. mexico is going to pay for the captured. >> controversy dogged donald trump long before his run for president. >> donald, i thought you were a gentleman. >> in the 70s. the feds accused trump and his family realize business of discriminating against african americans. they settled and trump's lawyer roy cone, became an inspiration for donald trump. >> i think we made a dent in the leadership of the communist party. >> roy cone had been joe
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communist witch hunt of the r50s. >> insfil traits our government, defense plans. >> generally speaking trump embraced roy's approach to punching adversaries and punching harder if they punched back. in his 30s donald trump stuck gold with trump tower. he inflated the floor numbers to make it sound taller. he embraced something called truthful hyperbole. he wrote about playing to people's bravado in business got the best of his and his critics like romney ripped him for it. >> a business genius he is not. >> after success with trump tower he went on a spending spree buying hotels and airline service. he goupt to his eyeballs in debt and crashed. >> i have never gone bankrupt. i have never. >> hundreds of deals. >> excuse me. >> that's your line but your companies have gone bankrupt. >> trump faced trouble in
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affair. it played out in vivid details in the press. and effectively amplified trump celebrity. his lenders truck a deal to keep his name and use him as a pitch man. he's been pitching since branding everything from buildings to food in his name. >> when it comes to great steaks, i've just raised the stakes. the sharper image is one of my favorite stores. >> while trump stock collapsed, he made a fortune and buil o developers for the right to use his name. h cashed in on other builders who paid him to stamp his name on their buildings and further cashed in through his reality tv show. he sent his tv apprentice to promote trump tower tampa before it failed in the housing crash. >> i heard florida and tampa are posed for great success real estate. >> after president obama got
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birther movement questioning whether president obama is an american citizen and whether the birth announcement was a conspiracy. >> rockefeller doesn't put in announcements. >> trump recently said obama was born in america, his focus on the birther movement for years helped launch his political movement. throughout his campaign, he said things that have offended leaders in both parties like saying an american born federal judge cannot do his job because he has mexican blood! we're building a wall. he's a mexican. here and mexico. >> claiming a person can't do the job because of the race is like a textbook definition of a racist comment. >> ten years ago trump bragged of kissing and groping women without their consent. that tape burned him in the home stretch of the race. trump said his supporters will stick with him no matter what. >> where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose voters. it's incredible. >> they are in the fight of their lives. >> coming up we could have
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there's a chance trump and clinton could deadlock in a tie. we'll show you the combinations and who would decide the winner. >> we'll dig into comey's past and his reputation as a >> we'll dig into comey's past and his reputation as a maverick. z25r2z zy6z y25r2y yy6y
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y25egy y16fy >>well, the clinton campaign is facing more scrutiny from the
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that an inindictment is likely in the clinton foundation case. at issue is whether donors received favorable treatment from the state department when hllary clinton was secretary of state. >> meanwhile, agents believe they found e-mails originated from clintons secret server on anthony weiner's laptop. he shared that laptop with his estranged wife. they are not duplicates could possibly be classified in nature. >> they are 99% sure clinton server was hacked five times by foreign intelligence. this is something that can move the polls in the final days here. >> i could definitely depress the turnout for hillary clinton. >> it can energize it for republicans. it keeps the spotlight on fbi director comey who has an interesting history in part of investigating clintons. >> james comey investigated
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in the 90s he was a lawyer on the senate white water committee that investigated clinton land deals and a controversy part in the clinton white house. now he's at the center of another probe of hillary clinton. >> i'll neither defend nor criticize what director comey has decided to communicate to the public about this investigation. >> fbi director comey through a wrench. talk about on going investigation. they are also not generally supposed to put out politically sensitive stuff before an election. >> first democrats praised comey and republicans ripped him wen he said he would not recommend criminal charges for hillary clinton. now democrats are ripping him and republicans are praising hem for reopening his investigation. >> i think comey had an obligation. he told congress the investigation was over. so new evidence came to light. he could have sat on it and been
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us or he could have done the transparent thing and said i'm notifying you. >> with this comey defied his own administration. the justice department advised him not to reveal an open investigation days before an election. comey rose in washington by defying the powers that be. >> we have concerns as to our ability to certify it's legality. >> a republican most of his life. before working in the obama administration, he worked for president george w. was sick, comey took over. >> i became the acting attorney general. >> 12 years ago, comey defied top bush officials in a tense show down. the issue was domestic surveillance. comey said he would not sign an extension to the secret wiretapping program. bush's lawyer rushed to ashcroft's hospital bed to get him to override comey. comey rose to his bed to confront him.
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they turned on the emergency equipment and drove quickly to the hospital. >> ashcroft agreed with comey and president bush and gonzalez backed down. keep that in mind when you hear gonzalez criticize comey today. >> you don't comment on investigations. commenting on the investigation may jeopardize the investigation. that's the box he's put himself in. >> well, certainly comey shook things up. with that now it's time to show something that could make everybody's heads explode. >> the changes on the map raised the chances deadlock. donald trump and hillary clinton could both be in for a big surprise on tuesday. if donald trump wins the south, as republicans often do, plus ohio, new hampshire, and nevada, which are swing states he can win. well you need 270 electoral votes to win. this scenario produces a tie. 269-269. and this is not the only combination. when you toggle the swing state yous get 32 combinations that
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>> that's bad crazy. >> it's a long shot but crazier things have happened. [cheering] >> while we pegged 32 combinations, the website 270 to expanded the map and calculated 97 different tie combinations. based on our review, keep an eye on new hampshire. if trump wins that swing state, ut appears to open the door to tie combinations that could easily play out across the map. if they do college, the election would go to the house of representatives. and since republicans control the house of representatives, they would likely pick donald trump. >> the rest of my speech is going to be so boring. >> wow! >> can you imagine? >> i hope we don't have to imagine on wednesday night. we don't need another weird night like 2000. we're going to show you other scenarios. much more coming up. we also know how the fbi investigation shook up the race
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everyone in town eats at jim's place like mike over there. we handle payroll deposits for his hardware store. or capt. tally. we helped finance the new equipment at his marina. and that's jim. we helped him add three more jim's places across the state. but today, i'm not here as their banker. i'm here for jim's pie. because we live here, too. synovus. the bank of here. welcome back. welcome matt towery. we have a poll in florida showing hillary clinton up four points. what strikes you the most? >> up by four points after what happened last week with comey delivering that letter and
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now. i just don't understand how can hillary clinton be up four points still in the state of florida, matt? >> merissa i don't know either. i've told you i'm not comfortable with the polling this year including our own and i think we're the best. i think what we are seeing. taking out of the fact it's within the margin of error. i think we are seeing the number of tv ads. massive tv ads against donald trump. he really hasn't been answering them ad for ad. then coming in such as the president and vice president. the trump surrogates haven't been appearing. it's donald trump doing it all by himself. make that why we're seeing it not as strong in florida as we thought. i still think that trump will have a very close race on even leaning toward the idea he could win florida. this poll doesn't suggest it at this moment. >> it's unusual to me and this poll is southwest florida. which was rick scott country.
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not doing as well as one might think, is he? >> well, either one of two things happened. either this poll is way off or we have the never trump and the libertarian streak that runs heavy through that area. that's probably the strongest area in our state where that is a substantial move. maybe that's where we're seeing that sheering of republican votes. we did have that one poll from target polling or target media that said the 27% of republicans were voting democrat. i doubted that. but pab they are all in southwest florida. i'm really confusedover it. i think we'll probably have a follow up poll sunday to see where this is settling out. remember things are shifting because the news is breaking. >> and anything could happen. we're five days away from the election. anything can happen within those five days. your best guess as to who will win the state of florida right now? >> well, my guess is -- quite frankly my gut tells me
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i believe the turnout is stronger on the republican side. i believe that the demographics we've seen in terms of early voting don't pretend for the turnout we saw before. >> matt, thank you for your time. we'll talk to you soon. thanks merissa. coming up. tomorrow mornings headlines and more changes on the election map. >> closer look at weird scenarios that could play out on >> closer look at weird scenarios that could play out on election night. at longhorn, tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. you can't fake steak.
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okay merissa. we could have odd scenarios on election night. wool walk through a couple. let's start with donald trump. as he is gaining ground in the polls the movement favors trump. there's possibility he could win the popular vote and lose the rate in the electoral college. >> just as in 2000. >> with al gore and george w. bush. you have a scenario with hillary clinton. 269-269 tie. you spell that out for us. who would settle this? would it go to the house? >> the house then the deadlock in the senate and come down to the supreme court. that's our show. that. we'll see you again tomorrow night. take care.
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captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company welcome to "dish nation," we got a huge show for you today. katy perry was the highest paid woman in music andhe dethroned and she's not going to like who has took her place. plus beyonce. she had a country music performance last night. not everybody was feeling it but first, big congratulations on are in order for the chicago cubs. >> yeah, chicago! >> chantal, stand up, a big shout-out. woo woo! >> that definitely what's up. i do have to say y'all did bump us for the world series?


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