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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> i pledge to every citizen i will be present for all americans. working together we will begin the task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream. i spent my life in business looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world, that is now what i want to do for country. >> after calling donald trump to concede the race last night, hillary clinton waited until today to give her concession speech. she spoke in front of a hall of aides and staff members. she admitted it was a painful loss and asked supporters to give donald trump a chance to lead. >> i know how disappointed you feel because i feel it, too. so do tens of millions of
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hopes and dreams in this, this is painful it will be for a long time but i want to you remember this our campaign was never about one person or election, it was about the country we love. donald trump is going to be our president, we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. our constitutional democracy sh of power, we don't just respect that we cherish it. it enshrines other things the rule of law, the principle that we are all equal in rights and dignity, freedom of worship and express and we respect and cherish these values, too, we must defend them. >> now to craig patrick, craig
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campaign, both clinton and trump called for unity what struck you about the speeches. >> first it took longer than trump supporters would have liked to concede but keep in mind for clinton she likely had little or no sleep and time to absorb, collect her thoughts and she struck the right tone when you lose a race one of this magnitude, there was a bitter wednesday morning can be confusing and lonely place to be. but she struck a cord of conciliation and reached out, heard from hillary clinton on the campaign trail, hillary clinton and donald trump said a lot of things that brought up a lot of anger. what we saw in the speech as trump's acceptance speech they are working to bring americans together. you heard the same tune from donald trump, it was striking how different the speech was the day after the morning after the election than what he said about
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again. no more references to trying to prosecute here if elected. he praised her for her service and that's a strong message to both sides to have short memories, they had and will have spirited disagreements put the rancour together and with that hopefully at least to a certain extent the fever may break. it will be there and both sides understand the importance of a peach transfer of power and giving the president-elect a chance to lead, the common theme the president spoke about the country coming together. let's listen to a portion of what he had to say. >> it is no secret the president elect and i have differences but, remember, eight years ago president bush and i had some significant differences i instructed my team to follow the example of president bush and work as hard as we can to
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transition for the president elect. >> craig, the president said he will meet with donald trump tomorrow at the white house to start that transfer process. talk us through what takes place during such a meeting. >> keep in mind before the meeting takes place on thursday, the process already started roughly one year ago in the white house. there was a transition process to prepare for whoever the next president would be. the next step when he meets trump it is a discussion of what accommodate the president elect. this is what has been done. here is the process. here is the time table. tell us what more do you need and possibly from from there we have seen an invitation for a tour of the white house, perhaps the current and future first ladies meet. these are ironed out, small talk and getting to know each other on different terms than where they were a couple of years ago at a roast when the president
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donald trump and donald trump said a few choice things about the president. >> i'm sure the tone will be different tomorrow. >> thank you. the stock market panic as the results came in. it didn't last morning, wall street closed the day at a high and the closing bell the dow was up 256 points. and ranging from anywhere from enthusiasm for the president election. >> and approach and some of the closest. >> and named partners on trade and defense and the german
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france and says that it opens up a period and the campaign. some people move and and rolled in. and to the and build a border wall and make it pay for it. up end decades deals and deport millions of immigrants. and the value of the peso suffered the biggest drop in 20 years. and latinos in cuba, venezuela
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from slovenia. >> i'm happy for melania. we're happy if she succeeds. >> another world leader closely watching the election, president putin of russia. relations have been strained. officials accused pros could you of underlining by leaking hacked he said his country will do its part to ease the tensions with the us the president of the european council is proceeding with caution. he said a quote, a moment of uncertainty about the transatlantic relations and there will be tension with china. trump made it clear he sees the country as perhaps the biggest threat to american jobs.
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legalized marijuana for recreational use as well. some of the cities in the area have decriminalized having small amounts of pot and lakeland's rethinking how people caught with marijuana should be treated. and we are at the lakeland center and they are talking about that. what is this meeting about? >> you know given the fact in the last 24 hours people are looking at marijuana in a different light these and it is considering people who are caught with it here giving them what other may consider a slap on the wrist. >> this a chance an opportunity to be on the right side of history. >> and to chisel away, he was arrested in polk county for having a few joints, i could not join the military. had i wanted to join the sheriff's department i would be at the bottom of the list.
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20-grams or less it is criminal, can you go to jail. the city is thinking about making it civil which means that you would be issued a citation similar to a traffic ticket and pay a fine. thompson and members of the public will hash it out. we need to hash it out who will vote on the issue. >> there is a lineup of panelists. the chief of the police department and incoming state attorney and grady judd. >> he is a critic of legalizing any drug laws. possession of marijuana can be a civil matter, it goes answer a higher power, i do what my bosses say. the legislature and the state law says that it is a criminal offense. >> that's what we should follow. >> he is undecided and convinced to vote yes on this. >> we're making a bold statement
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young people. it says maybe it's not so bad maybe it is okay i'm not sure the science says that. >> the commission is leaning to rejecting the proposal. and sending the hopes of people like thompson up in smoke. >> this is a hot topic and josh cascio will recover the meeting. ken suarez, fox 13 >> makeshift memorial to remember a friendly face. the school crossing guard david round tree was hit by a driver that was under the influence. dan matics as has more on the gd and the man who killed hick, he kissed me before he goes out the door. >> that's the last time mabel saw david. >> it is hard, it is hard. >> he went on to his job as a crossing guard at mt. vernon
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the police say that he was hit and killed by a car behind the wheel a 21-year-old charles walton who was under the influence. david later died at a hospital. >> i got back up and went into the house looking for him. >> mabel is not the only one coming to grips with the loss. teachers leaving flowers on the sidewalk where the first priority >> all it is now sad. >> they're remembering a smiling face that is now gone. >> he would tell us jokes before he walked across the street. it was like he was a part of the family. >> walton had his first appearance in court where bond was raised from 10,000 to $50,000. >> he should not drink and drive and kill my husband.
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help. >> a message to the man who took a father, husband and role model just five days before his 73rd birthday. >> in st. pete, dan matics, fox 13 news. >> charles walton has not posted bond a public defender has been assigned to the case. the jury is asking to see evidence now in the case of that man accused of leaving his 22 month old to die in a hot car. the videoings they want to see again. ?>> twins and they had bypass surgery ten years ago to lose weight. were they able to keep it off. dr. jo checks in with them at
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think about your think about the community there is a store nearby, doctor's office things people need but sarasota, they have never had a medical practice. and we report now doctors are moving into this under served area. and jetson has worked in the area for 60 plus years. >> i'm always supporting something positive in the community. >> a change is coming to new town n less than a year this wit be transformed into the sarasota memorial building bringing primary doctors to new town, for a long time we dependent have access to sarasota memorial hospital, but that makes it even
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community. >> the practice will be made up of a teaching staff of sarasota memorial doctors from florida state and 13 resident physicians. they will work with those who are uninsured and cannot afford medical care, we wanted to give back to the community. we wanted to put the facilities where they were most needed. >> once they complete the three years of training sarasota memorial is hopeful they will stay with the practice. >> you make it a place they want to be and want to practice and the experience is that 70% will stay. >> it is a change for the area, businesses are already rejuvenating the area and today's groundbreaking bigger and better things are on the way. >> this is way to revitalization and buildings and brick and mortar and without a healthy
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there. >> the practice will open july and started taking applications for resident doctors. they are working narrowing the applicants down to 300. >> now your sky to tower radar forecast with paul dellegatto, we had more sun and clouds. they came in from the gulf, we were watching for rain we found a little bit on sky tower. we'll show you that in a the temperatures below average and below 80. the average high is now down to 79 degrees that's for the day. close to average for the next several days. and 81 in tampa but many spots were in the mid-to-upper 70s, including wesley chapel. clearwater 75. new port richey. south of us a bit more in the way of sunshine.
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in the low 80s. and the warm and dry stretch still continues, i think we'll get close and the stretch may end in the next couple of days. slightly cooler weather moves in on the backside of a trough and now up to 25 days without rain in a row. we're watching that. can you see the clouds and showers trying to come in from the gulf. sky tower is spotty rain a lot of what you are seeing on sky tour is not reaching the ground it has been very dry, as you look ahead the next 7 to 10 days it is not any fronts heading our way that will produce anything more than a couple hundreds inch of rain. if are you watching us maybe a brief sprinkle. a lot of this is drying up as we
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the rain out in the gulf which looks promising will head our way. i think it will evaporate and run out of steam. and this and a couple of sprinkles under mostly cloudy. in the 70s. and 76 wauchula and 75 in lakeland the air mass is dry and dew points right around 60 and the winds which see been a factor not that strong. light and variable along the coast. 76 the dew point 61. weak area. tonight mostly cloudy. east and behind it, we could
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come back and midday there is lots of sunshine after that we'll see many days in a row with sunshine and very pleasant temperatures. 49 in flint and chicago and little rock. 61 in kansas city. tonight we'll see the lows staying in the 60s. and highs tomorrow and right around average in the 70s low pressure by. we have high pressure drifting lots of sunshine. and very pleasant. that is continuing on thursday into friday as well. the weekend should be good. a couple of showers. uneventful it stays in the 50 to 60 range. early next week. the forecast is pretty simple. we'll go mostly clear and cloudy
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and sunshine develops tomorrow with the low humidity and back up near 80. on friday and lots of sunshine. >> they are northeast. high tide. 7 daze forecast is good. veteran's day. lots of sunshine. temperatures upper 70s. the highs near 80 and night time lows >> day two of deliberations in the hot car death trial of a father. the key pieces of evidence the jury asked to see.
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it's the piece of it's the piece of evidence that the jurors in the ross harris video of his interview with the police just after he found his 22 month old son cooper dead in his suv. there deciding whether he left cooper on purpose or a accident. and we have more on what other evidence the jury is looking at. >> the jury wanted to revisit ross harris' interview with the lead detective. harris is in the questioning
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wail. >> he wipes his eyes and nose but never appears to shed a tear. this is a few hours after cooper dies. >> they say he is composed as he explains what happened. >> it was just careless, i got in my car and instead of going from here to here i went straight to work which is i turned on to cumberland and drove down the wonderful. i went to work. >> when the detective said he will be charged in his death he said the interview is over and he will need a lawyer, they asked to rewatch the video of harris and his ex-wife as she consoles him he says that he didn't do this intentionally.
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>> that and in brunswick georgia. anjuli proctor. >> the jury finished deliberations without reaching a verdict. they will start tomorrow at 8:30. we have video of a robber on the run. the places he targeted this past week and how to find him before he strikes again. ten year after gastric bypass surgery. were they able to keep off the weight. that's coming up behind the gates the race is on to find the next killer street drug. >> it is playing russian rowlet you don't know what you are going to get. >> compounds so dangerous they will analyze a sample. >> inside the biggest lab with
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks. papa john's. (cynthia vo) prosecutors say he walked up to a woman prosecutors say he walked up to a woman who was going to testify against him and shot her. and he is facing murder charges. the prosecutors may not seek the ultimate patient. they could seek death they
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>> he was in court and accused of shooting and killing the woman while she sat in her car outside of a business. he was charged with shooting her in the foot months early. she was afraid but tell the jury what he had done to her. and today prosecutors were asked whether they would seek >> the state is seeking death,ky not answer that. >> there is uncertainty, and an evaluation at that point. and the death penalty being in limbo since the u.s. supreme court ruled portions of it unconstitutional. and the supreme court said that
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because that is not the law. all of that is done and we'll follow this. live in the newsroom. gloria gomez, fox 13 news. new at 5, criminal charges will not be charged against a deputy who shot a man after serving a justified. he shot and killed the levonia riggins. he fear feared for his life and learned later he was unarmed. he is on leaf as the sheriff continues an investigation. a man is facing voyeurism charges after he used his phone to record and woman's dress.
5:32 pm
marcus grant slipping a phone under her dress and recording, she was able to identify him in a photo lineup. he has nine prior arrests. >> and of a. a man who held up. no one has if you have information call crime stoppers. we explore gastric bypass. , they have been insprayable their entire lives. >> sometimes i think what he is thinking. we say it.
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you get, that he blame their weight on their love of food. to reverse that they underwent surgery. their size will have been reduced from this size to this size. >> that was efficient d smaller portions helped them drop 100 pounds. a year later 200 pounds. >> now to today. >> the restaurant has expanded it every friday and saturday w old traditions are new
5:34 pm
a mango pie which nobody has, i invented that. >> we gained 80 pounds back. this is ten years. this is ten years of owning a restaurant you test food daily. raoul is 315, henry 300, i'm happy the weight i'm at. >> they credit the surgery to stay 170 pounds under their original weight, what he had a good ten years out of there is a study that said that can if you eat that's a risk factor of regaining the weight. with the surgery there is a lot of information before they have a surgery but not so much support after. there is some movement there to help with that as well.
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>> guava pie, that's not. >> it is very good by the way, it is good. >> they gained some back they had a restaurant for ten years and serving food like this. >> so they are happy. they say look. who knows maybe something else will come out to help them. and what can we expect. >> this one is more recent. we were able to see the woman who had the first here in the area. what she is doing now. >> police officers never hoe who they will meet on duty. how a meeting on a changed the lives of an officer and a family
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police officers come across all sorts of things on duty. and here is walter allen with more. th typically not every guy takes pick out lawn equipment. >> you know how old school but then this is not your typical situation. >> making history come true. >> and john singleton is starting a company it was his dream to do this now to teach and leave the business to the next generation one day.
5:39 pm
business of their own, he had with him his guardian angel. >> perfect. >> not your every day situation. >> once he explained he was homeless, he had was put out on the street by a family member he cass carrying for -- caring for his grandchildren, i wanted to get them on the track, he met the family doing a park check. then at first he will notify that the had to move on. when he saw the children that's when everything changed. >> it's not something we can look away from, you know the state is not going to tolerate them on the street. i will not tolerate them on the street so -- i had a duty and a desire to make sure that they're in the right place and they're safe. >> and the officer using his own money put the family up in a hotel for a couple of nights and into the metropolitan
5:40 pm
he had the whole family. we love him. >> and the community through donations john has door hangers to advertise his business and trailers to carry the equipment and the give something contagious. >> people will donate to you today. this started from an officer who was doing a routine park check that measured more; he helped. >> what do you want to be when you grow up. >> the police officer. the way the climate between law enforcement and the communities has been rough. i don't know anyone that i'm working with who would not have stepped up. i'm one of a majority of engineer officers that would have done things for the family,
5:41 pm
right time. >> and one up here. >> and i would not be where i am today. >> i could be cutting your yard. >> we need more stories like that. >> that is so inspiring that is. scott something to inspire us. >> that's right the bucs get a piece of offense back out on the practice field today. will doug martin be ready to roll out here. that's coming >> nothing gets by kevin kiermaier. another new shiny mantel piece. that's on the latest honor ?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ??
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know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support
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((linda)) a lot of election a hot of talk and one thing that is trending the colors that people chose. and ren red and blue want to do unity. and hillary clinton wore a purple shirt during her speech. her husband wore a matching tile. swing states are purple states during the elections and she addressed the when she said that we see our nation is more divided than we thought.
5:45 pm
suffregette purple and maybe a meth other difficulty purplement and the color of anti-bullying a movement in the lgbtq community. the thread if you notice is about unity. >> what if they are viking's fans, i did not get the purple memo, look at trump to youer in manhattan it looks like an camp. and until donald trump is sworn in on january 20th. three dozen officers now are surrounding that building standing guard outside. they brought in barricades to take over the block and keep the public away. you cannot get on that unless you work there. and the secret service inside and they are calling this the new white house north. and i imagine it will than way.
5:46 pm
after january 20th. you know he will be back and forth. >> and maralago. >> he thought he was famous a new level now, new game. >> interesting night. cannot get over it, lot of tired people up watching. >> i thought that in the future this is my theory we need to move the clocks back on election day. >> get the extra hour. >> and i vote for that. >> it is november a couple of days after that. not a great sun set. take a look. cloudy now. and i mean we -- always, we usually have a nice sky late in the day. more clouds around today. we expected this. kind of a weak boundary is moving our way. and we still manage to get above the average of 79 the high today. 81 and the morning low 67 degrees. another day where the
5:47 pm
we'll stay near and maybe finally a degree or two below the average of 80 in the days ahead. we'll be watching that. can you see the clouds which have been increasing from the gulf all day today. areas south had a fair amount of sunshine they are clouding. sprinkles. and over the gulf. this is evaporating. i'm not expecting a lot from this. and from the sprinkles up in the northern counties. this is a dry time of year. we don't get a lot of rain in october and november. these months we have been living
5:48 pm
every single checkpoint is in the 70s but for inverness at 68. and bushnell. and sarasota and inland the mercury is in the mid-70s now. 76 the dew point and winds off the water. the low pressure. high pressure over oklahoma is a lot of sunshine and the next couple of days they are good, seasonable temperatures. lots of sunshine right now the weekend is looking aok. it is mostly cloudy and seasonable. down to 65. and sunshine tomorrow low humidity. this is the veteran's day forecast. lots of sunshine. pleasant and 78.
5:49 pm
that's it. 78 on friday. and 80 on saturday. the weather for the buc's game on sunday. that is the game. looks good. 81 degrees. that is perfect. well we have all been on the edge for weeks now but this morning was different. many doubted the day would happen. what was different? >> doug martin returned to the practice field the bucs running back has been o his hamstring. his return a welcome. he was health wry but limited. dirk koetter said being without his running back has been tougher. i mean you got your 22 starters
5:50 pm
on different levels. you have elite players. we have 4, 5. they are harder to replace. sometimes you have a good guy behind them sometimes are you holding on -- you're holding on. >> let's why behind the enemy lines the bears off a bye week, we'll get a bunch of starter as couple of guards a nose tackle. all starters t back. he led them to a win in the last game after missing five weeks. the bye week was helpful. >> it is a huge boost look at what is happening the first half and the quarterback position will cripple a lot of teams. >> and we have a full sunday of football here starting 1590:30 a.m. on sunday with tailgate sunday.
5:51 pm
get you set and then game 1:00 bucs and bears the 4:25 game is the game of the week. dallas taking on pittsburgh. that's 4:25. now may be the time to invest in metals and kevin kiermaier has taken that to heart as can you see. the center fielder and another collection of gold and plats numb he he is the first american league center fielder two seasons. he led all al center fielders with 25 monies. beating out kevin pillar. another season without missing a couple of months with a broken hand. >> and missing 5 5 games that's -- that's a lot of time. and i was hoping that all the coaches and managers would still
5:52 pm
we made the right choice. this is the defensive award. i feel 100% that i'm the best in the came. this is an award that -- in the game. this is an award i hope to have many years. >> i don't see what will stop him. and still won the award. this friday and higher than we'll be rooting them on. >> we will. >> next nicole kidman on
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wall street closing the and wall street closing at a high. the tkro*eu dow was up. >> nicole kidman is reflecting how mother hood influenced her role. >> here is natalie morales. the mother of a deaf drew with her children with tom cruise and her relationship with them 15 years after the divorce is speculated on but now new he they played a part. i thought it was a love later,
5:56 pm
>> and it has nothing to do with biology and just this is what it is. i think that, once it is created >> they have two children. >> my kids rarely see the films i like to keep it separate if that makes sense. i have a five-year-old she is like what do you do. >> she hopes they will not follow in her foot steps but maybe have follow their father and become a singer. >> can you wash access hollywood
5:57 pm
>> here are mark and kelly. thank you, bringing back jobs and the wall. >> the president-elect promise as lot of things. the first 100 days and what a trump presidency could mean for florida. >> it has been a long time coming for some police officers here at 6:00. what they are getting after waiting 8 very long years. jacqueline and a mother wins her battle to deal with her daughter's diagnosis.
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with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs. and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 meals for under four dollars. "i've just recieved a call new at steak 'n shake! i have received a call from secretary clinton. early morning concession clears the way for donald trump. what is elect. >> i'm lloyd sowers. the president elect has a place on the beach in florida. what he may bring for the sunshine state. >> the public even the non-drug ones need a transportation option. >> they have one thanks to ride sharing. finally a decision about uber and lyft.
6:00 pm
tonight. i'm mark wilson, i'm kelly ring, thank you for joining us, day of victory and speeches as donald trump is the 45th president of the united states. it started early talking to supporters in new york city, to all republicans and democrats and independents across the nation i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. it is time, he promised to be the president of all americans and said that he was reaching out to those who dependent support him for guidance and help to unify the country, then midmorning today hillary clinton spoke to her supporters at a hotel in new york. it was a vastly different setting from where she was to give her speech last night. she said she hoped that donald trump would be a successful president for all of americans


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