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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  November 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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choas across the country... protesters hit the streets in full force demonstrating against donald trump's presidential victory. this.. as mr trump prepares to go to washington.. what president obama has to say ahead of their first meeting in the oval office.. and ahead of the arrival of my little girl.. i hone my skills at daddy boot camp.... ((walter)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with dave.
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the search is on for the gunman who opened fire on a crowd in downtown seattle. five people were shot...three of them now listed in critical condition. police say an argument took place shortly beforehand.. but an exact motive is unclear. officials say it doesn't appear to be related to nearby anti-trump protests also happening in seattle.. those anti-trump rallies also taking place across the country.. from new york to l-a.. people could be heard shouting "not my president".. and even setting fires in the streets.. fox's patricia stark, has more from new york. / protester0:32-0:43 grace richardson / voted for hillary clinton1:00-1:07 bill bennett / trump supporter ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------nats: "the whole world is watching" protesters hit the streets in cities across america wednesday night ... upset over the election of donald trump. thousands marching in new york ... outside of trump tower. okeyo says: "well, i believe the united states has made a terrible mistake. i think that americans have been very naive to very strong shifts of governments to the right throughout the western world." hillary clinton and president obama have called for democrats to accept the results... protesters in washington d.c. say they are saddened by trump's surprise win.richardson says: "i think that a lot of people are here mourning. and i know that i definitely had a rough, disappointing day. but you know, i'm here because my friends are here and we're all here together." protesters in texas... a state won by
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that we have to face to results. but what we can do is organize and mobilize." trump supporters though say the real estate mogul legitimately won the election.bennett says: "you know they're exercising their free speech rights but what exactly are they protesting. constitutional republics ways of engaging in democracy?" demonstrators say they are protesting peacefully. tisdale says: "yeah i think that we don't want to combat hate with hate and protesting and this way i think sends a more powerful message." in new york, patricia stark, fox news. the protests spread to tampa bay as well. a small group marched along seventh avenue in ybor city last night, holding up signs and
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the woman who organized the event says she was stunned by the offensive and racist words she heard from co- workers, regarding the election. despite threats of violence -- tampa police say the protest was peaceful... later this morning.. president-elect donald trump.. will meet with president obama at the white house.. in what is expected to be a cordial meeting.. president obama says former president george w. bush could not have been more gracious after his 2008 victory... he says he's instructed his team to follow that example in way for trump. melania trump will also be meeting with first lady michelle obama in the white house residence. trump's meeting today is the first step in a transition to the oval office.. but this morning.. we're also getting a first glimpse into potential key members of trump's cabinet. chairman of the republican national committee "reince preibus" is a contender for chief of staff. secretary of state could go to former speaker of the house, newt gingrich... former new york mayor and prosecutor, rudy guiliani...
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of homeland security or attorney general.. new jersey governor, chris christie is also a candidate for both of those jobs.. other possible matches include billionaire businessman carl icahn for treasury secretary, retired army general michael flynn for national security advisor. and alabama senator jeff sessions, for secretary of defense. of course, this is all educated guess work at best... but in d-c.... when any position opens up close to power - you can bet someone is always ready to fill it. developing here at home.. detectives in manatee county say they have arrested a man.. accused of killing an 18 year old girl, earlier this week.. fox 13's shayla reaves has been following this story all week.. and joins us now
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tampa police continue to investigate the cause of a deadly house fire. crews saw smoke and flames on wednesday morning.. as they arrived at the scene along north 16-th street just after 10 a-m.. once inside -- they found the body of 44-year-old "rafael sotto gonzalez." a number of agencies -- including the a-t-f are assisting in the
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the hillsborough county public transportation comission has reached an agreement with uber and lyft... that will keep them in the county. the p-t-c voted 4 to 3 on wednesday to adopt rules that both groups agreed to. fingerprint regulations were removed... but tougher background checks were put in place. uber drivers will also have to get their cars inspected. the agreement is technically temporary until next december. both sides hope the legislature comes up with statewide rules. other ride sharing companies besides uber and lyft would be subject to rules including the fingerprint-based background checks. the man accused of hitting and killing a crossing guard in st. pete.. has had his bond raised from ten- thousand to fifty-thousand dolalrs.. 21-year old "charles walton" made his first appearance in court on wednesday.. as students and staff mourned the death of
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say just before school let out at mount vernon elementary tuesday... roundtree was hit and killed... students have been remembering him as someone who always had a smile on his face. a state attorney has determined that criminal charges should not be filed.. against a hillsborough county deputy, who shot and killed a man while serving a warrant. following an investigation -- sarasota state attorney, "ed brodksy"... found deputy "caleb johnson's" actions justified. and killed "levonia riggins." the deputy says he feared for his life... and only later learned that riggins was unarmed. deputy johnson remains on leave -- as the sheriff's office continues their own internal investigation. ((jen)) still ahead.. the man working to transform downtown tampa has concerns about our city's future. ((walter)) what jeff vinick says is the bay area's biggest weakness. plus.. another bizarre development emerges in the south carolina serial killer case. what one
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far.
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there's a new twist in ate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. the case of the alleged south carolina serial killer. prosecutors say "nicole carver".. impersonated a cop to try and find her missing, estranged husband, charlie. deputies in spartanburg county.. say she used a detective's name and badge number to get g-p-s data.. found buried on todd kohlhepp's property. charlie and his girlfriend disappeared in august. his girlfriend was found alive, chained inside a storage container. two other bodies were also found on the property.. it's unclear if there is any relationship between nicole carver and kohlhepp. carver is due in court next month... an american man accused of trying to join isis.. is scheduled to appear in a columbus, ohio courtoon today.. federal prosecutors say
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wired 250 dollars to an islamic state group operative in january.. and told an undercover informant about his interest in traveling overseas to commit jihad.. daniels was arrested on monday at the airport in columbus.. following a months-long investigation.. top military officials are investigating a close call this morning.. for two of the nation's finest ... officials say a marine corps pilot was able to land safely.. after a collision near this base in san diego.. the second pilot ejected safely.. and rescue crews picked him up.. pilot was killed after another twin-engine hornet went down during a training mission at the same marine base. fox news also released a report in april, highlighting the struggles of marine corps aviation.. stating that only about 30 percent of the available "f-a 18" jets are ready to fly.. ladies this may not come as a surprise to you-- but women ?do have better memory than men! a study found that women in their fourties and fifties performed better
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men.... even despite a decline around the time of menopause. women who went through menopause did however have worse memory than those who hadn't been through it yet.. but still-- as long as the women had healthy aging brains-- they continued to have an edge over their male
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time for a good day good deed this morning... a lakeland police officer proved that sometimes a hug is the best medicine. a mother took her 22-month-old son to the hospital... after he came down with a severe fever. as they were leaving the e-r.... the little boy was crying-- completely inconsolable. when officer martin krauss notice the little boy in pain... he walked over, gave him a teddy bear and a hug. as you can see... it did the trick. the little boy even
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when we come back.. there is a huge candy controversy this morning.. people are losing their minds.. over what was taken out of a popular chocolate bar. plus.. ligtning owner jeff vinik sees a promising future for the city of tampa.. but.. what does he see as it's biggest weakness?..
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we all know about the money tampa bay lightning
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in to tampa's down-town.. but in a new interview with forbes.. he's being frank about the challenges the city faces.. his interview with the magazine focused on the challenges and opportunities within the city's growing tech sector.. vinik painted the city as a great place to live and home to friendly people.. however -- when asked what the city is up against.. vinik highlighted a number of college grads who want to stay local.. but aren't finding the right opportunities.. vinik says "the most significant is wages".. "we've got to have better paying jobs and higher wages"... he added that companies need to add more money to attarct top talent to the area.. something which he says he'd like to take a leadership role in.. stalling sales are forcing job cuts at g-m.. falling demand for cars -- means two-thousand workers will lose their jobs "indefinitely" at plants in ohio and michigan. the cuts are expected to happen sometime in january. these are g-m's first layoffs since
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it seems a donald trump presidency may not be bad for your investments after all.. u-s stocks rose sharply wednesday... after seeing big losses as wall street came to grips with trump's upset victory. u-s stocks rallied... lifting the dow jones industrial average to within 50 points of a record high close this morning.. asian markets are also bouncing back.. it looks like voters went straight from polling sites.. to social media sites.. twitter says there were more than 75 million tweets about tuesday's election by early wednesday facebook users also voiced their opinions about the historic event... with more than 115 million people discussing the election on that site. and the popular job site "indeed" says the number of u-s workers searching for jobs in canada... jumped ten-fold in the hours just after the race was called. while the presidential election has been dominating headlines around the world..
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you can decide... on this one. a popular candy has changed its iconic shape. swiss chocolate maker "toblerone" has altered its triangle shape... making its segments smaller... and reducing the overall size of the bar... but... the price remains the same. the company says it was necessary to cope with higher prices for ingredients. hundreds of fansow on the brand's facebook page. many say they'd have
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still to come on good day.. it's time to go shopping.. alcides segui will have the details.. as big box stores begin releasing their black friday deals.. plus.. 70 years later.. a world war two veteran finally gets the
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((walter)) it's 5:--, i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. for joining us.. this morning - a man is under arrest.. for the murder of an 18-year old girl in manatee county..
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the time now is 5:??. the president has invited donald trump to the white house today. they'll be meeting in the oval office, which will symbolically begin the transition of power. trump will officially take office on january 20th. while the two have their meeting, first lady michelle obama will be meeting privately with the next first lady - melania trump. in the hours since donald trump became president- elect... thousands of distressed americans took to the streets to protest the nation's new leadership. demonstrations took place in several cities.. including boston, chicago and right here in tampa.. a giant paper- mache trump head was burned in los angles overnight and a fire was also ignited in the streets of oakland. ((walter lakeland police
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believe this man is the same person who robbed 4 different stores... in about a week. a subway, 2 gas stations, and a liquor store were all robbed. the victims described the same thing... a man came in, showed them a gun, demanded cash, then fled. crimestoppers is offering a 10- thousand-dollar reward for information leading to an arrest. surveillance video has caputured the moment a south florida mayor.. ran after two suspected teenage robbers.. miami shores mayor "alice burch" told police she had her purse stolen by the two teens tuesday night.. near a coffee shop.. burch then chased after them and tried to grab them.. but was thrown to the ground.. the teens then drove off in a getaway car.. police say the two teens were later found and arrested.. orange county deputies are searching for a thief.. who robbed a pregnant woman, on the same day she went into labor.. "julie antoine"
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when a man attacked her.. and snatched her necklace.. investigators say the necklace the thief stole -- was worth 15-hundred dollars.. it's long overdue... but a 95-year-old world war two veteran has finally received medals he deserves... "harold curry" served in the army.. and was honorably discharched in 19-45.. curry's family found his discharge papers a few months ago.. and realized that there were some medals listed, that he didn't really know he'd earned.. after a few letters and applications.. friends and family gathered in his living room this week to watch him receive his medals -- after more than 70 years.. curry was presented with the world war 2 victory medal, the asia-pacific campaign medal with bronze arrowhead, a good conduct medal, the philippine liberation ribbon with two bronze campaign stars.. and the honorable service lapel button.
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people are planning out their holiday meal... others are mapping out their shopping routes as retailers have unveiled the big black friday deals. fox 13's alcides segui is live at best buy in tampa this morning... alcides-- what's the big doorbuster this year? roll to best buy vo: "we want
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thanks, alcides.. after the break.. how the tampa bay lightning plan to honor our nation's military members tonight.. plus scott smith will have more on a promising return for the bucs.. and as i get one step closer to becoming a father.. i decided it was time to roll up my sleeves.. and learn
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tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here,
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military appreaciation night... 25-hundred tickets have been donated to service members and their families.. for tonight's game against the islanders.. as well as future games. the lightning will also wear camo jerseys during warm-ups tonight... which will be auctioned off to benefit military charities.. fox 13's scott smith has the rest of this morning's sports headlines. the bucs haven't been a consistant threat in the run game... and much of that has to do with inconsistency with their personel... a different runningback almost every week... so, it comes as a welcome sight today at one buc... their pro bowl runningback was back on the practice field.doug martin was practicing in a limited capacity... but looks to be a real possibility this week at home against chicago... martin injured his hamstring in week 2's loss to arizona... then re- aggr healing process, but assuming he stays on course... he should be carrying the ball this sunday...dirk koetter says being without his best running back has been tough to overcome...kevin kiermaier is once again, investing in precious metals in this time of economic uncertainty... last night the rays centerfielder added another gold glove to his growing collection... he of course won the gold and platinum last year.k-k becomes the first american league centerfielder since 1957 to win one in each of his first 2 seasons... he led all a-l centerfielders with 25 runs saved... beating out toronto's kevin pillar and
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remarkable defensive season and he did it, despite missing a couple months with a broken hand. it's now 5:??. time
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it is 5:??: time now to find out what's happening
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traffic". no closed captioning is available for traffic. this week has been all about "getting me ready" for being a new dad! one thing i did.... is take on a class and thankfully st. joes womens hospital was kind enough to let me take my camera with me..... as i stepped into "daddy boot camp" )))))))))nats((((((((((((( (((((( some "guy time".... sitting around on a saturday for a couple of hours talkin babies. )))))))))))nats((((((((((( ((((((( not something you see very often.
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typically wired this way... right?? thats all changing for me... gonna be a new dad its time for:sot:"welcome to boot camp for new dads"john roth, boot camp for new dads:20runs:oc: its a class that is offered at various places numerous times a year. this one was at st joes womens hospital. we started off by telling the group - who we are when the due date is name of the baby sot:"i don't think that i'm authorized to release the name yet haha"runs:oc: once we got through that... then some of the big topics are covered. and it was part hands on, part group therapy - but all real. sot:"here is the thing about infants... in the first 3 months, theyre crying, sleeping or eating. and youre feeding, burping of changing diaps. that is not tridistional role for us and scared of it"8:47runs:oc: what i though was the fathers role that has changed throughout the years. a big point that stuck with me is... for fathers to take a big role - as big of a role as mom. and to not let mothers-in-law or anyone else deminish that role.sot:"men don;t bond that way... men bond by spending time."8:24 runs:oc: to spend time... because you dont get it back im told. then we come to the "scratch and sniff" portion of the programsot:"inside theyre mmmmmmmm!"36:47runs:oc: the 5 s's sot: )))))nats tight!(((((((runs:oc: swaddle ))))))))))nats )what ever you like (((((((( suck...sot:"give em a nipple... probably not your but a nipple so they can suck" runs:oc: side )))))))nats(((((((((((( shake.... wait what? sot:"not a hard shake but a jittery shake"39:29runs:oc: and finally shhhhhhhh sot:"shhhhhhhhhhh!"39:55runs: oc: and this all recreates the womb. so in these classes, there are a number of things that are always covered and some other topics depend on the class and what is brought up by the participants. but a class with dads in mind, speaking dad language.... i feel one step closer to taking
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ad lib ((walter)) coming up.. it's been a sweet spot for
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park..((jen)) but there's been something missing since day one.. we'll tell you when the much anticipated cupcake a-t-m will ?finally be ready at sprikinles bakery.. carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella. ? dramatic italian aria ? it's the most dramatic meatball you've ever eaten. for a limited time only.
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time now is 5:xx... a cupcake a-t-m will finally be installed outside the new "sprinkles" bakery in tampa's
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has been part of the stores plan since it opened in april.. but has been delayed by nearby constuction projects.. come next thursday though.. cupcakes will be available 24-7.. the a-t-m will be restocked three to five times a day to ensure the cupcakes have been baked within the last 24 hours. there's a different kind of horse race going on in st. petersburg.. police horses and their riders are vying for a spot left open by a retiring officer. the horses went through an obstacle course on tuesday.. and were put through real-life scenarios. they were tested on how they handled flares, flashbangs and other distractions all while keeping formation. the training was also a good refresher for other horseback officers. think about your community.. there's probably a grocery store.. doctor's office.. things people need. well, the newtown community in sarasota
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they've never had a medical practice or a doctor's office in the area. as fox 13's kim kuizon reports.. that's all about to change.. jetson grimes has lived and worked in newtown for 60 plus years. he takes pride in the area. m always supporting something positive happening in the community.a positive change is coming to newtown... in less than a year this site will be transformed into the sarasota memorial internal medicine building...bringing multiple primary doctors to newtown. -"for a long time we didn't even have acces to sarasota memorial hospital, that makes it even more special to see they are making an investment like this in our community. i feel like we have come a long way from say 40 years ago" the practice will be made up of a teaching staff of sarasota memorial doctors from florida state and 13 resident physicians. they wil uninsured and can't afford medical care. we really wanted to give back to the community. we wanted to put facilities where they were most needed and where they would be most utilized." once residents complete their 3 years of training... sarasota memorial is hopeful the doctors will stay with the practice. you make it a place where they want to be, where they want to live, where they want to practice. the experience is that 77% of them will stay where you are. we hope we can do better than that." it's a major change for the area. nearby businesses are already rejuvenating the area. with today's groundbreaking -- even bigger and better things are on the way.this is the corner stone to revitalization. much can take place in buildings and brick and mortar, but without a healthy community there is nobody to go there." in sarasota, kimberly kuizon
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the newtown practice will open in july.. and has already started taking applications for residents. right now -- they're working on narrowing applicants down to 300. ((jen)) there's much more to come on good day.((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. today - the important transition for president-elect trump begins.. he will meet with president obama at
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one of the first courses of action for the president-elect.. will be choosing his cabinet. coming up at six - the local names.. that could be on his short-list.. also ahead - drones may be the future of flight.. but.. that future has some pretty strict rules. at six - some local guys who hope to make these little machines - big business. and: the biggest firework in the ?world has gone off.. and it is ?spectacular..
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'a house divided.' from tampa bay >>laura: a house divided. from tampa bay to seattle, donald trump's election sparks protests and thousands declaring, not my president. today how president elect trump and president obama are hoping to unite the country. >>russell: a teen is shot and ll deputies say they caught her killer. >>laura: they call it a dream job. drones for a living. how companies are learning to deal with this evolving technology and some of the legal challenges. >>dave: straight up 6:00 and gorgeous, beautiful start to the day. tampa bay still be in the mid 60s but areas to the north have snuck back to the 50s and we've cleared skies out this morning. look at the 52 in brooksville.


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