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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  November 10, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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((russell the first hundred days... it's important for every new president.. we'll take a look at president-elect trump's plans the first 100 new days we a. important for every new president. we will take look a president-elect plans for first new plans in a sick little boy sympathetic officer how lakeland police department helped a mother and her son get through a very tough time. >> from tampa bay's number one tampa bay. hey everybody it's 8 o'clock i'm laura moody. good morning it's thursday, november 10th we thank you for waking up with us this morning. we need to get straight to dave who outside with look at the forecast. let me tell you, it is unbelievable out here. >> nice. >> it really is wait until you come out 9 o'clock russell. we're in mid 60s. it's gorgeous, gorgeous almost wall to wall sunshine here. not to mention the dryer air that is settling in.
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61 degrees. look for those to drop into 50s as we get into afternoon hours. temperatures here at 8 o'clock, 54 crystal river. 59 brooksville. you have got 64 degrees in brandon. and high temperatures today right back to about. 80 degrees. and tomorrow i think even nicer with high of 78. vanessa. >> all right. very nice dave, thank you. >> and here at 8:01 we have skyfox checking out tampa area. we do have some delays southbound on dale mabrey following a crash. take look you can intersection of close to intersection with hudson lane. south of fletcher where we're seeing single lane blocked by an apparent 3 vehicle crash. our delays are notable in the area. so make sure you're planning extra time. by way if you're thinking taking orange grove as work around to this please note just off to the east, that work around is going to be a bit slow as well maybe consider casey if you're very much ad mapt about working around this crash. but you can see the delays here maybe a couple minutes or so
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live look on one of our major roadways 275 at 38th avenue north in pinellas. if you're coming from pinellas bayway north to the i-4 interchange take you only about 39 minutes. well, with the election behind us it's time to look onward to the transition of president obama to president-elect trump. after all it is just 71 days away. we already know what donald trump has planned for his first part of his presidency. fox 13's jen epstein is here now with first 100 days in office. good morning. guys. president-elect trump plans to do a lot once he moves into a white house. just a few weeks ago he out lined his three main areas of focus, clean up washington, protect american workers and restore the rule of law. during his first day of office he plans to get right to work repealing and replacing the affordable healthcare act. he also plans to immediately stop allowing syrian refugees into u.s. and immediately review every piece of legislation the
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then terminate them if need. that's just day one. over the next 99 days he promised to drain the swamp. that's the phrase he uses to get rit of corruption in washington. and impose term limits on every member of congress. he wants to fix america's trade agreements with other countries. and a promises to renegotiate the i ran nuclear deal with nato as well climate change programs. now as far as big policy changes go, trump wants to put more money into at military and make it more he's already putting those plans in motion. >> all right. thank you, jen. >> on to other news too. the pentagon is already hard at work getting ready from this transition from president obama to president-elect donald trump. a transition teams work with federal teams to develop plans and create a priority list how they will take over operations. navy secretary saying it cannot wait until after the inauguration to make a smooth transition. work has to start now. in fact just hours after the
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already in place to discuss what the issues are. where the concerns are and how the budget will change. >> and president obama is planning to meet with donald trmp at the white house. the first step in what they are hoping will be a peaceful transition. it in speech yesterday president obama reminded americans he and former president bush had significant differences but they worked hard together to make sure it was in fact a smooth transition. president has also asked all americans to keep an open mind. first lady m meet with future first lady melania trump. she's former model very reserved stays out spotlight as much as possible. when she did speak she made a point to say she will big advocate for women and for children. 8:04 right now. a bradenton family is one step closer getting answers as to why their teenage daughter died. man accused of a killing 18-year-old mariah good was arrested last night. and the family says they are
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shayla is live outside of the manatee sheriff's office. shayla you did some digging on this man arrested. what did you manage to find out? >> yeah, good morning to you. we can tell you right now 21-year-old devin lee freeman is behind bars. andest waking up today in the sarasota county jail. he is facing charges right now for second degree murder in connection with shooting death of 18-year-old mariah good. now according says i want to look him face to face and tell him i forge give him mariah's mother hopes to one day to share with devin lee freeman in person. we can tell you 18-year-old good of bradenton a woman of haitian dissent she was adopted by a family and tackle ad number of health challenges in recent years requiring some costly treatments for pain symptoms associated with lupus.
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new freeman or what landed either of them at the location where she was shot on sunday. but here's what we know. gunfire erupted on fourth street east in bradenton. maria hope good suffered injuries in shooting a potential witness drove her to hospital for treatment but ultimately doctors could not save good's life. now today mariah's parents are holding a celebration of life service at 2 o'clock this afternoon. it's taking place at anna maria is magnolia avenue. the service will then be followed by a vigil at bradenton river walk. that's located on water front drive. scheduled to begin at 6 o'clock in the evening. so good's family described her as caring, and loving. and tell me they tell me today they miss our precious girl. their focus though is not revenge in this case but they tell us they do want justice for their daughter.
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as any additional information is released in the case. reporting here in manatee county, shayla reeves, fox 13 news. >> all right shayla, thank you. 8:017. and also developing lakeland police are searching for a robber who has been pretty busy. police believe this man robbed four different stores a subway two gas station and a liquor store all in about a week. victims described same thing man comes in story and show as gun demands cash then stoppers offer $10,000 reward for information that would lead to an arrest. veterans have sacrificed so much for our country. tomorrow people all over will give them their thanks. that's including american family care which is providing free flu shots to veterans in just in time for season too. small gesture but having a big impact of more than 19 million veterans in u.s., 750,000 of them have no health insurance. this specific group may be more
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cdc striving for 80 percent vaccination rate. but less than 50 percent of veterans receive the shot. to get a free shot all veterans need to do show their id at the clinic tomorrow. to find location near you go to our website, click on seen on tv. >> and how about this, veterans can adopt animals for free at pinellas animal services all year long. county works with vets adopt to make it happen all you have to do is show proof of military status and meet adop for serving our country. >> tampa bay lightning also celebrating our veterans and current military men and women team annual military appreciation night. 2500 tickets donated to service members and their families for tonight's game against the islander. as well future games. lightning will also wear camouflage warm up jerseys. it will be auctioned off to benefit military charities. several veterans will be honored on ice at tonight's game as well. >> yeah. sure is.
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here. dave's back in just a few minutes with the latest skytower radar forecast and cooler temperatures mean holidays are juries around the corner alcides segui is making sure you're ready for it. good morning, alcides. do you believe that its black friday already? my goodness i can't believe it. we're two weeks away from all black friday ads. you know what i'm holding right here? bestbuy black friday ad. not actual ad of course but i went online and printed it. that way you a home can get a come black friday. by bestbuy will be on thursday coming up next on good day tampa bay. stay with us. . i am looking forward to holiday season. looking forward to thanksgiving, christmas season. election see seasonover. she grabbed her glamourer hammer and created a pop up gallery. stick around everybody and i will show you how she could
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three retailers released their black friday ads. we sent fox 13's alcides segui to bestbuy to check out big door busters. what are big deals this year, alcides? >> just like prior years, those televisions are where you can save big bucks especially if you're looking folatest and greatest. bestbuy is offering 4 k ultra hd as they call it actually the blacfr and print it but it does give you really good idea what their sales are. again, no doubt, televisions are the hot item this year. they are every year. samsung 4 k ultra hd will cost you 500 bucks. toshiba 49 inch, $200. again you can find tons of television make even a camera for 450 bucks. tablets and computers. computers big savings here at bestbuy.
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tablets also a big sale. and again it's, really depending on where you're going to go. i did find some really good sales at kohl's as well. bigs here is years prior, most of the major retail stores were open on thanksgiving day. that not necessarily case this year. jc penney's toys "r" us we just talked about target bestbuy and walmart throughout the and they will offer black friday deals on thanksgiving day. some other retail stores are deciding to close on thanksgiving. with that said the national retail federation is predicting that it's going expected to lot bigger than last year. in fact, they are predicting a healthy 3.6 percent increase in sales this holiday season opposed to about 3 percent last year. lot of retail stores are offering their sales online.
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black friday sales already. i was just on there a short time ago. i don't know fifths as big as it will be on friday. or even on cyber monday, but if you're looking for are a sale right now, amazon is even providing some of that stuff too. but, i just, you know, i find it hard to believe laura and russell we're less than what, two weeks away from black friday. and soon, this bestbuy will have people camping out there with their tents and their tvs and having thanksgiv we'll cover it like we always do. back to you. all right, alcides. thank you. seems like its becoming more, you shopping on amazon. i was thinking about, i was thinking about people camping out bestbuy. all is right with the world when you see that. >> that addition is back. yeah. yeah. hey guys. i couldn't hear you for a second. oh, yeah. i got you now. it's okay.
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>> it is so nice outside. you get out here, you you understand this dry air is settling in can't complain. yes, okay i know we need some rainfall. but, a lot of times in november we get into a weather pattern like this, and it's just stunning. sarasota, you're first to touch 70 degrees. you're there now. 67 in st. petersburg. 66 in tampa. our friends in brooksville. and i want you to see how tampa lakeland, sebring, st. petersburg, you see at that 61 to 64 degrees dew point. not bad, right? moderate humidity. but notice to the north brooksville ocala, 40s and 50s. that's the kind of dryer air that is going to settle south throughout the day today. so while we get right back up to
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and high pressure is going to dominate our weather straight through the weekend. so mostly sunny, low humidity today. 80 degrees for high temperature. our normal 79. starry skies tonight. dry, low temperature near 60 degrees. i think though as you go north, easily in the lower 50s back in citrus and hernando counties. plan accordingly, tons sunshine this forget tomorrow vet rans day 78 degre temperature seasonable weather on tap for tomorrow taking it through next 7 days. really a couple 20 percent rain chances next week. notice high temperatures 78 to about 80. lows 59 to around 63. that's nice, vanessa. what do you think? >> cannot wait. all right dave, thank you. >> we want to check the roads right now skyfox moved over to area of 275. we have a crash you can see that is going to be on the shoulder. it's the right shoulder.
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but it looks a little slow in this area. this is around bush. you do want to be careful. you've got folks right there on side of the roadway. so make sure you're moving over if at all possible. 19 minutes by the way should be your time coming from bearss heading to i-4. i do want to update folks on this crash from the last hour. this was eastbound where we saw most of our delays on hillsborough after crash near intersection handling road. we had fhp still reporting lane blocks good news delays i'm seeing not widespread more centered around intersection and no longer all the way back to web road. i think maybe an extra minute or two this way and you should be fine. >> you know sometimes all little kid needs is compassion and a snug well teddy bear thanks to lakeland police officer a sick boy just got that. and that is this morning good day good deed. this little boy, there he is,
8:19 am
with story behind it. she says she had to take her one-year-old son to the hospital because he had a high fever. and on the way out the little boy was crying. he was uncomfortable. he was inconsolable. the officer saw the little boy and came to his rescue. he gave him a teddy bear that he had in his car and much needed hug. and the mother says this officer is an angel. may god bless you for all your work. >> great. still but not crying. it's true. takes a while to xhut oh of funky like that. yes it does. all right. what's old is new again. would you ever return to flip phone? coming up the company hoping to bring the flip phone back and why. but first, charley's live in
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we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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good day tampa bay i'm charley belcher coming to you from plant city this morning rights off james red man parkway. james red man parkway or gps said james red man parkway. made us laugh. james red man parkwayville annual shopping center. you will find a pop u gallery. at least until new year's eve
8:23 am
your shoes turn into glass slippers or glitter or whatever. i want to talk history jewel's you're most famous consist face girl. glamour girls. when did that come to you in that was your first for ray in art world. my first glamour girls my 30th birthday when i just moved to atlanta. you didn't grow up an artist per se. i took art lessons when i was a child here in plant city. i just loved it is in my blood. you know. right. i see my second grade teachers. and you know i was like add but i'm like betty g. do you remember you had to cans flame back shoes on jewel's how do you remember that. i just notice weird artsy things. i get you you. so glamour girls is first. and then, the flowers.
8:24 am
them and the swirls. that just kind of became your style >> wound up flour wounds. that is what you call them? very nice. you make quite a career off of this. and you've had galleries before you've all over the place. your art work has on tv show friends. now i'm in home town big shots like elton john and madonna. this pop up gallery through end of the year only? >> right is what i've negot uni, who knows i fell in love with my art students and art classes. so, day by day. and you're sharing, your space toos with some artists. this one of my artists right here kristin. kristin your sign maker. hello fall. hello fall. finally. >> finally. >> so that's nice. you see that's great signs for everybody. you know that's very in right now. it is. it is. and whip some up i know i always
8:25 am
weekend all about bowls. bowls. in mccall park it benefits the food bank here. very nice. and it is, this weekend. that's saturday. this saturday, right? >> this saturday. from 11 to 1:30. what park in mccall park downtown plant city. and so you design the bowl for that event. right. look at that. about 30 hours of gluing charley. then that's resin. that's it. all right. and everything from screws nice. purse everything you've ever everything she ever lost put in that bowl and poured resin over it. keys cell phone. all good. very nice. thank you very much, when we come back we will meet some of your littlest students. in fact, come on over here girls and boys. look at this i love all of my little skirts and cowboy boots. you all feel like you're. gather around. there we go.
8:26 am
here. laura and russell you'll meet them and we'll show you what they are working on in the next segment. that picture's worth a thousand words. very nice. very nice. all right. wave. wave. oh, hi. hi. see you all later. if you, if you're wife tells you no and you're creative. you find a way around it. one man did that and it's bringing smiles to children's faces. and then how local companies are
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((laura 2shot)) there's a push to get better sex ed in schools.. and here's there is a push right now to get better sex ed in schools. he's why. new research shows that the education they are getting now is failing to improve teenage
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students money to put studies before parting actually helps reduce sexually transmitted disease. researchers came to this conclusion after conducting 8 different trials in different countries. another problem with sex ed condom and contraceptives are talked about but around are not easily available to students. and many have to pay for them which become burdensome. while the student cannot pay you can't make these options more available. >> meanwhile if you have been on chance you see women talks about getting birth control now. there's lot of worry that president-elect trump and a mike pence could threaten access to affordable birth control. we followed you earlier in hour trump plans to roll back the affordable care act which requires insurers to cover birth control as preventative care. amazon domino's ups, drones are the future. and right now amazon prime is
8:31 am
your door step in 30 minutes. ups already made its first medical delivery to remote island. in new seay zealand domino's made first pizza delivery. world of technology is changing fast. drones are about to become part of our every day life. you can see it is big business. the f a.a. is already preparing for new set of loss two local pilots are having time of their life carving this niche in this new have you ever flown one of these? they are fun. and really hard to fly. these guys they are the pros. >> controls on this are like like the helicopter stewart osha none and jason doyle are profession will pilots and night instructorer now certified commercial usa operators short for drone. technology is unbelievable. their day job is controls at the
8:32 am
starting their own company doing this new kind of flying. we decided flying hey this new frontier jump in on this get involved in this. so we have to be honest they are absolutely fun to fly. their company is called uas. they do cinematography. photography inside a home they can get clean clear pictures. practical applications of this are very cool. and very futuristic. >> this lowers itself slowly to ground drops off package we heard amazon's talk about the delivery drones. he imagines a world where seeing these is as common place seeing mail trucks. his words exactly. can you imagine? >> but aerospace is complicated. and necessary to know even for hobbiests we're in close proximity to peter oh knight. by f.a.a. laws contact them let them know we will conducting we
8:33 am
and flight path. f.a.a. is doing its best to keep up uas are unmanned aircraft system technology. they just announced new regulations that will get high tech drones their own aerospace. these drones, have actually be rated for 22,000 feet in air. they have five mile range on them. however, again one f.a.a. stipulations part 1017 you can't fly beyond line of sight. you have to have a license. you have to know the rules. >> you can net fly over people aerospace. three major ones. you can get waivers for each of those. they are one only companies to get a waiver to fly at night. because they know what they are doing. >> who knows what the future will see. but it sure is fun to think about. and their dream to be sure is that they never stop flying. and already up and unrunning they have documented as you can see some damage from hermine. they are doing trunk did
8:34 am
rules for hobbyists are bit more lacks. there's an app called before you fly that will get you started they say. russell. that's fascinating, laura. thanks. all right morning top stories now seminole tribe is celebrating a big win this morning judge rules in its favor allowing tribe to continue to offer black scombrak other card games for the next 14 years. tribe runs some of the state's best known casinos like hard rock in tampa. judge says keeping black jack will insure tribe's 36,000 seminole gaming employees will keep their jobs. governor's office is reviewing rulings so at this point not clear if the state will appeal the judge's decision. >> fight between hillary clinton public transportation and uber and lift is now over. ride sharing companies are street legal in the county after the ptc voted 4 to 3 to adopt rules both groups agreed to. drivers will not have to be fingerprinted.
8:35 am
stricter background checks. agreement says uber drivers will have to get their cars inspected and company cannot charge more during disasters. monroe county in south florida will be at first county in u.s. to test genetically modified mosquitos to fight zika. it would pass on genetic traits to their offspring that could cause them to die quickly in water he did though county voted in favor testing still one more hurdle a where testing would happen voted against it. florida keys mosquito contr decision later this month. >> i can't wait to get outside. i know it looks gorgeous, dave. >> no, it is. it is very, very nice too. more i'm out here drier it becomes because this north wind is just dragging down this drier air. so love it. okay. let's get into it. our temperatures are sitting in mid 60s right now at tampa international. so, here in brandon, and bartow
8:36 am
64 to 66 degrees. still, we're almost at 9 o'clock. it's in the mid to upper 50s in citrus county. over to sum per county. hey tall had had see as got tone 51. 51 gainesville jacksonville. and look at this dew points in the 40s. just about everybody to the north of us has that. brooksville you're dew points at 56. and slowly, but steadily, that drier air is going to filter in for north throughout day today. even perfect right now t will get a little bit drier as day moves along. you can see the way the wind direction is 5 to 12 miles per hour. mainly out the north. that's what's help helping to bring down that drier air. so high pressure builds in. you see it back there to the northwest. enjoy it. i'll be honest with you not much will change over the next few days. which means this beautiful weather not only goes through veteran's day but also through the weekend as well. high today's will be around 80
8:37 am
afternoon. starry skies, dry tonight. beautiful now. we we will get to 60 degrees in tampa which means most areas away from the city will be in the 50s come tomorrow morning. but we will rebound lovely, we will rebound big time with 78 degrees for high temperature tomorrow. tons of sunshine. going to continue for saturday for sunday as well. not until like monday we start tont just that 20 percent rain chance. mainly tuesday and for wednesday. want to give away the another mug. oh i just love this picture. okay. remember, you got to go to my facebook page. the only way that you can entered in mug competition folks. go to fox 13's dave osterberg like page half way down on left-hand side of screen you will click on hag tag we live here logo. that's how you submit your photos just like cindy did.
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most docile. most gorgeous little creatures we have around manatees. and i don't know about you vanessa, if you've ever had a chance to swim near them, it's just, they are so pretty. so fun. anyway. thank you zipped. reminds me of ten years ago when i did that. oh, very cool. yeah manatees are so cute. they are adorable. yeah. >> all right thanks, dave. thanks to cindy for sending that picture in to us. >> 8:38 is time. we want to switch gears goat rowa from hillsborough county sheriff's office they tell us wood bury road has shut down due to a traffic crash. they are also reporting impacts to northbound 75 and 75 through this area. we know that 75 doesn't exactly intersect or anything with wood bury but there's an overpassover wood bury and we are seeing some delays in this area. work arounds for wood bury road broadway avenue to the north or state road 60 to the south. we do have some calls into this
8:39 am
on. we also are going to be sending skyfox to area. we will wait and see what they have to show us from scene. meantime 75 in the state road 60 areas and we do have traffic backing up northbound approaching where that wood bury overpass is. travel times are up in that area. so stick with us. we will update you on this. we have a crash that's working out of tarpon springs area. u.s. 19 at beckett way. southbound delays are here. so i think there might be some lane blockage going on here. make sure avoiding or planning extra time. we have an overrn reported just off the waters. actually going to be on shoulder east of anderson road. we're waiting for deputies to arrive on scene. once they do you might see a scene in this area please use caution. a new hampshire joan tore is creative. he wanted to put his talents to good use his wife kept saying no, no, no. >> yeah at that point what are you supposed to do? he found the perfect way around it. fox 13's walter allen is here
8:40 am
this is pretty good. wife is telling him no? >> didn't matter. didn't matter, right? some people love their jobs. no matter what they are. and night time custodian is perfect example of that he goes in when he's gone there's pretty ool designs in his place. ron or mr. muncy takes time tomorrow vacuum patterns into couple of russian. he's new to school but leaving quite lasting mark. teachers say kids look forward to coming in etch every school before. sports logo halloween shapes a flying witch. they seem to have an he fuente to for peanuts characters as well. he taking something simple and moved to next level and school as has certainly take known parents can log and see fun carpet creations for themselves. if you're wondering this hasn't always been his job. he was working 70 to 80 hours a week as beverage distributor. now he works only 40. and seems to be enjoying dialing
8:41 am
yeah. being in the moment. yeah going the extra mile. all right. thank you, walter. >> you bet. >> you know the experts are always telling us drink eight glasses of water a day. protein shakes, after work outs. but did you know these drinking dogmas are relatively new? marathon runners once discouraging from drinking fluids out of fear it would slow them down. that changed with new york marathon in 70s. manufacturer spotted a growing market for sports drinks. recently british medical journal hiring scientists to do research on dehydration. but the report shows benefits of sports drinks are being backed with little to no evidence. more than quarter of parents believe sports drinks are healthy for kids. but one 500 mill liter bolts has around 20 grams of sugar. almost all of a child's daily added sugar allowance. that is deceiving.
8:42 am
all right. move over bugs. jen is taking off your
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we traveled the world
8:44 am
for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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thanks for being here. the season for manting carrots out dogs love carrots. we will talk about that in a second. let's get planting. absolutely. with first thing we have to do is we have to dig our holes for the carrots. it's very important to remember you know about the big around the carrot is. you know they vary in size this to this. >> oh, wow center of that where plant will be coming up. they literally need that much space in between each other. two carrots need to be growing
8:46 am
grow a little bit closer to egg. most part your seeds no end up that part apart. one biggest challenges to carrots is they are very sensitive to proper planting depth they are supposed to be quarter inch not very far at all. i like to use scissors. don't use wife scissors to do thp i have already been in trouble for taking my wife's kitchen utensils into the garden. don't do that. no don't. i will dig trench. just like that. and this is actually what we're going to put carrot seeds in. now, believe it or not, carrots are one easiest things to grow here in tampa bay area. the challenge with them is seeds are very spal. oh, yeah. okay. and so you remember how far apart to plant them? this much. like, about that far apart. but, because they are so sensitive to proper planting depth, the all the seeds usually don't don't come up.
8:47 am
seed here and one seed here and only a third of them came up we would have huge gaps in between our carrots. second challenge is if you plant them too close together it's very important that you come in later and thin them out with scissors which is very challenging to do if you put them way too close together. so there is kind of a balancing act in between planting them far enough apart and close enough together. so i brought a piece of paper so i could show the audience how far apart. i usually don't donald trump the bag. put take very small amount i just kind of roll them out of my fingers like this. just a pinch. just a pinch. okay. so on this white piece of paper over here. you can kind of see a little bit better the spacing of the carrots. these are what are these the red ones? these are the purple carrots. purple carrots. they all taste the same. so after you're done putting the seeds in, i just go along the row and give a slight little
8:48 am
and then pat them down. what i'm going to do after we're done filming i will water them in with a watering can. >> this season when they grow >> absolutely. time for them to grow. these carrots will be ready for christmas dinner. thank you so much, david. you're welcome. >> back to you. just a natural in that garden. i think she should go all the time. >> i think we found our next good day that's resounding no from newsroom. that's whae does jen. russell said i think we found to traipse all over the town and be silly. let charley do it. be careful jen. until russell moves. i'm in plant city this morning hanging out with artist extraordinaire. and she is opened up this pop up gallery only going to be here through the sxf the year. and she's using the space to
8:49 am
z262rz zy6z
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c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily,
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dogs. especially when it comes to loud noises. if you have pet that's afraid of loud bangs you know the struggle of days like the 4th of july. but, there may be a solution. new this morning food and drug administration has approved a new drug to combat is no related anxiety in dogs. before this only option was to treat pets with medicine designed for humans. which can sometimes be ineffective or it can have side effects. but this new drug is designed to work rapidly and then fade away over a few hours. or fireworks show to pass. and it comes needle ills syringe you squirt gel on to your dog's gums. each syringe costs about $30. all right. charley belcher. you been having fun. should open a pet pharmacy. huge business. huge. >> c v s open a dogs or something. c a t s.
8:53 am
good day laura i'm in plant city hanging one and only there she is over there jewels artist extraordinaire. she calls a pop up gallery that means you rented this space off james red man parkway here inville annual shopping center through end of year pop up. boom there's a gallery here. >> and you love sharing your passion for art with young ones. with actually anyone who will listen. you love the i love the kids. well we have been we started in an um could have months ago. and kids have been working really hard. they've working on mixed media. they are painting jeans right now. and it's all for our december 8th artery sepgs featuring the kids. nice. and we've been having a great time. you doing, you said you tomorrow school's out veterans day. you know around 11 o'clock. if you kids would like to show an end in art or whatever i'm
8:54 am
one time. paint a couple of paintings. nice. all right. you provide. i provide all the supplies. okay. uh-huh. everything they need. facebook, jewels art. all right. there's your love. i love it. let's talk budding artists. hello my dear. you must a plant city girl you're painting strawberries. is that right? you did these right here? yes, i notice at this bottom it says goats rock. j why does it because i have five goats oh my gosh what are their names. >> i have sugar. cake pop latte, simba, and nib let. for some reason i'm hungry right now. i don't know why. that is fantastic. are you enjoying art class? yes. good for you. let's go around this way. what you working my dear postcard to send to my mom and dad when they are done when i'm done. >> nice. very nice. i like that. what are you working on over
8:55 am
what we're doing. very is in. you're both working on post cards. oh my gosh somebody is letting you paint your jeans. wouldn't you normally get in trouble for that? >> yes. but it's allowed here. what are you adoing? what are you drawing? >> i'm outlining my flower. very nice. now, look at this, that i recognize that a. does that stand for alabama or aubrey? you bree. good. many people in this part of country will appreciate very nice you bree. you having fun? yes. very nice. what oh i i see more strawberries you will wear that jack net strawberry festival this year? >> yes. very nice. what is your name? maya. i knew it must start with an m. i was guessing. all right. my man dylan here. look at you. you're into sharks are you? yes. how did you learn how to paint sharks? we went online and found some
8:56 am
sharks. how cool is that going online and watching shark videos and pretty cool too. yeah. it is. can i show this one right here also? it looks like somebody pilled swaurt on that be careful. are you enjoying art class? yes. very nice. i like your sharks. we will end with our littlest artist over here. jewels how is she six, right? six. hi sweetheart. what are you aworking on? yeah. what are you apainting on the pants? >> dots. dots. very nice. i like your kitty with dots behind too. your little bird family over here. that looks like a bird, that is a bird family? an owl. it's an owl. technically, an owl is a bird. never mind. it doesn't matter. good job. good job there you go russell rhodes. jewels sharing her passion with the little ones. that's great. it's great. tell julie i love her and miss her. please. i will indeed. nice. we'll see you later.
8:57 am
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"this is america everyone has the right to their own opinion and they shouldn't be beat up for it (cries)." this is america everybody has right to their own opinion and they shouldn't be beat up for it. post election violence. a plea from parents to stop. and it's daddy boot camp time. we're getting walter ready for his newborn. his experience with the 5 s's. and what he learns. good thursday morning i'm laura


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