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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. from tampa bay's number one news station. this is "good day tampa bay." >> i feel something is wrong with my husband. i feel it. something is wrong with my husband. >> alcides: heart about her husband gunned down outside a convenience store. >> sorboni: the anti-trump protests continued. it was smaller but protests across the country. people are still fired up. >> alcides: thank you for joining us. it is saturday, i am alcides segui. >> sorboni: i am sorboni banerjee. all those stories but first a check in with lindsay milbourne with the saturday forecast. nice clear air early.
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low 50s south of the bay. the further south, more moisture around, but you will notice humidity dropping even further later this morning. 54 in tampa. 54 in brooksville. a little low cloud cover and fog in crystal river. i would expect more of this to develop by tomorrow morning. this morning spotty in nature. high cloud get ready for a beautiful sunrise. coming in from the west. this front will dive a little further south and then get stuck and still anticipating a dry weekend both days. 67 by 9 a.m. climb to 79 our average high today. rain chances they are slim and on the seven-day. i will discuss one coming up. a fight at a gas station left a 56-year-old man dead. tampa police found gregory walker dead at the sunoco gas
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before 7:00. they are not sure what caused walker and another man to get into a fight. they do not know the other m man's name. the widow of the man shot in cold blood is peaking out for the first time. muhammed alam was killed after locking his convenient store for the night. two men wearing hoods told him to take off his pants to getting over on him and he complied but they shot h complied but they shot him anyway. his widow talks about life without her husband. >> what is happening with me. i cannot explain any more, you know. he was very good father and my husband, you know i cannot explain anymore. >> sorboni: hoping that someone can come forward with information with her husband. a month before alam was killed, a man was killed by two men
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take off his pants. crimestoppers is offering a $5,000 reward. another night of protests sweep the nation from philadelphia to chicago to portland. >> alcides: red states as well as blue. hundreds of demonstrator continue to march against president-elect donald trump. video from portland where hundreds of protesters march in opposition of trump's presidential win after 4,000 people rallied on a thursday night. some outbreaks of windows sm smashing and fire setting, for the m mostly peaceful. the protest continued locally as well and the gathering was much smaller here in the bay area. evan lambert brings us the story from ybor city. >> reporter: for a third night they protested the links of donald trump. forming in large cities like philadelphia and right here in the sunshine state. thousands marched in miami where protesters blocked the
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in orlando, hundreds gath heed around lake eola, a much smaller group marched down 7th avenue where tampa police say no matter how long the protests go on, they will be here to make sure they will remain peaceful. >> we are going to be there. we will take care of business. make sure that the city and protesters are safe. >> reporter: the protesters say they realize that donald trump will be the next president, but it won't stop them from making their opinions known. >> we no that protesting going to get him out. we will give him a hard time of the poor decisions that he made and ones will continue to make. >> reporter: dozens of officers walked alongside the demonstrators and the protest protection cost taxpayer monies. >> a drain of resources especially night of a night. we hope that is not going to be the case. >> reporter: evan lambert, fox 13 news. >> alcides: another protest isets for tomorrow night in st. petersburg. >> sorboni: what is donald
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so far made two different posts on twitter. the most recent one yesterday morning. love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. but the night before trump had a different outlook. had an open and successful presidential link. professional protesters incited by the media are protesting. very unfair. when president obama was reelected in 202, donald trump followers to march on washington and stop the travesty. speaking of trump a belly chapel high school coach is in trouble over a comment he said to students. he is accused of directing it to group of african american students in the who willway. he said, quote, don't make me call donald trump to get you sent back to africa. the school is investigating and he remains on administrative leave.
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glory one step at a time. runners carry an american flag more than 4,000 miles from washington state all the way to tampa and definitely a sight to sea, it honor the sacrifice of our veterans. 62 teams in 62 days carried the american flag across the united states and they ended up right here in tampa. the large trek september 11 and ended in amalie arena. the runner say each mile can be to find. >> i think of my dad that se served. i am a veteran myself. my service and my friends i met along the way. a couple of friends that i l lost. very happy. i tell my friends the zen moment is hearing the flag snap over my head as i am running down the road by myself. >> sorboni: the third year for the relay and it has opinion back to tampa. the days are shorter and sun is setting earlier and some
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kind of interesting. the adjustment is a shorter day. not the same for everyone. people deal with seasonal effective disorder. it happens when the days are shorter and people do not get more light to help them feel better. several types of treatments available but before you head to the doctor, simple changes you can make. >> maybe off lunch break and you want to go outside. take a walk around the block and get some sort of sun. i think the idea is to really turn into a kind of hibernating bear. >> alcides: eating right, exercising and are ways to fight the disorder. but if you were depressed for more than two weeks, see a doctor. tampa's lowry park zoo hope to inspire a new emoji. >> they took in a new manatee
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emoji and named the new calf emoji. he got his name in honor of the zoo' petition for first-ever manatee emoji. two weeks old and 62 pound. he was rescue from the river. he was found with debris and plastic bags in his stomach. he has that look like he know he is in the right place. he will get help now. cute. >> alcides: that's always sad but good -- great to see they are at >> sorboni: an emoji for em emoji. fsu plays a historic game and a lot more on the way in sports. on paper one of these babies is older. not exactly the case. the timing of the birth causes a conundrum. 6:08. a beautiful sunrise. get outside. take a look.
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. you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: a tampa mother is celebrating her preemie baby's medical triumph by honoring the nurses that kept keep him al alive. the birthday bash for ryan spalding. 24 weeks at birth weighing just
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he was at st. joseph's women's hospital for four months requiring around-the-clock care for nurses and if it weren't for the medical staff his son wouldn't be here. he threw a birthday party right here at the hospital in his honor. >> it is important for them to see when they have bad days there are babies that take it through and what they do does matter. >> it's amazing makes the long nights and all the days stress worthwhile. >> alcides: my wife is a nurse for all the medical staff out there. they work their tail off and they don't see the end result. that this is a good idea. baby ryan is healthy. he has four teeth coming in and he is starting to talk. medical miracle. >> i look back at the nurses that brought my little guy in the world they were unbelievable at st. joseph's. >> alcides: give them thanks. >> they work so hard and keep people so calm. a set of twin born in massachusetts have an interesting battle for bragging
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over that. >> alcides: all the time. >> sorboni: born before and after the daylight saving. rowan peterson was technically born after his twin brother samuel, but samuel is older on paper. cape cod health care posted this picture of the peterson family. samuel born at 1:39 a.m. before the clocks turned back. rowan at 10 a.m. after the time change. remains to be seen how the brothers sort first time she has seen this happen in more than 40 years of nursing. i am older, no, i am. no i am older. >> alcides: i love that. >> sorboni: they are so cute. look at their hoodies, a and b. i love baby pictures. >> sorboni: oh, my god, they are so cute. they are doing well and that thank is all that mats and twin arguments. >> alcides: makes me think of. >> anjuli: how she is doing
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great. that baby is the angel. >> sorboni: you told me she leapt the whole time she was there. >> lindsay: she leapt, and cry. >> sorboni: my little guy doesn't sleep a year later. >> lindsay: she wakes up and watches "good day" sometimes. we are loving the rain. we could use a little rain but in is our dry season. we expect this in november. from time to time the sunrise is getting earli the next 45 minutes. 6:50 and what we are dealing with is high clouds from the left. as dark as it looks praex in these clouds and good deal of sun throughout the day. waking up at 64 a little above average thanks to some of of the clouds. dew points are in the 50s. that northerly surge of wind will drop our dew points little further. if you would like it to be a
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comfortable 66 in st. pete. palm hearbyer at 62. a light extra layer. maybe a sweatshirt. you may need it for one or two hours. westchase at 59. north port 5 3. from haynes city to lake placid a quiet morning with the exception of northern citrus county. a little low cloud cover snuck in, as the front to the north sneaks in further, i would expect a of i-4. not this morning but tomorrow morning. as we wake up that comfortable air mass dew points are in the 50s and low 50s in brooksville. those numbers going down and high clouds will be filling in at times from the west. before you get too excited about this cold front, cooler air into the middle part of the week. sky towers are dry. monday and tuesday, limb 20%.
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have been. been above average he day. 79 is our average high and may draw a little yellow box for today. down in the low 50s north. 61 in tampa. upper 50s the further south you live and near normal for this time of year. futurecast underdoing the clouds. watch the winds from northeast to northwest to the beach and boating as we will see a sea breeze today. overnight, fewer clouds. the fog setting up. we wl good day for your morning drive. abundant sun. high cloud, good-looking day. you heard us talk about the super moon before. a super, super moon coming up sunday night into monday night you will want to watch for that. the closest full moon since january 26, 1948 and what we call a super moon because it especially appears brighter at 30%. get your cameras ready sunday and monday night because this
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get excited. sunday and monday night. we will talk more tomorrow to plan ahead. 79 comfortable with high clouds. enjoy the day. no rain expected. cool tonight. 61 degrees. that early sunset. some of us not used to it yet. pleasant on sunday. 80 for the high. a couple of extra clouds on sunday and both the weekends are good. the winds are light. light to see a sea breeze with that west wind by the afte afternoon. we are low tide at 6:0 pete pier. the next seven days, i do throw in a 20% rain chance monday and tuesday and most of us are dry and behind that front slightly cooler air. 75 wednesday and thursday and a fabulous seven-day forecast. all right, in sports, fsu played under the nights for the first time in 59 years. it happened in tallahassee. the first round of high school playoffs.
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>> kevin: florida state's dalvin cook have the heisman like season like a year ago. but the second seminoles rubbing back to go 100 yards against a boston college team in 15 meetings. the only other rickey williams back in 1980. boston college in the state capitol where they front won in ten years. knolls taken down the field. francois to owen tate. 7 next time under pressure this time and francois rips into the corner. murray, the touchdown, 14-0 seminoles. right before -- dalvin cook breaking loose for 19 yards and 'noles run away 45-7 is the final. college basketball season t tipped off friday night around the state. the u.s. open opens with a 8
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florida gulf coast, 80-59. high school football playoffs under way in round one. we get to see explosive performances starting with the top-ranked team in tampa bay. the plant panthers. the quarterback from the 2016 that won the first state title frustrated by franzen. blue devils threatening early. quarterback william tate perfect pass to t y duffy. duffy plant will take over behind dane franzen. he will keep it here from the 5 through the blue devil defense. 10-0 plant the first quarter. first play of the second quarter. franzen again and he has had a terrific year running the ball as quarterback. 43 yards showing nice speed. outruns the defense. the panthers roll at home beating winter haven. plant will take on lakeland next week.
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hillsborough and lake gibson meet in the playoffs for the very first time. scoreless game in the second quarter. thomas just chucking it up to ml lincoln. that a td kej. 7-0.d lake gibson. tyler thomas to caleb young blood and a tie ball game 7-0. trail 14-13 and watch this run by jones. pure determination. act loot a dragging with him into the end zone. lake gibson will convert on the two-point play and they win 21-14 and face armwood in round two next friday. that a look at sports. you have yourself a great day. after the break, did you know that elicit drug makers are always changing what goes in their mixtures to try to stay ahead of the law but the da has new tools to give us an inside look.
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you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> sorboni: the race is on to find the next killer street drug. and happening right near in florida. we go inside the dea lab with the most confiscated cocaine in the country but what they are finding in the drugs that is changing the way they have to function. >> reporter: this nondescript warehouse ... somewhere in south florida. >> we are the southeast laboratory and cover the southeast region of the united states and caribbean. >> reporter: home to the fort
6:24 am
>> oxycontin, marijuana, steroids, heroin, cocaine. >> reporter: the cases in the back. >> bulk -- what they call bulk submissions. kilo of cocaine. over there in the back in that corner is the candy which actually has fentanyl. >> reporter: we are inside the federal drug enforcement ag agency's largest lab in the united states. the dea lab deals with new drug compounds so the location isn't publicized. >> a new danger not just for the public, but also for the law enforcement. >> reporter: simply bringing potent illegal drug means s suiting up. >> we go in level 8. this hazmat suit that you see here. >> reporter: and taking extreme precautions before chemists can even analyze them. >> a lab coat is a must.
6:25 am
proper shoes, gloves and goggles. >> reporter: the reason, a rise in synthetic opioid. >> fentanyl is dangerous because it is 100 times more potent than morphine and can actually go through your skin and if you inhaled it, it can cause death. >> reporter: fentanyl, it has legitimate uses like pain relieve for cancer patient delivered in time release pa patch. on the street it can kill. >> we have the micro composite for analysis. >> reporter: you got your sample. >> i have my satchel. everything is cleaned up and now we will run it on an instrument. i am going to run the sample. >> reporter: this sample is clear of fentanyl but doesn't mean we are in the clear. here this unknown and others can be just as if not more dangerous. >> this area is considered. >> the hot side. >> the hot side. what does that mean?
6:26 am
components and what you have on your glasses as well. >> reporter: illegal drug m makers play chemist. >> things are constantly changing. >> reporter: changing the compounds slightly to stay ahead of the law. >> how often do you find something new using this instrumentation? >> the amount of new compounds that we are seeing is increasing within the last few years with the synthetic cananoids and now with the fentanyls. >> reporter: that translates from bath salts to elephant tranquilizer to the opiate known as pink involved in a number of overdoses nationwide. but dea has a secret weapon. >> instrumentation that puts them all back together. >> reporter: this half a million dollar machine is a resonant spectrometer and the most powerful to identify new compounds. >> we are able to sty our agents, to our -- ea
6:27 am
compound we are seeing in the streets. >> reporter: all this a frank of the killer street drugs they have on hand here. >> consumer should be aware that -- to me is that it is truly play be russian roulette. you just don't know what you are going to get. >> reporter: a constant race to stay ahead of the next deadly compound. >> for the state of florida, samples with fentanyl in them increased from 7 to 2015 to 55 in 2016. and then in the amounts submitted to the laboratory for analysis doubled as well. these compounds are showing up and making it tough for lawpt to keep up. that is why those tools are so important. >> alcides: you hear cases happening in manatee and sarasota county. you see all these ods and law enforcement are taking to social media to raise awareness what is going on. kids, teens and people in general are little purchasing
6:28 am
tranquilizers and bath salts, to nurse those people back from the ods and get them back to what they need. >> alcides: great story, sorboni. a great start of the day, guys, right? 6:28. a couple of clouds but so cool and comfortable. i tell you what that sunrise is looking good in 20 minutes. 66 in st. pete with a cool northeast wind. crystal river, you need the jacket at 48. high cloud have some compared to yesterday and
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> lindsay: at 6:30 hopefully you are loving this comfortable weather. it has been a great week. we brought in a cool front that dragged us down some. then we had clouds ahead of another cold front and rain monday and tuesday. no rain today. yes maybe a little opaque 66 in feet with that northeast wind that is dragging in drier and cooler air. the further north you live. the more jackets necessary from brooksville to crystal river you are in the upper 40s. lakeland, 57. good morning to you. we are at 63 in sarasota. and the clouds are the ones that are out there. mainly high in nature and these aren't going to bring us rain but they will fill in from times from the west today. a little bit of cloud cover creeping in western citrus and
6:32 am
want to you be ready for more actual fog tomorrow morning northerly of i-4. a-plus plus. and a few more sun and then dry on monday when rain chances return, alcides. >> alcides: looks gorgeous, lindsay, thanks so much. the top stories. people who cannot afford to see a doctor can visit manatee clinic. it is completely free. area medical. 1,000 people attended yest yesterday's clinic and runs until 4:00 and tomorrow from 6 a.m. to it o'clock. show up early. it looks like the cross bay ferry is off to booming start. the first week more than 70% of the seats were sold. the cross bay officery is getting help from the tampa bay lightning. the team purchased all of the seats for a round trip ride for tonight's game.
6:33 am
and federal funding. the divide over the election has and at the university of south florida. someone inscribed threats of the residence hall promising death if clinton won the link. some found racist notes under the doors. the university responded with support service for students and increasing police patrol. usf presidents sent out a campus-wide e-mail asking for si civily they are looking for the person responsible. there is increase policed presence and heightened security around trump tower to protect president-elect donald trump. the measures barricades and armed officers guarding the front of that building. of course inside the president-elect is trying to decide on the first and most important of his staffing decisions. a handful of names are being talked about for the various
6:34 am
transition team. chris christie will not lead trump's transition team as he was originally slated to do. that will go to vice president mike pence. chrisi will be vice chairman. joined by newt gingrich, ben carsonson, retired mike flynn, rudy giuliani and alabama essential jeff sessions. three of chris children and s son-in-law along with r son-in-law along with reince priebus and former executive steve bannon. a familiar name is on the list for the post, florida's attorney general pam bondi. >> trump's spokesperson will not confirm any of the names at this point. with ten weeks until inauguration day, we will know a lot sooner than later. a lot of people can't wait for that. a california high school student is being punished after school officials say they handed out fake deportation notices to classmates on wednesday.
6:35 am
school say the student told them it was a joke between friends, but school officials don't think it was funny at a all. the incident will be handed -- handled with appropriate consequences. developing this morning, a deadly explosion at a u.s. air field in afghanistan. it happened earlier this morning and officials say it was caused by an explosive device. no other details a this point; however, the taliban is claiming responsibility. a suicide bomber made their way on to the base in a plot th four people were killed and another 14 wounded. and a cincinnati jury is set for fourth day of deliberations this morning trying to decide whether a police officer is guilty after fatally shooting an unarmed man will ray tensing was fired from the campus police department after shooting sam dubois. it happened during a traffic stop at the university of cincinnati. twice yesterday the judge had
6:36 am
unanimous verdict. tensing's attorney wanted a mistrial. he is charged with involuntary manslaughter. a man stabbed several people. they were forced to shoot him inside of that facility. police say they told dustin johnson to drop his gun and he would be shot after learning from a text that some of the victims were badly bleeding. a 39-year-old man put down gun. seven people were taken to hospital including johnson and four stabbing victims. an employee at the center says that johnson complained the facility ruined his life. officials say johnson got into the secure facility, then pulled out weapons while talking to people. investigators haven't said if any of the injuries are life-threatening. officials say at least one biker was seriously hurt after someone put tacks on a road during a triathlon.
6:37 am
it was an intentional act and they were put a few miles from the beginning of the race. caused a dozen flat tires and a dozen riders have to be treated for abrasions and impact injuries. officials are investigating that incident. remember this video. about a month ago, a man was driving when a snake crawled out of the hood, you can see it there and into the car. >> sorboni: yeah, i don't like that. [ laughter ] apparently these guys discovered a s o to get around here or maybe the same snake is determined to make a car his home. because check it out. another driver in pinellas county found a snake on the windshield. posted the picture on facebook page and stuck in traffic because of a wreck and for 40 minutes he sat in traffic with this guy just watching her, looking right at her. she was panicked the entire time it would get in the car when.
6:38 am
car. looking like lady, why are you stopped. i have places to be. >> alcides: she put the w windshield wipers on high to get that thing off the car. that thing freaks me out. >> sorboni: mely tampa :39. latest and greatest movies had hit the silver screen. coming up in 15 minutes. bein a victim of a crime is not a pleasant experience, at least not for most.
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welcome back, it is 6:41. you may have been a amalie arena to watch the tampa bay lightning. behind the scenes huge strides to help the environment. take a look. >> they score! >> reporter: hockey season is in full swing. winning with mother nature too. >> we are just always trying to take it to another level. >> reporter: mary is known as the green queen to her co-workers at amalie arena. she headed a successful recycling at amalie arena since 19 the 3. >> our fans are getting it and that is what we want to do h here. >> reporter: a recycling bin.
6:42 am
recycle. >> reporter: food scrap are recycled. they are used to make compost. >> being able to take this something as wet and goopy and nasty out of the waste stream helps with us the trash bill. >> reporter: this year rec recycling goes a step further. >> testing out two new spaces where we are trying to go zero waste for post consumer organic recycling. >> reporter: means everything from the plate to the food on it is recycled. >> what you see here is one acre. >> reporter: and it comes from the hydroponic out back. the third season of the successful project with urban oasis. >> anything that the plants do not use goes right back into the bin and goes down -- back into the system to be reused. we just are trying to get better and better with it every
6:43 am
improve energy efficiency too. amalie arena is a handful of facilities for shift program to save on utilities this hockey season. >> gives us a good trend to see what we can improve and how we track through lightning games and different events we have here. >> every little bit helps to get to that 20% to savings that we are striving for. >> reporter: setting the bar high when it comes to going green. >> approaching it with a process and a plan and with a can to take care of our wonderful surroundings. >> lindsay: carpooling is encouraged at amalie arena. there is a designated uber lane the next time you head out. check it out. check out our next sunrise. my goodness, 6:43. 64 degree. just take it in. leave you well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this.
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6:47 am
their friend to pick up their red suburu, but they accidentally took erin's red sub rue instead. it turns out -- listen to this, folks, the cars have universal keys. the person apologized. >> sorboni: wait a second. >> alcides: i thought too. universal keys? red car. he left $30, apologized and left a letter explaining what happened. i never heard this before. > sorboni: i need to learn more about >> sorboni: a consumer alert that i ever heard one. go to the parking lot, beep, beep. take this one, that one. whichever one looks better. it is crazy. >> lindsay: i bet that won't last for much longer after this story. i was geeking about the s sunrise. talking about the high clouds. take you outside and show you -- we missed it by three minutes. it was even better. high clouds. 63 degrees. a north wind.
6:48 am
share them to me on twitter at weather lindsay. that north wind makes it feel lovely. even though the clouds are opaque. they are high in nature and aided to the beauty of our s sunrise yet again. fewer clouds, sunset and looking ahead to sunday night for the super moon. we would like to peel back some of these clouds and i would expect a few around. 66 in st. pete. brooksville at 54 degrees. frostproof at 67. 64 in tampa, 3 degrees average. close to where we should be. 63 in sarasota. 66 in st. pete. we are running a few degrees above where we were running yesterday at this time. dew points in the 50s. north wind, ocala in the 40s and headed that way throughout the day. a dry comfortable day on the dew point scale in the invigorating range. ahead of rain, not much, but if
6:49 am
because it has been so dry. a little low cloud cover, patchy fog near punta gorda. fog near crystal river. more tomorrow morning as this front gets little further so south. high cloudiness from the west. at times maybe a little cloudy. other times catch breaks. no rain in any of these clouds. and quiet across the country. one front and high pressure keeping things nice and cool across the midwest. very fall and kansas city and chicago in the 30s. frost on some of the ground. it is game day an look at your forecast. fall-like conditions. gators at home at noon, mostly sunny, 74 there. the bulls are away in memphis, 50 degrees at that 7:00 kic kickoff. clear and chilly. temperatures today running where they should this time of the year, 79 for the high today
6:50 am
this month above average. monday and tuesday cooler behind a weak front. this is the one that will drag in a fun rain chance and we have discussed the possibility of someone trying to pop in the western caribbean. mid workweek. those odds 20% at this time and before we get too worried about this. climatology shows a northeast track. if anything develops, we will assure and let you know where it is headed. low humidity. high clouds. going meaning it gets stuck to the north. low clouds waking up to sunday morning. a great-looking day and in front sweeps through and if it does provides with us more clouds. a slim shower chance monday and tuesday before more comfortable air moves in midweek. 79. very comfortable day with high cloud. down to 61 tonight. cool, and a few more clouds
6:51 am
and winds for the sea breeze. a light chop for anyone boa boating. seven-day forecast looks mainly dry. toss in a few showers monday and tuesday, and a beautiful stretch. slightly cooler air tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> all right, it looks good. 6:51. our inside look at what is new in theatres this weekend. >> just a man. just like your suitcase you than meets the eye the danger of human life with the beast. that one of your teachers argued strongly against your expulsion. i wonder, what makes dungeldorf so fond of you. >> first trip to america?
6:52 am
>> anything edible in there? >> alcides: all right, the adventures of rider newts commander and new york secret community of witches and wizards seven years before harry potter reads his book i dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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away. it has just been really hard to do anything. >> date of passing? >> sorry? >> when did he die? >> 2011. >> ooh, yeah, >> ooh, yeah, i have a one-year expiration on freebie for the dead and dying. >> are you serious sflt by sx for nadine when her best friend starts dating her older brother
6:56 am
know arts cede time to escape for an hour or two. s who sling rostuff out there. michelle p hab about it. >> in theatres with the amy adams sci-fi drama crldz by they are prodding us toringd xling rocrueted by the military to communion krldz ships before tensions he is cuvrldz by sx for us to act like a family. >> reporter: ensembleed of xling rodysfunctional family seem normal. danny glover is a patriarch trying to hotionz by sx his wife passed away. i saw tom and everybody is saying he is he had 28g s with "sh fling roin isolation with her bed ridden son. during a snowstorp tingts she is haunted by a patient who went missing. >> this doesn't make sense. >> reporter: will have to
6:57 am
battle with blockbuster superhero film "dr. strange" expected to maintain the top spot at the box office. >> there is a strength to him. we have much more ahead for you in the next hour of "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: fitness enth enthusiasts and vets are converging to clearwater beach for great explain coming its fling roa role in curing veterans with ptsd. the new methods at ucf
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. another night of protests from coast to coast. thousands of demonstrators showing their anger over the 2016 election results. plus, we continue to honor our men and women in uniform this weekend. how do we keep them safe when they come home with hidden scars. the new method being used right here in south florida. and it is open to the public for the first time. we will take you inside the new exhibit that let's you interact


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